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See also: Carol Kennis's thesis, "A Healthy Joyous Life - Whoopy!": The Letters of Colorado Rancher Edward Graham Hayes 1886-1887, Colorado Room Oversize F596 .K46 1996


Content and Scope
Chronology of Edward G. Hayes
Guide to the collection
I. Diaries
II. Correspondence
III. Financial papers
IV. Edward G. Hayes's writings
V. Sketches
VI. Photographs
VII. Maps
VIII. Typescript of diaries and letters


The bulk of the Edward Graham Hayes Collection consists of diaries and letters written by Hayes while he was a student at Colorado College and during his cattle ranching days at Granger, Colorado in the 1880's. There is also a typescript of the letters and diaries with biographical material added by Elizabeth Hayes Goddard. The rest of the collection consists of Hayes' recollections and description of cowboy life, a few photographs, sketches, maps, and miscellaneous financial papers.


Edward G. Hayes was born in Canandaigua, New York, the oldest son of Dr. and Brs. Josephy Byron Hayes. Suffering from a lung ailment, Edward Hayes traveled to Florida and the West Indies in 1879. Still unwell, his parents sent him to Colorado in 1880 at the age of eighteen. Hayes first stayed at the Douglass Ranch, eight miles from Colorado Springs. By the autumn of that year he was sufficiently recovered to begin studies at Colorado College. During the summer of 1881 Hayes went on a long packtrip to Wyoming Territory. He returned to the east in the fall and enrolled in the Pennsylvania Military Academy. In 1883 he entered Union College, Schenectady, New York, but left in his junior year to return to Colorado.

In 1886 in partnership with Charles W. Codwise, Hayes established the ZA Ranch at Granger, Colorado. He stayed in Colorado as a rancher until 1889 when he dissolved the partnership with Codwise. The next year Hayes and his brother Chester sailed to Paris to study art but they returned in July because of their fathers' illness and death.

On September 9, 1890, Edward Hayes married Lizzie McGill of Manitou Springs. Giving up painting as a profession in 1892, the couple settled in Canandaigua. Hayes had been in business for several years when, in 1901, he purchased Williams and Barnes, a private bank which later merged with McKechnie Bank. Hayes served as vice president and general manager, and then president. In 1928 he retired as president to become chairman of the board. Hayes again served as president in 1932 until his death on November 7, 1934. Edward G. Hayes was survived by a son, George, a daughter, Elizabeth, and his second wife, Margaret.


July 12, 1862 Born in Canandaigua, N. Y., to Dr. Joseph Byron Hayes and Louisa Coleman Hayes

Jan. May 1879 In Florida and West Indies with mother to recover his health

1880 Went to Colorado Springs and Denver to improve lungs. Summer stayed on Judge Douglass' ranch, 8 miles north of Colorado Springs. Autumn moved to Colorado Springs and attended Colorado College.

1881 Pack trip to Powder River, Wyoming Territory, Summer "punching cows" and learning about cattle trade.

1881 1883 Attended Pennsylvania Military Academy, Chester, Penn.

1883 Entered Union College, Schenectady, New York

March 22, 1884 Mother died

1885 Left Union College to return to Colorado

Nov. 1885 Returned to Canandaigua to discuss cattle ranching with his father.

Feb.18 1886 Arrived in Colorado Springs to start cattle ranching. With Charles W. Codwise, established ZA Ranch, Granger, Colorado

1886 1888 Cattle ranching.

Dec. 8, 1888 Dissolved partnership with Codwise.

1890 Sailed to Paris to study art. Returned to U.S.in July because of father'sillness.

July 17, 1890 Father died

Sept.9, 1890 Married Lizzie McGill of Manitou Springs.

1892 Settled in Canandaigua as business man and banker.

April 1931 Wife died.

Aug. 1932 Married Mrs. Margaret Gillege Burnett of Canandaigua.

Nov.7, 1934 Died at home

(Taken from Chronology compiled by Mrs. Elizabeth Hayes Goddard)


I. Diaries

A. Personal diaries

Diary 1 1886
Diary 3 1887
Diary 3 1888
Diary 4 1889

B. Business diary

Diary 5 Roundup diary and cash expenditure, May 19 Nov.4, 1887 containing lists of horses and brands, calf tally, and day by day account of roundup.

II. Correspondence

A. Letters written from Colorado Springs by Edward G. Hayes

Folder 1 Letters to his father mother, 1880 3 items
Folder 2 Letters to his father and mother, 1881

B. Letters written during a horse trip into Wyoming Territory, 1881

Folder 3 Letters to his father and mother 8 items

C. Letters written en route to Routt County, Colorado, 1885

Folder 4 Letters to his father 3 items

D. Colorado Springs, 1886

Folder 5 Letters to his father

Folder 6 To "My dear son" from J.B. Hayes 4 items
To "My dear Grandmother" from E.G. Hayes
To "Dear Father, Grandmother, and Brother" from E.G. Hayes
To "Chet" Hayes's brother from E.G. Hayes

E. Letters written from ZA Ranch, Granger, Colorado, 1887

Folder 7 Letters to his father 9 items
Folder 8 Letter to his grandmother 1 item

F. Letters written from Squirrel Creek and Nepesta, Colorado

Folder 9 Letters to his father 2 items

G. Miscellaneous correspondence

Folder 10 1886 2 items
To "My dear Mr. Hayes" from B.K. Mause
To Edward G. Hayes from L. C. Dana, El Paso County Sheriff

Folder 11 1887 2 items
To Mr. E. G. Hayes from D. P. Burrell
To Dr. J. B. Hayes from Charles Codwise

III. Financial papers

Folder 12 Receipts 8 items
Folder 13 Expenditures, income taxation 4 items

IV. Writings of Edward G. Hayes

Folder 14 "Cowboys and the Round up" 11 hand written pages
"In Retrospect", with note by Hayes to divide into 2 papers:
1) "Colorado Springs, 1880 81", and 2) "The Prairie as I Knew it in 1880"

Folder 15 "College man on horseback", Colorado Magazine, v.41, no.1, Winter, 1964
"ZA roundup", Colorado Magazine, v.41, no. 3, Summer, 1964
"The ways of the west", from National Observer, August 31, 1964, p.11 Parts of his account of the cowboy sent to his father

V. Sketches by Edward G. Hayes

Folder 16 Palmer Lake, Dec. 16, 1888 (original)

Folder 17 Photographs of sketches by Edward G.Hayes 6 color prints, 11 black and white.

VI. Photographs 5 items

Folder 18 Lizzie McGill, Manitou Springs, before marriage to E. G. Hayes (copy)
Edward G. Hayes 2 copies of photograph by C.L. Gillingham of Colorado Springs
Kitty Van Nostrand, with note "She married Elliott Hart, ranch partner of Ed Hayes" and reference to ZA ranch diary, March 3, 1886 and letter, Jan.28, 1887 (original and copy)

VII. Maps 5 items

Folder 19 Negative of plat of ZA Ranch Map of Front Range with ZA Ranch marked 2 copies and negative of hand drawn map of "country around Ed's ranch"

VIII. Typescript copy of the diaries and letters. Contains foreword and biographical information by Elizabeth Hayes Goddard, Daughter of Edward G. Hayes. Also contains photographs, copies of obituaries, and letters from schools verifying Hayes's attendance.

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