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Box 1

Lulu Bell Sinton, Scrapbook, 1890.

12 reasons why women want to vote leaflet by Alice Stone Blackwell.

Newspaper and magazine pictures of famous women such as Presidentsí wives, authors, and queens.

Speeches from Women's Suffrage Association of 1892.

Clippings and poems concerning Womenís Suffrage issues.

Women's Suffrage Leaflet 1889 by Olive Schreiner.

Magazine clipping "The Bloomer Costumes" 1889 by Amelia Bloomer

Obituary of Prudence Sinton, wife of Joseph Sinton

Clipping of the Strike in Cripple Creek

Sinton Family, Scrapbook, [ca 1940-1955]

Clippings, some loose, many from Life of famous people, places, and events.

Magazine articles of the great Salt Lake, Arctic Sun, Wall Street, Yosemite, River Thames, Life magazine artists record World War II, famous Generals of World War II, portraits of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, President FDR's men, Hitlerís Woman, Medal of Honor recipients, Albert Schweitzer, Robert E. Lee family photos, Grandma Moses, Gibson Girls, Poet Robert Burns, Karl Marx, Winston Churchill, list of soldiers killed in action during first 18 months of World War II.

Pamphlet on Freda Kirchwey 1944 (Editor of magazine The Nation)

Scrapbook of the periodical Our Dumb Animals of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. January 1908 April 1909, plus a few from 1912. Collected by Lulu Bell Sinton.

Scrapbook of clippings titled Men and Woman. Most are not dated, but the dates 1920 and 1951 appear. These were collected by Lulu Bell Sinton.

Box 2

Mary Snow Sinton, Diary, March 12, 1878 to October 14, 1888.
summary and transcription of this diary are available.)

Mary Snow Sinton, Diary, June 9, 1889 to February 16, 1900.
(A summary and transcription of this diary are available.)

Sinton Brothers Dairy, Journal, January 5, 1897-1915. Clippings, brochures, announcements, photographs and journal entries dealing with the Sinton Dairy Farm, Colorado Springs. Newspapers clippings about sawing snow on Pikes Peak for the Cog Road. "Queer things made from mills" 1907 Prices of dairy products 1907 News articles pertaining to mills such as pasteurization controversy, cost of feed, and scarlet fever outbreak. Sinton dairy and other dairy advertisements. Handwritten entries, December 5, 1913 December 14, 1913 concerning record breaking snow storm and pictures included. Photo of hail the size of a bottle cap 1915 Photos of Prudence Sinton 1915

Lulu Bell Sinton Scrapbook and Diary, Sept.5, 1924[1947?] Includes an entry by William Sinton dated October 29, 1922. Will is Lulu Sinton's husband. Lulu Bell Sinton's diary entries begin September 5, 1924 on the 39th anniversary of her marriage to William. Will had died one month previously on August 4, 1924. Most of Lulu's entries are writing to Will as if he were still alive. Clippings of poems mostly about death and love. Entries by Lulu at the graveside of her parents and husband 1925 & 1926. The next entry is March 14, 1932, her deceased husbands' birthday. She goes on to record a letter to her sister which was never sent. the letter expresses her religious and philosophical views. She writes of a sermon given at Grace Episcopal Church. September 5, 1935 is the 50th anniversary of Lulu and Will's marriage. She describes in detail their wedding. Lulu also writes of the frustrations of old age and her concerns for her family. A telegram dated September 5, 1941 sent to Lulu from her son on the 56th anniversary of her marriage to Will. The original marriage certificate of Will and Lulu Sinton dated September 5, 1885. A calling card of Mrs. W.K. Sinton with a prayer on the back of the card. September 6, 1935, Lulu writes of the celebration her family gave her for their 50th anniversary. She writes of family members and what happened to them to bring Will up to date. Lulu reminds Will of their courtship and a date in the Garden of the Gods. she mentions a friend finding a picture of Will when he was two years old. Lulu looks at her marriage certificate again and mentions the wedding of a Sinton ancestor on June 8, 1730. September 5, 1938 Lulu brings will up to date on the family. September 25, 1939 Lulu gives genealogical information on the William Sintons in the family. May 4, 1941 Lulu celebrates her 75th birthday. She writes her opinions on pre war England and America. September 5, 1945 is Lulu and Will's 60th wedding anniversary. She fills him in on the news in the Sinton family. Lulu writes of assembling an historical sketch of the All souls Church since she is the only living member who organized it in 1891. She also mentions doing genealogical work for the family. September 6, 1946, Lulu mentions the Bruin Inn and the High drive. The end of the diary contains clippings of poems and the obituary of William sinton.

At the end of the diary is a booklet named Colorado State Dental Assoc.. It is a memorial to Will Sinton.

Box 3

Mary Snow Sinton scrapbook (1939?) The scrapbook has an index in the back.

Mary Snow Sinton Scrapbook (n.d.) Clippings of poems. The scrapbook is indexed in front.

George H. Sinton, Diary, October 24, 1906 to May 13, 1916. Includes clippings, obituaries.

October 24, 1906. Weather. Rock Island. "Pollywog." Cream. Apples. Horace Hales.

October 25. C.E. Connor and Co.

November 3. Neighborhood political meeting. Judge L.W. Cunningham. Senator James Owen.

November 13. Drama parsifal. New diary.

November 18. Death of Dr. Solly.

November 20. Weather.

November 17. Incorporation of Sinton Rustic Home Dairy Co. George H. Sinton. M.M. Sinton. M.A. Skinner. Sinton Dairy Co. C.E. Connor. Chas Dickinson.

November 20. Death of Oscar Parker. Melvin. Bakery. Mary Sinton.

November 29. Thanksgiving Day. Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Craig. Herbert Sinton. High School football. The "Terrors". Denver. East Denver High School. State Championship. Denver Times report of the game.

December 17. Death of Capt. M.L. Deloursey.

December 25. Weather. Gift of gold locket from employees: M.A. Skinner, J.A. Goodman, J.B. Taylor, W.K. Wilder, Miss Manning, P.H.E. Edwards, George Roudquest, Walter Stickwell, W.D. Lewis, D.F. Davidson, w.F. Adamson, J.B. McMichael, J.R. Wylie, W.B. Clark, A.C. Brooks, W.C. Van Diver, C.F. Picksett, J.E. Ross.

January 26, 1907. Weather. Flowers bloom. New dairy building completed.

February 20. Weather. Ready to move into new building.

February 28. moved into new dairy building.

March 18. Sinton party at Will's. William and Bride. Music by Marion, Grant, Geo. F., and Joesph Taylor.

March 19. Weather.

April 1. Sinton Dairy prices. Milk and cream to be in bottles.

April 20. Weather.

April 26. Herbert Sinton. Kitty Roe. Mrs. Roe. Buggy ride in North Cheyenne Canyon. Horse causes accident. Mrs. Roe severely injured. Herbert cut in head.

May 22. George has mumps for 10 days. Catarrh of stomach. Family has mumps.

June 20. Walked to dairy. Chas Dickinson. C.E. Connors. Rustic home Dairy. Sinton Rustic Home Dairy.

June 1. Reduce price of milk.

July 9. Weak from illness. Father arrives from California. No grass for the cows.

July 14. Weather. Grass dried up.

July 23. Drought.

July 20. Weather.

August 10. Father leaves.

September 1. Milk prices.

September 9. George and Mary Sinton leave for the East on Rock Island. Battle Creek. Sanitarium. Ithaca. Caroline Center.

October 5. Leave Ithaca. National Dairy Show. Corn Carnival.

October 17. Leave Chicago. Colorado Springs. George's weight.

November 11. Weather.

November 13. Death of H.Y. Nichols.

December 1. Reduce comission to drivers. Prices.

March 21, 1908. Weather. John L. Maudeville. John J. Peters dies. Mother Snow fell. Father fell.

March 26. Denver. Dr. Leanard reeman. Stomach trouble. dr. J.N. Hall. Ulcer operation. Dr. D.W. Reed of Greeley. Dr. Finney.

April 22. Home from St. Joseph's Hospital.

May 1. Feeling better. Move bowels. Eat fruit.

May 22. Weather. Lake Moraine.

June 30. Drought. Father visiting. LuLu Sinton. Father Snow died June 7 ( newspaper clipping inserted here) Herbert Sinton bookkeeper. Ernest Sinton works. ages.

August 12. Father's 88th birthday. Weather.

September 26. Weather. Father still visiting. Herbert Sinton, assistant physical director of Y.M.C.A. in Salt Lake City. Mark A.Skinner.

November 3. Election day. Wm. H. Taft president. Mark A. Skinner. Weather. Father living at Melvin's.

February 10, 1909. Herbert Sinton visiting. Birthday. Cashier. Salt Lake City. Y.M.C.A. wages.

March 11. Weather. Colorado College Weather Bureau. Castle Rock. Pueblo. Cripple Creek. Fountain. Lake Moraine. Railroads. Fred Snow dies. (Here 2 newspaper clippings are inserted of the death of Frederick W. Snow and the death of Mrs. James H. Snow, George's motherinlaw).

April 18. Weather.

May 1. Weather. (newspaper clipping of the weather inserted here, dated 7-11-1909)

August 30. Funeral of Dr. Esther B. Holmes. Pallbearers Frank Cotton, E.J. Eaton, E.A. Siebird, E.L. Bennett, H.H. Mitchell, and George Sinton.

December 13. Leave Colorado Springs via A.T.& S.F.. for Pasadena. Dr. Josephine A. Jackson. Stomach trouble. George's weight. Back home Jan. 23, 1910.

December 14, 1914. Father died.

May 13, 1916. Operation at Bethel Hospital. Dr. C.F. Staugh. Dr. Paul Lennox. Dr. L.R. Allen. Dr. Geo. A. Boyd. Dr. D.W. Reed. Dr. W.K. Sinton. Gastra. Enterostomy.

At back of book is a diagram of his operation performed on March 28, 1908, before and after. A name and address at top of the page is A. Salter, 1820 Webster Street., San Francisco, Ca.

Box 4 (oversize)

Sinton Family, Scrapbook, [ca. 1900-1935]. Many unmounted clippings concerning current events, presidents, and historical figures.

Research on Sinton Diaries by Mary Ann Gehling, 1991-1992

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