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Teepee of Weetamoo Council No. 27 D. of P.
Hunting Grounds of Colorado

Common Era August 1901

From past Pocahontas Sister Barbara E. Beacham G.S.D. 410 (1901) to the Chiefs and members of Weetamoo Council, No 27 Degree of Pocahontas of G.S.D. 510 (2001).


This Paper is written for the purpose of conveying to the chiefs and members of Weetamoo Council, No. 27, Degree of Pocahontas of the now far distant year G.S.D. 510 (2001) Information concerning the Organization, Object and aimes of the order of which we are members.

This council was organized on the 12th Sun of Plant Moon GSD 408 April 12th, 1899 by Deputy Great Sachem Sister Anna Tyson of Ramona Council Mo. 13 of Cripple Creek Colorado assisted by Great Prophet Brother G.W. Wiley of Souge Tribe No. 35 of Aspen Colo., Past Greate Sachem Brothe Adam Geiger of Minxque [?] tribe no. 17 Improved Order of Red Men of Pueble Colo. And Pas Pocahontas Sister Emma Andrew then of Ramona Council of Cripple Creeke Colo. Now of Weetamoo Council No. 27 of Colo. Springs. This Council was instituted at Woodmans Hall in this city. The Building in which the hall is situated stands at the present time on the north west corner of Tejon and Huerpano Streets but as the Building is now quite old and out of repair it so probable that it will be taken down in the course of a few years and a more substantial structure erected in its place.

Fowling is a liste of the names Firste officers installed

Pocahontas Sister Gorge W. Moore
Wenona Sister Cynthia Barrgh
Prophetess Sister Clara Leighton
Powhatten Brother Frederick Steine
Keeper of R Sister Daisy Burlord- K of Wormfree [?] Sister

The Council fire was kindled with a membership of twenty five members. The presiding officers installed the 11th sun of Brick Moon G.S.D. 410
Ware as follows

Pocahontas Sister Sarah Worley
Wenona Sister Anna Swanson
Propheters Sister Barbara E. Beacham
Powhattan B. [brother] Henery M. Andrew
Keeper of Records Sister Laura a Ceacham
Asistant Keeper of Records Sister Lena Oberjull [?]
Keeper of Warrpun Sister Hanah Swanson
Musician Sister Edna Hage

We have at Present a membership of fortey in good standing theare are 4 Past Pocahontases as follows: Sister Clara Leighton, Sister George W. Moore, Sister Cyntha Bough, Sister Drusella Keller, Sister Lizzie friet [?], Sister Barbara E. Beacham and Sister Emma Andrew.

Oure order is not an insurance order. We Pay Sick Benefits of one dollar for the first week and $3.00 for the next 7 week. We Pay $50 Fifty Dollars in case of death any ladey who wishes may make application for membership. But all gentleman muste belong to the Improved Order of Red men. Those things will be made cleare by examining the Constitution and By Laws, a Copy of which will be placed with this letter almoste all of the gentelmen members of the council belong to Cheyenne Tribe, No. 44, I.O.R.M., which is the name of the tribe of Red men in Colo. Springs. I who am writing this have been a member of Weetamoo Councle for tow yeares , have gon through the Pocahontas Chair and am now Profhatress according to the requeste of the Century Box Committee I inclose my picture and now Chiefe and Members I bid you farewell may oure kishe [?] Manitou guide you through the forest and keepe you on the straight traile until come face to face with the greate spirit who will conduct you safely to the happy hunting grounds. Gazing far in to the future I see peaceful teepees in the distance a gentle breeze is sturring the trees and gentley wafting the smoke frome the wigwams. By a pleasant mountaine streame I see squatted along the banks of the creek Cheyenne Tribe angling for troute and farther in the distance are the members of Weetamoo Council Digging Bates for thare warriers and braves.

Yours In F.F. and C.,
Barbara E. Beacham

Photograph text:

Mrs. Barbara E. Beacham, Age 50 July 4th, 1901

Greetings from Past Pocahontas, Sister Barbara E. Beacham of G.S.D. 410 (1901). To the Chiefs and members of Weetamoo Council, No 27, Degree of Pocahontas of G.S.D. 510 (2001)

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