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Drs. W.W. & C.R. Arnold
1,3,and 5 National Bank Bldg.

Colorado Springs, Colo., August 3rd 1901

To the Members of the El Paso County Medical Society, Greeting!

The practicioners [sic] of the noble art of healing desire to transmit to you across this gulf of time a fraternal greeting. While the diagnostic methods of the men of the twenty-first century, still each year has seen some new instrument of precision added to the doctors armamentarium, and in this connection it is my pleasure to hand you herewith an exhibit consisting of a collection of photographs of the hitherto invisible structures of the human body.

When, IN the year 1895, Professor Roentgen announced to the world the discovery of the socalled [sic] "X-Ray", the medical profession was not slow in recognizeing [sic] the possibilities that lay behind it. Within a surprisingly brief period of time the apparatus for producing rays of great power and penetrative ability had been make accessable [sic] to the average practicioner [sic], equipped with complete X-Ray outfits.

The radio-graphs herewith presented were taken by me and of a Crooke's Tube excited by a glass plate static machine. The time of exposure varied from two minutes, in the case of the hand and wrist, to eighteen minutes in the case of the fractured femur. Fluoroscopic work with a powerful tube has enabled us to locate thoracic and abdominal aneurisms; consolidated lung tissue, especially in the early stages of tuberculosis; collections of fluid in the pleural cavity; tumors of the brain; stone in the kidney; and many other pathological conditions.

With the sincere wish that these crude products of what you will consider a barbaric age may prove to be of something more that passing interest, and a regret tinged with sadness upon realizeing [sic] that I shall never know you comments and criticisms thereon, I beg to close this brief message.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,
Clarence Robert Arnold
Ph. B. M.D.

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