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Charles Mierow diary transcription

Charles Mierow diary for 1919-1923, Charles Christopher Mierow Papers, Ms 0154, Box 2.
Transcription by Jordan Flanders, 2009.

January 1st, 1919
Ada, Jane and Will in to dinner. Yule Log.

January 5th, 1919
New Year’s Dinner with Ada, Will and Jane. S.S. reopens after flu epidemic.

January 8th, 1919
Annual meeting of the 1st Congregational Church. Reelected as S.S. Superintendent

January 11th, 1919
Kappa Sigma Dance at the Chapter House in honor of the pledges.

January 15th, 1919
DAR (Kinnikinnik Chapter) at Mrs. Seldanridge’s (B.)

January 16th, 1919
S.S. meeting at Mrs. Kent’s.

January 17th, 1919
Twenty meeting at Mrs. Blackman’s (B.)

January 18th, 1919
All college dance at Bemis Dinner at Bemis as guests of Misses Swarp, Gildersleeve, Prince, Ellis (HEM)

January 19th, 1919
Rally Day in the S.S. Ormes family in to dinner. Mr. Staff preached at Vespers.

January 20th, 1919
First Meeting of Senior-Junior Bible Class in Ticknor Study. “The Jesus of History” T.R. Glover.

January 21st, 1919
Dinner and cards with the Ellingwoods. Special faculty and committee meeting.

January 22, 1919
ROTC at CC disbanded in response to petition.

January 24th, 1919
Mrs. Duniway’s meeting for ladies of the faculty. (B.)

January 25th, 1919
Basketball with Greeley 26-11. YWCA reception at Hut.

January 26th, 1919
Dinner Party for Seniors. Misses Davis, Gildersleeve, Swarp; Prior, Fraker. Kappa Sigma Smoker (HEM)

January 27th, 1919
Prof. S.H. Clark of Chicago Reading: “Nicholas Nickleby” Senior-Junior Bible Study Class

January 28th, 1919
WNC Dinner with HEM. Prof S.H. Clark: Intimate Glimpses of our boys in France and Italy.

January 29th, 1919
Auto ride to Manitou with Will, Ada & Jane.

January 31st, 1919
Brotherhood Dinner (HEM). Mr. Staff lectured on the Maya Ruins of Yucatan.

February 1st, 1919
Basketball CC 25 Mines 23

February 2nd, 1919
Dinner Party for Juniors. Misses Ellis, Kirk, Prince, Seitzinger and Sheehan.

February 3rd, 1919
Senior-Junior Bible Class. “Pollyanna” at the Burns.

February 4th, 1919
Phi Beta Kappa meeting in Bemis. Lecture-Recital on Chopin by Dean Hale

February 5th, 1919
Bernie attended meeting of her Art Club at the home of Mrs. Eldridge – living pictures.

February 6th, 1919
Miss Swarp and Miss Prince in to tea.

February 7th, 1919
Faculty Men’s Club dinner at Cossit. Dice spoke on Shipping Board, Washington DC

February 8th, 1919
Hike to Crystal Park (9000ft) with Albert via Eagle Mt. trail; back by Pawnee trail. CC 22 Aggies 15

February 9th, 1919
Marched in Academic Procession at the Vesper Service. Rev. Charles L. Mead preached the sermon.

February 10th, 1919
Bernie elected Honorary Member of Contemporary. Senior-Junior Bible Class.

February 11th, 1919
Called on Levitts, Pattees, Thompsons and McMurphy.

February 12th, 1919
Mr. Mottem read “The Perfect Tribute” in Chapel. Miss Davis, Gildersleeve, Swarp, Ellis, Kirk, Sheehan, Prince.

February 13th, 1919
Annette Kellerman in “Queen of the Sea.” Mrs. Duniway’s Tea for Mrs. Cajoric (B.)

February 14th, 1919
Kappa Sigma Valentine Dance at the San Luis School.

February 15th, 1919
Called on the Sisams and Menniers. Y.P.S.C.E. Social with B. and H. [Mines 30 CC 19]

February 16th, 1919
President & Mrs. Duniway and Bemis in L dinner (turkey!). Marched at Vespers (Rw Mrs. Minchin)

February 17th, 1919
Senior-Junior Bible Class

February 18th, 1919
Leopold Godowsky

February 19th, 1919
Molly Swarp and Harriett Prince in to supper. Rest of Yule Log!

February 20th, 1919
S.S. Meeting at the home of Miss Havens

February 21st, 1919
Insignia Day. *Bernie entertained the Plymouth Twenty. Bernie to supper at Bemis and Colonial Ball. (*B. Guest of Helen Staff)

February 22nd, 1919
Kinnikinnik Chapter DAR at Miss Andersons (B) Dinner-Dance at the Broadmoor (Quacks)

February 23rd, 1919
Out to dinner with Mrs. Crawford. Special Patriotic Musical service at the Church. *Accepted appointment as reader, C.E.E.B.

February 24th, 1919
Last Senior-Junior Bible Class

February 25th, 1919
Albert, Rea and Mrs. Schimfeler in to dinner. Auction.

February 26th, 1919
Sheldon and Gammon at CC

February 27th, 1919
Theda Bara in Salome. Girls’ Manolin Club Jitney Dance in Macgregor in the afternoon.

February 28th, 1919
Miss Sahm: “Art Cities of Belgium” Men’s Faculty Club dinner at Cossit/ Ladies Night. Dr. Strieby spoke on Pre-Historic Lake beds of Florissant.

March 1st, 1919
B. to “Pygmalion and Galatea” Cogswell Theater. W.A.C. Major General Leonard Wood.

March 2nd, 1919
Misses Morrow, Ethell and Neirman in to dinner. Marched at vespers. Rev JH Franklin

March 3rd, 1919
Charlie Chaplin in “Shoulder Arms”

March 5th, 1919
Out to the Ellingwoods for dinner. Auction.

March 7th, 1919
Kappa Sigma St. Patrick’s Day Dance at the Acacia Hotel.

March 8th, 1919
Chaperoned Movie Party. Douglas Fairbanks in “Say! Young Fellow” Misses Swarp, Prince and Eldridge.

March 9th, 1919
Okey’s in to dinner. Marched at Vespers. Rev. HW Boyle. Kappa Sigma Faculty Smoker.

March 10th 1919
Second Term starts. Bernie and HEM to movies: Douglas Fairbanks in “Arizona”; Fatty Arbuckle.

March 11th, 1919
Hike to Inn as guests of Molly and Harry. Dinner and Dancing. HEM

March 13th, 1919
Molly, Bernie and Herbert to “The Squaw Man”

March 14th, 1919
Dr. Duniway spoke on “The Paris Covenants” Bernie to Contemporary-Minerva Dance. Faculty Men’s Club Dinner

March 15th, 1919
Mrs. Brown’s Aida Operalogue. Young Women’s Auxiliary Dinner and Social at the Church.

March 16th, 1919
Prof. and Mrs. Westcott, Jill and Mary in to dinner. Musical Vesper Service.

March 17th, 1919
San Carlo Grand Opera Co. “Aida”

March 18th, 1919
Phi Beta Kappa Elections. Molly, Rose, Harry [Marjorie Davis Elected last year]. B. to Woman’s Educational Society lunch in Cossit.

March 19th, 1919
Spoke before the College YWCA on “Why go to College?” Dinner at Bemis (B & B)

March 20th, 1919
Entertained the Officers and Teachers of the Sunday School

March 21st, 1919
Bernie to Contemporary Pledge meeting

March 22nd, 1919
Bernie and Barbara to YWCA Circus and 1919 Minstrel Show. Bought Remington #11 ARP.53930

March 23rd, 1919
Speaker at Vespers. Dr. SC Dickinson of the 2nd Congregational Church

March 24th, 1919
Explained the key at the Phi Beta Kappa Initiations at President Duniway’s house. Okey leads Chapel

March 25th, 1919
With Herbert to Men’s Glee and Mandolin Club Concert in Perkins Hall.

March 27th, 1919
Molly, Harry, Amanda and Edna in to dinner.

March 28th, 1919
Faculty Men’s Club dinner. Lloyd Shaw gave illustrated lecture on Georgetown. (Will). Bernie to Women’s Faculty Club.

March 30th, 1919
Herbert to dinner with the Quacks

March 31st 1919
Breitwieser leads Chapel

April 5th, 1919
Masqueraded as a policeman at the CC Carnival in Cossitt. Wrote to Shotwell

April 6th, 1919
Kappa Sigma Picture at Emery’s. Initiation at the Eagles’ Hall, Banquet at Merae’s.

April 7th, 1919
Recital at Bemis given by Mr. and Mrs. H Howard Brown and Miss Marian Churchill

April 8th, 1919
Bernie and I guests of Harry and Amanda. Dinner at the Antlers. Alexandra Carlisle in “The Country Cousin”.

April 10th, 1919
Greek Play presented at our home by Molly, Rose, Marjorie Davis, Florence Morrow, Dorothy Greenamyre, HEM, CCM. Guests: Miss Churchill, Mrs Kent. Iphigenia among the Taurians.

April 11th, 1919
Girls’ Glee Club Concert in Perkins (HEM)

April 12th, 1919
Kappa Sigma dance in honor of the new members. San Luis School.

April 13th, 1919
Miss Churchill, Will, Ada and Jane in to dinner. Vespers- Dr. Wilcox

April 15th, 1919
Spoke in Chapel on “The Ancient Classics” Mierow leads Chapel.

April 17th, 1919
Auto ride to Manitou with the Quacks. Molly and Harry called in the evening.

April 18th, 1919
Spoke in Chapel on “Rome and the Early Church.” Easter vacation begins.

April 22nd, 1919
Hike with Bernie, Edna Shelling and Herbert to Williams, Skinner’s Trail, Waldo.

April 24th, 1919
S.S. Meeting at Miss Freeman’s house

April 26th, 1919
Supervised K. of C. Prize Fellowship Exam for Prior (Catholic University of America)

April 27th, 1919
Coffee and Music at Miss Sahm’s (Ellingwoods)

April 28th, 1919
Harry, Amanda and Edna called to invite us to the Function Play.

April 30th, 1919
Harry and Amanda in to dinner and to spend the evening. Harry’s and Amanda’s Birthday.

May 2nd, 1919
Albert and Rea in for dinner and cards.

May 3rd, 1919
All-College Dance in Bemis

May 4th, 1919
Marched at Vespers. Dr. Garvin preached

May 5th, 1919
Gave Mr. Miller 3 year lease @ $25.- to send Mr. WJ Hawey. (See May 15th). Sisam leads Chapel

May 6th, 1919
Marguerite Clark in “Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch” Senior Pictures Day

May 8th, 1919
El Paso Co. S.S. Association Convention. United Brethren Church.

May 9th, 1919
WNC Mr Carl R. Gray “Railway Operation under War Conditions”

May 10th, 1919
Bernie to Contemporary Initiation luncheon at the Alamo. Inter Fraternity Dance at the Antlers

May 11th, 1919
Harry, Amanda, and Edna called in the evening

May 12th, 1919
With Herbert to Mrs. Duniway’s reception for Prof. Allard (Harvard Exchange)

May 13th, 1919
Mary Pickford in Capt. Kidd, Jr.

May 14th, 1919
Movie: Rupert Julian in “The Fire Flingers”

May 15th, 1919
S.S. Meeting at the home of Mrs. Baggs. Gave Mr. Miller 3 yr lease at $30.- (See May 28th)

May 16th, 1919
Dinner at Bemis and Function Play of The Dramatic Club “Fauchon the Cricket.” Guests of Harry and Amanda

May 17th, 1919
Hike on North Cheyenne with Albert, Rea & Mrs. Theobald. At Loud’s Cabin over night with Albert. To summit of Mt. Kineo (9500)

May 18th, 1919
Up the ridge between Mts. Arthur and Garfield; to summit of Garfield (10,805ft); Summit of Cameron’s Cove (10705); Crystal Park, Manitou.

May 21st, 1919
Prof. Thompson spoke on “The Origin of Literary Forms in Primitive Impulses.” Prof. Breitwieser’s seminar

May 23rd, 1919
Picnic Supper at Austin’s Bluffs with the Giles, Hartwells and Miss Kissel. Pall-bearer at Miss Sahm’s funeral.

May 24th, 1919
Mildred Davis ’19, May Queen. Bernie Judged Freshman Wreaths. May Festival in the Jungle.

May 25th, 1919
Kappa Sigma reception for Prof. Allard. Called on the Quacks.

May 26th, 1919
Dinner Party Molly, Rose, Harry, Amanda and Edna. Herbert’s Birthday.

May 27th, 1919
Faculty Picnic in Wildwood Park near Neeper’s Cabin, Sutherland Canon.

May 28th, 1919
Bernie and Barbara to Ruth Crawford’s birthday party. Molly and Hal called. Received lease ok.

May 29th, 1919
Up Pike’s Peak Auto Highway to Glen Cove (23m). Altitude 11,425ft. Contemporary Function.

May 30th, 1919
Hike to Crystal Park (8504ft) Via Bear Creek Canon and the Palmer Trail. Back Pawnee Ave. Molly, Hal, Harry, Amanda, Edna, Helen, Stath, HEM, B & C.

June 1st, 1919
Harry, Amanda, and Edna called. Spoke at Kappa Sigma Smoker in honor of HS Students

June 2nd, 1919
Recital at Bemis. Miss Harlan presents Miss Mildred McMurphy in violin recital. Miss Mahan

June 3rd, 1919
Hike to Bremin Inn with Harry, Amanda, Edna and Rose in honor of Molly and Hal.

June 4th, 1919
To the Ellingwoods for dinner and cards.

June 5th, 1919
Last WNC dinner Greeting. To returned soldiers speeches by Dr. Webb, CB Lansing, Barton Hall, Dr. Franklin

June 6th, 1919
Received notice of salary bonus. High School Day. Senior Play “What Every Woman Knows” Banquet, Smoker & Dance

June 7th, 1919
Princeton Dinner at the Quacks

June 8th, 1919
Conducted Children’s’ Day Exercises in the Church

June 9th, 1919
Rosemary Gildersleeve accepted position at Victor (Latin and French). Frank Prior awarded K. of C. Scholarship

June 10th, 1919
Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament. Rose and I lost to Newell Allen Margret Mapie 2-6, 4-6

June 11th, 1919
Duniway’s Wedding Anniversary

June 13th, 1919
Birthday dinner in honor of Edna and me. Molly, Rose, Harry, Amanda, Helene, Miss Iuge, Miss Ellis, Bernie, HEM. All College Dance in Bemis.

June 14th, 1919
Molly, Rose, Harry and Amanda came in to say good-by.

June 15th, 1919
Started for Chicago via Rocky Mountain Limited, Rock Island RR, 12:01

June 16th, 1919
Spent my birthday in Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. Left Chicago 11 PM via NYC (Late; caught train at Englewood)

June 17th, 1919
Arrived in Albion 7:10 PM

June 18th, 1919
Edna’s birthday. Left for New york City on the 7:10

June 19th, 1919
“Monte Cristo Jr.” at the Winter Garden

June 20th, 1919
Started reading for the C.E.E.B. Club with Allan and Donald.

June 21st, 1919
To Lakewood over Sunday, 5PM

June 22nd, 1919
Heard Rev. Willard P. Sofer of Jersey City preach. Around the lake with Papa and Mamma to the cemetery with M.A.M.

June 24th, 1919
To the Harrers for supper: Mrs. Harrer, Bessie, Archie, Gus, Florence, Walter Tag.

June 25th, 1919
C.C. Commencement. Studied in Columbia University Library.

June 26th, 1919
To Jersey City to visit Uncle August and Aunt Emma.

June 28th, 1919
Auto ride to Yonkers with Clark

June 29th, 1919
Barbara’s birthday. Spent the day in Brooklyn with the Harrers.

June 30th, 1919
Finished reading for C.E.E.B. “The Royal Vagabond” at the Cohan and Harris Theatre.

July 1st, 1919
Met Bernie and Barbara at the Grand Central 7:10 AM. They spent the day at the Harrers Lakewood 6:53PM

July 5th, 1919
Family Picnic to Pt. Pleasant: Mamma, Papa, fred, Gladys, Herbert, B, B. & C.

July 6th, 1919
Heard Dr. Butler preach communion service. Rose Gildersleeve’s Birthday.

July 9th, 1919
Walked out to Miss Palmer’s with Mamma, Papa, Bernie and Barbara. Prayer Meeting

July 10th, 1919
Received check from Kent Agency for July @ $100.- (216 E. Espanola) HC Nessley

July 11th, 1919
Around the lake with Mamma, Bernie & Barbara

July 13th, 1919
Heard Mr. Butler preach. Around the lake with Pap. To C.E. meeting with HEM

July 14th, 1919
To dinner with the Butlers at the Y.W.C.A. With Papa to see “The Roaring Road”. Called on Ada Willett.

July 15th, 1919
Called on the Disbrows with J. St. Swithin’s Day. Rain! With Mamma to see “Bab’s Burglar”. Called on the Dickensons.

July 16th, 1919
Rain. To Trenton to visit Fred and Gladys.

July 17th, 1919
To Princeton Lunch at the Wagners. Called on Carnochans, Benders, Dead West, Miss Davis. Rain.

July 18th, 1919
Rain. With Gladys, Barbara and Bernie to visit the Todds at Hopewell.

July 19th, 1919
Rain. With Fred and Gladys, Barbara and Bernie to Princeton.

July 20th, 1919
Stayed at home in Trenton. Rain.

July 21st, 1919
Rain. Lunch at the Benders, Supper with Miss Davis. Called on Robbins, [Myers], Davis Kennedy, Bender, [Blan], Harrer.

July 22nd, 1919
Rain. Back to Lakewood. Bernie and Mamma to see Mary Pickford in “How Could you, Jean”

July 23rd, 1919
Rain. Received 9 books on Otto from Princeton University Library.

July 24th, 1919
Clear and Hot. To Pt. Pleasant on a picnic. With Mary and Lucretia, Bernie and Barbara.

July 25th, 1919
Sent check for fire insurance. With Bernie to see Vivian Martin in “You Never Saw Such a Girl!”

July 26th, 1919
With Papa to see Bert Lytell “One-Thing-at-a-Time a’Day”’s Fatty Arbuckle in “A Desert Hero”

July 27th, 1919
Heard Dr. Butler preach. Called on the Byes and the Webbs

July 28th, 1919
Called on the Keeners in the evening

July 29th, 1919
To Clark’s landing with Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson, Mary Keener, B. & B. Called on the Butlers.

July 30th, 1919
Ice Cream after the Prayer Meeting. Antoinette and Bessie.

July 31st, 1919
Called on Antoinette and Bessie. Supper at the Keeners.

Memoranda July 31st, 1919
Bought two 500 mile Scrip books, each $15.00 + tax $1.20

August 1st, 1919
Recommended Gus for McCarter Tutoring. Bernie, Mr. Butler and I called on Nettie and Bessie. Ice cream.

August 2nd, 1919
Left for Jersey City on the afternoon train. Found Lilly and Lena there.

August 3rd, 1919
Visited Millie, Wallie and Jocelyn

August 4th, 1919
To Rahway to see Miss Osborn. Auto ride to Woodbridge to see Miss Miller.

August 5th, 1919
To Brooklyn to visit the Beckers. Bernie and Barbara left for Albion.

August 6th, 1919
Studied at Columbia Library. Stayed at Clark’s School. Lew Fields in “A Lonely Romeo” Saw Miss Taylor of CC

August 7th, 1919
Worked at Columbia

August 8th, 1919
Worked at Columbia. Saw Keep. Took night train for Albion.

August 9th, 1919
Morning in Rochester. Movies with Bernie: WS Hart in “Shark Monroe” Charlie Chaplin in “The Bank”

August 10th, 1919
Auto ride to Lyndonville with George and Edith Miller. Called on Aunt Margaret & Lelia.

August 11th, 1919
Supper with Daisy, Nellie and Mr. Bowles.

August 13th, 1919
To visit the Conovers on the lake shore

August 14th, 1919
Orleans Co. Pioneer Picnic at Lakeside. Speech by Peter Porter. Pioneer Choir. Supper on the shore. Fireworks.

August 15th, 1919
Called on the Beechers at Lyndonville and the Coopers at Kenyonville. Back to Albion.

August 16th, 1919
Received check for August rent. Rain. Perry and Julia came to stay over Sunday.

August 17th, 1919
Rain. Burr, Frank, Ralph, Pauline and Aunt Margaret came over for the afternoon.

August 18th, 1919
Rain. Homer, Clara and Anna Mason called in the evening.

August 20th, 1919
Out to dinner with Homer and Clara. Chicken pie! Dance at Lakeside (Sweets, Tates, Miss Clement)

August 21st, 1919
To Rochester to visit Perry and Julia

August 22nd, 1919
Rochester. Shopping and book-hunting

August 24th, 1919
To Fruitland, Wayne Co. to visit the Masons. Saw Dr. and Mrs. Suyder. Mr. Vaggs called.

August 25th, 1919
Visited University of Rochester. Edna Hebbins called on us at Perry’s home and stayed for supper.

August 26th, 1919
Back to Albion.

August 27th, 1919
Shipped box of books by freight

August 28th, 1919
Called on Mrs. Williams and Daisy and Nellie Bowles.

August 29th, 1919
“Get Together Club” Picnic (15) at Rock Springs. Auto ride to Country Club.

August 31st, 1919
Bath in Lake Ontario! Spent the afternoon as Homer’s and Clara’s guests at Point Breeze. Fish dinner.

September 1st, 1919
Labor Day. Perry, Julia and Ruth up for the afternoon.

September 2nd, 1919
Out to dinner with Frank Mausner and Carrie Barrie.

September 3rd, 1919
To Orleans Co Fair Dance at Lakeside with Clara, Homer, Tates, Sweets, Cregor, Miss Clement

September 4th, 1919
To County Fair with Homer and Clara. Trotting races. Soldiers parade.

September 5th, 1919
To movies with mother: Mary Pickford in “How Could You, Jean”, Charlie Chaplin in “Sunnyside”. Left for West.

September 6th, 1919
Left Buffalo 12:01AM via NYC & Big Four. Arrived St. Louis 6 PM. Saw Washington University. Left 9PM

September 7th, 1919
Westward via Rock Island- Breakfast in Kansas City. Lunch at McFarland, Kansas [“The Madoc”]

September 8th, 1919
Breakfast at Limon, Colo. Home 11 AM- almost 3 hours late.

September 9th, 1919
Spent the entire day in bed! Barbara has stomatitis.

September 10th, 1919
Attended Prayer meeting.

September 11th, 1919
Milton Knowles called in the evening.

September 12th, 1919
Mrs. Schimfeler, Rea and Albert in to dinner. Duplicate auction.

September 14th, 1919
Conducted Sunday School again.

September 16th, 1919
Barbara has German measles

September 17th, 1919
Prior and Caesar Davis called.

September 18th, 1919
S.S. Meeting at the home of Mrs. Havens.

September 19th, 1919
Barbara has purpura hemorrhagica

September 22nd, 1919
Registered sophomores

September 23rd, 1919
Registered sophomores. Kappa Sigma Smoker

September 25th, 1919
Bernie to Tea for new students, at Bimis and to Mrs. Albright’s Tea.

September 26th, 1919
First Formal Chapel, Academic Procession. All-College Reception in Cossitt.

September 27th, 1919
Up Mr. Cutler with Herbert. Harry, Amanda, Edna and Hazel called.

September 28th, 1919
Consultation between Drs. Faust and Martin.

September 29th, 1919
Miss Hill, a trained nurse, came to take charge of Barbara

October 1st, 1919
Barbara has temperature of 105

October 2nd, 1919
Miss Penny came to take care of Barbara as night nurse.

October 4th, 1919
Auto ride to Star Ranch with the Staffs. CC 80 Fort Logan 3

October 5th, 1919
Mrs. Kent took charge of Sunday School

October 6th, 1919
Miss Hill left. Prayers.

October 8th, 1919
Played piano at Prayer meeting. Mr. Staff’s salary raised $1000

October 9th, 1919
Team off for Utah. HEM and I rode down to stadium in Mr. Brown’s Electric

October 10th, 1919
Miss Penny left

October 11th, 1919
First All College Dance. Utah 20 CC 0. Up the Mt. Manitou Incline with HEM. Hike to Half-Way House.

October 12th, 1919
Callers: Rosemary and Mrs. Gildersleeve, Harry, Edna, Amanda and her sister Carolyn.

October 13th, 1919
The Staff family called

October 14th, 1919
Bernie to DAR meeting. “Long’s Peak to Pike’s Peak” by Lloyd Shaw

October 15th, 1919
Will and Ada in to dinner

October 16th, 1919
Barbara has anaphylactic rash. Sunday School meeting at the home of Mrs. McLean. AF Whyte, M.P. spoke in Chapel.

October 18th, 1919
With Herbert to see “A Tailor-Made Man” at the Burns.

October 20th, 1919
Jitney Dance in McGregor Gym to send the senior girls to Boulder.

October 23rd, 1919
Pep meeting in Cossitt Stadium

October 24th, 1919
HEM and Bernie to see Mabel Normand in “The Jinx”. Harry, Amanda & Helene called.

October 25th, 1919
Out Sutherland Canon, back Hunter’s Run, with Ormes, Strieby, Thurler, Hodgetts. CC 14 Boulder 14

October 30th, 1919
Faculty reception in Bemis given by the President, the Dean and Miss Churchill.

October 31st, 1919
Halloween. Bernie and HEM to ’22 Barbecue in Cosssitt Stadium

November 1st, 1919
CC 7 Mines 3. To football game with Will, Ada, Bernie and HEM. Harry, Amanda, Hazel, Ramona, Ruth, Gilliland & Madge Nicholas called.

November 2nd, 1919
President Duniway’s Birthday

November 5th, 1919
Bernie to Art Club Meeting. With HEM to Princeton Lunch for HoD at the Antlers WNC “The Situation and the Outlook” Henry van Dyke.

November 6th, 1919
To Denver with HEM (The Shirley) Denver Auditorium in C.E.A. meeting. Heard Miss Blake and Dr. E.C. Moore. HoD spoke in Chapel.

November 7th, 1919
President of Classical Section. HEM paper on “The Nemesis of the Practical” Home 6 PM

November 8th, 1919
With Herbert to Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Sigma Open House.

November 10th, 1919
Faculty Men’s Club dinner in Cossitt. Heard Dr. Stearns and Dr. Freess speak at the El Paso Club.

November 11th, 1919
Armistice Day. Hike out Williams with Harry, Amanda, Hazel, Helene, Helen, Bernie, H & C.

November 13th, 1919
Artist Concert. Merle Alcock, Contralto. Paul Althouse, Tenor

November 14th, 1919
Bernie elected to honorary membership in Minerva. Bernie and Barbara to Freshman Play “A Twig of Thorn.” Harry, Amanda, & Helene called.

November 15th, 1919
Princeton 13 Yale 6. CC 38 DU 0. Chaperoned C.E. Hike to North Cheyenne.

November 16th, 1919
Junior Major Students. Helen Lytle, Ruth Gilliland, Agnes Flanagan and Mildred McMurphy in to dinner.

November 19th, 1919
Examined by Dr. Hanford for L.jc Insurance and rejected

November 20th, 1919
Started treatments with Dr. Blackman. Relieved of S.S. Superintendancy.

November 21st, 1919
With HEM to see “The Lost Necklace”. Presented by the Girls’ Glee Club.

November 22nd, 1919
Harvard 10 Yale 3. Kappa Sigma Thanksgiving Dance at the Acacia. Bernie to Skeltan’s with Minerva.

November 23rd, 1919
Mrs. Kent took charge of the Sunday School.

November 24th, 1919
Contemporary Club in for picnic. Mary, Ruth, Harriett, Priscilla, Olga, Helen, Neata, Lucille, Marian, Miriam, Irena, Bernie, H & C.

November 25th, 1919
Molly’s Birthday. YWCA Thanksgiving Meeting conducted by Miss Phinney. Last pep meeting.

November 26th, 1919
5 degrees below zero at 10 PM. Harry and Amanda in to supper (Chili con carne before the open fire)

November 27th, 1919
CC 13 Aggies 0. Thanksgiving Day. Dinner at the Kents Party at the Ormes’

November 28th, 1919
Faculty Men’s Club Dinner Musical Program: Dean Hale, Miss Harlan, Mr. John, Miss Flora.

November 29th, 1919
Called on the Bardsleys, Miss Davis and the Lamberts

November 30th, 1919
Louise Farber and Amanda called. Out to dinner at the Acacia with the Quacks.

December 3rd, 1919
Papa and Mamma arrived via Rocky Mountain Limited at 6:30 PM

December 4th, 1919
Bernie to Picnic Supper given by Contemporary for the Honorary Members.

December 5th, 1919
Minerva Meeting at our house. Spoke on Henry van Dyke and read “The Last Word”

December 6th, 1919
With Papa to see the Junior Play: “Nothing but the Truth”

December 7th, 1919
With Bernie and Papa to Christmas Vesper Service

December 8th, 1919
Minerva Function. Antlers. Bernie, Herbert, Caroline Ellis and I guests of Harry and Amanda. Guy Bates Post: “The Masquerader”

December 9th, 1919
26 degrees below zero! WNC Dinner. Mr. GG Audersan: “Colorado Springs and Its Water Power”

December 10th, 1919
Kappa Sigma Founders’ Day. Prayer meeting at Mr. Staff’s house

December 11th, 1919
Passed Dr. Hanford’s physical examination for insurance.

December 12th, 1919
Faculty Surprise Party for Miss Churchill. Kappa Sigma House Dance. Insured for $5000.

December 13th, 1919
12 degrees below zero. Bernie to Contemporary Christmas Tree. With Mamma, Papa and Bernie to “Eager Heart”. Critic.

December 14th, 1919
Harry, Amanda & Helene called. Spoke at the annual Founders’ Day Banquet of Kappa Sigma at the Chapter House.

December 16th, 1919
Guests of Harry and Amanda at dinner [B., H., Helene and Ruth Gilliland]. YWCA Christmas Meeting led by Mrs. Kent. Carols.

December 18th, 1919
With B. & H. to Magna Pan Pan in Cossitt.

December 20th, 1919
Miss Churchill left for Boston 8 PM

December 21st, 1919
With Bernie and Barbara & the Christmas Mystery at the Church

December 23rd, 1919
With Manly, Guy, Preston, Lambert & Herbert to Black Canon for trees. Home over the Mesa

December 24th, 1919
Christmas Eve

December 25th, 1919
Christmas Day. 70 degrees. Out to the Fullers.

December 26th, 1919
Family Picnic in North Cheyenne Canon. The Staffs in to dinner.

December 27th, 1919
Sent Copy of 3 Chapters of “The Cranes of Ibycus” to Street and Smith.

December 28th, 1919
With Mamma & Papa to Williams Canon- Temple Drive

December 29th, 1919
With Bernie to Crystal Park via Hunter’s Run; back to Pawnee Ave trail

December 30th, 1919
Delegate (in Miss Phinney’s place) to 8th International Convention of the Student Volunteers aft DesMoines, Iowa. Left 9:25.

December 31st, 1919
Hazel Kirk, Marjorie Hawkins, Martha Hambert, John Carter, Sidney Winter, Arthur Wilson and I reached DesMoines.

Stayed at the Hotel Chamberlain in DesMoines

January 1st, 1920
Colorado Delegation at DesMoines the guests at dinner of George Stewart Jr. leader of Yale delegation.

January 2nd, 1920
Breakfast with Cecil Fielder at the Chamberlain, DesMoines

January 3rd, 1920
Chef Luer and Yak Sa Mein at 20th Century Café

January 4th, 1920
Final meetings. Left for home via Rock Island #7 at 7:05 PM

January 5th, 1920
Reached Colorado Springs at 5:15 PM. Harry and Amanda called.

January 7th, 1920
Annual Meeting of the Church. Reported as S.S. Superintendent. Elected Deacon.

January 8th, 1920
Hiked to Bruin with Bernie, Harry and Amanda as Bertie’s guests. Zero degrees. Snow.

January 9th, 1920
Dr. Edgar L. Hewett “America’s Artistic Heritage”

January 10th, 1920
Hazel and Madge called. Mary Pickford in “Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley”

January 11th, 1920
Spoke on the DesMoines Convention at the YPSCE meeting

January 12th, 1920
John Carter and I spoke in Chapel on the DesMoines Convention

January 13th, 1920
Hazel spoke in Chapel. Bernie and I Hazel’s guests at dinner. Mrs. Wilson spoke at YWCA

January 14th, 1920
Marjorie and Arthur spoke in Chapel. I spoke at Prayer meeting (convention)

January 15th, 1920
CC Faculty the guests of the Chamber of Commerce at a Cafeteria Supper. Duniway spoke.

January 16th, 1920
Insignia Day. Harry and Amanda Called in the evening.

January 17th, 1920
Hiked with Guy and Preston to Camp of the Lost… (12 m., 8500 ft.) with Bernie to Marguerite Clark: “A Girl Named Mary”

January 19th, 1920
Sidney and I reported in Chapel

January 23rd, 1920
Bernie and I guests of 1920 at the Senior-Junior Party at Bruin Inn. Dancing

January 24th, 1920
With Bernie, Harry and Bertie to see Douglas Fairbanks “When the Clouds Roll By”

January 25th, 1920
Spoke in Church in the morning; also (with Hazel and Marjorie) at YWCA Vespers

January 27th, 1920
With Herbert to hear Dr. Blackman speak on Psycho-therapy before the Philosophy Club

January 28th, 1920
John Powell

January 30th, 1920
Bernie to Women’s Faculty Club at Mrs. Duniways. Men’s Faculty Club dinner.

January 31st, 1920
Harry and Amanda called in the evening.

February 1st, 1920
Spoke at the evening service in the 1st M.E. Church with Hazel, Arthur and Marjorie

February 4th, 1920
With Mamma, Papa, Bernie and Barbara to the Iron Spring in Manitou

February 5th, 1920
With Mamma, Papa, Bernie and Barbara on a hike through the Garden of the Gods

February 6th, 1920
With Bernie over the High Drive – out Bear Creek, back N. Cheyenne

February 7th, 1920
Dinner at the Antlers in honor of Dean West (Will, Frantz, Davis, Wilson, Bertie)

February 8th, 1920
Dean West called. With Bernie and Herbert to the Quacks dinner for Dead West.

February 9th, 1920
Dean West spoke in Chapel on Education. Kappa Sigma meeting: I spoke on Men’s Christian Association.

February 10th, 1920
Herbert announced his engagement to Harriett Prince. First lecture in Albright’s “Constellations”

February 12th, 1920
Walked out to the Golf Club with Mamma and Papa, Bernie and Barbara.

February 13th, 1920
Engagement Party at Bemis in Harry’s honor

February 14th, 1920
Took out vote for 200 at the First National.

February 15th, 1920
Harry and her parents spent the day with us.

February 18th, 1920
With Papa to Nob Hill.

February 19th, 1920
Papa and Mamma guests of the Quacks at dinner at the Acacia

February 20th, 1920
Out the Ute Pass to Rainbow Falls with Mamma, Papa, Bernie and Barbara

February 21st, 1920
Princeton Memorial Service at Mr. Vance’s home (Will, Davis, Chew, Hazlehurst, Herbert and I)

February 22nd, 1920
Flu bay removed. Mr. Staff took us all to the Star Ranch and to Broadmoor. Harry in to dinner.

February 23rd, 1920
Herbert to All College Picnic, Garden of the Gods. Mrs. Gile took the rest of us to Modern Woodmen Sanatorium

February 24th, 1920
Phi Beta Kappa elections. Amanda Ellis & Caspar Gregory (Harriet Prince last year)

February 25th, 1920
Mamma and Papa left for home (via Rock Island and Pennsylvania) 9:25am

February 27th, 1920
Faculty Men’s Club Ladies’ Night. Mr. Ormes gave an illustrated lecture on Trails.

February 28th, 1920
Kappa Sigma dance at the Acacia

February 29th, 1920
Herbert pledged to Kappa Sigma. Harry and the Bemises in to dinner.

March 1st, 1920
Presided at the Phi Beta Kappa Initiation held at President Duniway’s home

March 3rd, 1920
Out to dinner at Bemis with Bernie and Herbert. CTR Chen spoke on “The New Womanhood in China”

March 6th, 1920
Bernie to dinner at Bemis with Harry, Amanda and Helene. Colonial Ball.

March 7th, 1920
First Communion as deacon. Kappa Sigma picture. Herbert initiated Kappa Sigma. Acted as Toastmaster at Banquet.

March 8th, 1920
“How a City Lapsed into Savagery” appeared in the Springfield Daily Republican

March 9th, 1920
Bernie to DAR Meeting at Mrs. Vanderhief’s

March 10th, 1920
With Bernie and Dr. and Mrs. McClanahan as guests of the Quacks: dinner at the Antlers, “Robin Hood” at the Burne.

March 11th, 1920
WNC Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio

March 12th, 1920
“Black is White” and Charlie Chaplin in “The Vagabond”

March 13th, 1920
With Bernie and Barbara to Stratton Park and North Canon. All College Dance in Bemis.

March 14th, 1920
Harry and the Quacks in to dinner. Kappa Sigma Smoker for faculty men.

March 15th, 1920
San Carlo Grand Opera Co. “Rigoletto”

March 17th, 1920
Bernie spoke on “French Chateaux” before the Art Club at Mrs. Taylor’s home.

March 19th, 1920
Bernie attended Minerva meeting at Mrs. Sisam’s home.

March 20th, 1920
Bernie, Barbara and Marion Wells to the YWCA Circus & Senior Minstrel Show

March 21st, 1920
Called on the Kents with Bernie and Barbara. Harry in to supper.

March 22nd, 1920
Rev. Samuel McChord Crothers spoke in Chapel. Edna, Harry, Amanda & Milton Zink came in

March 24th, 1920
Lectured on “Monuments of Ancient Athens” before class in Intro to the Fine Arts

March 25th, 1920
Bernie to Women’s Faculty Club meeting at Mrs. Sisams. Met with Mr. Staffs Confirmation class.

March 26th, 1920
Inter-fraternity Dance at the Antlers. Herbert and Harry dinner guests of Landell Bartlett.

March 27th, 1920
Picnic in Plmer Park at Austin’s Bluffs with Harry, Bertie, and the Bemises. Snowbound! Bridge at the Duniways.

March 28th, 1920
Palm Sunday. Mierow family guests of Amanda at Bemis for dinner. Harry in for supper.

March 29th, 1920
Bessie Harrer’s Wedding Day. Lecured on “Monuments of Ancient Greece Outside of Athens” (Fine Arts Course)

March 31st, 1920
Jane Addams spoke in Chapel. Will took Herbert and me to see “Soldiers of Fortune” at the Burns. (movie)

April 1st, 1920
Received bonus of $125.00. Communion Service at our Church in the evening.

April 2nd, 1920
Bought new suit and shoes.

April 4th, 1920
Easter Sunday. Led Sunrise Prayer meeting in our Church. To church with Bernie and Barbara.

April 5th, 1920
Bernie spoke on China before Mrs. Gile’s Mission Study Class.

April 6th, 1920
“My Lady’s Garter” at the Princess.

April 7th, 1920
Entertained Mr. & Mrs. Daniels of Albion at dinner.

April 10th, 1920
To Garden of the Gods with the Bemises, Bernie and Barbara

April 11th, 1920
Will in to dinner.

April 13th, 1920
Dr. E.C. Moore, the Harvard Exchange Professor, lectured for the first time.

April 15th, 1920
The Duniways’ Tea in honor of Prof. and Mrs. Moore.

April 17th, 1920
Notified of my re-appointment for 1920-21 at 3000.

April 18, 1920
Dr. Moore preached in our church. Harry in to supper.

April 19th, 1920
Lectured on “Monuments of Ancient Rome” (Fine Arts Course). Mildred McMurphy’s recital.

April 21st, 1920
Dr. Reginald Poland, Director of the Denver Art Association, lectured on “American Sculptors.” Led Prayer meeting. “The Early Church”

April 22nd, 1920
WNC last meeting Dr. E.C. Moore: “Problems of the Near East”

April 24th, 1920
Chaperoned Picnic Supper at the Kappa Sigma Chapter House. Amanda and Ruth with Barbara.

April 25th, 1920
Harry, Amanda and Madge called in the evening. “Crepitant Rales” in Springfield Republican.

April 26th, 1920
Spoke to Kappa Sigma about the scholarship cup. Fine Arts: Dr. Poland “Augustus St. Gaudens”

April 27th, 1920
Broadmoor Art Academy Mr. Wilhelm Schmidt presents Miss Grace Lawrence (Piano Recital)

April 28th, 1920
Lectured before the Fine Arts class on “Roman Remains in Italy Outside of Rome”

April 30th, 1920
Picnic supper for Harry and Amanda. (Hazel, Ramona, Edna, Ruth, Helene, Madge, Milton Zinc & Helmuth)

Dr. Edward Caldwell Moore. Harvard Exchange Professor 1st course: “The History of Religious Thought since 1648” a) Authority, Rationalism and Mysticism in the 17th and 18th Centuries. b) The Three Great Movements of the 19th Century. 2nd course: “The Expansion of Christendom” (6 +5 lectures)

May 1st, 1920
With Helmuth over Temple Drive. Anita Stewart in “A Midnight Romance”; Charlie Chaplin: “A Day’s Pleasure”

May 2nd, 1920
Herbert and Helmuth up Mr. Cutler. CC Vespers, Rossini’s “Stabat Mater” (St. Stephen’s Choir)

May 3rd, 1920
Moonlight Picnic in the Garden of the Gods (Harry, Amanda, Fritz, Herbert, B. & C.)

May 4th, 1920
Fritz left for Tacoma. Met with Tiger Board of Control. “Out of Space” Prof Albright.

May 5th, 1920
Notified of Election as President of Pan-Hellenic Council. Bernie with Mrs. Bemis to “Cinderella”. Senior Pikers’ Day 1920.

May 6th, 1920
Priscilla Dean in “The Virgin of Stamboul”; Charlie Chaplin in “The Rink”

May 7th, 1920
Dean and Mrs. McMurphy and Prof & Mrs. Drucker in to dinner.

May 8th, 1920
Kappa Sigma Seniors in to dinner: Arms, Lynn, Crabb, Gildea.

May 9th, 1920
Dr. Minchin preached. Harry in to dinner in the evening.

May 10th, 1920
Presided at my first Pan-Hellenic Council meeting. Song recital by Ethelynde Smith.

May 11th, 1920
B. to DAR meeting at Mrs. Metzler’s.

May 13th, 1920
Recital by Mrs. Faust’s pupils at her home. [Gold tassel arrived!]

May 15th, 1920
Guests of Harry and Amanda at the Function Play: “Mice and Men”

May 16th, 1920
Spoke at the morning service on “The Early Church”. Mr. Ormes conducted communion.

May 17th, 1920
Bernie and I guests of Contemporary at their Function: Dinner at the Broadmoor. Mrs. Fiske in “Mis’ Nelly of N’Orleans” at the Burns.

May 19th, 1920
Finished typewritten copy of Otto’s Two Cities (514 pages).

May 20th, 1920
Mrs. Bartlett’s AW Exam. Duniway reception for the McAdros. Des Moines delegates in to dinner (Hazel, Marjorie, Martha, John, Sidney, Arthur; Harry & H.)

May 22nd, 1920
With Bernie and Barbara to Junior-Senior Breakfast at Hidden Inn.

May 23rd, 1920
Caspar Gregory & Harold Allen in to dinner. Mrs. Prince and Miss Rice called.

May 24th, 1920
Out to dinner at the Bemises with Bernie and Barbara.

May 25th, 1920
“Huckleberry Finn.” Harry in to birthday dinner in Herbert’s honor.

May 26th, 1920
“The Fall of Babylon”

May 27th, 1920
Ordered Schanz I1, I2, II2 and IV1 from Oskar Beck, Munich ($9.00)

May 28th, 1920
Mrs. Smart and Harry in to dinner. To the Beta Theta Pi reception.

May 29th, 1920
With Bernie and Barbara to the May Festival in the Jungle: Ruth Brown Queen. All College Dance.

May 30th, 1920
Harry in to supper.

May 31st, 1920
With Bernie, Barbara, Harry, Amanda, Ruth Gilliland and Herbert up the Mt. Manitou Incline; hike to Half-Way house. Dinner for the Mottem’s at the Duniways.

June 1st, 1920
Last meeting of Prof. Albright’s class in constellations (astronomy 3)

June 3rd, 1920
With Bernie to Ruth Gile’s Wedding. Meeting of Tiger Board of Control.

June 4th, 1920
Kappa Sigma dinner at Cossitt. (Spoke on “The Rhodes Scholarships”)

June 5th, 1920
With Bernie to Harold Gile’s wedding. Reception for ALA at Bemis. Harry entertains Mierows and Quacks at dinner.

June 6th, 1920
Children’s Day. Called on the Quacks. Harry and Amanda in to dinner.

June 11th, 1920
Senior Play “The Country Cousin”. Faculty Picnic in the Jungle. Albert & Rea in for the evening

June 12th, 1920
“Three Faces East” with Violet Heming, at the Burns.

June 13th, 1920
Baccalaureate Sunday. Rev. Fred Stoff preached. Harry, Mrs. Prince & Miss Rice in to dinner.

June 14th, 1920
1920 Class Day. Senior Reception. Presided at Phi Beta Kappa: Prof. George Miller (Greeley) “Democracy and Education” Reelected President.

June 15th, 1920
President & Mrs. Duniway entertain the Trustees and Faculty at lunch. Reception on the lawn in the evening.

June 16th, 1920
Commencement Day. Received notice of salary increase to $3200.

June 17th, 1920
Harry and Amanda in to dinner.

June 18th, 1920
Milton Knowles called. Visited Herbert in Beth-El Hospital.

June 19th, 1920
Left for Crystola (Striely Cabin) at 8:30 am.

June 20th, 1920
Up the hill in front of our cabin with Bernie and Barbara.

June 21st, 1920
With Prof. Drucker to Green Mountain Falls for the first time.

June 22nd, 1920
To Woodland Park to visit the Ellingwoods (Albert’s birthday)

June 25th, 1920
Spent the day cleaning the pipes of the Crystola water system.

June 28th, 1920
To Colorado Springs by auto with Mr. Emery for provisions etc. Saw HEM. Home 7:30 by train.

June 29th, 1920
Ellingwoods, Druckers, Crawfords and Helen Hall in for Barbara’s birthday party- big cake & ice cream. Up the mountain back of the house.

Stayed at Gillette over night. Breakfast out of doors; started 8:15 up the old wagon road on West side of the Peak. Reached the summit at 1:10. Ate lunch on the great rocks. Started down at 3:15. Rode in an auto from 12000 to 10000 ft. Then home through the valley of the Catamount, first Green Mountain Falls and thence back to Crystola. About 20 miles travel (exclusive of ride). Pikes Peak 14,109 ft.

July 2nd, 1920
With Albert up the Bald Mountain ridge (9200ft); dinner at Woodland Park. About 10m.

July 3rd, 1920
Took the 7:40 train to Gillette. Stayed there over night with Albert & Barbara Hoag. 10000ft altitude.

July 4th, 1920
Hiked up Pikes Peak (14,109ft) with Albert and Barbara Hoag. Back via the Catamount & Green Mountain Falls.

July 8th, 1920
Mr. and Mrs. Staff came in their auto for a three days’ visit.

July 9th, 1920
Picnic lunch in the canon beyond the Spring with the Staffs, Mrs. Gile, Miriam, Madelaine and Mrs. Allen and daughter.

July 10th, 1920
Staffs returned home.

July 11th, 1920
Dr. and Mrs. Wells, Marian and Warren visited us.

July 13th, 1920
Herbert came up to Crystola to spend the night.

July 15th, 1920
The Staffs returned.

July 16th, 1920
Auto ride with the Staffs to Woodland Park

July 17th, 1920
Staffs went home.

July 18th, 1920
Victrola music at the Emery’s in the evening.

July 19th, 1920
To Colorado Springs for the day. (Started walking with Prof. Drucker) Home by train.

July 23rd, 1920
Notified of rental of house until Sept 1st for $250.

July 24th, 1920
Rea and Miss Shea of St. Lomis spent the afternoon with us.

July 25th, 1920
Milton Knowles and his Uncle Will spent the afternoon with us.

July 28th, 1920
Walked to the top of the mountain back of our cabin with Bernie and the Druckers. Received check for Rent, P.J. Lea, $250.13

July 29th, 1920
Herbert came up for the day. Picnic in “Fakirs Gulch”

July 30th, 1920
To Woodland Park by train. Stormbound at the Ellingwoods. “Sing” at the Browns. Slept on porch.

July 31st, 1920
Walked home in the morning

“The Cranes of Ibycus. A Detective Story.” 21,113 words.

August 1st, 1920
Finished Kakourgos story.

August 2nd, 1920
To Colorado Springs by auto with Mr. Emery. Norma Talmadge in “She Loves and Lies.” Staffs came.

August 3rd, 1920
General Picnic above the Spring. Bad rain storm.

August 4th, 1920
The Staffs went home.

August 6th, 1920
Rea and Miss Hamilton took supper with us. (Dean of Women, Lake Forest)

August 7th, 1920
Sent “Kakourgos” to the Black Cat. Harry and Herbert came on the evening train.

August 8th, 1920
Walk up to the spring.

August 9th, 1920
To Woodland for freight.

August 10th, 1920
Herbert and Harry left.

August 15th, 1920
Walk with Bernie and Barbara up the Canon across the stream.

August 16th, 1920
The Staffs came to spend the week. Goosberrying.

August 17th, 1920
Raspberrying with Mr. Staff.

August 20th, 1920
The Druckers came in for the evening.

August 21st, 1920
The Staffs went home. Mr. Hambert in to lunch.

August 25th, 1920
The Staffs came up for a day. German books received [Schanz].

August 26th, 1920
Staffs went home.

August 28th, 1920
The Bemises came up for the weekend. With Sam over the mountain and into Green Mountain Falls.

August 29th, 1920
Picnic with the Bemises and Druckers above the spring. The McMurphys called. Campfire.

August 30th, 1920
The Bemises returned home.

September 2nd, 1920
Herbert came up to Crystola for the day.

September 4th, 1920
Moved back to Colorado Springs. Supper at the Staffs.

September 5th, 1920
Communion Sunday

September 6th, 1920
Sam and Ruth Bemis in to dinner and to spend the night with us.

September 7th, 1920
Sam and Ruth started for Walla Walla, Wash.

September 8th, 1920
Built Barbara a sand-box, 7’ x 5’

September 9th, 1920
Barbara and I called on Helene Sheehan at the Glockner.

September 10th, 1920
Milton Knowles and Gilmore called in the evening. [Teeth examined]

September 11th, 1920
Mixed concrete for foundations of clothes poles.

September 12th, 1920
Acted as Toast-Master at Kappa Sigma banquet at the Elks Club

September 13th, 1920
Registered sophomores. First Faculty meeting of the year.

September 14th, 1920
Registered sophomores. Notified of election to American Historical Association. Kappa Sigma Smoker at Chapter house.

September 15th, 1920
Albert, Rea and Robert arrived on the 4:20 from Woodland Park. Auction.

September 16th, 1920
Albert described his hike through the San Juan mountains. (Rev and Mrs Ormes, Mr & Mrs Jackson, Miss E. Davis, Miss E. Bartlett, Miss Cole, HEM)

September 17th, 1920
All College Reception in Cossitt (With HEM)

September 18th, 1920
Frank Prior called. Amanda Ellis and Ruth Gilliland called in the evening.

September 19th, 1920
College Sunday at our church. Ellingwoods returned to Lake Forest. C.E. Meeting in the evening

September 20th, 1920
Formal opening with Academic Procession. Mr. Staff spoke.

September 21st, 1920
Barbara and I called on Helene.

September 22nd, 1920
Played piano at prayer meeting.

September 23rd, 1920
Bernie, Barbara and I called on Helene

September 25th, 1920
Hike with Herbert up Williams and down Waldo (7m) C.E. Social; President’s reception.

September 26th, 1920
First meeting of my Bible Class for college men and women. Led C.E. Missionary meeting

September 27th, 1920
To Mrs. Faust’s musical (Victor Polant, Frank John, Mrs. Faust, Mrs Tucker) Kappa Sigma meeting.

Ordered from BG Teulner Oct 1st: Orosius, Augustine D.C.D. and Teuffel I and II.

October 1st, 1920
Conducted Chapel. Read Pliny’s letter about the Christians.

October 3rd, 1920
Bible Class. Barbara graduates from Cradle Roll. Called on Quacks & Helene. Kappa Sigma Smoker.

October 5th, 1920
Spoke to the men of CC in the pit on the Philadelphian Society

October 6th, 1920
Scholarship cup publicly awarded to Kappa Sigma in chapel.

October 7th, 1920
Margaret Matzenauer. Louis Meslin at the piano.

October 9th, 1920
Harry and Herbert in for supper. CC 42- New Mexico 3

October 10th, 1920
Fraternity Sunday at the Congregational Church.

October 13th, 1920
Spoke at the first regular meeting of the CCMCL on “Why go to College?”

October 14th, 1920
Annette Kellerman “What Women Love”

October 15th, 1920
Prof. Hulbert led Chapel. Mr. & Mrs. Staff called in the evening.

October 16th, 1920
CC 20 Utah 2

October 17th, 1920
With Barbara and Herbert to see Helene and then for a walk in the park.

October 18th, 1920
Dr. Strieby died.

October 19th, 1920
Spoke before the young women’s auxiliary on the Societies of the Congregational Church at Mrs. Brown’s.

October 21st, 1920
Tilestan and I Sub-committee on decorating Perkins Hall.

October 22nd, 1920
Dr. Strieby’s funeral in Perkins Hall.

October 23rd, 1920
CC 21 DU 0

October 25th, 1920
Spoke to the Kappa Sigma pledges on Scholarship.

October 28th, 1920
Mrs. Musser came to work for us.

October 30th, 1920
CC 7 Boulder 7

October 31st, 1920
Will and Ada in to dinner. With Bernie to the Quacks for supper.

November 1st, 1920
Hal’s Birthday

November 2nd, 1920
Election Day. Bernie and I voted at 7am. Harding and Coolidge elected.

November 3rd, 1920
Bernie, Barbara and I to lunch at the Quacks.

November 6th, 1920
CC 20 Wyoming 17. Princeton 14 Harvard 14

November 7th, 1920
Communion Sunday. Will and Ada in to dinner. To the Glockner at 11 pm.

November 8th, 1920
Dorothy Mierow was born at 2:27 am. Weight 8.25 pounds.

November 9th, 1920
First WNC Dinner. Dr. Frank W Gumsanlus: “The Education of the American”

November 10th, 1920
Latin 7 gave Dorothy a silver spoon- her first gift. The Marcus Shaw.

November 11, 1920
Received telegram from Fred telling of the birth of his daughter Ruth Marion. Aggies 28 CC 0

November 13th, 1920
Acted as pallbearer at Mrs. Hulbert’s funeral. Princeton 20 Yale 0

November 15th, 1920
First meeting of The 6. Dinner at Prof Drucker’s. Tolstoy (Drucker, Parker, Sisam, Duniway, CCM)

November 20th, 1920
Bernie and Dorothy returned from the Glockner [Harvard 9 Yale 0]

November 21st, 1920
Barbara has pneumonia. Miss DeBoer, a special nurse, came to take care of her.

November 23rd, 1920
Insignia Day. YWCA Thanksgiving Service in Bemis led by Miss Phinney

November 24th, 1920
Barbara’s temperature is normal again.

November 25th, 1920
Thanksgiving Day (16lb turkey!) CC 13 Mines 7

November 26th, 1920
The Quacks in to dinner (Turkey!)

November 28th, 1920
(S.S. John VIII)

November 29th, 1920
Miss DeBoer left. ($40)

Bernie and I reached the Glockner Sanitarium (Room 368) at about 11 pm Sunday November 7 and Dorothy was born at 2:27am. Weight 8.25 lbs. Dr. Faust in attendance. Bernie came home with Dorothy on Sat. Nov. 20th, 1920.

December 1st, 1920
Otis Skinner in “Kismet” (movie). The Burns.

December 4th, 1920
Basil King’s “Earthbound” at the Liberty.

December 8th, 1920
Dorothy had her first ride in Jane’s baby carriage.

December 9th, 1920
Bernie to YWCA Advisory Board. Toastmaster at Kappa Sigma Founders’ Day Banquet (Eliz. Martin Inn)

December 10th, 1920
Bernie to Contemporary Christmas Tree.

December 11th, 1920
With Herbert to Bemis to see Eagerheart as guests of Sonoma Leino (“Eagerheart”)

December 13th, 1920
Gave Will my note for $350. Payable On Demand with interest at 6% (Dated 15th)

December 14th, 1920
Got the deed to the Strieby cabin (Crystola/Jim Haines Carols) (10:15 pm)

December 16th, 1920
Dr. and Mrs. Mount of New York (Daisy Bowles’ friends) called.

December 18th, 1920
Archeological Lecture: “Hellas, Old and New” Dr. Louis E. Lord of Oberlin

December 19th, 1920
With Herbert to the Christmas Mystery in our Church.

December 20th, 1920
Second Dinner of the Six (Tilestan absent) at Prof. Sisam’s home. “Prices”

December 21st, 1920
Called on Helene at her home. Amanda spent the night with us.

December 23rd, 1920
With Manly, Guy, Preston, Robert Thurber, Skidmore and Herbert to Black Canon for trees.

December 26th, 1920
Christmas Sermon

December 28th, 1920
Harry arrived. Harry & Herbert to Jane Q’s dance at the Golf Club.

December 29th, 1920
Herbert and Harry went to Bruin Inn for dinner.

December 30th, 1920
Turkey dinner: Miss Phinney, Helene, Harry & Herbert.

December 31st, 1920
Harry went home. Amanda arrived. Florence Greene & Agnes called.

January 1st, 1921
With Amanda to call on Helene.

January 2nd, 1921
Bernie, Barbara, Dorothy, Amanda and I to dinner at the McMurphy’s

January 5th, 1921
Annual meeting of the Church. Started second year as deacon.

January 6th, 1921
With Bernie to the Vances to see the “Just Princeton” movie (Hagars, Jeff Davis, Quacks, Frantz’s)

January 7th, 1921
Conducted Chapel

January 8th, 1921
Ordered 2 copies of Traule… Oskar Beck. Douglas Fairbanks: “The Mark of Zorro”

January 9th, 1921
Spoke at the YWCA. Vesper service on “Success”

January 11th, 1921
Bernie acted as a hostess at the DAR meeting at Mrs. Sisam’s.

January 12th, 1921
Led Prayer meeting for Mr. Staff spoke on John.

January 15th, 1921
Attended two exhibitions of “Just Princeton” at the Princess (10 and 11:30)

January 16th, 1921
Ruth Gilliland, Marian Ward & Marjorie Hawkins in for supper

January 18th, 1921
Heard Sam Higginbottom of India at the Presbyterian Church. Fred died at 6 pm

January 21st, 1921
Archeological Lecture on Crete, by Dr. JC Hoffin (Bryn Maur). Fred’s funeral 2 pm.

January 23rd, 1921
Herbert and Ruford Blair in to dinner

February 5th, 1921
WNC. Mr. Edward N. Wentworth “Supplying the Nations Meat”

February 6th, 1921
Helen Lytle called.

February 8th, 1921
William Faversham in “The Man Who Lost Himself”

February 10th, 1921
Illustrated lecture by Barton Hoag on “The South West Corner of Colorado”

February 11th, 1921
Bernie to meeting of Women’s Faculty Club at Mrs. Drucker’s. (Lincoln Program)

February 13th, 1921
Annual initiation picture and banquet of Kappa Sigma . Elizabeth Martin Inn: Toastmaster.

February 16th, 1921
Pledged $500 to the CC Endowment Fund in ten annual payments

February 17th, 1921
Phi Beta Kappa Elections. Mildred McMurtry, Ruth Gilliland (Historian); [HEM recommended]

February 21st, 1921
Bernie to club meeting at Mrs. Tilestan’s.

February 22nd, 1921
Mrs. Knowles & Helen called, Bernie to DAR play. “Betty’s Ancestors”

February 24th, 1921
Dinner Party: Tom Preston, Duniway, Parker, Drucker, Tilestan, Sisam, Hale. Read Otto paper.

February 25th, 1921
With Herbert to see the Minet at the Colonial Ball in Bemis.

February 28th, 1921
Presided at the Phi Beta Kappa Initiation at President Duniway’s home.

March 2nd, 1921
Schumann-Heink (George Morgan, Baritone. Katherine Huffman, Piano)

March 6th, 1921
Communion Sunday finished John.

March 9th, 1921
2nd Great Artist Concert. Josef Hofmann.

March 10th, 1921
WNC dinner (didn’t stay to hear Augustus G. Guthrim)

March 11th, 1921
With Bernie to Faculty Club dinner in Cossitt. Lecture on the Pribilof Islands by Prof Parker.

March 13th, 1921
Started teaching The Acts. Harry and her mother and Will in to dinner. To Kappa Sigma smoker with Will.

March 16th, 1921
Bernie read a paper on “American Women Artists” before the Art Club at Mrs. Ormes’

March 19th, 1921
Barbara went with Bernie to the YWCA Circus, with me to Minstrel Show. Kappa Sigma House Dance.

March 20th, 1921
With Bernie to coffee and music at Bemis. (in honor of Prof. & Mrs. Parker) Palm Sunday.

March 21st, 1921
Dinner at the Parkers (Drucker, Sisam, Tilestan, Hale) “Modern Schools of Painting”

March 22nd, 1921
To Bemis Hall to hear Prof Parker’s lecture on “Evolution”

March 23rd, 1921
To Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Ruddigore” at the Burns.

March 24th, 1921
Communion Service in the Evening.

March 25th, 1921
Faculty Hike (24) to 7 Falls and South Cheyenne; home via Helen Hunt’s grave & CC Stage Road.

March 27th, 1921
Easter Sunday

March 28th, 1921
Called on the Douglases, Abbotts and Skidmores

March 29th, 1921
Called on the Pattees, Gooderoughs and Daehlers.

March 30th, 1921
Bernie to sewing bee at Mrs. Druckers

March 31st, 1921
Sick in bed with Tonsillitis

April 1st, 1921
Sick in bed with tonsillitis

April 2nd, 1921
Douglas Fairbanks in “The Nut”

April 3rd, 1921
Stayed home from Sunday School

April 6th, 1921
Bernie and I out to dinner at Bemis. Spoke at YWCA: “A Heritage and a Responsibility”

April 7th, 1921
Conducted Chapel. Marjorie Hawkins and Hazel Jolly called.

April 8th, 1921
Conducted chapel: Rev EB Martin spoke. With Bernie to Fortnightly Sketch Club Entertainment

April 9th, 1921
Called on Helene

April 10th, 1921
Out to dinner at the Druckers’ (Swarts also guests)

April 12th, 1921
Bernie to DAR Meeting at Mrs. Taggart’s. Will, Ada, Luke Marshall & Macey Stream called.

April 14th, 1921
Charlie Chaplin in “The Kid”

April 17th, 1921
Will and Ada in to dinner.

April 18th, 1921
Received notice of reappointment for 1921-22 at 3500. Dinner at the Hales (7): “What is Music”

April 22nd, 1921
Uncle Adolph arrived at 5:47 via the D & RG

April 23rd, 1921
With Uncle Adolph and HEM to the Broadmoor, Stratton Park and South Cheyenne in the morning. Auto ride to Garden of the Gods and Williams Canon in the afternoon. Barbara to “Dreamland” with the Quacks. WNC. Didn’t hear HC Baldwin.

April 24th, 1921
Harry and Mrs. Prince called. Ruth Gilliland and Irena Hamilton in for supper.

April 25th, 1921
Faculty Club Dinner. Illustrated lecture “On the Trail” by Lloyd Shaw.

April 27th, 1921
Meeting of Tiger Board of Control; Elections: Leino; Manager, Wardwell.

April 29th, 1921
The Duniways’ party for the Junior Class. Harry arrived.

April 30th, 1921
Invited the Minerva Society in to tea in Harry’s honor. Four came!

May 1st, 1921
Communion Sunday. Kappa Sigma Smoker and beefsteak dinner. Told stories.

May 4th, 1921
3rd Great Artists Concert. NY Philharmonic Orchestra (Strausky)

May 6th, 1921
Mildred McMurtry’s violin recital at Bemis followed by reception.

May 8th, 1921
Kappa Sigma Seniors (Scott, Heath, Bischof) and Landell Bartlett in to dinner. Memorial Service for WK Argo.

May 9th, 1921
Memorial Service for Judson M Bemis with Academic Procession. With Bernie to see WM Collier in “The Hottentot”

May 10th, 1921
Notified of my reelection as Interfraternity Council President

May 11th, 1921
Three hour meeting of Admin Committee on the Nugget question.

May 12th, 1921
Presided over an interfraternity meeting on the Nugget question.

May 14th, 1921
With Bernie to the Junior-Senior breakfast, Elizabeth Martin Inn

May 15th, 1921
Senior Major students in to dinner: Mildred, Helen, Agnes and Katherine Kaufmann.

May 16th, 1921
Final faculty group dinner at Bruin- Ladies Night (16). Pres. Duniway spoke on Roosevelt.

May 19th, 1921
Herbert passed his oral… examination for the AM Examiners: Dean McMurtry & CCM

May 21st, 1921
Bernie and Barbara to Minerva Breakfast in honor of Contemporary & Hypatia (MV Park)

May 22nd, 1921
Herbert in to dinner in honor of his AM and his birthday.

May 24th, 1921
Ruth Gilliland and Neata Green called in the evening

May 25th, 1921
Started for Raton, NM. 25 minutes after midnight via Santa Fe.

May 26th, 1921
Reached Raton 9:20; met by Mr. Trimble and Miss Graham. Stayed at Hotel Seaberg. Dinner at Rotary. Ride with Mr. Nyhus. Delivered Commencement Address “A Heritage and a Responsibility”

May 27th, 1921
Home 7 am via Santa Fe. With Bernie to Mrs. Hemus’ recital. Broadmoor Art Academy

May 28th, 1921
With HEM to “Sentimental Tommy.” May Festival: Evelyn Arnold, queen

May 29th, 1921
Last meeting of my SS Class on The Acts. Agnes Flanagan called.

May 30th, 1921
Presided as toastmaster at Faculty Club Dinner in honor of President Duniway’s 25 Anniversary

June 2nd, 1921
Entertained the Contemporary Club (24)

June 3rd, 1921
Mr. & Mrs. Drucker in to diner en route for Crystola. Bernie to shower for Miss Wall.

June 4th, 1921

June 5th, 1921
Children’s Day. Dorothy baptized in church.

June 7th, 1921
Accepted appointment as Reader in Latin for CEEB to start 9:30 Thurs. June 23.

June 9th, 1921
Bernie and I guests of Agnes Flanagan at the Senior Play: “Polly with a Past” at the Burns. (Front box)

June 10th, 1921
To Crystola by Dale’s Auto. Opened Cabin. Hiked home.

June 11th, 1921
With Bernie to “Prunnella” in Cossitt Stadum and to Miss Wall’s wedding at the Duniway’s

June 12th, 1921
10th Anniversary! Baccalaureate Sunday: Dr. Ozara Davis of Chicago, Harry, Amanda and the Quacks in.

June 13th, 1921
Class Day. Herbert elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Dr WH Smiley spoke on “Out of the East”

June 14th, 1921
Trustees Luncheon at Cossitt. Reception on the President’s lawn. Barbara to DAR picnic.

June 15th, 1921
Commencement Day. Herbert received his A.M. Helen, Mrs. Lytle, Irena, Lucile, Margaret Feet, Amanda & Ruth called.

June 16th, 1921
Left for the east via Rock Island 8:30 pm. Mrs. Wells took us to the train.

June 17th, 1921
Spent 3 hours at Lincoln Nebraska waiting for a new engine!

June 18th, 1921
Spent the day in Chicago with Fred and Addie. Left 8pm via Michigan Central.

June 19th, 1921
Four hours late. Spent the day at Niagra Falls. Reached Albion 6:10. Homer, Clara and Mrs. Tanner called.

June 20th, 1921
Bess Shea and Mrs. Stone called.

June 21st, 1921
Left on the 6:10 for New York to read Latin papers for the CEEB

June 22nd, 1921
Shopping. “The Golem”. Supper at the Tac’Sy. Winter Garden “Whirl of New York”

June 23rd, 1921
Started reading Latin 4. Walk up Riverside Drive to 135th with Allan, Donald, Weber & Dewing.

June 24th, 1921
From 116th St. & Riverside Drive to Washington Square on top of a bus.

June 25th, 1921
To Lakewood on the 4:07 with Mamma to see Gladys.

June 26th, 1921
To Church and to the Cemetery with Papa. Ruth Frederica baptized. Returned to NY.

June 27th, 1921
To Middle Village to see Raymond: Auto ride to Jamaica, Bayside, Willett’s Point, Flushing, Kew Gardens Forest Hills.

June 28th, 1921
“Sun-Kist” at the Sam H. Harris Theater.

June 29th, 1921
To Union Hill to see Sophie, Ruth & Helen.

June 30th, 1921
To Jersey City to see Uncle August and Aunt Emma

July 1st, 1921
Finished reading at 12:30. Supper with Taute Line. “Selwyn’s Snapshots of 1921” [Lew Fields, Nora Bayes, DeWolf Hopper]

July 2nd, 1921
Breakfast with Julia in Rochester. Back to Albion 12:50

July 3rd, 1921
Julia and Ruth came to spend the Fourth in Albion.

July 4th, 1921
Perry came to Albion for the day.

July 5th, 1921
Called on Daisy Bowles.

July 6th, 1921
Homer and Clara took us to Point Breeze. Barbara’s first bath in Lake Ontario.

July 7th, 1921
Telegram offering us $300 rent for Colorado Springs home. Swimming in the lake.

July 8th, 1921
Temperature dropped from 92 to 76.

July 9th, 1921
Barbara’s first row on Lake Ontario. Bath in the lake.

July 10th, 1921
Back to Albion in the evening. Edith Rolfe called.

July 11th, 1921
Received $284.50 rent for house July 7- Sept 7

July 13th, 1921
Received $109 from CEEB. Beecher family to see Conovers in Sheeler’s auto; home via Lyndonville.

July 14th, 1921
Bernie and I called on Mr. and Mrs. Powell.

July 15th, 1921
The first cool day in Albion since June 19th. Daisy Bowles took Bernie and the babes to Medina & Lyndonville in her auto.

July 17th, 1921
Homer & Clara took us to Rochester in their auto. Visited the Masons in Ontario.

July 18th, 1921
Bought books at Scranton Wetmore & Co. in Rochester. Stayed at Perry’s.

July 19th, 1921
With Barbara to toy department at Sibley’s. Bernie went shopping.

July 20th, 1921
With Barbara to Seneca Park. Returned to Albion 7:10pm.

July 24th, 1921
The Conovers called in the afternoon; Frank and Carrie at night.

July 25th, 1921
Left Albion 6:10 pm. Rochester 9:40. Perry and family came to the station.

July 26th, 1921
Reached NY at 8am. Lakewood 2:46 toward Valley and Mr. Miller there.

July 27th, 1921
Went to see Gladys and family. I attended prayer meeting.

July 28th, 1921
Check for rent. PJ Lea, $230.13. Called on the Keeners. Dinner with Raymond & Gertrude at the Madison.

July 29th, 1921
Flounder for dinner! Nettie came home from Maine.

July 31st, 1921
With Bernie and Papa to hear Dr. Butler preach. Mary, Lucretia & Daisy called in the evening!

In Lakewood we slept at the Madison in rooms 11 and 12 spending our days at home.

August 1st, 1921
First cool day in New Jersey. Party for Mrs. Tremaine (73rd Birthday). Miss Palmer called.

August 2nd, 1921
Rain. To Harry Sexton. Rented crib for a month. Dr. Butler called.

August 3rd, 1921
Rain. Spent the day in Madison.

August 4th, 1921
Saw the Butlers off. Walked out to the Cemetery.

August 5th, 1921
Picnic to Point Pleasant: Nettie, Mary, Daisy, Etta, Gladys, Bernie, Children & I in bathing.

August 7th, 1921
All the Mierows to dinner at Gladys’ home in the evening.

August 8th, 1921
Rowing on Lake Carasaly with Mamma, Bernie and the Children.

August 9th, 1921
Paid life insurance. Called on the Disbrows, Stephensons, Keeners. With Mamma & Papa to “The Heart of Twenty” at Ferbers.

August 10th, 1921
Called on the Halls & Webbs. 500 at the Keeners. (Mary, Dena, Daisy, Etta and I)

August 11th, 1921
Family picnic at Point Pleasant: Papa, Mamma, Herbert, Gladys, Ruth, Bernie, children and I. Bathing.

August 12th, 1921
Called on Mary. Anna and Henry Hartmann called in the evening.

August 13th, 1921
George and Jessie Fowler called in the evening. Picnic to Pt. Pleasant: Mary, Daisy, Etta, Jean MrDermont, Halls, Isabel Lindsay, Bernie, children and I. Bathing.

August 14th, 1921
To Church with Papa, then on a walk out Princeton Ave and to see Gladys.

August 15th, 1921
With Mamma and Papa to the cemetery. James Westall took us home in auto.

August 16th, 1921
Croquet Party at the Halls: Daisy, Mary, Isabel, Edith Nobles, Halls & Mierows.

August 17th, 1921
Tennis at the Laurel in the Pines Courts with Herbert, Tracy and Harold Disbrow.

August 18th, 1921
Called on the Dickensons.

August 19th, 1921
500 Party at the Madison: Daisy, Mary, Mrs. Buchanan, Mrs. Gaylord, Mrs. McDonald, Voorhees.

August 20th, 1921
Tennis at the Laurel in the Pines with HEM, Harold and Tracy.

August 21st, 1921
Uncle August and Aunt Emma came. To cemetery & to Gladys. To Keeners, evening.

August 22nd, 1921
Uncle August went home. Walk to the “land between the lakes”

August 23rd, 1921
Ride with Mr. Stephenson to Lakehurst Hangar. 500 with Mary, Daisy, Etta & Voorhees.

August 24th, 1921
Morning row on the lake with Mamma, Papa & Barbara. To Keeners with Mamma and Bernie in afternoon.

August 25th, 1921
Walk around the lake with Mamma, Papa & Barbara., Auction with Mary & Daisy at the Madison

August 26th, 1921
Picnic to Point Pleasant: Buchanans, Carolyn Gardiner, Gaylords, Halls, Daisy, Mary, Nettie, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Stephenson, Griffins, Voorhees. (Bathing.)

August 27th, 1921
Out to Miss Palmer’s for the afternoon with Bernie and the children. Papa and Mamma took Bernie to see Mary Pickford in “Through the Back Door” in the evening.

August 28th, 1921
To Church with Papa; walk 4th street and … Ave. TO Gladys, to the Keeners. Webbs and Buchanans called.

August 29th, 1921
Left Lakewood for Princeton. Guests of Allan and Laura at Bank. Gus & Florence called.

August 30th, 1921
Bessie Osborn spent the day in Princeton. Called (with Allan) on the Fleeces and Granny Hunt.

August 31st, 1921
Called on Miss KL Davis, Van & Ruth. Rain in the afternoon. Auction with the Johnsons evening

September 1st, 1921
Walk with Allan and Barbara to Lake Carnegie. The Todds called. We called on the Benders and Blans. Dinner at the Van Holsens.

September 2nd, 1921
Started west via PRR Keystone Limited (1:20 Princeton, 2:21 Trenton)

September 3rd, 1921
Three hours late. Barely made Rock Island Connection at St. Louis. Very hot.

September 4th, 1921
Breakfast in Kansas City. (very cold night)

September 5th, 1921
Reached CS 7:30 am. Breakfast and lunch with Quacks. To Crystola. Night at Brookside.

September 6th, 1921
Moved to Emery’s Cabin. Walked over to Green Mountain Falls.

September 7th, 1921
Up the hill back of our own cabin for wood. Whole family to the spring.

September 8th, 1921
Albert and Rea came over to dinner and spent the day with us.

September 9th, 1921
Up the hill for wood. Walked to Green Mountain Falls, to the spring, twice to Schoff’s.

September 10th, 1921
Whole family up the hill back of Emery’s for Kinnikinnick. YWCA Cabinet arrived.

September 11th, 1921
Up the hill for wood. Mr. Ormes in to dinner. To YWCA meeting and supper at Brown’s. Bonfire.

September 12th, 1921
Whole family up to picnic ground beyond the spring. Collected pitch.

September 13th, 1921
Harry Newman took us back to CS: home at 7pm. Called on Miss Printup.

September 14th, 1921
College opens. Class at 8am. Rea and Robert took supper with us.

September 16th, 1921
Academic Procession. Prior called. Family called on Miss Printup! Reception in Cossitt.

September 17th, 1921
Built a new book case.

September 18th, 1921
College Sunday at our Church. First SS Class (11). Kappa Sigma dinner at the house (55). Acted as Toastmaster.

September 19th, 1921
To Kappa Sigma Chapter meeting; spoke to the pledges.

September 21st, 1921
Amanda came to supper and spent the night with us.

September 22nd, 1921
Amanda left for Iowa.

September 23rd, 1921
With Bernie and the children to call on Helene.

September 25th, 1921
Miss Printup in to dinner.

September 26th, 1921
Attended Kappa Sigma chapter meeting

September 28th, 1921
With Bernie to hear Victor Polant at the Broadmoor Art Academy

September 30th, 1921
Bought new suit for Bernie.

Bernie and Dorothy slept in Emery’s cabin, Barbara and I in the tent.

October 1st, 1921
Saw Mr. Miller in the evening and arranged to buy the house.

October 2nd, 1921
SS Class. 1st Peter.

October 3rd, 1921
Eva Tamguay at Pantages.

October 4th, 1921
Molly and Hal arrived.

October 5th, 1921
Led YWCA meeting “Following Jesus Christ” Bernie, Molly, Hal and I to dinner at Bemis.

October 6th, 1921
Molly and Hall to Crystola. Paid Mr. Miller $200 to bind bargain (see Oct 1st)

October 7th, 1921
Harry came on the evening train. Bernie to “Forestry Meeting” of Faculty Club

October 8th, 1921
Up the Mr. Manitou Incline with Bernie and the children. (CC 10- Wyoming 0)

October 9th, 1921
Called on Dr. Blackman. Harry returned to Denver.

October 11th, 1921
Bernie took Miss Printup to DAR meeting at Mrs. Hibbard’s.

October 12th, 1921
Called on Dr. Blackman.

October 13th, 1921
“The 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse” (movie) at the America.

October 14th, 1921
Charlie Chaplin in “The Idle Class.” Bernie to Contemporary German.

October 15th, 1921
To Manitou with Bernie and the children (CC 7- New Mexico 0). Abbotts called.

October 16th, 1921
To Monument Valley Park with Bernie and the children.

October 17th, 1921
President Duniway Entertained the group at dinner at the El Paso Club. “Education in Colorado”

October 18th, 1921
Douglas Fairbanks in “Three Musketeers”

October 20th, 1921
Went to Denver to CEA Convention by auto with Keyte and Okey. Supper with Harry and her Aunt at the Harvard Auditorium: “Gallia”; Wood & Bagley.

October 21st, 1921
Class Lec… Meeting ESHS Lunch at the Adams with Cressman, Walker, Derham & Smiley.

October 22nd, 1921
Utah 14- CC 3. Called on Dr. Blackman.

October 23rd, 1921
Acted as Toastmaster at Kappa Sigma Father and Son Banquet.

October 24th, 1921
First Faculty Club dinner. (Ladies night). Mock Faculty meeting. Dancing.

October 26th, 1921
Great Artist Concert. Edward Johnson (Tenor)

October 28th, 1921
CC Home Coming. Molly, Hal and Harry stayed with us. Sophomore Barbeque.

October 29th, 1921
Bernie with Molly to Contemporary Breakfast in Ivywild. (Hadley’s). Aggies 24- CC 0. To banquet in Cossitt & All College Dance.

October 30th, 1921
Chicken dinner! Harry returned to Denver. Prof Daehler called.

October 31st, 1921
Molly & Hal returned to Crystola. Will & Ross Meeker in to supper. Bought the house.

Paid Schlarb 1545. (1500+35+10) Fees 2.25 +.75 +3.00. Paid Miller 2499. Paid for 5 yr. Fine insurance policy ($3000) 3390. $2000 insurance policy (to Dec 17, 1921) transferred to me full.

November 2nd, 1921
Bernie entertained the Art Club

November 3rd, 1921
Made a 5 minute speech before the CS Rotary Club on “Social Organizations of CC”

November 4th, 1921
Dr. & Mrs. Wells in to play Duplicate Auction. The Gooderoughs called.

November 5th, 1921
Princeton 10- Harvard 3 (Boulder 35- CC 14)

November 6th, 1921
Finished the General Epistles. Misses Sullivan, Heckenlively and Hicks in to dinner. Molly, Hall and Will in to supper.

November 7th, 1921
Molly & Hal returned to Crystola. Bernie … … for 5000. Reed 750 for WDG.

November 8th, 1921
Mr. Wublen started work on the new room. Dorothy weighs 18 lbs.

November 9th, 1921
Insignia Day. Will’s guest at Kiwanis Lunch. Armistice Day program.

November 10th, 1921
Took Humphrey to Father and Son dinner of the Brotherhood. Bernie to Women’s Educational Association.

November 11th, 1921
Terrors 45- Cheyenne HS 0. Freshmen 14- Teachers College 0. Will in to supper.

November 12th, 1921
Yale 13- Princeton 7. (Mines 7- CC 0) Cllaed on Meeker at Beth-El.

November 13th, 1921
Misses Farnsworth, Gjerde and Dascomb in to dinner. The Albrights called. Called on Mr. Grimwood and Dr. Blackman.

November 14th, 1921
Led Chapel: Spoke on “Paul at Athens”

November 15th, 1921
Meeting of Trustees and Deacons at Mr. Burgess’. To plan deficit canvas.

November 16th, 1921
Bernie to Art Club meeting at Mrs. Ensigns’s

November 17th, 1921
Mr. Grimwood’s Funeral at the Church. Molly & Hal came back from Crystola.

November 18th, 1921
First meeting of Classical Club at our home (34): Commdrums, Games, John Finley’s paper, Singing, Eats! Dick Plumer called us.

November 19th, 1921
Harvard 10- Yale 3. Bernie, Barbara & Molly to YWCA Circus. Dick & Mrs. Plumer in to dinner.

November 20th, 1921
Ruth Morrison, Miss Hitchcock and Miss Coleman in to dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Haines called. Led CE meeting: “The Goodness of God”

November 21st, 1921
The Round Table (8) at Prof Drucker’s: “Religion and Business”

November 22nd, 1921
Molly, Hal, Bernie and I guests of Eleana Davis at dinner in Bemis; YWCA Thanksgiving service (Mr. Staff); “Xenophan Hinkle” (Cheyenne School)

November 23rd, 1921
Molly & Hal went to Crystola to close the cabin.

November 24th, 1921
Thanksgiving Day. Quacks, Meeker, Molly & Hal in to dinner. CC 28- DU 21. Pola Negri in “One Arabian Night”

November 25th, 1921
Molly and Hal left to spend a few days with the Bartletts. Dorothy’s first tooth appeared.

November 27th, 1921
With Bernie and Barbara to church. Molly and Hall prepared dinner. Called on Helene & the Quacks.

November 28th, 1921
Picnic supper for Contemporary before the fire: Bartlett, Davis, Little, Staff, Klein, Herzog, Van Horn, Mason, Brown, Randall, Nicholson, Molly, Hal, Bernie and I.

November 29th, 1921
Molly and Hal left for Denver

November 30th, 1921
Mr. Bocock started painting the house. (estimate $145, two crates)

December 1st, 1921
With Dorothy and Barbara to call on Miss Phinney.

December 2nd, 1921
With Bernie to CC Girls’ Glee Club Indian Operetta: “Se-a-wa-na”

December 3rd, 1921
To the Phi Beta Kappa open house.

December 4th, 1921
With Barbara to Bemis: Broadmoor Orchestra. Spoke on John at the Church of the Good Shepherd. Kappa Sigma Faculty smoker.

December 5th, 1921
Sent M5000 to Otto Harrassowitz, Leifzig for Pauly-Wissowa.

December 6th, 1921
To the Duniway’s to meet Mr. and Mrs. Cushing. Progressive Auction at the Bartletts (3 takes)

December 7th, 1921
Rachel Lindsay at Chapel. Bernie to Art Club at Mrs. Haines’. Miss Gjerde and Miss Hitchcock called. “The Birth of a Race”

December 8th, 1921
Bernie, Barbara & I vaccinated by Dr. Faust. TO dinner with the Quacks in the evening (Ross Meeker).

December 9th, 1921
With Bernie to Kappa Sigma “Hard Times” house dance.

December 10th, 1921
Barbara to Betty Stewart’s fourth birthday party (painters finished!)

December 11th, 1921
Acted as Toastmaster at Kappa Sigma Founders’ Day Banquet (Elks Club). Bernie to “Eager Heart”

December 12th, 1921
Christmas meeting of the Classical Club in Ticknor. (Lillian Sullivan’s Program) “The Bat” at the Burns.

December 13th, 1921
Bernie to DAR meeting at the Postlethwaite’s

December 14th, 1921
CCCC Picture (Emery’s) College dinner & Entertainment for Rotary and Kiwanis.

December 15th, 1921
Bernie, Barbara & Dorothy to Bemis Christmas Tree. 2nd Great Artist Concert. Mabel Garrison 1st Soprano.

December 16th, 1921
Christmas Vacation starts.

December 17th, 1921
Shopping with Bernie. Insured house for 3 years. ($2000)

December 18th, 1921
With Barbara to the Christmas Mystery at our Church

December 19th, 1921
Round Table (8): Prof Abbott “Who pays the excess profits tax?” Elected CP Dodge.

December 20th, 1921
With Bernie, Mary, Randall and Dr. & Mrs. Wells to “The Littlest Wise Man”, Cheyenne School

December 21st, 1921
With Parker, Ormes and Albright to Crystola for trees. WNC CH Mackintosh “Advertising as related to Business”

December 22nd, 1921
Amanda stopped for a few hours on her way home. Called on Helene.

December 23rd, 1921
Worked on Barbara’s doll-house.

December 24th, 1921
Finished the doll’s house for Barbara.

December 25th, 1921
Called on the Quacks. Dean & Mrs. McMurtry and Miss Husinpillar in to dinner (Turkey!)

December 26th, 1921
Miss Cowgill and the Englands called.

December 27th, 1921
Helene, Mrs. Sheehan, Agnes & Florence in to dinner. Mrs. Hartwell called.

December 28th, 1921
Called on the Blackmans and the Leamings.

December 29th, 1921
Dr. and Mrs. Wells in to play duplicate auction.

December 30th, 1921
Agnes and Florence Morrow called. Called on Marjorie Davis.

December 31st, 1921
Albert Ellingwood called. Will, Ada, Jane, and Ross Meeker in to supper.

January 1st, 1922
Amanda stopped over between trains (3:05 to 9:10)

January 2nd, 1922
To Denver by auto with Copeland & Skidmore to the Roberts CC Reception

January 3rd, 1922
College reopens. Lillian Sullivan and Evangeline Goder called.

January 4th, 1922
Marjorie, Mrs. Davis & Mr. Williams called. With Bernie to Annual Meeting of Church. Started 3rd year as deacon. Led Chapel.

January 5th, 1922
Albert in to dinner.

January 6th, 1922
Bernie to Sid Clark’s reading of “Main Street”. San Carlo Opera Co. “Lucia di Lammermoor”

January 7th, 1922
Heard Prof SH Clark read Bernard Shaw’s play “The Devil’s Disciple”

January 8th, 1922
Communion Sunday. Heard Prof Clark read from the Bible. Called on Helene.

January 9th, 1922
Heard Prof Clark read from O. Henry in the afternoon and Zuipry’s “Deburau” at night

January 10th, 1922
Barbara and Dorothy have acidosis

January 11th, 1922
Round Table (7) Duniway & Hale absent. Tilestan spoke on “Illumination Design”

January 12th, 1922
Mrs. Tremaine died

January 14th, 1922
With Bernie to Theodora (movie) at the America. Mrs. Tremaine’s funeral

January 15th, 1922
Started 2 Corinthians with my SS Class

January 16th, 1922
Took down the Christmas Tree.

January 17th, 1922
Miss Merrill and Miss Printup called.

January 18th, 1922
Bernie to Art Club Meeting at Mrs. Armstrong’s.

January 19th, 1922
10 below zero

January 20th, 1922
“The Queen of Sheba” (movie) at the Odeon. Bernie & children to Fuller’s.

January 21st, 1922
Phi Beta Kappa elections (Ruth Staff; James Park [juniors]). With Bernie to All College Dance

January 22nd, 1922
Called on the Wells and heard their Victrola. The Sisams called on us.

January 23rd, 1922
Called on the Quacks. Bernie elected to membership in the Faculty Women’s Literary Club

January 24th, 1922
Dr. and Mrs. Wells in to play duplicate auction

January 26th, 1922
With Will to joint Rotary-Kiwanis dinner. Pres. Faunee of Brown spoke “What Business expects of Education”. With Bernie to Hulbert’s birthday card party.

January 27th, 1922
[Basketball CC 49-DU 26]

January 28th, 1922
Mrs. Whitcomb’s funeral. Bernie and I vaccinated again. Called on the Quacks. With Will to basketball: CC 31- Aggies 11

January 29th, 1922
Evangeline Foder, Dorothy Carrine & Marie Coleman in to dinner.

January 30th, 1922
2nd Semester begins. Finished revision of Otto translation.

February 1st, 1922
Bernie to Art Club meeting at Mrs. Jordan’s

February 3rd, 1922
Bernie to Contemporary tea at Mrs. Tilestan’s. Evangeline Dascomb in to supper. With Bernie to Senior Party at San Luis.

February 4th, 1922
To Denver on the 7:25 Santa Fe Lunch at the Hotel Auditorium with Regional Committee and 42 Denver Latin teachers. Supper with Harry and her mother.

February 5th, 1922
Completed report of Classical Investigation meeting [did not go to SS]

February 10th, 1922
Harry arrived. CC 32- Mines 23

February 11th, 1922
With Bernie and Harry to see Chauncey Alcott in “Ragged Robin” Mines 37-CC 28

February 12th, 1922
Harry and Evangeline Foder in to dinner. Kappa Sigma Initiations. Acted as toastmaster at Banquet at the Elks Club. (Galatians)

February 13th, 1922
Special Faculty meeting. Drew up resolutions of Confidence in President Duniway.

February 15th, 1922
Gave an illustrated lecture before the Wednesday art club and invited guests on “The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Greece”

February 16th, 1922
Attended the Chamber of Commerce dinner at Cossitt and laboratory exhibits in Palmer.

February 17th, 1922
With Bernie to the Quacks for supper. CC 36- Boulder 33

February 18th, 1922
With Bernie to Kappa Sigma Valentine Dance at the San Luis School.

February 19th, 1922
Spoke at the YWCA Vesper service on “The Goodness of God”

February 20th, 1922
Great Artist Concert. Ignaz Friedman, Pianist. To the Chocolate Shop (Abbotts, Parkers)

February 21st, 1922
With Bernie to the All College Dance at Bemis.

February 22nd, 1922
With Bernie to the All College Picnic in the Garden of the Gods

February 23rd, 1922
Annual Phi Beta Kappa Initiation at our house. I gave the History of the Society. (Key to Mary Clegg Owen)

February 24th, 1922
With Bernie to see “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”

February 25th, 1922
Ruth Gilliland and Evangeline Foder and her mother called. CC 43- Wyoming 16

February 26th, 1922
Epistle to the Romans.

February 27th, 1922
Kappa Sigma Alumni Supper. Classical Club. Faculty Club Dinner. Bernie to Literary Club (pm)

March 2nd, 1922
Round Table at Prof. Sisam’s [Absent: Tilestan, Dodge]. “Thoughts on Some Economic Absurdities”

March 3rd, 1922
Took the Seashore Musical Tests [Pitch 93% (Rank 99); Intensity 63% (2); Time 84% (83); Consonance 70% (56); Tonal Memory 70% (41)]

March 4th, 1922
Sent Francs 27.50 to Societe “Des Belles Lettres” for Labriolle ($2.66). Sent reprints to Germany. CC 47- DU 15

March 5th, 1922
Communion Sunday

March 6th, 1922
Holiday. Finished revision and Comparison of Otto translation

March 8th, 1922
Started work on Otto Introduction again.

March 9th, 1922
Big Parade to welcome Championship Team. “Fool’s Paradise” (movie)

March 11th, 1922
Letter from Oahu College- Honolulu asking if I car to be considered for the Presidency

March 13th, 1922
Kappa Sigma Alumni dinner. Classical Club meeting.

March 14th, 1922
Bernie to DAR meeting at Mrs. Vanderbelt’s. Wrote to Hawaii.

March 15th, 1922
Bernie to Art Club meeting at Mrs. Pitman’s. To Prayer meeting

March 17th, 1922
With Bernie to the Fortnightly Sketch Club’s St. Patrick’s Day Dance. (San Luis)

March 18th, 1922
Big snow storm. Opening of new quarters of 1st National Bank.

March 19th, 1922
Spoke in Sunday School on Acts 3: 1-10. Called on the Quacks

March 20th, 1922
Heard Steiner in Chapel and again at 4 pm: “The Mind of Europe”

March 21st, 1922
Phil Gillettte spoke in Chapel on Korea. Painted Barbara’s doll-house.

March 22nd, 1922
Dr. SL Joshi of the University of Bombay spoke in Chapel.

March 23rd, 1922
Bernie to Women’s Faculty Club meeting at the home of Mrs. Davies.

March 24th, 1922
With Bernie to the Dramatic Club Function Play “The Chinese Lantern”

March 25th, 1922
With Bernie and the children to see Helene.

March 26th, 1922
Will and Ada in to dinner. The Douglases called.

March 27th, 1922
Bernie to meeting of the Literary Club at Mrs. Druckers. Kappa Sigma Alumni Dinner

March 28th, 1922
Appeared before the Board of Trustees. President Duniway unanimously upheld

March 29th, 1922
Heard Count Tolstoi at Kiwanis-Rotary-Lions lunch (Will’s guest)

March 31st, 1922
Round Table at Dean Hale’s (8). “The Piano and Piano Music”. (Duniway, Tilestan, Dodge absent) Will & Dr. Webb with us.

April 2nd, 1922
Ada McMahan, Ruth Watt, Sarah Mintz, Helen Jenner and Martha Kirkpatrick in to dinner [Acts XX to end]

April 3rd, 1922
Sent Otto manuscript to Prof Shotwell. Tiger board meeting

April 4th, 1922
Sent reprints to Dean West.

April 5th, 1922
Received copy of Labriolle. Bernie to Art Club meeting at Mrs. Taylor’s. Last Great Artist Concert. Fritz Kreisler.

April 7th, 1922
Harry arrived at noon. Junior play: “Mrs. Temple’s Telegram”

April 8th, 1922
Helen Jenner, Ada McMahan, Rosemary & “Sweetie” called. Picnic supper for the Minervas (13)

April 9th, 1922
Palm Sunday. Evangeline Foder and Lillian Sullivan in to dinner.

April 10th, 1922
Literary Club meeting at our house (12). Faculty Club dinner for Prof. Lord.

April 11th, 1922
Classical Club meeting to celebrate birthday of Rome. (Letter from Harrassowitz)

April 12th, 1922
Wrote to Harrassowitz. Evangeline Foder and the Parkers called.

April 13th, 1922
Easter vacation starts. Communion service in the evening.

April 14th, 1922
With Dean McMurtry to the Presbyterian Church (2-3). Called on Miss Rouse (Hawaii). Moonlight ride in the Garden of the Gods with the Parkers, Duniways & Miss Bowlin.

April 16th, 1922
Easter Sunday. Snow.

April 17th, 1922
Snow. To Manitou for soda water. With Bernie to the Parkers for supper.

April 18th, 1922
Round Table at our house (8) [Duniway, Tilestan, Webb absent] Spoke on “The Classical Investigation”

April 19th, 1922
Bernie read a paper on Greek painting and my lecture on “What the Greeks have done for Modern Civilization” at the Art Club meeting. (Hale’s)

April 20th, 1922
Dr. and Mrs. Wells in to play duplicate auction.

April 21st, 1922
With Bernie on a hike to the Cripple Creek Stage Road & back via Seven Falls.

April 22nd, 1922
Abbotts, Parkers and Sisams in to dinner.

April 23rd, 1922
Colossians called on the Quacks.

April 24th, 1922
Bernie to meeting of the Literary Club at Mrs. … WNC Whing Williams “The Post-War Mind of the Worker.”

April 26th, 1922
Children’s Week Celebration at our church. Tolstoi’s “What Men Live By” Presented by Mrs. A. Jordan’s Class.

April 27th, 1922
With Bernie to see Lloyd Shaw’s “Timberline” at the Cheyenne School

April 28th, 1922
Bernie, Miss Printup and Miss Merril entertained the Women’s faculty club at our home. (30)

April 29th, 1922
Bernie and I took Barbara to her first movie: “Penrod”

April 30th, 1922
Ephesians. Long walk in the park. Will and Ada called.

May 1st, 1922
Classical Club meeting on Greece.

May 3rd, 1922
Notified of my re-election as Pan-Hellenic Council President.

May 4th, 1922
Sent Oskar Beck M1010 (#3.89) for Schanz III & Christ II (1920). Received notice of reappointment at 3600.

May 5th, 1922
Dean and Mrs. McMurtry and Mildred called.

May 6th, 1922
Bernie to Minerva breakfast for Contemporary Hypatia.

May 7th, 1922
Communion. Will and Ada in to dinner. Called on Helene. Phillipians.

May 8th, 1922
Senior Piker’s Day. Bernie to Literary Club meeting at Mrs. Rehms’ Kappa Sigma alumni dinner.

May 11th, 1922
The Sisams called. Herbert passed his preliminary PhD exams at Princeton.

May 12th, 1922
Classical Club Kike (20) to the Garden of the Gods.

May 13th, 1922
Hike with Guy, Preston and Latimer out the Cripple Creek Stage Road to Parsons Park, Parsons Ridge, Ropes Park, Midnight Falls, S. Cheyenne.

May 14th, 1922
1 Timothy. Appointed Chairman of investigation committee. Baxter, Sisam, Davies, Almore, Skidmore, Tileston.

May 15th, 1922
Committee met for 5 hours. Interviewed 41 men. Tiger Board elected Keith and Amos.

May 16th, 1922
Committee met for 4 hours & made report. Round Table at Bruin Inn: President spoke on Grant. [Parkers, Duniways, Sisams, Mierows] Drucker, Hale, Will

May 18th, 1922
Princeton Meeting at Will’s home: Gilmore & son, Taft & son, Micolls and son, Rothrock, Dell, Vance, Frantz, Davies, Doe Little, Will and I.

May 20th, 1922
Classical Club Plays- “Pyramus and Thisle” and “The Captives” Presented in Cossitt Stadium. Classical Club meeting at our home (33): Elections.

May 21st, 1922
Titus & 2 Timothy. Will in to dinner.

May 22nd, 1922
Bernie to “The Reviewers” meeting at the home of Mrs. W.R. Willis. Kappa Sigma alumni.

May 23rd, 1922
Progressive Auction Bridge party at our house: Skidmores, Jencks, Misses Printup and Merril, Latimer, Hulbert, Will, Mrs. Bartlett.

May 26th, 1922
With Barbara to Gollmar Bros. Circus. With Will to C Club Show: “Outside the 3 Mile Limit.”

May 27th, 1922
With Bernie and the children to the May Festival in the Jungle. Doris Haymes Queen. Cloud burst NE of city.

May 28th, 1922
Hebrews I-VII. B. B. D. and I Miss Printup’s guests to dinner in Bemis. Will to supper.

May 29th, 1922
Special CC. Memorial Service- Academic procession. Bernie to reviewers at Mrs. Duniway’s.

May 30th, 1922
Evangeline Foder and Ruth Watt in to dinner.

June 2nd, 1922
Eleanor Davis and Eleanor Bartlett in to supper. Auction

June 3rd, 1922
With Bernie to Senior Class Play “Adam and Eva” at the Burns.

June 4th, 1922
Children’s Day. Barbara recited Hebrews VIII to end. Barbara to dinner with Evangeline Dascomb at Bemis. Over the High Drive with Will. Evangeline and Will in to supper.

June 6th, 1922
With Bernie through the Cave of the Winds

June 7th, 1922
Miss Printup and Miss Merrill in to dinner. Auction bridge.

June 8th, 1922
Dr. Dennis removed abscess from Barbara’s ear. Bernie to Eleanor Davis’s Tea.

June 9th, 1922
Lillian Sullivan called. Joan and Anna came in to supper.

June 10th, 1922
Barbara has pneumonia (bronchial)

June 11th, 1922
Miss Madsen, a trained nurse, came to take care of Barbara. Barbara’s temp 104. Baccalaureate by Dr. Ambrose Vernon (Faith)

June 12th, 1922
Barbara’s temp normal. Class Day. Spoke on “Colorado College” at the 1922 Senior-Parent Banquet. Phi Beta Kappa address by Bishop Johnson.

June 13th, 1922
Bernie to Contemporary Breakfast at the Antlers. Lunch at the Duniways. Bernie to President’s reception.

June 14th, 1922
Commencement Day. Anna, Jane and Evangeline Dascomb called; Helen Lytle and the Albrights in the evening.

June 15th, 1922
Madsen (the nurse) left. Opened Crystola Cabin

June 16th, 1922
Barbara out of bed.

June 17th, 1922
Mr. Wallace moved our goods to Crystola; the Parkers took us up.

June 19th, 1922
Mrs. Tanner called. To Green Mountain Falls.

June 20th, 1922
Walked to the Spring with Barbara. Herbert got his AM from Princeton

June 21st, 1922
Paid Will balance due on Cabin. Miss DeBoer and Miss Johnson called. To GM Falls

June 22nd, 1922
Prof. Hulbert, Marian and Miss Printup called.

June 24th, 1922
To Green Mountain Falls.

June 26th, 1922
To GM Falls. Hard rain. Roof leaked over fireplace

June 27th, 1922
Repaired roof. Pipe under cabin spring aleak.

June 28th, 1922
Rain. To GM Falls. Franklin Emery in to supper. Birthday cake arrived!

June 29th, 1922
Barbara’s Birthday Party: 5 Vromans, 3 Druckers & Kellog, 3 Hales, 3 Browns, Miss Ritter & Miss Adams. Adelaide & her sister in for auction.

June 30th, 1922
Mr. Alexander & I fixed leak. New one started same night!

July 1st, 1922
Adelaide and her sister in for auction.

July 2nd, 1922
Mr. Alexander and I put in a new pipe under the kitchen.

July 3rd, 1922
With Mr. Emery to Colorado Springs and back.

July 6th, 1922
Called on the Druckers with Bernie and children. Parkers made a brief call.

July 7th, 1922
Fergus Ormes in to dinner

July 8th, 1922
To Green Mountain Falls.

July 10th, 1922
Albert Ellingwood in to supper. Whole family walked up to the spring

July 11th, 1922
To Woodland Park on the train. Dinner with Ellingwoods. Supper with Parkers. Called on the Bryers. Parkers took us home by auto.

July 13th, 1922
Alexander and I moved stoves

July 14th, 1922
To GM Falls. Walked with Barbara to the Crystola store.

July 17th, 1922
To CS with Mr. Emery to see the President. Bought dishes.

July 18th, 1922
Mr. Staff and Harold “tramped in” on their way down from the peak.

July 19th, 1922
To GM Falls. Gordon & Sophie in to supper. Sent out four mss.

July 21st, 1922
Harry and Amanda arrived at 6pm by auto in a hard rain.

July 22nd, 1922
With Bernie, Harry, Amanda and Adelaide up the hill back of our Cabin and over into GM Falls.

July 23rd, 1922
Harry, Amanda and I up over GM Falls, past the Beaver Dams and back along the ridge to Crystola. Albert called. Bonfire (22)

July 24th, 1922
With 3 Fullers, 2 Browns, Helen Hale, Dorothy Mayhew, Bernie, Harry & Amanda out our Canon to Acre Rock. Harry left.

July 25th, 1922
Mr. Staff and Harold in to dinner.

July 26th, 1922
By train to Woodland Park. Lunch with the Parkers. To Camp Colorado with Gordon for pitch.

July 27th, 1922
With Bernie over GM Falls, along the ridge to Acre Rock and home via the Golden Stairs. The Ormes and the Schneiders in.

July 30th, 1922
With Amanda to GM Falls. With Bernie, Amanda and children to call on Druckers.

July 31st, 1922
Evening- Amanda left.

August 1st, 1922
To GM Falls

August 2nd, 1922
Agnes Flanagan and Florence Greene spent the day with us.

August 3rd, 1922
Bernie & Mrs. Ormes walked to GM Falls. Mr. Staff arrived. To GM Falls.

August 4th, 1922
Raspberrying with Mr. Staff (got about 2 qts!)

August 6th, 1922
Church. With Harold & Ruth to the Rodeo grounds to see Sioux Indians. Harold home with us.

August 7, 1922
Raspberrying with Mr. Staff

August 8th, 1922
To CS with Harold to get Mrs. Staff. Harold returned home

August 9th, 1922
Barbara “Paminandas” in a play at the Haines’ cabin.

August 11th, 1922
More plays – at Brown’s Cabin. Barbara acted again. To GM Falls

August 12th, 1922
The Staffs returned home

August 13th, 1922
To GM Falls

August 15th, 1922
To GM Falls. Called on the Ormes in the evening

August 16th, 1922
To GM Falls. Raspberrying

August 17th, 1922
To Woodland Park with Barbara’s shoes; walked home. Boyers and Hills called.

August 18th, 1922
To GM Falls.

August 19th, 1922
Whold family to Thibodean’s. Adelaide and her sister in to play auction.

August 21st, 1922
In to CS with Mr. Emery. Home via Manitou- hiking & getting lifts.

August 22nd, 1922
Tutored Nellie Baxter 3.5 hours. Played chess with Fergus Ormes.

August 23rd, 1922
My poem “Colorado” (submitted to All-Colorado Advertising Comm) printed in the “Evening Telegraph”

August 24th, 1922
Played chess with Adelaide Brown.

August 25th, 1922
Finished tutoring Nellie Baxter. To GM Falls ($54) Chess with Ormes.

August 26th, 1922
Wrote “Rainbow’s End” (3300). To GM Falls.

August 27th, 1922
Will arrived. Whole family walked to the spring. Will took B & children riding.

August 28th, 1922
Will took Barbara and me on a ride up the Pass beyond Divide. Will returned home.

August 29th, 1922
To GM Falls. Hetheringtons called. Sent “Rainbow’s End” to Hardy.

August 30th, 1922
The Parkers called.

August 31st, 1922
To the Spring with Bernie and Dorothy. Called on the Lennoxes & Dunlaps (of China). Mrs. Emery called.

September 1st, 1922
To GM Falls. Called on the Hetheringtons (Victrola music)

September 2nd, 1922
Hazel Kirk spent the day with us. Whole family to GM Falls by train; walked back; caught in rain.

September 3rd, 1922
To CS to Communion. Mr. Staff resigned. Dinner with the Parkers. Parkers to Crystola to supper.

September 4th, 1922
Labor Day. Whole family hiked along ridge across Ute Pass to see cabins.

September 5th, 1922
Albert and Rea spent the day with us. Whole family to the spring.

September 6th, 1922
Whole family up the ridge opposite our cabin for Kinnikinnik.

September 7th, 1922
Whole family to summit of “Hog’s Back” on opposite side of the Pass.

September 8th, 1922
Built door for new storeroom.

September 9th, 1922
Herbert arrived. All home because of Barbara’s illness (Tonsillitis: temp 104)

September 10th, 1922
To Church with Herbert. Barbara’s temp normal.

September 11th, 1922

September 12th, 1922
Barbara has X ray picture of her lung taken. Received Rialto Pass for slogan.

September 13th, 1922
Taught first classes. Attended Mr. Staff’s last prayer meeting

September 14th, 1922
Albert and Rea in to lunch. Bought Albert’s wheel.

September 15th, 1922
With Bernie to All College Reception in Cossitt

September 16th, 1922
With B. to “Alias Jimmy Valentine” (Community Theatre)

September 17th, 1922
First meeting of SS Class (10). “Old Testament Prophets” Amos. Whole family to supper with the Knowles.

September 18th, 1922
With Warren to “The Siren Call”. R. (Dorothy Dalton)

September 19th, 1922
Meeting to organize a College YMCA

September 20th, 1922
Led Chapel: Spoke on “I Press On” Milton and Gladys Knowles and Herbert in to dinner

September 21st, 1922
With Herbert to “Nice People” R. (Wallace Reid & Bebe Daniels)

September 22nd, 1922
Sent rugs, etc. to Olson Co. Received Perry’s telegram about mother.

September 23rd, 1922
To Crystola with Manly to close cabin. “Pikes Peak or Bust” accepted by World Traveler ($20)

September 24th, 1922
College Sunday at the Church. Dean Jaqua preached. Long auto ride (whole family) with Mrs. McCanahan & Will. Toastmaster at Kappa Sigma dinner (37)

September 25th, 1922
Bernie’s mother died at Albion, 5pm

September 26th, 1922
“Manslaughter” R. John Duniway took us all for a ride. (Stratton Home)

September 27th, 1922
Bernie’s mother’s funeral 3 pm. John Duniway took us all for a ride. Led Prayer meeting: “The Goodness of God”

September 29th, 1922
First Pep meeting and Jitney Dance in the gym for the training table.

September 30th, 1922
CC 20-Wyoming 0. Duniway reception for the faculty.

October 1st, 1922
Mautner and Herbert in to dinner. The Druckers called.

October 2nd, 1922
First Pan-Hell meeting of the year. Elected Wesson Secretary.

October 3rd, 1922
Moonlight Picnic in the Garden of the Gods with the Latimers and the Smiths.

October 4th, 1922
Memorial Service for Prof JG Brown. B to Art Club (Mrs. Haines). GAC Rosa Ponselle Soprano. WM Tyroler, Pianist.

October 5th, 1922
Bernie as 2nd Vice Regent presided over her first DAR Directors meeting. With B to “The Valley of Silent Men” R (Alma Rubens)

October 6th, 1922
First meeting of CCCC at our home (23). Dean Jaqua spoke.

October 7th, 1922
Hike up Cheyenne Mt. to Baker’s Gulch with Guy, Preston, Jaqua, Daehler, Smith, Boucher, Binkley.

October 8th, 1922
Finished Amos.

October 10th, 1922
Brought Mrs. Gile’s Classical books over to Palmer HH. With Bernie to “The Old Homestead” R. (Theodore Roberts)

October 12th, 1922
SS. Meeting at Gordon Parker’s (15)

October 13th, 1922
SS Social at the Church (Four upper classes)

October 14th, 1922
CC 58- Gunnison 0

October 15th, 1922
Hosea. Played piano in SS

October 16th, 1922
“Pink Gods” R (Bebe Daniels). B. to “Reviewers” at Mrs. Marriage’s.

October 17th, 1922
Round Table (9) meeting at home of Mr. CP Dodge: “The Press” (Abbott & Tilestan absent)

October 18th, 1922
B to Art Club meeting at the home of Miss Scholtz.

October 20th, 1922
With Bernie to “The Ghost Breaker”. R. (Wallace Reid & Lila Lee)

October 21st, 1922
CCCC Picnic up Mt. Manitou Incline (18); Hike to Crest Crags. CC 0-Aggies 0

October 22nd, 1922
Hasenplue & Herbert in to dinner. B & children auto riding with Miss Judd. Toastmaster at Kappa Sigma Venison Roast (50)

October 23rd, 1922
Picnic supper at Palmer Park (Austin’s Bluffs) with Bernie, HEM & Miss Judd.

October 25th, 1922
On “Voices”. With Bernie to “Burning Sands” R (Milton Sills and Wanda Hawley)

October 26th, 1922
Bernie to Contemporary Alumnae meeting at Rosemary Gildersleeve’s house.

October 27th, 1922
With Will to see “The Face in the Fog” R. (Lionel Barrymore)

October 28th, 1922
Started for Crystola (whole family) with Miss Judd & HEM. Broke down at Cascade! Hulbert and Miss Printup called (with Miss Merrill) Princeton 21- Chicago 18

October 29th, 1922
Rally Day. Rosemary in to dinner.

October 30th, 1922
B. To “Reviewers” at Mrs. Druckers. Classical Club meeting: Euripides

October 31st, 1922
With Bernie to see “To Have and to Hold” R. (Betty Compson & Bert Lytell)

November 1st, 1922
To See John Barrymore in “Sherlock Holmes” (America) Paid Will $175 on house.

November 4th, 1922
Whole family to YWCA Ar… and 1923 Senior Minstrel Show. (Utah 20- CC 7)

November 5th, 1922
Micah. Spoke on “Voices” at YWCA Vespers. Miss Judd and Herbert in to supper.

November 7th, 1922
“On the High Seas” R. (Dorothy Dalton & Jack Holt) Sweet elected Governor.

November 9th, 1922
To Denver to CEA Lunch at Pells. D & F Tea. Mandarin Dinner at Nanking.

November 10th, 1922
Class Section meeting. CC Alumni Dinner at the Shirley Home 5:40

November 11th, 1922
With B. to Boulder game (snow) CC 15- Boulder 3. Princeton 10- Harvard 3. Alumni Dinners & All College Dance.

November 12th, 1922
Harry, Evangeline Foder, Katherine Wilson & Ruth Gilliland in to dinner. Marian Word, Marjorie H Jones & Mr. Jones called.

November 13th, 1922
Bernie spoke on “The Mind in the Making” before the Reviewers. Kappa Sigma Alumni dinner. With Bernie to “The Three Guardsmen”

November 14th, 1922
With Will to “The Young Rajah” R. (Rudolph Valentino & Wanda Hawley) WNC Rev FH Nelson: “The Citizen and the Community”

November 15th, 1922
Insignia Day. Bernie to Art Club at Ada’s. Walk with Jaqua ending in auto wreck.

November 16th, 1922
With James Park ’23 to Father & Son Brotherhood Dinner; Jaqua spoke.

November 17th, 1922
Bernie and I to dinner at the Mautners; Auto ride to the Broadmoor

November 19th, 1922
Zephaniah. Major Students in to dinner: Anna Jane, Joan & Lillian Hardee. Ogburns, Miss Adams & Miss Ritter called.

November 20th, 1922
With B. to see “Nero” A.

November 21st, 1922
With B. To “Clarence” R. (Wallace Reid & Agnes Ayres) Round Table (5) met with Will who spoke on music. [Sisam, Parker, Hale, WDQ, CCM]

November 22nd, 1922
YWCA Membership Comm (6) met with Bernie. GAC. Tito Schipa (Tenor)

November 23rd, 1922
Classical Club Meeting. Homer.

November 24th, 1922
B. to Fac Women’s Club at Mrs. Smith’s. With B. to Church Dinner (Women’s Auxiliary)

November 25th, 1922
Harvard 10- Yale 3. B & I to dinner at the Sisams [Latimers, Flings]

November 26th, 1922
Nahum. Herbert & Miss Judd in to dinner.

November 27th, 1922
Bernie to the Reviewers at Mrs. Lovitts

November 28th, 1922
With Bernie to see Lon Chaney in “Shadows” R

November 29th, 1922
With Will to Kiwanis Club lunch: CC Program. Spoke at Pep meeting. To Miss Davis’ dance in McGregor gym. (Parkers, Smiths, Latimers, Miss Sias., Dean Jaqua)

November 30th, 1922
Thanksgiving Day. Mines 25- CC 6. To dinner at the Quacks [Mr. & Mrs. HH Brown]

December 1st, 1922
With Will to see “The Impossible Mrs. Bellew” R. (Gloria Swanson)

December 2nd, 1922
With the Colorado Mt. Club on a hike to Iseminger’s Caben (19)

December 3rd, 1922
Habakkuk. Turkey! The Quacks, Mrs. Skidmore and her two girls in to dinner.

December 5th, 1922
Acted as Toastmaster at Faculty Dinner for the Football Men in Cossitt.

December 6th, 1922
Papa and Mamma arrived via Rocky Mountain Limited at 2:35. Turkey dinner.

December 7th, 1922
B. to DAR Directors meeting. To Annual Meeting Colo Mt. Club.

December 8th, 1922
With Mamma & Papa to “The Pride of Palomar” R.

December 10th, 1922
Obodiah. Conducted Sunday School. Herbert, Miss Judd, Anna Jane & Helen Jenner called. To Kappa Sigma Banquet at the Alamo.

December 11th, 1922
“The Reviewers” met at our house (11). Faculty Men’s Club diner (27). “Athletics”

December 12th, 1922
With Bernie, Miss Judd and Herbert to see Harold Lloyd in “Dr. Jack” R.

December 13th, 1922
Mamma and Papa and Barbara with Miss Judd and Herbert to Palmer Park by auto. Led Prayer meeting: “The Indian Church”

December 14th, 1922
With Mamma, Papa & Barbara to “Dr. Jack” R. To Brotherhood Dinner: Okey spoke on the Quebec Bridge.

December 15th, 1922
B. to Contemporary Xmas Tree.

December 16th, 1922
With B. To Kappa Sigma Christmas dance at the Chapter house.

December 17th, 1922
Haggai. With Bernie and the Mautners to “Eager Heart” [Gertrude Klein]

December 18th, 1922
With Bernie to Christmas Concert of the Girls’ Glee Club.

December 19th, 1922
With Mamma and Papa to see Elsie Ferguson in “Outcast” R. Round Table at Dr. Webb’s (8)

December 20th, 1922
With B. To “The Littlest Wise Man”, Cheyenne School. Evangeline Foder called. Vacation starts

December 21st, 1922
With Keyte, Albright, Jaqua and Ormes to Crystola for trees.

December 22nd, 1922
With Mamma, Papa & Bernie to Dickens “Christmas Carol” (B.). With B. to Mrs. Eldridge’s reception for Staffs.

December 23rd, 1922
With Mamma and Papa to see Bebe Daniels & Conrad Nagel in “Singed Wings” R.

December 24th, 1922
With papa and Barbara to the Christmas Mystery at our church. Turkey (14 lbs)

December 25th, 1922
With Bernie and the children to call on Helene.

December 26th, 1922
With Mamma & Papa to “Back Home and Broke” R. (Thomas Meighan & Lila Lee)

December 27th, 1922
All day hike through Queen’s Canon with Guy, Preston, Bob O., Lavik & Binkley. Home via Williams with B. to “A Tailor-Made Man” L.

December 28th, 1922
Family Picnic with Hasenplue in North Cheyenne. With B. to see Wallace Reid in “Thirty Days”

December 29th, 1922
We bought Barbara a tricycle at Kaufman’s $16.50

December 31st, 1922
No SS Class. The Skidmores called. Amanda spent the night with us.

January 1st, 1923
Amanda left for Iowa. Dead Jaqua called. The McMurtrys called. With Papa to see “Monte Cristo” A.

January 2nd, 1923
SS. Board (12) met at our house. B to DAR Directors

January 3rd, 1923
Florence Morrow called (in H4 Palmer) B to Art Club at Mrs Ormes’. Annual meeting of church.

January 4th, 1923
With M & P to see Mary Pickford in “Tess of the Storm Country” R.

January 5th, 1923
Barbara sick in bed. With B. to dinner at the Ormes (Jaquas, Flings)

January 7th, 1923
Zechariah. Herbert and Miss Judd told us of their engagement.

January 8th, 1923
B. to Reviewers at Mrs. Willis’ WNC “Animal Heroes”, Ernest Thompson Seton sat at head table

January 9th, 1923
B. to DAR meeting at Mrs. MrIntyres.

January 10th, 1923
Toastmaster at Kappa Sigma banquet at Bruin Inn in honor of WGS Ferguson and WGMC Howe (35)

January 11th, 1923
B. To Contemporary Initiation Banquet at the Acacia

January 12th, 1923
With Mamma and Papa to see “Kick In” R. (Bert Lytell & Betty Compson)

January 13th, 1923
With Mamma & Papa over the Cave of the Winds road. With B. To See Guy Bates Post in “Omar the Tent Maker” B. To dance in Bemis given by Miss Hutsinfullar & Miss Gerould.

January 14th, 1923
Anna Jane and Irene McClelland called. Took down the Christmas Tree.

January 15th, 1923
With Mamma & Papa to see “Till we meet again” (Mae Marsh) R. Spoke to Sigma Chi pledges on Bible Study. To Kappa Sigma meeting.

January 16th, 1923
Spoke on Ramon Rife before the YWCA Auxiliary at Mrs. Jordan’s. Sent Uncle Heinrick 1,170,000 M! [$90]

January 17th, 1923
With Papa to see Agnes Ayres in “A Daughter of Luxury” R. The Blackmans took Mamma, B. & children auto riding

January 19th, 1923
Took Italian exam. With Mamma, Papa & children to the Van Briggle pottery. Funeral service for Mrs. Daehler. “An Evening with Rare Books” Jordans

January 21st, 1923
Malachi. Flora took B., Mamma & children riding. Flora & Herbert in to supper.

January 23rd, 1923
With Papa to see Alice Brady in “Missing Millions” R. Round Table with Dean Hale (8): “The Music in Poetry”. [Absent: Abbott, Drucker, Quack, Tilestan; Bair present for first time as a member]

January 24th, 1923
B and Mamma to see “Quincy Adams Sawyer” L.

January 25th, 1923
Family picnic in the Garden of the Gods.

January 26th, 1923
With Papa to see “The Hero”. R. Finisehd copying notes.

January 27th, 1923
Send Ms. To Dean West. With B. to “The Gold Diggers” at the Burns

January 28th, 1923
Joel. With Papa and the children to Broodmoor Art Academy. Flora & H. called.

January 29th, 1923
Sent “Colo Hymn of Praise”. With Mamma and Papa to see Jack Hold in “Making a Man”

January 30th, 1923
With B. to call on Flings, Smiths, Miss Adams, Duniways, Miss Ritter, Mautners.

January 31st, 1923
With Bernie to hear the Community Chorus at the Burns as guests of the Duniways. Sat in a lower box with Mrs. Pattee and the Latimers.

February 1st, 1923
With Mamma & Papa to see “The World’s Applause” R. (Bebe Daniels & Lewis Stone) WNC. Dr. Owen R Lovejoy “What the Nation Owes the Child”

February 2nd, 1923
Raymond Robins spoke in chapel. With B. to see Madge Bellamy in “Lorna Doone” (B.). Flora spent the afternoon here sick.

February 4th, 1923
“Zechariah” II Flora spent the day here sick. Called on the Haines’ & Giles.

February 5th, 1923
Sahm Memorial Lecture by C. Howard Walker. B. to Reviewers in Palmer. Kappa Sigma Installation.

February 6th, 1923
With B. to see Marian Davies in “When Knighthood was in Flower” R.

February 7th, 1923
B. to Art Club luncheon at Mrs. Armstrong’s. With B. to hear Arthur Schnabel (Pianist). GAC. The Burns.

February 8th, 1923
With Mamma and Papa to see “When Knighthood was in Flower” R.

February 9th, 1923
Snow. Let for Denver on the 7:25. Spoke before the first meeting of the Wolcott School Latin Club on “The Advantages and Possibilities of a Latin Club” Supper at the Canton. Home 11:45.

February 10th, 1923
To Basketball game: CC 26-Mines 18

February 11th, 1923
Jonah. Flora and Herbert spent the day with us. The Abbotts called.

February 12th, 1923
Conducted chapel. Spoke on Greek Drama before Eng 21. With Mamma & Barbara to Pantages.

February 13th, 1923
With mamma and Papa to see Mary Miles Minter in “Drums of Fate” R.

February 14th, 1923
Bernie and Papa to see “The Queen of Sheba” at the Odeon. Mrs. Pitman called. With Bernie to hear Rachmaninoff composer and pianist.

February 15th, 1923
B. To Twenty Meeting at Mrs. Brighams & to Minerva Tea in Club House.

February 16th, 1923
With Mamma & Papa to see Gloria Swanson in “My American Wife” R. B. to Contemporary Valentine Dance.

February 17th, 1923
Rosemary called. Auto ride with the Mautners and Herbert to the Broadmoor.

February 18th, 1923
Rebiew of Amos & Hosea. Kappa Sigma picture and Initiation. Acted as Toastmaster at Banquet. Elks Home.

February 19th, 1923
B. To Reviewers at the Parkers. To 10 act Pantages Road Show in evening.

February 20th, 1923
With Mamma & Papa to see Lon Chaney in “Flesh and Blood” R. Round Table [Abbott, Hale, Parker, Mierow, Sisam, Webb] “Number Symbols” Sisam.

February 21st, 1923
B. to Art Club at Mrs. Pitman’s. GAC at the Burns. Toscha Seidel (violinist)

February 22nd, 1923
To Denver 2:10 to Cong. Conf. in Plymouth Church. (Duniway, Jaqua, Lee, Davies): home 12:25. B. to DAR play.

February 23rd, 1923
With Mamma & Papa to see Dorothy Dalton in “Dark Secrets” R.

February 24th, 1923
Family Picnic in the Garden of the Gods. With B. to see Elsie Ferguson (in person: “The Wheel of Life” Burns.

February 25th, 1923
Review through Obadiah. Dr. Wells took us all on a 50 mile auto ride to Edlowe.

February 26th, 1923
With B. to the Browns’ recital in Bemis.

February 27th, 1923
Sent out 45 letters for CA of the MW & S. Pantages in the evening.

February 28th, 1923
With M & P to see Marian Davies in “Adam and Eva” R. With B. to hear Frieda Hempel (Jenny Lind Program); Bos, Piano, Fritze, flute.

March 1st, 1923
Phi Beta Kappa Elections [Christine Miller Junior (Math Major)] B. to Women’s Faculty Club at the Hales.

March 2nd, 1923
Elected Will & Dr. Webb. Heard Jessie Rittenhouse on Modern Women poets. Saw CC beat Boulder 30-22. BB Championship.

March 3rd, 1923
With Mamma & Papa to see Milton Sills in “The Last Hour” R.

March 4th, 1923
Absent from SS (sick). Mr. and Mrs. Knowles in to dinner. Turkey!

March 5th, 1923
Bernie and Barbara sick (flu)

March 6th, 1923
Bernie and Barbara sick. With Papa to see Viola Dama in “Crinoline and Romance” R.

March 10th, 1923
With papa to see Leatrice Joy in “Java Head” R.

March 11th, 1923
Finished review of the Minor Prophets. Mamma sick (flu)

March 13th, 1923
Accepted appointment as Reader in Latin CEEB. With Bernie to see Mr. and Mrs. Ongawa in “The Far East” [“The Fox Woman”] at Perkins.

March 14th, 1923
Big snow storm. With Papa to see Betty Compson in “The White Flower” R.

March 15th, 1923
With Bernie to hear Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte” B. (Irene Williams on Leonora).

March 17th, 1923
Big Snowstorm. With Papa to see Jack Holt in “Nobody’s Money” & The Message of Emile Cone.

March 18th, 1923
Acted as SS Superintendent.

March 19th, 1923
B. to Reviewers at Mrs. Carlisle’s. CCCC Caesar Program & Play. With B to see Walker Whiteside in “The Hindu” B.

March 20th, 1923
With Mamma and Papa to see Milton Sills in “Adam’s Rib”. R.

March 21st, 1923
Bernie sick (ear trouble). Colo Mt. Club Committee on Summer schedule at Miss B. Johnson’s.

March 22nd, 1923
Tea at the Duniway’s in honor of Prof Tozzer & Pres. Main. Phi Beta Kappa dinner in Bemis. Gave the history of Phi Beta Kappa.

March 23rd, 1923
Bernie to Fac Women’s Tea at Mrs. Mautner’s

March 24th, 1923
Mamma & Papa auto riding with Flora & Herbert. With M, P & Barbara to see “The Ninety and Nine” A.

March 25th, 1923
Palm Sunday. Acted as SS Superintendent. Isaiah. Whole family to the Knowles’ for dinner. Turkey! Flora and Herbert in to supper.

March 26th, 1923
With M & P to see Walter Hiers in “Mr. Billings Spends his Dime” R. With B. to Prof Tozzer’s lecture on Picture Writing.

March 27th, 1923
Round Table at Prof. Abbott’s [Abbott, Duniway, Hale, CCM., Webb]: “International Debts”

March 28th, 1923
Flora and Herbert in to supper

March 29th, 1923
Mamma & Papa left on the 10:25 Rock Island. Communion in our church.

March 30th, 1923
Good Friday. To Presbyterian Church from 2 to 3.

April 1st, 1923
Easter Sunday. Acted as SS Superintendent. Isaiah. The Latimers in to dinner. Spoke at the 12th Presbyterian C.E. meeting on “Immortality”

April 2nd, 1923
10 Act Pantages Road Show! B. to Reviewers at Mrs. Res Phillips’.

April 3rd, 1923
With B. to hear Prof Ralph VD Magoffin speak on “An Archaeological Year in Italy and Greece”

April 4th, 1923
B. to Art Club meeting at Mrs. Taylor’s. With Herbert to see Bebe Daniels in “The Glimpses of the Moon” R.

April 6th, 1923
With B. and children to Denver [arr. 3:40]. Miss Ingersoll and Evangeline met us at station. Stayed with the Princes. Radio concert.

April 7th, 1923
Long auto ride with Miss Ingersoll. B. to Contemporary Lunch. Dinner party: Princes, Molly, Hal, Irma, Miss Ingersoll.

April 8th, 1923
Heard Dr. Wray Boyle preach. Dinner, Gildersleeves (Princes, Molly, Hal). Called on Maddux. Mrs. Joder called.

April 9th, 1923
Home at 11:10

April 10th, 1923
Wrote to Dean West to inquire about Otto Ms. (Sent Jan 29)

April 11th, 1923
With Bernie and Barbara to see Harold Lloyd in “Safety Last” R.

April 14th, 1923
With B. to hear the San Carlo Grand Opera Co in Madam Butterfly. [Tamaki Miura as Cho Cho San]

April 15th, 1923
Spent the morning in bed! With B. and the children to Ivywild to call on the Waffles, Keytes (Owl) & Fullers.

April 16th, 1923
B. to Reviewers at Mrs. Titus’. CCCC at the Duniway’s: Horace Program. Kappa Sigma Sisters present curtains for house [B & I]

April 18th, 1923
B. spoke before the Art Club on “Titian and Giorgione” at Mrs. Jordan’s. President Duniway announced his resignation.

April 19th, 1923
To Prayer meeting. Acted as judge at Athenian debate on the Ruhr question in Bemis.

April 20th, 1923
Letter for Dean West about Otto Ms. Official notice of 3700. Herbert- Assistant Prof. To see Pola Negri in “Bella Dama” R. Bernie, Herbert & I guests of Miss Leaming at the Formal of The Fortnightly Sketch Club at the Golf Club House.

April 21st, 1923
Whole family to CCCC Hike (16): Garden of the Gods. With B. to Kappa Sigma House Dance.

April 22nd, 1923
Acted as SS Superintendent. Anna Jane & Joan in to dinner. Rain.

April 23rd, 1923
With B. to see Leo Ditrichstein in “The Purple Mask” B.

April 24th, 1923
With B. to see Theodore Roberts in “Grumpy” R.

April 26th. 1923
B and I to Cheyenne School as guests of Rosemary to see: “Tut Tut”; “The Dedication” and “Prince O’ Dreams”.

April 27th, 1923
Presided at Chapel. B. to Contemporary “Birthday Party”

April 28th, 1923
To see T. Roy Barnes in “The Go-Getter” R.

April 29th, 1923
Kappa Sigma Seniors in to dinner. (Martin, Park, Green). Waffles & Flings called. Read paper on Congregational Society at C.E.

April 30th, 1923
B. to the Reviewers at Mrs. Mautners.

May 1st, 1923
B. to DAR Directors’ meeting at Mrs. Brown’s

May 2nd, 1923
B. to Fac Womens’ Club at Bemis. YMCA Cabinet meeting. Pikers’ Day.

May 3rd, 1923
Bought tope rug and new linoleum. Called on Mrs. Lee Jaquas, Mrs. Swan, Mrs. Little. CCCC at Dorothy Carnine’s (Vergil). Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra: Henri Verbrugghen (Anne Roselle S…)

May 4th, 1923
With B. to Junior Play “Stop Thief”. To see Gloria Swanson in “Prodigal Daughters” R. Herbert and Flora to supper.

May 7th, 1923
Heard Sir A.C. Doyle speak on “The Proofs of Immortality” A. B. to Reviewers at Mrs. Duniways.

May 8th, 1923
B to DAR at Sophie’s; Read Ada’s report. Out to dinner at the Abbott’s (Parkers, Jaquas, Mautners)

May 9th, 1923
Elected to the Student Council. Gilmore 210. CCM 188. 301 votes cast.

May 10th, 1923
Dinner party in honor of Flora and Herbert (Mrs. Lee, Daehler, Mautners.)

May 14th, 1923
Resigned Presidency of the Interfraternity Council after three terms of office

May 15th, 1923
Attended my first meeting of the Administrative Council. App. To Publications Comm.

May 17th, 1923
To Penrose via “Motor Way” at 1:30. Delivered the Commencement Address in Penrose HS. On “A Heritage and a Responsibility” at 8 PM. Stayed at the Pen-Mae Hotel overnight. Fee $25. Expenses $5.

May 18th, 1923
Home at 11:30

May 19th, 1923
With B. to Kappa Sigma dance at the San Luis School

May 20th, 1923
Major students in to dinner: Dorothy Smith, Juan, Anna Jane, Evangeline, Sarah, Dorothy.

May 21st, 1923
With B. to funeral service for Mrs. Leaming.

May 22nd, 1923
Lectured on “Ancient Egypt and the Recent Discoveries” before CCCC and guests. Presided at Chapel.

May 24th, 1923
Rented the house for the summer through Mr. Harvey for $400.

May 25th, 1923
CCCC final meeting of the year at our house (34). Pres. John Duniway; VP Evangeline Foder; L… Dorothy Carnine; Treas. Sarah M…; Exec. Comm. Cecil Bradford.

May 26th, 1923
With B. & children to May Festival in Cossitt Stadium. Alice Sweet Queen. To R. to see Betty Compson in “The Rustle of Silk”

May 27th, 1923
With Herbert & Flora to Crystola to open cabin. Daehler & the Duniways called.

May 29th, 1923
B. poured at Minerva Garden Party at the Sharps: Round Table at Hidden Inn: Duniways, Parkers, Sisams, Bairs, Hales, Abbotts, Mierows, Drucker (15) President spoke on David Starr Jordan.

May 30th, 1923
CCCC Hike to Crystal Park. Sarah, Muriel, Lois May, B. & I. Mrs. Lee’s Dinner Party for Flora & H. (Sisams, Hutsunpillar, Hulbert, Mrs. Mautner.

June 1st, 1923
Flora’s sister Laura and family called.

June 2nd, 1923
Exams started

June 3rd, 1923
With the Wakemans, Flora, Herbert, Bernie & children to Crystola. Wedding Rehearsal at Bemis

June 4th, 1923
Herbert and Flora Judd married in Bemis [Best Man]

June 8th, 1923
Mrs. EW Kent in to dinner. Amanda & Ruth Gilliland called. With B. to “The Witching Hour”, the Senior Play [America]

June 9th, 1923
B. to Minerva Breakfast at the Antlers. Hasenplue, Ruth and Amanda in to dinner. Herbert and Flora called.

June 10th, 1923
Children’s Day. Whole family to Church. Herbert and Flora in to dinner. Baccalaureate Sermon by Bishop Johnson of Colorado. (“Charity”)

June 11th, 1923
To Class Day Exercises. To Art School Reception. Phi Beta Kappa address by Dr. Gar…

June 12th, 1923
Appointed Dean of the College and Acting President

June 13th, 1923
Commencement Day. Announced Duniway Prize. Harry called.

June 15th, 1923
Left for the East via Rock Island 10 pm (Detained 1.5 hours by washout)

June 16th, 1923
Birthday on the train.

June 17th, 1923
Reached Chicago at 7:25 am. Spent the day with Fred and Addie. Let 8 pm. MCRR

June 18th, 1923
Reached Albion 11:50. Clara and the Mausners called.

June 19th, 1923
Left Albion at 11:50. Afternoon in Rochester. Left for NYC 9:40 pm.

June 20th, 1923
NYC 7 am. Hartley 9:18. Ziegfields “Follies”. To Coney Island: Shore dinner at Feltman’s.

June 21st, 1923
Commenced Reading for CEEB. With Durham on Bus to Washington Square & back to 159th St. Saw Conwell & Hamlin.

June 22nd, 1923
Cooler. “Adrienne” at the Cohan Theater (Richard Carle and Billy Van)

June 23rd, 1923
Supper with George Fowler and Jessie and Miss Lobdell at 1276 Grant Ave.

June 24th, 1923
Read Latin papers 4 hours. To Mineola to see the Sweeneys. Heard Sophie sing a solo at the Baccalaureate Service in Presbyterian Church.

June 25th, 1923
To Gimbles for Turkish Suppers. Called on Keyes and his wife. (Saw … Paine & Williams). Visited Columbia University Faculty Club

June 26th, 1923
To Union Hill to see Sophie, Ruth and Helen. Thunder storm; cooler.

June 27th, 1923
Out to dinner with the Judds at White Plains, NY

June 28th, 1923
Out to dinner with Clark at the Pennsylvania (Roof, 18th floor) [Legacy]

June 29th, 1923
Supper with Tante Lena. To “The Music Box Review”

June 30th, 1923
Finished reading. To Metropolitan Museum of Art. To “The Passing Show of 1923” (Winter Garden) To Bessie’s (Walter, Daisy, Archie & wife)

July 1st, 1923
To Jersey City to Uncle August’s. Willie, Wallie, Jocelyn and Lena called. Spent the night there

July 2nd, 1923
Met Bernie and the children at GC at 8:50. Dinner with Bessie in Brooklyn. To Lakewood 4:49pm.

July 3rd, 1923
Called on Gladys & Keeners. Prayer meeting: Helen Disbrow spoke. Heard Victrola at the Keeners.

July 4th, 1923
Called on the Disbrows (Helen and Harold home). With Mamma, Papa & Gladys to see Douglas Fairbanks in “Robin Hood”. B. and I to Pt. Pleasant with Anna and Henry in the evening.

July 5th, 1923
With Mamma, Gladys & Children to the lake. With B. out to dinner with Harold and his wife. To Asbury Park by auto- Steeplechase, etc. Home 12:30

July 6th, 1923
Received 108 from CEEB. Rain. Dr. Butler called. With B. to see 1st St. Keeners, Byes, Stephensons.

July 7th, 1923
With B. and the children to call on Daisy and her mother (Ice Cream!)

July 8th, 1923
The Hasenplues called. Whole family to the cemetery. Walk by the lake in the evening with B. and Daisy. Dr. Butler preached on “Building the Walls”

July 9th, 1923
To Lakewood Rotary Club dinner at the Marlborough as Harry Sexton’s guest. Called on the Halls and the Butlers; on Miss Britton in the evening.

July 10th, 1923
Family Picnic to Point Pleasant; home 6:20. Called on Lucretia in the evening.

July 11th, 1923
With Mamma to cemetery to plant petunias. With B. and children to call on the Voorhees

July 12th, 1923
With B. and the children to Princeton. Took Dorothy to Dr. Caruochan (Swollen ankle). Whole family to the Van Hoesens to Martha’s sixth birthday party. (Dorothy in express wagon; home by auto). Van and Jolin Basare called on us in the evening. [We were the guests of Allan and Laura Johnson]

July 13th, 1923
Called on the Westcotts. To the Graduate College. Ruth and children called in the afternoon; Hoskins & Sinclairs at night. Auction with Allan & Laura.

July 14th, 1923
Home again: Guests of the Voorhees at a picnic to Point Pleasant (Hasenplues, Nelsons) Tante Lena arrived.

July 15th, 1923
To Church with Papa and Barbara: heard Dr. Butler preach on names. Tante Lena in Lakewood. Big dinner party (9). Miss Rhone called in evening. Called on the Halls.

July 16th, 1923
Called on the Keeners in the evening.

July 17th, 1923
Rowing on the lake with mamma, Papa & Barbara. Whole family took supper with Gladys (8). Called on the Keeners. Teeth fixed by Sexton.

July 18th, 1923
Called on Miss Phoebe Disbrow; on Harold and his wife in the evening.

July 19th, 1923
Around the lake with papa in the morning. Picnic to Pt. Pleasant: 4 Keeners, 3 Halls, Mrs. Webb, Eleanor, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Stephenson, Gladys.

July 20th, 1923
Miss Palmer called in the morning. Called on Mrs. Webb (books for the children). B. to Mrs. Stephensons Card party (16). Called on Miss Hinsdale. Auction at the Keeners in the evening.

July 21st, 1923
Sent box of books to Albion. Called on the Dickinsons in the evening.

July 22nd, 1923
To Church with B. Called on Gladys and Ruth and the Keeners. [Sermon on Elijah]

July 23rd, 1923
Left Lakewood 6:13am. Lunch with Bessie Osborn (Met. Museum, Zoo in Central Park, Wanamakers, to Albion on the “Fort Orange”

July 24th, 1923
By rail to Utica. Donald took us to Clinton in his car.

July 25th, 1923
Donald Showed us around the Hamilton College Campus.

July 26th, 1923
On to Syracuse. Around the Syracuse Campus with Daisy. Auction in the evening.

July 27th, 1923
Back to Albion; Homer & Clara met us. Frank Beecher, Clara Gray and Lelia called. Mr. Harris and Mr. Powell.

July 28th, 1923
Mrs. Martin called. Homer and Clara came in to play auction in the evening.

July 29th, 1923
To the Pullman Memorial Church with Clara and her mother. Homer, Clara and Mrs. Tanner to dinner. All to Point Breeze in the Cadillac.

July 30th, 1923
Paid Life Ins. And $100 to Will. Mr. Harris took us all to the cemetery. Called on the Mausners.

July 31st, 1923
Called on Edith and George Miller. Whole family to supper with the Bowles family.

Lived at house during three weeks we were in Lakewood.

August 1st, 1923
Homer took me to Rochester in the Cadillac to hear Sousa’s Band at the Eastman Theatre. (Clara, Mrs. Tanner, Mr. Paine). Firemen’s Convention, Holly.

August 2nd, 1923
Homer took me to Rotary Club dinner at the Lone Star Inn. Was called on to speak. Called on the Powells.

August 3rd, 1923
Called on Mrs. Tanner, Nera and the narrises. To Barre Center Ice Cream Festival with Homer and Clara. Auction.

August 4th, 1923
To Rochester by train to see Perry. One hour late.

August 5th, 1923
To Frintland to see Aunt Susan, Clara and Charlie.. Back to Rochester 6:30 pm

August 6th, 1923
Bought dresses and books. To the Eastman to see Jackie Coogan in “Circus Days”. Royal Marimba Band.

August 7th, 1923
Back to Albion.

August 8th, 1923
Called on the Mausners, Mrs. Sweet, the Wilhainses (out), and the Hunts. Will Luttenton called in the evening.

August 9th, 1923
Sent suit to CS. Frank and Carrie called in the evening.

August 10th, 1923
Homer and Clara took us to see the Conovers. Dinner there; home via Shadigee, Lyndonville, Middleport, Medina. Auction with Homer & Clara in the evening.

August 11th, 1923
Around the mail route with Will. Sent 2 boxes of books. To dance at Lakeside (Homer, Clara, Ruth, Beecher, Ada Andrews)

August 12th, 1923
Perry and Julia came up for the day. Barbara has a high temperature.

August 13th, 1923
Belle Cooper, the Powells, Homer & Clara, Mr. Harris, the Baileys, the Mausners called. Barbara better.

August 14th, 1923
Up at 4 am to catch 6:02am train. 8:30 MC at Buffalo (day coach) 10pm RI at Chicago.

August 15th, 1923
Across Iowa, Part of Nebraska, part of Kansas, back to Colorado

August 15th, 1923
Reached CS at 7:30 am. Herbert & Flora met us. Breakfast at Santa Fe station. To Crystola by train 9 am.

August 18th, 1923
Up hill for wood. To GMF for the first time. Cool! Wrote “Greeting” for Students’ Handbook.

August 19th, 1923
Wrote letters. Mr. Emery and the Lennoxes called.

August 20th, 1923
In to CS with Mr. Emery. Lunch with Herbert and Flora. Saw the President. Home with the Hales.

August 21st, 1923
Up the hill for wood. To station for freight.

August 22nd, 1923
Mrs. Vroman and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Shaw called. Tea.

August 23rd, 1923
“Evening Telegraph”. Hard Rainstorm

August 24th, 1923
Repaired roof of cabin. Walk with the whole family to old mine and tree house.

August 25th, 1923
To GMF. Parkers and Smiths called. Family walk up first hill behind cabin.

August 26th, 1923
Gordon took the whole family to Woodland Park for tea at “Tarryall Camp”

August 27th, 1923
Up hill for wood. To GMF. Twice to Freelands; twice to the spring. Caught rat in trap 2am!

August 28th, 1923
To CS by auto in morning with Dean hale and Helen.

August 29th, 1923
Whole family called on the Druckers in the other Canon.

August 30th, 1923
Mr. Ormes in to dinner.

August 31st, 1923
Up the hill for pitch; brought down six pieces.

September 1st, 1923
Up the hill for aspen. Heavy rains.

September 3rd, 1923
Labor Day. Met Dean Hershey. With H. to “The Purple Highway” R. (Madge Kennedy) Landell to dinner; Auction.

September 4th, 1923
With H. & Flora to see “Redlights” and Vaudeville (A) (Marie Prevost & Johnnie Walker)

September 5th, 1923
Duiways left at 10:30. My first day as Acting President. With H. & F. to see “Salomy Jane” R. (Jacqueline Logan & George Fawcett)

September 6th 1923
Guest of Roy A Davis at Rotary lunch: Steinmetz. Called on Helene. Miss Hazel Earl in to play auction.

September 7th, 1923
With Herbert and Flora to the Mautners for dinner.

September 8th, 1923
With Dean Hale to Crystola by auto. Called on the Lennoxes in the evening.

September 9th, 1923
Up the hill across the stream for Kinnikinnik.

September 10th, 1923
Gordan Parker took us to CS. Stayed at McGregor; Meals at Bemis. Presided over first faculty meeting.

September 11th, 1923

September 12th, 1923
Spoke at the first Chapel service. Auction in the evening with E. Davis & Albert.

September 13th, 1923
Faculty dancing party at Cossitt.

September 14th, 1923
B. & I in receiving line at the reception in Bemis Hall

September 15th, 1923
Back to our own home.

September 16th, 1923
College Sunday in our Church: Mr. Staff preached.

September 17th, 1923
Spoke at first formal Chapel (Academic procession). Milton & K Bailey called. B. to YWCA reception at Bemis.

September 18th, 1923
First meeting of the Student Council in Ticknor.

September 19th, 1923
Spoke in Chapel on the various translations of the Bible.

September 22nd, 1923
To Crystola with Manly by train to close cabin. Back via auto with Dean hale. B. to 7 “Get Acquainted Parties”

September 23rd, 1923
Rev E. Booth Jr. preached. With B. to Equal Rights Pageant. (Garden of the Gods) H. & Flora in to supper.

September 26th, 1923
Spoke extemporaneously at CC YMCA meeting. B. to American Association of Univ. Women

September 27th, 1923
B. to tea at Mrs. Dern’s. With b. to Gouch reception for the Browns

September 28th, 1923
To the first Pep meeting of the year. With B. to call on Hersheys, Hulberts, Crowells and Cover.

September 29th, 1923
With B., H. & Barbar to the first football game: CC 10-Western State 3

September 30th, 1923
B. took Dorothy and Barbara to SS Auto ride with the Wakemans. Spoke at Kappa Sigma Banquet at the house.

October 3rd, 1923
Spoke in Chapel on Dean West’s outline of knowledge. Spoke before the Arkansas Valley Association (evening)

October 4th, 1923
B. to Mrs. Lee’s reception for freshman girls.

October 5th, 1923
With B. to Kappa Sigma Sister and Sweetheart dinner dance at the house. B. to DAR Directors

October 6th, 1923
With B. to lunch and meeting of Woman’s Educational Society in Bemis; spoke on “Value of the Classics”. B. to Hypatia.

October 7th, 1923
With B. and the children to call on the Meads and Latimers.

October 8th, 1923
B. to “Reviewers” at Mrs. Marriage’s

October 9th, 1923
First GAC Auditorium. Mary Garden, Georges Lanweryns, Piano. Gutia Casini, Cellist. B. to DAR at Mrs. Woef’s.

October 10th, 1923
CC Program at Kiwanis Club lunch. (3 Deans spoke). B. & I to supper with Flora and H. “If Winter Comes” (A … Hawthorne)

October 11th, 1923
CC Faculty guests of the Chamber of Commerce at a Cafeteria Supper. Spoke on “Colorado Springs and Colorado College”

October 12th, 1923
To Denver by auto in a Snowstorm with Copeland, Carl Brumfield, Clara Varrietor & Evelyn Stannard. Stayed with molly & Hal. Harry to supper.

October 13th, 1923
With Molly, Hal and Harry to the Mines Game in Denver. CC 18- Mines 0. Home by train 7pm

October 14th, 1923
Called on Larry and Mrs. Wolfe.

October 16th, 1923
Faculty Reception in Bemis. Mrs. Lee helped us entertain (70 or 80)

October 18th, 1923
To Denver by train to CEA Convention. Stayed at the Albany (284). To D & F Reception. President Crabbe’s guest at CTC Banquet (Savoy). To the Nankig for Chop Suey. (Harry & Hommy Bell)

October 19th, 1923
Read paper on “Short Stories from Vergil” before the Classical section at Eastside HS. Dr. Smilly’s guest at Commercial Section dinner at the Metropole (Dr. Finegan spoke). To Denver Teacher’s Club Reception in A… B... To Colo School masters’ club dinner at the Albany (Mrs. Coram Stewart spoke.) Anna Case concert.

October 20th, 1923
To Denver Classroom Teachers’ Breakfast (D & F) Mrs. Wilson spoke. I spoke on “Colo Coll in the 50th year of its Life” at CC lunch (Savoy) Supper with Molly & Hal.

October 21st, 1923
Auto ride with the Leamings to Seven Falls. Called on the Lynds. Miss Bramhall & Mariam Ward to tea.

October 22nd, 1923
Played 5 sets of tennis. Edna and Milton in to supper.

October 25th, 1923
Spoke before the Pikes Peak Chapter of CC Alumni in Cossitt. “CC in the 50th Year of its Life”. (41 present)

October 26th, 1923
Nominated 1st VP of WNC. (Van Diest, Pres.)

October 27th, 1923
First meeting of CCCC at our home (24). Joan Heckenlively, Pres., Wallace Mast, Treas. Irving Bucklin sang and recited for us.

October 28th, 1923
Called on the McMurtrys. Toastmaster at Kappa Sigma Father and Son Banquet (50)

October 29th, 1923
B. spoke on “ A Lost Lady” by Willa Cather before the Reviewers at the home of Mrs. Willis.

October 30th, 1923
WNC (Speakers’ Table) PB Stewart: “Economic Conditions in Europe”

October 31st, 1923
With B. to Soph Barbecue in Cossitt Stadium. I spoke (in opposition to bonfire)

November 1st, 1923
To CC Alumni Meeting in Cossitt.

November 2nd, 1923
Spoke in Perkins on “Ancient Egypt and the Recent Discoveries” for Lois Logan Harlan Scholarship Fund (A.A.V.W.)

November 3rd, 1923
With Bernie to Boulder on the CC Special at 8:15 (227 on board). Lunch with the Norlins. Sat in Box BB at Gamble Field. Boulder 17- CC 7. Cop Suey at Nanking (Hal, Molly, Harry) Home!!

November 4th, 1923
The Crowells called. With B. to the Gilmores to meet Miss Wiggal and Miss McClanahan (YWCA & YMCA)

November 5th, 1923
Faculty Meeting

November 6th, 1923
DAR Board met at our house.

November 7th, 1923
Art Club met at our house.

November 8th, 1923
Rotary at the Alaino: Harry Ewing. With B. to the Burns: Geraldine Farrar. Malkin (Celloist) Weldan (Baritone) Gotthelt (Pianist)

November 9th, 1923
Dean Seashore spoke in Chapel and before Fac Men’s Club. Presided over Trustees meeting. Spoke at Pep meeting (Welcome to Alumni)

November 10th, 1923
Trustees meeting. Toastmaster at Homecoming Banquet in Cossitt. CC 7- Utah 6. Reception and dance in Cossitt.

November 11th, 1923
Harry, Tommy Bell, Dorothy Sweet & Rosemary in to dinner.

November 12th, 1923
Half holiday and parade. To Pantages. CCCC at Herbert’s (Cicero). Rosemary & Miss Fezer called. Tante Lena died.

November 14th, 1923
Tante Lena’s funeral in Lakewood.

November 15th, 1923
Rotary (“Doc” Adams & “Al” Markshaffe). With B. to Church Social for the Faculty

November 16th, 1923
B. to “Bal Masque” at Bemis.

November 17th, 1923
Lunch at Bemis for Chancellor Harper, Mr. Iliff, Mr. & Mrs. Edwards (B., Mrs. Lee, Hershey’s, Jordan, W. Edwards) CC 20- DU 0

November 18th, 1923
19 in to sing hymns

November 19th, 1923
Spoke in Chapel on “Success”. Students gave $20 for Volunteer Delegates Fund

November 21st, 1923
GAC. Albert Spalding Violins. (A… Benoist, acc.)

November 22nd, 1923
Rotary Father and Son Banquet at the Alamo. 6:30. (Took John Greer 1204 N. Weber)

November 23rd, 1923
To Denver to attend Congregational Convocation Committee meeting (Sullens, Estabrook, Kitely, Stackman, Staff, Cecil)

November 24th, 1923
With Al Cox by auto to Canon City. Spoke on Egypt before Fremont Co. Educational Association. With B. to Senior Minstrel Show.

November 25th, 1923
With B. to Recognition Service of the YW in Bemic. To the Swan’s tea.

November 26th, 1923
Spoke in Chapel on “The Goodness of God”. With B. and Barbara to a CCCC meeting at the Greenes. Magic

November 28th, 1923
Read President Coolidge’s Thanksgiving Proclamation in Chapel

November 29th, 1923
Whole family ate Thanksgiving Dinner at Bemis. CC 31- Brigham Young 6. HEM and Flora in to supper. Auction.

November 30th, 1923
WNC Hon. Huston Thompson (’97) “The World and Monopoly” Elected 1st Vice President

December 1st, 1923
With B. to Denver to A.A.V.W. lunch at the Metropole in honor of Dr. Reinhardt of Mills College. To CC Party at Mrs. Tegtzmeyer’s. Supper with Molly, Hal & Harry. Home on the 7:40

December 2nd, 1923
Will, Ada, Herbert & Flora in to dinner. (Turkey!)

December 3rd, 1923
Spoke at the Antlers at dinner to Football team given by men of Methodist Church (40)

December 4th, 1923
Spoke before the Manitou Parent-Teachers Association on “Why Go to College?” (60)

December 6th, 1923
Made a four minute speech at Rotary diner for the football teams.

December 8th, 1923
To Denver. Spoke on “The Relation of the Fraternity to the College” at Kappa Sigma Founders’ Day Banquet at the Metropole. (75)

December 9th, 1923
Home at noon. Spoke on “The Book of the Twelve” at YWCA Vespers (35). Spoke at Kappa Sigma Founders’ Day Banquet, Elks’ Club.

December 11th, 1923
Spoke at Insignia Day Exercises. Spoke before University Club of Canon City. Stayed with Dr. and Mrs. Little. “The Ancient Classics in the Modern Curriculum” Attendance 55+

December 12th, 1923
Home at noon. With B. to “Eager Heart” (Dorothy Nyhns). Carol Singers in for coffee & doughnuts. (20)

December 13th, 1923
Spoke at C Club Smoker in Cossitt. B. to Contemporary Christmas Tree.

December 14th, 1923
Spoke at Christmas Service in Chapel with B. to “The Covered Wagon” B.

December 15th, 1923
To HS Football game at Washburn: Terrors 35- St. James (Haverhall, Mass.) 0

December 16th, 1923
Called on the Quacks (Will’s birthday). To Pueblo at 6:45. Stayed with the Scribners.

December 17th, 1923
Spoke at Central and Centennial High School, Pueblo Rotary and CC Alumni (For …) To Steel Plant & to tea at Mrs. Jones’.

December 19th, 1923
With B. and the Hersheys to “The Littlest Wise Man” at the Cheyenne School.

December 20th, 1923
Amanda called in the afternoon, between trains.

December 21st, 1923
To Crystola with the Parkers for a tree. Whole family to Adm. Beds Xmas party. With B. to hear Alice Nielson (…)

December 23rd, 1923
Prof Guillet to dinner. (13.5 pound Turkey). Game 2 called. With B. and the children to the Christmas Mystery at the Church.

December 24th, 1923
Examined by Dr. Hanford. Took out extra $1000 Ins.; also disability clause.

December 25th, 1923
Whole family to dinner with Mr. and Mrs. PB Stewart at 4:30 (Mr. Coles, Hulberts, Mrs. Printup)

December 26th, 1923
Mary Clegg called. The Wells in to play Duplicate

December 27th, 1923
Called on nine Chinese students. With B. to see Pavlowa. B.

December 28th, 1923
To see Mary Pickford in “Rosita” A. Bernie and I out to dinner at the Covers’.

December 29th, 1923
Shing, Liang & Howh called. Irena Hamilton called. H. & Flora in to supper (Turkey) Auction.

December 30th, 1923
Was to have spoken at YMCA. Meeting called off. Bad storm. 2 degrees below zero.

December 31st, 1923
16 degrees below zero at 6 am. Amanda took supper with us on way back to Des Moines.


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