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Colorado Room Photo Files (CRPF)

Ad - Am - An Club
Adams, Andy
Aeronautics - History
Aiken, Charles
Alamosa County, Colo.
Alexander Film Company, Colorado Springs
Ansbacher, Charles
Arapahoe Glacier
Arkansas River, Colo.
Arthur, Chester Alan
Aspen, Colo.
Bass, Ernest Carleton
Bass, Lyman Metcalfe
Bates, Katherine Lee
Bear Creek Canyon, Colo.
Bell, William A.
Bent's Fort
Birdsall, George
Black Canyon, Colo.
Boulder, Colo.
Boulder County, Colo.
Bridges, Albert F. and Evelyn May
Bristol, R.C.
Broadmoor, Colo.- History
Broadmoor Community Church
Broadmoor Hotel
Broadmoor Hotel - Casino
Broadmoor Hotel - International Center
Calhan, Colo.
Cameron, General R.A.
Canon City, Colo.
Carlton, Albert E. and Mrs. A.E. (Ethel Frizzell)
Carruthers, John A. Family
Cascade, Colo.
Casey, James V. (Archbishop of Denver)
Cattle Industry - Colorado
Cave of the Winds, Colo.
Central City, Colo.
Century Chest
Chaffee County, Colo.
Cheyenne Canyon
Cheyenne Mountain Country Club
Cheyenne Mountain Highway
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
China Jim (James Bofunda, Jr.)
Chipeta Park, Colo.
Clear Creek County, Colo.
Cliff Dwellings - Colo.
Coaching (Stagecoaches, Riding, Wagons, Carriages, Horses)
Coal Industry - Colorado Springs (Pikeview Mine, Colorado)
Colorado - Biography
Colorado - Cities and Towns
Colorado - Climate
Colorado Fuel and Iron Co.
Colorado - Governors
Colorado - Lakes
Colorado - Mountains
Colorado - School for the Deaf and Blind
Colorado - Schools
Colorado - Views
Colorado City, Colo. (1859-1917)
Colorado Springs - Banks - Exchange National
Colorado Springs - Banks - First National
Colorado Springs - Buildings
Colorado Springs - Buildings - Houses
Colorado Springs - Businesses
Colorado Springs - Chamber of Commerce
Colorado Springs - Churches - First Congregational
Colorado Springs - Churches - Episcopal
Colorado Springs - Churches - Episcopal - Grace
Colorado Springs - Churches - Episcopal - St. Stephens
Colorado Springs - Churches - Lutheran
Colorado Springs - Churches - Methodist
Colorado Springs - Churches - Presbyterian
Colorado Springs - Churches - Roman Catholic
Colorado Springs - Climate
Colorado Springs - Club - El Paso
Colorado Springs - Festivals
Colorado Springs - Fire Department
Colorado Springs - Golf Courses
Colorado Springs - History
Colorado Springs - History - World War II
Colorado Springs - Hospitals - Memorial
Colorado Springs - Hospitals - Penrose
Colorado Springs - Hospitals - St. Francis
Colorado Springs - Hotels - Acacia
Colorado Springs - Hotels - Alamo
Colorado Springs - Hotels - Alta Vista
Colorado Springs - Hotels - Antlers
Colorado Springs - Hotels - Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs - Hotels - Plaza
Colorado Springs - Industries - Van Briggle Pottery see also CCPF
Colorado Springs - Libraries
Colorado Springs - Mayors
Colorado Springs - Organizations - YWCA
Colorado Springs - Parks
Colorado Springs - Photographers (includes Gurnsey)
Colorado Springs - Portraits
Colorado Springs - Portraits - Group
Colorado Springs - Post Office
Colorado Springs - Publishers - Shepard's Citations
Colorado Springs - Restaurants
Colorado Springs - Sanatoriums - Bellevue
Colorado Springs - Sanatoriums - Cragmor
Colorado Springs - Sanatoriums - Glockner
Colorado Springs - Schools (all school photos filed together)
Colorado Springs - Social Services
Colorado Springs - Street Railroads (trolleys, streetcars) see also CS - Hotels – Antlers; CS - Banks - First National
Colorado Springs - Theater
Colorado Springs - Theater - Opera House
Colorado Springs - Tourism
Colorado Springs - Utilities
Colorado Springs - Views (general)
Colorado Springs - Views - Aerial and birdseye
Colorado Springs - Views - Panoramas
Colorado Springs - Views - Street - Huerfano
Colorado Springs - Views - Street - Kiowa
Colorado Springs - Views - Street - Miscellaneous
Colorado Springs - Views - Street - Nevada
Colorado Springs - Views - Street - Pikes Peak
Colorado Springs - Views - Street - Platte
Colorado Springs - Views - Street - Tejon
Colorado State Penitentiary
Colwell, Ray (1890-1963)
Connell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur (parents of Madeleine Gallagher)
Costilla County, Colo.
Creede, Colo.
Cripple Creek, Colo.
Cripple Creek District - Buildings
Cripple Creek District - Carlton Mill
Cripple Creek District - Cresson Mine
Cripple Creek District - Gold Camps
Cripple Creek District - History, Fires
Cripple Creek District - Mines
Cripple Creek District - Schools
Cripple Creek District – Views
Cripple Creek Strike - 1893
Cripple Creek Strike - 1903-1904
Crystal Park, Colo.
Custer, George W.
Custer County, Colo.
Denver, Colorado – Views
Devereux Family
Dolores County, Colo.
Dunbar, Susan T.
Eagle County, Colo.
Eastern Colorado
El Paso County, Colo.
El Paso County, Colo. - Courthouse
El Paso County, Colo. - Schools
Ensign, Edgar T.
Evans, John (Governor of Colorado)
Fairplay, Colo.
Ferril, Thomas Hornsby
Finn, J. Maurice
Florissant, Colo.
Foster, Jack
Fountain, Colo.
Fountain Valley School
Freemasons - Colorado Springs
Fremont County, Colo.
Garden of the Gods
Geology - Colorado
Georgetown, Colo.
Gillett, Colo. (Teller County)
Gilpin County, Colo.
Glen Eyrie
Glenwood Springs, Colo.
Gold - Milling
Golden Cycle Corporation - Mill
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand County, Colo.
Grand Junction, Colo.
Greeley, Colo.
Green Mountain Falls, Colo.
Gregg Family
Gunnison County, Colo.
Hagerman, J.J.
Harkens, Henry
Hayden Survey (George Motley)
Hook, William E. (photographer)
Horsemen (includes polo)
Howbert Family
Hunt, Major E.B.
Idaho Springs, Colo.
Irrigation Canals and Flumes (El Paso Canal)
Jackson, Helen Hunt
Jackson, Helen Hunt – Ramona Pageant
Jackson, William H. (photographer)
Jackson, William Sharpless
Jackson Family
Jefferson County, Colo.
La Plata County, Colo.
Labor and Laboring Classes - Colorado Springs (Workers)
Lake County, Colo.
Land Companies - Colo.
Leadville, Colo.
LeCompte, Janet
Liller, Mr. and Mrs. J.E.
Lipsey, John J. and Julia Hassell
Long, Maj. Stephen H.
McClurg, Virginia
McCue, Lillian de la Torre
Manitou Park, Colo.
Manitou Springs, Colo. - Buildings
Manitou Springs, Colo. - Hotels, Motels, etc.
Manitou Springs, Colo. - Views
Meem, John Gaw, 1894-1983 (architect of the Fine Arts Center)
Mesa Verde National Park
Military in Colorado Springs
Mills, Enos
Mineral County, Colo.
Mineral Industries - Equipment and Supplies see also Golden Cycle
Mines and Mineral Resources - Colo.
Monarch, Colo.
Monte Vista, Colo.
Montrose County, Colo.
Monument, Colo.
Morris, C.C.
Mount Manitou Railway (Manitou Incline)
O'Boyle, Tom (Colorado Springs pianist)
Ouray County, Colo.
Palmer Family
Palmer, William Jackson
Palmer Lake, Colo.
Penrose, Spencer
Perkins, Charles Elliot
Pike Centennial - 1906
Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak Auto Highway (Pikes Peak Carriage Road)
Pikes Peak Center
Pikes Peak Hill Climb
Pikes Peak Railway
Pikes Peak Region - Hotels, Motels, etc.
Pikes Peak Region - Trails
Pikes Peak Region - Views
Pikes Peak Signal Station (Summit House)
Poley, Horace Swatley, 1864-1949 (photographer)
Potter, John (First Colorado Springs postmaster)
Pourtales, James M. (Count) (Founder of Broadmoor)
Prowers County, Colo. (Lamar, Colo.)
Pueblo, Colo.
Pueblo Indians
Quarries and quarrying (Castle Concrete Quarry)
Railroads - Argentine Central
Railroads - Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe
Railroads - Colorado and Southern
Railroads - Colorado Central
Railroads - Colorado Midland (Wildflower Excursions)
Railroads - Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District (Short Line)
Railroads - Denver and Rio Grande
Railroads - Denver and Rio Grande Western
Railroads - Denver and Salt Lake
Railroads - Denver, South Park and Pacific
Railroads - Florence and Cripple Creek
Railroads - Greeley, Salt Lake and Pacific
Railroads - Midland Terminal
Railroads - Narrow Gauge
Railroads - Rio Grande Southern
Railroads - Union Pacific
Ranch Life
Reed, Verner Zevola (1863-1919), Mr. and Mrs.
Rivers - Colo.
Roads - Colo.
Roads - Pikes Peak Region
Robinson, Boardman (artist)
Rocky Mountain National Park
Rogers, Byran
Roosevelt, Theodore
Rothrack Family
Royal Gorge, Colo.
Ryan, D.J.
Saguache County, Colo.
Salida, Colo.
San Juan County, Colo.
San Luis, Colo.
San Miguel County, Colo.
Seven Falls see also Cheyenne Canyon
Seven Lakes
Shrine of the Sun
Silver Plume, Colo. [MISSING]
Sinton Family
Skis and Skiing
Smith, Dr. Mayo
Sprague, Marshall
Standley, Harry Landis (photographer)
Stewart, Philip B. Family
Stone, Chase
Strachan, Thomas
Stratton, Winfield Scott
Summit County, Colo.
Sutton Family
Teller County, Colo.
Teller, Henry M.
Templeton Family (Musicians)
Tesla, Nikola
Thomas, Charles E.
Thomas, Lowell
Trinidad, Colo.
Union Printers' Home
United States Air Force Academy
United States - Relocation Center - Granada, Colo. (Camp Amache, Japanese-American internment camp)
Ute Indians
Ute Pass
Van Briggle, Artus see also CS – Industries - Van Briggle
Vance, William M.
Victor, Colo.
Wann, Ralph J.
Weitbrec, Robert
Wheeler Survey, 1872 see also mapcase drawers
Williams Canon
Woodland Park, Colo.
Woodmen of America Sanatorium
Woodmen Valley, Colo.
Wright, Charles J. family

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