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Mary Snow Sinton diaries summary

March 12, 1878 - October 14, 1888 summary
June 9, 1889 - February 16, 1900 summary

Mary Snow Sinton diary
March 12, 1878 to October 14, 1888
(Ms 0077, box 2)

Caroline Center, N.Y. Mary Snow Sinton is still Mary Snow, a single young woman residing in her parent's home in New York in 1878. The diary opens with an announcement of the marriage of Mary Snow to George Sinton. They were married December 30, 1880, but the clipping has no date.

March 12, 1878. Caroline Center, New York. Mary visits Sintons in Ithica. Mary's courses at Sage College. Professor Anthony. Construction of telephone. Townspeople come to lecture. Mrs. Benchley knitting in class.

April 6, 1878. Account of visit to the Sintons. Unitarian Church. Social functions.

June 13, 1878. (looks like 18th but is the 13th). Trip to Waltonville. George and Milton Sinton visit.

June 16, 1878. Mary reads book named "Middlemarch". July 1, 1878. Mary's shortcomings. Wishes she were a boy.

August 12,1878. The Sinton family visit a lake. Margretta's kindergarten class. Mrs. Sinton's bee colony.

September 25, 1878. Mr. H.P. Whinnery, an artist, visits.

No date. Book, David Copperfield by Dickens. Mary's views on marriage. Mary's suitors.

February 20, 1879. County Lodge meeting. Mary's gets stage fright.

August 16 1879. Mary debates about visiting the Sintons again.

October 6, 1879. Mary visits friends. Back problems. The ideal Christian.

February 8, 1880. Fred (her brother?) travels to Kansas. July 10, 1880. George Sinton. Mary's and George's courtship. Engagement to George.

February 6, 1881. Mary and George's wedding on December 30, 1880. The Feast. New Year's Day.

March 20, 1881. Visiting with in laws. Birth control.

April 21, 1881. Farm work. Walden Pond by Thoreau. Wedding of Margretta to Frank Otis, both from Colorado Springs. Engagement of sister, Jessie. Admits love for George.

June 18, 1881. Jessie's wedding.

July 25, 1881. George goes to Colorado with his mother for what appears to be health reasons.

September 4, 1881. Sister Jessie visits Mary. Jessie shops for chamber set. Plans to go to Colorado, sidesaddle, horseback riding, canning food.

October 14, 1881. Last day in New York. Relatives say goodbye.

November 13, 1881. Colorado Springs, Co. Eight days by train from New York to Colorado. First impressions of Colorado Springs. Journey to Colorado: Buffalo, N.Y., Niagara river, Canada, St. Thomas, Detroit, Detroit river, Michigan, Chicago, Mr.and Mrs. T.A. Clemens, Illinois. C.R.I. and Pacific: Iowa, Council Bluffs, Emigrant house, Will and Nina Sinton, Omaha, Missouri River, Nebraska, the prairie, Elkhorn river. Union Pacific: Trees, prairie fires, Platte river, windmills, Lodge pole, covered wagon, mud houses, prairie dog town,, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Greeley, Denver, depot, Mr. Ottis, Margaretta and Frank, Castle Rock, Palmer Lake, Colorado Springs, Aunts Mary and Clara, Melvin Sinton.

November 19, 1881. Mary's acquaintances while traveling: Mrs. Huntington from New York, Mr. and Mrs. Clemens from Danville, N.Y., Mrs. Axtell, Revere house in Council Bluffs. December 14, 1881. (Mary wrote it like this) Copy of Ex. from chapter entitled "A Happy Married Life" by Dr. Cowan.

No Date. Summer 1882. Flower painting, picnicking, mining, log cabin and hotel in Crystal Park.

September 22 1882. Spiritualism.

September 25, 1882. Prairie dog. New organ.

September 27, 1882. Cheyenne Mountain, Garfield Mountain, Monta Rosa Mountain.

February 4, 1882. (She put the wrong year down; it's 1883). The Sintons visit, Thanksgiving, Mary's pregnancy, book for pregnant mothers "Prenatal Culture".

February 11, 1883. Water claim, letter from home, sewing baby clothes, morning sickness, "Prenatal Culture", book keeping, hobbies.

February 25, 1883. Mary Howitt's poetry, baby kicks first time.

February 15, 1883. Monument Park, family business arguments.

July 8, 1883. Birth and death of Mary's baby. Dr. Holmes and wife. Death and Grieving.

September 27, 1883. Mr. and Mrs. Sinton visit, Glen Eyrie, Mr. Snow makes Mary a scouring and molding board, salt box, cellar stairs, and a coal house. gifts to and from the Sintons, Aunt Jane Barber visits.

Sunday, November 25, 1883. Joins Congregational Church, Dr. Meserve, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, wishes for a baby, mittens.

Sunday, February 5, 1884. Building new house. Another pregnancy. Methodist church, Mr. Arundel minister.

Sunday, April 13, 1884. Works on new home, pregnancy, prepares for party, sews curtains, reads the life of Peter Cooper.

Sunday, June 1, 1884. Vegetable garden, trees blossom, letter from Jessie, anniversary of death of first baby, thinks of unborn baby, Nina sick.

August 11, 1884. Death of second child, born premature, July 2, Nina (Willy's wife) dies, Margretta and George ill, Glen Eyre, Aunt Mary, and Dr. Holmes, regrets about the baby.

August 17, 1884. Mary mourns the loss of baby, talk of boy Willie (Will's son) living with them.

August 26, 1884. Mentions that dead babies were girls. Jessie believes it's less painful to be childless. Miss Krause says mountains give her strength.

April 5, 1885. Little Willie is living with them. Mary and her mother and Mrs Bumsted at a meeting with a messenger (a clairvoyant) who tells Mary about her dead babies.

May 6, 1885. Celebrate Willie's Birthday, plants flowers, letter from Emma Tanner, Jessie sends Mary a dress, school election, many women voters, landscape painting.

September 12, 1885. Rainy summer. Will marries Lulu Bell. No date. Page cut out. September 1885. Hattie Bumsted and Mary taking painting classes. Father Sinton travels back East.

July 4, 1886. Birth of daughter Jessie on May 3, George and Melvin sell dairy and make management of the Broadmoor.

October 24, 1886. Caroline Center: Mary and baby Jessie visit Snows and Sintons back East. Visit cousins in Speedsville and Jenksville, mentions Ella Foster, Mrs. Evans, Charlie Foster, weigh baby Jessie, sewing, baby gets rocking chair.

October 26, 1886. Tuesday. Caroline Center: sewing, rummaging in attic with Jessie, Aunt Lottie, Aunt Eunice, and Emma Tanner.

October 27, 1886. Wednesday. Caroline Center: baking, sewing, baby Jessie.

October 28, 1886. Thursday. Baby Jessie, Pa does housework, children and adult books at home.

October 29, 1886. Friday. Pressing leaves, packing, description of her childhood home, Aunt Lottie and Arthur visit, knitting, ride in country, autumn leaves, painting with Jessie.

November 1, 1886. Monday evening. Visit cousin Lucinda, Mrs. Higgins, cousin Simon, Mrs. Martin and Frankie. Jessie visits Emma, Aunt Eunice calls, pray together.

November 2, 1886. Tuesday. Ironing, Frank visits, Jessie visits, walk in woods, Elva Freeman visits.

November 3, 1886. Wednesday. Jessie visits, Montie, Arthur, Fannie, Aunt Lottie, and Anna visit. Baby Jessie statistics.

January 6, 1887. Colorado Springs. Move to Nevada Avenue, baby Jessie's first Christmas, Christmas gifts.

January 27, 1887. Saturday. George stays the night at ranch. Mr. Gregg, book Ramona, Dr. Channing's books.

February 2, 1887. Wednesday. Baby Jessie, sewing, starting a cookbook.

February 6, 1887. Sunday. George sick.

February 12, 1887. Saturday. Letter from Jessie, Mrs. Bumsted, sewing, baby Jessie and dog.

February 20, 1887. Sunday. Fred and Cara have baby, Edna Jane, Mrs. Whittaker, Willie, Margie, Jessie teething, shop in town, Nora Hathaway, building at ranch, sewing aprons.

New Broadmoor. Moved here in April. Cheyenne Mountain, Jessie's first Birthday, Jessie has first tooth and crawls. May 22, 1887. Sunday, p.m. Sintons make a trip to town. Visit Lulu Sinton, Margie, Willie, Bell, and Mrs. Bumsted. Sister Jessie sends dress and necklace for baby Jessie. Mary misses sister, prairie grass, Cheyenne Mountain, anemones, spring of water, kinnikinick. Baby Jessie says "mama". Buys baby alphabet blocks, Mrs. Gilmore, English Mollie Hamond, wicked men.

June 3, 1887. George in Manitou with butter. Clean house, wean baby Jessie, Mary cuddles baby, lonely for sister, Jessie, Mora, Mary never wants to part with baby, Mrs. Bumsted good friend, vows not to criticize others, God.

June 12, 1887. Sunday. Colorado weather, baby Jessie plays in sand, George in Denver, Longmont, visit Mrs. Bumsted and Lulu. George runs route.

August 10, 1887. New Broadmoor. Baby Jessie ill. Willie and Margie visiting, sent home pictures of the baby, Baby sees self in mirror. Mary wishes to raise her baby. Manville Sinton visits.

August 16, 1887. Hot summer. Mary ill, bakes salt rising bread, recovered rocking chair, redo wedding comforter, sew bibs, Mother Snow knitting bedspread for baby. Having two books published by the Unitarian Church Publishing Company. "Day unto Day", and a book of prayers and selections, baby feeling better, uncertainty about the ranch.

August 23, 1887. New Broadmoor. Will and Lulu Sinton have a baby, Elinore, on July 4. Baby Elinore dies of cholera infantum August 19. Funeral, Mrs. Crawford, Lulu carry casket, Mr. Gregg.

October 16 1887. New Broadmoor. Baby Jessie better. Bought business back. Bought their own farm with 40 head of cattle. Building eight room house. Mary pregnant, feels baby move, fears baby will not live, Anna Jacobson, sewing, knitting, embroidering, Dr. Benhow a metaphysician, spiritual healing.

November 24, 1887. New Broadmoor. Thursday evening. Thanksgiving. Men in town. Board Mrs. Stuley, Mr. Wing and Mr. Hawkins. Mr. Piercy, Anna, Baby Jessie walks, Louis Bartlett moves.

January 16, 1888. Move near town, knitting.

February 25, 1888. Saturday evening. Baby boy born.

February 10, Baby Jessie, Katy, Mrs. McArthur, dog Prince.

April 29, 1888. Name boy Herbert. Margretta, baby Jessie and doll, Mother and Father Snow.

July 29, 1888. Sunday morning. Baby Jessie cutting teeth, baby Herbert, photos of baby, "Babyhood" magazine for mothers, Sister Jessie's mother, Cheyenne Mountain.

August 5, 1888. Mrs. Wing, Cheyenne Canyon, homemade toy for baby Jessie. Lizzie, Lulu, Bill, and Willie Sinton visit. Holmes house, dog Prince.

August 19, 1888. Sunday, p.m. Lizzie takes Jessie to Sabbath school.

August 23, 1888. Thursday. Lizzie goes for Green Mountain Falls. Mary and children go for a walk. Mr. and Mrs. Studley go for a visit.

September 2, 1888. Sunday, p.m. Jessie and baby talk, toy dishes for Jessie, Jessie not in good health, Mrs. Hurn feeble, Snows may move to Colorado.

October 14, 1888. Sunday, p.m. Church sermon, Cheyenne Mountain. Visit Longmont September 4, to visit Snows. Lizzie, Margretta, Longmont orchards, Longs Peak, Estes Park, Frank working for Electric Light Co., Canon City, fall sewing, baby Herbert, concord grapes, baby Jessie. Send Jessie photo of Cheyenne Mountain and H.H. grave (Helen Hunt).

Mary Snow Sinton diary
June 9, 1889 to February 16, 1900
(Ms 0077, Box 2)

June 9, 1889. Colorado Springs. Big Horn Camp. George gone. Big Horn River. Wild ducks. Trout. Norwood Creek. Daughter Jessie.

October 12, 1889. Saturday evening. Julia Ward Howe speaks at C.C. chapel. George home. Herbert and Jessie get haircuts. Baby Herbert walking. Mary joins South Congregational Church. Reverend Mr. Ormes. Shop in town. Pictures of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. Daughter Jessie, and Herbert .

January 19, 1890. Saturday. Church. Daughter Jessie. Alice. Arthur. Christmas Jessie and Herbert toys. Melvin. Daughter Jessie. Grandma and Grandpa. Frank's folks. Willie and Margie.

April 14, 1890. Children at Arthur's. Baby Herbert. Bertha. Melvin. Daughter Jessie. Mrs. Studley. Ring engraved.

April 27, 1890. Daughter Jessie, and Arthur. Grandma. Storm. Shop in town. Children play.

May 30, 1890. Green Mountain Falls. Ellen. Mrs. Mitchell. Margretta. Arthur. Sintons. DR&G. Ute Pass. Depot. The Falls Cheyenne Canyon. Helen Hunt Grave.

November 9, 1890. Sunday, P.M. Weather. Mother Snow dying. Mary pregnant. Sister Jessie. Daughter Jessie, and Herbert. Read book by Mrs. Willard: Glimpses of Fifty Years.

February 17, 1891. Baby boy born December 17, 1890. Daughter Jessie and Herbert. Kindergarten. Christmas. Will. Miss Dewey. Margie and Bell.

February 21, 1890. Daughter Jessie. Valentine card. Washington's Birthday celebrated at school. Miss Dewey. Margretta.

July 11, 1891. Home. Named baby Ernest Albert. Pictures taken of Ernest. Mother Snow makes baby clothes. Cousin, Jenny Cander visits. Melvin to marry in May.

August 30, 1891. Cousin Jenny, Mary, and George take Cog R&R up Pikes Peak. Aunt Mary Bartlett. Cousin Jenette. Lake Morain. Twin Lakes. Flowers on Pikes Peak. South Park. Denver. Pueblo. Colorado Springs. Altitude sickness. Melvin and Marian married on July 29. Cousin Jennie. Melvin's new home. Minister, Mr. Mellen. Marion a musician. Letter from Pa Snow.

September 16, 1891. Kindergarten poems.

April 13, 1892. Reads Life of Louisa Alcott. Daughter Jessie, Herbert, and Ernest get chicken pox. Irene. Kittens. Knitting. Whittling. Christmas toys and books. The Lord is my Shepard and Editha's Burglar. Mothers' meetings. Miss Dewey.

July 8, 1982. Thursday. Margretta's baby Edith dies from croup on July 24. Poem by whittier. Melvin and Marion have baby boy on June 24 named George Taylor. Margretta's six week old baby named Annie. Sinton land in North Denver. Denver's Berkley Lake. Manhattan Gardens and Highland Park.

October 11, 1892. Home. Fire in sitting room. Father and Mother Sinton visiting Buffalo and Dunkirk. Aunt Fannie, Margretta, Frank, and Arthur in Boston. Margretta's baby, Annie, died two months after Edith. Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Shares in Harvey Hotel. Sister Jessie. Daughter Jessie in siller school. Mrs. Dr. Cooper. Learning to read. School. Miss Dewey. Herbert. Kites. Pants. Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Burt, Sintons, Melvin's folks, Willie and Bell go to William's canyon and Cave of the Winds. Aunt Jane Barber.

October, 1892. Sunday, P.M. Winter storm. Sinton parents home. Daughter Jessie and Herbert write on slates, read The Stories Mother Nature Told her Children and The Seven Little Sisters Who live on the Round Ball that Floatsin the Air. Ernest walks. 400th anniversary of the arrival of Columbus. Mrs. Taylor. Siller School. Rev. Mr. Warner.

November 2, 1892. Margretta. Denver W.C.T.U. convention. Trinity Church. Unity Church. Lady Henry Somerset. Miss Willard. Governor Route. Pilgram Chorus song "Lady bird, fly away home." Rev. Ada C. Bouler. Mary T. Sathrop. John G. Whittier. Mrs. Leland T. Hoffman. Madame Willard. Miss Ames. Rev. Delano of Evanston. Rest cottage. Gift of Quilt with part of President Haye's necktie in it. Gift of oil painting on silk of Pikes Peak. Motto, "No sex in citizenship". Delegates at convention.

February 1, 1893. Housekeeper Olive Sick. Carl Helps. Homemade Christmas gifts. Daughter Jessie. Herbert . Aunt Maria. Uncle Cortez. Grandparents. Santa Claus. Margretta. Lulu. Marion. Spoons 125 years old. Daughter Jessie sews. Wall pockets. Miss Dewey resigns. Yellow topaz pin. Miss Elliot. Kindergarten games. School decorations. Mrs. Chambers' reception. W.C.T.U.

February 8, 1893. Daughter Jessie and Herbert sick. Ernest. Mothers' meeting. Mrs. Cooper. Mrs. Gitterings. Quotes from Madame Willard, Rev. Gregg. Mrs. Sweets. Christian Science Lecture. Daughter Jessie & Herbert's Sunday School verses. A child's prayer.

August 6, 1893. Mother Sinton dies May 28. Mrs. Hollingworth writes obituary. Aunt Mary. Mrs. Clapp. Glenwood Springs. Midland RR. Rio Grande RR. Grande River. Eagle River. Leadville. Salida. Canyon City. Redcliffe. Mining Camp. Granite.

September 14, 1893. Caroline Center, NY. Ma & Pa Snow, George, daughter Jessie, Herbert & Ernest, sister Jessie chestnutting. Uncle Rob.. Snow's house. Cousins Montie & Arthur. Farming. Ithaca. Mrs. Clapps. West Hill. Sinton ancestors. Sinton farm. Michigan climber. east Hill. University. Randall family. Ella Miller. Ella Bowers. Cousin Ettie Conder. Childrens' Home. Leave NY Sept 4. Rock Island RR. Chicago, 6039 Washington Ave. World's Fair. Street car. U.S. Government buildings. Greeley Expedition. Lt. Greeley. Eskimos. Cavalry. North American Indians. Smithsonian Institute. Paintings of Presidents & distinguished men. California big trees.

December 21, 1893. Colorado Springs. World's fair. The Manufacturers & Liberal Arts Building. Art Gallery. Sister Jessie. U.S. Dept. Christopher Columbus. Paintings of women. The Statuary. Joan of Arc painting. Protection painting. Steam Launch. Lake Michigan. War ship Illinois. Fisheries building. Ferris Wheel. Daughter Jessie & sister Jessie. Women's Building. Children's Building. Horticultural Building. Women's Temple. Willard Hall. Monroe St. La Salle St. Wabash Ave. Electrical display. Agricultural building. Rob. Colorado State building. La Raleida convent. "Nina," " Pinta," "Santa Maria." Aunt Jane Barber. St. Charles. Cousin from Niagara Falls. Great Island. Cousin Will Conders. Marion. Jean. Wedding Dress. Uncle Marcus. Alice. Marion. Summer Studley. Herbert. Bertha. Olive. Silas Taft. Gowanda. Buffalo. Caroline Center. Rob. Frank. Ma & Pa Snow. George. Decatur. Apples. Aunt Eunice dies. Uncle Robert. Fiskilva. Home October 30. Uncle Cortez. Daughter Jessie sick with fever. Dr. Holmes. Letter from sister Jessie containing Story of a Little Girl, copied in full.

August 4, 1894. San Diego, California, 1321 Date St. Los Angeles. Daughter Jessie's health. Trams. Tourist sleeper. Pullman. New Mexico. Arizona. California. Adobe houses. Indians. Indian pottery. Lava beds. Santa Fe. Desert. Irrigation. Flagstaff. San Francisco. Grand Canyon. Colorado River. Cacti. San Bernardino. Sierra Madre Mts. Orange groves. Vineyards. Pasadena. Coronado. Trees. Century plants. Calla Lillies. Roses. Ferry boat. San Diego. The bay. Row boat. George. Ocean Steamers. Point Soma. Mission Valley. Old mission of 1769. Indian school. Helen Hunt Jackson. Nuns. Temecula. Indians mistreated. Mission wall. Olive orchards. Palms. Reservoirs. Windmills. Alfalfa. Wheat. Barley. Climate. Earthquake.

October 21, 1894. Sunday. Pasadena. George. Margretta. Wooster Building. Mrs. Sunderlain. Christian Scientist. Mary Street. Herbert. Arthur. Daughter Jessie. Sunday School. Miss Kollock. Professor David Swing. Marion. Book: Quiet Hours. Passages from book.

January 18, 1895. Pasadena. Rain. Christmas tree. Father. Margretta. Arthur. Christmas presents. Helen Keyes. Daughter Jessie. Herbert. Sister Jessie. Ernest. Arthur. Aunt Lottie. Aunt Salira. Aunt Maria. Melvin. Thanksgiving. Alhambra. Mrs. Sunderlain. Winery. Los Angeles. Altadena. Sierra Madre Villa. Pasadena. Catalina Islands. School. Sunday School. Marion. George. Mr Foster. Mark F.

February 4, 1895. Pasadena. George. Daughter Jessie. Herbert. Ernest Aroya. Los Angeles. Mexican ranches. Gavaranza. Los Angeles Rd. Pasadena. Mrs. Johns. Olive Path. Pa Snow. Nebraska crop failure. Marion. Fosters. Hattie Foote. Margretta. Mrs. Swift. Mary Bartlett.

January 11, 1898. Colorado Springs. 431 S. El Paso Street. Return to Colorado August 1, 1896. Daughter Jessie. Pikes Peak. Christmas. Christmas tree decorations. Christmas gifts. Will. Stella. Jennie & Carrie Castle. Washington. Seattle. Marion. Wedding gift. Mr. Meade.

February 13, 1898. aunt Lottie Taft dies. Quilts. Grandma's belongings. Sister Jessie. Stella. Jennie & Carrie Castle. Herbert.

October 23, 1899. Father Sinton. Aunt Jane Barber. Kitten. Albuquerque. Herbert. Ernest. Piano. Daughter Jessie. Miss Driswell. Lulu Sinton. Lowell School. Professor Collins. Mrs. Clapp. Christian Science. Bible. Mr. Fish's father. William Lloyd Garrison. Horace Greeley. Wendell Phillips. Reminiscence. William Fish pastor. "Annual Address of Lady Henry Somerset." National British Women's Fem. Association. A cure for nervousness.

December 18, 1899. Home. Daughter Jessie dies Friday, November 17, 9 P.M. La Gripppe. Hay Fever. Swelling. Ella Bowers. Electric treatment. Dr. Arnold. Anemia. Weak Heart. Dr. Holmes. Ivywild. Mrs. Hale. Daughter Jessie's photograph. Rob. Sister Jessie. Sunday School. Manitou. Soda Springs. Soda Water. Miss Driswell. Dr. Clarence Arnold. Telephone. George. Milk Depot. Frank & Julia Clark Grant. Mark. Stella. Garden of the Gods. Picture taken in the Garden of the Gods. Glen Eyrie. Marion. Nosebleed. Myrtle. Soda Water Remedy. Jessie Worse. Hazel Honeyman. Pansies. Jessie's eyes swollen. Winnie visits. Lulu comes. Jessie breathing difficult. Mary comforts Jessie. Bells sends carnations. Herbert & Ernest see Jessie for the last time. Herbert & Ernest cry. Jessie dies. Lulu & Mary clean and dress Jessie. Mrs. McGaugh telegraphs family about death. Sister Jessie. Margretta. Alta Vista Hotel. Undertaker comes. Daughter Jessie laid in the Parlor. Mary writes to Grandpa Sinton. Ma & Pa Snow & sister Jessie, Lulu, George & Mary make arrangements in town for the funeral. Visitors. Julia sews for funeral. Julia arranges parlor for the ceremony. Undertaker, Capt. Baker, and Julia dress Jessie in white. Julia & Mary braid Jessie's hair. Jessie's face. Clara arranges flowers. Flowers sent from Unitarian Church. Sunday School class. Employees. Girl friends. Mr. & Mrs. Keplinger. George & Myrtle Ellston. Percy. Hazel Haveyman & Frank & Julia. Casket and flowers arranged. Jessie's girl friends are pallbearers, all dressed alike. Pallbearers were: Ella Parks, Winnie Merrick, Myrtle Ellston, Pearl Sellmeyer, Bertha Oaks, Emma Goshen. Miss Driwell in charge of music. Mr Wells sings. Mr. Fish conducts service. "Auld Lang Syne." 23rd Psalm. 27th Psalm. Readings comfort Mary. "Resignation," by Longfellow quoted. Mr. Wells' voice. Cemetery grave covered with evergreen. Mr. Powell. Pallbearers put flowers on casket. Frank & Julia leave for Denver. Mary's prayers for Jessie answered. Sister Jessie writes. Mary sends sister Jessie funeral flowers. Gave funeral flowers to Black lady. Marion. Cousin Eva. Mrs. Bowers & Mrs. Bent. Funeral service beautiful. Stella Castle. Mrs. Fish. Jessie's Sunday School. Bell to finish Jessie's Sunday School book for her. Mary grateful Jessie could attend school, ride bicycles, and skate. Jessie took piano lessons; Mary is thankful.

January 12, 1900. Stella tells Mary of a vision she had of Jessie before Jessie died. Stella has spiritual vision. Carrie, Stella, and Mary have a conversation in form of letters from deceased Mother Snow & daughter Jessie. Jessie mentions Mrs. Lauriers' baby & Edith. Mary tells Jessie about Christmas. Jessie sees Jesus, her baby sisters, Aunt Jessie, Mother playing piano, and Aunt Maria. Jessie plays piano.

Prudence understands Mary's grief & warns George about Melvin.

Our Family Record [in full]

George Herbert Sinton born Gowanda, Erie County, N.Y., May 24, 1858.

Mary Arethusa Snow born Caroline Center, Tompkins County, N.Y., December 10, 1857.

George H. Sinton & Mary A. Snow married Thursday, December 30, 1880, Caroline Center, Tompkins County, N.Y.

A little baby girl was born to George & Mary June 3, 1883 did not live.

A little baby girl was born July 2, 1884 died same day.

Jessie Sinton born Monday May 3, 1886.

Herbert George Sinton born Friday, February 10, 1888.

Ernest Albert Sinton born Wednesday, December 17, 1890.

Jessie Sinton died November 17, 1899.

February 16, 1900. Letters from Mother Sinton and daughter Jessie written February 1. Jessie is glad Mary believes she can come to her. Jessie's sisters are with her. Jessie saw Grandma Sinton and Mama Castle first when she died. Jessie tells of musical instruments. Jesus plays instruments. Have own homes, birds, health. Jesus comes to her. Grass. Flowers. Trees. Water. Mrs. Lauries' baby. Jessie's friends. Singing. Jessie's hair. Grandma. Herbert. Ernest. School. Herbert & Ernest ask Jessie if she wings. Jessie describes her movements. Angels. Herbert asks if Jessie eats. She eats only for enjoyment. Jessie pets kitty and will Herbert be a better boy. Jessie's sisters. Mary asks if floating in air is as nice as riding a bicycle. Jessie can move quickly and easily. Jessie's photograph. Jessie hears Mary. Pearl. Singing book. "The Birds Christmas Carol." Jessie practices every day. Mrs. Lauries' baby Stella. Jessie will help Mary manage the boys. Mama Castle's flower garden. Stella in college. Mrs. Williams. New Zealand. Grandpa Sinton. Aunt Jessie. Mother Sinton mentions Melvin, Henry George, granddaughter Jessie, cemetery, Elizabeth, Stella's mother. Prudence Sinton can read thoughts, talk without words. Heaven different than imagined. Melvin. Stella. Edith Otis says she can write now. Arthur. Papa. Grandpa. Margaret. Aunt Maria says daughter Jessie is in school. Grandpa Snow says he tries to comfort Mary for loosing Jessie. George's reform work. Henry George.

Summary written by Mary Ann Gehling, 1991-1992

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