Alice Bemis Taylor Collection, Ms 0145

The collection consists of about 290 manuscripts and letters of British and a few American poets and writers. The pieces are alphabetically arranged in two folio-size volumes bound in red morocco. The collection also contains a large number of portraits, mostly etchings and engravings. A bequest of Alice Bemis Taylor (1877-1942), the first woman trustee of Colorado College.

A.L = autograph (that is, handwritten) letter
A.L.S. = autograph letter, signed
D.S. = document, signed
MS. = manuscript


Volume I

Addison, Joseph. (1672-1719) A.L. and A.L.S.
Ainsworth, William Harrison. (1805-1882) A.L.S.
Allen, Grant. (1848-1899) A.L.S. and MS. transcription
Allingham, William. (1824-1889) A.L.S.
Anstey, John. (d. 1819) A.L.S.
Arnold, Edwin. (1832-1904) A.L.S.
Arnold, Matthew. (1822-1888) A.L.S.
Austin, Alfred. (1835-1913) M8.

Bailey, Philip James. (1816-1902) A.L.S.
Baillie, Joanna. (1762-1851) A.L.S.
Barham, Rev. Richard Harris, pseud. Thomas Ingoldsby. (1788-1845) A.L.S.
Barr, Mathias. A.L.S.
Barton, Bernard. (1784-1849) A.L.S.
Bayly, Thomas Haynes. (1797-1839) A.L.S.
Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy. (1778-1827) A.L.S.
Bently, Elizabeth. A.L.S.
Bloomfield, Robert.
Boothby, Sir Brooke. (1743-1824) A.L.S.
Boscawen, William. (1752-1811) A.L.S.
Bowles, Caroline. (1786-1854) MS.
Bowles, Rev. William Lisle. (1762-1850) MS.
Bowring, John. (1792-1872) A.L.S.
Bradley, Edward, pseud. Cuthbert Bede. (1827-1889) A.L.S.
Brooke, Francis. (1724-1789) A.L.S.
Brooks, Shirley. A.L.S.
Broome, William.
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. (1806-1861) A.L.S. transcription
Browning, Robert. (1812-1889) MS.
Buchanan, Robert Williams. (1841-1901) A.L.S.
Byron, Lord George Gordon. (1788-1824) A.L.S.

Cambridge, Richard Owen. (1717-1802) A.L.S.
Campbell, Thomas. (1777-1844) A.L.S. and MS.
Capern, Edward.(1819-1894) A.L.S. and MS.
Carpenter, John Alden.(1876-1951) A.L.S.
Chalmers, George. (1742-1825) MS.
Chambers, Robert. (1802-1871) A.L.S. transcription
Churchill, Charles. (1731-1764) D.S.
Clare, John. (1793-1864) A.L.S.
Clarke, Charles Cowden. (1787-1877) A.L.S.
Close, J. MS.
Clough, Arthur Hugh. (1819-1861) A.L.S.
Cole, George. (1850-1939) MS.
Coleridge, Derwent. (1800-1883) A.L.S.
Coleridge, Hartley. (1846?-1920) MS.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. (1772-1834) MS.
Collins, William. (1721-1759) MS.
Colman, George. (1762-1836) A.L.S. (2)
Cook, Eliza. (1818-1889) A.L.S. and MS.
Cooper, Thomas. (1805-1892) A.L.S.
Cowley, Abraham. (1618-1667) A.L.S.
Cowper, William. (1731-1800) MS.
Crabbe, Rev. George. (1754-1832) MS.
Croker, Thomas Croften (1798-1854) A.L.S.
Croley, George. (1780-1860) A.L.S.
Crowquill, Alfred Henry, real name A. Forrester (1804-1872) A.L. (2)
Cunningham, Allan (1784-1842) A.L.S. and MS.
Cunningham, Peter. (1816-1869) A.L.S.

Dallas, Robert Charles. (1754-1824) A.L.S.
Darley, George. (1795-1846) A.L.S.
Dermody, Thomas. (1775-1802) A.L.
De Vere, Aubrey. (1814-1902) A.L.S. (2)
Dibdin, Charles (1745-1814) A.L.S.
Dibdin, Thomas John (1771-1841) A.L.S.
Dibdin, Rev. Thomas F. (1776-1847)
Digby, Kenelm Henry. (1800-1880) MS.
Disraeli, Isaac. (1776-1848) A.L.S.
Dixie, Florence. A.L.S.
Dobell, Sydney Thompson. (1824-1874) Pseudonym: Sydney Yendys A.L.S.
Drummond, Sir William. (1585-1649) A.L.S. and D.S.
Dryden, John. (1631-1700) D.S.
Dyer, George. (1755-1841) A.L.S.

Eliot, George. (1819-1880) A.L.

Falconer, William. (1732-1769) D.S.
Fitzgerald, William Thomas. (1759-1829) A.L. and MS.
Forbes, Edward. (1815-1854) A.L.S.

Gilbert, Ann. (1782-1866) A.L.S. and MS.
Gilfillan, Robert. (1798-1850) A.L.S.
Gisborne, Thomas. (1758-1846) A.L.S.
Goulburn, Edward. (1818-1897) A.L.S.
Gould, S.. Baring. A.L.S.
Gray, Thomas. (1716-1771) Auto. Note.
Greenwell, Dora. (1821-1882) A.L.S.
Gurney, Hudson. (1775-1864) A.L.S.

Hall, Samuel Carter, A.L.S. and MS.
Hallam, Henry. (1777-1859) A.L.S. and MS.
Hannay, James. (1827-1873) A.L.S.
Hastings, Flora Elizabeth. (1806-1839)
Hawkes, Annie S. MS.
Hayley, William. (1745-1820) MS. (2)
Heber, Reginald. (1783-1826) A.L.S. (2)
Hector, Annie Alexandra. (1825-1902) A.L.S.
Hemans, Felicia. (1793-1835) A.L.S. and MS.
Hobhouse, John C. (1786-1869) A.L.S.
Hofland, Barbara. (1770-1844) A.L.S.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. (1809-1894) A.L.S.
Hope, Alex Beresford. (1820-1887) A.L.S.
Horn, Charles Edward. (1786-1849) A.L.S.
Houghton, Lord. A.L.S. (2) and MS.
Howard, Robert. (1626-1698) DS.
Howitt, Mary. (1799-1888) A.L.S.
Howitt, Richard. A.L.S.
Howitt, William. (1792-1879) A.L.S.
Hume, David. (1711-1776) A.L.S.
Hurdis, James. (1763-1801) A.L.S.
Unidentified Letter

Ingelow, Jean. (1820-1897) A.L.S. and MS.
Irving, Washington. (1783-1859) A.L.S.

Jameson, Anna. (1794-1860) A.L.S.
Jerningham, Edward. (1727-1812) A.L.S.

Keble, John. (1792-1866) A.L.S.
Kemble, Charles. (1775-1836) D.S.
Kemble, John Philip. Portrait
Kenyon, John. (1784-1856) A.L.S.
Killigrew, Thomas. (1612-1693) MS.
King, David. (1806-1883) MS.
Kingsley, Charles. (1819-1875) A.L.S.
Knight, Ellis Cornelia. (1757-1837) A.L.S.
Knight, Henry Gally. (1786-1846) A.L.S.
Knight, J. A.L.S.

Lamb, Charles. (1775-1834) A. Note S.
Landon, Letitia E. (1802-1838) A.L.S. (2) and MS.
Landor, Walter. Portrait.
Le Gallienne, Richard. (1866-1947) A.L.S.
Lewis, Monk. A.L.S.
Linton, William James. (1812-1897) A.L.S.
Lockhart, John G. (1794-1854) A.L.S.
Longfellow, Henry William (1807-1882) A.L.S. and MS.
Lover, Samuel. (1797-1868) A.L.S.
Lytton, Lord. (1801-1873) A.L.S. (2)

Volume II

Macaulay, Thomas Babington. (1800-1859) A.L.S.
Macdonald, George. (1824-1905) A.L.S.
Mackay, Charles. (1814-1889) A.L.S. (2)
Martin, Theodore. (1816-1909) A.L.S.
Martineau, Harriet. (1802-1876) A.L.S. transcription
Marvell, Andrew. (1621-1678) A.L.S.
Maxwell, Mary. (1827-1915) A.L.S).
Mayne, John. (1759-1936) A.L.S.
Mitford, Mary (1751-1830) A.L.S. transcription
Mitford, Mary Russell. (1787-1855) A.L.S. transcription
Moir, David Macbeth. (1798-1851) MS. (4) and A.L.S.
Montgomery, James. (1771-1854) MS.
Montgomery, Rev. Robert (1807-1855) A.L.S. and 2 MSS.
Montgomery, Robert. (1807-1855) A.L.S. (2)
Montrose, J., Marquis. D.S. and MS.
Moore, Thomas, (1779-1852) A.L.S.
More, Hannah. (1745-1833) A.L.S. transcription
Morley, Henry. (1822-1894) A.L.S.
Morris, Lewis. A.L.S.
Morris, William. (1834-1896) A.L.S.
Moultrie, Gerald. (1829-1885) A.L.S. and MS.
Moxon, Edward. (1801-1858) A.L.S.
Muller, Friedrich Max. (1823-1900) A.L.S.
Mulock, Dinah. (1826-1887) A.L.S.
Neele, Henry, (1798-1828) MS.
Newman, John H. (1801-1890) A.L.S.
Noel, Roden, (1834-1894) A.L.S.

Northcote, James. (1746-1831) MS.
Norton, Andrews. (1786-1853) A.L.S.
Norton, Caroline E. (1808-1877) A.L.S.

O’Keefe, John. (1747-1833) A.L.S.
Ollier, Edmund. (1827-1886) A.L.S.
Opie, Amelia. (1769-1853) A.L.S.

Palgrave, Francis Turner. (1824-1897) A.L.S.
Pardoe, Julia. (1806-1862) A.L.S.
Park, Thomas. (1759-1834) A.L.S.
Payne, James. (1830-1898) A.L.S.
Pery, D. Portrait.
Plymptre, James. (1770-1832) A.L.S.
Polyhole, R. (1760-1838) A.L.S.
Porter, Anna. M. (1790-1832) A.L.
Pratt, Samuel Jackson. (1749-l814) A.L. and MS.
Pringle, Thomas. (1789-1834) A.L.S.
Procter, Adelaide. (1825-1864) MS.
Procter, Bryan Walter. (1787-1874, also known as Barry Cornwall)

Quillinan, Edward. (1791-1851) A.L.S.­

Raffles, Thomas. (1788-1863) A.L.S.­
Richardson, William. (1743-1814) A.L.S.
Rimbault, Edward F. A.L.S.
Ritson, Joseph. (1752-1803) A.L.S.
Rogers, Samuel. (1763-1855) A.L.S. and MS.
Roscoe, William. (1753-1831) A.L.S. transcription
Rossetti, Christina G. (1830-1894) A.L.S.
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. (1828-1892) A.L.S. transcription
Rossetti, William Michael. (1829-1919) A.L.S.
Ruskin, John. (1819-1900) A.L.S.
Russell, William. (1741-1793) A.L.S.
Ryland, John Collett. (1723-1792) Portrait
Ryland, John. (1753-1825) A.L.S.

Sackville, Thomas, (1536-1608) D.S.
Sackville, Thomas (1536-1608) and others, A.L.S.
Sargent, J. A.L.S.
Scott, Sir Walter. (1771-1832) A.L.S.
Scott, William Bell, (1811-1890) A.L.S.
Sedley, Charles. (1639-1701) D.S.
Shakespeare, William. (1564-1616) Portrait.
Sheffield, John, Duke of Buckingham. (1648-1721) D.S.
Shenstone, William. (1714-1763) A.L.S.
Sidney, Sir Philip. (1554-1586) D.S.
Sillery, Charles Doyne. (1807-1837) A.L.S.
Smith, Charlotte. (1749-1806) A.L.S. and MS.
Southey, Robert. (l774-1843) A.L.S. (2) and MS.
Spencer, William. (1769-1834) A.L.S. and A.L.
Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn. (1815-1881) A.L.S.
Stowe, H.B. (1811-1896) A.L.S
Strickland, Agnes.
Surtees, Robert. (1779-I834) A.L.S.
Swain, Charles. (1801-1874) A.L.S. (2) and MS.
Symmons, Charles. (1749-1826) A.L.S.

Talfourd, T.M. (1795-1854) A.L.S.
Taylor, Henry. (1800-1886) A.L.S.
Taylor, John. (1711-1788) A.L.S.
Temple, Sir William. (1628-1699) A.L.S.
Tennyson, Lord Alfred. (1809-1892) A.L.S.
Tennyson, Hallam, (I852-1928) A.L.
Thomson, James. (1700-1748) A.L.S.
Townsend, Chauncey Hare. (1798-1868) A.L.S.
Townsend, George. (1788-1857) A.L.S.
Trench, Richard Chenevix. (1807–1886) A.L.S. signed R.C. Dublin
Tupper, Martin E. (1810-1889) A.L.S. and MS.
Turner, S. William. A.L.S.
Twiss, Horace, (1787-1849) A.L.S.
Tyler, Patrick Fraser. A.L.S.

Warburton, Peter Egerton. A.L.S.
Warburton, William. (1698-1779) A.L.S.
Watts, Alaric A. (1797-1864) A.L.S.
Watts, Isaac. (1674-1748) A.L.S.
Waugh, Edwin. (1817-1890) A.L.S.
White, Henry Kirke (1785-1806) A.L.S. and MS.
Whitehead, William. (1715-1785) A.L.S.
Whittier, John Greenleaf. (1807-1892) A.L.
Wiffen, Jeremiah Holmes. (1792-1836) A.L.S.
Wilde, Oscar. (1854-1900) Signed Portrait and A.L.S.
Wilkes, John. (1727-1797) D.S.
Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick. (1802-1865) A.L.S.
Wolcott, John. (1738-1819) MS.
Woolner, Thomas. (1825-1892) A.L.S.
Wrangham, Francis. (1769-1842) A.L.S.

Yearsley, Ann. (1756-1806) A.L.S. transcription
Young, Edward. (1683-1765) Portrait.