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M. Hamlin Cannon was born in Salt Lake City on September 12, 1909, and died in Colorado Springs on March 26, 1978. He was married in Washington, D.C. to Kathleen O'Connor in 1945. They had a son and daughter.

A historian by profession, Dr. Cannon received his Ph.D. from American University, Washington, D.C. in 1950. He was the author of Leyte: The Return to the Philippines, a volume in the Department of the Army series on World War II, and also of many studies on Mormon and military history. His articles have appeared in the distinguished journals such as The American Historical Review, The Mississippi Valley Historical Review, The Pacific Historical Review, and The Harvard Theological Review. He joined the staff of the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1956 and retired as Director of Historical Studies in 1970. At his retirement ceremony the Academy Superintendent presented him with the Award of Meritorious Civilian Service.

Dr. M. Hamlin Cannon was the grandnephew of George Q. Cannon.

As a historian he researched early Mormonism and collected materials related to the subject. He was recognized as one of the world authorities on the historical development of Mormonism.

Tutt Library has a number of Dr. Cannon's books that relate to Mormonism (cataloged on the library online system) as well as some of the materials that he had gathered for research.


Box 1

Original diary of George Q. Cannon (Brigham Young's First Councillor) written in 1888 while he was imprisoned in Utah Penitentiary for polygamy. With typed transcription (also available online).

Periodicals and pamphlets:

-Utah Historical Quarterly Vol. 8, Nos. 2-4; April, July, October 1940; The State of Deseret

-Utah Historical Quarterly Vol. 10, Nos. 1-4; Jan., April, July, Oct. 1942; Pahute Indian Medicine, Early Utah Medical Practice, Pioneer Dentistry, Memoirs of Alice Parker Ison, Mormon Midwives, Journal of Preddy Meeks

-Utah Humanities Review Vol. 1, No. 3; July 1947; Farifax Proudfit Walkup: The Sunbonnet Woman, Fashion in Utah Pioneer Costume, S.S. Ivins: The Deseret Alphabet, Leah R. Frisby & Hector Lee: The Deseret Readers, Marguerite Ivins Wilson: Yours Tull-: A Study of Children's Autograph Rhymes in Utah, Volney King: Millard County, 1851-1875, Charles E. Dubble: The Mormon Mission to the Shoshoni Indians, Part Three, Charice Short: Two Poems of the West

-The Historical Record, Edited by Andrew Jenson; Vol. 9, 1890

BOUND TOGETHER: The Historical Record- Vol. VII, Nos. 1-3; Jan. 1888; Nos. 4-6; June 1888; No. 7; July 1888; Nos. 8-10; Oct. 1888; Vol. VIII, No. 1; Jan. 1888; Nos. 2-3; March 1889; Nos. 4-6; June 1889; Nos. 7-8; Aug. 1889; Nos. 9-12; Dec. 1889

-Bulletin of the Business Historical Society- Vol. XXV, No. 3; Sep. 1951; Boston, Mass. Iron Manufacturing in Southern Utah in the Early 1880's: The Iron Manufacturing Company of Utah, by Leonard J. Arrington

-"Proclamation of the Twelve Apostles of the church of Jesus Christ of Letter-Day Saints"; 1845

-Lucifer's Lantern, Zion; Nos. 5-6; June 1899; (George Q. Cannon)

-"Course of Study for the Quorums of the Priesthood of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Elders First Year"; 1909

-"Joseph Smith Tells His Own Story"

-"The Plan of Salvation", Elder John Morgan

Box 2

Fd 1- Emigration 1849-1858

Material on Emigrant Ships; carbon copies

Fd 2- Letters (copies)- Brigham Young to Horace S. Ellridge, 1857-1858

Narrative of the Death of Capt. Gunnison, by Judge W.W. Drummond
Report of the Conferences in the British Isles for the Half Year Ending June 30, 1850

Fd 3- Reports, etc. (copies)

Camp on Ham's Fork, U.T., 1857
Camp Scott, U.T., 1858
Camp at Upper Crossing of the Arkansas, 1858
Washington City, 1858
Camp near Salt Lake City, U.T., 1858
Camp Scott, U.T., 1857
Quarter Master General's Office, Washington, 1857
March from Fort Leavenworth to Great Salt Lake, Nov. 22, 1855

Fd 4 (copies)

Report- Return of the Army of Utah- Left Camp Scott, U.T. June 13, 14, 15th, 1858 to Salt Lake City
(Camp on Bear River, U.T., June 10, 1858)

Abstract of Quartermasters Property in possession of the Army for Utah on the 31st day of December, 1857

A Thesis- The Versatile W.W. Phelps-- Mormon Writer, Educator, and Pioneer, by Walter Dean Bower; Aug. 1958

Abstract of Bids for Forage to be delivered at Camp Floyd and Fort Bridger; Dec. 1858

Fd 5- Letters (copies); 1857-1858

Brigham Young
Camp Winfield on Ham's Fork; Fort Bregers; Camp Floyd

Fd 6 Misc. Letters (copies)

Utah, Army, etc.; 1838-1859

Fd 7 (copies)

Proclamation by the Governor Brigham Young; 1857
Reports- Territory of Utah; 1857
Memorial; 1858
Bill to Facilitate Communication with the Army in Utah; 1858
Letters; 1858

Fd 8- Photographs

Brigham Young
General Albert Sidney Johnston
Girl with Coal Cart in Thin Seam
Philip St. George Cooke
Affairs at Salt Lake City- Cartoons
Street in Great Salt Lake City
First View of Great Salt Lake Valley
Fort Utah on the Timpanogas
Bowery, Mint & President's House, Great Salt Lake City
Fort Utah in 1850 or 1852
Main Street in Salt Lake City, 1852
The Mountain Meadows Massacre
The Hand-Cart Emigrants in a Storm
The Mormon Tabernacle, 1852
Hon. James K. Polk
Salt Lake City in the 1860's
The War in Utah
The March across the Plains in a Snow Storm
Interior of and Officer's Tent
Part of the Camp at Fort Bridger
The Pioneers
The United States Expedition to Utah
Part of the Camp at Fort Bridger
The Exodus from Navoo
Triumphal Passage of Untied States Troops through Salt Lake City
Mormon Emigrants, Utah- Wagon Train
John B. Floyd of Virginia
Hon. James Buchanan
General Philip St. George Cooke
Earliest Known Map of the Great Basin
Colonel E.J. Steptoe
Ka-ni-ga, The Camp Ground near St. George, Utah
Officers of Lifut. General Well;s Staff
Fort Bridger, Black's Fork, Green River
Lt. General Daniel H. Wells
Fort Union
Fort Bridger
Paiute- The Arrow Maker & his daughter near Kanob. S.W.
Utah & Lodges in the Village
James Bridger
Lt. General Joseph Smith
Echo Canyon
Utah Indian Prisoners Under the Common Platform in Fort Utah
Big Cotton Wood Canyon, Utah

Colorado College, 1874

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