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Transcribed by Jessy Randall, 2002-2003

HHJ to William Ward, editor of the New York Independent, 1871, laid into Jackson's A Century of Dishonor (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1885), Colorado Room PS2107 .C46 1885

May 6th

Dear Mr. Ward,

Will you be so very kind as to give me the benefit of a little Editorial note, calling attention to the advertisement of my second edition, and to the notices appended? It makes me blush to read this: but still, as every copy which is sold of the book, represents 62 cts to me, I own I am beginning to find myself mercenary in my counting chances of sales.

I send this note to Mr. Ticknor, and ask him to forward it with the advertisement which is to be in the Independent twice, I believe.

Yours truly,

Helen Hunt

HHJ to Kilpatrick & Brown, 1878, Colorado College Autograph Collection of Prominent 19th Century Americans (Ms 0005)

[Bill made out to Mr. W.S. Jackson from Kilpatrick & Brown, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Furniture and Upholstery, for bedding materials, January 1878]

[in margin of bill]

Please return receipt & bill, H. Jackson. Over.

[on back]

Messrs -

I think you are mistaken as to there being a difference in the measures I sent you - for the Exalina [?] mattress fitted perfectly.

The plush hair one is all right & seems a much better one than the other.


H. Jackson

[With a 1923 letter from Edith Banfield Jackson to Manly Ormes, CC librarian, saying "Here is a specimen of H.H.'s writing. Later I hope to do better by you."]

HHJ to Mr. Marvin, 1879 (Mf 0366)

Parker House
Sat. Am
Nov. 8, 1879

Mr. Marvin:

Dear sir,

I am sorry I have not had time to call at your office today. When I am next in Boston, I will try to do so.

The cheque for the poem can be sent to

Care Roberts Bros. Boston

That is my standing address wherever I am. Anything sent to me to that address will reach me. I think I shall be able to send you a short Saxe Holm story from New York next week. The price you had already offered for them was $25. the same you have paid to me. If this is not right let me know at once please - because the understanding was that they would be $25.

I congratulate you on your announcement card. It has a good array of names, and your paper is certainly one of the very best that we have for children.

Yours truly

Helen Jackson

P.S. I have been very actively interested this week, on Standing Bear and Bright Eyes -- & have just written a long article for the Independent about them giving Standing Bear's story in his own words.

Would you like anything on the subject for the children? - a condensed & simple narrative? Of some of our Govts bad faith to the Indians might do good I think - by creating "noble sentiment" even among the boys!

My address for next week will be Brevoort House, New York

[in another hand] Yes

HHJ to Mrs. Stedman, 1880 (Mf 0126)

My dear Mrs. Stedman,

Mr. Jackson will not be able to call on you and Mrs. Aldrich tomorrow, as he is half way to Colorado. And I shall not have the pleasure of seeing Mr. Stedman & Mr. Aldrich as I had hoped at Mrs. Botta's tomorrow, for I am called suddenly to Barton. I hope when I return to have better luck in the matter of seeing both Mrs. Stedman & family.

I have been so swamped with work of several sorts during the few weeks I have been here this fall, that I have seen no one. I did make an effort to see you however, which I hope you know -

Yours truly

Helen Jackson

Brevoort House
Dec. 31

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