Helen Banfield Jackson 1887 diary transcription

William S. Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0241, Box 13, 1887 diary of HHJ’s niece Helen Fiske Banfield, later Helen Banfield Jackson, transcribed by Julie Perfors, 2005

VC - Vassar College
A - Anne (sister)
N - Nathan (brother)
R - Richie (brother)
K - Kitty (sister)
M - Mamie (sister)
S.S. - Sunday School

Helen F. Banfield

January, Saturday 1. 1887.
Rainy, dismal New Year Day, but too much to do to be lonely. We did not have breakfast till after 8 o'c'l'k. Then I had pies to make, etc. I had a very sweet note from Nellie, acknowledging Xmas presents and saying she had sent us some little remembrance for to-day. The dear children were happy when our little gifts arrived. We had quite a lively time over Whist in evening. Mamie & R. came out a head again.

Sunday 2.
A beautiful a.m. and a great delight after three days of snow and rain. M. went to S.S., the rest of us met joined her at church. Dr. Van Giesen gave most excellent New Year Sermon from Habakkuk 3:2 "O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of thy years." We found letters from Mamma and Alice B. in mail. After dinner read "Miss Tamsey's Mission" & "Laddie". In evening we four children went to Union Service's at Dr. Wheeler's.

January, Monday 3. 1887
Bright cold a.m. The girls down earlier than usual so as to see R. before he took the 7 a.m. train to New York. Busy a.m. because of picking up the clothes, making yeast, brown bread and starting white! M. & K. each had good letters from Mamma. They went to College in p.m. to call. Mrs. Bagley came to wash, clean floor etc. The girls out […] in evening. I went to bed before they returned.

Tuesday 4.
Fine winter weather. Papa went down town early. So as to send message to Sophie that we would join her at children's soap bubble party. Mrs. Bagley did not come, but we girls finished in pretty good season. We had dinner in kitchen in a cozy fashion. We heard from Mamma, Maud C. and Mary Coffin. The children lonely at VC. We had a great romp with them. R. did not return fr. N.Y. All at home retired early.

January, Wednesday 5. 1887
K. very late down to breakfast. M. I cleaned off table and put newspapers on woolen cloth. While she was eating that way Mrs. Elling came to invite me to her lunch party. I closed folding doors and had pleasant little visit. Mrs. Bagley came at noon & swept parlor & dining room. The girls busy preparing for a return to College in p.m. We had tea in good season. R. returned from N.Y. - about the same news fr. Mamma.

Thursday 6.
Fine a.m. Very glad to have it pleasant because of long walk to Mrs. Elling's. The girls out to College again, so small no. at dinner. Mrs. Bagley did not come so I had to clean up before taking my tramp. Edith Wilkerson overtook me in sleigh, which was pleasant. She, Miss Mary Van Giesen, and Margaret Stone the only ones of twelve that I had met. We had a very good time. I called on Mrs. Wilkenson on my way home. R. went to meeting with us.

January, Friday 7. 1887
Pretty tired, and up late after yesterday's […]. Put away clean clothes and took life easily during a.m. I had welcome letters from Uncle Will and Aunt Molly in a.m. R. heard from Mamma at noon. I rested after dinner, as Mrs. B. did not come. Then went out on errands and to prayer meeting. In evening we had a pleasant reading in "Anne of Geierstein." M & K fell asleep.

Saturday 8.
Much colder. Thermometer in Minn. very low. I hope N. & his family are not suffering. I was first one down, began writing at 5:20 to Miss Woodman, Alice B., and Mamma. Very busy a.m. cooking and preparing for Mrs. Bagley, who came a little late. Mrs. Sanford and her daughter made a short call. I went to prayer meeting at Dr. Wheeler's. K. busy on Essay. We read without her a short time.

January, Sunday 9. 1887.
Snowy a.m.; notwithstanding K. walked to and from College. She hoped to have Miss Reynolds in Bible Class. M. stayed at home. Papa a little late to church; text Judges 5:23, "Curse ye Meroz said the angel of the Lord, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof because they came not to the help of the Lord." None of went to services in evening because of storm. We rested and read during p.m. and evening. Missed Mamma's note at noon.

Monday 10.
Clear bright cold a.m. M. stayed at home. I had busy time collecting and mending clothes for wash - also finding materials for Miss Carroll. Greatly disappointed that Mrs. B. did not come before I started out to Dr. Otis' to get medicine for my poor broken out hands. Went to […] room but could not stay down to meeting which Dr. Van Giesen addressed because of the condition of my kitchen. Cleaned mostly up before ten. Sarah did not come for clothes either. R. read to M. & me. K. wrote on essay.

Tuesday, January 11. 1887.
Still bright & cold. Kneaded both kinds of bread before breakfast and went to see if Mrs. B. could come but found her engaged for both a.m. & p.m. […] busy a.m. cleaning up, but I wrote notes to Mamma and Anne for noon mail. Susie Orten called with Doughnuts. After resting prepared for calls. I had pleasant visits at Miss [Vandenburgh?], Miss Swifts and the Ellings. not home till quite late, the girls still later. Too tired to sit up.

Wednesday 12.
Bright and warmer. R. went down for our seats for "Tom Cobb." on his return, I took tickets to Mrs. Orten. Found that Mrs. B could not do dishes. So much hot water bad for my poor hands. I went out to VC as early as I could. I saw Mrs. Taylor, Sophie and Ella McCaleb. Mrs. Dwight & Miss Goodsell were not at home. I stayed out to hear Dr. [Perkham's?] lecture which we enjoyed. R. read to us in "Anne of G." till 9:30. We had the usual news from Mamma.

January, Thursday 13. 1887.
Quite a relief not to have any cooking in a.m. - no pies, no bread, no meat. I had to put away calling things after mending them, then repaired old blue skirt. I had letter from Mamma at noon. R. read to me in p.m. Mrs. Bagley here 3 hrs. so I could enjoy afternoon. Miss Bells called to see Mamie. I fixed bundle of collars, cuffs, & h'd'k to take with me to meeting, i.e. to mail to Mamma on way down.

Friday 14.
Snowy cold day, the girls both at College. Mrs. Bagley did not come so R. did the dining room while I attended to dishes. Not much of afternoon with preparation for tea party at Helen Lo's. My astonishment great when I found she had sent me word not to come because of Miss Van [Valkenburg's?] illness. I stayed to tea nevertheless and R. and K. called for me on their way to "Tom Cobb" which we all enjoyed very much.

January, Saturday 15. 1887.
Busy as the usual rule of Saturday's. I had a pretty good start. K's condition a great relief to my mind. I had note from Mamma and Sophie R. Bridget Bagley came for the great array of dishes, so I had time for personal and family mending. R. read to K. and me before tea and finished "Anne of Geierstein" afterwards. M. disappointed not to go to play at College. Papa did not wish it.

Sunday 16.
K. stayed at home. I went to College and all the rest went to Dr. Van Giesen's. Washington [Gladdrum?] preached excellent sermon at VC on "Ye are my Epistles." "Tho we may not write book, we are all authors, impressing ourselves constantly on other characters. I enjoyed visiting with Sophie R. and seeing other friends. After taking dinner with Laura Wylie etc. I came home & wrote to Uncle Will & read.

January, Monday 17. 1887.
Beautiful bright a.m. K. good and stayed at home. She wrote long letter to Mamma while I attended to usual Monday's work gathering and mending clothes for wash. As Mrs. Bagley came I went to meeting of Indian Ass. which I enjoyed very much. Bad walking so few were out. Miss Wilkinson invited me shop for chocolate. Saw her interesting sister again. Papa began "John Brent" in R's absence in N.Y.

Tuesday 18.
As soon as our girls were started for College and breakfast things cleaned off, Papa and I sat down to Mr. Fiske's note. He, Papa, advised my signing business […]. I made a copy of it and then asked questions. I wrote also to Mamma, R. & N. & Aunt Molly. After dinner, and reading awhile, I went down town on few errands. Called on Mrs. Kendricks who gave me pamphlets on Mohawk Conference which I want for Alice B. K. home early. M. late. A short read.

January, Wednesday 19. 1887.
The coldest a.m. we have had, only 33 in my bedroom! Breakfast in fairly good season. I had good start, so began writing by 9 o'c'l'k. Papa had to go out on errands. I had letters from Anne & Uncle Will. Papa had one from Mamma. Weather so severe Papa decided not to go to College, so I went out to VC early. Made visits and then took tea with Sophie R. […] very good. R. did not return fr. N.Y.

Thursday 20.
Great fall in temperature. Not a very good start because of late retiring last night. We were very sorry to miss Dr. Van Giesen's call which Papa had all to himself. M.'s note from Mamma came just as she was about to start for VC. As soon as housework over I wrote to Mamma Lou [Benton?] and others. Tea in pretty good season. M. K. & I went to prayer meeting but not together. Service of song after meeting.

January, Friday 21. 1887
Very mild day. Breakfast in good season. Papa and I dined alone on white fish. I wrote to Miss Thibault and [Liddie?]. At noon received early invitation to go to Helen L.'s to tea. Busy p.m. Papa read to me the first of it. Miss Cleveland called and I rode around in sleigh with her on business visits. Then had just time to dress for tea. R. home to supper. They read in "John Brent." Letters from Mamma & Aunt Mary. Possibility of R.'s going to Japan! What will Mamma do.

Saturday 22.
Papa and I had a good start. Others late to breakfast, however I started down town on errands about ten a.m. I went to Dr. Van Giesen first […]to Miss Cleveland. I called on Miss Wilkenson and Miss Swan, gained both Indian and Vassar information. I received no word from Mamma. I heard from Dr. J. and Mrs. Hatch. Mrs. B. came so comparatively busy Saturday. Read a few chapters in John Brent before tea. The girls went to [Commence?] Party so R. had read to us in "Century." Story of Cable.

January, Sunday 22. 1887
Bright warm a.m. All went to church. M. to S.S. I found note from S.F. R. and saw her after church, she walked home with me but would not stay to dinner. Dr. Van Giesen gave us most excellent sermon on "Come for all things are now ready." Luke 14:17. We had notes from Mamma. K. and I washed our heads after reading a while. We did not go out in evening.

Monday 24.
Very stormy day. I sent short note to Mamma and then wrote 10 VC notes for Mrs. Filth asking for money. After that duty came the gathering of clothes and making out list. No much mending. Mrs. Bagley came for washing, cleaned the closets also and washed kitchen floor. The girls home in good season so had tea at 5:15 and a good long read after wards. I mended my clothes for N.Y. visit. We had payts fr. Mr. Fiske.

January, Tuesday 25. 1887.
Not pleasant, but not rainy, still mild. Very busy cooking a.m. two kinds of bread and sponge cake, all came out pretty well. Mrs. B. did not come so we had dinner in kitchen. I went on errands in p.m. Called on Mrs. Sanford on my way home. The girls home late, but R. read "John Brent" awhile, and I began mending his brown inside coat. he had letter from Mamma. Mr. & Mrs. [Jeryanser?] declined.

Wednesday 26.
Still overcast. breakfast in very good season because of R.'s going to N.Y. in 7:15 train. K. helped me with Papa's [bed?]. I wrote card to Mamma and short note to Mrs. Fiske acknowledging checks. Much disappointed that Mrs. B. did not come. I was out on errands in a.m. telegraphed to R. and […] to Mrs. Cleavland. Papa and I pretty busy in p.m. because of tea party and S.F. R. did not come. We enjoyed Miss Reynold's and the McCaleb's company. R. rt'd in evening.

January, Thursday 27, 1887
Pretty tired so we did not get a very good start. The girls helped me with glass silver and dusting before going to hear Dr. Judson, it being day of Prayer for Colleges. I had to give up going. Baked four pies and made yeast in a.m. Sarah sent home clothes in good season. I sewed some on R's coat. M. had picture taken. All went to prayer meeting except myself. Papa had a very bad head.

Friday 28.
R. up early to start fire and me off, he kindly walked to cars with me. Papa better. I crocheted all the way to N.Y. Not a pleasant day in the city. I was delighted that Dr. J. found so little to be done to my teeth. He kindly invited me to lunch. In p.m. I shopped and called on Nellie. Rested a little before six o'c'l'k and then had a cozy dinner & evening with Aunt Molly. She heard of Mts. [Mayland's?] death that a.m.

January, Saturday 29. 1887.
Still unpleasant, and I nearly died with heat. Fur coat […] oppressive. I had little a.m. visit with Aunt Molly, then took 5th Av. stage right to the Brunswick. I soon found some of "our girls." The business meeting not burdensome. The pleasant lunch followed, and then the reception which proved very interesting. I was taken three times for Miss Dodge, whom I afterward tried [to see but?] failed. Mabel L., Sophie & I came up together. Prof. Van [Ingen?] drove up in sleigh with me.

Sunday 30.
A dull day again. Papa the only one who did not go out to hear Dr. Van G. His sermon excellent, a continuation of last Sunday's Luke 14:18 "And they all with one consent began to make excuse." R. heard from Mr. Hennesey at noon. No definite opening. So he will begin work in "W.H. Smith" this week. We read and wrote in p.m. K. wrote to Mamma. R. M. & K. went to service in evening. I wrote to A. and Nathan.

January, Monday 31. 1887.
Bright beautiful day. I woke up early to finish R's coat. I gave sheets, towels, etc. to take to N.Y. He left us about noon. Papa & I had hash for dinner. Mrs. Bagley came, so I had time to straighten out accounts. We heard from Mamma & Uncle Will - the latter not well. Emily W. and Miss Swan called in p.m. also Miss Aken with $10 for Mrs. Filth. My muff came safely.

February, Tuesday 1.
Raw chilly day, lonely without R. Papa went down to photographers with K. right after breakfast. I wrote to Mamma, Mrs. Filth R. and Katherine during a.m. We had line from Mamma. I had note from Miss Cleavland. In accordance with request in that I went to Miss Van Giesen in p.m. did not find her at home so left note. Called also at Mrs. Sanford's and Miss Orten's. Girls home late.

February, Wednesday 2.
Very severe snowstorm. I went out in before breakfast to see if Mrs. Bagley would come - she said she would, so I left everything I could and worked as much as possible on my afghan. Papa and I had hash lunch. Mrs. B. did halls, bath room, my room, and stairs for me, so quite clean. Papa began Richter's "Hesperus" to me in evening. Very singular style. K. wrote so did not stay in library. M. down.

Thursday 3.
Milder a.m. but not clear, by noon it rained. the girls went to College with no umbrellas. Mrs. B. not to come, so I cleaned up in kitchen before dinner. Papa did not feel like full dinner so I ate my mutton soup and pie alone. We had good read in p.m. while I worked on afghan for R. Was glad to hear from him. He says his state room very comfortable. Cousin Ann remains about the same.

February, Friday 4. 1887.
Beautiful bright day. Papa went out in a.m. I did not go out at all. Wrote to R. for noon mail in response to his good letter. had one from Anne also. Mrs. B. not to come so with bread to knead and bake, did not find much time for afghan. Mr. Buckingham called, also Miss Goodwin just before tea. Girls home late. We had white fish. Whist in evening until Mr. Harry Arnold called and invited us on sleighride.

Sunday 5.
Fine a.m. for ride. Mr. Arnold drove up with lively span at ten o'c'l'k. We girls did not keep him waiting long and we drove to Hyde Park. Twelve miles in all. Very cold, but very sparkling, and such appetites as we girls had for dinner. Sophie R. and Ethel called in p.m. they came in a cutter, but not so pleasant p.m. as a.m. for ride. Too sleepy to mend much in evening. The girls had to study so no reading.

February, Sunday 6. 1887.
Unpleasant a.m. I was up and down stairs early at my letters - wrote to Mamma, Anne & Uncle Will before church. M. to S.S. Papa not out at all. Dr. Van G. had very good Missionary sermon on "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness," Matt. 6:33. Just about dinner time Mr. A. called for Mamma's and the other Boston address. Mrs. Orten called about 4 o'c'l'k. None of us out in evening. K. took hot bath.

Monday 7.
Very unpleasant weather still. Busy as usual over clothes etc. Everybody's night dress had to be mended so I did not get much time for reading in p.m. Mrs. B. came and made kitchen sweet and clean. Little Lizzy came for clothes before I had finished mending. M. & K. went shopping before coming home. Papa, K. & I went to concert in Dr. Van G's Lecture Room. M. preferred to go to first lecture on Socialism by Dr. Beemis of Springsfield.

February, Tuesday 8. 1887
Papa still much shut up by the disagreeable matter. Tho' pretty sleepy in a.m. I had good start. Was all thru' […] bread at 10:30, then took a good read in Goldsmith by Wm Black. Afternoon a very trying one because of losing 3 pieces of fancy work done up in silk h'd'k! I was on my way to Literature Class. Mr. Carpenter took advertisement for me, but do not expect to hear of loss! I heard Dr. Beemis at VC.

Wednesday 9.
Great treat to see the sun. Papa improved the day by going out quite soon after breakfast. to my delight he found my lost package at […]! I had good letters from Mamma & Anne. I sent off reply to " at noon, also line to R. I was busy all the p.m. planning R's present and working on bags for Mary H and C, which I must send off to-morrow. Papa and I went out to lecture again on Socialism.

February, Thursday 10. 1887.
Another fine day. Papa went out quite soon after the girls started. We saw death of Mrs. Bagley's mother in paper, so I did all work in Kitchen after breakfast, then washed head and while sunning hair wrote notes to May H. Mrs. Eastman, Mr. Buck & Mrs. Hinley. M had morning note from Mamma. Miss Vandenburg called in p.m. The girls walked home from VC. M. too tired to go to meeting with K & me. Dr. Van G good.

Friday 11.
Rainy, rainy day. Busy a.m with housework, putting away clean clothes, & then writing for noon mail. Papa still working over Mr. Fiske's accounts. After p.m. read and rest I took the […] for R. which came from Mamma in noon mail to Miss Armstrong then went down on errands. Miss Anna Goodall called before tea. I mended in evening all went to bed pretty early.

February, Saturday 12. 1887.
Bright and colder a.m. I went […] to Mrs. B. before breakfast she said Bridget would come at noon. K. was a dear child and helped much in getting house in good Sunday order. I had welcome note from Uncle Will in a.m. & Miss Woosley in p.m. Miss Sheldon & Miss Pike called on girls. Mrs. Taylor & Mrs. Kendrick & Sophie on me. We made every preparations for R's return & were disappointed at not seeing him.

Sunday 13.
Beautiful a.m. I wrote several notes before church. Uncle W. R. Caroline & Alice. M stayed at home. Dr. Van G, did not preach, a Dr. McHolmes from Albany on text from 2 Timothy 3:7. "Ever learning and never able to come to knowledge of truth." In afternoon had a good read and before tea wrote to Anne. I could not read long in evening too sleepy all went up early.

February, Monday 14. 1887.
Pleasant a.m. Papa out soon after breakfast. I had help in housework from M. who did not go to VC. got thru clothes list & mending in time to go on errands before dinner. Learned of Miss Robinson's death so called on Helen Arnold who seemed very sweet & brave. I left placards at stores to advertise Indian Meetings. Mrs. B could not come. Finished dear K's present - seventeen today. Papa & I went to Reception at Mr. [Bulb's?].

Tuesday 15.
Stormy. Snow of last night turned into rain. I mended an hour for K. after upstairs housework done, then finished bread & wrote note to Alice B. before dinner. Not very pleasant p.m. but enjoyed meeting of Literature (2) Class at Mrs. Sanford's very much. Only six there. In evening Papa went with me to Indian Meeting which was only fairly attended. I was sleepy so did not enjoy Mr. Harrison or Mrs. Quinton as much as I expected.

February, Wednesday 16. 1887.
The usual routine gone thru' with. Housework about done when I began my long letter to Mamma, that with one to R. took me till nearly eleven. Then I worked short time on afghan. Mrs. Orten & I went to Miss Robinson's funeral - services were Quaker in form. The girls home pretty late. None of us cared to go to VC in evening to hear Dr. Bemis. K. had letter from R.

Thursday 17.
Bright spring like day. I was out before breakfast to see if Mrs B would come. She promised to give a list to-morrow. After housework was over I worked on afghan. Papa had very bad headache, so he ate very lightly at noon. Miss Whitney called in p.m. I had good long letter from Mamma and note from R. All three of us went to meeting in evening. I sat up till ten. K invited Daisy A. & Minnie M. for dinner Sat.

February, Friday 18. 1887.
Rain & snow. I was down in good season, and baked cake early & planned other things for to-morrow. Papa better, so he went on errands. I went to Miss Armstrong's with [cotton?] for R's shirts. Left everything for Mrs. B and then she failed to come, so had to attack disagreeables late in p.m! Poured hard for Miss Young's tea. Most people had carriages so house full. The [bride?] chief attraction. M. had good time.

Saturday 19.
Pleaseant a.m. I was up early enough to knead bread, make pie crust and "sweep the whole house" as Papa said, before breakfast. We needed good start because of company to dinner. Minnie and Jeanette came at one. Bridget came promptly. She waited on table for us & then cleaned up nicely. Otherwise I should have been too tired. The guests had strong relish for dinner which was good to see and Kitty very happy in their company all the p.m. We were disappointed not to see R.

February, Sunday 20. 1887.
Papa had a very bad night so did not go to church, neither did K. Dr. Van Giesen preached from Acts 8 - 36:37. "See here is water, what doth hinder me to be baptized. And Phillip said 'If thou believest with all thine heart thou may. And he answered I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God." R's explanatory note came at home. also line from Mamma. Wrote & read in p.m.

Monday 21.
Fall of snow during night. M. and K. both go to College. I had good long letter from Uncle Will & Mary Coffin, after picking up soiled clothing. I went down town on errands for house, K & self. I bought new blue felt hat. I hope the family will like it. K had letter from Helen. Little Crystal's picture came and few lines from Mamma. Anne had been in to see her. Mended in p.m. & evening. Mr. C.J.B. took P. to VC.

February, Tuesday 22. 1887.
M. started for N.J. notwithstanding snowy stormy a.m! Just as K. and I were preparing for Kitchen work Bridget came which was very nice. She swept Papa's room so I had noon time for extras. Papa spent almost an hour with K & me going over acct's of Mr. F. After dinner K.& I talked over wardrobe and after finishing N's and Mamma's letters, I went to VC, had pleasant calls and enjoyed concert much.

Wednesday 23.
K. went out to College as usual. Papa went out pretty soon after breakfast. I copied acc'ts in forenoon. Mrs. Orten called and asked me to go to church sociable and sewing circle. Mrs. B. came and I crocheted while she was here, until 4 when I decided to go out. Papa alone until six thirty when K. & I returned. Mrs. O. & I took tea at church. Each hemmed a napkin, and met some pleasant people. M home in […] when I returned.

February, Thursday 24. 1887.
Hard rain storm in early a.m. but was clear by noon, high wind in p.m. Good letter from A. and P.C. from Mamma. Mamie came in to dinner. She gave a pleasant acc't of R. & his [ship?]. I worked on afghan pretty steady in afternoon. had a cozy hash dinner. Indian Meeting in p.m. which was very interesting. I stayed down town to tea at Smith's so as to read in Library and be handy to prayer m't'g.

Friday 25.
Much colder, but clear beautiful a.m. Poor Papa had another bad night with his headache. I awoke early and began putting fringe with R's afghan. Worked on it in a.m. after housework. Papa & I had dinner on "remnants" as M. & K. looked forward […] sand halibut for Sat. K. had a line from Mamma who did not think K's photographs did her justice. Papa little more comfortable in p.m.

February, Saturday 26. 1887.
Very snowy day, so Papa did not feel able to go on errands. I went down to Kitchen but took […]. I found letter from Miss [Thibanly?], worked some on afghan before [boiled?] dinner which all relished. K. & I had to be "Bridget." K. went down town afterwards. M. down in a.m. I had to mend some in p.m. Much to our delight R. came home at 8 o'c'l'k. talked till late. He seemed well.

Sunday 27.
Pleasant day so all went to church, but breakfast very late. Dr. Van G's text 1 Peter 5:10, "but the God of all grace who hath called us into his eternal Glory." We had line from Mamma at noon. Very short afternoon and R. felt he must go in 6:15 train. He was quiet but I think in good spirits. After tea I wrote to A. & finished Uncle W's note.

February, Monday 28. 1887.
Rather bright a.m. M. & K. out to VC as usual. After I had gathered clothes, soon after breakfast, I started out to see Miss Arnold. called at Dr. O's and went to Carpenter's. Papa finished business notes to Mr. Fiske and wrote to Anne. I copied a short note for Mamma. Finished mending before dinner. Read & then had to go to dishes as Mrs. B did not come. Susie O. M. & I made pleasant call on Mrs. & Miss Young in late p.m.

March, Tuesday 1.
Surprised to see another snow storm. Papa kindly took afghan to express office for me, to send to R. I wrote to him, Nathan, acknowledging yesterday's business […] and to Mamma. With fixing of bread. & looking at dear Aunty's silk dress which I plan to use this Spring, my morning filled. Mrs. B. came & did clothes. I was provoked I had not left dishes. I joined K. and we did errands in late afternoon. Papa read part of [Ceasar's?] story.

March, Wednesday 2. 1887.
Dull day. Milder than yesterday. We had a good start, breakfast all over at 8 o'cl'k. I read in [usual?] fashion the a.m. papers before beginning my acc'ts and writing note to Miss Woolsey and Katherine. At noon came the second surprise note from Miss Woolsey saying Uncle Will had invited her & me to go to Colorado this summer! Of course I was full of plans all the afternoon, tho' I went to Literature Class my mind was not on Goldsmith all the time.

Thursday 3.
I did not have to wait long for invitation fr. Uncle W. himself, it came this morning and how earnestly I hope I can accept it! I wrote to Mamma and to Uncle W. which with housework took up all my time in a.m. Mrs. B. came in p.m. but could not stop for sweeping. I was not wholly sorry as long as she promised to come to-morrow. I planned mending in p.m. and read some. Basted patches on two blue dresses etc. No word from Mamma to-day. I started early to meeting & did errands. Found R's note.

March, Friday 4. 1887.
Papa did not have much assistance from me before breakfast. I did not get down until after seven. Soon after breakfast I went to Dr. Otis for medicine for the children - Belladonna. After making pie crust, etc. and cleaning up upstairs Mrs. Orten & I went […]! We had a good time. P. & I had a good dinner of fish, & apple pie. As Mrs. B came for sweeping in p.m. I could not go to Preparatory lecture which was a disappointment. Miss Ferris called. A good letter from Mamma at 4 o'cl'k mail.

Saturday 5.
An easier day than usual because of some baking being done yesterday. No letters in a.m. mail. The girls busy over studying and I mended skirt & blue shirt which has begun to go in all directions. A good roast beef dinner. Mamma's sweet, loving permission for me to go to Colo came at noon. I want to go very much trust nothing will interfere. Bridget came at noon. The girls went to "[Fig?]" ceremonies.

March, Sunday 6. 1887.
Papa shocked to find front door opened when he came down stairs - the girls forgot to lock it. a narrow escape! More snow more snow! Papa and I did not go to church. I had cozy time with writing & reading. I wrote to Uncle Will, Caroline H, Anne, Nathan & Mamma. The girls enjoyed Communion Service. They bro't me home welcome letters from Uncle W. & Miss Woolsey. Papa had note from R. M. wrote to him in evening.

Monday 7.
K. a bad cold. We do not know how she caught it. She took medicine with her to VC. Papa and I had a good start. I wrote to Miss W and had clothes all gathered before carrier came. Sunshine & shadow during a.m. Yesterday's paper bro't news of Mr. Beecher's serious illness. […] mending in a.m. but after dinner began planning on dear Aunty's olive silk dress which I shall have "Keany" fit for me. Had a business note from Mamma which answered in p.m. finished A's also. Papa and I enjoyed lecture by […] in evening.

March, Tuesday 8. 1887.
A great treat to see a wholly pleasant day. Yeast, bread oatmeal & prunes made my a.m. pretty full in addition to other housework. I wrote short notes to Mamma & R for noon mail. the pictures of N's dear children came in a.m., but they are not very good - only very cunning & dear! Papa out a.m. I out p.m. at French Class which I enjoyed. Mrs. B. came so I found everything in good order on my return. I studied French with K. in evening.

Wednesday 9.
Another beautiful day. Papa out a.m. I wrote to Mamma, Dr. C, R. & Barretts. I did not get to my "extras" on […] until 11 a.m. because of necessary housework & acc'ts. Mrs. B. did not come, but was not much to do because she made everything so clean yesterday. Literature very pleasant. Miss Hulm kindly invited me to tea but I came home before going. Mr. & Mrs. [Wilks?] & Mrs. Pelton the other guests.

March, Thursday 10. 1887.
Papa did not go to [Sanciani's?] lecture last night, the rest of us enjoyed it. Such a stormy a.m. that M prevailed upon K. to stay at home, it cleared by noon. Mrs. B. came and did upstairs sweeping. K. mended her school dress after studying. Mrs. & Miss Bulk called in p.m. We were shocked to receive telegram from Uncle Ira saying that Cousin W. died of apoplexy last evening. Papa will not go to Wolfeboro. I was the only one at meet'g which was good.

Friday 11.
Beautiful a.m. K. better so she went to College. Before doing upstairs work I wrote notes to Uncle W. R. A. & Mamma & made acc'ts. My pictures of dear N's children came this a.m. At last I have heard from Barrett about dress. Mrs. B. did not come for sweeping. The girls home quite late. Papa began the novel "Coningsby" while I mended p.m. & evening. I read a little French with K.

March, Saturday 12. 1887.
A beautiful day for K's and my trip to N.Y. We took 7:15 train it was a little late in reaching city. We did a few errands before going to Miss Keane - she kept me about 45 minutes. Then K & I made out dress purchases & obtained curtain samples before going to Brooklyn - just missed R for lunch! The p.m. visit very pleasant, did not leave "W.H.S." until nearly 4 o'clk. R could not return with us. Cousin died this a.m.

Sunday 13.
A beautiful day. all went to church, but very disappointed not to hear Dr. Van Giesen. the man in his place preached from 8th Psalm "What is man that thou art mindful of him." We hoped for some line from Mamma at noon. R. surprised us with his presence which was a great comfort at dinner & during p.m. He had to go back to city on 6:15. I was too sleepy to write letters.

March, Monday 14.1887.
Awoke early, so wrote before breakfast to Uncle W., Cousin Susan, Mamma & Anne. The girls up early also. Much to do all round this week because of R's sailing, hope Mamma will be home soon. Encouraging words from her in p.m. tho she is still in bed. K. home early. I made R's curtains in p.m. Papa read "Coningsby" aloud to me which is good.

Tuesday 15.
Bright cold a.m. I left all kitchen as Mrs. B. said she could come for that. In a.m. mail heard from R. & Anne. At noon still better word from Mamma. Cousin Ann's funeral to-day at 2 o'cl'k. I am sorry we cannot be present. I went to French Class. Annie C called while I was out. I called on her! In evening I studied French with "Kitten." I could not find small size curtain rings.

March, Wednesday 16. 1887.
Another cool beautiful morning. Simple breakfast, so not much work afterwards. Papa and I took all R's possessions into kitchen and worked over box there. I had a good note from him. It will be lonely when no frequent word comes from him. Out in good season for errands but they took me so long that I was late to Literature Class. Mrs. Pelton & I called together on Mrs. Young at 94 So. Ham.

Thursday 17.
Papa and I finished R's boxes & bundles before breakfast. Afterwards Papa read a short time in "Coningsby." We had no letter from Mamma but telegram came from her after dinner. She hopes to start for N.Y. to-morrow. Papa plans to go to the city but will return without meeting as we girls want to go Saturday. The girls home in pretty good season. K. and I settled our acc'ts. Snow storm came on in p.m! I was the only one to go to prayer meeting.

March, Friday 18. 1887.
Papa went to New York - the girls did not get up to see him off. M. stayed at home from College. Busy in attic straightening out some of Aunty's dresses. I felt pretty tired all day. Some caller got away in p.m. unbeknown as M. would not and I could not get down in time. K. home for tea which we took in kitchen. Papa came back at 9 o'clk and said R. would prefer not to see all of us at ship, the girls disappointed.

Saturday 19.
I was the one to go to N.Y. because of appointment with dressmaker. I went first to Hotel St. Stephen and there met Mamma who looked pretty tired having talked with R. till 3 a.m .! We reached "W.H. Smith" just at noon, so R. was quite at leisure and we took dinner with him. We met Mrs. […], the captain was away. M. and I did a few errands for R. and then returned to ship to take the long farewell - it was hard to say Goodbye. Mamma went to Miss Keane's with me and we were home by 8 o'cl'k.

March, Sunday 20. 1887.
Bright pleasant a.m. Mamma too exhausted to get up. Papa and K. the only ones to go to Church. I went out to College expecting to see Sophie N. - she did not come up for play. I had very pleasant visit with Sophie R. Dr. Elmendorf preached on John the Baptist, text "He will increase but I must decrease." I spoke to Mrs. Elmendorf after service. We all wrote to R. in p.m. I had good note from Uncle Will. I mailed letters at night.

Monday 21.
Pretty cold day. Mamma got up for dinner. busy a.m. picking up clothes etc. I had good letter from Emmie [Luk?]. P. & M. sorry they said the girls could stay out to Lecture because of their colds. I thot some of going to VC to tell them to come home, but I was too tired. I talked with Mamma and rested, and in evening while she was giving her interesting acc't of Boston experiences I ripped up blk silk sleeves.

March, Tuesday 22. 1887.
Very snowy stormy cold day. Neither of the children went to College. M's cold worse. I wrote to Aunt Molly & Effie, also note to Miss Helen saying I would not attend French Class. We had card from F.H. Smith also that W.H. Smith did not sail so we wrote once more to R. Papa had surprising news from Mrs. Winslow Banfield. Mrs. B. came and swept parlor & dining room beside doing the washing. Sarah came & delayed tea so we had no reading.

Wednesday 23.
M. too sick to get up. So pretty soon after breakfast, I called at Dr. Otis to leave message for him to come here, then did housework and personal errands. Found letter from Alice B. on my return. Dr. O. said M. must stay in bed, that she had pharyngitis. Dinner in good season. I rested a little before going to Literature Class. Not many there, but we had a very cozy time. Missing Mrs. Sanford, however. I was very glad to find R's full letter on return. K. slept with me.

March, Thursday 24.
Breakfast in good season. M. had quite a comfortable night. K. not down to breakfast till nearly nine o'clk. I wrote to Alice B. Received letter from A and "Ramma Days" giving acc't of school in […]. Dr. O. said M. was better but still confined to bed. Mamma seems much better. Miss Wilkinson called. K. and I went to prayer meeting. Dr. Van Giesen away. Found welcome letter from - the last for months!

Friday 25.
Beautiful day. M. better, the Dr. did not come till nearly 1 o'clk. Papa out in morning on errands. I fussed over bl'k silk waist a little. Mrs. B. did not come so Mamma did more that I like to have her. I read & rested. Mr. Buck called to ask if I would teach for him next year - of course it is out of the question. I joined K. at VC concert which we enjoyed. K. all bitten last night. Much disfigured!

March, Saturday 26. 1887.
Week of wonderfully pleasant weather. K. slept very late. M. up & dressed in her room. I had short note from Anne. She wants me to spend April with her which I cannot possibly do. K. and Papa down town before dinner. Bridget and not Mrs. B. came. Dr. O. came at noon to see M. After the cleaning up, and finishing bl'k silk dress it was too late to go down town. Mr. Elling called also to invite me to their house Monday Evening.

Sunday 27.
Bright a.m. Just as I was about to get ready for Church telephone message came from Sophie R. that Sophie N. had come, so I went to VC instead! I heard a very good sermon from Dr. Ecob of Albany on Worthiness. We had good time at dinner and all the p.m. visiting in Sophie's room. Sophie N. had a sweet pictures of little Brooks. M. down stairs for the first time. K. and I went to Dr. Wheeler's in evening to hear farewell services to Mr. & Mrs. Rigs who soon sail for Turkey.

March, Monday 28. 1887.
Rather unpleasant day - rained in p.m. Mamma and I busy with clothes in a.m. I mended some of K's as well as mine. Then made camphor bags and pretty soon after dinner went down town. called on Miss Helen & worked awhile at Thompson's. I had a few errands. The carriage came at 7:15?. I had a very pleasant evening at Mrs. Elling's - good attendance of reading club. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford kindly bro't me home in their carriage as mine failed to come at right time.

Tuesday 29.
Pretty tired a.m. after late hours. I was busy with pies & bread in a.m. as well as extras up stairs. Mrs. B. came so Mamma had relief in p.m. I went to French Class which I enjoyed as well as finding it advantageous. Relieved to find K. at home, so that I did not have to go out in evening. Papa read "Coningsby" to us. I made camphor bags till 9 o'cl'k. M. out first day since her illness.

March, Wednesday 30. 1887.
Beautiful bright a.m. though windy & cold. I did the breakfast dishes as Mamma had fussy acc't to work over. I had notes from Mamie, [Maria?] & Aunt Molly, both containing news I wanted. I worked over an hour at Thompson's. Soon after dinner I was out again for Literature Class and in the evening I went out to hear the Lecture on American History at College. K. so long in finding her mittens that we lost the car & had to walk in!

Thursday 31.
Beautiful calm a.m. Rather a mixed up breakfast because of odds & ends. Papa did some walking for me before he went down town. No letters of acc't in a.m. Mrs. B. did not come at 9 o'cl'k as Mamma hoped she would. Indian meeting in p.m. which I attended and afterwards walked to Mrs. Elling's and found umbrella. None of us went to meeting in evening. Papa read "Coningsby" to us. I mended my own & Papa's stockings.

April, Friday 1. 1887.
Very forbidding a.m. but I went to N.Y. just the same. Trip to city seemed very short. I bought Satin before going to Miss Keane's - was sorry to find her too forlorn with […] to fit me Saturday. I had plenty of errands etc. to keep me busy. Margie & Sophie met me at 2 o' cl'k and we had lunch together. S. & I called at [Mame's?] in Brooklyn. Little […] a dear.

Saturday 2.
Aunt Molly always takes such charming care of me. another snowy a.m! I set out to finish errands very soon after breakfast. Succeeded in getting all I planned and saw the money mart. Took lunch alone. Had satisfactory interview with Madame [Galmpeau?] then called on Miss Lottie Clark. Mrs. Thompson very cordial. She gave me tickets to Academy of Design which I used.

April, Sunday 3. 1887.
Beautiful a.m. Good to have Mamma out at church again. As Papa said Dr. Van Giesen was in his best mood - text from Titus 2:14 "He gave himself for us" etc. I wrote to Uncle Will & Aunt Molly acknowledging her sweet Easter remembrance before church. After dinner fell asleep so did not write to A. & R. till evening.

Monday 4.
Very warm day. M. & K. both out to College. I had much on hand for home in a.m. - brown & white bread and yeast beside dinner. Mrs. Brady came in p.m. so Mamma had more time for washlist etc. I went down town on errands in p.m. Left boots and umbrella to be mended etc. K. came home with great bunch of pussy willows for little Mary Taylor and Jeanette. Papa did not feel like going out in evening to call, so he read in Coningsby. The girls went up stairs early. Mrs. Helms called.

April, Tuesday 5. 1887.
Much cooler. Rained in night & looked [shining?] during a.m. Papa kindly with me to store room & we made a beginning on my furniture which has to be recamphored. We stayed then till 11:30. I found welcome letter from Miss Woolsey on my return. Dinner late because to slow fire. K. home but not M. Vacation at VC begins this p.m. Mrs. Orten called. I went to French Class. Papa read in Coningsby in evening.

Wednesday 6.
Five a.m. - awoke and rested & up at 5 o' c'lk, so good start. Straightened acc'ts & made camphor bags etc before breakfast. Papa and I started for Mr. Thompson's soon after breakfast and worked there over three hours, accomplishing the worst part of extras for me, carpets, rugs, lounges, etc. Papa sewed up after I had recamphored. The girls began cleaning out their possessions. Mamma writing. Papa and M. went out in evening.

April, Thursday 7. 1887.
Succession of very comfortable beautiful days. M. out to VC to make calls. Mrs. Bagley came for sweeping. house pretty well upset. K. and I went down town. I finished for the present in my […] room and my mind is relieved. I had a letter from Anne - one came from Miss Woolsey yesterday. Mrs. [Kelchurn?] came to see Mamma. We had tea in good season and all three of us girls went to prayer meeting. Dr. Van Giesen spoke to us.

Friday 8.
Fine weather continues. Mamie and K. out in a.m. I had two kinds of bread to bake and had extras up stairs during a.m. Word came fr. Mrs. Keany not to go to N.Y. until next Saturday which relieves me very much. Every other week is often enough with all I have to do. Mamma began on her boxes to-day of which we are all glad. A letter came for R. from Red Star Line with possible openings for him. it made us feel lonely.

April, Saturday 9. 1887.
Papa and I did quite a little before breakfast. I baked sponge cake, made pie crust, [puffs?] & brown bread. M. out to Miss Chatfield's in the a.m. K. out for pussy willows. My hats came from Stow's all give satisfaction to me and to family! Sophie R. and Ella McCaleb called in p.m. We had no assistance in kitchen so agony there for a short spell of time for M. & K. they are relieving me at present very much.

Sunday, April 10.
Papa did not go with us to church. Flowers were beautiful, and Dr. Van Giesen preached from Matt. 28:6. "He is risen again, as he said." Mamma very sleepy during services. Mamie had the letters with Papa. Day warmest of the season, so […] all of us put on thinner clothes in p.m. I wrote to Uncle Will, Anne & R. before breakfast so had p.m. for papers. M. out in evening.

April, Monday 11. 1887.
Still warm and bright weather continues. Note came from Mrs. Sanford in a.m. asking for one of the girls to go to concert. She or we did not know which. I accepted for Mamie. Mamma had note from Mrs. Hasbrook asking us to go out of town the 27th. I hope we can. Mamma will say definitely a week from to-day. We had no reading during evening. K. & I went to Miss Carroll's Missionary M't'g.

Tuesday 12.
Tho' cloudy in a.m. it cleared at noon and cool p.m. I went to French class for last time. Great proceedings on the part of the girls to get winter clothes put away & trunks cleaned etc. I stopped at Dr. O's in p.m. for me on errands. In evening Papa and I called on Mrs. Orten and Mr. and Mrs. Buck. I had welcome letter from […]. The girls busy because of going to Cornwall, too.

April, Wednesday 13. 1887.
More dubious looking a.m. than yesterday even, and yet probabilities say "fair weather." I had to go to Dr. O's again because of K's fresh cold. Great rush to get them off with early lunch etc. By noon beautifully pleasant. They wore winter wraps. Pleasant news came from K. to join them in N.Y. at Gilsey house, so had to telegraph in p.m. beside going to Literature Class. In evening went with Mrs. Orten to hear Dr. V.G. read Tennyson & see tableaux.

Thursday 14.
The girls had a good day after all. before I began on my extra work up stairs I went to Miss Armstrong's. I had good letter from Anne. In p.m. The Church Years came from Mrs. Burnside. Mrs. Brady came in p.m. so we had good washing up. I went to prayer meeting alone - the girls were too tired to join me there. They had a fine trip to Cornwall & West Point. […] children came by photographs.

April, Friday 15. 1887.
Pleasant day which I could not expect after two weeks of fair weather it may rain before I return to-morrow night. I awoke early and did all personal affairs before going to Kitchen. After breakfast had to bake two kinds of bread & wash around generally before 1:05 train to N.Y. Poured when I reached city so I took hack to Arnold's. Met Mrs. S. & K. for dinner and evening. We talked till midnight. […] the new […].

Saturday 16.
Not wholly unpleasant. I went out before the 9 o'c'l'k breakfast so that I should be ready to go right to Keany's afterwards. My dresses all delighted me. I stayed at Miss Keane's till noon. Lunched alone and shopped till two. I ran in to see Aunt Molly for a few moments. She seemed bright. Mrs. S K and I with Mr. & Mrs. White went to see "Christ before Pilate" and "Russian […] Heart." We called on Nelly but she was not in the city. We found Mrs. Trimble at home.

April, Sunday 17. 1887.
A very full day for "day of all the week the best." I decided to go out to College, so took […] start after breakfast. I found Paul and Bernie Cravatch at Prof. Druman's and invited them with Miss Cook to tea. George called in p.m. We flew around after he left. Our guests came promptly. A great disappointment that Papa could not join us at tea; the evening was very enjoyable. I heard a good sermon by Dr. Strong.

Monday 18.
Snow, snow, snow again & highs out in p.m! Mrs. Brady came in p.m. and did much sweeping. Mamma had unfortunate letter from Mr. Hasbrook and in reply sent word that she would try to get off Wednesday a.m. April 26. so we'll have to fly around - but I shall try to go to Norwich now and on to A's first week in May. I had note from Mrs. Elling. I made camphor bags in evening.

April, Tuesday 19. 1887.
Cold, but bright a.m. I went out on errands early, and to Mrs. Merry's. Found dear letter from Aunt Molly on my return; she seems pleased with my little present. Mrs. Brady did not come. After cleaning up, I made camphor bags for Mamma all the p.m. Sarah came but Mamma did not dare to give her the children's clothes because of Lizzie's having the measles. Mrs, Orten, Susie and Mr. [Fugisawe?] called in evening.

Wednesday 20.
Out before breakfast to Mrs. Bagley. She took the children's clothes to do. Papa helped me bring down my trunks into my room, did a little packing and then went out VC and made business & pleasure calls. Home to solitary dinner at 1:30. Mrs. B. did not come for dishes but I left them all as it was beautiful p.m. and I went to make all the calls I could. Saw Mrs. Loomis, Mrs. Booth, Miss Vardenburg, Annie [Capone?] and others. The girls helped me in evening. Went to bed in good season.

April, Thursday 21. 1887.
Awoke early. Sewed some before getting up. We had breakfast at seven, so good start. I wrote to Uncle W. for a.m. mail then out to Sarah's. No one came to help so, after resting, had to clean up. Much packing during p.m. M. did not go to prayer meeting. K. & I went. No word from Anne or Nathan for some time. Weather very bright & comfortable.

Friday 22.
M. at home from College. She packed a little. I had plenty to do with housekeeping and had barely finished cleaning up when Miss Whitney and Sophie called about a meeting of Alumnae at VC on Sat. At 3:15 buggy came, and I went to VC for K. and she accompanied me on my calls at extreme end of town. I found no one at home.

April, Saturday 23. 1887.
Gentle beautiful rain. Baked sponge cake and kneaded bread before breakfast. Mended two pairs of Papa's stockings "between times" during a.m. Went to Miss Armstrong's. My dress came from Miss Keane's. Mamie's friends called in p.m. M. had to go out to Miss Scofield's. Dr. Van Giesen called late in p.m. Supper late. boxes nearly packed. Kitchen crowded.

Sunday 24.
Beautiful a.m. Mamma stayed in bed during most of a.m. Papa K. & I went to church. Dr. Van Giesen preached excellent sermon on "Fellowship with Christ." 1 John 1:3-4. I wrote notes before services. Ethel H. and Mamie M. called in p.m. I gave them […] & cake. We enjoyed their visit very much. Two letters - Mr. Fiske's and [@ H's?]. All went to bed in good season.

April, Monday 25. 1887.
Telegram from Uncle Will soon after breakfast - he fears he cannot come East before Miss W. and I go West. I wrote several business notes before going down town on errands. No one came to help. Mr. & Mrs. Elling took me on pleasant drive in p.m. Annie [Capone?] called and also Mrs. Pellon. The last I did not see. Rained throughout evening. Boxes sent.

Tuesday 26.
Beautiful clearing away after storm at noon. during rain I went out on last errands. [Silvermail?]came and took away girls' possessions for VC. I called on Mrs. Orton and Mrs. [Hilas?]. Had telegram from Miss Woolsey in p.m, and after ten walked to P.O. and found Aunt Molly's kind card about leaving trunk in N.Y. Mamma had to pack late. Mrs. B. here all p.m.

April, Wednesday 27. 1887.
Fine a.m. for our start. Mrs. B. came to attend to final cleaning up. M & I went ahead of others for breakfast and to stop at Thompson's. Cars very hot going to City. M. & I had such a good breakfast that we did not stop at St. Stephen's for regular lunch but went over to Dr. Jarvie's as soon as possible. He found much work for M., none for me. I saw Laura Mylie and found Aunt Molly poorly.

Thursday 28.
Pleasant a.m. breakfast late. We three girls had good time in one room. I stayed in hotel all a.m. because of expecting Miss Keane. She came just barely in time for me to get 2 o'c'l'k train to Norwich. Papa saw to my trunks going to the Berkeley till I go West. Rainy p.m. - journey did not seem long because of few stops. Caroline met me at six o' c'l'k and we had very happy evening together.

April, Friday 29. 1887.
We all were dubious of weather early, but by breakfast time sun shone brightly and we were assured of pleasant weather for trip to Valentown. A disappointment not to have Mrs. Tull go - various others failed - not the Gilman's who were most enjoyable. Minnie Leach went as a surprise! The arbutus were not plentiful but it was a joy to pick and we had a good good day.

Saturday 30.
Another bright day. Caroline just sent off some arbutus to her Kitty & then we went out on errands and called on Miss Griffin. In p.m. Mrs. [Traly?], Miss Huntington, Miss Eunice Gilman, Miss Palmer, Mrs. Johnson and Miss Meech called. Enjoyed seeing them all. Caroline read short story in evening. We went to bed pretty early.

May, Sunday 1. 1887.
A wonderfully beautiful a.m. Caroline and I went to church. It seemed strange to be taken twice for Mrs. Tull. After services Miss Gilman went with us into the woods which made us a little late to dinner. Caroline had to go out soon to Band of Hope which I saw later. Miss Haskell stayed to tea with us. We walked home with her. Lovely evening.

Monday 2.
Fine day for my journey to Taunton. I went to school with Caroline and her little children. Miss Haskell came to take care of them while C. went to depot with me. But for the waiting at Plainfield, Providence and Mansfield the journey […] seemed very short. I reached Anne about 3:30 - found her and little William very well. Papa and Mamma stayed in N.Y. over Sunday.

May, Tuesday 3. 1887.
Up nice and early, so took warm bath and nearly finished baby jacket. I dressed darling little William etc. After breakfast I wrote to Caroline and Miss Woolsey. While we were in the yard with the baby Papa came. We sat outdoors and talked while Billy played in dirt. Pleasant afternoon together. I packed […] Mrs. Sanford and Mrs. [Beatrell?] called.

Wednesday 4.
Looked like rain early. I washed my hair before breakfast, straightened acct's and made addition to R's letter. Papa went down town with Anne & me but stopped at the Bank. A bought turban summer wear. Mrs. Sparks called in p.m. just as we were getting ready to go to see her. Papa walked around her grounds with us. We called also on Miss [Brid?].

May, Thursday 5. 1887.
Beautiful a.m. I woke early and accomplished a good deal of mending before breakfast. A. and I dressed for our ride with Mrs. Sparks which proved most delightful. Not home till 11:30. Our collars came from Arnold & Constable which Mamma sent and A. & I much pleased. Papa had return of chest trouble in walking to his p.m. train. It alarmed us. I went from A's in p.m. to Katherine's.

Friday 6.
Awoke early and refreshed in Mrs. S's beautiful blue room. So wrote to Miss Woolsey telling her I would go to Newport Monday a.m. I ran down to see Anne during morning. found no letter from Mamma, but had kisses from darling William. Mr. Clemson called just as Emma came from Boston. K. and I had pleasant drive except for the sadness of visit on young girl who is dying of consumption. All of us were very early at Social Club play "Lancers." It was long!

May, Saturday 7. 1887.
Mrs. Sanford most kind in letting us sleep late. Emma Kate May and I did not breakfast until 9 o c'l'k. We rec'd calls all the a.m. Mrs. [Lovering?] Edith & […] and all from A's home. After dinner it began to rain, but K. and I took cups of custard to sick girl after seeing Emma off. We called on Mrs. Chesbro's and shopped. I left gun & may basket for William. Miss [Bromely] to tea & Mrs. Clemson & Mrs. Bartlett up in evening.

Sunday 8.
Not wholly pleasant. K. went to S.S. I wrote to Uncle W. Nathan and Kitten. Mr. DeForest out of town so was reconciled to staying quietly at home with Katherine. A. and I were glad of note from Papa last evening, tho' he did not say much about himself. We went to church in the evening and called at Anne's afterwards. A. up in p.m.

May, Monday 9. 1887.
Beautiful day. I was up in good season so as to get my trunk packed for Newport before breakfast. Mrs. S. and K. gave me much pleasure. I left Taunton at 9:54, stopping to bid dear little William goodbye. I could not have had more cordial greeting from Miss Woolsey & Miss Horn. Very happy p.m. in their company. Walked to beach and in evening Mrs. Yardley came to play Whist with us.

Tuesday 10.
Another sweet morning. I slept late for me - breakfast not until 8:30. Mrs. Yardley's children out with their dollies on piazza. I received budget of letters from Wolfeboro. I am sorry about Miss Talbot's letters; I wrote to her, to S.F.R. and to Uncle Will. In p.m. Miss Woolsey gave me pleasure of a visit to Torpedo Island, the water & grass most beautiful contrast. In evening we went to Mrs. Yardley's for more Whist. Darling W. three years old.

May, Wednesday 11. 1887.
Up early packing for Boson. Kind of Miss Horn to have early breakfast for me. I wrote short note to Mamma. Kate joined me; in Boston I found note from Mamma saying Papa was ill with Erysipelas and that she had head cold, so I gave up staying all night at Aunt Mary's and took 3:15 p.m. train home, calling at Dr. J's first and getting Cod Liver Oil. Home at 8 p.m.

Thursday 12.
Poor Papa very much disfigured by Erysipelas, would hardly know him. House in anything but an attractive condition. I fixed halls first, then uncovered furniture in parlor. Swept that & Library. In p.m. had long list of errands. May H.met me and went with me then we went together for Arbutus. Found quite a great deal. Good letters from N. & E.

May, Friday 13. 1887.
Fine day. I think Papa better, tho' he had a poor night. I went down with Arbutus for girls for a.m. mail. Mrs. Hatch came and did a large wash. Mr. Bickford here all day working outside. While Mamma did dishes I cleaned out pantry which was in a state! I had to make soup in afternoon - felt so rested after it that I went down town for mail. Taking two p.c.'s.

Saturday 14.
Warm & bright. Papa weak but trust better. Mamma started fire. I got breakfast. Then swept & dusted till nearly noon. Dinner in good season but a regular Saturday's cleaning up. Mamma had little rest. Papa's day easy, tho' his poor ear very bad. Mary C. & May H. called in evening and I walked back wit them for the mail. Letters from Aunt Molly yesterday, to-night Aunt Mary & Katherine.

May, Sunday 15. 1887.
Papa had wretched night. Mamma very tired, so neither of us went to church. I acted as nurse. Wrote eight letters during the day and read & rested. Papa's scalp affected now so that had to be bathed. I had short nap in p.m. Uncle Ira called. We had tea early. I went to evening services - did not like the […] at all. Miss Coffin was my company.

Monday 16.
Looked like rain but long in coming. Papa's night better. Mamma & I had a hard time getting up but we had breakfast at 8 o' c'l'k. As Papa wanted warm bath, I did dishes. All cleaned in dining room & kitchen at 10:30. Papa more comfortable in p.m. I went down town about four o' c'l'k - found no letters. Supper early, bathed Papa's head thoroughly and mended some.

May, Tuesday 17. 1887.
Up in better season. Papa had his breakfast at 6:30. We had ours soon after seven. Papa very much better - up and dressed nearly all day. Mrs. Hatch for washing. Cleaned rooms in p.m. Mamma sat out on piazza quite a while. I went down town, found four letters. Uncle Will, Katherine, "Kitten" & Anne were heard from. After errands I stopped at Mary's short time. Men at work in garden.

Wednesday 18.
Pleasant tho' warm day. Papa better and down to dinner. Went down early after dinner so as to go to Bank and get Mamma's notes in mail. Tried to shower in p.m. I made Mary C. quite a little visit on my way home. Mamma had notes from Mr. Daly & Mamie. All go to bed very early these days. Mamma hopes to go to Boston next Tuesday if Papa continues to gain.

May, Thursday 19. 1887.
Still the much needed rain does not come. I slept so late that Mamma had fire started before I was down. I sorted over some of goods during a.m. Sewed in Papa's room in p.m. until Aunt Abby & May H. called, then I went down in piazza with May. Uncle Ira called on Papa also. May rode home with him. I put binding on traveling skirt & read Sunday Tribune. Went to evening meeting - found note from Miss Woolsey.

Friday 20.
Papa down to breakfast again which seemed very pleasant. I overslept. Mrs. Hatch here, she did the blankets in a.m. & windows all the p.m. Very warm afternoon. May H. came up the hill with me, drank lemonade & […] ourselves off in Library. I had postal card from Mamie. She writes that he has given up her Catskills trip. We do not know reasons.

May, Saturday 21. 1887.
Wind East so storm may be coming. Up in better season, started fire etc. Papa down stairs early also I went down for Uncle Ira's horse & carriage at 9 a.m. Papa did not seem to enjoy his drive which he made very short. Just before tea he had acute neuralgic pain in his [shoulder?]. In the afternoon he had quite a long visit from Mr. John Rust. I went for mail in evening.

Sunday 22.
Rather discouraging for poor Papa to have to stay in bed again! I went to church early so as to call for Dr. King to come here. I took pencil & Paper along. Wrote notes to Uncle Will and Kitten before returning. Text of sermon fr. Luke 8:25. I do not know preacher's […] read, rested & note to R. in p.m. Mamma not out again this Sunday - it does not look as if she would be able to go to B. either.

May, Monday 23. 1887.
Up in good season my 28th birthday. Celebrated it in the a.m. by making the first yeast for the summer. May was up in the morning to invite me off on picnic in p.m. Mrs. Whiton and Mrs. Piper went with us to Sewall's Point where we had supper and a very good time. I had letters from Uncle Will and Nathan at noon, from Anne, Katherine & Miss Gardner in the evening.

Tuesday 24.
Still warm and pleasant. Papa better, he cleaned the [shed?] in a.m. sat out on piazza & later spent short time in garden. Mrs. Hatch here to wash. Mamma busy at personal matters all day, preparation to going to Boston. I found five letters in mail for me, birthday letters from the girls. I stopped at Mary's on my way home & saw Deacon & Mrs. Ruse. Called at Aunt Abby's also. Mrs. Banfield here long time.

May, Wednesday 25. 1887.
[…] a.m. I got up at five. Mamma up very early because of going to Boston. Mamma went on 8:15 train. I saw her off. found no mail but the paper. Blk & yellow car at home during a.m. Mrs. Hatch came in p.m. to go on with house cleaning. Beautiful showers all day. Mrs. Whiton came with Mary & May to go driving in evening, so I got mail.

Thursday 26.
Papa's throat a little […] he painted it with iodine. We had breakfast at 7:30. I cleaned library & dining room pretty thoroughly because of the school committee meeting up here. Mrs. Winslow Banfield called to leave Bundle & Book for Papa, she would not come in. Mrs. Haverworth called in afternoon. Papa went to see Aunt Abby. I did not go out till time for meeting. Sunshine & shadow all day.

May, Friday 27. 1887.
Papa woke up wit return of pain in side and [thinks?] worse, but he preferred to come down to breakfast. As soon as I had done necessary sweeping. I went down town for Dr. King. Mrs. Hatch was here on my return. Papa stayed in room all p.m. The Dr. gave him new medicine. I went down again for mail. I had good letter from Uncle Will. May called towards tea time.

Saturday 28.
The hard storm continues. Mrs. H. did not come but I had plenty to do without getting closets ready for her because of its being baking day and Papa still being upstairs, but he is more comfortable again. Down for mail in p.m. Papa had letters from Mamie and Aunt Mary. I had a disorganized one from Mrs. […]. Mamma returned from B. in 8 p.m. train.

May, Sunday 29. 1887.
Papa had good night. Mamma and I tired & slept late. We had breakfast at 8 o' c'l'k. Mamma went to church. I did not till evening. Mr. […] the promising candidate did not come. Papa very comfortable all day, he came down to tea after pleasant visit from Uncle Ira. I wrote notes various members of the family - finished R's journal to start on its way to Japan.

Monday 30.
Bright & sunny a.m. Encouraging for those who […] much in Decoration day. Papa better but was affected some. He was out in garden for a while & then out again in p.m. When I brought up flower slips from May for [stumps?] I had pleasant call at her house. Note from K. & Uncle Will. Mamma wrote to Mr. George, I to Miss Woolsey and Cousin Joseph. Worked buttonholes after I got the […].

May, Tuesday 31. 1887.
Not bright a.m. I was up early to start fire and get breakfast. Sewed some before, too, as P. & M. were not ready to eat till 7 o' c'l'k. Papa quite disappointed that it is not absolutely pleasant so he can't go driving in p.m. Mrs. H. did not come. I went down pretty early in p.m. Called on Mrs. Whiton and Mrs. Piper before coming home. Had few lines from Miss W. we do not start West till next week.

June, Wednesday 1.
Up early. Started fire etc. Not warm & pleasant as P. so much desired, plants came last evening which he wished to put out. I went down town in a.m. came home by way of Mrs. Hatch. She had gone up to the house, but I borrowed pail of Ida and got some [sand?]. Wet myself pretty thoroughly. great disorder because of closets & pantry being cleaned. The girls called in evening.

June, Thursday 2. 1887.
Still rainy. Mamma went to Boston on 8 o' cl'k train. I had sweeping of halls, Library, R's room and dining room which kept me busy till noon. Mrs. Hatch here and finished down stairs all but the shed. Papa's thumb uncomfortable. Mr. Bickford took note to Dr. K. t o have medicine ready. I went down to prayer meeting. Found no letters from the girls.

Friday 3.
When will this storm end? Papa arm & thumb pretty badly swollen. Mrs. Hatch came in good season. I made hash, sponge cake & pie plant sauce before breakfast. Afterwards planned some packing. Poured most of a.m. I made short expedition to town, but found no letters from the girls. Was much surprised to hear from Ed Hitchcock of Cornell.

June, Saturday 4. 1887.
Poor Papa had to call me at midnight to paint his wrist - he suffered a great deal. So I had to go for Dr. K. as soon as possible after breakfast. He injected morphine so day passed quietly. I had telegram fr. Mamma in midst of baking. Mr. Hobbs did not send ours off because of it. I went down again in p.m. Mamma brought up p.c. from Mamie.

Sunday 5.
Awoke early to contemplate the advisability of leaving home to-morrow a.m. Could not sleep so got up started fire, and then wrote necessary letters. Mamma went to church in a.m. Papa better - seemed quite comfortable all day. The Dr. came about noon. I washed my head in p.m. Mr. Bickford called. Mary C. and May H. came up in evening & we went to services together.

June, Monday 6. 1887.
Beautiful a.m. at last - as Papa better, I decided to keep to my plan and go to Anne's. It was hard to leave home as things were. May H. went to depot with me. Quite a number of Wolfeboro people went as far as Portsmouth. I had barely time to get […] visit at the Highland and to catch six o' c'l'k train out to Anne's. Mr. DeForest made the trip out very short. A. gave me good supper.

Tuesday 7.
Warm pleasant a.m. After being with baby in nursery awhile, we took him out doors and made informal calls on Mrs. Sanford and Mrs. Bennett. Anne had a card from Mamie who is planning a longer stay at Springfield than Mamma desired. Letters full of interesting items from Miss Woolsey. Trip postponed till next week because of joining another party. Mr. and Mrs. Gilman who go in a director's car!

June, Wednesday 8. 1887.
Awake at 3:30, up and stirring at 4 o' c'l'k. black boots, wrote & sewed before breakfast. a very mild a.m. foggy. A. and I out with Wm. in a.m. I had him alone till Anne had finished Dentistry which tired her. […] not down to breakfast - he went to Bank without any! I wrote to girls at Springfield. Lunch at Mrs. Bent's very pleasant. K. & I went to see Tennis at the [Lovening's??].

Thursday 9.
Showery before and after breakfast. Kate came down - we sat out in yard while Anne & Mary put away curtains etc. No letters. A. had telegram from Mrs. [Joselyn?] which we read wrong so A. lost p.m. train to Attleboro. I felt badly about it! I wrote cards to Alice B. & Mamma. Discouraging letter from " about Papa. I went to Prayer meeting. Mr. DeForest good.

June, Friday 10. 1887.
Warm bright day. I was anxious about home, but Mamma wrote "Don't come unless I telegraph." Anne went to Mrs. J. at Attleboro & had successful time. I kept darling William in the yard till 11 p.m. Mrs. [Lourning?], Edith, […] & Dorothy called. Had note from Mamie which required immediate answer, so I mailed it down town. Telegram came from home in evening.

Saturday 11.
Bright a.m. I slipped out of house without Anyone's knowledge so as to catch steamboat train. It was little late, but I caught without difficulty the 8:30 train from Boston & Maine which reached here at noon. I found from Dr. King that Papa had pneumonia - mild attack - so I sent telegram to Taunton. Papa quite overcome at seeing me, his breathing very loud, quick & short all the p.m. - very disturbing. I found Mamma in midst of Saturday chores.

June, Sunday 12. 1887.
Beautiful, bright day. Papa had comparatively comfortable night, breathing much easier to-day. Dr. King said he was better, tho' pulse weak & heart action poor. Neither of us went to church. I rode down with Dr. K. for medicine in a.m. Wrote letters between times of nursing and meal to Uncle Will, Miss W, Anne, R, N, and Aunt Mary.

Monday 13.
Bright a.m. Papa much more comfortable, but seems pretty weak, not like talking, etc. Considerable housekeeping for me. Mrs. Hatch came to do dishes, and my few things in case Papa is well enough for me to start last of the week. I wrote short notes to Mrs. Banfield and Mr. J. B. Sanford of Boston. We had letters from Anne, Mamie & Miss Woolsey. Were distressed to hear that little William had been exposed to scarlet fever. Mamie came while Mrs. B. was here when Mamma helped.

June, Tuesday 14. 1887.
Breakfast in good season. Mrs. Hatch came to wash, so left dishes for her. Mamie busy unpacking until p.m. when she went down town on errands. Mamma & I mended sheets. Papa much more comfortable. Sat up for short time. I had important notes and telegrams to send, as Dr. K. tho't it would be safe for me to go West. May came up in p.m. Telegrams came to me from K. & Miss W and I have one more day at home, of which I am glad.

Wednesday 15.
Beautiful cool a.m. Wrote from four to five a.m., then got breakfast which was early. Mr. Manning took down my mail as […] slept little late. I swept my room and hall, besides making brown bread, yeast and puffs. We left all dishes as Mrs. H. came again. Dr. K. quite a visit this p.m. & said Papa was better. I sent telegram to K. so if possible we may meet at Aunt M's to-morrow night.

June, Thursday 16. 1887.
Sunshine & shadow […]. Mamie and I had a very pleasant row with the Mays and Mrs. Piper. Papa still better. He had beefsteak & potato for dinner. I swept three rooms down stairs. I fixed lunch for my supper and then left it! It rained as I left town. May H. saw me off. I was delighted to see K. again. She had bad […]. We had pleasant evening at Aunt Mary's.

Friday 17.
I took K. to Dr. Jackson's son after breakfast, then Helen, K. and I went to Boston & Providence Depot, they to go to [Somerville?] and I to New York. I wrote to Anne & Caroline en route. I reach N.Y. in good season, lost gossamer on the way! I did few errands before tea. Miss Woolsey arrived soon after seven. Her brother with her a short while. I was pretty sleepy so we went to our St. Stephen's rooms early.

June, Saturday 18. 1887.
Miss Woolsey and I had out breakfast at 7:30; I was out before that meal to replace yesterday's loss. four stores open, but got what I needed at Johnson's. Miss W. dismayed not to find her trunk - had to take journey to Chicago without it! Fine train on […] Road. Very warm day, good meals on vestibuled train, etc. I read "child of the Revolution."

Sunday 19.
We were in on time. President Gilman met us. Alice was not in the city, but I soon had telephonic communication & found she was at home. I called on Bert before going to […], it was very pleasant to see her again. Alice down at the depot with carriage. We had a very happy afternoon & night together. We called on Mr. & Mrs. Howell but did not go to church in evening. talked late.

June, Monday 20. 1887.
Alice & I had little drive before taking the ten o' c'l'k train to Chicago. I had time so called at […]. met Mrs. Gilman for first time since a little girl. All met on Mr. Abbot's car & left in a pouring thunder shower. Which refreshed the way for us very much. We reached the Mississippi that evening, and Mr. A. joined us at Clinton, Iowa. The comforts of private car very great. Especially in such pleasant company.

Tuesday 21.
[…] staid still nearly all night at Clinton, about 3:30 a.m. we were taken off, and it is delicious cool a.m. I was up very early. Wrote letter home and mailed at first station. I read "Children of Gibeon" by Walter Besant. our journey to-day thru' Nebraska not so frontier in appearance as Iowa, yesterday's state. Mr. A. kindly telegraphed Uncle W., so he would not expect us Wednesday a.m. We Missouri at night at Council Bluffs.

June, Wednesday 22. 1887.
All up in car in good season. We mailed messages back at North Platte. I sent K. a letter there. During a.m. Mrs. G, her husband, Mrs. Abbot & Miss Woolsey played Whist. I finished story soon after dinner. into Colo to-day. Julesburg. Same as […] Junction. Afternoon brought in view the […] Rocky Mts. Uncle W. met us at Denver where Miss W. discovered long lost trunk! Dear Aunty's home seemed like a shrine. Effie had flowers about in great profusion. She & Katie glad to see company. We all felt the sadness of arrival. Uncle W. the same kind [heart?] as ever. Miss W. & I settled ourselves and wrote notes East. Uncle W. down town to see if our traveling companions arrived safely. They all came to this home for dinner and we had a very pleasant evening together. Effie's dinner did her great credit as ever. Mrs. Gilman seemed glad to meet Effie.

June, Friday 24. 1887.
Warm days we are having, but nights are deliciously cool. Effie is constantly telling me touching, sad incidents concerning last days of dearest Aunty. Uncle W. down soon after breakfast to make arrangements for the day, and soon two [carry-alls?] came up, and such a day of sight seeing as we had. Glen Eyrie, Garden of the Gods, Manitou, [Ruxton?] Springs, part of Ute Pass & […] Canon. All enjoyed day very much.

Saturday 25.
Still bright and pleasant tho' we are […] to have thunder showers each day. We went down to see our friends of car "47." Mrs. Abbot not very well. The train […] so party probably did not [make?] good connection at Denver. Miss W. & I stayed down till noon doing little errands. I was made very happy in p.m. by Mamie's and Alice B's letters. We all went to reading at Gilman Cottage in evening. Very pleasant.

June, Sunday 26. 1887.
I was wide awake at five, so began my letters in good season. Wrote long ones to Richie, Mamie & Alice B. Miss Woolsey & I went to Episcopal Church. Mr. [Kieffin?] preached on "Come with me all ye that labor & are heavy laden." I fell asleep on lounge after lunch while Miss W. & Uncle W. were talking. Dr. Brinley called. I read on piazza, and after dinner Uncle W. & I called on Mrs. Gregg. Saw four of her six children!

Monday 27.
Awoke early enough to do little mending & writing before breakfast. I dusted three rooms down stairs & fixed Uncle W's and mine. Sewed on piazza till Mrs. Brinley called. Soon after lunch Uncle Will took us on beautiful drive to North Cheyenne Canon. Explored it to the very end, much to the delight of both Miss Woolsey & myself. We brought him wild flowers in carriage. Uncle Will took us to see Miss Jeffrey Lewis in "Forget-me-not." Good portrayal of bad character.

June, Tuesday 28. 1887.
Very cool refreshing night. I slept later than usual. 6:30. I did my dusting and wrote to Aunt Molly before breakfast; soon afterward Miss Woolsey and I called on Mrs. & Miss Gilman & Mrs. Adams & Miss Brinley, then went to see Uncle W. in Bank. he and I were both weighed, he 163 & I 159 lbs. Mrs. Adams invited us to dinner at her house Friday evening. Mr. Gregg called in p.m. We played Whist in evening.

Wednesday 29.
Fresh, cool, delicious morning. I washed my head before breakfast. Soon afterwards Miss Woolsey and I took long walk to call on Mrs. Brinley. found only the Dr. at home. Uncle W. wanted to take us to drive in p.m. but it rained very hard, so could not. I had note of invitation from Mr. Swisburne which I accepted. Uncle W. Miss W. & I played Whist with "[Theodore?]" again.

June, Thursday 30.
Very delightful after the rain. I sewed black lace on b'l'k silk dress before and after breakfast. Then took a good read and [nap?] before going to lunch at Mr. Swisburne's; his cottage very attractive. We stayed there till 4:30. Miss W. & he had long literary talk. We returned calls on Misses [Casey?] and […]. Missed several others. Evening entertainment at Dr. [Sreely's?] kept us up late.

July, Friday 1. 1887.
Was glad to sleep till 7:30 a.m! I walked to P.O. and stopped with Uncle Will at Bank for letters. Miss Woolsey had two, I one from Sophie Nichols. Mrs. Thayer called soon after my return from down town. She has invited us out to dinner to-morrow night! Thunder shower in p.m. The dinner at Dr. Adams exceedingly pleasant - guests Dr. & Mrs. Brinley, Mrs. Montague, Mr. Steele, Miss [Thorlou?] and our household.

July, Saturday 2. 1887.
Such a memorable season as all these days are. I wrote A's birthday letter during a.m. while Miss Woolsey tried to paint poppy. No letters at noon. Uncle Will and I took long naps in p.m. When it stopped raining Miss Woolsey and I made four calls - the [Selly's?], Mrs. [Hamp?], Mrs. Hill & Miss Guild. Uncle W. came up without ordering carriage for dinner party so had to go back. Very pleasant evening!

Sunday 3.
The saddest day of our visit and yet we were so glad to go to the Mt. grave. I slipped out of house before breakfast to get Aunt Molly's flowers. We left the house at ten o' c'l'k. I shall never forget the sad slow climb up Cheyenne Toll Road, and that first impressive glimpse of the sacred spot! We did not hurry home. Uncle Will was caught in shower while we were in […] Cheyenne Lodge.

July, Monday 4. 1887.
Pretty noisy early, but the coolest 4th I have known for a long time. Uncle Will did not have to go to Bank, but had callers at the house all the a.m. Miss Woolsey sketched in a […]. I wrote long letter to Mamma, finished R's & sent note to Aunt Molly. Uncle Will gave us a most charming drive to the spot which Aunty called "My Garden." We did not enjoy […].

Tuesday 5.
Notwithstanding late retiring I was roused sufficiently to wake Miss Woolsey at six, as she wanted to make preparations for Greeley visit. We had breakfast at 8 o' c'l'k on account of her journey. Uncle W. went to depot with her. I dusted down stairs, then did my little washing, etc. Made calls in p.m. and missed some. Uncle Will told me at dinner that he would have to go away too! We called on Mrs. Thayer & Mrs. Adams in evening. brilliant night!

July, Wednesday 6. 1887.
Breakfast in good season on acct of Uncle Will going to Denver. Sewed early, then went to village, had an interview with Miss Vance. Later called on Mrs. Kissel but she was not able to see me. Had a happy visit with Mrs. Gregg & the children on my way home. Miss Gilman and Miss Guild called. Miss G. kindly took me on drive to Manitou in p.m.; we called on Mrs. Bell. I went to prayer meeting. Strange to be alone in house.

Thursday 7.
Another warm but beautiful a.m. I woke at 4:30, but did not get up till 5:30 when I began my writing. Sent letters to "Kitten" May H. & Mrs. Elling. I had [fussy?] errands matching lavender […]. On my return home, I worked on notes for Mamma. Had to lunch alone again. Took a good read & rest afterwards. Mrs. Hagerman & Miss Dorsey called in p.m. Uncle Will returned from Denver for dinner. We had cozy talk on piazza.

July, Friday 8. 1887.
Such sweet mornings I never knew anywhere. I was awake at five to enjoy the lovely Mts. As I began my writing. answered Miss Thibault's letter, then sewed. I walked down town with Uncle W. as far as Miss Vance's, she took measures. I called on Miss [Melealy?] & Miss Guild. Mrs. Haten was here on my return. Mrs. Brinley & Miss Guild called. Rained very hard all the p.m. Uncle W. took a good long nap. Miss Woolsey returned for late dinner. I heard from "Kitten" & Mr. Fiske.

Saturday 9.
Very refreshing night after so much rain. I awoke at quarter of six, [store?] the cherries, dusted & sewed before our nine o'c'l'k breakfast. Then I went out with Uncle Will to see Miss Guild and to get mail, bro't two letters back for Miss Woolsey. We made cherry preserves this morning, it turned out well. Mr. Montague & Hattie Woodbury called a little before six. They were disappointed not to see Uncle W. or Miss W. We had very pleasant evening at Dr. Brinley's.

July, Sunday 10. 1887.
Such delightful wakings as these Colo mornings cause. I roused at 4, but then slept till six when I got up and wrote to Papa & Richie in the beautiful Sunday stillness. Miss Woolsey and I went to hear Mr. Gregg preach, his text was Matt. 22:37. I stayed to S.S. Class. Uncle Will rested all a.m. Soon after lunch we all went to drive to Cheyenne Mt. again. Most wonderful views.

Monday 11.
Uncle Will decided at breakfast that he must go to Denver. Miss W. & I missed him very much. I did errands & read, while Miss W. painted her […]. At 3:30 the carriage came for us to use while making calls, 11 in no.! We finished all, too without getting wet. Shower came to prevent our horseback ride. Mr. Frank [Hawp?] called, and we played Whist with Dummy till 10:30, so then sat up for Uncle Will!

July, Tuesday 12. 1887.
I slept till after seven, because of sitting up late last night. I dusting rooms down stairs & Uncle W's & mine. Uncle W. had to spend to-day in Pueblo. After taking morning walk I wrote to Anne, Miss Gardner & Mrs. Orten. Miss W. & I called on Mrs. Adams in p.m. I also tried to see Miss [Fims?]. Then cut out mats for Aunty's washstand & traveling case for Uncle W. Uncle W. & I called on Mr. & Mrs. Risley.

Wednesday 13.
Beautiful a.m. I accomplished a job I have delayed a long time, putting lace on thin white dress. I went down town after breakfast but found no letters. I had to take nap before lunch. Enjoyed reading [news?] papers. Uncle W. home early at noon because he did not feel quite right. I [read?] nearly all the p.m. We all went to Miss Gilman's to dinner and had a very pleasant evening. The guests beside ourselves were Mr. & Mrs. Risley & Mr. Parrish.

July, Thursday 14. 1887.
Slept pretty late for me. The back room in great demand. Uncle Will did not get down to breakfast till 9:30. Miss Woolsey read aloud to him as we had finished ours. Mrs. Hill & Dr. Adams called, hard showers during a.m. between which Miss W. & I did a few errands. After lunch another shower, then cleared and Uncle W. gave us most beautiful drive out to Glen Eyrie, Garden of the Gods, Manitou, etc. We played Whist in evening.

Friday 15.
Awoke refresh at 5 o 'clock. Did some mending for Uncle Will beside housework before breakfast. I walked down town with Uncle Will, reminded him to get knifes for dinner party, then I bought Katherine a birthday photograph, and little Nathan and baby Helen birthday presents. Showery p.m. Uncle W. [bo't?] flowers for our dinner which Miss W. & I arranged. Everything passed off most pleasantly.

July, Sunday 16. 1887.
A real New England a.m. and day, cool storm, the first really unpleasant day since our arrival! Miss Woolsey had our hands quite full in making currant jelly. before beginning it I went down town to Miss Vance's, P.O. & Bank, bro't Uncle W's letters as well as ours as he rested on sofa most of a.m. In p.m. Miss W. rested. I sewed, wrote & read. Miss W. read aloud first part of evening, "[…]" later played Whist.

Sunday 17.
Cheyenne not perfectly clear, so day may not be pleasant. I had to go down stairs at 4. Staid in bed till 4-5, dressed at 6 a.m. when I began my letters. I had a very good read and rest all the a.m. Miss Woolsey the only one who went to church. [Super?] for me to stay quietly at home. Uncle W. went down for letters. I had good ones from "Kitten," Nathan & Nellie C. Uncle W. & Miss W. took charming drive in p.m. Mr. & Mrs. Buckman called while they were gone.

July, Monday 18. 1887.
Beautiful a.m. after all the fine showers during the night. I woke early with a slight return of diarrhea. Sewed before breakfast, acknowledged in my open [hour?] letters K's and N's. Miss W. and I very busy with cherry preserve during a.m. Miss Guild, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Gregg & Miss Dorsey called also! Uncle Will gave us charming drive in p.m. to Austin Bluffs. We went to Dr. [Selly?] for short evening.

Tuesday 19.
Cheyenne bright & beautiful. I wrote to N. and copied recipe of Pot-Pourri for Effie & Easter poem of Aunty's before breakfast. Callers came before we were thru […] Miss Dorsey, Miss Bradford, Mrs. Wood. I walked down town with Uncle Will. Went to Miss Vance's, returned as soon as possible to call with Miss W. Full p.m. Washed head, went driving, saw "Box & Cox" and a dinner party at home which was very pleasant. Mrs. Steele stayed for Whist.

July, Wednesday 20. 1887.
Suspect a.m. for starting on our trip. I was up preparing by six o' c'l'k. Mrs. Wood and Mr. Parrish called just after breakfast. Our train did not start till 11:30. We dined at Pueblo. Grand Canon containing Royal Gorge most interesting to us; then, after leaving Salida, began the wonderful ascent up Marshall Pass, nearly cold at 10,600 for highest point. too sleepy to appreciate Black Canon, it was dark also. did not reach Gunnison till 12 p.m.

Thursday 21.
Miss Woolsey and I breakfasted rather late in out new surroundings. Then we started out with reading sewing and writing materials for the Black Canon, where we spent the whole a.m. I wrote to dear "Kitten" on the Banks of the beautiful Gunnison. Miss Woolsey and I rested in p.m. I slept two hours and a half. In evening we walked again into the canon and made the acquaintance of the lone watchman, Mr. Joseph W. Hutt.

July, Friday 22. 1887.
Another perfect morning. We were sorry not to have hand car at our disposal, but it had been taken off by R.R. officials, so we walked 3 miles or more into the beautiful Black Canon again. Mr. Hutt met us and lent his fishing rod and assistance in finding beautiful spot for out whole day stay, a pine grove overlooking river and Mts. Miss W. wrote a poem. I read, crocheted & fished. We rode back on a hand car after all.

Saturday 23.
Were much disappointed that the early rain was 2 hrs. late! We did not see Uncle Will till nearly 8 o'clk. Which of course meant that we shoed up to late for Mrs. Hill's little play "Dumb Bill." However we were delighted to ride on […] train car thru' black Canon, then had comfortable seat in Drawing Room; and oh! what a journey it was home again thru Marshall Pass & the Grand Canon. Another very happy day. Seven letters on my return!

July, Sunday 24. 1887.
Awoke most refreshed at 4:30. I wrote long letter to Papa and N. before breakfast. I did not hear Mr. Gregg as I expected, a home missionary instead. Before taking p.m. drive, I finished letters to R. and Alice B., who is very sad over Billie's sorrow & loss. We drove over towards Austin Bluffs. Uncle W. has done so much for out enjoyment this month! Miss W. read in the evening.

Monday 25.
I was glad to be awake early, finished letters to Alice and Mrs. [Balkus?], declining her offer to teach in […] School, then got ready a parcel for Miss Vance. Carried it to her after breakfast; met Miss Guild down town & we made arrangement to ride Tuesday. Uncle Will planned another trip to "My Garden." different because I went on horseback while he & Miss W. were in buggy. We had a most delightful p.m. and did not return till 8:30! I had letter from Papa.

July, Thursday 26. 1887.
Rather tame after yesterday's 2 miles' jaunt, however, Miss Woolsey and I enjoyed covering the jelly tumblers; and then we made calls till lunch time. After a good rest, it was time to get ready for horseback. Miss Brinley & Miss Guild both came here at 4:30 & we had a good ride over the plains. Mr. Steele came in for Whist in which he & I won 3 out of 5 games.

Wednesday 27.
Much cooler a.m. again. I awoke stiffer than yesterday, so decided to break my agreement with Miss B. & Miss G. especially as I forgot appointment with Miss Vance. I wrote three notes before walking down with Uncle W. I obtained pamphlets for Anne & business [sheets?] for Church Building Fund. Busy a.m. with writing. Washed hair in p.m. & read. Mr. Steele came to dinner and had good games of Whist in wh. he & I […].

July, Thursday 28. 1887.
Fresh, cool a.m. I did not wake very early, so had time only for dusting before breakfast. Afterwards walked to Mrs. Hills for her poppies which Miss W. wished to use. then finished A's letter and walked down with Uncle W. & had waists tied on at Miss Vance's. Pretty warm day. Uncle W. and I both took nap after lunch. Uncle W. then obtained flowers for dinner party, which passed off pleasantly. Dr. & Mrs. Adams, Prof. & Mrs. Pickering, Miss Gilman, Miss Bradford and Mr. Kissel were the guests.

Friday 29.
Another warm day. Neither Uncle W. nor Miss W. felt just right for long ride to Manitou Park. I walked to village for letters and crochet silk, then sewed new collar on striped calico till early lunch, after which we started to Manitou Park. a most delightful drive there, notwithstanding shower. We had a wonderful rainbow before reaching Park; our evening very pleasant - cards first, then music in "Bungalow."

July, Saturday 30. 1887.
Quite unpleasant morning, damp showering like New England; soon after breakfast Uncle Will and I took a tramp thru the fields and called on the [Melteney's?], to inquire for Miss Edith - she was better. After lunch we saw the children play and then listened to Miss Belle's playing. by that time […] and Uncle Will took us on a drive through the Park. Miss Guild went with us. Cards in the evening. Mr. [Loies?] & I beat Uncle W. & Miss W. Pleasant time at the [Bull?] cottage.

Sunday 31.
beautiful a.m. I wrote to Mamma & R. before breakfast. Miss Woolsey told the children stories for a while, then read to the older set two essays from "[…]." Miss Guild & I had pleasant walk into the woods together. Soon after lunch Mr. [Campote?] joined our party and so started for home. another beautiful drive […] shower. Prof. & Mrs. Pickering and Mrs. Draper called in evening.

August, Monday 1. 1887.
Beautiful a.m. for out expedition to Seven Lakes. I had to go to Miss Varnce's before breakfast. Miss Gilman called for me about 8, then we gathered at the Antlers. Views very fine up the Toll Road. We changed about in carriages before and after lunch which was pleasantly eaten in …Park. not long after leaving, that we had a "break down"; axle gave out to carriage, so all ladies were put in 3-seater and & Prof & Mr. Will P. walked.

Tuesday 2.
We were not the worse for yesterdays [jaunt?]. Mr. Clifford & I started for the Peak on horseback at 3:15! Moonlight, stars, and sunrise all most fascinating at such an elevation. We reached the Peak before six, and Oh! how cold & grand. Mr. Schneider, the Signal Corps young man, most cordial. We took second breakfast with him, then saw the sights. And later wrote letters home & to Katherine. Prof. & Mrs. [Pickering] & Dr. P. & Mr. D. did not arrive till nearly 11 o'clk. We returned at noon pleasant p.m. and evening.

August, Wednesday 3. 1887.
Five a.m. and I was awake early. So mended gown, finished Miss Woosley […] case and had a good walk with Mr. Will Pickering before breakfast. Which we did not have till 9 o c'l'k. We had great fun mounting our burros and did not get started till nearly eleven. Trip home thru Jones Park & Bear Creek Canon most delightful. Uncle W. & Miss W. gave me cordial welcome home. Mr. Parrish & Mr. Steele called in evening. We had Whist.

Thursday 4.
Busy day because of dear Miss Woolsey's preparation for leaving us. I was out in the a.m. in errands. Mrs. Brinley treated us to soda lemonade in late a.m. Uncle Will home early, but did not get to sleep on lounge. I read unfinished story of Aunty which we destroyed afterwards. The Misses [Wickard?] called in p.m. Miss Woolsey read aloud to me. We had early dinner, then I went to station to see Uncle. W. & Miss W. start for Denver.

August, Friday 5. 1887.
Cool, cloudy a.m. I was relieved to find Effie better so that she could go on her S.S. picnic. She took […] with her. Katie gave me good breakfast in my solitariness. After I had about finished in my cleaning up, Miss Gilman called & we went for flowers for Mrs. Pickerings Reception. I was glad to telegram fr. Uncle W. saying he could go to Miss Gilman's to-morrow night & that Leadville trip is postponed.

Saturday 6.
Beautiful a.m. I dressed for all day as I expected Mrs. Elling & her sister. Miss Green did not come, so I invited Mr. Steele to lunch which was very good & passed off pleasantly. Miss Price called in p.m. Mrs. Elling saw village before leaving on 5 o' c'l'k train. Uncle Will and I went to Pike's Peak dinner party at Miss Gilman's which was very lively. Mrs. Pickering unable to be present, Miss Dorsey there in her place. We came away at 10 ocl'k.

August, Sunday 7. 1887.
Quiet, cool comfortable a.m. We miss Miss Woolsey. I went to church. Mr. Gregg preached well on Matt. 23:23-24. A little daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Kissel this morning at 9 o' c'l'k - both mother and baby doing well. In p.m. Uncle Will and I drove over to Glen Eyrie to call on Gen'l Palmer and Mrs. […]. We returned just in time for dinner. I made a P.P.C. [in?] Miss Dorsey in evening,

Monday 8.
Very refreshing a.m. I finished letters to R., M. Mrs. [Lund?/and Miss Woolsey & N. before breakfast. Uncle W. had to start for Grand Junction again. I shall be lonely enough with him away too. Attended to errands, read, wrote and napped before lunch. Afterwards had quite a [siege? repairing my riding habit, then went out and made calls tll supper. Read till I was asleep in chair. Went to bed early.

August, Tuesday 9. 1887.
[Swell?] a.m. I wrote to Sophie N. & Nellie C. before breakfast. Mrs. Hill called just as I was finishing to tell me that Mr. Hardy wanted me to go with him and others to Aunty's grave to-morrow. I had welcome note from Anne which I partly answered at once. Poppy came to dinner at noon. We were together until she went to Mrs. Read and I to […] Cheyenne on horseback - the ride very pleasant and dinner cozily served on piazza at May's.

Wednesday 10.
Busy a.m. on account of preserving peaches. Kate and I put up 9 jars. Miss Gilman and little Susana called, then I went down to Bank and on Errands. Dinner at1 o'c'l'k because I expected to start at 2 p.m. for dear Aunty's grave - it poured, so I tho't I should not got with Mrs. Hill, Mr. Hardy and Mr. Knight; but at four the gentlemen came to see if I would dare to go. It did not rain while we were gone. there was not a ray of sunshine either. Cheyenne most impressive.

August, Thursday 11. 1887.
Slept quite late for me - did not write till after breakfast, then answered Ed Hitchcock's note before going on Errands. I called on Miss Woodbury, read her Emmie York's letter, found good notes from Miss Woolsey & [Bert?]. Katie and I put up some more peaches - not as good as yesterday's. Another beautiful rain to-day. Read, mended & rested till dinner. Uncle Will home fr. Grand Junction much to my delight.

Friday 12.
This is the second anniversary of dear Aunty's death. A beautiful, bright a.m. Cheyenne clothed in beautiful mist when I rose at 5:30. Uncle Will hoped to go to grave with me but he did not feel quite up to it - he was not quite well at Grand Junction. He rested & slept after lunch & felt much bright towards evening, when he accompanied me to Hagerman's tea, which was very pleasant.

August, Saturday 13. 1887.
Cool five a.m. I finished note to Miss Woolsey before breakfast, then worked on Uncle W's [dressing?] case which I finished before noon. I had a very pleasant little visit from Miss Gilman & little Susana while sewing on piazza. I called on Miss Price in p.m. but could not see her as she was ill. Heavy clouds prevented my making noon calls. Mr. […] called in evening who talked R.R. matters with Uncle W.

Sunday 14.
Sweet, sweet a.m. We did not have breakfast till 9:30 - not much reading on piazza before church bell rang. Mr. Gregg preached well on Rev. 21:14. I did not stay to S.S. We read a little aloud after lunch. Carriage came about 3 for p.m drive. We went over to Manitou. Mr. Steele called before dinner. Afterwards we went to see Mrs. Gilman & then read till nearly eleven.

August, Monday 15. 1887.
A refreshingly cool a.m. I was awake and rested at 5:15, so first finished home letters and then was ready to begin on sewing. Mended all the a.m. Uncle W. and I had little read in "Tale of Two Cities" after lunch. At 4:30 we drove over to "tea" at Glen Eyrie which was most picturesque every way. Beautiful drive over Mesa coming home - glow behind Mts. and superb rainbow. Dr. [Pennington?] called in the evening.

Tuesday 16.
Beautiful a.m. for our expedition to Crystal Park. Only four to go after all. Uncle Will drove with Miss Gilman & me to trail where we found our horses. The ascent very easy and enjoyable, a charming natural entrance into the Park. We soon found Cottonwood grove of trees where we had our lunch & rest. The dogs badly hurt in mysterious way! Views superb on Manitou trail which is very steep. Soon came home in carriage. Uncle W. went to Pueblo on 11 o' clk train.

August, Wednesday 17. 1887.
My hands pretty badly broken out. Took Sepia regularly. Sat out on porch with my mending. While there Miss Gilman & Susana called also Mr. Steele, Mrs. […] & her children. In the p.m. Mrs. Partridge, Miss […] & Miss […]! Effie brought me up my mail - note from Miss […] and "Poppy" who may come from Park the last of the week. I do not like to eat alone, but it is easier to […] as I have to.

Thursday 18.
Poor hands still bad. After breakfast I went to Dr. [Coombs?]. He gave me Apis and prescribed an application of Soda and water - a warm bath of that at night. Mrs. Pickering called on me after lunch. I worked on fringe skirt in a.m. when not reading. Finished note to Miss Woolsey & wrote to dear K. before going to Bank where I found two notes fr. Uncle Will. Took bath early in evening because of great discomfort.

August, Friday 19. 1887.
Pleasant a.m. I slept very late for me, did not go out at all because of my terrible outbreak on hands and neck. Sewed read and wrote and time went rapidly till Miss Woodbury & Mrs. Merrill called. I had welcome letters from Miss Gardner and Caroline H. who has helped beautifully on Church Fund. Began "Daniel […]." Made a few visits after sunset. Hands better by evening.

Saturday 20.
Awoke refreshed at 5:15, so dressed then sewed awhile before beginning on letters to Bert and Annie C. and notes to Mrs. Pickering & Mrs. Merrill. Effie kindly took my packages around. I went simply to Dr. [Coombs?] for medicine. Deep all day in "Daniel […]" which I am enjoying very much. Sewed & wrote. Mr. Gregg called, also Mr. [Henick?] with note from Miss Abbie. I called on Mrs. Risley before tea, afterwards with Miss Gilman on Mrs. Pickering.

August, Sunday 21. 1887.
Hands much more comfortable tho' very […] looking yet. I went to Effie's church […] as I wanted to hear Rev. W. W. Attenbury from New York. he preached a good sermon from Hebrews 14:16. I wrote letters to Papa, R. Alice B. Mrs. Burnside and Helen Tufts. in that way p.m. passed quickly tho' I missed Uncle W. very much. Too sleepy to go to service in evening. Read quietly at home. Mr. [Badlow?] bro't me the letters.

Monday 22.
Busy collecting & mending clothes before breakfast - afterwards went down town, found two letters. Cool rainy day, so accomplished much in sewing & mending. I let down a handsome silk that was dear Aunty's. I had a good long read in "Daniel […]." Miss Brinley called in p.m. In evening I went to Miss Gilman's for reading of "View of Wakefield." The Misses Price and Poppy Guild were there. I rc'd telegram from Uncle Will that he would be home 3 o c'l'k in a.m.

August, Tuesday 23. 1887.
As I was awake early, I got up at 4:15, expecting Uncle W. anytime after 4:30. He did not get here for breakfast even. I found at Bank that his Leadville train was very late. I called on Mrs. Hill at the Gregg Parsonage and on Miss Gilman. Uncle W. arrived just in time for lunch. Very good to see him again. He had hard journey & considerable tramping over Mts. Rested, wrote notes and read during another rainy p.m. Cozy evening before fire. Read "Tale of Two Cities."

Wednesday 24.
Another rainy day. So unusual for Colorado. As it did not pour all a.m. I put on woolen dress and made calls on Poppy, the Parsonage and Mrs. Brinley & Mrs. Hill. I had good notes from Caroline & Miss Woolsey. Uncle W. home early to rest before lunch. Miss Brinley & I had good gallop on horseback between p.m. showers. Uncle Will threw himself on lounge after drinks and I soon read him to sleep, and myself sleepy so went to bed early.

August, Thursday 25. 1887.
Sweet, glorious a.m. Mts. out again in all their brilliancy. As our children's picnic is postponed, I made preparations to go to Pueblo with Uncle Will as he wished me to do so. I wrote notes before breakfast to Miss W. Mamma and Nathan. We had a good day off except that Uncle W. did not find his man, so we did not stay all night. Uncle W. gave me pleasant drive all round. Called on Mrs. Elling etc. Whist in the evening at home with Mr. [Mony?] & Mr. Steele.

Friday 26.
Bewitching a.m. I was out on visits. Miss Gilman, Poppy, Mrs. Gregg, etc. My whole a.m. was absorbed in that way. I gave Mrs. Gregg the $5.00 Prof. Chickering sent for church, to which I added another $5.00. Lunch a little late after which I read several chapters in "Tale of Two Cities." Poppy and Mr. [Henick?] came to a very cozy dinner, after which we played "Whist". Poppy & Uncle W. won the rubber. We read till 11:30, finished "Tale of Two Cities."

August, Saturday 27. 1887.
Not [properly?] clear a.m. but sunny and bright by 9 ' c'l'k, so I prepared box of fruit for picnic with children. I found them ready. pleasant glimpse of Mr. & Mrs. Gregg and baby Elinor who has just begun to walk. Quite a party of Springs people in the train. The day at Canon most pleasant. Miss Price, Miss Gilman & Little Susana, with Jamie, Faith, & Donald & me made a good sized small party. We returned on 4:30 train. Uncle W. in Pueblo.

Sunday 28.
Warm bright beautiful a.m. I wrote letter to Anne before our late breakfast. Mr. Montague's sermon on "Seeing Christ Aright" was very good. "Needing, receiving and giving" the true essentials to right vision. Soon after lunch Uncle Will and I drove […] Cheyenne, storms nearly drove us back, but turned again & saw that it was to be shower. We found Mrs. Hatch at home in her cabin near the beautiful falls. We read the Jackson Genealogy in Evening.

August, Monday 29. 1887.
Cool pleasant a.m. I wrote to R. Miss W. Alice and Nathan before breakfast. afterwards went down town with Uncle W. Called on Mrs. […] and then wrote more notes before lunch. Read afterwards. Uncle Will went to sleep on lounge until gentlemen called. Mr. Hudson & Mr. Steele in to play Whist an hour before dinner. Uncle W. & I called on Mrs. Hagerman & Mr. [H]. In again at 9 o'c'l'k.

Tuesday 30.
Weather invigorating like fall. I wrote to Mrs. Lloyd and Mamma before breakfast, afterwards down town. Met Miss Gilman & we called together on Mrs. Reed. Mrs. […] called with the children. Uncle W. in a hurry at lunch because of going to ride with his friends from […]. Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Adams & Miss Brinley called in p.m. I read & sewed till dinner which was very pleasant with Mr. & Mrs. [….] our guests.

August, Wednesday 31. 1887.
Last day of the coolest and pleasantest summer I can remember! I worked on my black [polmaise?] before breakfast. Sewed on piazza afterwards till Mr. Steele came to say he could not come to lunch. then I invited Miss Brinley who declined. Miss Woodbury accepted. Miss Gilman here early so I enjoyed her a little alone. Uncle Will nearly lost his p.m. train to Denver! I went to meeting in evening.

September, Thursday 1. 1887.
[Sweet] day. I do not like breakfast alone. Callers soon afterwards. Mrs. […], Miss [Benedict?] & Miss Stewart. I went out at noon to bid Miss Gilman "Goodbye" - and to get mail & do errands. Letter from N; he is "mixed" about going East. I wish I knew which I ought to do, start right away or enjoy this month here. I read, sewed and made calls in p.m. Dinner alone after all, tho' we waited till 8 for Uncle Will - he returned on 10:30 train.

September, Friday 2. 1887.
Beautiful day for our trip to Mr. Hill's ranch. We all started about 9:30, the drive across the plains East delightful. The ranch very interesting and our dinner very enjoyable after twelve miles of open air. We returned by the way of Mrs. Cook's ranch which is very pleasant. Uncle Will and I went to Mrs. Hatch's in the evening and had an interesting discussion.

Saturday 3.
Beautiful a.m. - did not get up very early. Wrote short note to Nathan before breakfast. Sewed on purple jacked and began "Adam Bede" during a.m. Uncle Will and I have not had chance to begin another story. After I was dressed for dinner and was sitting on piazza with work?], Mrs. Thayer called. Our dinner party I enjoyed. Uncle W. did not seem sure that the guests enjoyed it. Mrs. Hagerman her son, Mr. & Mrs. Hill made the number.

September, Sunday 4. 1887.
Warm beautiful a.m. Breakfast pretty late. I wrote to Mamie & R. before breakfast. Mr. Steele called on the piazza and seemed very well. I went to Communion Services at my own church, but Mr. Gregg was away and there was no minister to take his place. I had a good letter from Papa at noon. Uncle Will and I drove over the plains in p.m. Going as far as Templeton's Gap - if not farther.

Monday 5.
Sweet but pretty warm day. I was out on few errands. Called on Poppy & Miss [Baem?] and Mrs. […]. , then came home and wrote to Katherine & Bert. Sewed and read till lunch. Dr. Bue came in to […] at 3o 'c'l'k. We started in on horseback ride Miss Brinley, Miss [Baem?] Poppy & I and we went as far as Mrs. [Halth's?] cabin. Pleasant reading at Mrs. Marshall's in evening.

September, Thursday 6. 1887.
Fine day for our picnic up Cheyenne Toll Road. Miss Brinley drove in carriage with Ned Adams and Miss Dunbad. Miss [Baum?] Poppy & I were on horsebacks. Views very fine. Lunch very good and cozy and ride home most delightful. We returned early because of prospect of rain, so I sewed before dinner. Mr. [Henick?] called just as I was beginning to read "Pendennis" aloud. Letter from Mrs. Burnside and Susie W.

Wednesday 7.
Awoke early, at five and got up then, so had good "Sew" before breakfast. I finished the thin white basque by noon. Miss [Baum?], Mr. Steele, Miss Brinley & Poppy came to lunch with us. Uncle Will had to leave as soon as we had finished because of his going to Denver on 3:45 train. Miss Otis & Susan & Miss Waters called. Supper at quarter of seven. Rained too hard for me to go to meeting, so went to bed early.

September, Thursday 8. 1887.
Good rain during the night. It looks as if we might have more to-day. I wrote to Papa early, also note to Alice B. Uncle W. in D. Busy a.m. sewing until lunch at Mrs. Dickerman's. I went to P.O. before going there, found good letter from Miss Woolsey. "Poppy" and I the ladies, Dr. Pennington & his brother and Mr. [Pastmills?] the gentlemen. P. & I made calls afterward. I was too sleepy to read long in evening.

Friday 9.
Uncle Will cam home last night. Rather a dark day for Colorado. I finished dressing [sack?] before breakfast. Miss [Taturn?] called in a.m. also in p.m. - she was anxious that I should go to Leadville. Uncle W. did not approve of plan and I am sure I was not much disappointed to give it up. Because of excursion Uncle Will and I read "Pendennis" in evening; it is not so interesting to us as "Tale of Two Cities."

September, Saturday 10. 1887.
Beautiful day again. I did quite a piece of sewing on black polonaise before breakfast, afterwards I went down town with Uncle Will. Met Poppy. We did our errands together, the Miss Otis & Susana came home with me. Susana stayed on & I took her home towards twelve - dear child! Called on Mrs. … Poppy and I had a good run on horseback to Austin Bluffs in p.m. returning before six o'clock.

Sunday 11.
Beautiful quiet a.m. I was awake at 5:30 so began my letters at 6 o'cl'k. Wrote to Mamma, Mrs. Burnside, Miss Woolsey and Caroline. I began R's letter. No preaching at Mr. Gregg's church so I went with Effie and heard Mr. [McClure?]. Uncle Will and I had a beautiful drive to the grave in p.m. a decidedly memorable day! We read together in evening. No letters.

September, Monday 12. 1887.
Awoke uncomfortably early at 2 & could not sleep so lighted lamp and read awhile in "Les Miserables," then sleep returned till 5:30 when I was up for a new week's pleasures and duties. Wrote to Miss Gardner after wash list was prepared. Poppy & I called on Mrs. Dickerman in p.m. after which Uncle W. started to drive me to "Broadmoor" but we met Mrs. Wilcox so went with the N.C. Canon.

Tuesday 13.
Very cool, exhilarating a.m.! Uncle W. put on winter suit. I had to put on extra wraps. Uncle W. home pretty early at noon so we had a good read in "Pendennis" before and after lunch. At 3 p.m. Poppy and I took a good horseback ride over to Bear Creek Canon & we were home by 5:30. At eight o'c'l'k Uncle Will and I went to call on Mrs. Hatch, returning at 9 o'c'l'k. No letters. Worked faithfully on bl'k polonaise.

September, Wednesday 14. 1887.
Warmer than yesterday tho' still fall-like. Wrote to Kitten and Mrs. Pickering before breakfast. Which was late. Uncle Will went to Denver in p.m. train. We had a little of "Pendennis" before he went. I read "Les Miserables" during most of p.m. A very cool, delightful day. Solitary dinner & evening went up stairs pretty early. No letter from A. as I expected.

Thursday 15.
Another cool day. breakfast in good season because I was alone. Took Uncle W's telegram to office and sent it to Denver. Found no letters. Read up stairs till lunch time and in p.m. out on piazza where I finished "Les Miserables" - a tremendous story. No callers till evening then Mr. [Henick?] came in to see if he could escort me next week, but he goes on the C.B. & Q.

September, Friday 16. 1887.
Stayed in bed till 7:30. Very late for me! But Uncle Will was not ready for breakfast till nearly ten so I accomplished quite a little sewing & reading before going down town. found letters from Richie & Alice B., wrote to Evanston & Chicago on my return home. Uncle Will and I had a pleasant evening at Mrs. Cook, except her husband was too ill to be present at the dinner. We read a while in "Pendennis."

Saturday 17.
Warmer day, but very pleasant. I worked pretty hard on old black polonaise, and nearly finished it by afternoon. Uncle Will brought me 4 letters at noon. Anne, Mary Paton, Ida C. & …. Dr. Adams called in the p.m. I wrote congratulatory note to Ida on her engagement. Uncle W. & I called on Poppy's family in the evening and then read more in "Pendennis."

September, Sunday 18. 1887.
Fine cool a.m. I wrote to R. A. Papa, and N. before breakfast. Also read because of [late hour?] Sunday a.m. Mr. Gregg gave good sermon on Christian membership. Mr. Barlow came to lunch and visited quite a while afterwards; then Uncle W. and I drove over to Glen Eyrie, but we did not get out. Read together in the evening.

Monday 19.
Beautiful a.m. I started out with Uncle Will and then stayed out to make calls. Traversed this little village of … fairly thoroughly before noon; received callers in p.m. and right dinner we called on Mrs. Cook. She could not see us. Then we went with the Misses Douglass … for the evening. Mrs. Williams … & Mr. & Mrs. Hill were there. We had Whist.

September, Tuesday 20. 1887.
Awoke and up very late because of my late hours, then callers came so I did not get but an hour's packing done before lunch. Right afterwards Uncle Will and I drove to the grave, finishing "Pendennis" on the way up the Road; it rained before we left the Sacred Spot. The Roses rather lively coming down. I jumped out once to remove brushwood which alarmed the horses. Mr. & Mrs. Guild called in the evening.

Wednesday 21.
Pleasant a.m. but rainy p.m. Mr. Steele called, also Mrs. Brinley Miss Bradford and Poppy and her sister. I [slipped?] to see Miss Stewart, Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Hamp, all were at home except Mrs. H. I did most of packing before breakfast. In p.m. Effie and I redecorated the Singing Boys and Bas-relief of Ronnie with Kinnikinnick. Callers in p.m. We did not go out to Mrs. Risley in the evening.

September, Wednesday 22. 1887.
Beautiful a.m., notwithstanding yesterday's storm. I was awake to see Effie before she took her early train to Denver. I am glad she is to have rest until Saturday. Our train to Denver an hour & half late so I had time to write letter to the girls. Mrs. Otis & little Susana … came to see me. Pleasant trip to D. and p.m. there. Uncle W. & I dined at Judge Hallet's; we barely secured section for the night, because of …

Friday 23.
The narrowest bed I ever slept on - the lower [booth?] in stateroom. We awoke to a dark, cloudy a.m. in Nebraska we had a good breakfast at North Platte. Our engine broke down about middle of p.m. so train very much delayed. I was interested in "All sorts and Conditions of Men" more than in my traveling companions. We reached Omaha at 8 o cl'k instead of at 5:25! But we learned that our train was waiting across the river, and my section was safe. I took supper on train.

September, Saturday 24. 1887.
Awoke to a pleasant, cool a.m. in Iowa, early breakfast on the train, then I wrote to Papa and had a good long a.m. read. We made up most of our time so reached Chicago at 3 p.m! Bert met me and I had five minutes talk with her before starting for Evanston where Alice was waiting in her carriage. We had a pleasant drive, and cozy evening together - a bath a luxury after two days going out.

Sunday 25.
Did not sleep after six so got up and washed my head & wrote before breakfast. Alice & I went to church and heard Dr. Noyes sermon on "By little and little" which was addressed to school children particularly. In the p.m. Alice [Willie?] and I drove out to Winnetka and found Mrs. Floyd and her house full. Alice's home seemed very empty with so many away. We slept together.

September, Monday 26. 1887.
Not very pleasant a.m. I took the 9:15 train to Chicago. Received a very warm welcome from Mrs. T and Bert. Soon after my arrival it began to pour, so we stayed indoors all the p.m. talking constantly. After my trunk came I had some work, began Kitty's dressing case. Open fire in library which made evening very cozy. But helped to … part of the time. Good note from Papa.

Tuesday 27.
The equinoctial here in full force. We had a cozy morning all sewing in Mrs. Towner's room. Mrs. Chapin and Mrs. Ramsey were in for lunch. It poured all the p.m. too. … took our letters to P.O. he and Mr. Towner were the only ones out. Mr. [Deane?] called in the evening. I am sorry to miss Martha and her baby boy. I had good note from N. enclosing R's long letter from Japan.

September, Wednesday 28. 1887.
Pleasant day again, much to our delight. Pretty soon after breakfast we started out for errands, and accomplished nearly everything we wished. In the p.m. Bert took me to the Operetta "Indiana" which I enjoyed very much, but it began to rain again before we reached home! We were desperately sleepy early, so we went to bed at 8:30!

Thursday 29.
Some blue sky early. I was up early to write and sew a little before breakfast. Bert busy all the a.m. trying on dresses to see if they were right for her Madison visit, while she sewed I fixed bonnet with new ribbon, etc. It was pleasant enough in p.m. for us to go up to new house. It grew cold while we were there and rained hard again in the evening. Mrs. Whitney and her daughter returned in this evening.

September, Friday 30. 1887.
Still dark weather, but Bert and I went to the Exposition and had a very pleasant morning together. We enjoyed the pictures more than anything else. It rained hard all the afternoon. I took a nap. Miss Linda Ramsey called. In the evening one of …. friends came to dinner and we played [dummies?] Whist with them; we also had one game of Regular Whist in which Mrs. W. and I were victors.

October, Saturday 1.
Fortunately Bert and I had our trunks packed before breakfast for expressman came early. Mrs. Van Norwick, Mrs. and Miss Ramsey called before we left for 11:30 train. Bert bound for Madison and I for Evanston. Alice met me, after dinner we had a good time mending together. I was glad to find letters from Nathan and Mamie. Sent card to M. in evening I had welcome letter from Uncle W. Whist with Mr. Carter, Mr. Sharman and Mr. Gleason. I was sleepy & stupid

October, Sunday 2. 1887.
Pleasant morning and a great… Alice and I went to Congregational church. Mr. Whittlesay preached from 2 Cor. 15:5 his earnest sermon on "Christ died for all. Alice could not go to Winnetka with me. A very cordial reception there. Mrs. Lloyd had a long table [and?] dinner which was very enjoyable. The Children interesting. It poured as I came home. Alice's brother Tim kindly met me.

Monday 3.
Sweet a.m. Alice and I took a turn round the block before doing our housework. After that was done, we drove down town and then had a good read together on piazza. finished "One Hundredth Man". Walked to village in p.m. then rested before taking our superb horseback ride up the Lake Shore. The riding master … also Miss … & I - very delightful.

October, Tuesday 4. 1887.
I was up at 5:30. Alice soon afterwards. I washed my head before breakfast and wrote a note to Poppy. I finished one to Uncle Will last night. Miss Lund gave me charming drive. Miss Merrick arrived at noon, also Alice's brother John. Reception in p.m. and very pleasant dinner and evening at Mrs. Howall's. I had short note from M.

Wednesday 5.
Cold beautiful day for the great procession to Chicago. Millie B. marched in it. We preferred to stay quietly at home. We drove in a.m. and sewed. Mrs. Carter with her little baby called in p.m. They went driving with us. The evening very cozy and pleasant; review of the sights of the day first then music and Whist at which Mr. Tim and I were beaten.

October, Thursday 6. 1887.
Not a pleasant a.m. for our early horseback ride, and yet it came out quite bright before we returned. I had a single footer so did not enjoy it quite as much as ride the other evening. Miss Merrick and Alice rode beautifully. A very busy day for Alice because of dinner party in evening. It was very pleasant. Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd, Professor & Mrs. Bradley, and the young ladies of the school - twelve of us in all.

Friday 7.
Miss Merrick and I spent our morning in school, visiting in turn Miss Writhington's, Miss … and Miss Lloyd's rooms. All the classes interested us very much. Very warm day. I looked forward to ride in p.m. with Mrs. Howell, but there was a misunderstanding and John went off without me. We three girls read "Katia" by Tolston together. Alice and Tim kindly went into Chicago to see me off.

October, Saturday 8. 1887.
Awoke to a dubious morning, took a solitary but good breakfast at Prairie Du Chien, by the time we got into Minn. it began to rain. The train arrived promptly at 1:45. Nathan and I had a [funereal?] time meeting each other. Nellie and Tilda had a good dinner awaiting us, and the children I found fast asleep. They awoke for dinner and were most dear. Talked all p.m .and evening. All seem well, especially Bert.

Sunday 9.
Overcast cool a.m. Nathan, Nellie, Bert, little N. and I all went to church together. Mr. Wright preached very good sermon on parable of sower which he called parable of the soil. I did not stay to S.S. but wrote to Papa that hour. Too unpleasant to be out in p.m. so visited with Nathan who frolicked with children. We all went to bed in good season. Bert took dinner at Mr. Shaw's.

October, Monday 10.
Awoke in good season, so I wrote notes to Alice, Bert and Mary Palmer before breakfast, which with Papa's and Uncle's made 5 letters for N. to mail. Mrs. Sterling called with her guests in a.m. I went down to Bank. N. walked home with me. Too chilly to be out with children in p.m. so basted waists for Nellie who cut out several articles for herself and little Helen. Cozy evening, tho' N. late home from Bank.

Tuesday 11.
Snow, squall and rain before 10 o'cl'k then sun came out for a time. The children very good with me all the a.m. I was glad to hear again from Uncle Will but I am quite anxious about Katie. We had a good walk in p.m with the children. Called on Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Wright. I had good long letter from Kitten. Nathan and I went to Young People's prayer meeting.

October, Wednesday 12. 1887.
Fine a.m. - in some way my watch was an hour behind, so late to breakfast. Nathan nailed up my box, and it went off by freight at noon. The children great pleasure all day. Nellie and I were out with them again in the afternoon which was warm and pleasant. We called on Mrs. [Avon?] whose children are about the age of Nathan & Helen. Nathan fell asleep in chairs after reading paper. Bert out.

Thursday 13.
Sill clear and cold. I took my first drive with Nathan around the town and out to Mr. Sterling's before breakfast! I wrote to Miss Woolsey and Kitten while taking care of the dear babies. We had them out in p.m. I bought little N. a whip. We stopped at Bank and I found letters from Papa and Miss W. She was good to write before hearing from me. Papa probably with Anne and Mamma in Po'Keepsie.

October, Friday 14. 1887.
Out on the drive with Nathan before breakfast; it was not quite so cold as yesterday. We all enjoyed dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Wright's - did not come away from there until 3 p.m. then walked for some time. I had note from Mary Coffin. N. had one from Mamma. She does not want me to got to W. at all but I must. I am anxious for word from Uncle W.

Saturday 15.
Bright blowy a.m. for Nellie's washing. I dusted thoroughly down stairs and sewed while taking care of dear Nathan and little Helen. Bert and Nathan up in pretty good season both noon and night. Nellie and I did not go out at all in p.m. it grew overcast and N. had considerable sewing. I worked on my [h'd'k's?]. Pleasant evening talking and reading.

October, Sunday 16.
Not very pleasant, but we all went to church. Mr. Wright preached on church duties. I stayed to his S.S. class which he made quite interesting. Mr. Shaw called for Nathan in p.m. - after a short drive he returned and took Nathan and me, then later Nellie out to the [factory?]. Cozy bread and milk supper. Bert out to evening services. I had note from Alice.

Monday 17.
Bright a.m. Slept late for me. Sewed till the children took their naps then I wrote short note to Alice, went down town, mailed letters and present to Bert Towner then waited in Bank till Nathan was ready to go home for dinner. Nellie and I had had a good walk in p.m. We called on Mrs. [Morse?] but saw only old Mrs. White. I had note from Miss Lottie C. which was very welcome.

October, Tuesday 18. 1887.
Perfect fall weather. I was up in time to ride out to Mr. Sterling's with Nathan. After breakfast we had our usual a.m. I played and mended alternately till nap time, when I wrote. Nellie and I had good walk in p.m. Nathan too tired to go to Young People's Prayer Meeting, so we read and talked about evening [light?] as usual.

Wednesday 19.
Overcast day, but we had very pleasant time at Mrs. Sterling's. Nathan took us out by installments in the p.m., and Mr. Sterling drove us all home late in p.m. Nathan came out to farm for dinner. Little Helen took her nap in hammock. I was very glad of Uncle Will's good letter in evening, relieved to know that Katie is better. Bert out every evening.

October, Thursday 20. 1887.
Blowy and cold all day. I mended nightdress in a.m. till eleven then prepared to go down town. Nathan and I had a look together over my papers. I drew money for next week's use. We were glad of note from Mamma. She has taken Miss Storm's house on North Hamilton St. for the winter, hired it from Nov. 10th to May 1st. N. and I went to evening prayer mtg.

Friday 21.
Beautiful day. Soon after breakfast I visited the High School. Was there all the a.m. Found Prof. Wright of Wisconsin at house when I returned. Nathan came up from Bank early and gave me pleasant drive, the air very cold. Little Nathan went with us, so we could not stay very long. Evening at home.

October, Saturday 22. 1887.
Looked like November early and by 11 a.m. it began to snow and continued to do so all day. I had good note from Bert in noon mail. Nellie and I went to hear Mrs. Van[ Cliff?] in p.m. She spoke only to ladies. After meeting we did a few errands in the snow storm. Everything quite white by supper time!

Sunday 23.
We awoke to a very white world. Trees as heavily ladened as in the dead of winter. I went in a sleigh with Nathan out for the milk - it was a regular blizzard and a rare experience for Oct! Nathan and I went to church. Mr. Wright preached on Talents. I had word from Mamma which […] Nathan & me […] to go East at once on midnight train.

October, Monday 24. 1887.
I was cold standing in snow at midnight. We breakfasted at Dubuque. Sent telegram to Mamma from Dubuque. Nathan and I had a comfortable journey to Chicago which we reached at 2 p.m. Nathan had some errands to do which I did with him, then we took our 5:30 train out of Chicago. Had the good supper on cars.

Tuesday 25.
We awoke somewhere near Buffalo, there we had to go into different cars. Good breakfast on dining car. We did not drive till 3 p.m. I sent telegram at Rochester to Miss Clark. N.Y. State crossed most rapidly by limited express. We reached Worchester at 9 o'clock where Cousin [Toring?] met us.

October, Wednesday 26. 1887.
We took first train from Worchester to [Smith?] Framingham and from there went to Taunton. Anne met us with pretty sad news of Papa's intense suffering. Mamma and Papa were perfectly delighted to see Nathan again! I told them very soon that he came on with me. He watched with Papa day and night; Mamma and I slept together.

Thursday 27.
Bright a.m. Papa better. Mamma and Nathan went to Cousin … funeral. They took the 10 o'c'lk train. The Dr. came in forenoon and pronounced Papa better. I was nurse all day. He sat up a.m. and p.m., enjoyed his meals, and seemed quite bright. They both came out on six o'c'l'k train. Took ten down town.

October, Friday 28. 1887.
Bright a.m. Papa had a fairly comfortable night. Mamma went into Boston, so I was busy as nurse. Anne took short drive with Mrs. Sanford. I had little William while she was gone, he came into see Papa once or twice. Nathan visited with Papa considerable and went riding with Will in the p.m. Mamma [out] at 8 o'cl'k. N. slept in lounge. [Plane?] pretty perplexing.

Saturday 29.
Beautiful a.m. Mamma slipped off to Boston at 7:15 so Nathan and I were left again as nurses. Papa quite comfortable. During a.m. Nathan blacked his bag and boots and prepared for leaving A's in p.m. He went to Boston in 4 o'clock train. I did not do anything but read during day. Anne and little Wm out and in to visit us. Mamma came on 8 o'c'l'k train. I slept in lounge and did not wake very easily to give Papa his medicine.

October, Sunday 30. 1887.
Not very pleasant a.m. I was glad of note from Uncle Will - he wrote from Glenwood Springs. I wrote to him. Anne and I went to church together and heard a good sermon from Mr. [DeFoust?] on "Repent ye" etc. Read and rested in the p.m. and then went to see Katherine for a short time. Papa had quite a good day. We had a comfortable talk together in evening. Mamma slept in lounge.

Monday 31.
Papa better [on?] think. I did not change plan so made ready for my departure to Wolfeboro. Took washing to Ellen Carroll first then went to Bank and took 11:40 train - did one errand in Boston, dined with Cousin Joseph and took 3 p.m. train to N.H. Nathan met me in Easton depot and had much to tell me of his visits out Sunday. Mary met me at W. We went right to the Belvue.

November, Tuesday 1. 1887.
Queer enough to wake up in Belvue - it seemed painfully quiet outside to N. and me. We got up on our house on the hill in good season. I began rearranging my trunks in attic put away spring dress and bonnet, and took out blue cloth suit. On our return after dinner I nearly finished in attic. Nathan called at the Webster's. Towards tea we visited Mr. & Mrs. Lords and called on Miss Morgan. I made camphor bags in evening.

Wednesday 2.
A most wonderfully beautiful day. Nathan and I were not up at house in quite such good season. Stopped at Mrs. [Swett's?] on out way up hill. I canned the crab apple Jelly beside finishing my personal affairs. Nathan worked quite a while in the garden. We took rather a late dinner then called on Mrs. Libby. Walked over to Brewster School Grounds. Chatted with Mrs. & Kate Parker and then […] out with Mary C. and May H. in the lake. [Fire?] on our hill at night! We took tea at May's.

November, Thursday 3. 1887.
As no telegram came, I was the one to start for Trenton. I persuaded Nathan at the last moment to go as far as Great Falls with me, to spend intervening time with Mrs. Shaw & her people, his company made my trip to B. very short. I was able to get the 2:15 out to Anne's. I found Papa quite comfortable, he was up & dressed in the lounge. My Wolfeboro' news surprised them considerably.

Friday 4.
Papa had a perfectly wretched night, so poor Mamma did not feel much like packing. I called Dr. Hayward early, but he did not get here till 9 o'c'l'k. Papa sat up in his chair with great [faintness?] for 2 o'cl'k on! More comfortable after breakfast. Mamma went off on 11:40 train. Papa had quail for dinner, and quite a comfortable p.m. We missed Mamma.

November, Saturday 5. 1887.
Night uncomfortable for Papa. He brightened up towards morning and had a fairly comfortable day, tho' towards evening seemed weary enough with all his suffering. Anne came in and alternated with me, in that way I saw a little of darling Wm. He always loves to see Grandpa. I began trimming new bonnet but did not put much heart into my heart because of dear Papa.

Sunday 6.
Another hard, hard night for our dear sufferer, at 2:30 I had to telephone for Dr. Hayward, as Papa had hardly slept a wink and had had desperate faintness for some hours. The Dr. stayed till 3 a.m., here nearly an hour. Papa to-day has been pretty sick. I wrote to Uncle W. and R. Anne went to communion service in p.m. I had short walk with Kate as my exercise. Papa did not sit up much.

November, Monday 7. 1887.
The Dr. came in pretty good season. As soon as he had given Papa his new medicine we discussed the probability of his going away this week. The Dr. tho't it probable. So [advise?] a ride first, he seemed to enjoy it, but the stairs were very very hard for him to go up. He had his first natural sleep in the early evening. A. and I ran out to Mrs. Sparks for a few moments.

Tuesday 8.
Papa pretty bright. The Dr. said he could go out again. Anne went on the second ride which Papa did not enjoy so much, he was very much weakened by the effort it took to up & down stairs. Almost too tired to sleep, and in the p.m. a cough came back with lewd expectoration. A hard night follows.

November, Wednesday 9. 1887.
Dear Papa very weak. Shrank from any exercise, took no bath and kept his bed. Anne and I very much saddened all the time, and it seems incredible that he should think of starting out on journey tomorrow, even if pleasant and warm. The Dr. in at night. Papa resting quietly, so did not change medicine.

Thursday 10.
Dr. Hubbard came in with Dr. Hayward at an early hour to decide whether Papa should start, they said "yes." So Anne and I prepared everything as quietly as possible for the sad and anxious journey. The Dr. and Will went as far as Providence with us, there Mamma and Nathan joined us. With the pale, suffering face it seemed cruel for him to be on the cars!

November, Friday 11. 1887.
I reached Po'Keepsie last night. found the girls at our engaged house. We slept there, talked pretty late. Took breakfast at Smith's, then separated, they to g to their duties at College and I spent the morning looking over and … trunks at Thompson's. I did not get out to VC till 4 o'cl'lk. found the girls well, but all of us anxious on dear Papa's ailment.

Saturday 12.
Saddest of sad days and how little we seemed prepared for it! M. K. and I reached the St. Stephen about 11:30. Soon after noon dear Papa, whom we found worse, saw the children. Said to them "Sept. 21st, the same girls." After we four children had dined together rather late, the heart fluttering came. N. rushed for the Dr. but the dear life passed from us at 3:30, it was hard to believe it!

November, Sunday 13.
We watched by our dear one all night by turns. Mamma & N. till after midnight when Mamie and I went to the sad room with it. A very hard Sunday. We repacked Papa's clothing, only enough of his left out for burial. Towards noon we heard from Anne and Uncle Charlie, they both told of Aunt Lizzie's death, which came the day before Papa's. Brother and sister going nearly at once. We went to N.J. by Fall River.

Monday 14.
Will met Nathan as we passed thru' Trenton. All the morning passed in buying our black dresses. Mamma kept up wonderfully. Anne met us at the Parker House where we all lunched before taking the 3:20 train to Wolfeboro. Mr. [Senior?] accompanied us home to attend to matters that would have been too hard for even Nathan. Anne & K. drove up the hill with us but returned to Belvue for night. May had fires lighted for sad arrival.

November, Thursday 15. 1887.
A sad, sad birth day for our boys - the day of dear Papa's funeral and such a rain all the a.m. and most of the p.m.! May and Mary came up to help me in the morning. Ferns and flowers were lovely for Papa. The girls helped us thru sad services in p.m. Mr. Clarke officiated. Sweet singing. Anne and Will both present. All went to the grave.

Wednesday 16.
Mamma too tired to go to the house at once. She visited with Aunt Elmira all the morning. In the afternoon she did not think it was worth while to begin packing; we four children Nathan driving, went to Papa's grave. Mamie and I put our violets there that came in the mail from Ethel and Sophie.

November, Thursday 17. 1887.
Nathan went up to house with us, started the fires and we girls began to work in the hope of getting off this week. We finished down stairs rooms, also some of the up stairs rooms, but Mamma told us about supper time that she could not possibly start to-morrow a.m. We did not sit up at all in the evening. N. the only one who could see Mr. and Mrs. Rollins.

Friday 18.
Beautiful a.m. We discussed matters after breakfast, so did not get up to the house till nearly eleven. After helping M. all I could I began putting braid on the mourning dress. Could not finish before dark. We all walked to the Belvue at night. Good letters from our friends in this our time of great loneliness.

November, Saturday 19. 1887.
Mamma decided it would be best not to think of starting before the first of the week, so we children felt no rush in our matters. To our surprise toward night Mamma said she not finish by Monday a.m. even! Mr. Bickford came up for trunks which were not ready. It rained so N. had to come up for us with a carriage.

Sunday 20.
Pleasant a.m. but dark afternoon. Mamma, Nathan and we three girls all went to Church. Mr. Buckarn of Andover preached. The singing of anthem and in S.S. touched us. Mrs. Horn kindly sent up books and later Mattie brought up Molasses candy. Nathan and walked up to the grave before tea time. We stopped at May's on our way back, and read A's letter.

November, Monday 21. 1887.
Pleasant a.m. With [lonely?] hearts we walked up our hill for the last day's work at the house. Mamma got thru' very comfortably. I packed N's trunk and bag, addressed the bundles. Mamma prepared for distribution. Mr. Bickford came up for our trunks at 4:30. They all visited the grave before tea by moonlight. The girls called in the evening.

Tuesday 22.
A bright a.m. for our sad departure from Wolfeboro'. Mrs. Winslow B. went to Boston with us. The cars very close. K and I read Virgil part of the way. Aunt Mary and Katherine met us at depot. The former took lunch with us. K. and I did errands and they called on Cousin Joseph. Mamma and Mamie came later. We all met at Old Colony. Kate went on Steamboat train with us.

November, Wednesday 23. 1887.
The night on sound not quite so calm as when we went on with dear Papa's body. We reached N.Y. in good season took breakfast at the St. Stephen. We girls shopped in the a.m. In the afternoon N. and I went to Dr. Jarvies; my teeth simply needed cleaning. N's were found in good condition, only two small cavities after all these years. A queer slip about his trunks so did not reach Po'Keepsie until late train!

Thursday 24.
Hence we all slept late - did not breakfast till 9 o c'l'k. N. and I wrote until time to start for church, there were [music?] services at Cong. church. Dr. Van Giesen had long prayer and benediction. N. and I walked […] to house and saw Mr. Blizzard. M and I wrote again in p.m.

November, Friday 25. 1887.
Rainy, rainy a.m. N. and I started out on errands and left Mamma, M. and K. at Northern Hotel. N. went to house and I kept out longer. K. came up in time to lunch with me, the rest took dinner at hotel. All took [first?] tea at $48 North Hamilton. it is lonely work enough setting up without dear Papa. Some letters came. Mamma's cold quite bad. R's telegram came after we'd gone to bed.

Saturday 26.
Still rather unpleasant. M. and K. went out to College as soon as possible. We all had great delay our reply we sent to R,; finally I took it to Western Union Office, then did other errands. Went down to Kirchner's and back up to Sarah's. Left notice at Dr. Otis's. Mamma in bed all day, not sick but much exhausted. Is it strange? I had letters from Alice, Bertha, Sophie and Margie.

November, Sunday 27. 1887.
A misty, mild, disagreeable day. Nathan, Mamie and Kitty went to church. I stayed at home with Mamma. She stayed in bed all day, and wrote to Cousin Joseph. I wrote to Uncle Will. I had good letter from Katherine. We all read some letters of Papa's in p.m. then N. and I walked up to other places where we have lived in Po'k. A lonely day.

Monday 28.
Mamma's cold better, and she insisted upon getting up, and being down to breakfast, which is simple enough for the present. A perfect series of callers all day. Mr. Hawkey, Mrs. B. came to help us tho' it rained hard. Sarah came in evening and alas! We had to say "Goodbye" to Nathan at 7:30. Mrs. Sanford and May called too late to see Mamma and me.

November, Friday 29. 1887.
Beautiful bright a.m. Mr. Blizzard here promptly at 6:30. I succeeded in putting out […] fire and building it again without smoke! No […] yet and rather discouraging getting one. Rosie does not seem inclined to come see us. I swept a good deal in a.m. Mamma very lonely all day. I went out in p.m. on errands. Mrs. Wilkinson and Edith called before tea.

Wednesday 30.
Mamma most sad and lonely but after breakfast she went out for a walk. Saw Rosie first who has decided definitely not to come here. Mamma also went to see that answer to R's telegram had gone. His message to us was "Shall do nothing till I hear by mail." I went out in p.m. for few errands. The girls both at College. I wrote to N.Y. for Tribune and to Anne. Fell asleep on lounge in evening. We read aloud to Mamma.

December, Thursday 1. 1887.
Real winter weather has begun. Mr. Blizzard is faithful and comes each a.m. at 6:30. Mamma out again after breakfast, she went to market. Succession of calls in p.m. Mr. Frost, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Orten and Ella McCaleb. I was mortified at not being dressed for p.m., finished my letters to N. Uncle W., May H. and Katherine. We all sewed and read in the evening.

Friday 2.
A snowy looking morning, so Mamma did not go out. As soon as possible after breakfast, Mamie and I went out on errands stopped at Thompson's, ad had Mamma's boxes taken out, brought up my furs. Dinner quite late. K. out at College in a.m. and down town in p.m. both seeing to new black dresses. A very good full sad letter from R. I wrote to him before ten.

December, Saturday 3. 1887.
Rainy day. Mamie and K. very industrious over their [ripping?]. Mamma helped in getting breakfast and after dinner. It was good to hear from Richie Anne and Nathan after breakfast. M. wrote to R. in the forenoon. K. studied after cleaning up her pretty room. I went out in p.m. on few errands. No word from Mrs. Halwick. I hope we may have a girl before another week end so Mamma and I can rest more.

Sunday 4.
Not very pleasant morning but Mamma decided to go to church, and we were all very glad to be at Dr. Van Giesen's Communion Services. We did not sit in our own pew but up in front of Mr. […]. We talked long and lovingly of dear Papa during the p.m. After supper K. and I wrote while Mamma and Mamie tried to read. All went to bed in good season, but such sadness!

December, Monday 5. 1887.
Pleasant by noon, but very rainy early. K. worked hard over her French essay all day, finished it and studied in the evening. Mamie went out to College just for History and art. She has given up German as she does not feel equal to much if any study since her great sorrow. Sarah came for clothes which I had ready […]. Mamma began on business notes.

Tuesday 6.
Beautiful day. I was out a little before noon on necessary errands. Mrs. Brady came for three hours work in p.m., so Mamma had more time than usual for writing her business notes. She is very very tired. M. broken out with eczema so did not go to College. K. away all day.

December, Wednesday 7. 1887.
Very busy day. Mamma and I both fixed our drawers i.e. cleaned them out preparation to having room swept. Mrs. Brady came promptly at one and swept all four rooms upstairs, afterwards did the dishes and washed up the kitchen. […] all too sleep to have any loud reading in evening. Mamma and I tried to read to ourselves.

Thursday 8.
Bright, warm, pleasant day. Mamma wished to go in with business notes so between 11 & 12 I went out on errands. Mrs. Brady swept parlor and dining room, cleaned window etc. before going to Kitchen work. M's and K's colds too bad to go out to prayer meeting. I did not care to go alone. No decision from R. yet. All our day's very lonely now.

December, Friday 9. 1887.
Too busy a.m. and p.m. to get out. Mamie came home to dinner feeling pretty sick. Went right to bed and did not feel able to see Leila N. and her little nieces. I heard from Uncle Will and Mamma had good note from Anne. K. home very late after going to Miss Schofield's and had to study Botany in the evening. She has had quite a time making up.

Saturday 10.
Rainy rainy a.m. Mamma made waffles for breakfast. K. had to hurry off for her 8:30 examination in Botany. I went down town on necessary errands. bought little etching for Ida Cushing's wedding present, shall send it about Xmas time. No letter from R. yet. I heard from Mrs. Eastman. Mrs. Brady came in p.m. for several hours. K. busy over studies in evening.

December, Sunday 11. 1887.
Still very unpleasant weather. Mamma and Mamie stayed at home from church. K. and I sat alone in our pew and Oh! how lonely. It seemed as if Papa must be at the accustomed end. Mamma had letter from Cousin Susan, but none from R. and we do not feel sure about writing to him any more. M. wrote to Aunt Mary & Anne, I to Uncle W. and Aunt Abbie.

Monday 12.
Still unpleasant. Mrs. [Capron?] called according to her note and we were all very glad to see her. The men here to see about hall stove. We saved dishes from dinner and breakfast thinking Kate H. might arrive in early p.m. As she did not I did up everything in middle of p.m. I was out on few errands in the a.m. We began Julia Ward Howe's Life of Margaret Fuller in evening. Kate H. arrived about 7:20 and we were glad to see her. Sad letter from R.

December, Tuesday 13. 1887.
Beautiful, bright a.m. and a great treat, after getting my part of the house in order, I went out on necessary errands. Kate very pleasant and began in good earnest at once over the washing. Mamma had a good deal of overseeing to do about breakfast and dinner, tho' she came up stairs early in p.m. M. at home to-day also. K. back at College. Mamma had letters. Reading in evening.

Wednesday 14. 1887.
Rainy and Mamma and I did not get out. Kate a great comfort. She busy all day over the ironing. We had cold meat for dinner. Mamma and I dining alone as Papa and I used to last winter. Particularly glad of A's letter in p.m when missing dear Papa so much. Mamma busy over Cousin A's letter in evening so did not have loud reading. K. and I went to find no meeting on Indians!

December, Thursday 15. 1887.
Mamma prepared to go out right after breakfast, but it rained before she was ready so she gave it up. I worked on dress from Barrett's all my spare minutes. Mrs. [Cranath?], Uncle Will's Sister Ruth, called on us with Edith Cook in p.m. We were very glad to see them. I had good note from Miss Woosley. Mamma busy over N's letter, so did not have loud reading. too stormy for girls to go to prayer meeting.

Friday 16.
Blowy in night, but pleasant a.m. and Mamma went out on errands she planned for yesterday. We were most glad of note from R. who is still undecided, and no wonder! Good letter from Nathan and Uncle Will. Dinner late because of Mamma's going out. Letter from A. at noon. I wrote to R. K. and I went to hear Prof. C.C. Painter on the Indian Question. I was too sleepy to appreciate all he said.

December, Saturday 17. 1887.
Not very pleasant day. M. and K. out soon after breakfast on Xmas errands. They did not return till one o'c'l'k dinner which was a little delayed by Ethel's call. Miss Storm called in a.m. [Nemmie?] Morris and Jeanette came in p.m. I sent off notes to Mary C. and Miss Woolsey. Kate H. busy baking. We had pleasant reading in evening on Margaret Fuller.

Sunday 18.
We awoke a snowy world, the first I have seen since the memorable 23rd of October in Minnesota. Mamma did not care to go out. We three girls heard a good sermon from Dr. Van Giesen on "I am the way, the truth and the life." After our good cold dinner, I had a good rest on Hall Lounge. Wrote to Uncle W. N. A. Alice B. and Caroline H. and put a note in for R.

December, Monday 19. 1887.
Busy washing day. I had quite a siege of work at Thompson's getting out a pair of my blankets for home use. I was there nearly two hours so did not shop much for Xmas. We have not much heart for it this year, without dear Papa. In p.m. I washed my head and wrote to Effie, enclosing their drafts for $5 each. We had a short time in evening together.

Tuesday 20.
Sleighing quite good, but cold nor seven. I did usual housework and then spent quite a time over trunks upstairs so did not go out to shop till after dinner. Returned about 4 p.m. and then rested. We read "Mary's Meadow" for a change and liked it very much. Shall finish it tomorrow night. I made brown and white bread. K. did not finish ironing.

December, Wednesday 21. 1887.
Snowed during night. Breakfast in good season because of simply eggs and rolls. Mamma quite a time in kitchen. I was busy getting packages ready for express after my house work was done. Wrote notes to Uncle W. Nathan and Ida C. I was out in p.m. to get off the western bundles. In the evening we finished Mrs. Ewing's "Mary's Meadow."

Thursday 22.
Bright a.m. but furious snow squall during forenoon, pleasant again in p.m. so then I went out on errands and to Miss Schofield's. I wrote to Annie and Richie. We were very glad to hear from him again - he is still undecided as to what he shall do. The package for M. & K. from D. has come. We read a little in Margaret Fuller in evening.

December, Friday 23. 1887.
Mamma and the children did not get out very early on the errands! No letters in a.m. except Lee from Barnett. I wrote note to Annie and Katherine. I did not go out all day as Mamma was out both a.m. and p.m. Kate prepared us a very good [broiled fish?] dinner. "Kitten" brought me home in the p.m. a package from Caroline H. a pretty pair of slippers.

Saturday 24.
Bright a.m. Letters and packages in a.m. mail, photographs of N. and his family, all good. Especially Nathan's. I put house into pretty good order. Made sponge cake, brown bread, and rolled bread. While out on errands I met Sophie R. who came home with me then I walked out part way to College with her. M. & I took our hot baths early. K. read to Mamma till 9 o c'l'k.

December, Sunday 25. 1887.
Mamma 53 years old to-day. She did not want to see her present until tomorrow the legal holiday. It has been a beautifully bright Xmas day. Very lonely for us without dear Papa. We hoped for some line from R. after Dr. Van Giesen's good sermon on text from Hebrews 2:12. Read and rested in p.m. and wrote letters in the evening.

Monday 26.
Very beautiful day. I was out on errand to find Helen Loomis's address just as the mail was being delivered. We were disappointed not to hear from R., I was delighted to hear from Uncle Will and that he had made arrangements to start east soon. Kate had the whole afternoon and evening as her recreation, the first she has taken since she came. Finished "Margaret Fuller" in evening.

December, Tuesday 27. 1887.
Not any word from R. to-day either. K. and I were out on our errands. She went to Miss Armstrong's and I to Miss Schofield's. M. busy getting things ready for [Open?] House and went out in p.m. Mamma busy on mending for washing and did not get out at all. had letter from N. and May Hanson's package which I acknowledged in p.m. No reading in evening.

Wednesday 28.
Snow early which turned into rain before eleven o'clock. Kate's ironing day, so M. and K. did the breakfast dishes. Mamma went out in all the storm and did not return till supper time. Our steak did not come till four o'c'l'k so we had dinner very late and no regular supper. We began my Xmas present from Mamie Crawford "Paul Patoff."

December, Thursday 29. 1887.
Cold bright day. Mamma tried to get out before dinner but did not. I got the parlor ready and Kate swept it. All disappointed at not hearing from R. I had notes from K. and Jennie which required immediate answers. The lovely picture of Aunty came from Miss Woolsey in p.m. before I had started out for Miss Schofield's. All out to meeting in evening. Mamma out till teatime.

Friday 30.
I kept on with sweeping to-day. K. did the dining room and I the halls. Still no letter from R. We are anxious at the long silence. I heard from Effie and Anne. In p.m. I wrote to Miss Woolsey, Anne, R. Miss Gardner and Bertha H. Mamma and Mamie out on errands. Leila called toward supper time & Gilbert Van Ingen in the evening.

December, Friday 31. 1887.
Busy busy day for the closing of the old year. As soon as possible after breakfast, I went down town on errands and stopped at Thompson's to get blankets. It was quite a [tug?] to get them home. Telegram from Katherine saying she would come to-morrow night. I made sponge cake after dinner which did not turn out as mine did last winter especially as I wanted it nice for Kate! Mamma out late in p.m. to finish her New Year presents. She fell down but fortunately was not hurt. [M?] hard at work over Margaret Fuller Essay. She did not read with us in the evening in "Paul Patoff" which we like very well so far.

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