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Helen Hunt Jackson 1-1-28 transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020, Box 1, Folder 28, Letter from William Perkins to Helen (HHJ) and Ann Fiske, 1838
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, July 1996

Addressed: To Misses Hellen Maria Fiske & Ann Scholfield Fiske, Amherst, Mass.

[Saturday] Ooroomiah, April 14, 1838

To Misses Hellen Maria & Ann Scholfield Fiske

My dear Friends,

To day I am two years old; and I know not how I can better celebrate my birthday, than by writing some of my little friends in Amherst -- especially as I have lately received from you so many fine things. You must wonder that I am able to write you, though I am so young; for, when I was only three days old, by the aid of my papa, as amanuensis, and composer, wrote a letter to my Grandpapa, in Middlebury VT. and another, on the same day, to Dr. Riach, at Tehran; and with the assistance of my papa and Mama, I have ever since been able to write my friends as long letters and as often as I have desired.

The mention of Dr. Riach's name reminds me that you may be under a small mistake, respecting my own name. My name is Wm Riach Perkins. This Dr. Riach is physician of the English Embassy to this country. When my papa & Mama first came to Persia, my Mama was very sick; and Dr. R. was as kind as a brother to them; and had it not been for his care and attention, my Mama would probably have died. I therefore bear his name. He is one of the best men in the world. He often writes to my papa and Mama, and is one of our dearest friends. Whenever you write my name, I hope you will write it, Wm R. Perkins.

I thank you and all my other little friends in Amherst, for the many nice things you sent me in the box. My papa will plant the flower seeds, from my dear friend Ann S. as soon as our garden becomes dry enough. We have some pretty flowers, already in our garden; Lilacs - roses - Snow balls - pinks - tulips - violets - Daffodils &c &c, all of which are abundant in Persia; but we shall certainly plant the seeds which you sent to us; because we think a great deal of every thing which comes from America and especally from Amherst. The little books which you sent to me, I hope I shall be able to read, by and by. I thank you for them. Will you be kind enough to thank Frederic Pitkin for the fine book which he sent to me - It is full of pictures. And will you also please thank John Howard Sweetser for the very pretty hand kerchiefs which he sent to me.

I do not know what I shall do. There are no schools and colleges, for study in the English language, in this country. This is a very dark, wicked land. My papa and Mama sometimes tell me, that they hope I shall go to America & study at Amherst college, when I become old enough. Would you like to have me come to Amherst? I should be very much pleased to attend school with you.

Excuse a short letter; I hope I shall hear from you. Give my love to your papa and Mama.

My papa has written this letter for me.

Your little friend,

William Riach Perkins

P.S. My little sister, whose name was Charlotte Nisbet Perkins, died at Tabreer before she was as old as either of you.

Give my love to all my little friends at Amherst, particularly to Mr. Hitchcock's children of whom my papa and Mama often speak.

Your &c. W.R.P.

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