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Saturday Knights Records, Ms 0160

Saturday Knights Records, Ms 0160

Finding Aid created December, 1982; updated regularly with new additions; most recent update May 2014.


Box 1

Folder 1 Policies and permissions (includes discussion of issue of allowing women to join)
Folder 2 Annual reports
Folder 3 Membership rosters
Folder 4 Permissions for hiking particular areas
Folder 5 Membership invitations
Folder 6 Albert R. Ellingwood (transcription of “Account of Tramps” 1909-1922)
Folder 7 Correspondence
Folder 8 Hike records / schedules 1947-ongoing (includes information on Standley photos)
Folder 9 Anniversaries
Folder 10 Poems and sketches

Box 2

Folder 11 Forrest Allen
Folder 12 Florian Cajori
Folder 13 Lester Griswold
Folder 14 D.H. Leavens
Folder 15 Other touring groups
Folder 16 Robert Ormes, Donald P. Jenkins
Folder 17 Schubarth Trail materials
Folder 18 Cascade / Heizer Trail materials
Folder 19 Ute Pass Indian Trail materials
Folder 20 Histories of the club by Bryson, Fetler, Adams, Gibson, Feitz, Tucker, Ross, others
Folder 21 Financial Reports
Folder 22 Annual Meetings
Folder 23 Anniversaries

Box 3

DVD labeled “Saturday Knights April-May 1987”
Audiotape of Sid Adams’s talk on the Saturday Knights, March 13, 1976
Audiotape of Sid Adams’s talk on the Saturday Knights, June 4, 1977
2 CDs of Harry Standley’s Saturday Knights photos, 1930s – 1951 (see Box 1 Folder 8)
CD of Carroll Malone’s Saturday Knights photos, 1948 – 1972 (2 copies)
CD labeled “Pryor”
Photo, 1950
Photos, 1980s
Photos, Heizer Trail, 1983
32 photos, Heizer Trail, 1989-1990
Photos, Royal Gorge, 1990
Photos, 1990s
9 photos, 90th anniversary, 1993
Photos 1994-1997
Photos, negatives, and CD, Centennial Celebration, July 2003
Photos, 2003 banquet
15 photos received 2011
Slides by George Gibson, 1985-1986 and undated
Slides by Jim Joyce, 1972-1988
Slides, 1973, photographer unknown
Handwritten list probably corresponding to something in this box, received 2011
Notes to accompany cataloged video VC 93-36 (1987 event)

Box 4

Four photograph albums containing 412 photos, 1985-2003
CD of these photographs (labeled “Delashmut album,” 2 copies)
Single page of notes on the photographs

Box 5

Scrapbook: 1947-1990
Photographs 1959-May 2004 (from 3-ring binder)
Photographs June 2004-2013 (from 3-ring binder)

Box 5a

Maps and trail guides, including 15 U.S. Geological Survey maps, SpABA guide, GPS maps


non‑resident members
deceased members
Earl Bryson trip files
Monthly hiking schedule cards, 1961-1985

Box 7

Hike logs 1904, 1947-2007 along with a folder of samples and blanks

Box 8

Information on trails, parks, caves, includes hand-drawn maps
Alphabetical index of all Saturday Knight trails, 2003
Publicity / published articles
Obituaries and eulogies
Centennial Celebration and Knights Peak (2003) (including medallion)
Gold Camp Road dispute
Herbert Skinner Journal of the Earliest Saturday Knights from 1903
Manly Ormes Hiking Journal, 1922‑1929 (with folder of notes by unknown author)
5 record books with handwritten trip notes, 1980s and 1990s
Manuscript and notes, Frank Tucker’s published history Knights of the Mountain Trails (2002)
Sheet music for songs: “Climbing to Mt. Rosa,” “The Song of the Caves”


2 Scrapbooks 1940-2003

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