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Helen Hunt Jackson 1-1-22 transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020, Box 1, Folder 22, Letters from Martha Vinal (HHJ's great-aunt) to her husband Otis Vinal, 1844
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, June 1996

Addressed: Otis Vinal Esqr., Boston, Postmarked: Amherst, MS, FEB 2

[January 31, 1844] Amherst Wednesday Eve

Dear Husband

I have had a trying day our dear Deborah is loosing strengt fast, she has not been cloest the two last days she is requiring all her strength in giving direction and leaving messages for her friends, her worke hear to humsing appearance is moste done she is very desirous that it should be well done, she is very carme and peacefull in her mind with the hope thare is a low place for her in that mansion that her Savour has gone to prepare for her those that repent and believe in him. Poor Brother D it would greave you to see him it semes as tho his heart would brake it is a greate trial to Deborah that he is not welling to give her up, he has been with me all this evening in my chamber, our fealing got beyond controle I though it best to retire from the famely as it was not proper to see D again for the night. what excited us so she had avery [dertnes] time of coughing and fainteness the first of the evening she is now more comfortable, how much the deare Creater is to suffer know one can tell but I hope they well soo end if it is god will, than in time, she semes not to suffer much except weakness, yesterday she was takeng up like a baby and sat in her Chase and she commenct a letter to Ann Scholfield but to day she has been takeng up two or three times, but not able to take her pen and she is a fraid she shell not be able to finish it but it posable she may be more comfortable to morrow if she should have a good night the fortnight was a poor one. You must not be ancious a bout me I am maid as comfortabl as I was at home my chamber is warme nigh and day I have little Ann for a bedfellow there is a good miss and Marah to take care of D and three girls in the kitchen they do not allow me to be in the kichin except to make some little thing for Mrs. F her appetite is very norkel changeable she was not able to eat any of the goodes that we brought up

I must stop wrighting it is eleven O Clock and I feal exorted so much so that I can not write nor spel so you can under stand what I mean I have wrote up on a book in my lab I find it not the most convenent plase to write

dear D. has had a quiet night Thurday morn, I thought I sending this morn but I could not feal it would right to have Mr. F go on perfer Hellen is confined by chillblanres on her feate an it is to cold for Ann to go so far. D has had sevear paen in her wright sholder it affected her breath by applying poltices on [coothr] she is some what releaved. Thursday eve we have had a trying day the pane in D shoulder has prevented her from rasing which has caused her great sufferings if she dont get relefe she well soon leave us, she has ben giveing we her dieing messages to most all her Friends, she has not read not nor don all she wants to say and doe she hope if she is spard a nother day she tho will finish all her worley bisness concerns

Fryday morn - D has more comfortable night then we feard I want to hear how all do when I shall see you I cant say D feals very happy that I am going to stay with her at the last I have not told her so but she says she allmost began life with me and she hopes she shell end it with me my love to all good mornin M Vinal

Addressed: Otis Vinal Esqr, Boston, Postmarked: Amherst, MS, FEB 5

[February 4, 1844] Sabeoth eve

Dear Husband

I attended meeting this morn it was communing day after the services at the Chapel Inpedent Humphrey three or fore of the Members of the Churche came in to Mr. Fiske rome the audience ware admenerted to to Deborah it was a solom seen it semed as thoe the Savour was verable present D seame to injoy it tho it exorted her very much for the time. This afternoon Helen has plaid an sung to her which she likewise injoyd she grose weaker every day, thoe her suffering is less, for she has no pane, from a diffeluty of rasing at times she is very much distresst her mind is a clear as ever it was She think of every body and every thing she loves every body and prayer for all her Friends by name. She asked the Dr this eve how long he thought she should linger he told her but a few day she smild and has told several Members of the famely with great sattisfaction she should not stay but a few days longer, but She may yet be calld to suffer much more she takes concidabl food digest it well. I was glad to heare from home but I have hardly thought of you since I have ben hear my hearte and thougt has ben so ocupid with the present seane. I can better tell you then I can write so I wount attempt to discribe nothing my love to all the famely do take care of your health from your affectionate wife Martha.

Monday morn. D. had a comfortable night all the rest are well. I shall not dare say a word a bout leaving hear while D lives


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