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Kit Carson Circle, No. 9 L.G.A.R.
Colorado and Wyoming
Colorado Springs, Colo. Aug. 5, 1901

The Colorado History.

The first organization of the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic in the State of Colorado was make June 10th, 1891, in the formation by National President H. A. Cartlidge of Denver [?] Circle No. 1 with fifteen members.

The beginning of the year nineteen hundred and one, shows the Order in prosperous and growing conditions nearly two hundred members have joined in this department in the past year. But better than all is the increase of sisterly and harmonious felling among the membership, which promises well for its future honor and usefulness.

The Ladies of Grand Army of the Republic are a distinct organization separate and apart from the W. R.F. expecting only those in our gender [?] who share the blood in their veins of the soldiers from '61 to '65.

Ella Fical, Sec'y Kit Carson No. 9
Amanda R. Olmstead, Pres. Kit Carson Circle No. 9
Addie L Huff, Dept. Senior Vice Pres.

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