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E.S. Cohen
Mining Stocks and Investments

August 1, 1901

To the members of the Order of the Eastern Star:

Greetings: The Order as it exists today is at the head of all secret organizations to which woman are admitted; its origin is veiled in mistery [sic] almost as great as that of the Masonic Fraternity, Robert Morris originated the work of this century, through his plan it has become of great benefit; the work of the degrees is of such a character that the most critical can find no fault.

On the afternoon and evening of November 14, 1891 Ramona Chapter No 9, Order of the Eastern Star was constituted under Charter from the General Grand Chapter, with 28 charter members, Ella L. W. Dwinell Worthy Matron, Cassins E. Stubbs Worth Patron and Eliza S. Cohen Secretary. During the ten years of our existence we have endeavored to assist the needy comfort the sorrowing and bury the dear; the cry of the widow and orphan has not been in vain. Nor, has the social part of the Order been neglected. On the first stated session in December officers are elected by secret ballot, each member voting for his or her choice. We meet in Masonic Hall, in the Opera House Block on Tejon Street on the second and fourth Monday's in each month.

Our Masonic brothers give us every encouragement and assistance, why should they not? We are the wives, daughters, and mothers, widows and sisters of Master Masons.

In the early part of the year 1892 it was suggested that a Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star be organized, the secretary of Ramona acted upon the suggestion, corresponding with the ten Chapters in the State and on Monday June 8, 1892 the Grand Chapter of Colorado Order of the Eastern Star was born, with Mrs. Carrie Reef as Grand Matron, Henry D. Hathaway Grand Patron and Mrs. Eliza S. Cohen, Grand Secretary, which position I hold today, being re-elected each successive year without opposition. Our Grand Sessions are held on the Friday following the first Tuesday in September of each year. In the beginning we had eleven (11) Chapters with a total membership of today we have forty five (45) Chapters and a membership of about three-thousand. The Grand Matron is the executive head of the Order, the Grand Patron her legal advisor and it is also his especial duty to organize Chapters in the towns where the Masonic Membership is such as will warrant a success of a Chapter. The membership of the Grand Chapter consists of the Grand Officers, all past Grand Officers, the Worthy Matrons, Worthy Patrons and assosciate [sic] Matrons, and all past Matrons and Patrons of the subordinate Chapters in Colorado.

Ramona Chapter No 9 was named in honor of Helen Hunt Jackson, Author of "Ramona" an Indian story.

If when this century box is opened if there be any decendents [sic] of mine in Colorado Springs I inclose this for them, if they care for it. I also enclose a copy of the Report of Ramona Chapter, to the Grand Chapter for the year 1901.

Mrs. Eliza Sarah Cohen, nee Nevins, daughter of Oscar Nevins, Grand daughter of Samuel Nevins and Great Grand daughter of state of New Hampshire of Thomas Nevins, of Revolutionary farmer wife of Eugene Sampson Cohen, of Austin Texas.

"The Star in the East with its lesson fraught ray,
If taken at once for our Guide,
Shall lighten each burden we meet on life's way,
And comfort, whatever betide;
Its five radiant beams earths dim pathway shall gild,
Its blue shall combine with its gold,
Its red and its green with rich treasures be filled,
All teaching the same gospel old;
And when their rich lessons our spirits shall con,
We then learn this truth (strangely odd)
That all of the colors our souls must put on,
To make up the white light of God."

"Accept then our wishes for happiness blest,
As forth in the World, we all go,
Not knowing what trials but leaving the rest
With Him who upholds as we go
God grant that we meet, where our Star shall await
When earth robe and staff are laid down,
And we pass through the entrance of the pearly gate,
Where cross is exchanged for the crown."


The Seal of the Grand Chapter Order of the Easter Star.

Discription [sic]

Pikes Peak in the background with "Adah" coming down the mountain side followed by her friends, to the Alter, where father with an almost broken heart is prepared to fulfill his vow.

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