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Fonetta Flansburg.
To Colorado Springs School Children of 2001.

I was happy to be the teacher of some of your ancestors, and they in turn honored me with their respect and affection.

Here are some of my favorite pupils in the seventh grade of the Garfield School, during the past fifteen years, whom I have known and loved since they left school. The stars are very special.

Horace Lunt, Faith Gregg, Richard Gregg*, Fritz Morley*, Myrta Pavey, Pierre Barber, Clyde C. Spicer**, Capt. Of Vol. in Philippines & the soul of honor, Wallis Platt, Jamie Platt, Albert Hastings, Herbert Stubbs*, Lewis Gillett*, Mary Dudley*, Grace Dudley*, Paul Lennox*, Loring Lennox*, Jessie Lennox*, William Lennox*, Luther Lennox*, Belle Turnbull, Arthur Terrell*, Bell Sinton.


645 N. Wahsatch Ave. Colo. Springs Aug. 5. 1901.

To the "Club Women" of 2001.

"Will there be any "Club Women" then?" I ask myself as I write. I suspect not, and that you are smiling indulgently as we do upon the samplers and quilts of our great-grandmothers.

I am no one's ancestor and never shall be, but an unmarried woman of forty-nine, and the term "old maid" is still in use tho its opprobrium is decreasing. How are unmarried ladies regarded in your day, I should like to know?

Whatever you may think of "clubs", we regard them very highly as a means of social enjoyment, mental improvement, and philanthropic effort. Women have learned in our clubs to appreciate each other and to find real enjoyment exclusive of "the man", for whom, however, we have an unbounded and kindly charity.

The Club with whose life I have been intimately connected for six or seven years is known as the Progress Club, and has had as members some of your ancestors-if there are any "club women" for me to address. We have studied history, literature and art. In the latter study we used as illustrations hundreds of "Perry Pictures" which are considered very good in this day, and are in use also in our public schools. I will enclose one for you to wonder at, tho I imagine the subject and the artist will still command your respect.

Ours is an age of organization; I wonder what yours is to be. We are not satisfied with our work; we strive for better things; we long for wider prospects and nobler achievements-have you not been able to build finer structures on our foundations? If not, then have we lived in vain.

Fonetta Flansburg. Pres. "Progress Club."

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