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Century Chest transcription 83

Colorado Springs
Aug. 4th 1901

To whom who it may read it!

I feel inclined to testify that I am a witness of closing this Century Chest and also state that this chest has been made by myself being employed at the Hassell Iron Works in Colo. Springs. Hoping the man who will unrivett to open the chest feel as proud as I do by closing same. If there should be any of my relations be residents of here I hereby beg you to inform same of this letter pressent same to them with my hearty wish of wellfahre. Hoping you all having a good time at this opening. Hoping the social condition be much improved, I am wishing you all a happy New Century, New Year.

This shall be a guide to locate my relation.

Albert Boesel
Born in Germany
3rd of April 1871

My wife:
Elisabetha Boesel Hoelsher
Born in Germany
5th of February 1873

Nora Boesel
Born St. Louis, MO
November 7th 1894

Alfred Boesel
Born St. Louis, MO
February 26th 1896

Clara Boesel
Born St. Louis
September 14th 1898

Ana Boesel
Born St. Louis
June 11th 1900

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