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Century Chest transcription 64

The writer was born March 14th, 1839

Mr. J.F. Humphrey

122 East Platte Ave.

Colorado Springs, Colo.

August 4th 1901 To the descendants of Joseph Fulton Humphrey,

This immediate family consists, at the present time of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Humphrey and their son Robert Guy Junior, now 25 years old. Mrs. Humphrey was Miss Rebecca Jane Miller and was married to Mr. H. Dec. 22nd 1874. Mr. H. has three (3) sisters and one (1) brother still living (two (2) brothers and one sister deceased) as follows: Elizabeth Jane, Martha Anne, Mary Evaline, and Robert Guy Sr. None of the sisters have ever married. Guy Senior is married and living in Pueblo Colo., no children.

My father Robert Young Humphrey died I 1888 in his 71st year, mother Rachel Fulton Humphrey died in 1890 having just passed her 75th year.

One aunt, sister of father is still living at the age of 81 years and her youngest brother also at the age of 76. Name of former is Mrs. Nancy Humphrey Campbell and lives in Iowa. Name of brother is John Walker Humphrey and lives at Fort Scott, Kansas. He has five sons and two (2) daughters living at present time--James, William, Edward, Clarence, and Robert and Josephine and Margaret.

The family name of mother is Fulton and related to the great investor Robert Fulton. Grandfather Fulton was born in Virginia, lived in Kentucky and afterwards moved to Ohio where he died at 86 and where the surviving members of the family still reside--Michael Joseph Fulton having reached age of upwards of 80 years.

This town has just held a celebration called the Quarto-Centennial in honor of the 25th anniversary of the admission of the state into the Union, which continued three days, Aug. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and during the entire week the order of "Elks" held a street fair which was visited by thousands each day. On this occasion we had many visitors, and our house party consisted of the following viz.: Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Humphrey, Mr. Robert Guy Humphrey, Miss Sue Hayward, Denver, Miss Clare Williams, Denver, Mrs. Guy Humphrey, Pueblo, Miss Jennie Jones, Pueblo, Martin [?] Foster Jones, Pueblo, Mrs. Lulu St. John Page, Fort Scott Kansas, and Mr. Arthur Nye of Walsenburg, Colo.

In the century chest with this there is deposited a photograph of a water color picture now owned by me and is a sketch of the town or a portion of it in Apr. 1874, after a snow storm lasting three days during which time snow fell to a depth of 34 inches on the level. It is my wish that a descendant of mine should have this photograph (nearest of kin).

The town at this time contains nearly 30,000 inhabitants and my earnest wish is that some of my relations will be living here when the century chest will be opened as it is of the present time the most delightful place of residence in the world.

Lovingly yours,

J.F. Humphrey

Photograph description

The photograph herewith attached was taken from a water color sketch, by Walter Paris, made on the 19th of April 1874, after a snow storm lasting three days in which 34 inches of snow fell, Pikes Peak, Cameron's Cone, and Mtn. range in the distance, Cascade Avenue in front running parallel with the mountains, on the left, Pikes Peak Ave. running east and west. Colorado Springs Hotel on south side of Ave., facing west: first hotel built in the town. The first bank was opened (afterwards the El Paso National Bank) in the building shown in center of picture. Indians (Utes) on horseback from camp about where Colorado College is now located. Palmer Hall, where 500 were encamped. The original of the picture belongs to J.F. Humphrey. Colorado Springs, Colo. August 4th 1901.

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