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Colorado Springs Area Early Views
Guide to Glass Plate Negatives, SL81-11n

Special Collections and Archives
Tutt Library
Colorado College
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

prepared by Ginny Kiefer, 2001

These negatives are among the most valuable photo records of early Colorado Springs, Manitou, and Colorado College. Many date from the 1870's. The origin of the collection is uncertain, but Prof. Loud, President Tenney and Manly D. Ormes are among the early contributors.

Inventory of the Slide Collection

Glass Plate Negatives:
A1-A22, B1-B16 C1-C12 D1-D16 E1-E16 F1-F20 G1-G11 H1-H16 I1-I24

The negatives are organized into several groups:

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