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Cripple Creek Ledgers and Record Books, Ms 0271

Finding aid created July 1990. Updated October 2011.

According to Marshall Sprague’s book Newport in the Rockies, Bob Womack discovered gold in Cripple Creek, Colorado in 1891, and the Cripple Creek gold rush was on. By 1894, three stock exchanges in Colorado Springs were dealing on gold mining stocks. The Colorado Springs Mining Exchange traded more shares than any other exchange in the world. Cripple Creek became a mining boom camp and later a town. In 1900 the Cripple Creek gold production was at $20,000,000, but by 1912 it had fallen to $11,000,000.

The ledgers and record books in this collection are from a variety of mining-related companies.

1. DISTRICT DEPARTMENT STORE, 236 E. Bennett Ave., Cripple Creek, CO, Alfred Levy, President, ca. 1915. 200 pages.

2. COLORADO TRADING AND TRANSFER COMPANY, 500 E. Bennett Ave., Cripple Creek, CO. H.J. Gehm president and general manager, cash ledger for 1909. 490 pages. This company was originally started by A.E. Carlton, the man who ultimately consolidated the majority of the gold producing mines in Cripple Creek under the Golden Cycle Corporation.

3. Same as 2. except cash ledger for 1910. 98 pages.

4. COLORADO TRADING AND TRANSFER COMPANY, 500 E. Bennett Ave. Cripple Creek, CO, journal ledger 1909-1911. 596 pages.

5. CRIPPLE CREEK SEWERAGE COMPANY, No.1, 1898-1899. This company went defunct in 1900 and was taken over by the City of Cripple Creek. The ledger is an excellent guide to property owners in Cripple Creek at the turn-of-the- century. 64 pages. OVERSIZE

6. CRIPPLE CREEK SEWER CO., record of Subscribers and Rentals. 1902-04. This ledger contains information pertaining to business with the sewer company after the City of Cripple Creek acquired it. 99 pages. OVERSIZE

7. THE ELKTON CONSOLIDATED MINING AND MILLING COMPANY Voucher record no.7. 1921-23. The Elkton Company was founded by the Bernard brothers and produced approximately 8 million try ounce of gold. The town of Elkton was formed around this mine. 36 pages. OVERSIZE

8. THE ELKTON CONSOLIDATED MINING AND MILLING COMPANY. Record of incorporation, bylaws and meetings minutes, 1896-1902. Important Cripple Creek signatures of George and Sam Bernard, and Ed de LaVergne (first promoter of Cripple Creek District). 240 pages.

9. THE ELKTON CONSOLIDATED MINING AND MILLING COMPANY, minute book, 1892-1895. 153 pages.

10. LETTER ledger of George F. Fry. Fry was the manager of the profitable Cripple Creek sampling and ore company, owned by a business syndicate headed by Spencer Penrose (builder of the Broadmoor Hotel). 28 pages.

11. ALTMAN WATER CO. Journal 1914-1935. This water company was started in the district's highest town, 11,000 feet -- named the highest town in America at the turn-of-the-century. The Altman Water Co. became part of the Victor water system. 245 pages.

12. ABSTRACT LEDGER. 1896-1897. This ledger was part of Teller (née El Paso) County's assessing system. In it are recorded deeds of both mining, residential, and regular business properties. 498 pages.

13. ABSTRACT LEDGER 1891-1900. Part of Teller County's Land record system. 692 pages.

14. ABSTRACT LEDGER 1891-1896 Part of Teller County's land record system, mostly for the Victor area on the Southern and richest part of the district. 690 pages.

15. ABSTRACT LEDGER 1897-1901 Part of Teller County's land record system. 690 pages

16. ABSTRACT LEDGER 1892-1897 Part of Teller County's land record system. 700 pages.

17. THE JACK POT MINING CO., stock ledger. 1892-94. This company was merged with the Doctor Mining Co., and the consolidated property produced approximately 3,500,000 troy gold ounces. It, along with so many other top producing Cripple Creek mines, came under the control of Albert E. Carlton (founder of the Holly Sugar Corporation). 195 pages.

18. BANK OF VICTOR, discount register 3. 1915. This bank was located on the corner of 3rd and Victor Avenue in Victor, CO. Its president: A.E. Carlton. 90 pages. OVERSIZE

19. THE TAYLOR AND BRUNTON SAMPLING CO., payroll ledger, 1906-08. Located on Bull Hill, with an office in Victor, CO. Taylor and Brunton purchased ore from the smaller mining companies, crushed it and then shipped it out to the large mills for their profit. 95 pages. OVERSIZE
20. THE GOLD DOLLAR CONSOLIDATED MINING CO., voucher register No.1, 1914. President: H.L. Shepard, a prominent Colorado Springs stock broker. Company owned 52 acres of the Arequa Townsite, in the Cripple Creek District. 18 pages. OVERSIZE

21. COLORADO TRADING AND TRANSFER COMPANY, Victor Office, 3rd and Diamond St. Ledger for provisions of daily staples to clients. 1935. 200 pages. OVERSIZE

22. MT. ROSA MINING, MILLING AND LAND CO. Bills receivable ledger, 1926. This ledger was used by the Colorado Trading and Transfer Co., Victor office, for its records of pro- visions of daily staples to clients. The Mt. Rosa Company was originally formed by Warren, Harry, and Frank Woods to incorporate the Victor Townsite in 1894. 380 pages. OVERSIZE

23. THE DENVER CITY TRAMWAY SYSTEM, from the electric railway journal, Denver, CO, 1909. COLORADO SPRINGS & CRIPPLE CREEK DISTRICT RAILROAD, electric division, high line - low line, 1897-1919. Cripple Creek, CO Victor, CO - Al Moorman 1959. THE DENVER & INTERURBAN RAILWAY DENVER, Boulder Division, 1908-1926, - R.A. Moorman 1957. CRIPPLE CREEK SCRAPBOOK (?) 1960. [4 items, known until 2011 as “A”]

24. THE GOLD GEYSER MINING CO., Stock Ledger. Used by the Colorado Trading and Transfer Co., 1915, for account of daily transactions. 200 pages.

25. ANACONDA GOLD MINING COMPANY, stock ledger, 1892-1899. The Anaconda Company, controlled by Colorado railroad builder and banker David H. Moffat, owned 150 acres on Gold Hill. The Anaconda was one of the most heavily promoted properties in the Cripple Creek District, and thus, one of the most well- known. 306 pages. OVERSIZE

26. THE MARY MCKINNEY MINING CO., Lease Ore Record No.3, 1909- 1915. This company owned 34-1/2 acres on Gold Hill, adjoining the Anaconda property. Its president, Frank Castello, became a millionaire from this property. It ultimately produced 2.5 million in gold. 190 pages. OVERSIZE

27. ROSE NICOL MINING CO., 1903, Ore Returns and shipment ledger. This company, which owned the Rose Gurley claims on Battle Mountain (Colorado's Richest mountain) was run by Verner Z. Reed -- Denver banker and novelist -- and O.H. Shoup -- later, governor of Colorado. 30 pages. OVERSIZE

28. COLORADO NATIONAL BANK, certificate of liquidation. [known until 2011 as “B”]

29. THE UNITED GOLD MINES COMPANY, Voucher Record 1906-1917. This company, originally formed by the Woods family, encom- passed numerous Cripple Creek properties, including the Gold Coin Mine, Economic Extraction Company, and Pikes Peak Power Company. 280 pages.

30. COLORADO TRADING AND TRANSFER CO., ledger, 1924-27. Business flowsheets for various clients in the Cripple Creek-Victor District. 1000 pages.

31. CRIPPLE CREEK STATE BANK, Collection Register No.2 1909- 1916. This bank was located at 217 E. Bennett Ave. in Cripple Creek. A.W. Morrell was president; he was also owner of the Morrell Hardware Co. with stores in both Cripple Creek and Victor. 250 pages. OVERSIZE

32. COLORADO CONSOLIDATED OIL COMPANY, record of minutes, 1924-1931. [known until 2011 as “C”]

33. B.C. & S. CO., Sales Journal No. 4, 1901-02. Unfortunately identification of this company has not been made. 500 pages. OVERSIZE

34. FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES, treasurer's cash book, Aerie No. 37, Cripple Creek, CO, 1915-21. 120 pages.

35. FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES, minutes book, aerie No. 37, Cripple Creek, CO 1905-09. 266 pages.

36. THE HOMESTEADERS MINUTE BOOK, Homestead No. 102, Cripple Creek, CO, 1917-19. 140 pages.

37. BANK LEDGER, FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CRIPPLE CREEK, reserve report, 1929-30. Bank located at 347 E. Bennett Avenue, Cripple Creek. President: A.E. Carlton. 300 pages.

38. FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES, auditing Committees' Quarterly Reports, Aerie No.37, Cripple Creek, CO 1912-15. 20 pages. OVERSIZE

39. A.E. CARLTON'S personal expenditure book, 1913-19. Carlton started in the Cripple Creek District in 1893 as a coal dealer. 150 pages.

40. FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES, Treasurer's Book, Aerie No. 37, Cripple Creek, Colorado. 50 pages.

41. COLMEX INVESTMENT COMPANY, record of minutes, 1928-42. [known until 2011 as “ D”]

42. THE RAVEN APEX MINING CO., Ore Record, 1925-48, property in the Cripple Creek District, on Raven Hill. This property became part of the Joe Dandy Mining Company, currently in operation. 86 pages. OVERSIZE

43. ALTMAN WATER CO., ledger, 1914-35. (see #11)

44. GOLDEN CYCLE MILL, Bullion shipping records, 1911-25. (see #32) OVERSIZE

45. THE MARY MCKINNEY MINING COMPANY, Ore shipments and returns, 1899-1903. (see #26) OVERSIZE

46. BANK OF VICTOR, ledger journal and balance, 1899-1900, (see #18) OVERSIZE

47. GOLDFIELD EMPEROR, stock certificates, 400-500.

48. GOLDFIELD EMPEROR, stock certificates, 600-700.

49. GOLDFIELD EMPEROR, stock certificates, 700-800.

50. GOLDFIELD EMPEROR, stock certificates, 900-1000.

51. KU KLUX KLAN (of Durango, CO): a few KKK-related materials along with miscellaneous clippings and legal and financial records, 1912-1931. [known until 2011 as “E”]

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