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Helen Banfield Jackson 1886 diary transcription

William S. Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0241, Box 13, 1886 diary of HHJ’s niece Helen Fiske Banfield, later Helen Banfield Jackson, transcribed by Liz Lewis, 2002

Helen F. Banfield

January, Friday 1 1886

We girls were not up in very good season because of the late return [from?] New York and the consequent watching out of the old year. Miss Arnold called before I had dressed for callers! After cleaning my room I wrote letters till dinner time. Our Turkey good and pleasant conversation lasted thru our New Years dinner. Mr. Horst and Albert Orten our only visitors. George surprised Mamma and me with very pretty gifts.

Saturday 2.

Another bright New Year Day- As I was finishing my dusting a load of my furniture from Adriance's arrived. The men packed it away carefully in lower hall. Only ten things had to be carried into the attic. M. had her room swept- K. wrote notes, and Mamma got settled fr. the N.Y trips. I wrote to Mr. Fiske in P.M. and sat and mended with K. while she was horizontal. In the evening we read in "Undiscovered Country" aloud to Mamma.

Sunday 3.

Papa and I up quite a while before breakfast. K- and I went to S. S. [Sunday School?] together and I took Susie Orten's class for the first time and shall keep it now until spring. Mamie too much of a backache to come down stairs even. Dr. Van Giesen preached excellently on Acts 9:31. I wrote to R., N. and A. and Alice B. in p.m. I read to K. after in Harriet Martineau's life.

Monday 4.

A very rainy warm disagreeable day. I sat with K. who helped me sort out some of dear Auntie's bundles. The mail brought me letters from Mrs. Hunt and Alice B. and the thermometer from Anne. I worked in attic till dinner time- also in P.M. after K's second hour was over, during which I mended. I rested a little before tea. We sat up with K- and we took turns reading "Undiscovered Country."

January, Tuesday 5. 1886.

It rained very hard during the night but rather pleasant in A.M. . only so very warm. I finished notes to R and A. and showed M. and K. baby clothes before packing them in the little trunk. Packed Rennie's books and play things to stay I hope. We read "Undiscovered Country" in p.m. right after dinner and before tea. I finished work in attic and Papa, K. and I went to hear Prof. Van Ingen's lecture in the evening.

Wednesday 6.

Beautiful a.m. I fixed parlor to be swept- quite an undertaking. A good letter came from Anne in first mail. After the cleaning up in my several domains I was ravenously hungry. We all enjoyed our Mutton Chop dinner. K. and I decided to hear Mrs. Quentin on the Indians in the Y.M.C.A. rooms. She was very interesting. I gave my name to become a member of the Ass. here in Pokeepsie. Mrs. Orten walked home with us and we went to Union meeting at Dr. Elmendorf's in the evening.

January, Thursday 7. 1886

Up quite early to fix my room for a sweeping- dusted down the stairs too before breakfast. Grand discussion in library while K- was lying down about Mamma's and Mamie's going to NYC Papa went down with telephone message- a favorable reply. I worked hard on brown plush skirt, read to K- after dinner and then finished my sewing and my room. K- read aloud a short time before tea, Papa afterwards until we went to prayer meeting.

Friday 8.

K- and I rather late in getting up- not only did her back have to be attended to but also her poor sore finger. She had to eat her breakfast alone because of nurse's delays. I washed head and dried it while reading to K- Halls and dining room swept to-day. I wrote to Anne, Miss Woodman and Lucy A- before going out to make 3 calls- Helen Loomis, Annie Capron and Miss Wilkinson. Wore sealskin jacket. Papa took M- and K- to hear ------.

January, Saturday 9. 1886

A violent snowstorm which last all day. M- and I mended while Papa read aloud to K. Accomplished considerable sewing beside the regular housework. Nine sketches by "Boz" after dinner. Storm door put up and little stove put in Mamma's room. I mended six pairs of stockings etc. in p.m. Papa began "Barnaby Rudge" after we had finished "Undiscovered Country". No letters.

Sunday 10.

Fine cold a.m. K- slept with me last night , but could not go out on account of chilblains. I was a little late to S.S. - most of Susie's scholars were there. Dr. Van Giesen preached on Job from Job 17:9. I read to K- on Harriet Martineau in p.m. then we read individually the Independent and ------ Unions I had a postal card from Miss F--- and one of my letters returned- one that I wrote to Uncle Will last November. Will forwarded it.

January, Monday 11. 1886

Very cold day. K- slept with me. Her chilblains very sore. I had good note from Annie in a.m. mail. We heard also from Richie-he had rather an unhappy Xmas and New Year's. I find the house pretty dusty Mondays. While K- was taking her "flat" hour, I gave her the first French lesson. I went to Eng Lit class at 2:30 read a good deal at it myself. Met Mamie on my way home. Papa read in the evening.

Tuesday 12.

The intense cold still prevails. K's feet still bad. No letters all day. Because of mending for wash and sweeping Library I did not read to or teach K- until p.m. hours. I studied some on Kate's questions- not successful on all. I read two short stories in Century. K- in house all day- she is afflicted between her back, toes, fingers and nose! Papa read in evening. M- home late.

January, Wednesday 13. 1886.

K- slept in own little room last night and did not wake till 9 a.m.- breakfasted after 11! But we hope she is better. Pictures and note from Helen Arnold- letter fr. C.H. After housework done I wrote to A. and to Phila(small mark under "a") In the p.m. I called on Mrs. Orten and then walked to P. O. Miss Price here to see Mamma about M- and K's dresses. We read "Barnaby" in the evening. At work for R.

Tuesday 14.

The wonderfully bright days continue. Mamma happier on account of her little stove. K- tried to help me on R's "pjalmass" after French lesson but it hurt her poor afflicted fingers. She has been shut up in the house a week now- but my patient and contented Annie brought her some candy and stories this p.m. A package came from Uncle Will -the key has not yet come to what I suppose is a little chest of silver.

Friday 15.

K- much better- especially the chilblains. The only letter all day from Aunt Mary. I did my mending before breakfast- took my hot bath and changed sheets. I had a thorough resting and some sewing for K- accomplished before I gave K- the French lesson. No word from Uncle Will to-day. M- home in quite good season. Her room swept.

Saturday 16.

A beautiful a.m. Miss Pierce here to breakfast, consequently we were all pretty smart. She left her wraps in my room and then went right to work in Mama's room. I sewed on underskirts most of the a.m. Uncle Will's kind note came about Aunty's silver. K's finger too sore to sew. She read aloud to me. I received also the copy of "Daisyman's Daughter" too busy to write further to Kate.

January Sunday 17 1886

Dear K. so much better that she went to church with Papa. The rest of us were all at S. S. too. Dr. Van Giesen gave a most excellent sermon in "I beseech you therefore, brethren, that you present -------Ste. ----. 12:1. I had a good read and rest then wrote some. Miss -----called in p.m to tell us of Gen. Howard's Boston address in ---- Church in spring. She went to hear it, but was not pleased.

Monday 18

The famous weather continues. K. had lain down and had her French lesson, she prepared to go down town on errands. I wrote to K. and Caroline. K's letter came, I finished note to A also. I went to meeting of Po'k Indian Ass. in p.m. Mr. Rowland B. Howard put in an appearance. Better than Sunday evening . After business meeting I did errands and called on Annie C. and Miss Canfield. for Mamma and K. in evening.

Tuesday 19.

We were all pretty smart before breakfast because of Miss Pierce's coming. A snowy day. I worked on K's brown skirt. Wrote a letter to Helen C. and Richie. K. had French verbs with me in a.m. We did not go to College till quite late, so as to be with Miss Pierce as much as possible. Mamma worked along with her all day and consequently was too busy to read in evening. I had note from A.

Wednesday 20.

I am so sorry to know that A. is feeling rather wretched. I am anxious to know what Kate will tell me. I was pretty busy with house work all the a.m. with reference to going out to his class in p.m. Not many at Mrs. Wilkenson's. I made K's working bag, i.e. got it all ready for Miss Armstrong to stitch. On my way home, I bought bonnet for Mame for blue cloth suit. I made dusters in evening.

January Thursday 21. 1886

Pretty sunny, cold a.m. I planned extra work on my sheets blankets etc. A sweet note from Mrs. Hunt to which I replied at once. The "Valencia" not arrived. After extras in house work over, I trimmed and fixed new cloth (blue) bonnet all but the finishing stitches. K. and I had French in her room at noon. Supper early so we had a good long read in "Barnaby Rudge". Hemmed quilt.

Friday 22.

Half storming day. K's brown velvet and my key from Uncle Will arrived in a.m. so I entertained K- with my cherished Hunt silver during her lying down. A good letter from Richie and we may expect him to-morrow. I heard from Mr. Fiske and received my first payment. I went down to Bank and we sewed after Miss Bessie Fern's call. Supper at 5 and pleasant reading in evening. I bound my blankets- nearly.

January, Saturday 23. 1886

I woke early and finished binding my best blanket. I wrote some also before breakfast to Mr. F., Uncle Will etc. I had notes from Mrs. Hunt, R. and Alice. Much cleaning up in honor of R. Great discussion with regard to property. I could not agree with Mamma entirely- so she sent off her petition to Anne first. I divided Indian Lace between M- and K- in p.m. Mrs. Fowler & Miss Brown called- also Harry Arnold.

Sunday 24.

A cold sunny a.m. I was the first one out. K- and I were only over at S.S. Richie, Mamma & Mamie joined us at church. Excellent sermon on "They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mt.tains." I had good notes from Anne and Kate. Our dinner most enjoyable because of Richie's ---------- and pleasant company. We read and talked all the p.m. Looked over books in evening . We went to bed late both nights.

January, Monday 25. 1886

All down stairs at 6:30 so as to see the most of R- at his last meal at home. He took the 7:15 train to N.Y. I did most of my housework before breakfast. Mamma. K, and I worked on R's pyjamas. K- on the knots, Mamma on the cutting and I on the plain sewing. Not much reading in the evening because of "extras"- all pretty tired early owing to late hours.

Tuesday 26.

Sarah not here to-day. Waiting for a perfectly pleasant day I suppose. As soon as possible I began my sewing again on R's work. Mamma and K- decided to take the noon train to N.Y., so they had a great deal to do. I helped K- at the last. Papa and I dined alone. I sewed till 3:30 p.m. when I took some stitching to Miss Armstrong which she kindly consented to do tho' so pressed. We want to get R's flannels off to-morrow- surely.

January, Wednesday 27. 1886

Awake quite early. Papa, Mammie and (I) breakfasted at usual time. I finished housework at 9:30 a.m. When Papa brought back R's pyjamas from Miss A's and while I was finishing them, Papa read from Macaulays on Burke. I wrote letters till noon- to R- first then N- and also to Cousin A- ---- and Genl. Armstrong. Bad washing day. Supper at five and M- and I had pleasant time at the concert.

Thursday 28.

Still rainy and unpleasant. Mamma and K- returned on 6 p.m. train yesterday. They had satisfactory interview with Dr. Ling Taylor. Papa and I up early. I washed my head and did quite a little cleaning up before breakfast. Afterwards I wrote to Miss Woolsey- then fixed library for George to sweep. Letter from Prof. Chickering at home. Miss Pierce here for M- and K. Too busy preparing to go away & too stormy to go out to meeting.

January, Friday 29. 1886

Up early and made my bed before taking 6:30 breakfast. I walked to depot for 7:15 train. On arriving in N.Y. went first to the Berkeley and left my bag with Mrs. Hunt, then called on Mrs.S- Kate and May. After lunch at St. Dennis marched over to Brooklyn in pouring rain to see dear little Morris Pratt - called on the Misses Brockett also. Mrs. Hunt made me happy & comfortable in evening.

Saturday 30.

Still stormy and disagreeable- went to Dr. Taylor's but could not wait to see him. So hurried to Alumnae Meeting. Millie, the Sophie's, Margie and I all sat together during business meeting and at lunch. I did not stay for social reception but preferred to go and meet Kate at Fifth Avenue. We succeeded in getting 3:20 train to New York and so had supper at home. Snow storm in Pokeepsie. We went to bed at 9- good to have K. here!

January, Sunday 31. 1886

I was little late to S.S. Mamma came later with Kate to church. We stopped for mail after sermon on "Fatal Depravity" and in the afternoon took good rests and read. too snowy to go out in p.m. or evening. Millie, Mamma and K. talked (to?) our Amherst friends. I went to sleep in chair. I tried to read thru Union later. We four girls had social time in -----.

February, Monday 1. 1886

Beautiful a.m. and how we appreciate the sunshine! Kate wrote home and other notes while I was attending to housework. Later we both made a call on Mrs. Loomis. At two o'clock we started on sleigh ride. Mamma went with us. We called on Miss Cleveland and then after leaving Mamma went out to ---- for Mamie. Played Whist in evening. K and Papa beat K. and me.

February, Tuesday 2. 1886

Sunshine again much to our delight. Word from Uncle Will that he would be here not later than the 10th. Good news also from Nathan and Anne. We- Kate & I walked down ----- on -------. Miss Pierce here all day. We rested in p.m. I read Julian Hawthorne's Mrs. G's Diamonds. Papa & Mamie went with K & me to hear Dr.Simmons on Japan- with lantern illustrations.

Wednesday 3.

After housework was over I read to the "Katherines" while they were at work over "Dolly". At 11:30 Big K. and I walked to and on the Hudson River. the ice boats all lazy- we were disappointed not to see them in motion. I wrote to Cousin Ann after dinner. Kate took a p.m. siesta- Annie Capron came ---- to our early tea and we all had a pleasant evening over ------ and other puzzles. Mr. and Mrs. Herrick called on Papa and Mamma.

February, Thursday 4, 1886

Another dry cold "snap". K. and I did not venture out until after dinner. All the a.m. we worked and read. I buttonholed my small blankets- and read two or three chapters from Burke. Our short trip down town very chilling. Papa read aloud on our return. In the evening we played whist, and at last Edith and I were successful in winning a game.

Friday 5.

The weather more moderate. Dr. Otis came about K's swollen lip- she has had to eat her meals in library. Mr. Buckingham called just at noon. K. & I took lessons in Dominoes. Katherine and I prepared for the Vassar trip before dinner. Accomplished nearly all that I expected to. visited and returned with Mamie. K. packed some before tea and finished the trunk when we went up to bed. M visited during the evening.

February, Saturday 6. 1886

Fine a.m. Papa rheumatic so I went out to order sleigh from Scot's -it was late in arriving and Katherine became so anxious that I went to hurry them up. We reached the station to learn that 10:10 train was over an hour late! We went back to Smith's for lunch- then waited in depot. I shall be anxious to hear of Katherine's safe return . Miss Hinkle called before I had started for Literature Class. I went very late.

Sunday 7.

Owing to prevalence of colds Papa and I were the only representatives in church. Dr. Van Giesen preached on Japan from Isaiah 42:4- a very interesting interesting sermon. I am sorry M. and K. and Mamma did not hear it. All my little girls present in S.S. We brought home letter from N. and one from Miss Swan of Wolfsboro ! I wrote ----- boys after reading to myself and K. for a while. Mrs. Wilkenson called before tea.

February, Monday 8. 1886

Note from Uncle Will in a.m.'s mail from N.Y. after housework was over and I had had a good chat with K. I wrote to Uncle W. and finished note to N. I had just finished preparing clothes for wash, and was seated at desk for minutes when Miss Swann called. I had just time before ten to leave leaflets at Mrs. White's and call at Mrs. Smilie's. Papa read in "Barnaby Rudge" again.

Tuesday 9.

I began my day's work at 5:45. My room swept. Indian Ass. work occupied me till noon after housework completed. --------- of notes from Katherine and Bertha H. I carried stitching to Miss Armstrong. K. and Papa went on their walk together in early morning. A regular thaw to-day- like spring. We sent of(sic) letters to Richie. Mrs. Stone and Margaret called. Mamma's cold better.

February, Wednesday 10, 1886

Bright a.m. We started on R's pyjamas to-day. Kitty walked with Papa on -------. I wrote to Mrs. Hunt, Anne and Mary C. after my housework was finished- then mended blue cloth suit and dressed for Lit. Class before dinner. Miss Cleaveland read a very interesting letter of Miss Burney's about Burke. Pitt begun . I finished one of K's little presents. Mrs. Loomis, Helen and Mabel called in evening.

Thursday 11.

Rainy day. I sewed in my room on K's presents after housework. Then took up pyjamas- cut pattern of drawers to save . Worked in attic a little while- finished basting unbleached sheet for Miss Armstrong. Began "Stillwater Tragedy" while resting in p.m. We miss having no letters- but a week of pleasant anticipation because of Uncle Will's coming. I wrote a short note to him this a.m. Mamie has come down with a bad cold. We had a good long read in "Barnaby"

February, Friday 12. 1886

Very damp a.m. Five bells early. Cut some new patterns before breakfast. M- did not go to College. I wrote to Abbie Fiske D. before a.m. mail. Postal card came from Sophie N. whose mother has the diptheria- hence our plan for the 22nd broken up. Washed my head before dinner. Mamie home early on account of her cold. Letter from Katherine with her questions. I went out on Indian Ass. errands in p.m. Called at Mrs. Wilkinsons, Miss Swifts Mrs. Young's.

Saturday 13.

Still the rain continues- a dismal day for Uncle will to see Pokeepsie. I was up and about at 6 a.m. finished most of my housework before breakfast. I studied until ten o'clock when I received good letters from Anne, Miss Horsford and Mrs. Johnson. I put on old sealskin and went thru rain to Miss Armstong's. K. help [sic] me fix the almonds - also my room for Uncle Will. I sewed in p.m. on pyjamas and just as we were through tea the disappointing telegram came fr. Uncle Will- he may come next Sat.

February, Sunday 14. 1886.

Mild bright beautiful a.m. felt sorry uncle W. was not with us. Icalled on Mrs. Orton's but Susie had gone- but I took Annie's class. Excellent sermon from Rom. 8:9- on the Spirit of Christ.
Letters at noon from R- and Nathan. Kitty- sixteen to-day! Mamma gave her a little work bag- and I her apron and other bags. I wrote to Alice B-, Anne and began my letter to Richie. I read to
self and to K- in the evening- M. stayed at home.

Monday 15.

Pleasant and springlike. R's flannel came in a.m. mail and a telegram from Nathan asking if Bert Banfield would be a good boy in the Bank. I basted trimming on part of the pyjamas and mended- and dusted house thoroughly. Miss Elma(Elena?) Swift called at noon. Indian Association meeting in p.m. which was not fully attended- owing partly I fear to my not having had a notice in the Eagle. Miss Sanford presided- because of Mrs. Wilkenson's illness. Several new members.

February, Tuesday 16. 1886.

Bright and much cooler. I read to K- till mail came- one letter from Clara Law. After housework K. and I went down town on errands together- as far as the Library and back by Miss Armstrong's and across lots home . K- found letter from little Helen with birthday card. I read a short time to K- and then studied on Pitt & Fox until Miss Goodsell called, she stayed past our early teatime and Miss Lockwood called after tea- so short reading in "Barnaby." I sewed on pyjamas.

Wednesday 17.

Cear cool bright a.m.- began mending on small afghan at 5 o'clock- mended corsets also before breakfast. K- up later than she has been for several a.m.'s. I had Library swept. I was little late in starting for Literature Class. We had an interesting talk and read on Pitt and Fox. Mrs. Sanford and I walked together and planned to meet at ---- concert which we all enjoyed- Frank Taft -organist. K. and I walked out in moonlight.

February, Thursday 18. 1886.

I was up early enough to fix my room to be swept before breakfast- then had more time for pyjamas afterwards. Mamma went out on visit- saw Mrs. Orten. Mamie home in pretty good season- decided to call on Leila before meeting. K- and I were to join herthere- but my telegram from Uncle Will came and I went to depot instead. He was at last with us- and we talked till mid-night.

Friday 19.

The telegram woke Uncle Will. I had to give that to him. We breakfasted at 8:30. M. had to go to College. Uncle W. slept in lounge while callers kept coming. It seemed like Colorado Springs! After dinner he seemed quite rested and as soon as I finished his coat, we all went out on walk- tho' rainy. He bought much candy at Smith's for us girls. M. and K. prepared for the party. We sat up till they returned. I hated to have day end. Uncle W. invited me to go to N. Y.

February, Saturday 20, 1886

Uncle Will and I had to make early start- taking 7:15 a.m. train- dosed part of the way down; the mountains came out clear and beautiful when at Cornwall. Uncle W. took coupe to Windsor then drove right to the Berkeley. Mrs. Hunt took me in charmingly- and soon I set out in search of Jeannie C-; called at 187 Wash. St. Laura not at home. Saw Morris Pratt again- Jennie had gone. Shopped a little on return to N.Y.

Sunday 21.

I was dressed and reading dear "Zeph" before Mrs. Hunt called me. Uncle W's nephew very handsome! We all had an enjoyable breakfast together- and visit in parlor. I finished "Zeph" before lunch. Uncle Will returned in early p.m. and we made pleasant calls on Mr. & Mrs. Gilder , Mrs. Trimble and Mrs. Runkle. We were a little late to Aunt Molly's dinner in little room where Mr. & Mrs. Leeds joined us. Pleasant times together till 9:30.

February, Monday 22, 1886.

Warm- bright & sunny; Uncle Will seemed rested at breakfast which we took at 8:30 then we had a cosy talk in Aunt Molly's parlor. I hated to say good bye to Uncle W., he gave me $11 at the last moment! I enjoyed Morgan Collection with Mr. & Mrs. Leeds who afterwards took me to lunch at Drulons - I cl'd not find M- & K- at Clarke's so I gave up the search and after few errands took 2 p.m. train home. The girls came at 8 . Tuesday 23. (2/22 entry continues uninterrupted) We had a good time comparing notes. I found much to do on return- clothes to gather for wash- and then prepare the parlor for sweeping. Changeable day; much cleaning in my room. Toward later part of p.m. K. and I started to go to College. K. forgot money and wanted to walk; so I decided to go to Library in town instead. The children again surprised to find me at home. We started off letters to R. No news from Anne for sometime.

February, Wednesday 24. 1886.

A marvelous day- so clear bright and sunny! I accomplished most of my housework before breakfast- dusted M's room because of Miss Pierce's coming. I did all I could on R's pyjamas- mended blue cloth suit and fixed Mamma's room. After dinner Papa and I went down town together- bought K's lining silk- then I went to Literature Class- Sheridan the topic. George played & sang in evening.

Thursday 25.

Snowy and rainy- not a cold storm. After housework wrote to Cousin Anne and Aunt Molly. K. and I cleaned up M's room. I began on millinery. Receipt from ----meyer which I forwarded to Mr. F. We were disappointed not to see the arrival of "Valencia" in a.m.'s paper. I fussed over green bonnet, until I went to Miss Armstrong's for R's shirt which I finished in evening- except K's two knots. Too stormy to go to meeting.

February, Friday 26. 1886.

Bright, cold but windy a.m. Mamma started out on errands soon after the mail came which brought us word from R. that he had resigned his position on the "Valencia". I wrote to Uncle Will and in a P.S. told him of it. I mended and read to K- in a.m. and studied over Eng. Lit. in p.m. Tea early- Miss Caufield called. We had an hour of "Barnaby" before going to Tableaux- which were good
except for the long waiting.

Saturday 27.

--------- blew all night- but did not keep me awake. I was down stairs shortly after 1st bell and dusted Hall, Library and Parlor before breakfast. Mended afternoon while Papa read aloud. Fixed my room rather late. Sewed and rested in afternoon. Mamma had a short note from Col. Higgindon which she gave to me. We were glad to see R's possessions about teatime. I mended for Papa in evening, and Richie arrived soon after eight o'clock. Mamie moved into my room.

February, Sunday 28. 1886.

Cold and blowy. I was rather late to S.S. All the girls there. Dr. Van Giesen gave us an excellent sermon on "Wilt thou be made whole? R. the only member of the family not out. I had notes from May H and Mrs. Fiske. After resting and while on my note to Anne, Mr. S.W. Buck called, and asked if I would do some teaching while Annie C. stayed away on Laura's account- she taken ill in New York! I accepted the proposition.

March, Monday 1.

The month has come in "like a lion". I donned my school clothes and started out when M- went to College. The classes all went pretty easily- in both a.m. and p.m. I came home to dinner at 12:45. After school called on Helen Loomis and then went down town for errands. Rested till teatime- "Barnaby Rudge" finished after tea. Miss Lockwood called, but I skipped up to bed early & did not see her.

March, Tuesday 2. 1886.

Down stairs at six to study while quiet. Miss Pierce here. I did some of the housework before going to school. The classes went fairly well. No letter from Anne yet. I finished mine to her. Mamie home to dinner to-day on account of dressmaking. On my way home from school I purchased a bonnet panel , shall not have time to cover it for sometime. M- had letter from Jessie Phillips. I went to bed at 8 o'clock.

Wednesday 3.

Bright and warm- most beautiful after such wind storms. I had rather hard work in teaching to-day. Annie C. has gone to Boston to be with Aunt Hooker- Laura may be able to be moved next week-so A. will take her classes in that case a week from next Monday. I found letter from Bertha Merrick at room. One came then from Helen D. After school I went to Mrs. Nickleson's and we few who were there enjoyed reading the "Duenna"; I wrote to Kate in the evening.

March, Thursday 4. 1886.

A year ago how mild and delightful ------ Washington- how many changes since Inauguaration! School went pleasantly a.m. & p.m. Mr. Buck spoke to me about giving too long lessons. I had my letter fr. A- at last- little William has had croup and has suffered greatly with it dear little soul . After school I wrote out my questions and answers to Katherine. Two answers I had to learn for another time. R. reads to K. now. Papa & Mamma made calls just before tea.

Friday 5.

Beautiful a.m. Lessons easy so I dusted before breakfast. Called on Mrs. Wilkinson and Miss Jewett at noon recess. After p.m. recitations I went to Preparatory Lecture. Dr. Van Geisen gave good preparatory sermon. M- not home till after 5. I took shoe & slipper to be mended, and wore new shoes for first time. K. walked home with me- bought scrap book for articles on dear Aunty. Papa read Dr. Marigold while we mended in evening. A touching sketch by Dickens.

March, Saturday 6. 1886.

Down stairs at 6:30 to begin writing at my desk; also ----- K. and dusted some before breakfast. I was pretty bear-like but tired. We all dressed for the "Matinee" before dinner- M. and K. rode in cars to Vassar Bros. Institute. We all enjoyed "Engaged" and yet K. and I were rather displeased with some parts of it. No reading in evening because M. and I had to study, and we all retired early.

Sunday 7.

A beautiful day- I fixed little room before going to S.S. class which I enjoyed more than usual, no regular sermon because of its being Communion Sunday- Mabel Loomis and Mrs. L. waited with Dr. Van Giesen's. I had a good long letter from Carolyn Holden- rested and read in the p.m. - began a letter to Uncle Will but did not finish it. Richie and I went to hear Mr. Grose who preached on "Culture and Companionship.

March, Monday 8. 1886.

Awake at six- so had time to do housework- besides my studying. Classes went easier than last week because of my acquaintance with them. Richie took 7:15 train to N.Y. Mamie home all day- she wrote on her essay; I made quite a long call on Mrs. Arnold on my way home from school. I had a letter from Mr. Fiske enclosing letters fr. Uncle W's sisters- they release claim to their $1000 legacy in Aunty's will.

Tuesday 9.

Snowy a.m. I was up early enough to dust two rooms downstairs. I wore my gray suit- classes in a.m. and p.m. went pleasantly. I found note from Miss Swift and had papers at noon. I called on Miss Orten and saw her sick Albert he seemed quite bright and is considered better. After resting and reading I wrote to Uncle Will- Ella McCaleb and began a letter to Mrs. Burnside. R did not get home.

March, Wednesday 10. 1886.

Cold and cheerless in early a.m. but bright and sunny by noon. I had the girls write in Geometry. On my return in p.m. K. had our room in good order. So I rested on my lounge- read in "Stillwater Tragedy". R. came home in time for tea- he nearly decided to go to "Colo" . We are glad he did not. He bro't "Zeph" home and began reading it to Mamma and the children. Worked in K's room-finished letter to Mrs. B. and began one to Anne- hers came today. ---- ---.

Thursday 11.

Pleasant day. I slept pretty late for me. Recitations went smoothly in a.m. and p.m. At room I found letters from Mamie T. and Uncle Will-and card from Mrs. Hunt- with ---- ---- address which I sent at once to Mr. Fiske. After school I read "Stillwater Tragedy" and finished before going to prayer meeting. K. and I stopped for Susie. R. went on with Mamie. Mr. & Mrs. Buck spoke to R. as we came out. Dr. Van Giesen interesting in his talk on Queen Esther. Next Sunday's lesson.

March, Friday 12. 1886.

Rather dark a.m. I took umbrella to school- lessons went pretty well. I dusted parlor, library & dining room before I left home. "Between whiles" at noon I read papers and Century. Returned to Lyndon Hall in a snow storm Mr. Buck wanted to see me after school, but we did not come to terms of settlement. I talked them over at home- trimmed my new bonnet. R. finished "Zeph" in evening- while the rest of us sewed.

Saturday 13.

Very disagreeable day- rainy & yet close. I succeeded in getting off cards for Indian Ass. Meeting before a.m. mail- wrote also to Edith Wilkinson. Worked hard in cleaning up and dusting all the a.m. Letter from Mr. Fiske at noon which will require long answer- for the appraisers on Monday. Sewed and washed in p.m. before going down town. I did not find Annie C. or Mr. B at home. Called on Miss Swift and Miss H----- - Leila N. at tea.

March, Sunday 14. 1886.

Beautiful a.m. K. and I were pretty late to S.S.; I left my class early so as to go to Dr. Elmendorf's church where Mr. Lawrence preached on Peter's Repentance. I called on Annie C- but she was not at home. Read and wrote in the p.m. Richie, M. and K. went to hear Mr. L. in the evening- his text was "Enoch with God". I staid at home and went to bed early- after finishing N's letter. I read to K- half in Life of Miss Martineau.

Monday 15.

Beautiful a.m. House pretty dusty. I finished my letter to Mr. Fiske before attending to housework. Also wrote up my minutes for Indian Association. The morning very short. Read the papers before starting out in p.m., went to Mr. Dougherty's before the meeting in the Y.M.C.A. Parlors. Quite a large attendance, and interesting articles were read. I walked to Lyndon Hall with Mrs. Buck- but did not wait long enough to see Annie C. Richie began "Two College Girls" in evening when I sewed for Mamma. Miss Hopson & Miss Swift called.

March, Tuesday 16. 1886.

Good washing day and Sarah came promptly to-day. After housework was over- Library being swept to-day; I began preparing for evening and p.m. engagements. Mr. Atwater, Miss Swift and Miss Hopson called promptly at noon, and we had a very pleasant expedition to Stastsburgh to see orchids etc. at Mr. Dinsmore's place. Annie C. here on my return. Dr. Van Giesen called and he met Mr. Lawrence here. He stayed to tea and then I went with Mrs. Smillie's later.

Wednesday 17.

All pretty sleepy. K. slept with me. Mamie is trying the little bedroom now. Housework went rather slowly- afterwards I worked on mending and old clothes- planning Spring ---- etc. After dinner dressed for literature class- only four were at Mrs. ---- but we enjoyed reading the "Critic" together very much. I called on Mr. Buck for my pay then did a few errands. Prof. ----- and Miss Goodsell called but we were out. Mamma called on Mrs. -----.

March, Thursday 18. 1886.

Half pleasant, half shadowy day. I fixed my room for George before breakfast. When the rest of the housework was done, I wrote the 8 letters to the girls about Endowment fund- asking for as large subscriptions as possible. Richie went to N.Y. on 9 o'clock train. Mamma out on errands in a.m. Papa rather rheumatic- did not go out. Mrs. Mandeville and Margaret called. M. went to Leila's. K. and I to prayer meeting.

Friday 19.

Rainy day. After housework I set to work on Indian(Association?) notices of Gen'l Armstrong's meeting. Just as I had about accomplished writing fifteen, Edith W. called with printed forms. Papa filled in those as much as was necessary with what I had done. Mamma out on errands. R. returned just as I was starting for College. He and K. joined M. and me at Concert later; Susie O. played very well. A drizzly unpleasant evening to be out late.

March, Saturday 20. 1886.

Still unpleasant, but the bright cherry birds, and robins seem most happy in the Mt. ash tree near my window- some ----- berry of last year will be gone. I heard from Miss Cleavland in a.m.- also from Barnett Bros. finished snipping blue wrapper, and after dinner went out on a series of errands. Called on Mrs. Buck, Mrs. Wilkenson, Mrs. Grose and home early in season for tea and play at College. "She Stoops to Conquer," good!

Sunday 21.

Rather dark day- tho' not rainy. I stopped at Dr. Van Gieson's with notices and was early to S.S. One Scholar for a time. Emma Kenz and May Allen came quite late. I had good letter from Uncle Will- and note from Mrs. Winslow. After reading in p.m. I wrote to Uncle Will in answer to his letters of March 6th and 16th- Papa & K. went to Dr. Van Gieson, R. and M. to Mr. Grose's. Went to bed early- wrote to A. upstairs.

March, Monday 22. 1886.

Very nicely rested at 6 a.m. when I got up. Dusted all down stairs before breakfast- afterwards wrote to Miss Cleaveland and Miss Horsford. Later picked up soiled clothes- planned work on black silk and mended- wrote a note after dinner to Prof. C. which I mailed. Mr. Buckingham called- brought flowers. R. read to Mamma and K. in Library. After tea "Two College Girls". Mamie and I sewed for M. Papa not feeling very well.

Tuesday 23.

Down at 5:30- wrote to Miss Woolsey and Miss Briggs and did down-stairs housework before breakfast. Afterwards wrote notes to Mrs. Sanford & Mrs. Buck- then K. helped me with R's and my room. R. K. and M. all walked to College. M's vacation begins to-day, so she was home at noon. I basted facing on dress before dinner. Met Miss Cleaveland in p.m. and called on Mrs. Orten who still has severe cold. "Two College Girls" continued in evening by R. while I went round skirt 3 times. R. had letter from Anne.

March, Wednesday 24. 1886.

Beautiful a.m. K. and I slept late. I wrote notes to clergymen in town before doing my housework. After that sent invitations to Ella and Jennie for tea Friday night. R. reading "Stillwater Tragedy" to M. K. and Mamie. Mamma & M. out on errands towards noon. Basted black silk on skirt and carried that as my work to Literature Class. Mrs. Sanford did most of the reading on James Thomson. Finished "Two College Girls" in evening.

Thursday 25.

Warm bright a.m. George did extra cooking with reference to company to-morrow. After housework I worked for a while on black silk skirt. After dinner we prepared to go to College to hear Gen'l Armstrong- Mamma, M. K. and I rode out in farm car with Miss Cleavland. Gen'l and his company late in arriving so I took tea at Smith's- from there went to prayer meeting. R. M. and K. a little late . they went to see "Private Secretary " and Papa and I went to Gen'l A's meeting in Baptist Church, which was crowded. We had to stand most of March, Friday 26. 1886. evening consequently pretty tired the following a.m. I had note from Mrs. Sanford again. We cleaned up the house at leisure. G. doing the halls and stairs thoroughly. R. went with me to exercises at Lyndon Hall which were short; then he kindly went to Miss Ferris'- a long walk and she was not in. M. and K. went with Leila to the Morse place on Smith Road. Read from the VC Miscellany in the evening, and went to bed in good season. Girls could not come to tea until first of week.

Saturday 27.

Rather a dark day. Mamma sewed and R- read while Kitty was taking her first flat hour. I was delighted to have another letter from Uncle Will- enclosing one of Mrs. De Coursey's . I pressed away on black silk and K. let me drop the over skirt on her- nearly finished before tea,- and a good job it has been too! We read dear Aunty's sweet story "Little Bel's Supplement" in the evening. I mended for Mamma on the clean clothes. Went to bed in pretty good season.

March, Sunday 28. 1886.

I woke pretty early and wrote to Uncle will and began a letter to little Helen before breakfast. I was good and early to S.S.- all scholars except one present for the review. Dr. Van Gieson preached an excellent sermon on "Whatsoever you do, do it heartily as to the Lord, and not to men." R. and Papa both there; no letters at noon. We all spent our afternoon reading and resting as usual. R.M. and K. went to Mr. Grose in evening. Papa, Dr. Van G.

Monday 29.

A gentle storm which will help along beautiful spring tide. The birds gay in trees . I did the stairs and swept the library before breakfast. K. up very late. ------ her at 9- she did not come for breakfast until much after ten o'clock. I wrote to "The Independent" and ---- Union Company" for articles on Aunty; just before dinner finished my room which had to be swept also for the company, Ella & Jeannie did not arrive till quite late, but we had a very pleasant evening.

March, Tuesday 30. 1886.

Slept late- K. down in better season. Sewed an hour for Mamma after breakfast while R. read Dickens Letters- then went to work in attic. K. and I spread silk quilt on my bed after dinner-another "Sewing Bee." M's last day of vacation. No letters. I planned changes in spring wardrobe ; rainy day- so all of us in during the day. Read "Dickens Letters" in evening and I sewed for Mama for the wash.

Wednesday 31.

Another dark day. I had letter from Millie enclosing $20 for Endowment Fund. I acknowledged it and wrote to Nannie B.W. at noon about her subscription. I was early to Literature Class. Quite a number out- tho' so dark- finished Thomson and took up Gray. I stayed and talked Indian Matters with Mrs. Wilkinson. Mamie went to Miss Hasbrouck's. R. went for and came home with her in drenching shower.

April, Thursday 1. 1886.

Sweet bright day- and thoroughly appreciated after so many dark ones. I nipped silk skirt before breakfast. Afterwards did housework and had my room swept. K. and I went down town together on errands. I called on Grace and Kate Darling on my way home- they seemed very brave and bright. K. washed head in afternoon. I put silk quilt together by basting. R. to prayer meeting with us.

Friday 2.

Wonderfully beautiful a.m. K. and I up about the same time for a wonder. I wrote business notes and then to Kate and Aunt Mollie. Mamie home early- but just too late for dinner. I had welcome note from Miss Horsford. Mamma and I called on Mr. Smillie before going out to College for visits. We did not find many people at home. I stayed all night with Laura Wylie and M had a very good time with Jennie and Ellen .

April, Saturday 3. 1886

Quite a surprise to awake and find a snow covered ground. I worked before getting up- tho' Laurie and I talked till midnight last night. After breakfast we separated for calls etc. I looked up questions in Library and saw Miss Wood, Frances Cutter and Prof. Drennan's nieces. I came home about noon- found a letter from Anne- also my Norwegian trunk. Worked on quilt in p.m. Sewed for Mamma in evening while R. read American notes.

Sunday 4.

Rather cold and quite snowy day. We all went to Church except Papa. Dr. Van Gieson preached a wonderful sermon on "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will grieve you not"- took up in great vividness the strikes and other unrests of the day. I had card from Jennie Davis at noon. I read to K. in p.m. and wrote a little - began a letter to Uncle Will- finished it after tea. Papa and K. went to hear Dr. Van G. R.- Mr. Grose in the evening.

April, Monday 5. 1886.

Up early enough to write Anne before breakfast- sent of(sic) K's letter with questions and answers- also wrote to Anne and Miss Horsford. Library swept. Miss Vredenburgh called before I had all the things quite settled. My wrapper came from Barnett's- I am quite pleased with the dyeing. Ripped the other old one so as to have lining washed this week- mended p.m. and evening for Mamma. "Mutual Friend' and American Notes in p.m. & evening.

Tuesday 6.

A perfect pour! No washing today. I slept late - wrote to Miss Wood and Lizzie F. Heg------- in time for mail-received answer from Mrs. Quinten or rather her husband I suppose. I also had letter from Dr. Cate! R. out on errands in a.m.- Mamie not at College- so two tickets for the Mikado returned, as Ethel Hague was not allowed to come in. Papa, R. K. and I all enjoyed the Japanese
show very much- not home till 11 p.m.

April, Wednesday 7. 1886.

Up very late; I did not hear the first bell- but not very late to breakfast. Sarah came and succeeded in getting the clothes out - tho' we had showers from time to time. I wrote to Dr. Cate, Mrs. Fiske and others. Received interesting letter from Prof. C. and began my scrap book with items about Aunty. Dinner late. I was quite late to Literature Class. Mrs. Loomis walked home with me. Shorter reading than usual in evening.

Thursday 8.

Still unpleasant, I wrote some "Indian" after breakfast and about eleven R. and K. walked down town with me- R. carrying the heavy bunch of leaflets which I left at Miss Hupert's . After my errands I called on Miss Hasbrouck, she gave me a little book for Mamie. Worked quite a little while on my scrap book in p.m. then read "Gaspara Stampa" and sewed a little after tea. R. K. and I went to prayer meeting. Dr.Van Gieson good, we walked home with Mrs. Loomis and Mabel.

April, Friday 9. 1886.

The sunshine at last- superb a.m. I was up before sunrise- washed my head the first thing- took clothes off the horse ----- K. as usual and dusted down stairs before breakfast. Mamma went down town on errands. I wrote to Mr. Gregg and Aunt Abbie and cleaned out closet. Jennie Davis came in p.m. and we made calls together. Mrs Sanford gave me lovely flowers. R. ------ us girls to hear Prof. Backus. His subject historical,"Battle of Long Island."

Saturday 10.

Dubious looking a.m. all pretty late up. I did my little before breakfast. Wrote for a short time afterwards to Mrs. Runkle. R. took basket for her to Express Office. I worked on bl'k silk petticoat; wrote to Prof. C. Had note from Miss Gardner- she is arriving next week. Mamma and I made calls together in p.m. on Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. & Miss Stone, Mrs. Nelson,- and then I went to Miss H----. R. read "Mutual Friend" till 8 o'clock. K. took her hot bath.

April, Sunday 11. 1886.

Warm and beautiful towards noon. I awoke and (sic) 4:15 and wrote to Uncle W. and Caroline as soon as it was light. Then took hot bath ----- K. and after breakfast put room in order before S.S.- to which we were all early. Dr. Van Gieson's Missionary Sermon very good. We young people all went to ------ Memorial Service in p.m. I wrote to A.B. and read Independent & Christian Union.
Papa had letter fr. Uncle Elias.

Monday 12.

Cloudy a.m. up at six and did considerable housework before breakfast. Wrote to Miss Gardner afterwards. Mamma had letter from Anne. I had my "Southern Workman" in a.m. mail. I sewed fr. Mamma in p.m. Miss Whitney made a short but pleasant call- interruption no. 1. We had not been back in Library long when Mrs. Lane and her daughter Miss Mills called. Left us at 6 o'clock. Sewing afterwards. "Budge" slept in K's. and my room.

April, Tuesday 13. 1886.

Stormy day- beautiful thunder and lightning storm in p.m. Mrs. Wilkinson called in a.m. She went to Hudson and we shall meet there to-morrow. I had reply from Mr. Welsh- with list of pamphlets published by Indian Rights Ass. I sewed and cleaned out up and down stairs all p.m. I wrapped the Indian baskets, one of which I expect to send to Chicago and Austin. K. went down town after storm. R. read quite a good deal in "Mutual Friend."

Wednesday 14.

R. kindly walked down to station with me for 6:35 a.m. train to Albany. Mrs. Wilkenson joined me at Hudson. We had a pleasant trip. Visited the Capital before we attended Indian meeting. Mrs. Vale very kind in her entertainment of us, and we enjoyed their business meeting. We returned on 2:40 train- very warm day, and I found sad news on my desk. Suzie's father died last Saturday.

April, Thursday 15. 1886.

Bright beautiful a.m. I got a good start and worked over trunks most all the a.m.- planned those that are to go as well as to stay; continued attic work in p.m. and brought down dear Aunty's shawls etc. which must be aired and camphored. Before going to prayer meeting I wrote notes to Suzie and Bertha. R. K. M. and I went together.

Friday 16.

Down stairs at five a.m. Wrote to N. and A. and did down stairs housework before breakfast. Five welcome letters in a.m. mail, Aunt Effie, Miss Gardner, Mrs. Runkle and Mrs. Lloyd. I had written to Bert and May H. before these arrived,- then wrote a note to Mrs. Lloyd about Indian baskets- two of which I sent off- one to her and one to little Helen in Austin. Made camphor bags and cleaned out ------ in p.m. Papa went with M. and me to concert.

April, Saturday 17. 1886.

Down at seven after taking hot bath and washing ----- . Mailed all Indian Postal cards the first thing after filling them out. Made camphor bags when R. read to K. then housework. My room needed considerable attention because of company's coming. While at work over that a box of fresh beautiful kinnikinnick came. I wore blk silk out on errands and to meet Miss Gardner; she and Ethel ----- both took tea and made our evening very enjoyable.

Sunday 18.

We all went to Church 3- to hear Dr. McCook at College, and Papa, R. and K. to hear Dr. Van Giesen. Mamie the only one to S.S. I stayed to dinner with Miss Gardner- made a little visit at the Observatory and came home on 3 o'cl'k car. Found a letter from Uncle Will. I wrote to him and Cousin Ann before breakfast. M. and R. went to church in evening. I read to K. till very sleepy.

April, Monday 19. 1886.

Beautiful but very warm day. A thunder shower in the afternoon. Housework took me quite a long time- I had early lunch in the hope of saying goodbye to Miss Gardner but I missed the car for 1:05 train- so made my purchases and then called on Mrs. Wilkinson and Miss -----. The attendance at Indian meeting very small indeed- only 8 in all!. Mrs. W. gave interesting items. A. in New York.

Tuesday 20.

Overcast a.m. I woke up with the birds at 4 o'clk when I began to work. Showered hard in middle of a.m. I worked at desk drawers and books in drawer of Mrs. Henry's bookcase. Much sorting and
arranging with reference to storage. Right after dinner took a nap. Mamma and K. joined M. at Miss Scofield's all were quite late to tea. K. did not return. I trimmed new bonnet after tea and submitted to the family criticism in evening- favorable. I sewed a short time for Mamma.

April, Wednesday 21. 1886.

Sarah came and had a beautiful day for the washing. I sewed for Mamma until after ten- then did housework and then sewed till noon when I ----- at some of the extras in the attic. Papa did some mending for me there. I returned to attic after dinner- found too much to do to go to Literature Class, so I simply attended to errands. I met Ella McCaleb and we shopped together. Mrs. Orten and Grace Darling called. R. returned in time for tea.

Thursday 22.

Awake with the birds, down stairs ready for work at quarter of five. Wrote notes to Ella McC. and Miss Gardner and made accts the first thing- then worked on quilt and ------. Brought down oldest clothes and hung them on the line. Richie helped me with my carpets- which were sunned camphored and rerolled. K. busy over her gray dress. R. went to prayer meeting with us girls- we sobered because of R's plan to go back to China!

April, Friday 23. 1886.

Up just at sunrise- 5:30- took ---- from box in attic and made camphor bags until breakfast time- after dusting of down stairs was done. Papa felt too ill to come down to breakfast- he had it upstairs. R. told us at breakfast that he has to go to Ds for Sunday-to say "Goodbye." Oh dear me. Busy over ---- in putting away woolens etc.- both Mamma and I- it was warm day. R. did errands as Papa could not go out- read in evening.

Saturday 24.

Papa much better- Mamma and R. had long talk. I did the marketing and stopped at Mrs. Orten's on my return to give up my S.S. Class. When I walked home Richie was just starting for noon train to New York. A very lonely (lovely?) afternoon. It showered most ------ lights before and after the storm. I packed little ------- trunk. After tea Papa and I packed the handsome white one in box that I bought at ----- in a.m. Sarah ironed all day- but did not quite finish the clothes.

April, Sunday 25. 1886.

Had pleasant Easter Sunday --- --- weather. Was early to S.S. and surprised my class very much for the last time this year. They gave me cards. I was glad to have their Revised testaments from them- they seem to like my little gifts. Lonely all day without R. I had Easter poem fr. Caroline, my first (finest?). Aunty's picture surrounded with the fresh green Kinnikinnick fr. her grave. Papa, K. and I went to Easter Service in evening.

Monday 26.

Unpleasant a.m. but came out bright by noon. Sarah here to do Richie's washing. Papa mended my boxes so I worked hard over packing bedding and books - Mrs. Henry's little elevator a great help. Soon after dinner a telegram came fr. R. which we could not understand. A very pleasant call from Bessie Elmendorf. Mamma had her payment from Mr. Fiske. K. and I went to bed early. K.began the night in R's room, but came to me later as R.

April, Tuesday 27. 1886.

returned! His telegram meant he had given up going to China. We were all greatly relieved and made very happy. I think something nice came to him on this side. He had even bought his ticket! But did not go far with it. His departure would have shortened Mamma's days I really believe-and how lonely for us all! It was good to hear so much about Anne and darling Wm; A.----- ------- is very thin. It rained nearly all day. K. snipped her travelling suit and I have to put mine together.

Wednesday 28.

Beautiful again to-day. Sarah came to put the clothes out which she washed yesterday. They had good sunning. A.M. mail brought me Uncle Will's pictures which gave me great delight. I sent two right away for Cousin Ann to choose from. I wrote to C. after housework partly done. R. and K. went down town to-gether. Acknowledged the welcome photographs and wrote short note to Miss Wilkinson. Sewed on brown silk in p.m. R. read to us in "Mutual Friend" in evening.

April, Thursday 29. 1886.

Pleasant day. Busy on sewing and extras- George swept my room- probably for the last for me. Plan considerably on my light suit with dark silk underskirt. Mamma and K. went out in afternoon- late to tea. R, Mamie, Papa and I took our supper together. I started for prayer meeting early, so as to call on Mrs. Orten. I did not meet R. M. and K. until after services. Dr. Van Gieson very good.

Friday 30

Pretty cool Founders Day. I began at packing and planning early- Put willow baskets in little black table . R- very kind and boxed that, three other tables and two chairs. I cleaned my lounge and big chair- brushed and camphored them & covered them with newspapers under summer covers. The burlaps musty and damp, so I aired them all day. R. went in full dress to exercises at College with us. Sophie Richardson surprised us by being there- she looked very well after her Cornwall trip.

May, Saturday 1. 1886.

I was up quite early- dusted before breakfast, and right afterwards went to depot to see Sophie off- rather a short glimpse. Put out the last of my woolens on line. R. sewed up my sofa in burlaps. I had good notes from Nathan and Alice B. Mamma heard from Anne. I was pretty sleepy after dinner- so took a doze, M. had callers in p.m. Mr. Buckingham called. R. finished " Our Mutual Friend" in evening. I fell asleep early- tired from packing.

Sunday 2.

Beautiful May day. I wrote to Uncle Will and Nathan before breakfast. R. and K. only ones went to S.S. Papa and I walked to church together. Dr. Van Gieson preached on "We love him because he first loved us." Sermon shorter than usual. No letters. May Hanson's Arbutus very sweet all day. After meeting and reading I arranged some articles in scrapbook about dear Aunty. Mr. Elting and his friend Mr. Lawrence called just about 5 o'cl'k. Richie and K. went to hear Dr. Van G. again.

May, Monday 3. 1886.

Awake and rested and up before five. First fixed my striped apron then arranged the desk for removal, and did the stairs before breakfast. R. very kind and and nailed up two boxes and sewed up big arm chair. I had letter from Lotte Conger . Papa helped me also before going down on errands. M. at College as usual- K. busy on dress making and Mamma in the attic. George swept Library. I packed some in p.m. Boxes went to Mrs. Thompson's- called on way home fr. down town.

Tuesday 4.

Pleasant a.m. but shower threatened in p.m. I planned work- cleaned out things so as to simplify packing. After working in attic before dinner and washing half-dozen stockings after dinner, I took a short rest. Just as I was ready to see some one Jennie Davis and Ella McCaleb came. In the evening Richie read to us after tea for a short time- went to bed at 8 o'cl'k.

May, Wednesday 5. 1886.

Warm and sultry a.m. Shower just before tea. Much packed and I finished the large trunks that were Aunty's. The parlor swept. Mamma busy all day in attic alone. Richie and Papa called upon often to help in opening boxes. It cleared in time for us to go to Organ Concert- all went except Richie. Found great cavity in tooth I have separated- looks as if filling lead gone. I had no letters

Thursday 6.

Bright comfortable day. We all slept late. I had much clutter from yesterday's work to clear in my room. Mr. Batchelder And Helen L. called in a.m. Mamma came down fr. housetop to see them. Nothing but postal cards in mail. Annie Capron called in p.m. I mended table cloth after tea- all four of us went to meeting. Mamma's room swept. K. and I got it ready for George.

May, Friday 7. 1886

Another rainy day- R. helped Mamma in attic considerably and I was busy planning and packing. K. at dressmakers and Miss Armstrong's. M. did not stay to Physiology- so home quite early in p.m. Doctors often at Miss Beadle's opposite. In p.m. R. and I went down town together. After errands I called at Mrs. Wilkinson's and she made me stay to dinner- I had a good time. Edith and Emily gorgeously arrayed for Miss Green's Reception which we did not attend.

Saturday 8.

Rather a damp morning- which turned into rain. Sarah did not come so I decided to wash my own two dozen pieces- I put them out on grass. It was a mending stockings day- began on Papa's before breakfast- then did several for R. and later some for myself and Kitty- while she ironed my ---- ----- as she was pressing her hat material. Mamma put back by delay in washing.

May, Sunday 9. 1886.

Beautiful a.m. All out at church except Mammie. Dr. Van Giesen preached excellent sermon on "Service". Mamma waited to speak to him afterward and K. and I saw him on Cannon St. After a good dinner and short rest, Papa, R. K. and I took a pleasant walk through the cemetery to "Lovers Leap"- ------ beautiful. Lola and Ethel Hague called while we were gone. Mamma and Annie saw them. Poor little Budge's first two kittens born dead. K. and R. went to church in evening.

Monday 10.

I was awake early and down stairs at my sewing. About six o'clock, I went to see if Sarah was coming. It proved to be a rainy day. She had opportunity simply to hang out Mrs. Hovey's covers. Mamma very busy- also K. with extras. In p.m. R. went down town with me to Mr. Thompson's and on other errands. We called at Miss Vredenburgh's . I decided to have Aunty's trunks stored with furniture. I think Mamma may have her boxes go in my partitioned room too.

May, Tuesday 11. 1886.

Mamie's and K's teeth keep them uneasy- with pegs - the soreness in my front teeth entirely gone. Packed dress trunk before breakfast. Poor little Budge still in great suffering- after the birth of another dead kitten. Afternoon most crowded with callers- ten in all- two S.S. scholars, the Misses Cook- Miss Ferris- Leila N- and her mother- Miss Buck and others. R. did my errands sent off my silver by expressage etc.

Wednesday 12.

Poor little Budge still wretched! Sarah ironed part of day. I most busy finishing traveling suit- for journey. K. busy over her trunk, and Mamie staid at home from College because of all her packing. Mamma said early in day that she could not get off with us for the engagement at Dr. J's. Papa did errands a.m. and Richie p.m. We children all left at 6:30 for river boat.

May, Thursday 13. 1886.

The trip to New York on City of Kingston very pleasant. R. took us to good restaurant for breakfast. We girls arrived at Dr. J's an hour too early- so we went to see the Misses Brackett and had a very charming glimpse of them at their school. Mrs. Hunt not at home. Those only calls I made; after dentistry was over it began to pour. R. and I met on --- river boat early. M. and K. were to go to St. Stephen to wait for Papa and Mamma.(continues into next day's entry)

Friday 14.

R. and I had a comfortable night on ------. R's throat no worse, but would not stop in Fountain . I arrived at Anne's soon after six and found her well but very thin. Poor girlie I wish she might look strong and robust again. ----- -------- will bring great benefit to her. We had a pleasant day together- called on Mrs. Sanford and Mrs. Chesbro in morning and talked in p.m. till voted for Social Club entertainment; Will on the committee for it- so much engaged all day.

May, Saturday 15. 1886

Tho' up late at social club awoke early and went through my two trunks here at Anne's- to get the materials I wanted to take to Dye House- Dressed darling William and fed him at the table as Will and I breakfasted earlier than Anne- while she and baby were eating- Mrs. Sanford sent down ticket to to Theatre- I went in to B. on 9:45 train. Saw Mrs. Fiske and did errands before leaving- ----- and ----!

Sunday 16.

Up early again fully expecting Mamma, Papa and Edith. Telegram found which could not be delivered last night on account of early retirement on our part. Very rainy a.m.- -------- I went to church and Mr. ------- preached excellently on "Ye are the light of the world." Mr. Byrd called in evening after which we unfortunately kept Anne up very late by getting into discussions. Mrs. Sanford stopped to invite us to tea. Letter from papa telling of Budge's death.

May, Monday 17. 1886.

Awake at five with a.m. sunshine pouring in little room. Wrote till breakfast. Afterwards Anne and i took dear baby down to have his picture taken. Will joined us. Two sittings were with Buster and one with me. I do hope the proofs will be good. I wrote to Uncle Will before dinner- to Caroline H- and Mrs. Hunt afterwards. Will, Anne, and I all went to tea at Mrs. Sanford's and had an exceedingly pleasant evening.

Tuesday 18.

Beautiful bright day- Papa Mamma and Kitty arrived on Steamboat train. Anne was not dressed to see them right away. K. bad cold. Pleasant breakfast. Baby very cunning and dear all a.m. Not quite right in p.m. Mrs. Copeland, Mrs. Swazey, Kate and May called! Mamma had ride with Mrs. Sanford in the morning, and K. with May in p.m. Anne went to Dr. Hayward's for medicine. We had quiet evening together- all went to bed in good season.

May, Wednesday 19. 1886.

Up at five o'clock at my writing. Rather threatening looking a.m. Baby seemed better than yesterday. While he was asleep Anne cut out new pair of flannel drawers and I worked pretty steadily at them all day. K. had a beautiful time playing with darling William. Papa seemed a little tired all day. We stayed in doors. Mamma and Will in Boston together, make the tour of the property quarters.

Thursday 20.

I decided to go home Friday if possible so ---- around before breakfast at Anne's. Mamma and I took the 8:03 train to Boston- made a short visit on Cousin Ann and then took 11:15 train to Wheaton where we made pleasant calls on Cousin Susan, Abbie and her husband and Mrs. Andrew Fiske. I stopped over a train in Belmont but did not find Jennie Underwood. I spent the night at Aunt Mary's it was quite festive there with Uncle C's S. S. class and ----- friends. I enjoyed the young people much.

May, Friday 21. 1886

Much to my dismay I discovered loss of my ----- ticket before breakfast. I decided not to strike Aunt Mary with the news.Met Miss Gardner as I agreed to and told her of my carelessness and misfortune. I stopped at station on Washington St. and at Eastern depot but could get no track of it. I had an exceedingly pleasant call at Cambridge but Miss Kate H was not at home. I ----- with Helen and Louise and took 3:15 train to -----Out little more than $5.00 (continues into next day's entry)

Saturday 22.

R. met me last night. We took breakfast at the Bellevue- R. and I had a good time setting up housekeeping. We had a good roast beef dinner. I unpacked and got settled all p.m. Just after I had gone through my five trunks Mary C. and May H. called. The people arrived at 8 o'clock and we talked till nine or so. No letters. papers as of old .

May, Sunday 23. 1886.

Beautiful Sunday and a pleasant 27th birthday! A picture of College came from Ella McCaleb and Kate sent handsome clothes brush and case by Mamma. K. and I slept later than we expected- but we were early to church. I sat in Mrs. Hanson's pew. Ours would not hold all. A stranger preached. S.S. rather interesting. The Missionary fr. Turkey took our class. After dinner I took quite a long nap. R. and I only ones out in evening.

Monday 24.

Up in good season and wrote to Uncle Will, Mamie, Katherine, Ella McC- and cards to Anne and Nathan before breakfast. K. mailed them for me. Mamma out on a house hunt all day because of ------ raising our rent; wrote to Mrs. Fiske if she could buy house here. I kept house. May H. made a short call in morning and in p.m. gave me a nice ---. R. and K. at work printing "Sheila." Mrs. Hatch and Mrs. Hansen called in evening. K. and I to bed early.

May, Tuesday 25. 1886.

Dark a.m. Breakfast in good season. All early except Mamma. I kneaded bread at six o'clock and began looking thru old attic trunks. the matter of buying house so seriously considered that we all went up as a family to the Hill. It pleased us. Rained all the p.m. Richie making preparations for trouting expedition to Choconia . K. dressmaking and trimming sails in her unsettled condition. I continued sorting of attic goods.
Letter from Uncle Will and Prof. B.

Wednesday 26.

Another chilly day. Breakfast before seven. R. started off on 8 o'cl'k train. Papa sent my telegram to Brooklyn asking if I might consider Packer question till Monday. Then busy in yard over the drain and pump. Mamma much unsettled in mind. I, too, as for that. I opened my box in barn- took out tray that belonged to attic trunk, and after mending it continued by sorting of bundles, clothes, etc., and rearranged them. Made brown bread today. May H. called. Mended parlor sofa cover.

May, Thursday 27. 1886

Pleasant a.m. but towards noon it grew chilly and rained before night. My riding habit etc. came fr. Dye House last night and also letter fr. Anne which I did not see till this morning. Mamma decided to buy Mrs. Wiggin's house- so went up to see Mrs. Payson soon after breakfast. Also purchased lot side of house on hill. We are all glad. I think Mamie will be, too. We heard from her and Dr. Backus. He lets me consider till Monday. K. and I went to prayer meeting with May H.

Friday 28.

Much warmer, beautiful a.m. I woke up before 4 o'clock, but did not get up ill nearly five. Set table, kneaded bread etc. first, then wrote till breakfast time. I wish I knew what to do about Packer. I do and I don't want to accept a position there. I hope I shall have some helpful message fr. Uncle Will to-day. Such a ---- ---- in evening! Boats all out in search for Mr. Jerome and his three children- all found in lake with the boatman; the boat capsized! We shall never know how the appalling accident occurred.

May, Saturday 29. 1886

A very sad day in town. I went down on errands- had to go twice. Mrs. Hatch here to wash flannels etc. I saw the two Mays and we planned to go over to the afflicted homes. I sent telegram to Prof. Backus declining Packer position- and at noon had a kind helpful message from Uncle Will. I wrote to Dr. Backus for afternoon mail. We had a sad call on Mrs. Jerome;
she bears up wonderfully. K- returned ----.

Sunday 30.

A warm sultry Sad day. Because of funeral services, we decided not to go to church across the way- Papa the only one who went. I wrote to Uncle Will. Mamma wrote to Mrs. Jerome. Services at 2:30; very impressive and very well conducted- but what a solemn occasion- five caskets around the forsaken pulpit. We had an informal lunch and then dinner at night of the trout R. caught.

May, Monday 31. 1886.

Rather an overcast early morning. Sun out by breakfast time. Splinter in 2nd finger rather painful. R. and I went down to depot-saw poor Mrs. Jerome as she started with her four bodies for New Bedford. On my way home Dr. ---- removed splinter. After housework I wrote to Anne and -----. Most of them up at house all the p.m. I had tea ready at half-past five. Mrs. Payson called so Mamma did not have her supper till later.

June, Tuesday 1.

Beautiful day- good start- breakfast before seven. Papa up to garden on the hill. Mamma out on errands. Richie taking up mattings in parlor, dining room and library while K. and I kept house. We cleaned out pictures. Dinner slow in cooking- but we had it soon after twelve. Good letter from Mamie at noon. All up at house in p.m. except myself. I went in to May's with mending. Mrs. Scott called while there.

June, Wednesday 2. 1886.

Richie and Mamma very busy overseeing the contents of attic packed on cart. Mr. Young and Mr. --- supplied it by noon. I had much housework- washed and ironed handkerchiefs, etc. before dinner. Papa and K. busy over garden. R. and Mamma at house all the p.m. After resting I cleaned out my gowns from back attic- put things in trunks preparatory to the "up-hill" move. All of us get pretty tired these days of extras.

Thursday 3.

The President's wedding day! All gossip about Miss Holsom about to be proved true. Rainy a.m. here. Mamma had a Mr. Brown to help her move her possessions into new attic as she wished. K. hard at work over dressmaking. After regular a.m's work over, I wrote business notes for Mamma and short ones to Laura Wylie, Bertha H. and Miss Gardner. Sent check off to Mr. Dean in p.m. and did errands. The pictures of William ---- came. Very touching evening meeting.

June Friday 4. 1886.

Wonderfully beautiful and we had a good start- breakfast at 6:30- work after that meal done at 8:30- when I rode up with R. and pictures to new home- my first glimpse in it this week. I was delighted with mattings etc. A load of furniture went up after dinner. Mamma and R. up there in good season after dinner. I did errands and then walked up- mended Papa's stockings in the new library. Wrote to Anne. Mrs. Jerome back with her sister, and his sister and brothers. (continues into next day's entry)

Saturday 5.

Another beautiful June day. Papa awoke with great suffering in his feet; went down town as soon as was able and ----- in tennis shoes. I hope they will give the needed relief. Richie and Mamma busy on the hill. K. and I busy minding matters down here. May H. went to Boston for little visit. No letters of interest at noon. K. not thru' dressmaking yet. I wrote to M. and R. enclosed ticket. We hope to see her Monday or Tuesday.

June, Sunday 6. 1886.

Found a welcome letter on my bureau from Uncle Will; quite a long about my teaching, kind and restful as usual. I had a good read in papers before breakfast. Mr. Thompson of Wakefield preached "on the day of small things." He was much overcome in referring to Mr. Jerome. I took Jessie Phillips S. S. class. After all of us but Mamma went up the hill to spend the afternoon. After writing to Uncle Will I followed the others' example and took a nap- wrote after tea. K. and I pestered by mosquitoes at bed time. (continues into next day's entry)

Monday 7

Awake early to hear "buzzing" again- got up at 4 o'clock and began writing. Very warm morning; finished Caroline's letter- send off 3 this a.m. Packing up last little things after breakfast- because all beds, bureaus, etc. moved to the hill before dinner. Papa did not come down. Mamma took up his lunch. R. took us up later. Piano put up in parlor too. Most busy day. After housework in new house I went down to old home to get the last tea. Mamie reached us ----- took supper down but slept on hill.

June, Tuesday 8. 1886.

Papa, R. and I first ones down for breakfast, which we had for the last time in old house. The girls down late. After clean up, I came up here. Mr. Abbott kindly fixed stove tho' little Florence is ill with diphtheria. So we had warm dinner in new house after all. Put up shelves in my room and hung pictures. Rushed to mail in p.m. with Anne's letter, and short notes to Jennie Davis & Laura Barr . Mr. Fiske's note read in a.m.

Wednesday 9.

Much warmer than yesterday. Breakfast as late as 8 o'cl'k- because of hard work yesterday. Papa, Mamma, Mamie,and Kitty down town to call on Mrs. Jerome and Miss Swan, as they leave town this week. Soon after dinner I took a ---- for errands. Drew money, paid bills and bro't home letter from Mr. Fiske and Prof. Chickering. Richie and I unpacked books while all were off this morning. R. at boat house in p.m. and bro't up old cat at last! We hope she will stay.

June, Thursday 10. 1886

Bright day. After housework, I worked away at extras in my room- finished book case. Mary C. Hattie and her friend called to take Mamie to drive. They called on Mr. Alfred Brown. I unpacked some trunks and planned work on Buff Chambray We all worked on piazza later in afternoon. Richie interested in the seats for boats so she (sic) sewed on ticking. M. and I went to meeting- K. and R. did not. Saw Mrs. Jerome on way to evening service.

Friday 11.

Beautiful morning which we improved by going out with R. on lake as soon as possible after breakfast. M. heard of little Florence Abbott's death on our way to boat house. A very bad case of diphtheria. We rowed to Sewall's Point and found Perch most plenty. The children caught two dozen in almost no time- large sized too. Home before twelve. Afternoon spent industriously over "extras" and out on piazza with sewing. I had a card from Ella McCaleb. She is still lame.

June, Saturday 12. 1886

A beautiful morning; right after breakfast Mamma decided on the pictures for down stairs. We swept parlor, library and dining room and M. and K. did dishes while I attended to baking of bread, etc. Our perch dinner and it tasted good. Richie down town early to get carriage; on return took Mamma first because of telegram from Cousin Joseph. Mamma got ready for the 2:45 train in about half an hour. I had pleasant ride with K. to the "Dick." Uncle Elias and Mrs. Whitten called in evening.

Sunday 13.

A pleasant note fr. Uncle Will to read the first thing. I fixed Papa's and my room before going down stairs. Breakfast about half past seven. The girls both took their hot bath. It seemed strange without Mamma. We three girls went alone to church. Mr. Tomlinson preach (sic) on "He lead Captivity captive," etc. I took my regular S.S. class- but only Sadie Whitten was present because of the rainy, rainy day. Richie went out to Unitarian meeting in p.m. Papa at house all day.

June, Monday 14. 1886.

Slept later than any morning since I came home- not down stairs until after seven! The girls slept late. Papa did not seem to mind as it was rainy. I gathered soiled clothing in morning, and straightened out clean clothes and back attic ----- clothes. A.M. very short. Dinner prompt at twelve, after which Papa and R. drove down to the farm for trout fishing. K. attended to large wash of her own stockings. M. did the same. Both rested in p.m. K. went for mail- had letter from Mamma. Cousin Ann did not know that Cousin J. had telegraphed!

Tuesday 15.

Still the rain continues. I kneaded bread and washed Papa's R's and my stockings before breakfast. M- did dishes while I attended to other matters- baked bread, swept hall etc. R- took his letters to mail right after our good trout breakfast- work in barn attic ------- We had letter from her at noon which did not give much encouragement about Cousin Ann. I wrote letters in p.m. to Mamma, Aunt Molly, Nellie C- and Katherine. Read Mr. Buckley's article in Century after tea and then we all walked to mail- because R- forgot our letters. Nothing but the paper at night.

June, Wednesday 16. 1886

Rather pleasant a.m. but quite warm- housework- and I had leg of lamb to roast- along with which I trimmed hat. Dinner punctually at twelve so as to be early for Miss Avery's exhibition. Papa started first for that. R. and K. decided to try the new sail. M. and I went to the Academy about 2 o'cl'k. We had note from Mamma. After exercises and after conferring with R., we decided to get clothes off our minds. We took these to Mrs. Dean, and saw Mrs. Hatch who said she would clean rooms in old house.

Thursday 17.

Rather uncertain a.m. as regards weather and plans. We took a Play-day however and enjoyed it. Papa and R. started for "Fish ------" at noon. Mrs. Banfield called for us soon after 1 o'cl'k; we were just finishing our lunch, so she had to wait while we were dressing. We had an exceedingly pleasant p.m. ---- even tho' it did shower. I took my stockings along to darn. We came home about seven- too rainy to stop for prayer meeting as we did not have rubbers and umbrellas. I wrote to Mamma wh. R. took to mail at 8 o'cl'k.

June, Friday 18. 1886.

Beautiful, clear, cool, breezy a.m! K. up with me at 5 o'clock. She bought eggs at Mr. Mannings, so we had griddle cakes for breakfast. Housework engaging as usual. Just as ice man came Mrs. ----- and Mrs. Dearborn Fox called. Papa not at home. Fish dinner- strawberries for dessert. Busy p.m. The girls undecided as to what they should wear for Academy exercises. Cool day. Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Field called in p.m. Note fr. Mamma. She hopes to return to-morrow.

Saturday 19.

All up late because of last night's gayety- reception kept us up till midnight. Bread baked, yeast made and beef roasted this a.m. Good dinner. R. said he would take us out rowing because of Sunday preparations, we did not get to boat house soon as we said we should- had a charming afternoon out on Lake. Mamie and I sewed. R. rowed going out, and we girls took the oars going back. K. and I landed at Mr. Horn's and went over to Mrs. Dean's for clothes. Met Mrs. Hatch on our way back. Mamma returned with Aunty's things.

June, Sunday 20. 1886.

A perfect June day. I was not awake very early. Mamma was down before me- she, Papa and I took breakfast before the others. All in good season for church. Mr. Tomlinson preached on "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard," etc.; his sermon good. Afternoon short. I took a nap in Aunty's steamer chair on piazza, after read papers. After tea wrote to Uncle Will- Mamma and I went to bed early. R. went down town. M. and Papa walked to cemetery.

Monday 21.

Another beautiful day. I waked early and mended in bed till after six. The girls late to breakfast. Mamma and Richie went down town. I went as far as Mrs. Fox's to ask the boys off on Lake.While at dinner dear K. suddenly grew very faint; we put her on the sofa, but Oh! how white she grew; it was really alarming; later she got up stairs and we gave her hot bottles; towards tea time she revived much to our relief; Millie Foster buried .

June, Tuesday 22. 1886.

I awoke and got up at 4 o'clock. Tho' not a clear sunrise, I decided to take Johnnie and Charlie off for the day. Mamie decided at 6 a.m. to go with me. I prepared good lunch and set out at seven o'cl'k. The sail to ---- very enjoyable- the boys good company and Herbert thoughtful. We took trip to Center Harbor once only, had our picnic in Veteran's Grove- attended Salvation Army meeting in p.m. And returned home by six o'clock. K- quite nicely. Mrs. Hatch washed for Mamma. No letters.

Wednesday 23.

Mamie down before me! We fixed strawberries for Mamma's preserving first thing. It made about 8 jars. The "Lamprey" excursion entirely given into. The sick people in town better today. I hope Diphtheria is in the decrease now. Richie down town in a.m., and at boat house. K. drew daisies, buttercups & clover in a.m. M. and I busy helping Mamma; in p.m. she sewed on piazza. I wrote letters; no news from outside. I suppose Anne is busy getting ready to start for Quissett.

June, Thursday 24. 1886

Rainy day- middle of a.m. Mamie went down to select material to cover boat cushions- but only bro't back samples- a regular patch day. Mamma found chintz in attic and we girls took the different chairs as ours to cover. Kitty made the best start, but she did not have so much housework. May Hansen came up just after we had cleaned away dinner and dishes. We enjoyed her visit much. M. and I went to prayer meeting in evening.

Friday 25

Still stormy. After breakfast cleaned M. and I went to sweeping. She did her and Mamma's room. I did the dining room, Library, halls and my apartment. Picked up dinner with tasty pudding dessert. We had no letters at noon. Papa and R. cleaned up barn. K. still at work over Library chair. We did not go out in p.m. because of storm. Read, wrote our ----. R. and I called on Aunt Abbie and over at ------ cottage in evening.

June, Saturday 26. 1886

A doubtful a.m. but it came out pleasant at noon. M. did the bread while I attended to housework. Mamma went down town with R. marketing. K. busy over Library chair. I planned the cover for green parlor one. Mamie painted Little William's red shoes In p.m. K. and I worked on piazza while M. took her hot bath. I cut out boat cushion coverings. May called in evening before R. had returned fr. taking Ellie King to ride! I had a good note fr. Uncle Will.

Sunday 27.

Another uncertain day. We all dressed for church in rainy day clothes. I wrote to Uncle Will before church. Mr. Tomlinson preached on Atheism. A very blowy noon. After dinner cleared away we all took naps. Supper after six. We decided to go to Meeting in evening, but the services were held earlier than Mr. T. said they would be so we missed his first sermon to young people. We met May, Mrs. Hudson and Miss Aldrich on our walk- they kept R. down town late!

June, Monday 28. 1886

Such a hurly-burly day in preparation for the Belknap picnic. Mamie left ginger out of her cookies- her white and my graham bread not the best. Mamma fussing over meat & bones and giving orders every way. "Kitten" busy finishing her gray & blue dress. In p.m. we went out on restful row. I tried to fit linen to cushions. May Hanson went with us. We called at Mrs. Parkers to see Miss Swan but she was not there. Mamie Perkins ------.

Tuesday 29.

A perfect day for the trip to Belknap- all down in time for the six o'clock starting. Mr. Tucker and his two friends went- also Mr. Albers We climbed the mt. with some difficulty because of not striking path. Mr. Thompson & Mattie J. and Mamma were the only ones who did not ascend- view beautiful. The ride to end fr. ---- rather jolly. Beautiful views on lake as we returned. I found letter fr. Anne. I wrote to her on boat sending word of Jennie's second daughter! R. with Mrs. H. much.

June, Wednesday 30. 1886

A still beautiful June morning. I awoke refreshed about 5:30- made accounts and wrote before going down stairs. M. and K. slept very late- did not get down stairs till nearly noon. Dinner punctually at twelve. Mrs. Hatch came to wash. K- and I went to sand bank together. I worked on cushion cover for boat till tea time. Mamie went down to make calls. Returned with strawberries from errands . I went to bed early.

July, Thursday 1.

Awoke early and had a very good start. Did all my housework before breakfast. Attended to errands down town and R- took May Hansen and me on charming sail- the girls were up too late to go with us. Called on Cousin Martha Chapman on our way home . Joined her after dinner and went to hear Salvation Army in the ---- in the p.m. Mrs. Sam Hersey called. The children disappointed not to go with us to ----- meeting. They went down in evening to Preparatory Lecture. Mrs. Tomlinson has joined her husband here. Mrs. Hatch issued in p.m.

July, Friday 2. 1886

Warmest day we have had yet. My sweeping day- so though we had breakfast at 6:30, I did not get through housework very early. I mended some before dinner which was at twelve. M. and K. did not see R. before he started off for Mrs. Hudson's Camp where he spent the day. I spent p.m. putting braid on cushion cover for boat. Mr. Abbott and Mr. Clark called in evening. I went down to mail and R. joined me later at May's.

Saturday 3.

Another warm day- We had a good start because of the children's being down early- dishes and kettles out of the way by 8:00 a.m. Mamie made cookies, Mamma bread, repast etc. K. and I busy about house. I got in two notes to Emmie Y. and Katherine before dinner. I did dishes and there were not a few! However, after a good rest on Library sofa I attacked my thin white dress. After letting it out, pressed it some. Bound slippers after tea and took hot bath.

July, Sunday 4. 1886

A regular 4th as regards to temperature. The girls wore their muslins to church and Mamma and I white dresses. Papa did not go out. The walk home very warm. Communion Services ------because of all the deaths among young people. I had four little girls in S.S. Too warm to stay up stairs- Mamma took Library lounge, the girls the parlor, etc. R. went to Unitarian meeting and our own in the evening with M. and K.

Monday 5.

Mrs. Banfield called to say not to bring lunch. I woke early to sew on picnic dress- dark green one. It felt good not to do any housework. Another "scorcher". M. started off in three seater with one horse about 9 o'clock for Perry Place! Reached there about 11- Cousin Winslow and his wife had just returned from trout fishing. We had delicious lunch and then about 4:30- ate dinner after which we all felt as if we could not eat for a week. Uncle Isa kindly brought me home in his buggy which is most comfortable. Some fireworks at ------.

July, Tuesday 6. 1886

The intense heat continues. We were not up in best of season. We had rather informal breakfast because of Papa going to Ossipee . Mamie went with him. Our morning went rapidly as usual at home. K. helped me in the dusting. After dishes were done I mended on linen night dress. The carpenters not at work in p.m. Have expected the plasterer who did not appear. I had letter fr. Dr. C. Mrs. Martin called towards tea time.

Wednesday 7.

Did not wake up till after five. Early breakfast because of Mrs. Hatch's coming. I mended house linen- covers before finishing housework- because of their being washed. M. and K. went out for a sail with R., did not return till dinner time. I had a letter from Uncle Will in p.m. Mrs. Hatch did not go till 4:30. I rested in my room- fussed over boat cushion a little. Mamma had a note fr. Mr. Vinal with interesting account of Ancestors.

July, Thursday 8. 1886

Much cooler- a refreshing breeze- fine day for our first picnic at point. I awoke before five and wrote 4 letters- to Helen C.---- Woodman, Mrs. Burnside & Effie before starting off. We did not get to the "Pine Parlor" till about 11:30; we got some wet in landing. R. drew the boat up suddenly! Mamma had quite a time drying herself. We did not go to village for the girls- it was too rough. R. began "Autocrat at Breakfast Table." I called on Miss Rogers before prayer meeting. May H. and I went there together. I finished cushion cover.

Friday 9.

Mrs. Hatch came early to begin on the ironing. We had griddle cakes for breakfast. I slept late as I am apt to after picnics. M. and I began in earnest on the sweeping after breakfast. I cleaned out two back rooms before sweeping them- quite a piece of work. M. did Library- R's room- parlor and her own. I had the halls. I did dinner dishes. Not much time for sitting out until after tea when I mended my stockings. Mary C. and May H. called just at dark. R. took Mrs. Hudson out riding again.

July, Saturday 10. 1886.

I swept and dusted my little room before breakfast- also the piazza beside fixing tables. After breakfast was cleaned up, Mamma went to the bread . Mamie over to Maud Cates'. R. and K. to Cherry Tree and I to the attic. I opened Aunty's little hat box which was at Cousin Ann's- moths had made great havoc. Papa, R. and K. out fishing in p.m. Mr. Shaw in town a short time. We hope to see again the first of the week. A beautiful sunset after cloudy day. I went to bed early.

Sunday 11.

Papa and I the first ones up as is usually the case. I dressed at five- read on piazza, stemmed currants etc. M- and K- not down to breakfast. We were all cleaned up before they were out of bed. M. did not go to church. Mr. Tomlinson preached on " They have reached their desired haven." Mr. and Mrs. Hunter and the two daughters were out again. Mamma and I stopped at Mrs. Hanson's on our way home- made dinner late. The papers did not come for this week.

July, Monday 12. 1886

I slept unusually late- and the girls still later. We stirred around lively because of expecting Mr. Shaw. He came in 11 o'clock stage but was too ill to stay to dinner; so we had only lunch; I went to boxes in the barn and aired curtains that Aunty's. At three o'clk we had reading on piazza. Mary Coffin joined us- we enjoyed the Autocrat at breakfast table. I had moonlight row with R. and May in evening.

Tuesday 13.

Such a busy day- carpenters and Mrs. Hatch both here and much going on in the cooking line. I was up late so housework kept me busy till nearly four o'clock. Mamma did not have time to rest before company came. Uncle Elias, Aunt Abby and Martha Chapman. Nine of us at the table- we enjoyed ourselves. I had letter from Helen Davenport asking me to meet her at ----- on Thursday. The Kitty had three little kittens about 7 o'clock! Uncle Will president of R. R.

July, Wednesday 14. 1886

A picnic day- so as soon as breakfast was cleared away I went to my writing- wrote congratulations to Uncle Will- notes to Mrs. Trimble, Dr. Chickering and Independent- then dressed and called at Mrs. Rollins'. She seemed much changed by her long illness. A high wind all p.m. rainy in evening. I mended bl'k grenadine- & R's coat. Reading in the "Autocrat" rather "too learned" Mamma said.

Thursday 15.

A most welcome rain- Papa had call from Mr. Tuttle who told us of Mr. Moses Varney's death. Worked on a patch cover for sofa. K. finished Library chair. M.- at work over rocking chair. Worked on grenadine in p.m. and read some papers. Wrote to Anne before breakfast answering her nice long letter. The Sanfords did not stay in Jackson after all. Too stormy to go to meeting.

July, Friday 16. 1886.

The much needed storm still continues. A struggle to get sweeping and Saturday's baking done in good season. I did five rooms and the halls while M. helped Mamma. K. did her room. We had pleasant reading in p.m. Will and Fred Banfield called just before tea- bringing two trout from Connecticut lake N.H. Went to bed in good season. I had letter fr. Caroline Holden.

Saturday 17.

Everything very beautiful after the rain. A sort of picnic day. After breakfast was cleaned up I wrote to Caroline about coming here and a short note to Katherine. We had early lunch after which R. accompanied me to Pavilion to inquire about board for C. & Nettie H. then I joined Mrs. Smith and went to Mr. Varney's funeral. R. read to us girls in p.m. and took M. & K. on moonlight row in evening.

July, Sunday 18. 1886.

Heavy fog early. Papa Mamma & I were all through breakfast by seven so we had time for reading and writing before church. I wrote my letter to Uncle Will and read lessons in the papers. R. and I were first at church & early . Papa and Mamie came next- then K. and finally Mamma- nothing withstanding her good start. A violent thunder storm. K. and I had nap in midst of it. None of us went to evening meeting.

Monday 19.

Mamma wanted picnic at home- but we children preferred warm dinner. We had a very good start- most of us up stairs preparing clothes for wash before dinner- wh. consisted of Steak, lettuce,etc. R. busy painting blinds in barn- Papa at work over garden. I planned much sewing in a.m. on blue polka dot etc. in p.m. sewed on the piazza. May H. came up and made pleasant call- Uncle Ira took Papa out to drive. R. home late.

July, Tuesday 20. 1886.

Beautiful cool day. Breakfast early because of girls going off with R. for pond lilies- they started about 7:30. Mrs. Hatch here for our big wash - so Mamma and I had a busy morning. Dinner about 12:30 - all home with many lilies- picked with May H- 498! My day at dishes- but after my p.m. rest I went out on calls. Made several but not all in- Papa called with me on Mrs. Tomlinson, Mrs. Gould & Mrs. Libby.

Wednesday 21.

Fine day for M's 21st birthday. We had a picnic at the point. R. sailed back with M. & K. at noon for Papa, but he could not stay long- walked home. I had note from Dr. Chickering. R. read "Autocrat at Breakfast table" in p.m. while we were busy at our sewing. I mended six pairs of stockings for Papa & Richie- then sewed for myself. M had quite rough row coming home. No word yet from Caroline H- about coming up here. Dr. C. comes next week.

July, Thursday 22. 1886.

Beautiful cool morning. I did not get up till after five- but immediately on being dressed went into the garden and picked over 5 qts of currants which Mamma helped me preserve after breakfast. The jelly "came" beautifully- I made yeast also. The girls late down- kittens brought into house by mother cat, hence an all absorbing theme. R. busy over painting of piazza- letters from Anne and Dr. C. I wrote to A. & Caroline & Dr. C. before meeting.

Friday 23.

The beautiful days continue. I was awake early and wrote to Dr. C. before going down stairs. Mamie and R. went to ----- on 10 o'clk boat for musical convention. Sweeping day. Sewed in yard a little on new sheets. Dinner late and Mr. Buckingham arrived fr. Mt. Washington just as we had finished! We gave him a dinner and later escorted him to Alton Bay. Mamma baked for two days ahead hence very busy & tired. Mr. & Mrs. Gould called in evening. M. & R. saw -------------------. Letters fr. Jennie ----- and Mrs. Burnside.

July, Saturday 24. 1886

A continuation of the wonderful weather of this week. Lunch day so we had some extra time in morning. Mamma saw to sweeping of kitchen- I put away curtains from Aunty's trunk. Then washed head, etc. After dinner R. said he was going to sail about 3. He hired Mr. Rogers' boat and Miss Aldrich & May went beside us girls. A perfect afternoon on the water- we did not return till half past five. Mr. Abbott called- R. down alone and I followed soon after for paper.

Sunday 25.

A little cloudy. As usual Papa, Mamma & I ate breakfast together. M. down earlier than K. and R. I wrote notes before church time- to Anne and Uncle Will. I was earlier than necessary to church- but I had the ------ Union to read. Mr. Tomlinson preached from Psalms 119:27. Six little girls at S.S. Read myself to sleep on sofa in library in p.m. R. M. & K. went to Temperance Lecture in evening. I wrote to Alice B. and Nathan in p.m. Asleep before others returned.

July, Monday 26. 1886

Papa and I out at currant bushel at an early hour- picked till nearly 7 o'cl'k. After breakfast Mamma, M. & K. joined me in stemming currants- preserved cherries also. Wrote business notes to Uncle Charlie & Mr. Fiske before dinner. Essie and Lu Whitten up to see K.- they brought up "Aulnay Tower " for me to read. Prepared for washing in p.m. No letters. R. read a while after tea. Rained.

Tuesday 27.

The good storm continues. I had housework so got through in good season and then sat out on piazza and basted the two linen sheets. After that, mended in my own room till dinner. In afternoon R. began "Aulnay Tower ;" Mamma joined the reading. I tried to finish mending my Polka dot- did not succeed. M. mended K's. M. at work on her chair cover. R. and M. out in evening. K. and I walked down for mail.

July, Wednesday 28. 1886.

Cleared off quite warm. R. proposed a sail- but it proved too quiet. I sat out west and hemmed a sheet. I wrote to Uncle Charlie about checks also before dinner. Papa did not come home at noon. Richie read "Aulnay Tower" on piazza while we sewed. Mamie and K. went with R. to Unitarian fair in evening. I walked down with them to the mail- paper was the only arrival.

Thursday 29.

Pretty warm day. R. helped in the sweeping- but I kept busily at housework till noon. M. went down town for her hammock. After resting and reading I took sheet out for my sewing on piazza. R. came out and said he wished I'd go over to ----- to hear Mr. Conway. I said I would- He rushed down town to see if we could go on the Lamprey - which we did in about an hour's notice. Mr. Beane introduced Mr. Conway on boat- and he was very interesting.

July, Friday 30. 1886

Mr. Conway's lecture last night on "Unitarianism and its grand children" was interesting but rather surprising. He joined us in the morning and asked K. if he were in favor or disfavor? Mr. Appleby's sermon good- and the discourses by Judge Pittman and Mr. Baldwin excellent. We took the late boat- ----- ------- at seven o'cl'k. All interested in our report.

Saturday 31.

(Beautiful quiet a.m. I wrote to Uncle Will early this Sunday a.m!) My day to help Mamma - a goodly array of dishes always on baking day. We had good dinner of roast chicken. I did not stop to rest in p.m. but got out in steamer chair to finish last of the linen sheets. M. & K. joined me- K. being in her hammock; R. finished the “Autocrat at the Breakfast Table,” and gave us a good sail in evening. Hattie C. and the two Mays went with us.

August, Sunday 1. 1886.

Warm a.m. I took my quiet talk with Uncle Will the first thing. Mamma, Papa and I had breakfast in good season. I walked to church & sat with Mary & Hattie C-. The little King baby buried this morning. Mr. Tomlinson kept to his text more than usual. I enjoyed my S.S. class. Walk home warm - but refreshing dinner of vegetables & corn beef. We all read in p.m. R. the only one to go out in evening.

Monday 2.

More air than yesterday. Mamma preserved cherries. I was busy planning covers for my bedroom chair & box, & mending for the wash. R. downtown on errands -K. to see Cecil & M. - in the hammock. R. proposed sail for p.m. which proved quite adventurous-. Dan Horn's large boat was unseaworthy; eight of us young women had to contend with much water in boat - the situation novel & exciting to say the least. R. took ----- of party right out again in our ---- & we had a good time.

August, Tuesday 3. 1886.

A still greater change in weather since yesterday - a high wind & very autumnal. I sat in piazza in sun while stemming currants - but in p.m. the piazza was deserted. R. read to us in Aulnay Tower the latter part of p.m. He sailed to Alton with ----- Horn & Mr. Drake in the same leaky boat! I wrote again to Uncle Charlie as I hear nothing from the checks I sent him last week! Fire in Library in evening.

Wednesday 4.

Still cool & beautiful. Straightened out accounts the first thing. I hope I shall hear soon that my checks have been deposited safely. My day at housework. Swept my little corner and moved my necessary articles into back attic in preparation for Dr. C’s visit. Papa and I met the dear old gentleman at 3 o’clock boat. We rode up hill. He took a nap before tea and was as bright and entertaining as could be during evening.

August, Thursday 5. 1886.

I was down early and after setting table, wrote my declination of Miss Briggs kind invitation to go to Waterville. I was delighted to receive the souvenir of the night on Osceola which Dr. C. brought me. He used his caligraph during morning - took a nap, and after dinner we all took a short drive with him. Then I escorted him on Mt. Washington to Alton Bay. He was a sweet spirit among us. We shall not soon forget his visit.

Friday 6.

All pretty sleepy. R. kindly helped me in the sweeping - so I got through my house work in good season - and dressed for p.m. before dinner. M. and K. as soon as they had finished cleaning up dinner, joined R. who took May H. over to Mr. Jones Camp. I had quiet time on piazza. Belle Avery called. Papa brought me a letter from Katherine - asking me to go abroad next summer. How I should love to! Mr. & Mrs. Tomlinson and Mr. Roberts of Philadelphia called in evening. R. not at home. Letter fr. Miss Woodman.

August, Saturday 7. 1886.

Rather an unpleasant morning - a heavy ocean mist early. We had a pretty good start - I mended Papa’s and R’s stockings in piazza. Little Amy & Esse Gould came over to see us- were delighted to see the kittens again. Our Edith off for flowers and berries on her way home from Mrs. Hulth’s. An perfect array of dishes, pots & kettles for me after dinner. I made as quick work of them as possible, and then took a sweet nap in my bed. Papa brought me a good long letter fr. Nathan.

Sunday 8.

Wrote to Uncle Will before breakfast- all ate together. Mamma up much later than usual. R. and I went to church together and were early. The sermon very long and we all grew restless. S.S. full. Picnic discussion at close of lesson. I rested out in hammock - tried to go to sleep. All except Mamma went to hear Mr. Roberts preach in evening. We enjoyed his sermon. R. did not return with us.

August, Monday 9. 1886.

Beautiful a.m. I over slept and was the last one down to breakfast - for the first time this summer! After dusting I prepared for trip on Lake. May waited waited with me at wharf. Wrote long letters to Nathan & Alice B. on the Lady until I met Mrs. Chickering & Lulu. I enjoyed my visit with them very much. after seeing them off at Mt. Washington I called on Mrs. Brewer, Nellie R. & Mrs. Whitton.

Tuesday 10.

Pretty warm a.m. Regular routine gone though with Mrs. Hatch here - so we had busy time getting clothes together and mended; but she could not begin to get them all. She washes colored things & those not to be ironed. R. read to us in “Aulnay Tower” in p.m. After supper I brought in the clothes before dressing for Ice Cream Festival. Entertainment interesting. Much to my delight R. bought me while there a telegram fr. Uncle Will saying he would be in N.Y. the 14th!

August, Wednesday 11. 1886.

Many dishes after Breakfast, but after get thru them I set to work on chair cover for one of parlor chairs and worked till nearly noon. I had cleaning up after dinner but after little rest got dressed to make calls on Miss Lord and Mrs. Winslow Banfield with R; I enjoyed both drive & visits. We were home soon after six. May & Hattie C. called in evening. Also Mrs. Field, Aunt Abbie & Uncle Elias.

Thursday 12.

Beautiful a.m. soon after some dusting and finishing the fit of chair cover, I dressed for Nat Banfield’s arrival with his wife. They came up with R. soon after ten! Mamma invited them to lunch - cold meats etc. My, we girls did not like Mrs. B. at all! Mrs. Winslow called in p.m. - took Mamma & Mamie on a drive. R. K. & I had a charming sail out to Camp to call on May. Anniversary of dear Aunty’s death.

August, Friday 13. 1886.

A very cool, refreshing night. I awoke at 4:30 and wrote four notes before breakfast. Anne, Dr.C, Aunt Molly and to Evening Post. A pile of dishes after breakfast- because of yesterday’s irregularities. After straightening accounts I worked on chair cover. After the p.m’s clean up & rest K. and I tried to call on the Goulds but did not succeed. Papa went out rowing with May H, Mary & Hattie C. & K & I.

Saturday 14.

Gentle, quiet rain - all breakfasted together- mirabile dicht! I wrote to Dr. Jackson about my sty. I wonder if Uncle Will is arriving in N.Y. this morning. I hope he will be here next week. Busy a.m. as usual. In p.m. came out bright and warm- and Kitty kindly joined me and my little girls together and arranged flowers for the church. We had a fine tramp together. K. rode home with Cecil then went out in evening with R. & M. to concert & hay cart ride!

August, Sunday 15. 1886.

Cool, pleasant Sunday. I went early to church because of charge of flowers. They looked very sweet & fresh. Mr. Tomlinson preached a good Sermon. S.S. interesting until discussion of picnic came up! Late home to dinner. R. went off in p.m. with the Kings to Mrs. Hudson’s Camp. It rather upset us girls - rested & read during p.m. Papa kindly went to church with me in evening & we bro't home vases.

Monday 16.

Discussion of our part in picnic arose at breakfast table. R. thought we were foolish to try to go to Red Hill. I tho't it a pity for M. & K. to give it up - so we all three set out on a canvassing tour and found who would take seats in carriage - then reported to Herbert at 10 O’cl’k. He brought back word in evening that Mrs. Cox could accommodate us as on Belknap trip.

August, Tuesday 17. 1886.

Rising chilly East wind so no prospect of picnic. We all settled down to little extras all the a.m. I fixed chair in Mamma’s room and then arranged books for Miss Lord and took them down to mail before dinner. After dinner R. bro't me up Uncle Will’s telegram, so I decided not to go to Red Hill and had to tramp round town to withdraw invitation to little S.S. girls; called at Mrs. Rollins & Mrs. Gould’s.

Wednesday 18.

Parker House. A superb day. I took the early trip with Centre Harbor party and came to Boston by Concord Road. Found Uncle Will’s note about 2 p.m. and so called on Cousin Ann before seeing him. We did not meet as soon as we might have because of stupid clerks. went right out on walks together - to see Cousin Ann, Public Gardens etc.- dinner after seven. Short evening till 8:30 when Uncle Will had to attend business meeting. I retired - happy in having seen the uncle again.

August, Thursday 19. 1886.

Another beautiful day. I breakfasted alone because of wanting to get out to Dr. J’s early Office Hours. He said my sty might last sometime longer - that it was indussted and that Sulphur was right medicine for it. I had a charming little visit on Jennie and her two darling little girls - I found one in hammock asleep and other in her carriage. Came away with huge bouquet of sweet pea blossoms. Uncle Will & I called on Ms. Fiske and on the Horsfords and had quiet happy evening together.

Friday 20.

Another beautiful morning. Uncle Will and I did not breakfast until late. We both had telegrams from Anne. I am sorry we could not get to Quissett. Cousin Joseph called. After Uncle W. had a nap we called on Mrs. Goddard and made a short stop at Robert Bros. We just barely caught 1 p.m. train. Enjoyed the ride up on Boston & Lowell very much until Uncle W. discovered his grab money lost. We think hack driver saw the roll in carriage. Beautiful sail home.

August, Saturday 21. 1886.

Beautiful a.m. Good to have Uncle W. in our home. We breakfasted all together about 8 o’cl’k. In pretty good season Papa, Uncle W. and the children rowed out to the Point. R. helped Mamma & me. ---- right at 1 o’cl’k. At three R. appeared with three seater and we took a charming trip to Tumble Down Dick; came back quite ladened with golden rod. Supper late - but pleasant evening.

Sunday 22.

Late but enjoyable breakfast. Papa & Uncle W. ------ off together. Mamma and the others went to church. I did not attempt more than S.S. M. went to hear Mr. Price in p.m.! After long dinner over, and I had done my share of clearing away, I took Uncle W. on a quiet drive to ------- Neck and home by Six Mile Square. In evening we went to Unitarian Services together. Mr. Israel preached. Pleasant chat at home.

August, Monday 23. 1886.

Bright a.m. I feel so thankful that the Master has so formed Uncle W’s visit - it has been too short. I went over to Allen Bay with him; M. & K. said Goodbye at wharf. I wrote to Anne & Nathan while waiting for Mt. Washington to return. Mr. Shaw did not come - tho’ Mamma had made almost every preparation. We rested in p.m. I washed my hair.

Tuesday 24.

Warmer than it has been. K. happy in prospect of Helen’s arrival. Prepared her room while we again got ready for Mr. Shaw. He and Marion came at noon. We enjoyed their short visit very much - good to hear so directly of N. & his family. Helen B. did not arrive. May H. and Mary & Hattie C. called in evening. I walked down with them but did not find out about telegrams.

August, Wednesday 25. 1886.

I awoke early and made preparation to go down to mail with letters. Rather a sultry morning. I found nothing was due on Uncle W’s messages. Mamma preserved peaches. Mrs. Whitten invited us to spend the day with her, but it was impossible to do so. Helen arrived at noon. R. gave us pleasant sail in p.m., which made supper a little late. We played whist in evening.

Thursday 26.

Good day for our picnic. May H. went with us. We were started by ten o’cl’k nearly. R. first went to Point - leaving Mamma and the children with baggage & hammocks. Then he sailed May H, Mammie and me to Barn Door for our bath - very enjoyable. Made us relish our lunch. After the noon rest all except Mamma & me went on a sail again. I read papers, and wrote to Uncle W.; then read aloud. Started for home about six. Found welcome notes fr. Uncle W.

August, Friday 27. 1886.

Pleasant contrary to expectation. I “took pen in hand” quite early - to finish Uncle W.’s note - returning money etc., and to straighten acc’ts. Very warm day. Sweeping had been attended to in a.m. Helen & K. very happy together down in hammocks. After dinner clean up - we all rested and tried to keep cool. Towards latter part of p.m. May H. came up and we called on the Goulds in evening went to Grandfather's Birthday at vestry .

Saturday 28.

I had note from Fannie C. which was very hard to answer as Mamma thought she could not spend the night while Helen is visiting us. R. took letter down at ten. a very busy a.m. and noon; took no time for rest as I wanted to see Minnie and her baby. They did not go away in 3 o’cl’k boat as we expected; I saw them in Uncle Ira’s office; Papa and I called at May’s on our way up. Uncle Ira called with Minnie and baby in evening.

August, Sunday 29. 1886.

More air than yesterday. I awoke early enough to write note to Uncle W. before breakfast, which we had in good season. Helen and K. ate alone. M. went to church first because of flowers. She sat with Hattie and May C. & I with May H. Mr. T.’s sermon too long. Audience not large. I had but three children in S.S. All rested & read in p.m. I had my hammock swung in piazza. R. out in evening.

Monday 30.

All disappointed that we could not have picnic - but all settled to indoor occupations with quiet resignation. My day for housework. I hunted for material with which to mend Papa’s pantaloons, which I finished in p.m. and began to mend on R’s overcoat. Quite late in afternoon Papa returned with 3 letters for me - one fr. Uncle W. Mrs. ------ and Bertha St. - also with the news that R. was to stay in camp all night. Mister Andrews called and Mamma invited him to stay all night in R’s room.

August, Tuesday 31. 1886.

Very sultry and warm- breakfast late but enjoyable. Mamma discoursed on the “coffee” question for Mr. Andrew’s benefit; because of unpleasant day we could not have picnic - but had a lunch dinner on piazza which proved very jolly. Mr. Andrew left in 3 p.m. boat. He and Will Fay may stop on their way down fr. the mts. R. did not return fr. Camp. Helen went to the Abbotts. I wrote to Mrs. Burnside and Anne.

September, Wednesday 1. 1886.

Much cooler - tho’ not wholly cleared. K. slept late - and kept quietly at home all day. Helen off with the Abbotts. I swept stairs, hall, K’s room & M’s attic. R. returned from camp - not so very enthusiastic. In p.m. he read to us in Century and evening also. I finished mending his gray coat. Mamma wrote business notes in all her spare minutes; the girls sewing for themselves. K. disappointed that Helen did not return for the night.

September, Thursday 2. 1886.

K. went to ------ Superb day for Hattie Coffin's picnic - and such a fine time as we seven girls had with Mrs. Piper as our chaperone. No one knew where we were going. We took our boat and Mrs. P’s - and named the spot where we cooked our dinner “Skylark’s Cove”. Everything combined to make us have a “beautiful time.” Because of May’s expecting Miss Whitcomb, we took tea at Harry Jones’ Camp. Returned in time for Preparatory Lecture.

Friday 3.

Beautiful a.m. - and all in spirit for another day off. So Mamma let us four girls go to Point by ourselves. We had a very pleasant day. After lunch we played whist. Helen and K. beat Mamie and me. We came back to Village by four when Uncle Ira took younger girls to drive . Papa, M. and I went for an hour or so to H. J’s camp. Tea late for all concerned. R. returned from Boston - with delicious peaches and grapes.

September, Saturday 4. 1886.

Helen’s last breakfast with us. Mamie and K. went to Alton Bay with her - the morning well filled for Mamma and me - dinner not until 1:30 - late in cleaning up. R. took the girls and May & Miss Whitcomb off on a sail. I did not feel like hurrying off to go - and had soiled clothes to look after and mended. Then I read “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Tea at seven o’cl’k. Mrs. Smith came with clothes in evening. K. sat up till 9 with me.

Sunday 5.

Beautiful Sunday a.m. I wrote to Uncle Will before breakfast, then started for church early with Mamma’s flowers. Pleasant Communion Service. I had a sweet letter from Miss Swan to read to my little girls. They seemed much interested in it. Mr. Meader very low. I slept in hammock on piazza in p.m. after reading a while. R. the only one out in evening. Tea again at seven o’clock.

September, Monday 6. 1886.

I was down stairs soon after six - so had a good start. Mrs. Field called to see Papa before I had finished my cleaning up. M. and K. began on their preparations for leaving home next week. Very busy getting things in order for Fannie’s visit. R. kindly took May H. her friend and me over to “Devil’s Den.” We had a charming drive and pleasant trip. Mamma out calling. I had welcome note fr. Uncle Will - fr. Chicago.

Tuesday 7.

Pretty warm day. Much cooking going on because of tea party preparation. We had a lunch dinner. I barely finished Kettles in time to [see] Fannie. The girls found her without difficulty on the boat. F. and I had a good talk together until 5. when she took a nap. Mary C. May H. and Miss Whitcomb came about six. We had a very pleasant evening. Papa bro't me notes from Nellie C. and Kate S. I was sorry to hear of Mr. Spark’s death.

September, Wednesday 8. 1886.

All pretty tired & sleepy after Fannie’s departure. I went to boat with her, and then crawled through necessary housework in a.m. and p.m.; took a good nap before tea. M. and K. very busy over their sewing. After tea, which we had little early, Papa went to drive with Uncle Ira. I wrote to Uncle Will, Nathan and Caroline H. R. busy attending to the Mr. Shaw trip . All to bed in good season.

Thursday 9.

We had breakfast at 6:30, and were ready for the 5 seater at 7 a.m. Papa rode down with us. Number not quite full, so we persuaded Mamma to go. The ride to McDonald’s very pleasant. More than half the party didn't climb Mt. Shaw. We started up about 11 - and reached the top about 2 p.m. View disappointing because of haze. A storm blew up - and it began to rain before we reached the base. All drenched and hungry.

September, Friday 10. 1886.

None the worse for the escapade of yesterday. I found Mr. Fiske’s note with large check of Residuary Legatee money last night - acknowledged it to day. R. helped me in sweeping. A very dirty house. Miss Whitcomb called in p.m. on her way for a drive with May. Tea at 6:30. The girls served all the evening. I went down for a short call on Mary - but did not go on hay cart drive. not much moon for it.

Saturday 11.

Sultry early but very pleasant and cool by noon. After housework done for a.m. I wrote to Miss Swan and Uncle C. enclosing large check. A large array of dishes as usual on Saturday. Mamma very busy also. We miss the girls’ help. They succeed with extra sewing very well. I helped K. on her brown plaid a little. No letters. M. K. and I sewed in evening. Mrs. Smith called and entertained us while Mamma was gathering clothes. We did not know she was coming.

September, Sunday 12. 1886.

Rather a sultry a.m.- dubious also. I wore my bl'k grenadine. I wrote to my Uncle Will before breakfast. Mrs. [Mender] invited me to ride down with her - which made me comfortably early. Miss Swan in town. I sat in Mrs. Haines pew. Papa did not go to church. A Mr. ------ from Norway Maine preached a very practical sermon. I had a most refreshing nap & then after tea, I wrote to A. and read.

Monday 13.

Fall day - very busy with housework and then with washing of stockings & h'd'ks. Mrs. Hatch came in time to wash dishes as well as to do the dining, pantry and kitchen floors. I sewed on K’s dress and rested and read & mended stockings. Will Cecil was here to play with K’s doll. Mamie and K. packed their box. Uncle Elias called and he had not been here long when Prof. Jo? Chickering came in - and made a very pleasant call.

September, Tuesday 14. 1886.

Cool and cloudy - we had fire in Library as soon as housework was done. R. read from “Glimpses of three coasts” while we three girls sewed. I hemmed M’s new skirt. Dinner at noon punctually, so we had good afternoon. K. went driving with Hattie Brewster. I wrote to Sophie Richardson. Mrs. Carpenter, Hattie Gould, Miss Swan, Kate Parker and May H. called in p.m. K. not home to tea.

Wednesday 15.

Beautiful day. R. read again in morning while we girls sewed. Aunt Abby called during a.m. Mary C. came before I had finished cleaning up. I did not see her. Cousin Winslow and his wife and their friend called in p.m. - they stayed till Papa returned. the girls’ packing not finished till quite late. Mamie out to make P.P.C. calls. She and R. returned together. I had welcome note from Anne. We three girls had a lively time going to bed. Note fr. Alice B.

September, Thursday 16. 1886.

We woke up disappointed at the hard rain storm. The girls had quite a load of trunks - they had to ride down themselves. I had a ------ cleaning up of their rooms. I wrote my note of Invitation to Alice Blanchard. I can hardly wait to see her. The house seems deserted. Mamma and I took good rest in p.m. then I wrote to M. and Uncle Will before tea.

Friday 17.

No prayer meeting after all my Trudging to the Village last night. I got into a good many puddles going & coming. Very busy a.m. Sweeping and cleaning up downstairs. after resting a short time in p.m. I dressed in muslin and called on Mrs. Webster to tell her that Helen could come Monday. Violent thunder shower soon after my return - hemmed Papa’s birthday handkerchief during it. Beautiful rainbows towards tea time. Went to bed early.

September, Saturday 18. 1886.

Much to do as usual on last day of week. Papa down town in a.m. and brought up good letter from Nathan for me - answering my business questions - he enclosed one from Mister Andrew. May H. came up at noon and invited me down to play tennis and to tea. Before I had finished hot bath Mrs. Haines and Ellie came to call. I went to village about four. Mary, May and I had good time in open air and very cosy tea. I bro’t home mail. Papa went to farm with Uncle Ira.

Sunday 19.

Papa down on his 58th birthday with a hard influenza - my present of h’dk’s very convenient. Mamma and I went to church together - rather a sentimental sermon from a candidate on “Mary of Bethany.” I stopped to see May H. on way home. She did not go out on acc’t of headache. I had a cosy lunch of apple pie and cake before open fire. Papa very uncomfortable all the p.m. I wrote to Uncle Will before church and to Nathan, Anne, and “Kitten” in evening. It seems very strange without the children.

September, Monday 20. 1886.

Pretty tired on waking, and rather surprised to find Mamma about to start for Boston on six a.m. train. I fixed bag of bread and butter for her. Papa and I had breakfast at seven. I went to mail with my letters and then cleaned up by ten when Helen Webster came for the first time. I enjoyed her. After school in p.m. I went down for mail. We heard from Anne and Alice. Papa indoors all day with cold. Weather sharp & clear. Fire in little stove in evening. Papa slept down stairs.

Tuesday 21.

Still cool. Papa out a little - more than was prudent I fear. May came in about to ask me to drive with her in p.m. so I went for mail before two p.m. Helen bright and interested. Papa’s cold still very troublesome. Pleasant drive in p.m. Mrs. Hanson made visit on Mr. Brown and May and I went up to Mrs. ------. Pretty chilly coming home. Mamma came in 8 o’cl’k train bearing direct tidings from Anne where she spent last night. Also good letter fr. the girls.

September, Wednesday 22. 1886.

Bright busy day - making last preparations for Alice. Mamma out all a.m. purchasing oil cloths for stores which were all put up about noon. Because of Helen’s lesson in p.m. I was a little late in meeting Alice - she had almost reached May’s! It was so good to see her. We visited by open fire all the p.m. Mamma rested and then got tea for us. Richie returned in evening - he a bad cold too.

Thursday 23.

Alice and I much disappointed to have a stormy day. We had good time looking over pictures in a.m. and sewing in sitting room. Papa quite ill with his cold though about. The cleaning up took a long time - so we had a short p.m. Alice stayed with me in kitchen. She is so lovely to have around! In evening Papa and R. played Whist with us. Alice and R. stood eleven to our 20 points. Mamma went up early.

September, Friday 24. 1886.

Clear and beautiful. Richie invited us sailing in a.m. which was very enjoyable. good dinner at one - after which we started for Longtuck . Cousin Winslow gave us points about the precipice. Climb rather entangling - the return easier. Too windy for the echo to be perfect. All pretty sleepy in evening. so went up early. I had nap on lounge, so Alice and I talked in bed. Papa ill in bed, had Dr.

Saturday 25.

Alice felt she ought to return. R. found out p.m. boat did not connect with train to Havenill . Papa suggested that we take the trip and see if any later. At eleven we started for “Tumble Down Dick” - Mary Coffins went with us. Mountains beautifully clear. We returned in time for 2 o’clock dinner - chickens tasted good. Papa pretty uncomfortable with rheumatism - very immovable . Alice and I nearly caught train because it was late - but I was most glad to have her company home. We did not talk in bed!

September, Sunday 26. 1886.

Very sultry tho’ rather bright a.m. I got up early so as to do the work that was left in the kitchen for me from Friday. Papa not much better - suffers a great deal with acute pain, and swollen hand. R. stayed at home with him. Mamma, Alice and I went to church. Mr. Tomlinson preached. Alice stayed to Sunday School with me. Miss Swan still had my little girls. not pleasant in p.m., so Alice and I had to stay on our own piazza. We talked till nearly midnight.

Monday 27.

Beautiful a.m. I hated to see Alice off at 7:20. It was lovely coming to house and room where her presence had been so dear and welcome. Papa had a very uncomfortable night - called to Mamma in vain once. Appetite not as good as it was. I trust he is not in for a fever. I sat in his room as soon as I was dressed after dinner cleaning up. Dr. King did not come until nearly 4 p.m. He pronounced Papa better, so we feel quite encouraged. I wrote to Aunt Mary, Uncle W. N. A. and K. - R. took letters in evening.

September, Tuesday 28. 1886.

A very rainy day - the morning full of necessary housework and care of Papa - he had a much better night than Sunday. R. helped me in sweeping down stairs. I wrote Alice a note before dinner. A note from Uncle Will after dinner - he wants me to put my money in Landed Property in Minn. with Nathan. I tried to go on reading “Mrs. Null” in evening but fell asleep on sofa. R. out.

Wednesday 29.

Unpleasant early, but it cleared off by noon. Papa better we think. We had good long letter from “Kitten” written on Sunday; it came in last night’s mail. After cleaning up after dinner, I rested in Papa’s room, made quite an advance in “Mrs. Null,” and then sewed a while before tea. The Dr. came about 5 p.m., and said Papa was better & so need not take medicine quite so often. R. out all p.m. Driving with Mrs. H.

September, Thursday 30. 1886.

Fog early, but superb day. I found note from Mamie - asking me to find out boarding places for Dr. Whitney. So as soon as possible after dinner, R. drove me up to Mr. Fullerton. Papa up in chair all the a.m. and wrote to K. I enclosed in that letter a note to M. Mrs. Libby called and saw Papa. Mary Coffin also up here to see me. I went to Prayer meeting - ex---- short. We had to wait for mail note from Aunt Mary.

October, Friday 1.

Awoke quite early and began writing at once. Papa coughed much in night, so had the Dr. to prescribe for cold - the rheumatism better. I wrote to Katharine and after fixing papa's room, I wrote short notes to Nathan and Aunt Mary. Began to move regularly into the children’s room. I shifted my belongings into their bureau in p.m. mended stockings before tea - afterward finished “The Late Mrs. Null” in Papa’s room - where Mamma and I sat. R. out to play Whist at Mrs. Haines.

October, Saturday 2. 1886.

Beautiful a.m., clean and cool. I kneaded bread before breakfast. after dishes and kettles done I fixed Papa’s room as usual and then did the halls thoroughly and rolled the bread. Papa better had oysters for dinner. After reading in p.m. and baking the bread, I took hot bath and mended stockings. Mr. Smith called and stayed till after five. Then came Papa’s and our tea - too tried to sew in evening. Tried to read but that unsuccessful.

Sunday 3.

Awoke early and refreshed - found welcome letters on Library Table. Papa had one from Mamie - and I heard from dear Alice B. and Uncle Will. I wrote to my Uncle as usual before going to church. Sermon better than usual, tho’ too long. Book committee held a short meeting after S.S. After reading & resting I wrote to E.C.B. Jr. and after tea, wrote notes to Anne and Alice. Papa down stairs again! Did not stay down all day.

October, Monday 4. 1886.

Warm and -----! So sunny. I went down before breakfast with my letters; and gave Mr. Albe the name of two more books - and stopped at the Mays and planned Grape excursion to the ----. Helen Webster came again at ten, - she remembered well all I taught her in the other three days. R. bro’t up mail with the carriage - a sweet long letter for me from Caroline H; much relieved to hear that she is well. Our ride to ------- Neck very pleasant. Attended church meeting in evening!

Tuesday 5.

R. up early and started fires for us. I got breakfast alone for the first time, and had it in good season. R. went to Boston; and feared a storm. Towards noon it cleared off here. Papa out in garden a short time a.m. and p.m. Mamma busy upstairs all a.m. and I down stairs running house and having my little pupil. Read in p.m. - sewed a little in the evening. went to bed early. May H. bro’t Mamma - she stayed a while. Uncle Ira called also.

October, Wednesday 6. 1886.

Up in fair season. I had to build fires as well as get breakfast. Had my bread in hand too - but I got it into the pans before Helen came. Pleasant and warm enough to have school on piazza. No one down for noon mail. Mamma cared only to go as far as Aunt Abby’s for a call. I rested and read in afternoon. R. came in evening train and bro’t up the there mail. I had a note from Miss Horsford. Papa better.

Thursday 7.

R. off pretty soon after breakfast - home by dinner time and said he had been out in Mr. R’s canoe with May and the sail! Helen & I had our hour on the piazza. R. down again pretty soon after dinner. Papa gaining steadily. After resting in p.m. I wrote notes to Miss Horsford, Sophie R., Mamie and Uncle Will. Took then down with me as I went to prayer meeting - joined Mrs. Coffin and May H. there; the latter walked up with me and then R. and I went home with her.

October, Friday 8. 1886.

Still warm and beautiful. R. did some sweeping for me before he went off on the “clam bake” at Thompson’s Island. School out-of-doors again. I finished cleaning up in good season, but went to rest in working dress. Mary C. came to see if I would go to Mrs. Meader’s and Mrs. Piper’s - which I did. Then I walked down for mail - note fr. Nathan - he has bought a new house! Herbert and May came up for Whist in evening.

Saturday 9.

Up rather late for R’s going off but he had fires all started and I had breakfast soon after seven. I walked to depot with him - he had pleasant note from Anne - so that he will spend Sunday with her. I worked slowly all day - but hard over grapes. Papa helped me with jelly after dinner. I had not quite finished cleaning up when May and Mrs. Piper called. Aunt Abby came in too. Oysters on toast for tea. I went to church meeting; and it resulted in a vote of 15 to 5 for Mr. T’s staying!

October, Sunday 10. 1886

Very tired all day. Mamma did the dishes a.m. and p.m. We were both some late to church. Cousin Winslow came to see Papa who built the fire for me. I wrote short note to Edith and that was all, - after taking hot bath before church. In p.m. I read in hammock and then napped on the sofa. Papa and Mamma both out in p.m. it was so mild - beautiful moonlight nights.

Monday 11.

Breakfast in pretty good season. Mamma did dishes because of my poor old cracked fingers. My work dragged. Helen’s coming is my resting period. Papa helped much in a.m. After the noon cleaning up, I dressed and went down for mail. Mamma had business notes - Papa another short line from Nathan. He is moved into the new house. Sleepy early so did not wait for train to come in.

October, Tuesday 12. 1886.

R. did not return last night. School out doors - busy a.m. with two kinds of bread. Papa at something of a stand still. Mamma in a phase about houses. May & Carroll P. up at noon to invite me out rowing. So I got off early in p.m. We rowed to Mrs. Hodson’s camp. I returned to find that Mamma had gone. Papa and I alone at tea but R. ret’d in evening; he is not going to Savannah.

Wednesday 13.

Rather a raw chilly day. Helen and I had interruptions in school. Mrs. Hatch came also Mary C. and Lulu Whitten. We played “Go Bang” with the children. Mr. Abbott called also. After resting, I attacked some extras preparatory to the winter’s change. R. out soon after dinner for all the p.m. I wrote to Mamie and Anne. R. out in evening. I sewed and read. Papa gaining tho’ slowly.

October, Thursday 14. 1886.

Rather warm day. Helen and I had a good hour. Housework kept me busy till p.m. After resting I cleaned out bundle bags, and planned some packing. Papa out about place for a short time -,- it grew blowy and by evening I had to wear Ulster. R. walked down with me but not to Prayer meeting; Mary C. and I went. I had telegram fr. Mamma saying I could go to Taunton - but I prefer to wait till I can stay longer.

Friday 15.

Sultry a.m. but grew cooler towards noon. R. helped me with sweeping and Papa with dinner - so I had good afternoon to rest and make my calls on Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Whitton, & Mrs. Tomlinson. It seems she and her husband are going for good Monday after all! R. off riding with large party to “Devil’s Den” and was back late to tea. Mr. Piper up soon after supper to invite me down to Whist. I had welcome letter from A.B.

October, Saturday 16. 1886.

R. and I did not feel much like getting up after so late retiring - the progressive Whist party lasted till past midnight. I had much baking, so did not do much other housework. Wrote to K. and Bert T. while watching meat roast. No letters at noon. N.Y. Post came. Papa and R. busy over apples. George Brown planting asparagus. Very blowy cold day. I had fire in my room for the first time.

Sunday 17.

Beautiful day - did not try to write before church time - had to take Mamma’s asters over, so started early. Mary C. walked over with me. Good read and rest on Library Lounge - then wrote note to Uncle Will in my room. After tea sorted out Xtain (Christian)Unions and Independents and wrote to Alice B. and Mamie. R. went to Temperance meeting. Papa not quite so well.

October, Monday 18. 1886.

Beautifully warm again. I did not finish dishes before Helen came as I had other housework necessary to be done. We had a pleasant school. Just after I finished cake, bread, and the dinner cleaning up, R. came in and asked me to drive with May and Mrs. H. to Annie B’s. We drove beyond. R. and I played Whist in evening at May’s.

Tuesday 19.

Such a busy day. R. helped much until he went off to camp. Helen and I had school. I baked bread before dinner - left kettle Mrs. Hatch who came to clean floors. I went down for mail and errands - bro’t oysters home which we had scalloped for tea. R. home before Mr. Chandler arrived. His company very enjoyable.

October, Wednesday 20. 1886.

Beautiful, warm day again. Late breakfast - as I overslept. Did not have to do much only housework. Helen and I had school out-of-doors. R. told us at dinner that he was going to Mrs. H’s camp for p.m.! He bro’t me letter fr. Uncle Will and Miss Horsford. Mr. Potter and Mrs. Hawkesworth called. I wrote to Uncle W. and E.

Thursday 21.

Beautiful day until p.m. when it grew very windy. I decided in a.m. not to go to the surprise party at Mrs. Piper’s. Poor Papa stayed in bed again to-day - with his foot which is badly swollen. R. began “Mind of Destiny” after tea. I did not go to prayer meeting. Helen W. here and said that Josie Bush has diphtheria.

October, Friday 22. 1886.

Beautiful a.m. Helen W. had not been here long when Mr. Rollins called. Papa in bed so could not see him. Mamma had telegram fr. Mr. Daly who wants Brooklyn House - it required an immediate answer, so Helen and I went down town in a.m. instead of p.m. She seemed to enjoy the walk. R. was not at home much in p.m. I had notes from Nathan, Katherine & Miss Talbot.

Saturday 23.

Busy day - in getting ready for Sunday - but had a good start. Swept my room and halls before I baked bread. R. swept dining room & kitchen for me. Papa up and dressed in his chair. rather a cold day. Mamma busy in attic when not attending to soiled and clean clothes. We both took our bath before the early tea, and then enjoyed R’s reading aloud. I went up to bed when he went to mail.

October, Sunday 24. 1886

Beautiful, cool a.m. Up before sunrise, started my fire and began my correspondence. As soon as I heard R. up, I got breakfast. I had time afterwards to write short notes to Anne and “Kitten” which I mailed on my way to church; we all enjoyed Mr. Fullerton from Larmia who preached on “Freely ye have received, freely give.” May H. walked home with me, and we walked beyond to graveyard.

Monday 25.

Rainy a.m. I went thru' the usual routine. Helen quite late for school - she said “her mama forgot her.” I fixed buff and white dresses to go to Mrs. Hatch which R. took after dinner - bringing up mail before going there. Nothing but papers - two because Saturday’s Tribune did not come. Dark p.m. so I did not go out at all. Mamma hard at work over attic. Supper at five and R. read to us to mail time when I went to bed.

October, Tuesday 26. 1886.

Another dark day. tho’ Papa rather discouraged he came down to breakfast - and stayed down all day. Helen punctual - dinner at twelve. I wrote postal card and note for some Xtain Unions. R. home quite early with the mail. I had good letter from M. and note from Anne - and news of Lotte Conger’s little daughter. Papa heard from Aunt Mary. We had tea early and R. read on in “Mind of Destiny.”

Wednesday 27.

The rain has come at last. Papa still quite disabled - came down to dinner - but not to stay, his room being the cheeriest, dark days. Hands very full - just running the home simply as possible. I could not do it but for R’s kind help. Mamma washed part of attic floor which makes me feel sorry. No letters or paper at noon. I cleaned out papers in p.m., and wrote. R. finished “Mind of Destiny” which I do not like wholly.

October, Thursday 28. 1886.

Another dark, tho’ not rainy day. R. down in a.m. for last night’s mail and to get dinner. No letters. Mamma hard at work in top attic. We cannot get off next week and I am disappointed. I may keep Helen another week. I sent off letters to M. A. Uncle W. and Aunt Molly. Aunt Abby called in to see Papa on business; he is better to-day. I also sent off papers and note to Cousin Anne.

Friday 29.

Still no sunshine! Helen came as usual and had a good lesson for me. After dinner of oysters I rested a while and then planned packing. Shifted oldest dresses into bureau drawers etc. Dr. King called in p.m., and changed Papa’s medicine. I hope this will be his last visit. Rested some. R. read to Mamma in Century while I was getting [reading] for May’s progressive Whist party.

October, Saturday 30. 1886.

Very tired but not sleepy after last night’s late hours - dark a.m. - did not leave kitchen and dining room because of all the baking and cleaning for Sunday. I took some rest after dinner was cleaned up and then did a little at extras in p.m. besides picking up soiled clothes. R. began “Malcolm” Mrs. Smith did not call for clothes because of storm.

Sunday 31.

Rainy day. Mr. Clark preacher. Mamma and I the only ones who went to a.m. service. R. went to hear Mr. Bean in p.m. I wrote to Uncle Will and K. in the evening - in the afternoon read and rested. Papa very comfortable. downstairs and foot better. I could not stay up long in evening to read. I planned to write to N. but was to sleepy.

November, Monday1. 1886.

A fine clearing off in a.m. - tho’ it “backed round”, so will probably not stay pleasant long. Papa gave R. directions about apples in barn - he seems much better and rejoices in sunshine. May H. came up early in p.m. and invited me to go rowing; I gladly gave up my plan of bathing ; R. took Mrs. H. out, and was not home till after I was.

Tuesday 2.

A fine election day. Papa and R. rode over to town house together; not quite as pleasant as yesterday. Could not get any meat, so had to have lamb broth for dinner. R. bro’t up mail at dinner time - had good letters from Edith and Uncle Will. I got out in pretty good season to make calls. Mrs. Hodson and Mrs. Haines were not at home. I found Mrs. Libbey, Mrs. Piper, Mrs. Coffin and Mary.

November, Wednesday 3. 1886.

The dark weather back upon us. Mamma still at work in attic, as it does not look much as if we should get off next week. I worked a little while H. was making words with her letters. After dinner planned some more packing. Just sorting out some letters when May came up to see if I would call on the Varneys which I did. R. read in “Malcolm”. I went to bed early - but did not get to sleep at once - had two kind notes fr. Uncle W. and letter fr. Anne.

Thursday 4.

A great blow this a.m. and then the sun came out. R. and Papa hard at work over apples while school was in session - only one more day of it. Helen has enjoyed the letters very much. I wrote several notes before dinner - made out accounts, etc. We had short reading in “Malcolm and then I went to prayer meeting. R. walked over but did not go in.

November, Friday 5. 1886.

Pretty cold day. R. down town for dinner. Papa and I drove up to Hersey Burying Ground. Oysters for dinner. Just as I had finished cleaning up, Mamma rec’d a telegram from Cousin Joseph saying that Cousin Ann was [failing] and that she wished to see Mamma - she got off in p.m. train in half an hour’s notice. I packed bag, R. drove her down to depot. Cecil called, also May.

Saturday 6.

Pretty rainy day - very busy cooking morning for me - baked two kinds of bread, cake, pudding and roasted meat. Rested a while before taking bath and mending clothes. R. read a short time after early tea and then, as rain ceased, I took my work and spent the evening with May. Her mother did not return from Wakefield. We had note from Mamma, but she had not seen Cousin Ann.

November, Sunday 7. 1886.

Sultry on waking but a change came and R. and I went to church in a snow squall - a Mr. Ross preached. Communion Service quite long - S.S. short. May H. came home to dinner with me. We had broiled chicken and rice pudding, with accompaning [meats] . She stayed till four o’clock. I wrote to Uncle W. before breakfast and to K. after tea.

Monday 8.

Rather a bright day. R. busy sawing wood during a.m. As soon as breakfast was cleaned up, I began working on my green dolman - put moss trimming on it - after dinner over and I had rested, I was busy dress making again. R. brought up mail from Mamma - Cousin Ann very feeble. R. read story from Century - Papa quite nicely.

November, Tuesday 9. 1886.

R. decided to go to Boston, there was no reason why he should not. Papa busy at ---- heading up barrels in barn. My work went rather slowly - put the sitting room in good order because of my note to Mary. She was kind and did come up with letters from the girls and Effie. Mattie Jones called while Mary was here. Papa read a little to me.

Wednesday 10.

A dubious day - rather mild in a.m. Papa walked down town soon after breakfast and back without getting very tired. Mary Coffin bro’t up her work and kept me company sewing in a.m. I baked apple pies. Hard shower just before I went down town for mail - note from Mamma and she hoped to get home last night. I met R. and her at evening train - and R. and I went to Whist Party.

November, Thursday 11. 1886.

Very tired after keeping such late hours. R. found that Mrs. Dean would do one more wash for us, so I prepared for that - after breakfast was cleared away, Mamma did not do much packing because of business notes. I sewed and wrote in p.m. Took a little nap before going out to prayer meeting; I went alone. May did not go. I found letter from Alice after meeting.

Friday 12.

Very busy day getting house in good order and preparing for supper to which Mrs. Hanson and May came. R. helped me. We had oysters on toast, cold chicken etc. Mamma did nothing about tea. Papa and she said it was good. They did not stay late, but we had pleasant evening together. Very good to have Papa so nicely again.

November, Saturday 13. 1886.

Snow on the ground and very cold and blowy all day! R. had to go down town. Papa finished Lowell’s Cambridge Oration to me, after I had cleaned up from breakfast. After dinner I “made up” in “Malcolm” while watching the bread. Mended Papa’s coat pockets and sewed on my gray woolen hat & suit. Little black kitten appeared and we had to take her in. Papa and R. both read in evening.

Sunday 14.

Very blustering a.m., but Mamma and (I)? bundled up well and walked in street to church. I lent M. my leggins; ----- ----- -- well too. Before starting, I wrote to Uncle Will and Mamie. Mr. Clark preached. May kindly invited me down to dinner, so that I could go with her to hear Mr. Israel. I did not get home till after four o’cl’k - when the others had late dinner. I could not eat anything until nearly bed time.

November, Monday 15. 1886.

Our boys’ birthday R. 31, and N. 26. We too busy to have any celebration. I went thro’ closets in Library, Mr. Abbott called on Papa while I was in the midst of it. R. busy helping Mamma with boxes etc. Little Helen W. came to see me in p.m. while I was packing - we had good games of bagatelle together. Tea early and R. read to us.

Tuesday 16.

Bright but cold a.m. I had breakfast in good season but Mamma was late. Spent extra time in morning cleaning out dining room closets and pantry. Will Varney here to see Papa - after he had gone Papa went down town for dinner. I finished note to Nathan. Busy p.m. for Mamma in attic. Had pleasant reading as usual after tea till train time.

November, Wednesday 17. 1886.

Very snowy and stormy a.m. We had not gone very far in day’s routines before Cousin Joseph’s telegram came saying that Cousin A. was worse and for Mamma to go to Matapan if she could. Of course Mamma began preparations at once. I found her bl’k silk in great hurry - she took her hat box. R. drove her to depot. I was very tired in evening. I went to bed pretty early.

Thursday 18.

Rain, rain, rain again. R. had to go down town for our dinner. I cleaned out kitchen closet and table drawer - helped Papa pack a box in the barn - putting our music into the cracks . Kitchen floor scoured - after a little packing, I wrote to Uncle Will. it cleared off before tea - beautiful rainbow - so I went to prayer meeting. I stopped for May - she and Annie Brown went with me. Mr. Moses Cate led the services - temperature high.

November, Friday 19. 1886.

Bright but blowy day. I made apple pies. We had oysters for dinner. After resting after dinner I made preparations for calling. R. joined me when I reached Dr. K’s - he said he had seen Mattie J. go down town - but I prepared to go on and call on Mrs. J. We could not make ourselves heard, so left cards. President Arthur’s death announced in Papers, Cousin very feeble, but takes nourishment.

Saturday 20.

Busy as usual - tho’ I had a late start. R. went down town for our roast. Papa out with George Brown for some time. Aunt Abby kindly sent up a mince and squash pie. R. down town pretty soon after dinner. I mended stockings before going up to dress. Mary C. and May H. came up about 3 o’cl’k and after resting we all went out in woods for f---- R. read to me while I mended stockings.

November, Sunday 21. 1886

Beautiful a.m. I woke early and began letters by lamp light; we had breakfast about 7:30. Good eggs from Mr. Manning. We found letters from Anne, Mrs. Burnside - with her calender, and Prof. C. On my way to church I mailed note to Uncle W. and cards to A. and M. We had a candidate. R. off all p.m. and evening - he took tea at Dr. King’s. Mrs. Hobbs little daughter born to-day.

Monday 22.

Superb day - Papa out and down town as soon after breakfast as possible. As soon as I had finished housework, I wrote letters to Mrs. Eastman, Prof. C. and Mrs. Burnside. While resting after dinner Mary C. came up with her surprise present to me and an invitation to go out rowing which I accepted. Mrs. Piper and May H. went also. We could not stay out long - air bracing and not a cloud to be seen any where.

November, Tuesday 23. 1886.

Mamma’s accounts of Cousin Ann very pitiful. good long letter from Nathan telling about his new house. I heard yesterday from Uncle W. he hopes now to start East the last of the month. I had good letter from Mamie. K. has bought her new dress and Miss Scofield is to make it. R. read to me in evening until Will Varney came to talk of business with Papa. I wrote several letters in a.m.

Wednesday 24.

Mamma telegraphed if Cousin A. was comfortable, she would be home for Thanksgiving. I had a pretty good start, so cleared out my top drawer before beginning on letter to Nathan. Sent him a check for $4500 to invest in land -----. Papa and I made some preparations for tomorrow’s dinner in p.m. Aunt Abby’s Maggie handed me mince pie and cranberry jelly just at dark. Papa called and thanked her later. R. finished “Malcolm”. Mamma came in 8 o’cl’k train. Cousin A. about the same.

November, Thursday 25. 1886.

Not a very pleasant a.m. Fricassee chicken always a good breakfast. I made little extra preparations for dinner because of Uncle Ira’s coming to keep us company over turkey - about noon began to snow hard. Dinner passed off very pleasantly - afterwards while all were talking in front of library fire, I began baby jacket. In evening wrote to Anne & Mamie and had talk over dear Aunty’s will.

Friday 26.

Beautiful a.m. R. went down to see Mrs. H. off to Boston. After cleaning up and going in to top attic for a short time, I went down to Aunt Abby’s with [plates] and she kindly lent me some yeast, so mixed white bread. Mary made pleasant call in p.m. After she went I dressed and made some calls on the hill - Mrs. Webster, Mrs. Field, & Mrs. Hersey. After a short reading, R. and I went over to play cards at Mrs. Haines.

November, Saturday 27. 1886.

Mamma took much of precious packing time for washing. I had hands full of housework till noon - washed table cloth after dinner. Helen Webster spent p.m. with me. She was interested in pictures and whatever I did with her. Letter from Cousin Joseph saying that Cousin Ann had really been moved to Boston after all. And consequently very happy. Letter from Mrs. Reed in evening.

Sunday 28.

Bright sunny a.m. Mamma and I the only ones to go to church. A Mr. Wheeler preached. Dinner at 1:30. R. and I went to hear Mr. Bean in p.m. Mrs. H. appeared out of mourning! R. went with her and did not return with me! I went into May’s and then the girls came up and stayed a while with me. R. out to tea with Mrs. H! I did not read much.

November, Monday 29. 1886.

Changeable a.m. Sunshiny then cloudy. Mamma busy for a while preparing work for me. After dishes were done up, I found lace for M. and K. for “Phil” - wrote a short note to accompany it. Papa down town and Richie busy nailing up boxes. I had letter from Anne which required telegraphic answer - because of delay - so I went down town early. Very pleasant time at May’s - very good supper.

Tuesday 30.

Very mild - much going on in a.m. I washed and ironed - fixed furniture with camphor etc. while Papa, Mamma and R. all packed trunks. I sent off cards to Mamie, Miss Gardner and a note to Uncle Will. Mamma heard fr. Sr. John and he will let her have mortgage at 5% so I shall not take it. I read a little in p.m. May made a short call and returned my rubbers. Very tired in evening.

December, Wednesday 1. 1886.

Very snowy looking. R. took me down to farm as soon after breakfast as possible. Cousin Winslow and his wife did not seem very well. I made Goodbye calls on my way home. Packed in p.m. Mr. Webster came in and settled. I took Kitten to Helen W. R. did not read. I basted in lace and mended R’s gray coat after tea. no further news from Cousin A.

Thursday 2.

Snow storm came in night. R. walked to depot with me. I hated to leave them behind but was happy in prospect of seeing Anne & baby William. Journey tho' uneventful - read exciting chapters in Remola . Saw dear Cousin A. afterwards, of course she was much changed. Cousin J. not at home. I reached A’s about 5 - warming ------ from all.

December, Friday 3. 1886.

A’s dinner party very elaborate and successsful. We had a charming time. Mr. & Mrs. Bent, Mr. & Mrs. Swazey, and Kate and myself. In a.m. A. & I did shopping and called on Mrs. Chesbro. She was not at home called also on Mrs. S. and the girls. I had a telegram fr. Uncle W. The social club entertainment very good. Will did not go.

Saturday 4.

A and I pretty stupid after two late nights. A’s sweet pink gown came from Boston. She tried it on before she and baby took their nap. I had postal card from Papa - saying they would not leave W. before Monday a.m. Wrote cards & made out accounts. Anne and I took our hot baths and went to bed early.

December, Sunday 5. 1886.

Pretty Snowy looking day - it stormed so hard that Anne and I stayed at home. I was quite disappointed not to hear Mr. DeForest. but the baby very darling. After dinner Anne and I took naps. I did not read much - nor write at all. No callers because of storm, - we had a quiet and “un-discussive” evening. I went up to bed about 9 o’cl’k.

Monday 6.

I felt undecided in plans, but went about little “extras” and enjoyed sewing with Anne during a.m. Her pink gown came. Baby W. very lovable. Soon after dinner as I was beginning to get restless, Papa’s telegram came saying that I might join him on steam boat train. Anne & Will went to station with me, and had quite a little glimpse of Papa. Mamma decided to stay over with Cousin Ann.

December, Tuesday 7. 1886.

Our night on the water very comfortable. Papa little stiff with sciatica, he could not call at Berkeley with me but went right to station H.R.R. - to look after baggage. I had a vary happy call on Aunt Molly and Uncle Will; the latter had not had his breakfast, so I sat with him during that - afterwards he gave me Xmas presents for girls & myself. I joined Papa at 11:30 train. We shopped on our way up to 49 Hooker Ave. which seemed pleasant.

Wednesday 8.

A beautiful bright a.m. in the new surroundings. I had to get some word out to the girls as we wanted to see them so much. Mamie came in to dine with us - told me about doubt of K’s course; so in p.m. I went out to the College; I did not find Dr. Taylor. It was good to see the girls again and their room was attractive looking. I saw K. in “gyms”. She looked just like little boy.

December, Thursday 9. 1886.

Rather relieved to have telegram from Uncle Will saying he would not come until to-morrow a.m. - so much to do in getting settled. Fortunately the rest of our boxes came, so I found good table cloths and the sheets I wanted. In p.m. I went down on errands - called on Mrs. Osten and Susie on my way back. The children came in to tea - and it is good to have them home again.

Friday 10.

I had a busy a.m. till Uncle Will’s telegram came - then I took my outing - meeting him at noon, dining at Smith’s together and then going out to College. He helped me in my call on Dr. Taylor who said K. might go as day student. We called on Professor Drennan also, - then visited the buildings. We found R. had arrived on our return home - tea very pleasant with number so full - also evening. only it was too short.

December Saturday 11 1886.

We had to have pretty early breakfast because Uncle W. had to go on 9 o’cl’k train. I rode to station with him. I hated to say Good-bye. Mrs. Arnold and Helen at depot. It took me a long time to get beds straightened out, - and there was a long clean up after dinner. The girls took theirs at College because they had to pack. I had a sweet nap so felt rested enough to go to see “Merchant of Venice” at College - it kept us out late. R. waited for me.

Sunday 12.

Rather an overcast Sunday. All went to church except R. Dr. Van Grism preached an excellent sermon on “As thy days so shall thy strength be”. Dinner delayed by slow baking of potatoes. We all rested in p.m. After naps the girls came into my room and we had a good time talking. Molasses for tea! K. seemed more lively to-day. She went with R. to hear Mr. Gross in evening. M. and I wrote to Mamma.

December, Monday 13. 1886.

Very rainy a.m., but I got out to Sarah’s and Mrs. Bagley’s early and brought my yeast. After fixing up stairs, made brown bread and yeast etc. Left breakfast dishes as Mrs. Bagley said she would come. Dinner about 12:30 -,- there I had quite a time collecting clothes & making out the family list. Mrs. B. came soon after 2, and cleaned up - also washed flannels & towels. M. & K. not home till night.

Tuesday 14.

Pleasant day but Oh! such a busy one. Mrs. Bagley could not come so I set to washing dishes after breakfast, those with bread took me till 10:30. Then dusted down stairs & made bed upstairs - noon by that time. Simple dinner in kitchen - after that was over with I rested & later baked bread. Papa went down town in p.m. R. in a.m. I cleaned out drawers & trunks a little - mended in evening. Girls both retired to own room for extra work. M. drawing K. an essay.

December, Wednesday 15. 1886.

Awoke to quite a snow storm - but I left dishes and started out on errands by 10 a.m. I stopped at Kirchner’s and Harrington’s and then did some xmas shopping. We had a good dinner of roast lamb & jelly. I stopped & found Mrs. Bagley on my way home she said she would come, so left dishes until late. In p.m. had quite a time settling accounts - then wrote a few notes. R. shut up with cold. Papa not so well.

Thursday 16.

Rather a late start, and a tired feeling a.m. I sewed on K’s dollies’ skirts all extra time I could find- R. reading to me from “Malcolm”. I waited till 2 p.m. for Mrs. Bagley - who, greatly to my relief, came. I read a short time - then sewed till tea time. The girls free enough to sew too, - dollies the absorbing work until quite late R. and Papa both read to us from “Malcolm”, or rather “Marquis of Fossie ”.

December, Friday 17. 1886.

Clear beautiful a.m. I had dishes to do beside upstairs housework - but dinner was an easy one, and I had it early to I could go out. Called at Mrs. Armstrong’s first. Then did errands at Carpenter’s, called on Annie C. met K. at four and bought her toboggan then left order for some of things at Thompson’s to be brought up to house. Pleasant reading in evening. K. rested.

Saturday 18.

Such a slow fire and discouraging fire the girls took hold and helped me after dinner - they were busy all day settling their room which looks very pretty. I had a welcome note from Uncle Will in a.m. Cousin Ann remains about the same, but in great agony. Too stormy for any of us to go out; in evening we read some more of the Marquis. K. & I took our hot baths.

December, Sunday 19. 1886.

Bright Sunday after all. Just as we were about to start for Dr. Van Gieson’s - after a late breakfast, a telephone message came from Sophie R. telling us that Dr. Taylor was to preach - and asking us to go out. So we- K. and I walked in very short time. The sermon very good. I took K. to Dr. Otis in p.m.; he prescribed flax seed poultice for boil. R. and I went out in evening to hear Dr. Van G.

Monday 20.

Clear bright a.m. I went out to see if Mrs. Bagley was coming - could not find her - but left message. K’s boil much better - but we let Dr. Otis see it on our way down town. We had a good time shopping, - we bought baskets for Papa & Mamma & M. Stopped at Miss Armstrong’s on our way home. R. went with us to Shepherd’s Festival. We did not have very good seats, but enjoyed the sights. No special news from Mamma - except that Mrs. K is away.

December, Tuesday 21. 1886.

Another fine day. Mrs. B. could not come, so I did dishes after breakfast- wrote letters to Effie & K. Uncle Will & Mamma. R. in New York, but came back on 6 p.m. train. M. K. and I out shopping - succeeded in getting all our baby presents at Smith’s - so quite relieved. Papa read a story to us in evening. I mended his red flannels. We had an postal card from M/W

Wednesday 22.

The girls’ vacation fairly underway. M. busy ordering new flannel. K. crocheted dresses for little Helen’s doll. I did up packages and wrote notes. Mrs. B. came and did quite a washing and then the kitchen floor. M. too tired waiting to go down town with K. so I went down. We accomplished quite a little in shopping - pleased with Uncle W’s monogram on Hd’k. R. read all the evening. I finished A’s bag & Sophie’s basket.

December, Thursday 23. 1886.

Rather a damp, unpleasant day. R. and M. out on errands in a.m. K. busy over A’s present. Sent off all her others also. I wrote ever so many notes to accompany packages. R. helped us down with them to P.O. but did not go fr. P.O. to prayer meeting. Dr. Van Gieson gave us cordial greeting after it. Mrs. Orton & Susie walked nearly home with us.

Friday 24.

Stormy chilly day. I was out before breakfast to see if Mrs. B. could do sweeping as well as dishes - she could not - so R. lent a helping hand - also the girls. Mrs. Buckingham called. The girls went down town and returned little late for dinner. interesting noon mail, Xmas presents from Anne, May H. and Ida C. After Mrs. B. came I dressed then polished silver. A.M. full with Xmas baking - cranberry jelly, pies, bread etc.

December, Saturday 25. 1886.

We were delighted to find a beautiful a.m. Good breakfast of chicken, and the top of piano looked quite gay with gifts, pretty pictures from R. We set the table for dinner early - with good cloth and nicer dishes. Sophie R. did not come in very early - her pretty gift came about mail time. Dinner very good and passed off pleasantly. Mamma’s company missed. She is fifty-two to-day. The girls out coasting.

Sunday 26.

Not a sunshiny a.m. P. R. and I ate breakfast alone. As soon as I had cleaned all I could I dressed and called on Helen Arnold on my way to church. She seemed rather tired to me. Dr. Van Gieson gave us a beautiful Xmas sermon. We did not have much mail at noon, but were glad of Mamma’s card. She thinks she must come to Po’k 1st of January - even if Cousin A. lives. Her suffering very great.

December, Monday 27. 1886.

Bright a.m. Very busy day because of getting two washes ready - one for Sarah and one for Mrs. Bagley - who came at two o’cl’k. The girls went down town in a.m. but were home in time for dinner. I had note and catologues from C.J.B. Mamma writes that she may come home next week even if Cousin Ann lives. We played Whist in evening instead of beginning new story.

Tuesday 28.

Clear bright a.m. After regular housework attended to - in which the girls are helping me much - I wrote notes acknowledging some of my pretty Xmas gifts. After dinner we girls went out coasting in Academy St., and had a very good time. On my return I found Caroline’s present - a very pretty new head arrangement. We began “Anne of Geirnstein ” in evening. I was too sleepy to mend long.

December, Wednesday 29. 1886.

Not very pleasant day. I left a.m. dishes - hoping Mrs. B. would come in p.m. - but she did not. I went thro’ Mamma’s trunk and drawers so she would find them in good order - did not find Cook Books. As soon as dinner cleared away I called at Dr. Otis’ about K. then she joined me, and we did errands. I had welcome note from Uncle Will. Mrs. Orten & Susie called. The girls went out Coasting with Gilbert Van Ingen again - but we read some.

Thursday 30.

Papa had a very bad head last night so we did not let him get up early this a.m. R. made fires and I got breakfast. Full letter fr. Mamma in first mail. We girls all wrote as soon as necessary work was done. Mrs. Bagley came in p.m. and swept Papa’s room after the dishes were done. R. read to us in p.m. as long as we were going to prayer meeting in evening. Dr. Van Gieson most excellent - we were exceedingly sorry R. was not with us.

December, Friday 31. 1886.

A snowy, rainy day. R. out on errands soon after breakfast. M. out towards noon. I had baking and sweeping to do, so very busy a.m. I wrote to Mamma for first mail. Bridget came to-day and she did very well. She will come when her mother cannot. R. forgot oysters and M. my h’d’k - so K. and I decided to go out in p.m. K. tried to match R’s smoking cap that she may embroider him a new one. could not. On my return home I found Portfolio of Scenes on Uncle Will’s Road - very pretty too. R. read in “Anne of Gierstein ” but not very late - we could not watch old year out. Now from Mamma - she has decided not to fix any day for a return, of which I am glad; as dear Cousin Ann must be growing weaker and weaker. I hope she will be released from suffering soon. I wrote to Miss Clark - & Laura --- - & Millie C.

Mary Paton Whicklemann Strasse 14 II
Beny Strasse 55
Mrs. C.M. Tratt
270 Clinton Ave.,
Helen Carver - Care L.N. Wilcox
Lynn, Polk Co., North Carolina
Dr. Taylor - 100 West 53rd St.
N.W. Corner of 7th Av. & 54th St.
Mrs. Jesse Llyod
(illegible) Winnetka,
Mrs. J.H. Whiteman
503 Kittson St.
St. Paul, Minn.
Mrs. Runkle
230 West 59th St.
New York.
Mrs. Oliver Johnson
205 West 45th St., N.J.

Miss Thibault
615 Taylor St. San Francisco.

G. & S.H. St. John,
835 Broadway
New York.
Helen Carver
Whitlock House
Marietta, Georgia

Cash Account - January.
Date. From [Verial] Estate Received Paid
22nd thro Mr. Fiske $201.46
used in advance.
Look in diary of ’85 for acc’t $25.00
Christmas presents for babies etc. $2.50
Stamping, stamps, [bookhens] 2.50
Storage on furniture $10.00
Expressage to Gillen 5.00
K’s birthday present - stamps 1.05
Indian Association 1.00
“Southern Workman” 1.00
Jan’y 23 Bonnet, stamps, ribbon 1.45
“ 27 Fare to College .20
“ 29 “ “ New York 1.46
“ fr. “ “ 1.45
Alumnae lunch 1.50
Horse car & other [fans] 1.25
Stamps - contribution .42
Oyster Stew . . . .25
Balance for Feb. $145.43

Cash Account - February
Date. Received. Paid.
Balance fr. Acc’t 145.43
1st Sleigh ride with K. $2.00
Kate’s lunch at Smith’s .56
Stamps & ribbons .74
Fares to College .40
H.C. Tickets & contrib. .28
Feb. 20 Lunch Ribbon Flowers 1.20
“ H.C. Fares, stamps, pencil, paper .70
“ 22 “Zeph” & Louise 1.50
Pair of Boots 7.00
Contrib. Fares, Carriage .75
Boots & slippers rep’d .40
Serap Book, blocks & envelopes 2.00
Ticket to Tableaux .75
“ to Thalia 1.00
Balance for March $126.15

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