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Finding Aid to the Thomas Nelson Haskell Papers, Ms0013


Content and Scope of the Collection
Biography of Thomas Nelson Haskell
Publications of Thomas Nelson Haskell
Inventory of the Collection

I.   Correspondence
II. Personal papers
IV. Miscellaneous
V.  Diaries
VI. Notebooks
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Explanatory note:
Bx refers to the box in which papers are filed
Fd stands for folder
Dy stands for diary
Nbk stands for notebook


The bulk of the collection consists of the personal and business correspondence of Thomas Nelson Haskell.  There is a great quantity of letters to and from his wife and daughters and also from his brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces.  Many letters from personal friends are included.  The business letters fit into four main categories.  There are letters involving church affairs; those dealing with public affairs and politics; letters about Haskell's writings; and a great number of letters and testimonials concerning Haskell's many attempts to secure a government appointment.  Also included in the correspondence is material about the founding of Colorado College.

A large number of diaries and notebooks are contained in the collection.  The diaries are personal and handwritten and cover the middle years of Haskell's life.  The notebooks cover a variety of material.  There are seven notebooks of accounts and subscription books of several churches.  One notebook contains clippings, photographs and comments about Colorado College and Colorado Springs.  Four notebooks have copies of some of Haskell's sermons.  Thirteen relate mainly to his writings and also have articles both by and about Haskell inserted.  The rest of the notebooks deal with political issues and campaigns, with the exception of a notebook of newspaper clippings belonging to Jonathan Edwards.

The photographs in the collection are portraits of Thomas Nelson Haskell, his family and friends with only a few depicting other subjects. 

Many personal and family papers are included.  There are four folders containing receipts, a copy of Haskell's will and some papers belonging to his daughters, Mary Eliza and Annie Nelson.

Among the miscellaneous papers are prescriptions and home remedies, calling care, advertisements and newspaper clippings.


Thomas Nelson Haskell was born on January 20, 1826 in Mina, Chatauqua County, New York, the youngest son of Captain George and Eliza Knapp Haskell.  The Haskells moved to North Bloomfield, Ohio a year and a half later.  Haskell attended school at Farmingon Academy.  He became involved in education early, teaching school in Warren at the age of sixteen.

Haskell divided up his college career.  He attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio from 1846 to 1847.  From 1847 until March 1851 he was at Oberlin and then returned to Miami in March 1851 until he graduated in July of that year.  His professional training followed much the same course.  Haskell attended Union Theological Seminary, New York, during 1851 and 1852.  The following year, 1852-1853, he was at Andover Theological Seminary, and then returned to Ohio to graduate in 1854.

In the meantime Thomas Nelson Haskell was involved in many other activities.  He was principal at Wayne Academy, Ohio during the winters of 1849 and 1850.  In 1851 he was principal of High School in Sandusky.  Haskell also organized the first Teacher's Institutes ever held in Ohio in 1851-1852.

On April 5, 1854 Haskell was licensed to preach by the Congregational Association of New York and Brooklyn.  This was followed by his ordination of February 7, 1855 by the Presbytery of the District of Columbia, Washington, D. C., as the first pastor of the Western Presbyterian Church in that city.  Two months later he married Ann Eliza Edwards, the daughter of Justin Edwards, President of Andover.  They later had four daughters: Florence Edwards, who died in infancy, another Florence Edwards, in whose memory Colorado College was founded, Mary Eliza, and Annie Nelson.

In many ways Thomas Nelson Haskell's professional career increasingly followed the pattern of his college days, with many changes of location and employment.  He seemed to become more dissatisfied and frustrated by unfulfilled hopes and ambitions as time went on.

Haskell was at Western Presbyterian Church until he resigned on May 9, 1858 over the secession policy of the state of Virginia.  He was then installed at the Maverick Congregational Church in East Boston and worked there until 1862 when he had to leave because of failing health.  He was sent on a tour of Europe, Palestine and Egypt by the people of the church.  Also in 1862 an attempt was made to persuade Haskell to become chaplain to a division of the Union Army, but being reluctant to leave his wife and young daughters, he declined.  But in 1865 he was detailed by the United States Christian Commission to preach to the 17th Army Corps.

On returning from Europe Haskell became pastor at First Presbyterian Church, East Boston where he remained until 1867.  In that year he became "Professor of Rhetoric, Literature, Aesthetics, and Political Economy" at the University of Wisconsin and conductor of its female college.  The following year he went to the New England Congregational Church in Aurora, Illinois, where he remained until 1872.

In 1873 Haskell travelled west to Denver, Colorado for the sake of the health of his daughter Florence Edwards.  She died later in the same year.  In her memory, he proposed before the Congregational Association of Colorado to start the first college in the Rocky Mountain region, Colorado College.  Haskell became the college's first financial officer and his brother-in-law, Jonathan Edwards, became the first instructor and executive officer.  Thomas Nelson Haskell resigned from the Board of Trustees of Colorado College in 1875 over the proposal to sell college land in order to raise money for buildings, a proposal which Haskell opposed.  He was also involved in a continuing dispute over money which he claimed the college owed him.  Later in that year Haskell was one of a group of 150 people who organized the Colorado Education Association.

From this time Haskell's life was marked by ill health which wouldn't allow him to take a job as a parish minister or full time teacher or administrator so he decided to devote himself to writing and to public affairs.  The rest of his life was also marked by constant attempts to secure a government appointment or nomination for public office.  His financial situation as he grew older was sometimes precarious, as a Colorado Senate bill for his relief, shows.

His literary output was great and consisted mainly of poetry and political articles and addresses.  His interests were varied and he wrote about things as diverse as the mothers of the Presidents of the United States and bilingual education in Colorado.  In answering a question concerning the number of poems he had written, he wryly answered, "Twice as many as published."  He did have difficulty at times getting material published, particularly a manuscript entitled "The Dark Secret: A Romance of the Race Question" because many publishers thought the subject matter inappropriate.

In 1880 he went on the campaign trail for Garfield in Indiana and Ohio, but collapsed with a lung hemorrhage, from which he never fully recovered.  Haskell tried repeatedly for a Senate candidacy and for appointments to various government commissions and bureaus.  He also wished to receive diplomatic appointments in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Mexico.  In all these attempts involving voluminous correspondence and time, he was unsuccessful.

In his later life, Thomas Nelson Haskell was involved in public affairs in Colorado.  He was a representative at the National Conference on Charities and Corrections and became involved in many activities in this field.  He was Colorado State Librarian for one term and Chaplain to the Colorado Senate.  In 1896 he became corresponding secretary for the Denver McKinley Club.  In that year he also received a PhD from Miami University in recognition of his services as professor and author.  Though weak and ill, Haskell remained active until about a year before his death in 1906 at the age of eighty.


Jan. 20, 1826Born at Mina, Chautaqua County, New York
1827 Family moved to N. Bloomfield, Ohio
1842 Taught school in Warren, age 16
ca. 1846 Teacher in Bloomfield, Ohio
1846-1847 Attended Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
1847-March 1851 Attended Oberlin College
1849 Principal of Wayne Academy
Mar. -July 1851 Returned to Miami University
Principal in the High School, Sandusky, Ohio
1851-1852 Organized the first Teacher's Institutes in Ohio. Attended Union Theological
1851-1853 Seminary, New York
1852-1853 Attended Andover Theological Seminary
1853-1854 Returned to Union, graduating in 1854
April 5, 1854 Licensed to preach by the Congregational Association of New York
Feb. 7, 1855 Ordained by the Presbytery of the District of Columbia, Washington, D. C., as first pastor of Western Presbyterian Church
April 25, 1855 Married Ann Eliza Edwards, daughter of Justin Edwards of Andover
May 9, 1858 Resigned from Western Presbyterian Church over secession policy
1858 Became pastor of the Maverick Congregation Church, East Boston
1862 Dismissed for failing health and sent to Europe and the Holy Land by the congregation
1862-1867 Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, East Boston
1867-1868 Professor of Rhetoric, Literature, Aesthetics and Political Economy at the Univ. of Wisconsin and conductor of its Female College
1868-1872 Pastor of New England Church, Aurora, Illinois
1873Applied for government position but moved to Colorado for the sake of his daughter, Florence Edwards' health, but she died later that year
1874 Started Colorado College in memory of Florence with help from his brother-in – law Jonathan Edwards.  Haskell was the first solicitor and chief representative and Edwards was the first instructor and executive officer
1875 Resigned from the Board of Trustees of Colorado College
1875-1906 Devoted himself to writing and public affairs, and tried repeatedly but unsuccessfully for a government appointment
1880 Campaigned for Garfield; hemorrhage in Ohio
1881 Representative at the National Conference on Charities and Correction
1891-1893? Colorado State Librarian for one term
1891-1893 Chaplain to Colorado State Senate
1895 Delegate to International Prison Congress
1896 Corresponding Secretary of the Denver McKinley Club Received PHD from Miami University in recognition of his services as professor and author
1900-1901 Worked in Surveyor General's Office, Denver, in Mineral Division; laid off because of lack of work
Aug. 9, 1906 Died of peritonitis


The Boys in Blue

Civil Ethics in the United States, 1876 (unpublished at time of death)

Commonwealth Essays; the Eastern Question, Jefferson Davis, Bribery of the Ballot and
Other Entertaining and Patriotic Papers, 1891

The Dark Secret: A Romance of the Race Question (unpublished at time of death)

Domestic Poems, 1889

Leaving "The Old Time House Upon the Hill" with "Clover Lawn" Remembered Still, 1900

Life of Captain Headly Vickars, 1861

Occasional Poems, 1889

Our Presidents' Mothers, Wives and Daughters, 1892

Sketch of the Life of Sir Henry Havelock, 1861

The Soldiers' Mission in the Crisis of 1861

Some Washington Sermons on Special Occasions, 1900

Songs at Home and Abroad, In Peace and War, 1880

Wives of the Presidents, 1901

Women of the Bible, 1892

Young Konkaput, the King of Utes, 1889

Numerous pamphlets, articles and speeches including:

Collegiate Education in Colorado: Professor T. N. Haskell's Report and Address Before
the General Congregational Conference, Denver, Jan. 20, 1874

Resolutions and Hispano-English Education in Colorado

True Greatness and Goodness as Exemplified by President James A. Garfield: memorial
hymn and address, Denver, 1881

Discourses on the Relations of Human and Divine Governments

Christian Patriotism: A Medium of God's Power and Purpose to Bless Our Lands: A
Fast-day Sermon, Boston, 1863

The Senatorial Question, 1890

Essays on Men, Measures and Affairs, Aurora, Illinois, 1872

The Want of the World: the Worth of Sunday Schools to Civil Welfare.  An address before
the Colorado State Sunday School Convention, Denver, 1881

Box 1 Folders 1-13

I.  Correspondence

A.  Haskell's business and personal letters, excluding family letters and correspondence relating to Colorado College. The names listed do not represent all the correspondents in each folder.

1.  Personal and business correspondence addressed to Haskell

Fd 1 Letters to the Haskell family, 1835-37, 1840
Fd 2 1840-1844
Fd 3 1845-1846
Fd 4 1847
Fd 5 1848
Fd 6 1849
Levi Konkaput, Indian
Fd 7 1850
Fd 8 1851, months 1-6
Fd 9 1851, months 7-12
Fd 10 1852
Fd 11 1853, months 1-6
Fd 12 1853, months 7-12
Fd 13 1854, months 1-6

Box 2 Folders 14-30
Fd 14 1854, months 7-12
Fd 15 1855, months 1-6
Fd 16 1855, months 7-12
Fd 17 1856, months 1-6
Fd 18 1856, months 7-12
Fd 19 1857, months 1-6
Fd 20 1857, months 7-12
Fd 21 1858, months 1-6
Fd 22 1858, months 7-12
Fd 23 1859
Fd 24 1860
Fd 25 1861
Cameron, Simon, Secretary of War
Fd 26 1862
Fd 27 1863
Fd 28 1864
Fd 29 1865
Fd 30 1866
Buckingham, William A., Governor of Connecticut, U.S. Senator
Box 3 Folders 31-45
Fd 31 1867
Fd 32 1868
Fairchild, J. H., President Oberlin College
Fd 33 1869
Fd 34 1870
Roy, Joseph E., American Home Missionary Society
Fd 35 1871
Fd 36 1872, months 1-6
Lowe, Thomas O., Judge of the Superior Court, Ohio
Fd 37 1872, months 7-9
Fd 38 1872, months 10-12
Monroe, James, U. S. Representative, Ohio
Fd 39 1873
Buckingham, William A.
Hanna, J. R. financier, an organizer of
Colorado College.  Jessup, Samuel, Diplomatic Mission, Ottman Empire
Roy, Joseph E.
Fd 40 1874
Roy, Joseph E.
Fd 41 1875
Jackson, Sheldon
Sturtevant, Rev. J. M.
Fd 42 1876
Hays, Rutherford B., Through his Secretary A. E. Lee Heywood,
D. H.
Fd 43 1877
Belford, James B., U. S. Representative, Colorado; Judge, 2nd
District Devens, Charles, U. S. Attorney General
Fd 44 1878
Bliss, Charles R., President of the Board of Santa Fe Academy
Collier, David C., Judge, Gilpin County, Colorado
Evarts, William M., Secretary of State; U. S. Attorney General
Gardner, J. H., Franktown, Colorado
Hall, A., Fairplay, Colorado
Haynes, S. B. A., Judge, Greeley, Colorado
Mead, L. C., Colorado State Senator
Olney, Henry C., Publisher of "Silver World"
Pabor, W. E., "Home Valley and Farm"
Packard, Rev. A. K., Greeley, Colorado; Supt. of School, Weld
Patterson, T. M., U.S. Representative, Colorado; later U.S. Senator
and owner of "The Rocky Mountain News"
Philips, Ivan, Bijou Basin, El Paso County, Colorado
Rogers, W. K., Private Secretary to President Hayes
Sheets, D. L., Animas City, La Plata County, Colorado
Spruance, William, Georgetown, Colorado
Teller, H. M., U.S. Senator, Colorado; later Secretary of the
Toll, Charles H., Lawyer, Del Norte, Colorado
Fd 45 1879
Evarts, William M.
Lodge, Henry Cabot, Editor "International Review", U. S. Senator
Box 4 Folders 46-60
Fd 46 1880 months 1-6
Belford, James B.
Brinkerhoff, President of National Conference on Charities
Fairchild, J. H.
Rogers, W. K.
Fd 47 1880, months 7-12
National Association for the Protection of the Insane and the
Prevention of Insanity
Rogers, W. K.
Routt, John L., Governor of Colorado
Teller, H. M.
Townsend, Charles, Secretary of State, Ohio
Pitkin, F. W., Governor of Colorado
Fd 48 1881
Bowen, Thomas M., U.S. Senator, Colorado
Brown, Stanley, Private Secretary to President Garfield
Fairchild, J. H.
Marsh, George P., Diplomatic Mission, Rome
Rich, W. G., President of the Board of Santa Fe Academy
Teller, H. M.
Tenney, E. P., President, Colorado College
Townsend, Charles
Fd 49 1882
Chilcott, George M., U.S. Senator, Colorado
Gregg, Rev. James B., Colorado Springs
Pitkin, Frederick W., Governor of Colorado
Tenney, E. P.
Fd 50 1883
Blount, A. E., Professor, Colorado Agricultural College
Chilcott, George M.
Fairchild, J. H.
Packard, A. K.
Pitkin, Frederick W.
Fd 51 1884
Bowen, Thomas M.
Chilcott, George M.
Harsh, Samuel, Manager of A. Y. Mine,
Leadville Hill, Nathaniel P., U.S. Senator, Colorado
Howbert, Irving, President, First National Bank, Colorado Springs
Hunter, S. D., Mayor, Greeley Colorado
Ingalls, John J., U.S. Senator, Kansas
Packard, A. K.
Smith, W. G., Superintendent of Schools, Jefferson County
Teller, H. M.
Fd 52 1885
Fd 53 1886
Fd 54 1887
Fd 55 1888, month 1-6
Harrison, Benjamin, President of United States
Townsend, Charles
Fd 56 1888, months 7-12
Clarkson, J. S., Vice-President, Republican National Committee
Davidson, John M., Lawyer, Ft. Collins; candidate for U.S. Senate
Goodloe, William Cassius, Republican National Committee
Michener, L. J., Attorney General of Indians
Sherman Avenue Improvement Association
Tabor, H. A. W., U.S. Senator, Colorado; State Lt. Governor
Teller, H. M.
Fd 57 1889, months 1-6
Halford, E. M., Private Secretary to Benjamin Harrison
Michener, L. J.
Noble, John W., U.S. Secretary of the Interior
Rusk, Jeremiah M., Gov. of Wisconsin; U. S. Secretary of
Teller, H. M.
U.S. Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Fd 58 1889, months 7-12
Halford, E. M.
New York Christian House for Intemperate Men
Fd 59 1890
Betts, Fred, State Senator, Colorado
Condit, P. M., Superintendent of Schools, Delta County
Coy, Nathan B., State Librarian, Colorado
Halford, E. M.
Malone, Booth M., District Attorney, Denver
Noble, John W.
Spooner, John C., U. S. Senator, Wisconsin
Teller, H. M.
Townsend, Charles
Fd 60 1891, months 1-6
Coy, Nathan B.,/tr>
Harrison, Russell B., of "Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper"
Moulton, C. W., publisher of "Magazine of Poetry"
Stanton, Rev. Horace C., Colorado Springs
Tabor, H. A. W.
Townsend, Charles
Wolcott, Edward O., U.S. Senator, Colorado
Box 5 Folders 61-71
Fd 61 1891, months 7-12
Condit, P. M.
Harrison, Russell B.
Miller, U.S. Attorney General
Moulton, C. W.
Orahood, Harper M., Lawyer and businessman, Colorado
Fd 62 1892, months 1-6
Condit, P. M.
Halford, E. M.
Lowry, Charles E., Librarian, Buckingham Library, Univ. of
Fd 63 1892, months 7-12
Ellis, Alston, president, State Agricultural College, Colorado
Halford, E. M.
Hamilton, S. T., Superintendent of Schools, Larimer County
Harrison, Russell B.
McComas, L. E., Republican National Committee
Story, Lt. Governor
Thompson, Rev. W. O., President, Miami University, Ohio
Timberlake, Charles B., Superintendent of Schools, Philips County
Willard, Frances E., President National Woman's Christian
Temperance Union
Fd 64 1893
Hastings, Thomas S., President, Union Theological Seminary
Many letters concerning Hortense A. Miller who had to leave Denver suddenly over finances of the Temperance Union
Fd 65 1894
Hastings, Thomas S.
Townsend, Charles
Fd 66 1895
Teller, H. M.
Fd 67 1896, months 1-6
Baker, James H., President, University of Colorado
Condit, P. M.
Gregg, Rev. James B.
Hastings, Thomas S.
Parsons, Edward S., Professor of English, Colorado College
Russell, Howard, proprietor, "The Delta Independent", Delta,
Sprague, Charles S., Editor, "The Evening Telegraph" and "The
Mining Investor", Colorado Springs
Fd 68 1896, months 7-12
Wolcott, Edward O.
Fd 69 1897
Board of Indian Commissioners
Howbert, F. W., Colorado Springs
Hoyt, T. Webster, Lawyer and judge, Denver
Porter, John Addison, Private Secretary to President McKinley
Shafroth, John F., U. S. Representative, Colorado
Shannon, E. L., Lawyer, Denver
Wolcott, Edward O.
Fd 70 1898, months 1-6
Chandler, William E., U.S. Senator, New Hampshire
Day, William R., Secretary of State; Supreme Court Judge
Hay, John, Ambassador to Gt. Britain; Secretary of State
Hopkins, Albert J., U.S. Representative and Senator, Illinois
Long, John D., Secretary of the Navy
Morrill, Justin S., U.S. Senator and Governor, Vermont
Northway, Stephen A., U.S. Representative, Colorado
Thompson, Rev. W. O.
Wolcott, Edward O.
Fd 71 1898, months 7-12
Day, William R.
Porter, John Addison
Skiff, J., Commissioner-General for the U.S. to the Paris Exposition
of 1900
Wolcott, Edward O.
Box 6 Folders 72-84
Fd 72 1899, months 1-6
Alexander, Morton, Judge, Grand County, Colorado
Hay, John
McKechnie, J. H., Colorado College student
Skiff, J.
Wilder, Walter, General Manager, "Colorado Springs Gazette"
Wolcott, Edward O.
Fd 73 1899, months 7-12
Goodale, C., Surveyor General, District of Colorado, General Land
Kirkwood, Rev. T. C., Superintendent of Presbyterian Missions,
Synod of Colorado, Colorado Springs
McKechnie, J. H.
Fd 74 1900
Templeton, Rev. W. G., Colorado Springs
Hoskin, Rev. A. A., Unitarian Church, Pueblo
Lewis, Richard W., Pastor, Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
Fd 75 1901
Goodale, C.
Hay, John
Long, John D.
Wolcott, Edward O.
Wright, Robert R., Mayor of Denver
Fd 76 1902
Fulton, S. C., Congregational Minister, Denver
Gordon, Kate M., Corresponding Secretary, National American Woman Suffrage Association
Stewart, Philip B., Colorado Springs
Talbot, Ralph, Lawyer, Denver
Fd 77 1903, months 1-6
Ensign, Edgar T., President, 1st National Bank, Colorado Springs
Hopkins, Albert J.
Spooner, John C.
Taggart, Frank D., Lawyer, Denver
Fd 78 1903, months 7-12
Burton, Joseph R., U. S. Senator, Kansas
Elkins, Stanley B., U. S. Senator, West Virginia
Fairbanks, Charles W., U. S. Senator, Indiana
Grovesnor, Charles H., U. S. Representative, Ohio
Hopkins, Albert J.
Mitchell, John H., U. S. Senator, Oregon
Perkins, George C., U. S. Senator, California
Quarles, Joseph A., U. S. Senator, Wisconsin
Quay, Matthew S., U. S. Senator Pennsylvania
Scott, Nathan B., U. S. Senator, West Virginia
Spooner, John C.
Fd 79 1904-1906
Burrows, Julius C., U. S. Senator, Michigan
Greenlee, L. C., Superintendent of Public Schools, Denver
Haggott, Warren A., Lt. Governor of Colorado
Olmsted, Charles Sanford, Bishop of Colorado
Parks, Fred W., Colorado State Senator
Ruger, Henry A., Assist. Professor of Philosophy, Colorado College
2. Personal and business correspondence written by Thomas
N. Haskell
Fd 80 1844-1848
Fd 81 1849-1856
Fd 82 1857-1877
Banks, Nathaniel P., Governor of Massachusetts
Beveridge, John L., Governor of Illinois
Buckingham, William A.
Corbett, H. W., Senator
Evarts, William M., Secretary of State
Farwell, C. B. Representative
Fish, Hamilton, Secretary of State
Gilpin, William, Governor of Colorado
Grant, Ulysses S., President of United States
Hayes, Rutherford B., President of United States
Hurlbut, Stephen A., General, Civil War; U. S. Representative, Ill.
Pierce, Franklin
Routt, John L.
Roy, J. E.
Shattuck, J. C., Superintendent of Public Instruction, Pueblo
Sherman, John, U. S. Senator, Ohio; Secretary of State; Secretary
of the Treasury
Spalding, John F., Judge, Superior Court, Colorado
Stone, Wilbur, F., Judge, Superior Court, Colorado
Teller, H. M.
Wilson, H., Vice-President of United States
Fd 83 1878-1883
Arthur, Chester A., President of United States
Belford, James B.
Blaine, James G., Secretary of State
Bliss, Cornelius N., Secretary of the Interior
Frelinghuysen, Frederick T., U. S. Senator, N. J.; Secretary of State
Garfield, James A., President of the United States
Hill, Nathaniel P.
Jackson, W. S., Colorado Springs
Key, D.M., Postmaster General
Pitkin, Frederick W.
Rogers, W. K.
Routt, John L.
Teller, H. M.
Thatcher, Henry C., Chief Justice, Colorado
Townsend, Charles
Fd 84 1884-1894
Blaine, James G.
Cleveland, Grover, President of United States
Frelinghuysen, Frederick T.
Gladstone, William, Prime Minister, Great Britain
Harrison, Benjamin
Patterson, Thomas M.
Teller, H. M.
Wanamaker, John, Postmaster General
Box 7 Folders 85-101
Fd 85 1895-1896
Gregg, James B.
Hanna, Marcus, U. S. Senator, Ohio
McKinley, William
Wolcott, Edward O.
Fd 86 1897-1904
Gage, Lyman J., Secretary of U. S. Treasury
Hanna, Marcus A.
Hay, John
Lodge, Henry Cabot
Long, John D.
Peabody, James H., Governor of Colorado
Sherman, John
Spooner, John C.
Stewart, Philip B.
Wolcott, Edward O.
B. Family correspondence
Fd 87 Letters written to Annie Edwards Haskell

Cocke, John Hartwell
Edwards, Jonathan

Edwards, Justin
Fd 88 Letters from A. E. Haskell to brothers and others
Fd 89 Letters from A. E. Haskell to T. N. Haskell, 1853-1856
Fd 90 Letters from A. E. Haskell to T. N. Haskell, 1857-1873
Fd 91 Letters from A. E. Haskell to T. N. Haskell, 1874-1881
Fd 92 Letters from A. E. Haskell to T. N. Haskell, undated
Fd 93 Letters from A. E. Haskell to T. N. Haskell, undated
Fd 94 Letters to T. N. Haskell from his daughters, 1870-1872, 1874,
1880, 1883, 1886, 1887, 1904
Fd 95 Letters from T. N. Haskell to A. E. Haskell, 1853-1855
Fd 96 Letters from T. N. Haskell to A. E. Haskell, 1856-1859
Fd 97 Letters from T. N. Haskell to A. E. Haskelland daughters,
1861-1862, 1865-1867
Fd 98 Letters from T. N. Haskell to A. E. Haskell and daughters, 1868,
Fd 99 Letters from T. N. Haskell to A. E. Haskell and daughters, 1873
Fd 100 Letters from T. N. Haskell to A. E. Haskell and daughters, 1874,
1878, 1880, 1882, 1890, 1893, 1894
Fd 101 Letters to Annie N. and Mary E. Haskell, and miscellaneous
Box 8 Folders 102-121
Fd 102 Letters from Annie N. and Mary E. Haskell to cousin Florence
Fd 103 Letters to Jonathan Edwards from T. N.  Haskell, 1854, 1862,
1874, 1879, 1884, 1885, 1894, 1896
Fd 104 Letters from Jonathan Edwards to T. N. Haskell, 1854, 1855,
1857-1859, 1863, 1865, 1867, 1869-1871, 1873-1875, 1877,
1888, 1890-1891, 1894
Fd 105 Letters from Jonathan Edwards to A. E. Haskell, 1857, 1864,
1873, 1874 
Fd 106 Letters to Jonathan Edwards from others, 1854, 1857, 1858,
Fd 107 Letters from Jonathan Edwards to others, 1873, 1874
C. Correspondence and other materials relating to Colorado College
Fd 108 1873-1875
McAllister, Henry
Bartlett, E. N.
De Coursey, Gerald
Hanna, J. R.
Kimball, R. C.
Millington, F. C.
Nevin, W. W., of Denver & Rio Grande Railroad
Sprague, W. G., Denver City Railroad Company
Letters concerning proposed presidency of J. M. Sturtevant
First draft of the Constitution of the College
Copy of plans proposed at Boulder Conference, "Of a Christian
College in Colorado"
Resolution of the Board of Trustees concerning payment of
T. N. Haskell
Report of the Solicitor of Colorado College, from Feb. 9 to Aug. 9,
Fd 109 1876-1906
Bartlett, E. N.
Dougherty, James G., resolution to make him president
McAllister, Henry Sheldon, W. D., Professor, Colorado College
Slocum, W. F.
Tenney, E. P.
Washburn, Philip
Haskell's letter of resignation to the Board of Trustees
Haskell's account of the founding of C. C., sent to C. B. Hershey
A further account of the work of Thomas Nelson Haskell for C. C.
Montague, Richard, Pastor First Baptist Church, Colorado Springs
D. Miscellaneous letters
Fd 110 Denver McKinley Club correspondence, 1896
Dennison, William Neil, Colonel, President Denver McKinley Club
Dick, Charles, Secretary Republican National Committee
Hanna, Marcus A.
Haskell, Thomas Nelson
McKinley, William
Payne, H. C., Executive Committee, Republican National
Wolcott, Edward O.
Fd 111 Miscellaneous undated correspondence
Fd 112 Miscellaneous undated correspondence
Fd 113 Letters to and from other people, 1844,1848-1851, 1854-1856, 1858, 1859, 1863
Fd 114 Letters to and from other people, 1864-1868, 1870-1874
Sturtevant, J. M.
Fd 115 Letters to and from other people, 1875, 1877-1880
Anthony, Webster D., Colorado State Representative, Speaker
Belford, James B.
Buckingham, William A.
Chaffee, J. B., U. S. Senator, Colorado
Clark, William M., Colorado Secretary of State
Devens, Charles
Elbert, S. H., Superior Bench, Colorado
Elliot, V. A., District Judge, Colorado
Evarts, William M.
Garfield, James A.
Gilpin, William
Gotthelf, I., Colorado State Representative
Hallett, Moses, U. S. Judge, Colorado
Hayes, Rutherford B.
Helm, J. C.
Jackson, Sheldon
Leonard, A., Colorado State Representative
McMurray, R. M., Colorado State Representative
Morehouse, P. E., Colorado State Representative
Patten, George A., Colorado State Representative
Phelps, A. C., Colorado State Representative
Pitkin, Frederick W.
Rainey, David F., Colorado State Representative
Routt, John L.
Sampson, A. J., Colorado Attorney General
Schurz, Carl, Secretary of the Interior
Shattuck, J. C.
Sherman, John
Spalding, John F.
Stone, Wilbur F.
Strong, W. B., Vice-Pres. and Gen. Manager, A.T.&S. F.R.R.
Surles, Ziba, Colorado State Representative
Thatcher, Henry C.
Townsend, Charles
Wells, E. T., Superior Bench, Colorado
Williams, George H., U.S. Attorney General
Fd 116 Letters to and from other people, 1881, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1894-1899, 1903 and undated
Belford, James B.
Blaine, James G.
Dolliver, J. P., U. S. Senator, Iowa
Dryden John F., U. S. Senator, New Jersey
Garfield, James A.
Harrison, Benjamin
Hill, Nathaniel P.
Low, Seth, Political reformer; Mayor of New York,
Pres. Columbia Univ.
Malone, Booth M.
Pitkin, Frederick W.
Porter, John Addison
Skiff, J. W.
Spalding, John F.
Spooner, John C.
Stone, Wilbur F.
Teller, H. M.
Townsend, Charles
Fd 117 Fragments of letters
Fd 118 Recommendations: typed pages entitled "Four Successive
Applications for Professor Haskell's Diplomatic Appointment to Turkey, Greece, Italy and Mexico", dated 1872, 1877, 1881, 1889
Beck, William E., Chief Justice, Colorado
Belford, James B.
Buckingham, William A.
Chaffee, J. B.
Cooper, Job A., Governor of Colorado
Corbet, H. W., U. S. Senator, Oregon
Elbert, S. H.
Elliott, V. A.
Evarts, William M.
Garfield, James A.
Gilpin, William
Grant, Ulysses S.
Hallet, Moses
Harrison, Benjamin
Hayes, Rutherford B.
Hayt, Charles D., Supreme Court Judge, Colorado
Helm, J. C.
Hurlbut, S. A.
Lee, William Scott, Mayor of Denver
Logan, John A.
Patterson, T. M.
Pitkin, Frederick W.
Routt, John L.
Schurz, Carl
Spalding John F.
Stone, Wilbur F.
Teller, H. M.
Thatcher, Henry C.
Townsend, Charles
Wells, E. T.
Wilson, Henry
Unanimous Petition of Colorado Legislature, Feb. 19, 1889
Personal papers
A. Notes
Fd 119 Notes for sermons and speeches, dated and undated
Fd 120 Notes for classroom lectures
B. Receipts
Fd 121 1854-1875
Box 9 Folders 122-134
Fd 122 1876-1888
Fd 123 1889-1892
Fd 124 1893, 1895, 1898-1903, 1906, 1907, undated
C. Will
Fd 125 Dec. 3, 1879: leaves all to Annie Edwards Haskell and daughters,
Annie Nelson and Mary Eliza, with parts of his library that they do not want, to be donated to Colorado College
A. Printed works
Fd 126 Occasional Poems and Young Konkaput: printed but not bound, in
Miscellaneous printed works
B. Manuscripts, dated
Fd 127 "Has Slavery Been a Greater Source of Evil to the United States?",
"Address to Sunday School Children", 184?
"Specification", 1854
"Colonial History", 1857
"The Constitution of the Soldiers' Religious Aid Society", 1861
"Young Mens' Christian Association Home", 1871
"Resolutions of the Presbytery Respecting Our Country", 1863
"Triennial Report of the Pastor of the New England Congregational Church", 1871
"An Open Letter to Hon. Milton Sayler, Member of Congress", 1876
"Hail to the Chieftain: A Song of Welcome to U. S. Grant", 1879
Fd 128 "The Freaks and Forces of Electricity", 1881
"A Petition and Protest to the Republican State Convention", 1882
"Platform for the National Silver Convention", 1885 (4 drafts)
"The Success of the Late Silver Convention", 1885
"A Poem in William Windom's Praise", 1891
"Republican Platform for Colorado", 1896
"Opening Address at Ratification Meeting, Brown Palace Hotel", 1896
"An Introductory Review", 1897
"Mrs. William McKinley", 1900
C. Manuscripts, no date
Fd 129"The Liquor License Question"
"This Is My Rest Forever", song
"Hymn of Invocation"
"A Petition to the President to Call the Nation to Prayer"
"Sponsion Et Memorabilia Et Sperabilia"
"Educational Address"
"The Wise Men of the East Building Monuments in the West"
"Address to Young People and S. S. Children"
"Good Works for God's Glory"
"City Missions"
"Son Remember Luke XVI"
"Reasons why a Young Lady should pursue a `regular course' of
Several untitled poems
D. Miscellaneous publications
Fd 130 Newspaper articles
Fd 131 Speech Upon the Parties and Platforms, Men and Measures In the
Present Presidential Contest, 1880
A. Assorted cards, lists, programs, etc.
Fd 132 Advertisements, mainly from publishers
Fd 133 Calling cards and business cards
Fd 134 Envelopes
Box 10 Folders 135-142
Fd 135 Invitations and announcements
Fd 136 Lists, mainly names and subscriptions
Fd 137 Passport, tax schedule, Senate bill regarding T. N. Haskell
Fd 138 Prescriptions and home remedies
Fd 139 Printed matter
Fd 140 Programs and orders of service
B. Newspaper clippings and newspapers
Fd 141 Miscellaneous clippings, 1851-1861
Fd 142 Miscellaneous clippings, 1874-1903
Box 11 Folders 143-151
Fd 143 Miscellaneous clippings, undated
Fd 144 Biographical Newspaper articles
Fd 145 William N. Byers scandal, 1876
Fd 146 Benjamin Harrison presidential campaign, 1888
Fd 147 "The Gleaner", vol. 1, no. 4, Sandusky City, Ohio, Dec. 11, 1850
"The Acorn", vol. 2, no. 12, Wayne, Feb. 15, 1851
"The Fair Offering", March 14, 1866
"The Haskell Journal", Jan. 1898, Feb. 1898
C. Miscellaneous papers, reports, resolutions, testimonials, etc.
Fd 148 1845, 1851, 1853-1854, 1856-1857, 1861-1866, 1868
Fd 149 1871, 1875, 1876, 1878, 1880, 1883, 1885, 1888, 1891,
including a lock of Josie Meeker's hair
Fd 150 1893, 1896, 1899, and undated, including biographical material,
1906 and letters to Pliny Fiske Haskell, 1903 with enclosed
publications, and miscellaneous newspaper clippings and obituaries
Fd 151 Papers of Annie N. and Mary E. Haskell

Box 12 Folders 152-153

D. Photographs

Fd 152 26 portraits of Thomas Nelson Haskell
8 portraits of his immediate family
25 portraits of relatives
Small box with tintypes of T. N. and Florence Haskell
Fd 153 46 portraits of friends
20 unidentified portraits
10 miscellaneous photographs
Mounted photographic portraits, and their relationship to Colorado College of Thomas Nelson Haskell, "its originator", Florence E. Haskell, "its inspiration", and Jonathan Edwards, "its first executive officer and professor".
Box 13

V. Personal diaries of Thomas Nelson Haskell

Dy 1 1852-1859, "Vol. II", with letters inserted
Dy 2 1858-1859
Dy 3 1859
Dy 4 1860
Dy 5 1860
Dy 6 1861
Dy 7 1862
Dy 8 1862
Dy 9 1863
Dy 10 1864, bound with some pamphlets
Dy 11 1864
Dy 12 1864-1865
Dy 13 1865
Dy 14 1866
Dy 15 1867
Dy 16 1868
Dy 17 1869
Dy 18 1870
Dy 19 1871
Dy 20 1872, partially handwritten and partially newspaper clippings
Dy 21 1873
Dy 22 1874
Dy 23 1878
Dy 24 1881
Dy 25 1884
Dy 26 1842-1871, personal & family accounts w/ later notes
Box 14

VI. Notebooks

A. Accounts and church subscriptions
Nbk 1 Western Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C., 1855
Nbk 2 Western Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C., 1855, East Boston,
Nbk 3 Western Presbyterian Church Subscription Book, 1855-1857 Church
Book No. 4
Nbk 4 East Boston Church, 1866
Nbk 5 Publications accounts, 1884-1893
Nbk 6 Subscription list for "Young Konkaput", ca. 1892
Nbk 7 Loans and publications
B. Colorado College and Colorado Springs
Nbk 8 1868-1878: clippings, photographs and written notes, with reasons for r
Haskell's resignation from the Board of Trustees of Colorado College and
a note about claim for money
Nbk 8a University of Wisconsin and Colorado College newspaper clippings with
articles and notes
C. Sermons
Nbk 9 Sermons delivered in the Western Presbyterian Church, ca. 1855
Nbk 10 "Two Inaugural Sermons - Buchanan, 1857; Lincoln,1861", with note on
cover "Keep and Publish"
Nbk 11 "The Parable of the Barren Tree Applied to Nations and Men", 1858
"Christian Civics", 1900
"Mountains and Men", 1894
Nbk 12 "Sermon on Atonement:, 1866
"Address to the Colorado Congregational Association", 1876
D. Works and printed biographical material
Nbk 13 Notes and lectures at Union Theological Seminary, 1853-1854
Nbk 14 Notebook containing clippings of "Women of the Bible"
Nbk 15 Notebook containing clippings of "Women of the Bible"
Nbk 16 Notebook containing clippings of "Women of the Bible"
Nbk 17 "Borrowed Beauty", 1868
"Lists of Ute Words", 1879, and miscellaneous later notes
Nbk 18 "The Soldiers' Mission in the Crisis of 1861"
Box 15

Articles by and about T. N. Haskell, 1861-1872

Nbk 19Articles by and about T. N. Haskell, 1871-1874, with newspaper clippings
about the conference to propose Colorado College
Nbk 20Articles by and about T. N. Haskell, 1872-1875
Nbk 21"Notes of Weather", 1874
"Botany", 1879
Nbk 22 Notes for classes lectures, ca. 1867
Nbk 23 "Lectures to Young Ladies on Evidences of Christianity", University of
Wisconsin, 1867
Nbk 24 "Outlines on Christian Evidences", 1867
Nbk 25 "Memoranda of My Work and Money Received for the Yellow Fever Fund",
E. Political notebooks consisting mainly of articles by T. N. Haskell
Nbk 26 Presidential campaigns of 1872 and 1876; miscellaneous articles about Haskell
Nbk 27 Political campaign articles, 1872
Nbk 28 1865-1876, "Hymn for Lincoln", political articles by and about Haskell
Nbk 29 "Issues in the Present Campaign", 1880
Nbk 30 "The Religious Professions of the Presidents", Garfield's death, inauguration of
Chester Arthur
Nbk 31 Memorial Address - "True Greatness and Goodness as Exemplified by
President James A. Garfield", 1881, and clippings about Garfield's death
Nbk 32 National Republican Ticket, Harrison campaign, 1888, and miscellaneous
newspaper articles
Nbk 33 "Harrison is the Man"
Nbk 34 McKinley Election, 1896
Nbk 35 Professor T. N. Haskell Arraigns the Democrats and Senator Henry M. Teller
for their Sins Against Suffrage", 1902
F. Notebook of Jonathan Edwards
Nbk 36 Newspaper clippings

The numbers after each name indicate first the box number followed by the folder number.

Arthur, Chester A. 6:83
Anthony, Webster D. 8:115
Baker, James H. 5:67
Banks, N. P. 6:82
Bartlett, E. N. 8:108,109
Belford, James B. 3:43, 4:46, 6:83, 8:115,116
Beveridge, John L. 6:82
Blaine, James G.  6:83,84, 8:116
Bliss, Charles R. 3:44
Bliss, Cornelius N. 6:82
Blount, A. E. 4:50
Board of Indian Commiss. 5:69
Bowen, Thomas 4:48,51
Bowen, William M 4:51
Brinkerhoff, R.  4:46
Brown, Stanley 4:48
Buckingham, William A. 2:30, 3:39, 6:82, 8:115
Burrows, J. C.  6:79
Burton, J. 6:78
Cameron, Simon 2:25
Chaffee, J. B. 8:115
Chandler, William M. 6:70
Chilcott, George M. 4:49,50,51
Clark, William M.  8:115
Clarkson, J. S. 4:56
Cleveland, Grover 4:54
Collier, David C. 3:44
Colorado Republican Club 6:79
Condit, P. M. 4:59, 5:61,62,67
Conference on Charities 4:48
Corbett, H. W. 6:82
Coy, Nathan B.  4:59,60
Davidson, John M. 4:56
Day, William R. 5:70,71
DeCoursey, Gerald 8:108
Dennison, William Neil 8:110
Devens, Charles 3:43, 8:115
Dolliver, J. P. 8:116
Dougherty, James G. 8:109
Dryden John F. 8:
Edwards, Jonathan 7:87, 8:103,104,105,106,107
Edwards, Justin 7:87
Elbert, S. H. 8:115
Elkins, Stanley B. 6:78
Elliot, V. A. 8:115
Ellis, Alston, 5:63
Ensign, Edgar T. 6:77
Evarts, William M. 3:44,45, 6:82,83, 8:115
Fairbanks, Charles W. 6:78
Fairchild, J. H. 3:32, 4:46,48,50
Farwell, C. B. 6:82
Fish, Hamilton 6:82
Frelinghuysen, F. J. 6:83,84
Fulton, Rev. S. C. 6:76
Gage, Lyman J. 7:86
Gardner, J. H. 3:44
Garfield, James A. 6:83, 8:115,116
Gilpin, William 6:82, 8:115
Gladstone, William 6:84
Goodale, C.  6:73,74,75
Goodloe, William Cassius 4:56
Gordon, Kate M. 6:76
Gotthelf, I. 8:115
Grant, Ulysses S. 6:82
Greenlee, L. C. 6:79
Gregg, James B. 4:49, 5:67 7:85
Grovesnor, Charles H. 6:78
Haggott, Warren A. 6:79
Halford, E. M. 4:57,58,59,60, 5:62,63
Hall, A.  3:44
Hallett, Boses 8:115
Hamilton, S. T. 5:63
Hanna, J. R. 3:39, 8:108
Hanna, Marcus A. 7:85,86, 8:110
Harrison, Benjamin 4:55, 6:84, 8:116
Harrison, Russell B. 4:60, 5:61,63
Harsh, Samuel 4:51
Hastings, Thomas A. 5:64,65,67
Hay, John 5:70, 6:72,75, 7:86
Hayes, Rutherford B. 3:42, 6:82, 8:115
Haynes, S. B. 3:44
Hayt, Charles D.  8:118
Helm, J. C. 8:115
Heywood, D. H. 3:42
Hill, Nathaniel P. 4:51, 6:83, 8:116
Hopkins, Albert J. 5:70, 6:77,78
Hoskin, Rev. A. A. 6:74
Howbert, F. W. 5:69
Howbert, Irving 4:57
Hoyt, T. Webster 5:69
Hunter, S. D. 4:51
Hurlbut, S. A. 6:82
Ingalls, John J. 4:51
Jackson, Sheldon 3:41, 8:115
Jackson, W. S. 6:83
Jessup, Samuel 3:39
Key, D. M. 6:83
Kimball, R. C. 8:108
Kirkwood, T. C. 6:73
Konkaput, Levi 1:6
Leonard, A.  8:115
Lewis, Richard W. 6:74
Lodge, Henry Cabot 3:45, 7:86
Long, John D. 5:70, 6:75, 7:86
Low, Seth 8:116
Lowe, Thomas O. 3:36
Lowry, Charles E. 5:62
McAllister, Henry 8:108,109
McComas, L. E. 5:63
McKechnie, J. H. 6:72,73
McKinley, William 7:85,86, 8:110
McMurray, R. M. 8:115
Malone, Booth M. 4:59, 8:116
Marsh, George P. 4:48
Mead. L. C.  3:44
Michener, L. J. 4:56,57
Miller, Hortense 5:64
Miller, 5:61
Millington, F. C. 8:108
Mitchell, John H. 6:78
Monroe, James 3:38
Morehouse, P. E. 8:115
Morrell, Justin S.  5:70
Moulton, C. W. 4:60, 5:61
National Association for the Protection of the Insane and the Prevention of Insanity 4:47
Nevin, W. E. 8:108
New York Christian House for Intemperate Men 4:58
Noble, John W. 4:57,59
Northway, S. A. 5:70
Olmsted, Charles Sanford 6:79
Olney, Henry C. 3:44
Orahood, H. M. 5:61
Pabor, W. E. 3:44
Packard, A. K. 3:44, 4:50,51
Parks, Fred W. 6:79
Parsons, Edward S. 5:67
Patten, George A. 8:115
Patterson, Thomas M. 3:44, 6:84
Payne, H. C. 8:110
Peabody, James H. 7:86
Perkins, George C. 6:78
Phelps, A. C. 8:115
Philips, Ivan 3:44
Pierce, Franklin 6:82
Pitkin, Frederick W. 4:49,50,47, 6:83, 8:115,116
Porter, John Addison 5:69,70,71, 6:72, 8:116
Quarles, Joseph A. 6:78
Quay, Matthew S. 6:78
Rainey, David F. 8:115
Rich, W. G. 4:48
Rogers, W. K. 3:44,45, 4:46,47, 6:83
Routt, John L. 4:47, 6:82,83, 8:115
Roy, Joseph E. 3:34,40, 6:82
Ruger, Henry A. 6:79
Rusk, J. M. 4:57
Russell, Howard 5:67
Sampson, A. J. 8:115
Schurz, Carl 8:115
Scott, M. B. 6:78
Shafroth, John F. 5:69,70
Shannon, E. L. 5:69
Shattuck, J. C. 6:82, 8:115
Sheets, D. L. 3:44
Sheldon, W. D. 8:109
Sherman, John 6:82, 7:86
Sherman Ave. Improv. Assoc. 4:56
Skiff, J. W. 5:65,71, 6:72, 8:116
Slocum W. F. 8:109
Smith, W. G. 4:50
Spalding, John F. 6:82, 8:115,116
Spooner, John C. 4:59, 6:77,78, 7:86
Sprague, Charles S. 5:67
Sprague, W. G. 8:108
Spruance, William 3:44
Stanton, Horace C. 4:60
Stewart, Philip B. 6:76, 7:86
Stone, Wilbur F. 7:82, 8:115,116
Strong, W. B. 8:115
Sturtevant, J. M. 3:41, 8:108,114
Surles, Ziba 8:115
Tabor, H. A. W. 4:56,60
Taggart, Frank D. 6:77
Talbot, Ralph 6:76
Tarbox, Increase 1:12
Teller, Henry M. 3:44, 4:47,48,51,57,59,60, 6:82,83,84, 8:116
Templeton, W. G. 6:74
Tenney, E. P. 4:48,49, 8:109
Thatcher, Henry C. 6:83, 8:115
Thompson, W. O. 5:63
Timberlake, Charles B. 5:63
Toll, Charles H. 3:44
Townsend, Charles 4:47,48,55,59,60, 5:65, 6:83, 8:116
U. S. Indian Industrial School 4:57
Wanamaker, John 6:84
Washburn, Philip 8:109
Wells, E. T. 8:115
Wilder, Walter L. 6:72
Willard, Frances E. 5:63
Williams, George H. 8:115
Wilson, H. 6:82
Wolcott, Edward O. 4:60, 5:68,69,70,71, 6:72,74,75, 7:85,86, 8:110
Wright, Robert R. 6:75

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