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Century Chest transcription 93

Transcription by Dwight Kirkwood, a descendant of Fanny Aiken Tucker, 2002.

Colorado Springs, Colo.
817 N. Weber Street
August 4. 1901

My dear descendants, -

I would like to have you know something of our family life and family ties.

John Speed Tucker was born during the war of the Rebellion in Lynchburg, Virginia. His father, B. St. George Tucker a most charming gentleman of the old school was assistant surgeon in the army. His mother, Eliza Christina Mercer was a lovely young lady and is now a little woman with beautiful features, white hair and a contagious laugh. I wish every one of you could know her, for you would value her and love her dearly.

After the war was over, this little family, including a younger son, Beverley, was forced to move to Marshall, Missouri, because the war had rendered them homeless and well-nigh penniless. Then Hugh Mercer, Lilie, St. George and Henrietta were born.

Dr. Tucker's health being poor, he came with his flock to Colorado for clean air and wholesome surroundings. There the family lived on North Weber Street till after the father's death.

John Speed & I, Fanny Anna Isabella Aiken, were married September 11th 1890, at the first Presbyterian Church, corner of Nevada Ave. & Bijou Street, by Dr. T. C. Kirkwood. To us, two lovely children have come, Beverley St. George, born July 27, 1895 and Harriet Howard named for my mother born Jan 1st 1897.

John Speed is a man of nervous temperament, coupled with a sweetness and soundness which endears him to his family and his many friends. He has fine business ability and is in comfortable circumstances. I, his wife, have one talent, a voice which pleases my friends. This voice has been cultivated by several of the finest teachers in the land. I have the honor of singing at the dedication of the Century Chest.

Of my own family I could say much.

My father, James Edward Aiken, came from fine stock of Vermont with ancestors who boast rugged Scotch blood. He has led a life of honor & sweetness & is now in the evening twilight of life.

My mother, Harriet Ann Howard came from a choice Vermont family who claim an ancestry of scholars and cultured men. My mother was proud and distinguished in bearing and manner, and a lovable woman. She died of pneumonia December 24th 1895.

My brother, Charles Edward Aiken is a man of sterling qualities who devoted his life to the study of birds.

My sisters, Katherine Howard & Ellen Francis are loving, energetic woman devoted to making life beautiful for those they love. Sister Jessie Adella is an artist of rare ability - her china painting is worthy of especial mention and her benevolent works will live long after her.

As a family we are loving, contented and happy and live in harmony, and I pray that you who come after may live sweet lives of usefulness, and gain distinction by your achievements. May you be ambitious but remember that life is nothing without love.

Fanny Aiken Tucker

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