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Colorado Springs Col
August 3rd 1901

This short sketch of the McCreery family was written by Ashby McCreery who was the son of Alexander McCreery who was the son of John McCreery and Margaret McCreery- John McCreery was Boorn in Virginia early in the A.D 1700 to them were born fifteen children of whom I knew Robert McCreery Alexander McCreery Elijah McCreery Allen McCreery George McCreery Sarah McCreery Agness McCreery, Charlott McCreery, Margaret McCreery- he afterwards moved to Kentucky where there a large family of the McCreerys - in 1816 Alexander McCreery Married Ann Herrell and moved to the Territory of Illinois then a wilderness inhabited by Indians and lived in a Black House or Fort in what is now Franklin County Ills. To Alexander and Wife were born ten childredn Harding who died in infancy John W. who married Eliza Pace Emily who married Samuel K Casey Ashby who married Sarah E. Mitchell William L. who married Martha Elstum George L. who married Julia McCreery Cyrus who married Sarah Elstum Sidney A. who married William Elstum Mary M. who married James Kennedy Harriet who Married Mr. A. Stewart of these children all are dead at this time except the Writer who is now seventy seven years and four months old and enjoying good health and the two sisters Mary M. Kenedy and Sidney A Elstum -the writer A. McCreery had born unto them seven children Adelia A. who married Walter S Elstum to whom were born five children (Lee [?] Minnie Clara Gertrude and Arthur) Hardin C. married Susan winters to them were born Ethel Rolla W. Gary and Merle -Quincy L. McCreery married Hattie Robinson to them was born Nellie Alice McCreery died when twelve years old Charles S. McCreery married Ada Matens Alexander H. who died when ten years old Sarah E. McCreery died in Colorado Springs Ashley McCreery settled the place where Thompsonville Ills now stands moved to Colorado Springs Col 1883- The family of McCreerys have all been Methodists and old line whigs and later Republicans and as we have this week been celebrating the 25th year since Colorado was admitted as a state and one hundred years from now the box containing this letter will be opened and if there are any of the descendants of the McCreery family living this may interest them to know something of the family history in other years when their ancestors are gone - May God bless the coming century

Respectfully submitted

Ashby McCreery

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