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World War I Poster Collection (Ms 0371) Guide

An online exhibition of digital images of Colorado College's World War I Poster Collection (Ms 0371), 337 posters from the World War I era, organized according to place, organization, or U.S. Government Department. We have indicated the actual size of the poster and, if possible, the name of the artist and/or lithographer. Everything we know about these posters is on these pages. For more information on WWI posters in general, visit Georgetown's online poster exhibition.

Agriculture, University of Missouri Extension

American Library Association

American Red Cross





Relief Organizations

Religious Organizations

Smileage Books

U.S. Army Recruitment

U.S. Boards, Bureaus, Commissions and Committees

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Food Administration

U.S. Liberty Bonds

U.S. Navy Recruitment

U.S. Recruitment Miscellaneous

U.S. Victory and Liberty Loans

United War Work Campaign

War Savings Stamps


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