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To The President of "The Boys Club Association of Colorado Springs and Vicinity" of 2001


Our prayer is that those who may come after us may accomplish many things that we hope and pray for.

Our work is still in its infancy, but the workers are many and willing. Everyone seems in sympathy with our "Boy's Club and Manual Training School" work.

We now have $2831.50 in the Treasury toward our building fund and will no doubt this week purchase a lot upon which to build. The lot we owned and paid $800 dollars for we sold to Mr. W.S. Stratton for $2600 cash. The Anne Hathaway Shakespeare Club gave a beautiful Lawn Fete for our benefit last year and we received from it $200. Mrs. Wiley (mother of Mrs. Lond wife of Proff Lond of the College) gave us $25 in gold "Just to encourage you in the good work Mrs. Riddle also for the picture or casts you wish for."

The remaining $6.50 is interest money.

Our drawing department fund has been given to us by Wm. B. Clark (who lived on the next square from my home when we were children). He is a cultured gentleman, fond of boys. Son of Dr. Clark of Detroit, Michigan.

My desire is a perfect Boys and Girls Club and Manual Training school (for children too young to go to the Y.M.C.A. also Y.W.C.A.) with fine Library Gymnasium Bathe & Lloyd (Carpentry) room Our boys (most of them) have to work days and do appreciate a place to go evenings.

When we get our own building we hope to teach the girls also not only to sew and cook but drawing, wood carving etc. etc.

We hope to have the club house open Sundays that the Parents may read there perhaps have Vesper Service anyway good music.

May our Heavenly Father Bless you


Ida Wheaton Riddle President of B.C.

811 N. Tejon Street
Colorado Springs Colorado
August 4th 1901

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