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Helen Hunt Jackson 2-2-25d transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156, Box 2, Folder 25d, two letters from Edward Everett Hale to HHJ, 1881.
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, 2003.


From Edward E. Hale.
39 Highland St.
Roxbury, Mass.

April 18, 1881.

Dear Mrs. Jackson -

It is hard that you should be losing days which are only so lovely in California.

My discovery of the origin of the name of California was originally read to the Antiquarian Society, but you will find all you want in His Level Best. which I mail to you today, and which I hope you will take with you to read on your journey. I send you also the sheets of my own sketch of California written for Bryants History.

You will have no difficulty in reading all the Spanish you want, but the important book, which is, Miguel Veregas's Notice of California, has been translated into English and you will find it in the Astor Library. They ought to have there also Allegre, a Jesuit [Historian?] of the Missions. But this, I am afraid has not been translated. Ask them to show you at the Astor, J. Russell Bartletts "Personal Narrative." He is the Bartlett you know, who is the librarian of the Brown library at Providence. He was at the head of the boundary commission, which set our present boundary line. This book you can easily get in New York and take with you if you need.

If you mean to do anything about Arizona you should look at Judge Cozzens's book, The Wonderful Country." This is recent and easily found at the book stores. For that matter, ask them at the Astor for H. Ternaux Companie. Voyages, Relations et Memoirs, the volume which relates to Cibola, it is the vol. published in 1838. But this has nothing to do with California.

How I wish I mgt journey with you! You ought to see Mr. & Mrs. Fremont in Arizona. Did you ever read my story of "Together"?

Always yours truly,

E.E. Hale

Roxbury, Nov. 23, 1881

My dear friend:

I was to the last degree annoyed that I did not see you again. Mrs. Hale and I had two afternoons set for the drive to Cambridge, - but it rained so badly that I dared not take her and she wanted to go with me. I sent to you a man who has spent half his life in Southern California. - and he arrived just after you had left.

This requires an answer - as little does which falls from my pen. A bright intelligent friend of mine Mrs Siam is so well informed about Southern California - that I told her last week that I should give you a letter to her. Note her home is in Oakland opposite San Francisco. Calling here this morning she says that she and her son a boy of 9, - are going out, by rail of course, - about two weeks hence. Would you not like to join them? She would rather go by the New Southern route.

Of course if you mean to stop at Colo. Springs and I suppose you do this is only a companion part way. But if you mean the whole way - I think you will like her and I know she will like you.

She said if she were to fix the time she should say from the 4th to the 8th of December. But the time is rather elastic.

Here I need not say, I am interrupted - but all the same I am

Yours always

E.E. Hale

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