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Century Chest 2001 contents

Photographs of contents in archival boxes

Text on chest: To the Citizens of Colorado Springs of the Twenty-Second Century. To be opened after midnight December 31st A.D. 2100

List of items

Louisa Creed - Great granddaughter of William Jackson Palmer - letter and photographs

Mary Lou Makepeace, Mayor Colorado Springs - letter

Judith Reid Finley - To the Citizens of Colorado Springs 2101

Valoree Gregory - Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region - Brochure

Dan Cleveland - Trails and Open Space Coalition

Richard Marold - Cheyenne Mountain "Kiva" (3 issues), the Journal of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center

Hillary Rodham Clinton - photograph

Opening of the Century Chest 2001 - Invitation and Program

Handmade paper folio by Tom Leech containing the signatures of the citizens who attended the Opening of the Century Chest on January 1, 2001

The Environmental Alliance of the Pikes Peak Region - State of the Environment Report for Colorado Springs, 1999 Earth Day, Update 2000 - brochures

George V. Fagan PhD Brigadier General USAF (Ret),U.S. Air Force Academy - letter

Barbara Yalich - The Myron Stratton Home 2000 - letter and brochures

John Riggen - Hewlett Packard

Joyce Stiver - Historic Preservation in Colorado Springs - packet

Fort Carson - Poster & Medal

Piecing Partners Quilting Guild - letter, history and samples

Susan A. Ashley - Professor of History at Colorado College - letter

Irving Howbert & Janet I. Sample - letter to Citizens of Colorado Springs

The Rev. Dr. Ellen Johnson-Fay - All Souls Unitarian Church - letter, brochures

Jackie R. Provenzano, Principal William J. Palmer High School - letter

Joseph A. Reich, Jr. - Economics in Colorado Springs

Thomas W. Ross - Professor Emeritus of English , Colorado College - paper on Slang of the Day

Malcolm Lucard - Alternative Journalism in Colorado Springs - letter

Rebecca Harner - Librarian, Tutt Library, Colorado College - letter and tape

Timothy Scanlon, Senior Planner Colorado Springs - letter & report

Clara K. Paynter - Female student - top in Class of 2000 Colorado College - letter

James D. Phillips - Public Utilities - History

Dick & Judy Noyes - Chinook Book Store - Downtown business - Brochure

Melissa Walker - Garden of the Gods & Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site Booklet Map of Colorado Springs 2000

Dr. Lucinda Green - Theravada Buddhist Church - letter

Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs - Brochure

Elaine Freed - Architecture - letter

Embroiders Guild of America, Pikes Peak Chapter letter, history, beautiful samples

Descendants of Bret & Marta Norton Genealogical Chart and photographs

First Church of Christ, Scientist - letter

Joan Strating - American Music Society of Colorado Springs

Hiriam E. Sanders - Nazarene Bible College Brochures

Lenny Mazel - Pikes Peak Jazz & swing Society - letter & history

R. Thayer Tutt, Jr. - Book A Pikes Peak Partnership The Penroses and The Tutts by Tom Noel

Joan Frederick - Colorado Springs Child Nursery Center, Inc. - letter & photographs

Lyman Kaiser, President Colorado Springs School District 11 - letter, brochures, CD with policies & regulations

Wanda Reeves - Colorado Mountain Reclamation Foundation

John Hazelhurst - newspaper column in Independent

Edward S. Goldstein, President of the Colorado College Alumni Association 1999-2001 - e-mail letter

To the Descendants of James Peter Bernard and Nancy Stone Bernard - letters

Kathryn Mohrman, President Colorado College - letter

William R. Ward, Chairman of the Board of Trustee, Colorado College - letter

Niffy Hargrave Colorado College Class of 2004 - letter

Joseph L. Corrigan MD - Pediatrics (Medicine) - letter

Randy Stiles, Director of Information Services at Colorado College - "Computers I Have Known and Loved" - letter

Stephen Witt - Agilent Technologies

Steve Witt & Becky Witt - To their great grandchildren - letter

Colorado Springs Convention Visitors Bureau - brochures

Pikes Peak Library District - Photographs from their Photo Archives

Patrick A. Losinski, Library Director Pikes Peak Library District - letter

Roland & Nicole Paulson - Manuscript by Nicole "The Genealogical History of the Searles Family"

Jane Colvard, MA -Project Historian and Lynn Gifillan-Morton M.ED - Project Coordinator, Community Health Partnership

The Gazette - pamphlet

Shanti & Coreen Tall - Celebration New Age

Paul D. Butcher & Jan Butters - Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services - letter & reports

John W. Armstrong, Jr. - Banking

Jared Weston King - Colorado College student - Native American (Navajo) - letter

Jim McGannon - Colorado Springs City Forester

Dr. Bob Grant - KGFT Colorado Christian Radio

Henry O. Hill CSPD #25 - To police officers of Colorado Springs 2101 - letter

Henry O. Hill - photographs of Colorado Springs and environs

Rich Barrows - Boys & Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region

William R. Hochman - Professor Emeritus of History Colorado College

J.W. Richards, President Pikes Peak Genealogical Society

James W. White, Senior Minister First Congregational United Church of Christ

Rev. Richard Curran Trussell - Pikes Peak Inter Faith Church

Jay Gary, Director Christian Futures Network

Ted A. Haggard - Senior Pastor New Life Church

Denny Rydberg, President Young Life

Colorado Springs Water Resources Department - Edward Bailey and staff (3 envelopes)

C. Lewis Christensen (Lew) - Real Estate Development

Bruce Warren - letter

Will Temby - Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

Mark Fischer - To The Male Students of 2100

Marshall Johnson - Colorado Springs Area Labor Council AFL-CIO

Ginny Kiefer - Gardening

Ginny Kiefer - Buttons & pins - commemorative

General Eberhart - North American Aerospace Defense Command, U.S. Space Command, Air Force Space Command

Donald Jenkins - Colorado Springs Chorale - letter and programs

Missy Shaw of Regina's Boutique - fashions

Pat Musick - To the Citizens of Colorado Springs in the 22nd Century (arts, preservation & culture)

Ann Zwinger - On writing natural history

Leroy Smith - To Any Running Librarians of the 22nd Century and To his sons, with letters from his sons Travis McKinney and Tyson McKinney

Pikes Peak United Way

Citizens Project

Judith Rice-Jones - Transportation Issues March 2001

Marion Ritchey Vance - Letter to the Planners & Managers of the Pikes Peak Region April 2001

Eve Tilley - Pikes Peak Arts Council

Income tax forms (2000)

Dr. O. Gerald Trigg, Senior Minister - First United Methodist Church

Colorado Springs Branch of The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

Theodore Lindeman, Professor of Chemistry - Colorado College - letter

Colorado Springs Symphony

John Wesley Anderson, Sheriff El Paso county, Colorado

Richard Bradley, Professor Emeritus of Physics - paper

Colorado Springs Cohousing

Film Track Portfolio 2000 The Colorado College DVD Video

Video - Colorado Springs Century Chest Opening January 1, 2001

Peter J. Adasek, M.D. - letter, etc.

David Turner - President/CEO Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center - letter

Karrie Williams - Fliptomania

Stephen Scott - CD "Minerva's Web/The Tears of Nishe

Paul K. Maruyama - Springs 2000 Ethnic & Cultural Committee

Kat Taylor, Artistic Director of the Smokebrush Foundation - Art in Colorado Springs 2001

Annika Karin Davis - To a Steel School Student in the Year 2101

Colorado Springs Stamp Club

Marshall Kean - To the Citizens of Colorado Springs in the Year 2101

The Independent - photos, letters & poem

The Campaign for Colorado College A Course of Distinction

Katherine Pease, Founding Executive Director - Gill Foundation and Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado

CD's - Colorado College Collegium Musicium

George Crumb

Music for the Third Millennium - Ofer Ben-Amots

David Hazlett - Audio interviews with 'people on the street' in downtown Colorado Springs, April 18, 2001

Giselle Restrepo - To the Editor of the Literary and Art Magazine of Colorado College

William Hybl - US Olympic Committee - coins from the Sidney 2000 Olympic Games

Duane E. Knutsen VFW - letter, newsletter & 'poppy'

Jon Stepleton - Vice President and Associate Publisher of The Gazette - letter

Jerome W. Page - Urban League of the Pikes Peak Region, Inc. - letter

Kitren Fisher - Colorado College Class of 2003 - letter

Korean American Chamber of Commerce

Southern Colorado AIDS Project

Springs 2000 - The Pikes Peak Millennial Season

William S. Jackson, Jr. Jackson Family - letter, etc.

Ann Seymour - Xeriscape Gardening - letter

Glenna Goodacre - One dollar coin designed by Glenna Goodacre in presentation frame and signed.

Poetry West - letter and poems


Todd Wilson - letter

Palmer Hall Pin designed by Marshall P. Kean for the inauguration of Colorado College

President Kathryn Mohrman, 1994

To the Descendants of Kelly and Cynthia Tappan

Joseph Pickle - Professor in Religion Department at Colorado College - letter

Andrew Morris - Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site - letter to the Citizens of Colorado Springs

Donald Hanson - letter To the Descendants of Donald Robert Hanson

Carol Kennis - Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site - note

Mark Gardner - Historian/author - letter

List compiled by Ginny Kiefer, Curator of Special Collections at Colorado College

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