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Chenoweth Collection transcriptions
Transcriptions by Marta Trippe, CC class of 2013 and Irene Draper, CC class of 2014

Part 1, Ms 0368, Box 6, Folder 5, Correspondence (letters and postcards) to Chenoweth, 1970–1998
Part 1, Ms 0368 Box 6, Folder 6, Correspondence (letters and postcards) from Chenoweth, 1980s and no date
Part 1, Ms 0368 Box 6, Folder 7, Correspondence (letters and postcards) about Chenoweth, 1999–2002 and no date
Part 1, Ms 0368 Box 7, 1988 diary.
Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 1, art cards to the Marshalls, 1981-1998 and undated.
Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 3, Correspondence, 1990–1998 and undated, relating to Chenoweth
Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 3b, Correspondence, 2002 and undated, to Peggy Marshall from Lois Ham (Chenoweth’s sister)
Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 4, Correspondence, 1984–1997, mostly to the Marshalls
Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 5, letter from Chenoweth to Peggy Marshall describing a 1988 sea voyage
Part 3, Ms 0369A, Box 1, Folder 1, 22 handmade postcards to Michael J. Duffy, 1992-1997
Part 3, Ms 0369A, Box 1, Folder 2, 15 letters and notes to Michael J. Duffy, 1990s

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Part 1, Ms 0368 Box 6, Folder 5, Correspondence (letters and postcards) to Chenoweth, 1970–1998

April 14, 1994
Front of Card: “Happy Birthday Aunt Mary”
Inside Text: “Just wanted you to know that you are thought of often. We hope you have a great day!
Jim and Jan”
Dear Aunt Mary,
Happy Birthday! Have a fun day. We hope everyone out there is doing fine.
Jim and I are enjoying the spring weather (70°) today. He went golfing after work and I walked the dog.
Only 45 days of school left. Today we had a pizza party (pizza was given by pizza hut for reading a certain number of books over a 5 month period) What fun!!
We’re just putting the final touches on our tax forms. I think it’s time!!
If it doesn’t rain this weekend we’re going to have to mow our lawn. I can’t believe how it’s grown!
Take care and happy birthday!
Jan and Jim

Front of Card: “On Your 80th Birthday”
Inside text: “Don’t count the birthdays, count the happies!”
Hope you have a wonderful b’day, doing what you love doing most!
We are both working hard here; E. works 12-hr days, and I work 6-8 hr days, and then I come home to my second job.
We see our grandchildren often which is one reason I wanted to move back here.
Somehow I didn’t end up with any of your paintings that I didn’t have before except for the etchings that were is Lois’ old living room.
Keep sending your postcards. I bought a special display rack for them!
Eardley and Beverly

February 28, 1998
Dear Mary:
No, you had not sent me the clipping. Very interesting.
I read your bit about hearing aids to Dick, before I gave him the whole letter, because I wanted to be sure he noted it! He did not see himself in it. He has always been abstracted…very hard to get his attention. His mother thought it was cute. It has always infuriated me, because I thought it was BOREDOM and NOT PAYING ATTENTION, which I interpreted…still do…as not caring to hear what I say! He never catches my little witty one-liners…and repeating them takes all the sparkle out! He has always had the ability to just tune out…whereas I can’t escape hearing everything even if I want to. He tunes in about 3 sentences into what I am saying, thus misses who I’m speaking about…because I say that first… “I met Jean in the alley and she said her yellow tom was missing. Have you seen him?” “What?” “Have you seen her yellow tomcat?” “Whose yellow tomcat?” “Why, Jean’s, as I said.” “No, you never said anything about Jean.” Grrr.
Nowadays, I am sure he has real hearing loss…he catches the vowels only…He hears “tom cat” as “bom cat” or some such. And that amuses him.
His reply when I, in aggravation, say “You need a hearing aid,” is: “The Dr. has never prescribed one.”
In vain do I say that it is not like a bad heart or high blood sugar. The doctor will NEVER prescribe a hearing aid. The PATIENT says, “I don’t think I hear very well.”
The truth is, and I try, often to accept it…you and Dick Grove really prefer to think your own thinks [thoughts] and we, the communicators of the world, must stop fussing!!!
It was good of you to have a long talk with Marta and Frank. She really needs her friends now, and I don’t feel I have been much help. How can she manage if he seldom leaves his bed? Do you perceive it as his depression, or is the Parkinson’s really so advanced that he CAN’T get around? We had a friend who had it…first he had to have a walker, then he had to have a male attendant who came every day to help him…(he was a big heavy man), finally his mind began to go, and wife just had to put him in a nursing home…where he lived…evidently bedridden most of the time, for the past 4 years. He died last winter.
That is the point, if it happens to me…no, well before it…that I go see Dr. Kavorkian. I cannot imagine being a vegetable. But will I have the courage to do something if it starts happening? Easy to say you won’t hang around as an invalid. Easy to say, now, that I would jump off a ferry or OD on sleeping pills of life narrowed down to a bed in a nursing home. But most people just drift along. Well, this is morbid. Enough. But dying should be easier!
Washington joke: Gingrich, Dole and Clinton go to visit the Wizard of Oz. Gingrich goes up first and asks the Wizard for a heart. Then the Wizard asks Dole what he wants, and Dole says, “A personality, please.” Then Clinton comes forward and asks: “Where’s Dorothy?”
I am among the…at present…majority of Americans according to polls (how it irritates the press!) who say we don’t care about his affairs and don’t want to know the details, and feel that everybody should just let him run the country.
However, I am AGAINST his plans to bomb Iraq, and horrified at the immorality of congressmen, columnists and spokesmen involved with the CIA who openly advocate assassinating Sadam Hussein, or even inciting civil war. NOT OUR BUSINESS!
I do hope I live long enough to see the US resume normal relations with Castro, too.
Love, K

[The rest of the material in Folder 5 consists of impersonal documents.]

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Part 1, Ms 0368 Box 6, Folder 6, Correspondence (letters and postcards) from Chenoweth, 1980s and no date

[Postmark illegible; date unknown]
Mary A. Chenoweth
16 E. San Rafael
Colorado Springs, Colo.80902

Mrs. H. Ruth Chenoweth
Sidney Memorial Hospital/Home
Sidney, Nebraska 69162

Dearest Mom: I made about 30 cards similar to this over the weekend which I will be sending to you. I hope you like them. They are fun to make and don’t take long. Love for now, old girl.

June 9
J.A. Hickley Family
Mrs. HR Chenoweth
PO Box 205
Savannah, Georgia USA

We stayed in this place Sat. night and then came on to Basel Sun. This is a wonderful trip. France and what I’ve seen of Swit. [Switzerland] are like the photos without doubt. Costs are far less here than in France though. Paulette will be leaving London today for NYC then to CS by bus. When we arrived at about 7 PM last night we came to a hotel Jane knew about. Basel seems larger than Denver. I think WE will be going back to Spain by car- if Jane goes- and then about the 27 or 28 meet the girl and her 4 kids we may drive to Greece together. /camper/ VW- tent etc. So there is no place to write me yet. I don’t know where in Spain except for Sun and warmth. It is sunny now and was yesterday but Europe HAS BEEN cold and rainy. I’ve had no US news since I left the ship on Sat. 31st. This card comes from near Lyon. I will try to get some clothes cleaned today.

May 13/14
Dear Lois
I’m not much on [forges?] or on sound principles but with all my wounds and itches I still can’t think of OUCH in time so I often resort to- well you said it- not me.
Attached to letter is an article describing Lois Ham’s accomplishment as a finalist in the Great Quilts of America Contest.

Wednesday November 30, 1988
Dear ALL-
This is a trip for the Books! Reason we are HERE is one passenger- the OLDEST, A LADY, fell and bashed her head in her bathroom. They been giving her EXCELLENT care- called med. ass’t. in US and her own Calif. doctor. But she and her husband are being put ashore in Azores to fly home after- hospital stitches, x-rays etc-etc. REALLY has shook the ship. The Chief and 2nd and 3rd stood watch with her on 4 hr. stints- took her vital signs EVERY 15 minutes for 8 hrs. Time will tell. She SEEMS clear (brain) and can see and know the day etc-etc- Perhaps OK perhaps not. More when I get home- Dec 15th- is now our date. Rough sailing- lots of 20-30 wave days and nights. SHIP IS LIGHT. NO cargo. And we probably need oil by now.
Love Mary
[The back of Mary’s letter consists of a report from the National Weather Center in Washington D.C. Mary writes at the bottom: “You can always check with Joan Urban in New Orleans”.]
[Attached to the letter is a certificate that states:
“To call concerned let it be known that Mary Chenoweth was aboard the SS Ashley Lykes during the storm of the century
North Atlantic Gibralter to Cabot Straits
November 19th to December 11th
Winds 40-60 knots
Seas in excess of 40 feet
Frederick W. Haley
Master SS Ashley Lykes”]

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Ms 0368 Box 6, Folder 7, Correspondence (letters and postcards) about Chenoweth, 1999–2002 and no date

Andrew Marshall
1329 Wood Avenue
Colorado Springs
Colorado 80903

There is an Ode to a Grecian Urn
We might have done a Ballad or a Sonnet. But when you love and admire some one as much as we do Mary Chenoweth, an Ode seems more appropriate.
Our Ode is a tribute to the lady whose pictures we enjoy all day long.
Right after the alarm goes off and out feet have started tapping to the marches of radio station KCME, we look up at Mary’s scene in the Far East, and walk through her market, admiring the fruit stands and bright-colored awnings.
Then we go downstairs and carry our breakfast into the dining-room where a cheerful Marco Polo sits astride his trusty steed in far Cathay. Suddenly the telephone hour begins, and as we stand in the hall listening and talking, our eyes wander through a mysterious city in North Africa. There strange steps lead to strange byways, and who can know what lurks and lingers in the alleys, or far out in the huge, dry, yellow desert?
We can look through the doorway into the library where a wooden frame holds a mosaic of colored tiles. The pattern is subtle. Always, if you pay attention to Mary’s things, a new angle or color or line astonishes you.
These things we see each day. But wait—when we go into the front living-room, there is the whimsical “Apples and Oranges” water-color, and there is a painting of a ship’s deck, with the ocean going right up to the top of the painting. No horizon there! Who but Mary would have thought of doing that?
Going up the stairs are black horses on a crumpled, crinkled blue field, and then as we enter my study a dancer--- “Homage to Matisse”--- hangs by the door.
But let me tell you about the mountain house. There in the hall is the North China Sea—a dark sinister wave-on-wave of surging salt water. And then we see her carved door—the heart of the house. Wherever you are—in the kitchen, by the book-cases, entering from the hall—there is Mary’s door with its symbols and shapes reminiscent of South Sea Island tapa cloths. Dark brown with bits of white smudged into some of the designs.
Then a scene of Penang in the hall. A store there is marked with a sign which says “Chen O Weth.” Takes a little time to catch on. A poster of Norway and a picture comprised of symbols of things seen on a ship—a chair, a vent pipe—sort of a checker-board picture, but not really. Just pure delight!
When you arrive upstairs there hang more nostalgic sea pictures—nostalgic, but NEVER trite.
We don’t know how she does it, but we want her to know how much we appreciate the “art, skill, and mystery” of her work.
With our love to Mary on her birthday—

Dear Lois and Charles
I hope you are all feeling better.
Our trip was uneventful. Tiring for Mary but we are rested this AM. [Nat?] has a very nice home. However it is Texas. Bush country.
Ginger was so happy to be here and [ran?] around with out the car surrounding her.
Take care of yourselves.

Howdy Phyllis!
Thanks for the opportunity to see a [bunch] of Mary’s work, and pick one out!! I had a great time w/ Carla “Ooohing and Ahhhing”!! I picked out a nice little blue and yellow and white abstract that reminds me of my son’s early attempts at writing! It’s Beautiful!
If when you all come back to C.S. please give a call if we can help you w/ anything, or if you want a TOUR to the MURAL projects done by my kids in town!!
Take care
Steve Wood
P.S. enclosed a colored zerox [Xerox] of our most recent kids [kids’] mural project- Stained glass is FUN!!

January 11, 1999
Dear Lois and Phyllis
I’ve just received your note and am grateful to you but also shocked to hear that Mary is in hospital (?)- This is the first I’ve heard that she was ill (apart from the various aches/ pains she wrote me about) - I do hope that it is not serious and that she is on her way to recovery. I feel guilty (as usual!) for being such an infrequent correspondent but please tell Mary for me that I most certainly do not forget her and that I send her my love and very best wishes for her recovery-
With love and a happy new year to you both.
(Please write me a few lines when you have the chance and tell me what’s happened)

March 15, 1999
Old Courthouse Preservation Committee, Inc.
Post Office Box 1861
Rolla Missouri 65401

Dear Lois and Phyllis-
I regret being so slow in writing and [thanking?] you for calling over the winter w/ updates and [fine?] letters you sent. I feel you are carrying on [a fine?] essence of Mary’s spirit. As [Cathy?] says, she was a special person in my life who created many wonderful things both in her art and other people. We’re going to try to come to Colorado Springs for the opening of the exhibit, or at least to see the show at some time. We were glad to meet you too when we came to Sidney and send our best wishes for a memorable spring.
With sympathy,

June 11, 1999
Dear Lois,
Well, you are, at the moment, basking in the humidity of the Philippine Islands. Did I ever tell you that I was born in Manila at Sternberg General Hospital? It may not even exist after all the years and turmoil. Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful trip and that some of the ladies were still around.
It was fun being with you again and I was so glad to see your son and daughter-in-law. I confess I can’t remember her name at the moment but they are both charming and so at ease with everything. I had met them years ago (when Charles was still alive) when I came up one Easter weekend to see Mary and you had all of us to dinner at your house.
Thought you would enjoy the enclosed articles about Mary and the show. Didn’t you think the whole thing turned out well? I plan to go back to the FAC in the next few days to go through the exhibit by myself. It was so crowded that night that I really didn’t get to see everything. I am sure that I will go through it a number of times before the closing date.
I mentioned to Phyllis that I will be up shortly after you return from your trip and we can talk over whatever it is you wanted to have me do. (I have been practicing Mary’s signature, just in case.) Anyway, I will give you a call a few days after your return when you have had a chance to recover from jet lag. I certainly admire your spirit- I could never make that trip, first class or not. Hope you took some pictures. I thought the enclosed snapshot my Philip took of “we three” turned out very well.
I will be in touch.
With love,

August 3, 1999
Written at the top of the letter: “Lois- I thought you’d like a copy- Hope all is well with you. Jane”
Dear Phyllis,
I have been thinking about you and hope that everything has been going OK as far as Albert’s son being there. That situation is not comfortable, I’m sure. Hopefully, it is working out.
I so have some information on our project to get Mary’s art exposed after the FAC show. Michael Paglia called me a few days ago and said he was so happy to get my letter. I think he may be the guy that you said you met with Mary years ago, maybe had lunch or something in Denver, because he said that he had last seen Mary when she came down to Denver one tie from Sidney. I asked him how he originally met Mary and he said that he taught some classes in the early 80s at the University of Colorado here in Colorado Springs. He knew Bill Burgess who was an artist here and also had a gallery in the Bon shopping center on Weber where Mary had some art work displayed and so he called her at CC. She took him to her studio up on the top floor of Packard Hall and he went through some of her work and bought some at that time. Then when Tracy Felix had the show of her work in his frame shop, he bought more. He said that he has approximately 30 pieces, three of which are in her present show and also in the catalog, of course. Some, he said, are paintings, and some are block prints. Anyway, he invited me to lunch in Denver and to his home to see what he has of Mary’s. I am going sometime toward the end of August, the date not yet confirmed. He said that he is doing some work for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, located in Larimer Square, and he would like to set up a show there some time after the first of the year, with works for sale. He told me he could explain more when we met. So all the mystery of that scathing article comes to light--- apparently Tracy Felix told Judy Burdick that this man in Denver had a lot of Mary’s art, so she went up there to see if there was anything she wanted to put in the show. He tried to influence her into putting some of the block prints and etchings that he had as he felt they were the absolute BEST, but she preferred the three paintings that subsequently turned up in the show. I will be so anxious to see what he has, and to get information about the Museum of Contemporary Art. I know I read about it recently in the Denver Post because they had a juried show of Colorado Artists that got a good review. Of course, you would have to come and talk with him if this should have some validity. He is a gay gentleman and has a partner living in also. I’ll just bet these are the two men you spoke of meeting.
I also spoke on the phone several times with Bill Geary. He had a gallery here in town at one time, he said, and also mentioned that he and Mary had corresponded quite a bit when he lived in California. He was encouraging her to show some of her work out there but she said she was not interested. He now is involved in displaying art in the new Colorado Springs Airport and says the shows are doing quite well as far as sales and exposure of local artists. He mentioned one man, Don Green, who is a sculptor here in town who has major projects all over the city who has shown out there. Mary knew Don quite well and I remember that she thought highly of his work (one of the few as I recall.) He said he could imagine a display of her large unstretched canvases out there as he thought they would show quite well and be a possibility of sales. He thought he could arrange something early in January 2000. He also gave me the names of two galleries in Denver that were very reputable. One is Elizabeth Schlosser Gallery and the other is that guy that Mary and Albert went to see—Stephen Savageau Gallery. Bill Geary said that he would be happy to help us in any way with these places and really seems sincere about it all/ He is a very nice person.
I do hope you don’t feel that I am trying to take charge of the plans. I am just trying to get some information that you and Lois can think about as far as exposure for Mary’s work. I love you both and you know how much I cared for Mary. I will be talking soon with my friend from La Jolla who is coming to town this week. We will set up the scheme that she perhaps is interested in buying a piece of Mary’s art and Chris Jones from the shop will take us downstairs. I want to see exactly what is for sale and what the FAC has confiscated for themselves. I am not as trusting of that bunch down there as you are but then I think you already know that. Anyway, that should be a lark.
I really hope all is well at your household, and I will be talking with you soon. Perhaps I could come over again before you leave for the east coast or at least before the show ends to decide about Mary’s work that is to be returned. I think I will send Lois a copy of this letter so she will have an idea of what has gone on so far. I am also enclosing something that will make you laugh.
With love,

December 21, 1999
Dear Phyllis,
Thank you so much for your nice card of Mary’s painting and the 2 photos. The one photo of Mary by my big sculpture at the Oregon Coast Aquarium I will keep and this one enclosed I do not know who the person is. Sorry!
Thank you for informing me of Mary’s death. I am sorry. Ad you know Mary was my teacher from 1961-1965. She taught me printmaking but she also was a close friend and confidant. We were very close for the times I was at Colorado College and I think that I admired her more than any other teacher in the Art Department.
Mary was so […] she didn’t mind words or actions and I greatly appreciated that. There was no agenda except that you did your best to do what you said you wanted to do. and if for some reason you didn’t. due to some problem of your own making, Mary was very human about that.
We worked hard together. She showed me a world of black ink on white paper a world that I still work in after 35 years. […] you were here I have built a print studio and am making many many prints. I will put the photo of Mary in that studio.
I used to go after to Mary’s house and we would talk and often find food and eat and listen to music. Those were good times for me and we would talk for many hours. It was not like talking to some other professor who was only interested in what this course was about. Mary would ask me about the things I saw that were special- she would ask about my family, my girl friend, my interests. She was so straight forward unlike most people who I had to deal with in those years. She had very strong opinions about what she did and strong opinions about what I did and made, and it was such a special thing that she would just put all that out on the table for me.
I made a lot of good prints under her supervision and I learned more about basic ways to work out problems in my art than I did from anyone else I worked with at the Colorado College Art Department. Thanks so much for driving out here so many years ago. I send you my best regards for the Holiday Season and for the year 2000.
Frank [Boyd?]

Dear Lois-
This is the last of it…two prints and one drawing sold this morning. Everything has now been sold.
Now- do something FUN for yourselves!
Enclosed is our list of the entire collection. I have marked the pieces I bought plus one free piece you offered.
Best regards-

[Money order attached to letter]

November 25, 2002
Dear Mrs. Ham-
Just a note to let you know that we were very fortunate recently to have been able to purchase a number of Mary’s books and journals for our teaching collection. We will be able to show them to many students in the future, and it will be a great way to continue her legacy at C.C. I arrived at the end of Mary’s time here, but we had a friendly relationship and I still use some tools that she gave to me, and I miss her all the time.
The senior student award in Mary’s name remains an annual way to recognize her pioneering efforts, wonderful spirit, and significant talent.
Carl Reed

[The rest of the material in Folder 7 consists of impersonal documents]

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Part 1, Ms 0368 Box 7, 1988 diary.

Page 1
January 1, 1988
This may be THE year to keep the book daily- to mention weather but won’t dwell on it- ditto the work accomplished, trips to downtown Sidney and my physical condition- robust or delicate- mental outlook- low or high. There will be lots of notes to write so I will save my strength and ideas by cutting these entries to the bone.

Jan. 2- Saturday
Kept the sparrows fed but am almost out of millet seeds now. Lois and I are going to a MOVIE downtown tonight. It probably will be a waste of time and money. Besides it is so cold I HATE going outside- anyplace.

Jan. 3- Sunday
The quiet and letdown of after holidays now on us- next celebration will be the 10th- Helen’s birthday. She has planned to drive to Phoenix but this idea is totally dependent on the weather conditions. My work has come to a stagnant halt- all halts are stagnant? Lois took me to the market and then we dropped in to see Helen and Phyllis. Both keeping busy. Phyllis, Lois and Charles all went to church today. All bird seed is gone. Must get more Monday.

Jan. 4- Monday- in all day with a couple of runs across to see Lois.

Jan. 5- Tuesday. Lois and Charles drove to see doctor for Charles in Cheyenne. Left at 7:45 AM. They were back before 12:30. Quick trip, roads clear and no wind, little snow falling. Jewish/ Palestine news is continuing to take T.V. space and the freeze the US is experiencing this week. Below [freezing?] in two thirds of the country. I painted after trying to clean up the studio a little. Tomorrow I’ll write another few notes. Helen and Phyllis came over and “brought lunch.” Then H. left to sew and Phyl stayed to?! work on a jig-saw puzzle. Lois took her home about 2. Helen is going to a Christian Professional and Business Women’s “dinner.” She said they sold 170 tickets. It will be served at the Elks Hall by the “Does.” More tomorrow.

Page 2
Jan. 6 Wed. Played with a jigsaw puzzle for a diversion- wrote a couple of letters- read/ read, swept snow twice- altogether pretty quiet- dull.

Jan. 7 Helen’s birthday is Sunday 10th. I have to go to the dentist at ?! 9 AM tomorrow.

Jan 8- Did the dentist trip- 2 fillings. Had coffee with Helen at [Hoagland’s?] and she went on home. I waited for Lois to finish getting her hair done and then we gave Phyl a lift home. Got my lazy Susan for the TV. Used 8 screws and a bit of Chas’ energy and his battery powered screw driver.

Jan. 9. Just wrote 4 checks. Sent for the 5.00 SPAR book and sent 10.00 contribution to the next Oct. spar reunion to be in St. Louis. Lois, Phyl and I took Helen to birthday lunch. We had to go to the P. Hut because the HOTEL was closed (Sat.) Her birthday is tomorrow- 10th. She bought herself a new raincoat (zip lining for warmth). Will try to paint tomorrow. Hope for no interRUPTIONS! And will try to take photos for Natalie.

Jan. 10. 88
Helen’s birthday was quiet. She drove over here about noon. Phyllis had walked about 10. Noble effort with all the cold and snow, I think. Everyone was occupied with the football games and Matt stayed over in Ft. Collins on his way back from 10 days in Denver. Phyllis will be glad to see him, I’m sure. Started to melt a little- was 44°.

January 11- Matt phones when he got in tonight. We were worried a bit because of the strong winds. He had the most? “scary time” n the [Peetz ?] Hill.
Kept my dental appointment. It was so darn long. Have a cold, too.

Jan. 12- a terrible day- no[…] cold seems worse.

Jan 15. I guess my problem could be the flu. My eye balls burn- rib cage is so sore- Nuts.
[Page 3]
Yesterday I dripped and mopped all day. My nose is sore- and I have assort of toothache too. So I made a 9:30 MONDAY appointment. I am definitely falling apart! I’m going to get my I.T. ready next week and get it over with! Phyl drove with Matt to Ft. C for a ? few days. They left after breakfast Thursday.

Jan 18- Seems I skipped a couple of days. Phyllis phoned on Sat. and said she’s come back on Monday- weather permitting. The storms in S. California, heavy snow in N. Arizona, wind snow all over west and even Neb. is going to get more. Dental app’t at 9:30. Then grocery shopping, and post office. I feel lots better this AM- Cheerful, in fact- No sign of any bright sunshine. It is only 7 AM.

Jan18- I did get something at the grocery- and by the time we got home- 11 AM it was snowing
like crazy- blizzard conditions. Now it is 10 PM and the wind is a gale- still snowing hard.

Jan 19 Tues. The wind and snow finally stopped at 2:30 PM. Chas and I both worked on snow with shovel and blower. Lois has a cold now. She is very worn out- run down.

20th Jan. Yesterday I called the SS CO. INC. I sent a deposit- wrote some notes. NO MAIL

21- Jan. Thursday-
Wrote six more letters. Read TRAVEL.
And again it is snowing- it had totally stopped on Tues. afternoon. This AM I have made 20 trips
[Page 4]
up and down and around the L.R. and the rec. It’s only 11 AM so I’ll have lots of time to exercise- no interruptions except my own- to eat or drink- no work today- only intend to READ.

Sat. Jan. 23-
Lots of exercise yesterday- NORDIC AND SHOVEL AND STAIRS. I slept like a rock with a strange night mare thrown in. I SHOULD illustrate it, I guess. I’ve been over to Lois’ 3x and shoveled a little. Don’t feel so stiff now.

Sun. Jan 24-
w. 148- stairs at 7:30 AM-
Shoveled from corner to pine tree-

Jan. 26- I’ve been STIFF and SORE from overdoing the old SNOW. NO more- even if we get 6 feet! I’ve had it. If it seems possible I’m thinking I’ll go SOUTH next year.

Jan 28. Phyl and I went to Sterling/ shopped/ had lunch. She got Matt some things and some wool plain for a new cape. I got a crock pot/ she got one for Matt also. Missed my SOAP.

Jan 29. Paid my Colo College medical insurance for 6 mo. Wrote to Bill Colby, and Kathy in Vermont.

Jan 30 Saturday- This AM Lois and I went to the grocery and office supply for a Xerox job. Missed Phyl. Day has been mild but cloudy. Some snow melted- streets
[Page 5]
are almost canals. I sent to Land’s End for 3 tops and a sweater and wrote to LINFORDS. Had a telephone call from Shelly (Brooklyn). She wants me to mail some postcards from “strange places” to an old friend in L.A. next May. I am going to read TRAVEL tonight- getting windy- colder.

Sunday- last day of January-
Very dreary- cold all day- small [amount of sunshine] for a few hours. We went over to Phyl’s and Helen came over, too. We all talked politics- books- no problems solved. Phyl is knitting on three garments- Helen has been sewing, too. Lois keeps ahead of all of us with reading! And making cookies. Hope there will be a good PBS mystery tonight. Masterpiece Theatre is 9 PM.

Feb. 1,1988
Monday- walked 2.4 today- dull cold day- GOOD MAIL- from Linfords, Tracy, and Kathy in Vermont. Tomorrow is the “DAY OF THE GROUNDHOG.”

Tue.- Made map of Natalie’s area. Did lots of ex. Had coffee [with?] Phyl and Lois. Saw H. at Alco’s.

Wed- Feb 3- 1988 is really passing quickly. Cold- without any sun this AM. Lois and I go to the store- get home- sun out still only cold. Winter seems so long- All day I listened and watched CSPAN and the House of Rep. on the Contra bill (Reagan’s) to save the “Freedom Fighters.” Seems so ugly and gross- America- Lois phoned me- to point out the GROSS discrepancies in life and “fairness” between people like DONALD TRUMP and the welfare families i.e. New York City (NEWYORKER periodical).

Thursday Feb. 4
Helen dropped by with CAKE for L and C and me. We also were DOWN TOWN for morning coffee. I’m so DEAD tired I’m quitting! No ail- today either.

Friday. Feb 5
Phyllis took me to Alco’s Office Supply. She had to pay bills. We had coffee and dognuts [donuts] in HOAG- Hogeland’s. I am much rested today. And it is BELOW O°. Very lousy cold weather- […] luck with my 2nd crock-pot cooking- I overdid the time though. Nothing new today.

Page 6
Saturday Feb.6 .
Couple of catalogs- ads also- no 1st class mail- Phyl brought me some milk and rolls. Lois went to Bridgeport with Demo’s Rona and Donna. Turning nice this PM actually warming and melting a bit. Wonder how much will disappear before Monday.

Sunday- Painless, working day. Ate well, exercised and painted a little. Tomorrow Phyl and I will go to Ft. Collins to see Matt and take his some stuff to him [take some stuff to him]. Hope to get to art store, too.

Monday Feb. 8-
Back from F.C. Bought brushes, oil varnish and damar [dammar]. Also a sketch book. Needed that! Day was in 40’s- we had lunch with Matt at school cafeteria, arrived Sidney about 4 P.M. Tonight is the IOWA caucus. Who will win???

Tuesday- Feb. 9
Uneventful day for me. Lois gave a little talk about quilts to the women’s “circles” of all the churches. There was a tea- and it was also a little “party” with place car- programs, nut cups. cakes etc. Nice day- a little cold. We went to get some groceries after she got home. The wind is blowing now and it may get lots colder.

Wed. 10th- cold and dismal. I didn’t even get out on the deck except to get the mail. Watched C-SPAN and the Senate/ Panama- Drugs- It will be fascinating to watch it tomorrow. Had no mail today.

Thurs. I wonder how long I will be able to write this.
Tonight I look back on 15 hours of NOTHING. Had a quick trip to the “downtown,” had coffee.
[Page 7]
Quite a few letters today, too. Natalie, Dana, valentines, Phyl. Helen called once. She’s going to Longmont tomorrow for a week. I wish I could get some work done this [these] next few days. I have some letters to write- tomorrow night.

Friday- 12th Our parents; wedding was on Lincoln’s Birthday in 1916. 73 years ago! They celebrated their 50th in 1966 about two months before dad died.
Today Lois and I met Phyl for coffee. Helen left about 8 AM to visit Cynthia and Bud in Longmont. She has good traveling weather. Planned to stay about a week. Tonight the famous impersonator of Ronnie Reagan was on Larry King’s hour. Very talented- phenomenal- I’m cooking vegetable soup in the Crock-Pot. I think it’s all finished, now, because it smells so good. More on Saturday 13th.

No mail- one catalog- did my exercises- ate Dalton hamburger! Must try to avoid repeating this- after all I must admit I’ve felt quite peppy lately- getting closer to 70. Wrote some letters- we won’t have a delivery on MON because it is WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY. The wind is blowing HARD tonight- Weather news said Boulder, Ft. Collins had 80 mi gusts. Went to sleep watching T.V.- will read in bed tonight- MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN.

Sunday Feb. 14 The day.
Lois and Charles went to a pancake breakfast at their church. Phyl went to Mass on Saturday evening. Helen is in Longmont, Colo. and I don’t belong or go to church. I expect maybe I should but it wouldn’t be very sincere.
This pen is working now. I have soaked it in some ammonia and cleared out the dry ink. Won’t expect miracles but could write for a while. I stayed in all day. Walked on the track (2.5) for 24 min.

Page 8
Monday 15 Feb
Had coffee with Lois and Phyllis at the hotel- Lois mailed some letters. After lunch we went to Alco’s because we all had “cabin fever.” Then more coffee at the Rolling Pin- Red letter DAY!!
No mail because it was/is Washington’s Birthday.

Tuesday Feb. 16
The month is half gone! This is also Mardi Gras- now Easter in about 6 weeks- April 3. And then a month more and I will start my trip. Sun is out and it’s really very cheerful- yesterday was so gray and dismal. I worked a few hours on my paper file and raised it high enough so the paper cutter will slide under it. Looking ahead to some interesting(!) mail. Heard from Anne C., Richard, Roger Linford, Bill Colby (from CAA in Houston-Dallas) and Jane M. sent for a BEAN rain coat- Helen phoned and will be home this afternoon. Must write to Jo Langer and Richard W.

Wed. Feb. 17
Went to S.O.S. to get some Xerox “Z” copied. Sent to [Lig ?] and Jenni 5 or 6 catalogs. I think they are dwindling- hope so. Lois mailed the croc to Lynda Wong [Push?] in Santa Monica. I wrote to Dina W. Read myself to sleep before 10 PM revived and even watched the silly Letterman-

2-18- Thursday-Feb. 18
Walked to town 20 min. Met Phyl, checked on CORRUPTIONS OF EMPIRE. May get a copy one day-

19 Feb. FRIDAY
Helen called at 2:30 yesterday. Had just come back from Cindy’s. Said she really needed a rest. Lois and I had coffee with Phyl at Hogeland’s this AM. Went to Safeway at 2:30- getting windy and colder but no storms forecast.

Page 9
Saturday Feb. 20
Helen and I went to Alco’s and Safeway. Windy and cold- there was rain/ snow when the day started but by noon it was bright and clear. I painted a little- Read a lot- Philip and Lynda came a 7- they had taken the children to Denver to go to Phoenix- Rather a dull, typical day- we are so fortunately out of the path of all wars, weather violence (NOW anyway) politics- people , excitement, cities, smog, noise, dedication, crime, daily papers, skiers, kids, water, oceans, mountains, subways, shopping malls-

Sunday- After Charles and Lois left for church with Lynda and Phyl I decided to walk over to Phyllis’ and needed the fresh air and exercise anyway. It was windy but still not too cold.
Made more advances on two paintings- dead quiet day- I’m tempted to clean up the yard- where the snow has finally melted- but I guess it is too cold yet-

Monday- Over and out- snowing now in the back yard and in the front sun is bright- windy and cold- I’d guess not more than 30º yet- Feb 22- !!- Watched the FRANL’S PLACE another different type. Wonder how long it will survive.

Wednesday Feb. 23-
The month is speeding by and I am determined now to shape up for my coming [grueling?] trip! It’s too cold to do any clean- up work outside so I will stick to painting and trotting on my track AND DIET! Had a talk with Jane [Canvel?] on my insurance- I’ve paid about 1500.00 too much in the past 5 years! So I should get a refund- WEDNESDAY.
This evening CC phoned and said they would send me a letter and I will get credit etc. The insurance rate of about 14.00 per mo. is the amount […] CC- negotiated. It is so very small [Page 10] after the former premium of the past 35 years! I think when I first paid insurance back in ’57- the year the F.A.C. joined the College it was probably less than 10 per month- I weigh 152 at night!

Thurs. Feb. 25
Lois took me to shop this AM and do a little Zerox [Xerox] job for the darn Smithsonian subscription “problem.” The news story about the French performance artist maybe in the next ART NEWS I get. I hope so. I’d LOVE to try it. It would be so easy to conterfiet [counterfeit] the LOVE stamps f’ instance. VISA came.

So it’s Friday- Feb. 26-
Wrote about a dozen letters today- watched G.H. and was stunned when the plot underway for at least a month- finished up/ and started all over- Lois got her perm. Phyl came over and watched the news and Cross Fire- CNN-. I broke my DIET tonight. Can’t do that. Just lose all you gain- also NO exercise today. If possible I’ll write more people tomorrow but short only- cards. I subscribed to GRANT- 4 copies in 12 mo.
Good night-

Saturday- Feb 27. The mail- The New Yorker came and LL Bean sent word- BACK ORDER RAIN COATS. I’m going to get my money back- I did. Seemed like a long day- but I phoned ,ARTA PACKARD and sent her a snap shot of the flower. Phyl drove to Ft. Collins but decided not to stay all night. She phoned about 6- got Matt a gray suit and stopped in Sterling to exchange the pants- She was tired but decided not to go to church till Sunday (tomorrow)

Page 11
Sunday- Feb 28
Helen came over to see the amaryllis. It is now full four BLOOMS- It was a little cooler today. I raked some of the yard. Hope to walk down town tomorrow- walked 5.2 miles on my N.T. So I’m tired now.

MONDAY- The last day of February 1988
Met Phyl for coffee. Helen went to see about pianos in Mitchell, Ne. It’s up by Scotts Bluff. Back at 4 PM. I’ve all but exhausted the exciting business of the day. All I’ve accomplished past 3 days is a batch of postcards, notes. Tonight I saw the T.V. program- a sort of history/ survey. BBC had the SINGING DETECTIVE. It will be repeated on Friday at 9 on TV 21- Lincoln PBS very DIFFERENT from things I’ve seen. Hope I don’t forget it. Phyl could watch it at Helen’s.
Wonderful day.

Tuesday- March-1-
It came in like a lamb! But not as nice as yesterday though the morning was perfect. I wa;led up and down 14 times around 77! and just 1 mi. on the N.T. But I met Phyl downtown- we each walked BOTH ways. Matt and his friend Todd drove home, had supper with Phyl and went back about 6. We four went to a movie “Three Men and a Baby.” Not really very good as a story- OK for certain audiences. And so to hit the pad- very cloudy and damp night. Tracy phoned about 4 P.M. ABOUT ART SHOW 1-25.

Wed. March 2
Woke up and it was snowing- about 3-5,” didn’t last past 8 AM. At 9:30 I decided to walk downtown to meet Phyl. She decided to use her car. It was SO slushy. Had coffee and then to grocers with Lois and home.
Mail today- Jan- premier copy of 2 then lumber bill. Peggy Marshall phoned about 8:30 AM about my coming visit.
Watching 5 PM news sounds grim- economics/ drugs/ peace- I have decided to write U of Cal [Page 12]
Berkley about AGNES SMEDLEY BOOK. The Grammy Awards are on tonight- on T.V. shows- 1st last and forever.
PHIL DONAHUE- had HAITIAN VOODOO on his program today- interesting with some drum- music- dancing included.
“Why CAN’T people have faith in their own curiosity rather than in established systems?” This is a good question- Read on and on. The January “Z” came, and the “Man. Guardian”-

Thursday- March 3
Walked downtown and got a ride back. Two miles on N.T. Cooked beef stew. Took ages. Very good. Had a lot to put in frig [refrigerator] for tomorrow and tomorrow.

[March 4?]
Pens need new fillers- Another day gone- nothing much accomplished. Windy! Blowing too hard to walk downtown- also lazy, I suppose. This is another fast week- over-working very little- just can’t get involved. Keep trying.

Saturday March 5
Sticky pen. Can’t figure why it doesn’t work. I winder if the company that [makes?] the pens would fix it? If the pen writes right maybe it is greasy- the surface of the paper- oh what the hell!
[…] Sometimes I think I’ll give up. But now this one is working. If I bear down- I think I’ll try to find out if I can- where to write Shaeffer’s [Schaeffer’s?] and get new parts. Now this pen is pretty decent. I bought one in [Haifa?] for 25.00- (15.00 USA) and it was lousy- 6 tips etc.- So afterwards I wrote a note to the “company” in UL and they sent me a new pen- not with 6 tips though. Arnest always disapproved of RADOPGRAPH type- the single line with no variation in width like this one. I walked downtown- bought shirt and pants. I can use them on the trip.
[Page 13]
I think after two months I probably should start making a few illustrations. Lois came down and met Phyl and I at Hogeland’s. We had coffee before we shopped. Not very nice today-

Sunday- The whole world is turned on to VIOLENCE- It is hard [nearly?] impossible to count them any more. Semi-cloudy today- windy. Phyl came by- had locked herself out and Lois and Chas have her key. I went back home with her and we had lunch together. Later she brought me back. Lois and phyl then went to Helen’s for coffee and cherry pie. I wrote letters to Betty T., Bob H., March C. and Natalie. Tried to phone Lydia and Scot in S.F. not home. May try again.
Today is the 1,000 birthday of the Russian Orthodox Church. I suppose Mara Soundakoff celebrated with her students. Must walk downtown tomorrow.

Mon. March 7
Stayed in almost all day. It was damp and very windy. Chilly to the BONE. Had 2 letters- one from Natalie other from JAPAN- Theresa K. she was an art student at CC.

Tues. Mar. 8-
Shopped for food. Bought jeans- guess I’ll take my old LINEN skirt and jacket on my trip- NIKIS [Nike’s?] or NOT. This is SUPER TUESDAY- no mail- just ads- Wind and cold again. Dana phoned. Phyl will take me to meet her in Ft. Morgan on Monday March 21 at 10 AM. Will write her tomorrow. Wrote to N. and T.

Wed. 9- Bought another denim jean- and went to the grocery store again. Got “The Z” for March today- and the “Nation”- Cold tonight- Snow is forecast for tomorrow.

Page 14
Thursday 10-
Cloudy and windy but it hasn’t snowed at all. Denver is still dry- Ft. Collins has snow and it may still hit us. Feels damp tonight.

Friday March 11- SNOW! It has snowed all day. It’s deep and it’s a REAL BLIZZARD- the wind has been wild- I shoveled and swept twice but don’t think it does much good. Roads are all closed- nothing open- school,stores, businesses etc. It is after 10 PM and seems to be only blowing now- no snows.

Sat March 12-
Shoveled snow- tough work because it is deep AND heavy. All 3 of my doors were snow banked. Front about 3 ½ drift. Studio 3’. Kitchen only a foot. Lois worked the whole pathway. I’m thinking she may get pretty stiff. We watched a VERY scary movie tonight called “Apology”- a real sleeper! And so to bed.

Sunday- Everyone went to church. Snow isn’t melting much- too cold. Spent more time on the three newest “Books”-

March 14
MONDAY came with little mail. Tomorrow I’ll call Lykes to see if they will be able to book me for a return in mid-June. The depressing news of dozens of “WARS” goes on and on. I heard Chris Hitchens on C- Span. He is very outspoken and I think VERY accurate in his assessments of the political/ economic/ foreign policy situations in Washington and ALL over. He is still a British citizen- writes for “The Nation.” I should think he’d have to have BODY GUARDS.

Tues- March- 15-
Called the ship and will get a confirmation for my sailing dates in a ? few days. Had 5 catalogs but no letters. Wrote to Sonia, Dana, Lee, Jane M. Worked on books all day.

Page 15
Wed. March 16
A long day inside- mostly nursing a sinus headache- OK tonight-

Watched the TV Nat’l Geo Russian Circus and then the Music Festival- also Russian. Had more sinus headaches, too. Hope to get some [SELDANGS?] from a doctor in C.S. maybe! For just-in-case- Worked on books-

Friday- Still windy, cold snow didn’t melt much either as ?! expected. No mail- worked on books- my sinus is better. No H.A. tonight. US-Nic War has started- March 17

Saturday- Listened to BBC a lot today. the tragedies never stop- anti-gov’t demonstrations from Boston to San Francisco. R: Hondouras [Honduras] and Nicaragua- our weather warmer- 60° on Monday. Phyl and Lois will drive me to Ft. Morgan to meet Dana for a visit with her while Sam is away. Dana was a student at FAC about 1965- we went to Mexico together. One Spring Break- must organize stuff for travel- it will be a test for England.

Sunday- March 20
Organized and packed for Dana’s house and maybe Colorado Springs- Plan to leave about 7 AM tomorrow.

Sunday April 3- EASTER
This has certainly been a different two weeks- about the most unusual since I saw the Pyramids.
On Monday March 21 Phyllis and Lois drove to Ft. Morgan where I was to be picked up Dana (Kamphausen) Smith for a few days to visit at her house in Georgetown, Colorado. A fantastic spread- it isn’t finished yet- the lawns, a 9 hole
[Page 16]
golf green- all the brick edges and I guess she plans on more furniture although it looks finished (inside) to me. But I’m glad it’s hers and not mine. People would or maybe might DOUBT this remark BUT let the, stay there a week and see how they feel. Found the pool absolutely wonderful but then so is my Nordic Track. Dana and I drove Betty back home to C.S. and turned around and went back until we picked up Sam at the Denver airport at 7:30. Then back to the “Smiths” out of Georgetown two more nights. Without Sam and in a blustery spring snow storm we went back to C.S. and she left me at Betty Trotters- Stayed till Wednesday noon, Phyl arrived, we were back in Sidney by five thirty- tired- I have a super itchy rash- could be the dryness, water, nerves, food, fatigue ye gods!
Tomorrow I’ll apply for AmExpress and pay some bills- get some 3¢ stamps. Otherwise I must relax and get over the rash!

Monday is over- April 4-
Took care of some finances- taxes and now I have the house tax and the bills for Apr/ May and arrange for Lois to write my June and ? bills.
Weather beautiful- a sudden change. Thought it would never come. Downtown Sidney is so empty (Greenlees gone) Lois, Phyl and I had coffee at H. Helen called Lois this AM and will come home on Tuesday (tomorrow). She had a 2 week vacation but I’m sure she’d want to take other trips too this summer.

Tuesday- the primaries for Pres. are over in Colorado and Wisconsin tonight. D. ahead of Jackson. Helen phoned on her return from the South West. I
[Page 17]
made an appointment for a physical in the morning- to send to the SHIP- Tomorrow will be THE day I can work outside. I have to plant my 10 pine trees from the Nat’l Arbor Foundation.

Wednesday- April 6-
Checked by doctor this A.M. Planted 10 PINE TREES ON NORTH SIDE- filled the bird bath after Lois and I leveled it. Nice and warm today. My favorite T.V. “Frank’s Place” seems to be off the air. I watched 2 hours this [fore noon?] of drug [quiz?]- Senate- Lois and Phyl decided to go to MOONSTRUCK. Haven’t seen Helen yet. Spoke to her about dinner time. Off and away!!

Thursday April 7
WALKED to town- coffee with Phyl- mailed things and walked to Phyllis’ house- went to visit Helen. Came home. Worked in YARD- Made beef stew.
Also went to lunch at Lois’ church circle. They combine once a moth for meetings. It was nice and calm and friendly. Lois is the “program” for the May breakfast meeting. What a beautiful day it has been.

Friday- cold and very windy. Tried and failed to find a denim skirt I like. Will make do with my old one-

Sat- April 90 1 month! IN ALL DAY. Very cold and disagreeable today. Snowed a bit- then all melted after breakfast. Busy being aimless and lazy. NO mail.

-Sunday April 10-
Did very little work outside because it was too windy and cold FOR ME. Painted a little- the hi-jack in Cyprus is continuing. It must be very sad for Sonia. She doesn’t need that sort of trouble- and it is so close to Limassol.

Page 18
Monday April 11- Phyl and I drove over to see Matt and Bridget but the purpose was to get a few small stretchers- 12” x 16.” I got 5 or 6. And a new Japanese pen. A “throw-away” for 1.45 compare BIC for 10¢! Very nice day- but not hot except in the car.

Tues. 12th- Walked downtown in PM to get new dark glasses checked and my others adjusted. Picked up the PILLOW at JC Penny’s and caught a welcome ride home with Lois. Phyl was there too. and decided to walk home. She called about 45- 1 hr later. Had a LONG walk. Such a beautiful day. I phoned Natalie at 4 PM. It was 10 PM in London. She’s located a B&B- 12£ a day i.e. about $23- I think. Could be worse. Stretched the 4 canvases with first coat of ground before I hit the pad. MUST get over these sinus headaches- past four days!

Wed. April 13-
No H.A! at last- fixed ptgs on wall space in studio- finished preparing 5 canvases. Will pt. Thurs. Too cool for me to work outside yet.

Thursday- April 14-

Friday April 15-
Met Phyl for coffee- saw Helen, walked 2 mi. Very windy and COLD, dry- sunny. Watered trees and helped cut one down- dead- roots were bound and shallow- No wonder.

Sat.- April 16-
Did so little today except walk about 3 miles- went to market. Wore new glasses and read a little.

My birthday today- cold, WINDY. Joint Breakfast- 70-
[Page 19]
phoned Jane a few times- not home. Bob Humphreys was. I think he is feeling BETTER- said he’s played bridge twice- No outdoor work but tried to get the studio stuff straightened up, so I could find something.

Monday- still cold and breezy. Tracy phoned this AM- my MINOLTA film came so now I can take pictures. Hate to take the ART camera. Sent a card to Cindy, one to the B&B lady. Had a note from Natalie with a careful DIRECTIONAL MAP- Sent a confirm for the B&B room. HAMMONDS came home- Tired from their long trip.

Tues- April 19-
Had a “no luck” letter from AM EXPRESS so I called them, had the credit company send me the REASON. I really neglected to fill out the application properly! So it must be my fault and the “bank” has tried to remedy it- So maybe I’ll get a card before I leave on the 6th May- It rained a little about 3:30- Lois and Chas have gone to play bridge in Sterling tonight. Phyl leaves on Thurs for her trip to California.

Wednesday April 20
A week from today I will probably know when the ship sails from NOLA- wonderful day- weather perfect but we’ll get snow this weekend! Phyl will leave tomorrow and spend the night at Matt’s.

Thursday- Phyllis phoned Chas that she got to Ft. Collins OK
[Page 20]
Gets on AMTRAK in the AM. 8:55. Had no mail today. And the M. Guardian came but NO catalogs- for a change- Mail means friends and/ or ship. Sure am hoping for an Am. Express card for this trip.

Friday April 22-countdown-
Today my mail hit ROCK bottom- One ad for “beautiful gardens” which immediately hit the round file. Better luck Sat. It snowed/rained all day long. Lois and I got the snapshots and I’ll mail Phyllis hers tomorrow.

Saturday- I called Phyllis to get Matt’s phone and see how her trip was. One hr. late. Card from Sonia S from CYPRUS with her mother’s address in Cambridge and tele no. Hoped I would look her up. I will. Lois, Charles and I had lunch with Helen and her son and two grandsons. They are very cute little boys 5-3 years. Snow completely melted.

Sunday- Too cool and windy to work outside. And there was some MUD here and there. Tomorrow I will try to kill some dandelions.

Monday- April 25
Today’s mail brought a bill from VISA the first. I called the ship and must check again Thursday. AH me. Took the stress test on Connoe Chung’s program (lasted 1 hr.). not the test the […] Also saw a play “Suspicion” Amer. Playhouse-

Page 21
Tuesday April 26-
Groceries, coffee with Helen and Lois- got pills for sea-sickness. Sent letter to Natalie in London. COLD AND WINDY again today. We have a Northerner ? Blowin’! Letter from Leelee- Sounds marvelous- Chickens and all. Hope to see her in August MAYBE- so many people to visit-

Wed. April 27-
I think THIS pen is nearly DEAD. But until it has to be tossed out I will write. Mailed 3 cards- Hope Sherfey, Betty Chenoweth in Mich. and Philip C. in Tulsa. I should send a note to John C., John McWayne and Richard W. before I leave on my trip. This is my rubber pen (Japanese also). Everything seems stiff and aching today. I guess I spent too much energy digging weeds yesterday and today. Helen came over to eat lunch and we ate outside on the deck. It was sort of cool. Tomorrow will call the ship again.

Talked to the ship. Got ticket AVION for 7 May. Must call ship again on Tuesday May 2 for final!? word. Called Phyl about Betchel BOOK. Dug dandelions, etc. Nice day. Did 3 mi.

Friday- Spent some time in the outdoors. Had coffee with Lois, we did little else. Had a card from Marsh Cross and a book I ordered from Chinook- Charles went to a funeral of Mr. Sherfey.

Lois’ frig went capoot. Brought some food over here. But had to throw away a lot. Quite a
[Page 22]
hot day. Hands are cramped from holding the thumb sprays and grass cutters. This “farm” is just too much but I guess 4 or 5 months isn’t too bad. Certainly like it better than Nebraska winters or ANY winters- must be part of age. Although I’ve never been a cold weather person- and this is in spite of So Dak., Ohio, Colorado etc. 6 weeks in Palm Beach during the June ’44 “boot camp” was my tropical life experience.

Sunday- Today was very warm and I was lured to the dandelion digging again. The ones I sprayed with “Weed and Feed” look sort of sick. WITH LUCK they’ll DIE. Weather is going to get wet and cold and so the BIG STORM with hail, lightning and thunder was predicted correctly- It was a LONG (4-5 hrs) STORM. Still flashes of lightning after I turned out the lights and tried to sleep.

Monday May 2
Still raining now at 6 AM. Lots of May Day labor demonstrations, shootings, horrors in Chile, Turkey, Poland etc on the Australian news this AM. Rained all day but wind was the disagreeable factor. I EVEN took the “flag” down. L and C went to play bridge and eat out. Their frig is OK. Then Phyllis called to say farewell. I’ll phone her on Thurs. night- She’ll be back on Sunday 8th which is MOTHER’S DAY.
I phoned the SHIP and we will leave 8th. I go to the
[Page 23] Landmark Hotel near the Quarter reserved by ship’s passenger office. We will be picked up at 9:30 AM Sunday! It is cold/ cool here and may be 90 in NO LA. What to wear?- ?layers of course.

Tues- Nothing happened- sun shone, wind was cool. Grass green etc. Made card for Natalie.

Wed. May 4-
Ship phoned that it leaves on Monday 9th AM. I didn’t change plans for hotel. Weather like yesterday.
Big explosion in Nevada rocket fuel plant. Should read ROCKET FOOL PLANT.

Thursday- My last entry in this phase of spring summer Sidney!! It is May 5 and Helen and I will leave for Cynthia’s tomorrow.

Monday July 18- Been ages since I opened this book- but the sooner…Sheldon Lykes tied up in Galveston, TX about 6 PM on the same place as the Tyson Lykes sis on May 4 1987. And also with two passengers. Limo to airport in and one night’s sleep- the [then] to Denver, changed planes and on to Colo. Springs for 3 nights. Home in 3 stages to Denver with Trudie G., to Cheyenne on bus, and my three sisters to welcome me back with a ride to Sidney, and ate on the way. Back in good old home sweet home by about 8 pm Wed., July 13.
Today has been cooler for a change. Colo was hot too. No rain for a few days but they have had plenty really all the time I’ve been away- 9 wks. I was expecting a desert.

Friday- July 22-
Had to write Jane M. and Mike Collins. He sent a map for Debbie C. and Bill Irvine in Wyoming. Watch [Watched] Dukakis last night. Speech was OK but too long. If I wrote twice a week maybe there would be more to write. We shall see.

[Page 24]
Sat. July 23
The 4 had coffee and conversation at Hogeland’s this AM- Then we all went to J&J and bought some food- very exciting- Hot day but was nice and cool after the sun went down. Chas came to my help with some branches bashing my studio gutter- I brought the ladder over from their garage but didn’t have the nerve to climb up.

Monday July 25-
Sent for a BBC free booklet- may subscribe. Wrote a check for Phyllis car “problem.” She will fix my skirt for me when she can. She’s sewing denim jackets for the Kovach’s grandchildren. Heavy dew last night. Clear skies this AM. Cleaned up the back mass of wild columbine. They need more sun and get so tall they all fall over. I may finish the NUMBER BOOK today.

Tues. July 26
Had a note and bunch of ship snapshots from Regina K. I replied again and said I’d mail her an etching “Bag Ladies.” Notice came about the C.D. in Colorado. Will leave it there for the present.

Wed. 27
Tonight Jennie and Doug are coming to Lois and Chas’ for a couple of nights and then they all go to Rapid City for a reunion with Grandpa […an] nice. Didn’t write ANY cards today.

Thursday July 28- My gosh July is almost gone. I hoe’d the weeds for the third time- the bugs drive me in but I’m beginning to see progress with the weeds. Phoned Helen to tell her it was too “hot” to come over today. Lois is taking Jenni over to visit both Helen and Phyllis. No breeze. The streets are all finished paving now. I expect it will be difficult to drive on for a few days- loose gravel etc. Back to work now. Trying to finish the Book of Owls Lois wants me to give her son, Eardley. 8 more to do. Jenni and Doug patiently listened to “sea” story- the [Knutson?] trips/ sketches and a little of the trips to east Med.- Turkey etc-
Sneezing again- Off to sleep-

Friday- July 29-
Very dark at 8 AM- heavy clouds. THUNDER- CALM- NO LIGHTNING. LOTSA MOSKITOES- MOSQUITOS- Lois etc are going to Rapid City sometime before lunch today.

Page 25
Tues. Aug. 2. Lois and Charles went to R.C. on Sat. noon, came home after lunch on Sunday- no they went up Friday, came back on Saturday. Eardley and Beverly can’t come at this time so L and C are going to Minneapolis in September (present plan). Helen’s daughter Becky came from N.J. with Gari and 3 boys- 8- 5- 2- They arrived late Sunday and expect to leave on Wed. AM to visit Cynthia and Lewis II. Then on to Alburuerque [Albuquerque] and big Lew and after that to Gari’s mother in Calif. I guess he has 3-4 weeks vacation. Works for the FBI. Hot- humid (for us) weather continues. It is 86º in Denver now.

That is THURSDAY! Aug 4-88-
Phyllis phoned from motel in Fullerton, California at about 2:30 PM. I talked for a minute. Lois and Helen heard my end. All’s OK. Got bank statement 8200- bad/ dab/ ship/ pip/ rip/ called Lykes- they said call end of Aug- more info then. Dismantled BLACK CHEST (built by Joe H in Early? 60’s. BEFORE ‘63) and Helen will have huge dog house for Nikki- Pained [Painted] this AM and last night- spent about 6 hours painting basement laundry room- had to tear off my 1983 corrugated cardboard ceiling- at least it covered the cobwebs and dust but painted timber is “functional.” Mailed student’s work back to her after lunch. It came before PRIORITY mail pd [paid] for both ways by her. I’ll send a letter to the registrar on Friday (tomorrow).

Aug. 11. Phyl got home about 2 PM. She left California about 4 AM on Wednesday 10th. Almost 1200 miles- Lois was busy in Phyl’s garden but wanted to cut down on the weeding that would have to be done. I’ve been working on the wheat book, the yard, etc. Should write some letters. In 3 weeks or so I might find out about a trip- Lykes again. Hope so. Must answer Natalie’s letter. She wrote about a week ago- Aug 1!!

August 21- Ten days gone like crazy- rec’d 380- from Tracy on Saturday the 20th this year- one in Jan was for 1987-
[Page 26]
The hot sticky weather continues, but of course all good things must end. I’m going back and forth about living someplace else for a stretch of 5-6 months. Seems like a great idea in many ways. But I want a flat so I can get my own meals- Must send off a letter to Felixstowe or Colchester.

Sept. 2. Friday. Lois and Chas left about 1 PM for their vacation trip to Missouri, Illinois and Minnesota to visit their relatives- grandchildren, Chas’ sister and all. I watered the front lawn and flowers this AM. It’s too windy for GOOD soaking but then it isn’t hot at all so since fall in on us growing! etc is unnecessary. Lois is listening to her week-end football games but since she’ll get her TV hooked up on Tuesday she’s happy with only the RADIO for now. I phoned the ship and will be sailing from Miluaukee [Milwaukee] on or about Sept. 28 for Africa- via Medit [Mediterranean]- See atlas.

Sept 7- Went to mail PASSPORT this AM. I had phoned the Ethiopian embassy last Wed. Aug.31! and she sent it out on Thursday. I received it Tues. 6th. And now this afternoon the Lykes called to say E. doesn’t wish to issue us (passengers) a visa/visas. One early-bird couple did get theirs so the ship is using pressure to see why, what, etc since we are carrying them grain I’m to call Joan/ Lykes on Wed. after MAIL COMES. Some passengers may cancel- others are hanging in- me, too. Since Helen, Phyl and I will be gone to TX on Wed. Lois, I hope, can check on my mail and then call Joan Urban on 1-800-535-1861.

Page 27
Sept. 10- A big day for news/ mail concerning the TRIP. I am going to have a room-mate!! That shows I’m not alone being nutz [nuts], I guess. We may leave on the 27th so on Monday 12th I must call LODGE and TRAIN- and put us up one day sooner. Also one letter explains we are in Ethiopian waters (area) for 3 weeks- so date to arrive back in USA will be maybe around Dec. 1. But who knows at this time-
Then a few minutes ago my Room mate called! Wanted to check on whether I smoked or not- ah- relief. She doesn’t either. She has also been on the Ashley before- to go to Mediterranean. Also hasn’t been thru the Suez.

Sept 16- Spoke to the R.M. for the Ethiopian trip last night. She is flying to Milw. I get there by train on Monday might 26th. Yesterday the ship’s agent said to phone her Tues. 20th about more definite sailing schedule.

I have almost given up with writing or trying to. Such awful messes-
Anyway the next thing that happened was ? the trip to Ethiopia. And since we didn’t even have passports to enter the ports- beyond the gates- not passports- but the VISA which is/ was always required. However, I used a sketchbook I brought on my UK LONDON trip earlier in the year ’88. It is green and smaller- mostly sketches.

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Ms 0368 Box 7, 1991 Day Planner. Transcribed by Marta Trippe, CC class of 2013, summer 2012.

Monday December 31, 1990
Helen phoned H.N. Year
All’s well
Furnace fouled
All night at Lois’

Tuesday January 1, 1991
Pizza Hut with L and C and Phyl- almost 60º today- House COLD
BBC Jan-1 Vol 3

Wednesday January 2, 1991
Frosty- furnace OUT may get repaired. Wednesday man came- has found source of TROUBLE (?)
All night at Lois’

Thursday January 3, 1991
FURNACE OK. Card from N. d’A, cold, snowy, dreary. No [sun?]. Nebr. tax came
Letter from Helen

Friday January 4, 1991
Furnace fine- Dull, dreary and cold- NO SUN
Worked on ’90 inc. tax
Sent Panama info to Chris in Midland

Saturday January 5, 1991
Cold. Al went home at 6 PM. Should arrive Sunday night. Went to sterling.

Sunday January 6, 1991

In the margins of the planner: “BBC Jan-1 Vol 3”

Monday January 7, 1991
Sent card to Helen- Coffee at Finney’s-
Taxes/ Polar Star
Al in TX late Sunday night
Bought ATLAS

Tuesday January 8, 1991
Ordered LL Bean sweater-
Natalie and Mary P. phoned Phyl.
Finished POLAR STAR. Very page turning book!

Wednesday January 9, 1991
Furnace went off!
STARTED on 3rd try

Thursday January10, 1991
Tomorrow Helen’s birthday- We’ll also see Terri and Zak, the 5 mo old 3rd boy
GOOD weather- Cold and dry

Friday January 11, 1991
Income tax- Rob- 10 AM on Monday Feb. 4
Left for Longmont- 7:15
Home about 6:15- Good birthday for H
Bought a dog carrier in Sterling for Phyl

Saturday January 12, 1991
Downtown Sidney for coffee
Conversation- nice-
After lunch Library-
Shopped! Envelopes-gum-chocolate peanuts—WINDY

Sunday January 13, 1991
Nice day but cool and not real NEBR SUN
IDLE all day

In the margins of the planner:
“Bought a dog carrier in Sterling for Phyl”

Monday January 21, 1991
Quiet day- no mail
Gloomy and cold/dry-

Tuesday January 22, 1991
2:30 Dr. Found heart has a problem- M.G. came
Fibrilation [Fibrillation]- EKG to be sent to DENVER-
Make Dr. app’t next Tuesday

Wednesday January 23, 1991
My SPOT started itching at 4:20 PM- never had this before in giving BLOOD

Thursday January 24, 1991
Cold/ Damp/ Safeway
Cooked STEW- Snowing tonight

Friday January 25, 1991
Sunny- COLD 4º
B. refuses to be in the “penned” up White House by S.H. oil spill. Very serious.

Saturday January 26, 1991
HUGE PEACE rally in Germ/ France/U.K/ Tokyo etc- STOP THE WAR.

Sunday January 27, 1991
War goes on- Some oil taps have been bombed and thus stopped BUT- only for a brief time.
Finished 2nd M Spark book. Enjoyed much.

In the margins of the planner:
“Letter from DANA H.”
“Good BG order”
“Wrote 4 letters- WROTE Jenni, M. Olson, Matt H., Snyders/ Dix, Sayre/ Jane M.”
“BOMBED US Embassy in Adana and freighters as well.”
“Tracy called.”

Monday January 28, 1991
Egypt pres. has made a speech that has set ARABS against him. I must hear more because I don’t know what he said…
Semi-sunny-Cold. Dry.

Tuesday January 29, 1991
BBC video came-
P & BP seem better
Swept snow-
Who is BP?
Wednesday January 30, 1991
8 AM Dudes Breakfast- Didn’t go
Dr. at 2:30 everything OK (Chlo [Cholesterol] 245 (high)!) NO MORE cheese
Sent my Mogreb book to Josie

Thursday January 31, 1991
Furnace broken and being repaired. Not too? cold 20º this AM
Letter from Marsh Cross.

Friday February 1, 1991
Letter from Mary Ross
T.L.S.- March London Calling
Worked on photo album-
Temp in 50’s. WAR OFF AIR. Big break for the war bored-
Big plane crash in CAL-LAX

Saturday February 2, 1991
Called Albert and Sharon
Lois making cookies
Letter from Jo Langer-
NICE day
I wrote and sent 9 letters and notes

Sunday February 3, 1991
Very nice day
Ride to [Iliff?]
Red (pale) sunrise

Monday February 4, 1991
-TAXES (good news)- 10 AM-
Ginger off her food. Car sick? from yesterday maybe/ 60’s

Tuesday February 5, 1991
WATS- Medical C.C. C.S. Colo.
Raked and cleaned up
!! 70º!!
Sent letter to CC

Wednesday February 6, 1991
Wrote Regina- order FLAX
Helen Hill Wrede
10 Downing St.
Claim No: 91019169-01
Group No: 00046046
Bombs (IRA?) about 10 AM
Ginger –clipped

Thursday February 7, 1991
Trash today-
Gorgeous and I raked a little-
Sort SS of trips

Friday February 8, 1991
Wasted today-trying to keep my B.P. [blood pressure] down. Wrote Tracy
Work for talk ready.

Saturday February 9, 1991
Nice day- No work outside- Read
Did photo envelopes

Sunday February 10, 1991
WALKED to Helen’s
40 min. 1 mi. on the Nordic
Watched [“Stevie”?]
Ate right/ nice day

Monday February 11, 1991
Income Tax OK
Perfect day-
Wrote note to Jo Langer

Tuesday February 12, 1991
Our parents’ wedding anniversary 1915

Wednesday February 13, 1991
Played “House of Cards”
Turned cool-cold
Helen and Phyl went to Cheyenne

Thursday February 14, 1991
Valentines from Lois to all of us-
145 Finish PTG [painting]

Friday February 15, 1991
Wrote BBC London Calling
Went to Sterling

Saturday February 16, 1991
Quiet lazy day- phoned Sharon

Sunday February 17, 1991
Phoned Albert-We may visit them after Easter-

In the margins of the planner:
“Soviet[s] will TRY to help with PEACE. WAR STILL ON!”

Monday February 18, 1991
Washington’s B’Day
Heavy clouds and snowing- Talk tonight in Dalton

Tuesday February 19, 1991
Watched “WAR”

Wednesday February 20, 1991
Groceries/ Raked leaves
Ginger sat. X

Thursday February 21, 1991
Cool, sun.
Toast -5
Read-Brit Books

Friday February 22, 1991
Painted B & W garden stick- read
N.T. 1 ½ mi. Sunny, cold, windy

Saturday February 23, 1991
Painted stick

Sunday February 24, 1991
Cold-snowed and melted (mostly)

Monday February 25, 1991
Wrote SF Aust [Australia?] consul called PACE? ACT

Tuesday February 26, 1991
Wrote Bill Colby
BBC video

Wednesday February 27, 1991
Gas bill!
[Cold/ coffee [with?] J and Jill/ L.H.P.???]
1 ½ mi

Thursday February 28
Lois- Alliance
Phyl and I to Sterling

Friday March 1, 1991
Tried to regain my ACT-PACE passage to NZ [New Zealand] and Aust [Australia} will organize time for Apr 13
Rec’d info. From SHIP

Saturday March 2, 1991
Bought broccoli broccoli and muffins-
Had coffee with sisters
1 mi.

Sunday March 3, 1991
Packed a letter and box for J and J [Catavissa?].
Very windy- 40º

Monday March 4, 1991
Sent passport to S.F. for new visa-
Super day-Dry

Tuesday March 5, 1991
Warm/ dry/ took care o[f] cats- dog
Mailed check for Blair for (car raffle) 100-

Wednesday March 6, 1991
Gloomy day- weak sun, damp- but no snow here
L and C went to Scottsbluff
H and P to Cheyenne Tues

Thursday March 7, 1991
Worked at art-
Letters/ coffee at Finney’s

Friday March 8, 1991
Walked downtown
Sent to Minolta Dr. at 3 PM sent from NY ship

Saturday March 9, 1991
Groceries- 2nd day diet
Windy- cool
To[o] cold-
Hope for the pen [stays?]

Sunday March 10, 1991
ACT 4 left Brisbane

Written in the margins of the planner:
“Lois and Chas Scottsbluff”
“Helen to Cheyenne”
“Tues was a long day-“
“Snaps for Chas.”
“DAMART- 2 shirts ordered-”

Monday March 11, 1991
Sterling with Phyllis
Very nice day

Tuesday March 12, 1991
Terrible winds-
I shoveled-snow

Wednesday March 13, 1991
ACT 4 in W. out W.
Sent letter to Regina K.
Wrote to:
Kay G./ Bill C.
Chris H./ Mary Ross
Jane W./ Helen Hill
Dana and Joe/ Matt

Thursday March 14, 1991

Friday March 15, 1991
DAMART-Not yet.
Dr- blood- afternoon check
To Sterling-
Mail- 0

Saturday March 16, 1991
Very good day- Damp!
No mail-

Sunday March 17, 1991
Beautiful day
Dyed shirt [and] pants. Didn’t do well
St. Patrick.

Monday March 18, 1991
Art- Binney and Smith
Passport OK- M.G.
Coffee with all of us
Walked home
Call Aust. D.C. Embassy

Tuesday March 19, 1991
Walked one way
Ate too much!

Wednesday March 20, 1991
Went to P and H's
Card from Jand J
Will send more things.
Watered grass
Wrote to Bearwalds and Marta

Thursday March 21, 1991
Worked in yard-
Watered trees-
Wrote letters-
- dead-
Regina and Doris/ Simon

Friday March 22, 1991
Pd. Phyllis- and Lois-
Cleaned and watered outside in back
Started on “books”

Saturday March 23, 1991
Worked in front yd
Wrote letters to Josie
Heard from Nat. [Natalie?]

Sunday March 24, 1991
Palm Sunday- Helen Owen
Will take walk to Phyl’s and Helen’s
Newton St.
40 min walk

Monday March 25, 1991
Went to Sterling
VISA bill
BBC video

Tuesday March 26, 1991
Went to Kearney to get Ali-
No mail-

Wednesday March 27, 1991
Went to Phyl’s
No mail.
Tele call from Leelee

Thursday March 28, 1991
2- TLS
Nothing else
Snowed Wed night

Friday March 29, 1991
Snow gone by afternoon-
Misty- cold
AT & T card

Saturday March 30, 1991
Kennedy Smith- Florida? “RAPE”

Sunday March 31, 1991

Written in the margins of the planner:
“Tele call from Leelee”
“From Vivian- N.J.”
“Marta letters”

Monday April 1, 1991

Tuesday April 2, 1991

Wednesday April 3, 1991

Thursday April 4, 1991

Friday April 5, 1991
Tickets came-
Blood pressure tabs. 160-$106=
Stay Home

Saturday April 6, 1991
Felt as if it could be 90º
Raked and watered-
Wrote letters

Sunday April 7, 1991
Colder today
60 º no sun, windy
Wrote letters

Monday April 8, 1991
BBC maybe. NO!

Tuesday April 9, 1991
Chas-Sterling-golf cart
Albert-Tx. for interview-
Walked downtown.

Wednesday April 10, 1991
PACE/ACT Called to check of everything was ok. Told me to check in with Mr. Granacki in H. Tx.

Thursday April 11, 1991
1-713-956-2228 Houston
Letter from S. Lane- Aust-
Johnsons- N.J.
-call from Tracy-

Friday April 12, 1991

Saturday April 13, 1991
Ship may EMBARK from Houston, Texas
Leave D- H. Tx at 10:37

Sunday April 14, 1991
La Quinta: Motel

Written in the margins of the planner:
“Travel insurance 254-4928”
“In case Melbourne counterpart-
Norm Maginess
I will be there till 27th in ‘?some motel’”

Monday April 15, 1991 – Wednesday June 5, 1991 [left blank]

Thursday June 6, 1991
My house insurance due.

Friday June 7, 1991- Saturday July 20, 1991 [left blank]

Sunday July 21, 1991
Left Perth at 12:10 AM

Monday July 22, 1991
Arrived in Brisbane-

Tuesday July 23, 1991- Sunday September 1, 1991 [left blank]

Monday September 2, 1991
2ndday back

Tuesday September 3, 1991
BBC -end-
Drug- CC

Written in the margins of the planner:
“Minolta, Eagers, Jane M., Josie, Betty, Viv, Ed, Regina, Kay, Dick, Novis, Tracy, Gale M.”

Wednesday September 4, 1991- Sunday September 8, 1991 [left blank]

Monday September 9, 1991
Regina, Vivian
Valerie (Aust)
2 times

Tuesday September 10, 1991
C.C. drugs, Sonia S
Tracy phoned

Wednesday September 11, 1991
Jane M, Marta P
Insurance to CC
Tracy Westward Ho

Thursday September 12, 1991
Gert Allen
Letter from Jack S.

Friday September 13, 1991
Card from Jo Langer
Tele bill- Jane M.

Saturday September 14, 1991
To Denver Airport to pick up Mary P.

Sunday September 15, 1991
Tracy and Lisa Cross

Written in the margins of the planner:
“Charge phone”
“Ordered film and pd [paid] bill of [3.40?]”
“Marta called me”

Monday September 16, 1991
Income tax due-USA-Nebraska

Tuesday September 17, 1991
P. and MP to Las Vegas

Wednesday September 18, 1991- Thursday September 19, 1991 [left blank]

Friday September 20, 1991
Wrote Jane M.
Letter from Viv and Ed.

Saturday September 21, 1991

Sunday September 22, 1991
Wrote Veronica and [Dario?]
Mailed Mon 23

Monday September 23, 1991
Wrote Marta and Valerie
Letter from Nat d’A
P and MP back from L.V. and Matt with friend

Tuesday September 24, 1991

Wednesday September 25, 1991
Letter from Tangier, Mor.
Roger and Zita

Thursday September 26, 1991- Sunday September 29, 1991 [left blank]

Monday September 30, 1991
Letters to R. and Z [Roger and Zita] and Jane Murphy
Nat d’A

Tuesday October 1, 1991
Bill C.
Elizabeth Campbell
Jack [edgely?]
London Review Books

Wednesday October 2, 1991
Dr. thyroid
Letters to Matt and Colbys
Lois gone at 7.

Thursday October 3, 1991
Johnson, Elizabeth, Valerie,
Medical- college- bank

Friday October 4, 1991
Catalogs! Pants came ordered BLACK, too.
Bank settled for lost slip therefore my error (income tax) and I must pay-!!

Saturday October 5, 1991
Cooler- sunny
Wrote Johnsons

Sunday October 6, 1991

Monday October 7, 1991
Mailed video to UK
Called UK 3 times

Tuesday October 8, 1991
Shopped for groceries
No mail!

Wednesday October 9, 1991
Went to Chadron. Ne.

Thursday October 10, 1991
Letter from BBC- refund business- Lisa Cross CAME
Went to Cheyenne, Wyo.

Friday October 11, 1991
City of Sidney-
Dr. Pohlman/ KNEE

Saturday October 12, 1991-Sunday October 13, 1991 [left blank]

Monday October 14, 1991
Wrote Natalie d’A.

Tuesday October 15, 1991
Wrote Jane W. and Veronica

Wednesday October 16, 1991
Jane Murphy- Kay Grove
“Manchester Guardian.” Free Book
Marta- BBC letter came about refund
Walked 2 ways to town
Xercise [exercise]
22 killed Killen [Killeen], Tx.

Thursday October 17, 1991
BBC- answered request for refund address-
Walked 1 way to town
Letter to BBC
Xercise [exercise]

Friday October 18, 1991
Wrote Josie- Peggy
Card to Bill-
“Door” by Lyle Christ

Saturday October 19, 1991
Write a letter to M. Guardian-

Sunday October 20, 1991

Written in the margins of the planner:
“Bill 3706 N Union”

Monday October 21, 1991
No BBC stuff
Valerie- Lake Clifton

Tuesday October 22, 1991
Ironed! TV Lazy Susan
Leaves and more leaves

Wednesday October 23, 1991
Get X-RAY from O’H.

Thursday October 24, 1991
Call hospital
Wrote Valerie
BBC might have my letter

Friday October 25, 1991
Dr.- 10:15 AM X-RAY
Next in 4 Weeks

Saturday October 26, 1991-Sunday October 27, 1991 [left blank]

Monday October 28, 1991
Page 58 Women’s low cuts
49-11 days women’s- ll beans [L.L Bean’s]

Tuesday October 29, 1991
Wrote John (Denver gallery)
Tracy/ Su- Marsh Cross

Wednesday October 30, 1991
Sent stuff to M.G. to rescribe [subscribe?]
Rec’d “Bedside M.G” on Nov. 19

Thursday October 31, 1991

Friday November 1, 1991
½ mi xcise [exercise]

Saturday November 2, 1991
½ mi xcise [exercise]

Sunday November 3, 1991
Lois’ church bazaar
1 mi xcise [exercise]

Monday November 4, 1991
Sent Jane M. letter-
Card from Groves
Ordered phone shoes

Tuesday November 5, 1991
Sent card to Lindford-
Grove- John Haeseler
TNT bill/ Josie and Bob
Mary, Phyllis

Wednesday November 6, 1991
Card from Peggy

Thursday November 7, 1991

Friday November 8, 1991
LL Bean came

Saturday November 9, 1991
LL Bean returned by US P.O.
Ordered 2 dusters
AT &T phone came on 9th

Sunday November 10, 1991
1992/1968= 24

Monday November 11, 1991
Mocs from LL Bean sent back 9th Nov came from Atlanta
Tele maybe Mon
Helen came over
Went to Cheyenne with L. and P.
Got 10 LB weight used 5 LBS.
Holiday- No mail
Card from Sonia

Tuesday November 12, 1991-Wednesday November 13, 1991 [left blank]

Thursday November 14, 1991
Wrote to N d’A., Sonia, Zak:
To Roger:
Gail Aust.
New ink for FATTY

Friday November 15, 1991
10 dog cut

Saturday November 16, 1991
1 719 598 1089

Sunday November 17, 1991
Wrote to- Celia Colby-
Bill C.- Ann Cribbs-
Tracy Felix Groves
Called Marta

In the margins of the planner:
“Eliz. Schlosser

Monday November 18, 1991

Tuesday November 19, 1991
IDR in Sterling
10 AM hair cut-

Wednesday November 20, 1991
This is it

Thursday November 21, 1991
Viv and Ed J. (SHIP)

Friday November 22, 1991
Dr. –Pohlman

Saturday November 23, 1991
Wrote to Aust radio

Sunday November 24, 1991
Schlosser came 3PM 1 PM.

Monday November 25, 1991

Tuesday November 26, 1991
Letter from Regina

Wednesday November 27, 1991-Thursday November 28, 1991 [left blank]

Friday November 29, 1991
Wrote to BBC on Oct. 17. No word yet

Saturday November 30, 1991
Lois in Parade
Lunch with Matt,Lois and Chas

Sunday December 1, 1991
Mailed “Common Reader” ordered. Oxford DIK

Written in the margins of the planner:
“Book from Marta”
“Dusters from LL Bean came”

Monday December 2, 1991
Lois’ Birthday
14th week back from 91’ trip to Aust.
WW bag came. Jane’s party for Lois’ birthday

Tuesday December 3, 1991

Wednesday December 4, 1991
Called “Short Wave”

Thursday December 5, 1991
FLAX came
Helen to hosp.
Toes Friday

Friday December 6, 1991
Wrote: Marta, Bill C., Kay, Jane, Kapps, Josie, Natalie-

Saturday December 7, 1991
Helen visited by M. and P.

Sunday December 8, 1991
Wrote Groves, Colby’s
[Rainer?] tax thing
Lincoln med-

Written in the margins of the planner:
“US Mail. Look for FLAX. BBC. VISA.

Monday December 9, 1991
Went to Cheyenne

Tuesday December 10, 1991
10:00 popcorn delivered S.S.

Wednesday December 11, 1991- Thursday December 12, 1991 [left blank]

Friday December 13, 1991
Sent 60- to Neb TV

Saturday December 14, 1991
Phyl and I went to see H.

Sunday December 15, 1991

Written in the margins of the planner”
“Charge phone”
402 472

Monday December 16, 1991
Lois and Phyl went to see H. Took stuff.
Took BBC £ 388 73p to bank deposit

Tuesday December 17, 1991
PD VISA for H.M. 40723

Wednesday December 18, 1991
Toast and coffee/ broccoli coffee/ beans/ crackers/ spaghetti sauce

Thursday December 19, 1991
Helen has been in the H. [hospital] two wks today-

Friday December 20, 1991
Went to N. Platte to see EL (yes) and Phyl (no) and ate

Saturday December 21, 1991
Pd. gas K N.E.
Wrote Richard W. and Jane Murphy
Lois and Chas got Helen-

Sunday December 22, 1991
10 PM Denver-

Written in the margins of the planner:
“Maurice and Hicky
3555 Pomerish Drive
Reno, 89502”

Monday December 23, 1991
Gave H. 407-as GIFT

Tuesday December 24 1991- Friday December 27, 1991 [left blank]

Saturday December 28, 1991
Wrote Colby- Natalie Groves- Regina-

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Ms 0368 Box 7, 1992 Day Planner. Transcribed by Marta Trippe, CC class of 2013, summer 2012.

Friday January 10, 1992
Helen’s Birthday

Saturday January 11, 1992- Tuesday January 21, 1992 [left blank]

Wednesday January 22, 1992
This diary came

Thursday January 23, 1992- Saturday January 25, 1992 [left blank]

Sunday January 26, 1992
Lewis came to see Helen.

Monday January 27, 1992
Mary Phyllis Hickey- Phelps

Tuesday January 28, 1992 – Thursday February 13, 1992 [left blank]

Friday February 14, 1992
Started- STAR- HERALD- Phyllis

Saturday February 15, 1992- Tuesday February 25, 1992 [left blank]

Wednesday February 26, 1992
Bottles/ cable pd./ Josie/ Peggy
New card VISA.

Thursday February 27, 1992

Friday February 28, 1992- Thursday March 5, 1992 [left blank]

Friday March 6, 1992
Deposit interest check in. C.S., CO.
Film- 400

Saturday March 7, 1992- Saturday March 28, 1992 [left blank]

Sunday March 29, 1992
Tried to set the etching press.
Seems brand new.

Monday March 30, 1992- Wednesday April 1, 1992 [left blank]

Thursday April 2, 1992
Press to be checked-
Write- LR of B in Illinois for 3rd time about the missing issues.

Friday April 3, 1992- Friday April 10, 1992 [left blank]

Saturday April 11, 1992
Trials of Rosie O’Neill-thumbs down.

Sunday April 12, 1992

Monday April 13, 1992
Left on trip to visit Mike Hickey

Tuesday April 14, 1992
Arrived about 6 PM Tuesday.

Wednesday April 15 1992- Thursday April 16, 1992 [left blank]

Friday April 17, 1992
Charles died on Friday afternoon

Saturday April 18, 1992
Phyllis- Mary left Houston, TX.

Sunday April 19, 1992
Arrive in Sidney about 6:30 PM

Monday April 20, 1992- Sunday April 26, 1992 [left blank]

Monday April 27, 1992
Letters to: Helen, Jan, Jim, Philip H.
Lawn mowed-

Tuesday April 28, 1992
Notes to: Colby, Regina, Jane M., Bob H., Dana K.S., Helen, Josie, Elizabeth C., Sonia S., Natalie.

Wednesday April 29, 1992
Wrote Gerry E., Mary Ross, Bev., Nat., Sonia, Mike and
{Scholars Book, Harker Books, Chamber} STOP CAT.

Thursday April 30, 1992
Natalie- N.S. Johnsons-
Groves- Josie (card)-

Friday May 1, 1992
Grocery- Saw Phyl-

Saturday May 2, 1992
Church sale
Check for med/Wilson- to bin 101.85

Sunday May 3, 1992
“Denver Post” No 1

Monday May 4, 1992- Tuesday May 5, 1992 [left blank]

Wednesday May 6, 1992
Talk in Dalton- Breakfast
Glasses in Sterling
Hair cut in “ [Sterling]

Thursday May 7, 1992
Lois’ breakfast today

Friday May 8, 1992

Saturday May 9, 1992
Sent AT & T VISA 31.92 for books
P.O. BOX 9132
Hyattsville, MD.
Wrote Lee and Bob H. Natalie, TX.

Sunday May 10, 1992
Cards to Jane, Leelee, Helen, City util., Colbys
(Write later!)
“Denver Post” No 2.

Monday May 11, 1992
Letter from Vivian-
Bill from hospital-
Wrote LYKES finally

Tuesday May 12, 1992
Sprinkled? A wee drop
Bought stamps 29.00 at P.O.

Wednesday May 13, 1992
Market- Cheyenne- Windy and cool.

Thursday May 14, 1992
Groceries- Lois and Phyl for lunch.

Friday May 15, 1992
Book corner order-
Helen wrote that she is moving

Saturday May 16, 1992
Wrote to:
Groves, Natalie Hickey, Westervelt, Cindy, Helen, Colby

Sunday May 17, 1992
Sunday- write to Natalie d’A, Josie, Sonia,}Monday
Johnsons, Regina} Jo. L- 6

Monday May 18, 1992
LETTER: From Peggy Marshall
L.R. of Books (May 14)
CARD from DAR 10
Wrote Johnsons and Regina

Tuesday May 19, 1992
“ [Wrote to?]
1.) Jane Murphy
2.) Josie
3.) Natalie d’A
4.) Helen

Wednesday May 20, 1992
Dr. O’H. on Friday 22 at 2:30
Med. check- 36.67 came

Thursday May 21, 1992
Wrote Cindy, Helen and Sonia

Friday May 22, 1992
Everything […] –OK-

Saturday May 23, 1992

Sunday May 24, 1992
Drove to N. Platte for Chad’s ’92 graduation. Had yum yum at Lynda and Phil’s afterward-
Michelle and Jon couldn’t come- too far and too occupied.

Monday May 25, 1992
Memorial Day- everything quiet.
Al fixed my crooked table.
Painted- Very cool

Tuesday May 26, 1992
Mail from= VISA bill, Man. Guar. [“Manchester Guardian”]
Cool to cold- but sunshine in PM it warmed.
Phyl came.

Wednesday May 27, 1992
Paid VISA- Omaha- Painted-
Wrote Cindy and Helen/ check $120 from ART/ TX (Natalie)

Thursday May 28, 1992
Thurs- grass mowed.
Pd. 25.00 for both yards. PEROT
No mail- a little/ call water 5343

Friday May 29, 1992
Wrote to Jane M.

Saturday May 30, 1992
Helen moved into a new apartment downtown in Longmont. HELEN moved.

Sunday May 31, 1992
Rich Bryan 402 471 5861

Monday June 1, 1992
Don’t forget GERTIE ALLEN
Letter from Jo Langer and card from Gail H. in Australia

Tuesday June 2, 1992

Wednesday June 3, 1992
NO MAIL- Lawn sprayed 24.00

Thursday June 4, 1992
Went to Sterling/
Lawn mowed- Brent S. 15100

Friday June 5, 1992
ATTITUDES- FLAX came today-
Back order for sodium tester.
Interest check came from C.S. I WALKED round trip-

Saturday June 6, 1992
Yesterday Friday 5th Lois and Phyl drove over to Longmont to see Helen- to try to cheer her up. No help.

Sunday June 7, 1992
Sunday. Will they? or won’t they manage to cheer her up.
They didn’t- it’s NOT possible
600 Coffman #116 80501- Longmont.

Monday June 8, 1992
Don’t forget GERT ALLEN
Phyllis may go to CALIF.

Tuesday June 9, 1992
Sodium thermometer only
No other mail-

Wednesday June 10, 1992
Lois and Phyl left about 10 AM heading first for Las Vegas
-Trash collection-

Thursday June 11, 1992
Tele. bill- cats out at 5:20
Called Jenni- Bev- Bev- Mildred Shaw-

Friday June 12, 1992
Sweater from TWEEDS-
Blouse for Lois- no mail- cats both out at 8:30 AM.

Saturday June 13, 1992
Let Lady in at 5:10 AM- she was RAVENOUS- no sign of Tippy- Lady disappeared- at 6 AM

Sunday June 14, 1992
Everything fine-
Letters or cards to Dario’s wife
Jo Langer

Monday June 15, 1992

Tuesday June 16, 1992
Wrote Helen- Planted garden

Wednesday June 17, 1992
Wrote Beverly/ sent 6 prints

Thursday June 18, 1992
Wrote Marta- phoned Phyl
Lawn mowed- cash Brent

Friday June 19, 1992- Saturday June 20, 1992 [left blank]

Sunday June 21, 1992
Sharon 3420

Monday June 22, 1992

Tuesday June 23, 1992
Wrote Bill, Jane W, M- Duffy
No. 2612 check 50
Lawn mowed- 12-

Wednesday June 24, 1992
Wrote Johnsons Viv., Ed on May 17
Helen- Marta- (Gert [Get?] cards)
Cards to Jo Langer
Rec’d one from Viv and Ed on June 14-

Thursday June 25, 1992
The Peterman order- dress came
Jacket later- Also DOVER BOOKS to come soon!
Rain, Cloudy, Cool, Cold

Friday June 26, 1992
Went to Potter- Supper and melodrama- Funny
Big [lightning?] and thunder- Rain

Saturday June 27, 1992- Sunday June 28, 1992 left blank

Monday June 29, 1992
Sent card to [Jane?] Murphy- Jo Langer

Tuesday June 28, 1992
Wrote Dana and Joe- Mary and George a card
Hot-dry today.

Wednesday July 1, 1992
Wrote Josie, Helen

Thursday July 2, 1992

Friday July 3, 1992
Wrote Helen- Jane M. Josie
Regina- window cancelled
Richard- Dr paid 124.14

Saturday July 4, 1992
Sat. July 4

Sunday July 5, 1992

Monday July 6, 1992
ABC Perspective
Wrote Regina, Natalie H.
ABC news
Rec’d 4 checks-

Tuesday July 7, 1992
Jane M./ Bev and El
Dots of mail
Walked R.T. [roundtrip] downtown

Wednesday July 8, 1992
Wed- WALKED to Phyllis’ RODE home

Thursday July 9, 1992
WROTE Helen (also July 3)

Friday July 10, 1992
Good Books Guide- LAWN CUT
BBC DIC London
Jane M., Marta, Felix-/ rec’d DOVER books

Saturday July 11, 1992

Sunday July 12, 1992
Card from Dario V. sat.

Monday July 13, 1992
No mail- LR. of B.
M. Duffy visited

Tuesday July 14, 1992
Pd. bill- AT & T./ Cards to Matt, Natalie H., Marta, Johnsons, Phelps, Amy Lee [Sayre?]- Jane M. wrote Helen

Wednesday July 15, 1992
Mike and Matt-
K- lawn

Thursday July 16, 1992
Write to Johnsons- Regina- OK

Friday July 17, 1992
Helen- Marta- Kathy and Bob Snyder
Sent cards to Jane W.- Lynda and Bob Wong

Saturday July 18, 1992

Sunday July 19, 1992
Michele Turkey, Jo Langer, Rich Wentworth, Regina, Cindy, Amy
Cards envelopes for Johnson, Regina , Marta, Jane
Groves Colby, Taylor, Nat d’ A, Gail H. AUST, Helen

Monday July 20, 1992
Rained this AM

Tuesday July 21, 1992
Lois arrived at noon from Ft. Robinson.

Wednesday July 22, 1992- Thursday July 23, 1992 [left blank]

Friday July 24, 1992
Wrote Helen

Saturday July 25, 1992
Paid VISA-Omaha/ Lincoln/ phoned Marta
“ [Paid] KN Energy

Sunday July 26, 1992- Tuesday July 28, 1992 [left blank]

Wednesday July 29, 1992
Jan and Jim/ Cindy/ Marta
Phoned Helen/

Thursday July 30, 1992
Leelee/ Jane Murphy/ Matt
Doreen, Johnsons
No. 6 of Mclane sent to Jane W.

Friday July 31, 1992- Saturday August 1, 1992 [left blank]

Sunday August 2, 1992
Call Gertrude this week.

Monday August 3, 1992
Sent notes to Duffy, Helen, Richard, Mary Olson, subscribed to UK magazine. Jane- cloudy

Tuesday August 4, 1992
Rec’d card from Viv and Ed ( in Charleston, SC) mailed July 30-

Wednesday August 5, 1992
Sent 2nd message to Durban S.A. just for S.T.D.
? 32.08
Went to Sterling...

Thursday August 6, 1992
141/ 95
p 75

Friday August 7, 1992
Sent note to “Madagascar”
No rain

Saturday August 8, 1992
No rain

Sunday August 9, 1992
No rain

Monday August 10, 1992
Sent P. cards [postcards] to Leelee, M.P., Josie, Regina, Michele (Virginia), Helen-
Jane W. Jane M., Martha,
Letter from Nat d’ Arbeloff

Tuesday August 11, 1992- Wednesday August 12, 1992 [left blank]

Thursday August 13, 1992
Natalie’s show opens in Holland
Wrote to Nat. Hickey, Regina/ Nat. d’A

Friday August 14, 1992

Saturday August 15, 1992
[Cortane?] from Gaston- 27.45

Sunday August 16, 1992
Jane Chenoweth came about 3 PM
Wonderful chat- new family re-union. TREE started by El and Bev and Lois
More tomorrow

Monday August 17, 1992
Phil came to cut tree. Work proceeds. Extra man for 2 hrs in AM- 2 more in PM.

Tuesday August 18, 1992
Bev and El left early today
Phil left at noon-
Took meas. of tree 15’ 10” around trunk

Wednesday August 19, 1992

Thursday August 20, 1992
Started my 2nd duster

Friday August 21, 1992
Fri. sent Minolta to Torrence [Torrance], Ca.
Walked home from Hogelands

Saturday August 22, 1992

Sunday August 23, 1992
Storm to hit Florida tonight
-ART- 303 295 6442
1743 Wazee
D. [Denver] CO.

Monday August 24, 1992
Sent photo to LL Bean-
Walked 1-8! Called Cindy

Tuesday August 25, 1992
Pd. VISA- Omaha- Sent FLAX photos
No walkee
Hurricane in- LA.

Wednesday August 26, 1992
Phyl and Lois went to Cheyenne grungy early. We dinna walk back to C. next Mon for Phyl

Thursday August 27, 1992
Sent Helen letter.
Sent CABLE TV letters to Wash [Washington] DC

Friday August 28, 1992
Finished duster-

Saturday August 29, 1992
Cloudy and then sunny
Never very warm.
Long walk

Sunday August 30, 1992
Phoned Helen. Phoned Mike and Natalie. LONGER walk and to Phyl’s
Saw “Middle Ages”

Monday August 31, 1992
Cheyenne with Phyl to Dr.

Tuesday September 1, 1992
Dr. A 9:30- Quite- ok.
Walked to Doctor’s office. Lois gave me a ride home.

Wednesday September 2, 1992
Walked around block twice-
Tired today.

Thursday September 3, 1992
Walked downtown AND back

Friday September 4, 1992
Sent letter to marsh Cross
Richard W.
Walked to Phyl’s had ride home

Saturday September 5, 1992
Dana and Jane. Walked to Office Supply- Ride back with Phyllis
Lois went to RC at 11 AM

Sunday September 6, 1992

Monday September 7, 1992
Very quiet holiday
Phyl, Shar, Chris, me went to Cabela’s for lunch

Tuesday September 8, 1992
Sent 5.00 to paralyzed VETS/ wrote to TURKEY
Wrote to SUPPOSING in U.K.

Wednesday September 9, 1992
CBS- Thurs. 8-9 is “Middle Ages” TV

Thursday September 10, 1992
Thurs. sent Marsh Cross the cover for his book- Snubbed CBS
Went to BINGO- Natalie-

Friday September 11, 1992
Went to visit Helen in Longmont and brought her back for a couple of weeks.

Saturday September 12, 1992
She is at Phyl’s today-enjoys herself I think- VERY IMPROMPTU
Letter from Florida

Sunday September 13, 1992
3rd week ann.[anniversary] of storm in Florida.

Monday September 14, 1992
Peter Richards “USA Today”/ Call 2924 Lois
Sonia, Natalie and Mike, Dana Joe
Mary P. Jan and Jim, Jane M., Matt,

Tuesday September 15, 1992
[…] Joshua- Rogen Linford

Wednesday September 16, 1992
Took Helen back to Longmont
Home at 9 AM-

Thursday September 17, 1992
Paid for Phyl’s tires- Bought boxes for books for our trip.

Friday September 18, 1992
Called Dr. A Said I’m FINE.
Phyllis and G came over.
Lois left for Ft. Collins at 1 PM-

Saturday September 19, 1992

Sunday September 20, 1992
“USA Today”
1000 Wilson Blvd

Monday September 21, 1992
Cards to- Wong, Matt- Natalie, Dana, Johnsons- Bronwyn

Tuesday September 22, 1992

Wednesday September 23, 1992
Cheyenne- 10:15 Phyl to Doctor
Lois went to Omaha

Thursday September 24, 1992
Catalogs/ feel like ZERO today-
Tomorrow I’ll call Dr.

Friday September 25, 1992
Owed W-T. 18.90 for tablets for problem- called Dr. A.
Lois expected back?

Saturday September 26, 1992
Finished cards- feel LOTS better today

Sunday September 27, 1992
Packing? A little- Still don’t know when we’ll leave for Seattle

Monday September 28, 1992
Letter from Regina

Tuesday September 29, 1992

Wednesday September 30, 1992
Left Sidney about 8 AM for N.W.
Thursday October 1, 1992- Friday October 9, 1992 [left blank]

Saturday October 10, 1992
Nat d’ A show ends. In the HAGUE

Sunday October 11, 1992- Wednesday October 14, 1992 [left blank]

Thursday October 15, 1992
Back home at 10 AM Thurs.
Wonderful trip.

Friday October 16, 1992- Saturday October 17, 1992 [left blank]

Sunday October 18, 1992
Need to pre-order Vasotec 5 mg

Monday October 19, 1992
Sony Service Centre
386 RT.#17 50
Mahwah, N.J. 07430
“Fawlty Towers” sent video back to exchange
ABC News
Sent for PERSPECTIVE Oct 18-New London
USA ARMS Rudd, Hughes
Letter from AUSTRALIA- Valerie
Last Presidential debate…CALLING

Tuesday October 20, 1992
John and Adele
Wrote for PAPER sample?
Cribbs- Groves- Boyden

Wednesday October 21, 1992
Bill C.- Richard- Duffy
Ordered- Peterman dress-

Thursday October 22, 1992
Wrote Joshua Hassell- art pape[r]
Sent 50.00 Duffy check to bank
Regina, Johnsons Duffy Helen/ phoned Jane Murphy

Friday October 23, 1992
Phoned Jane Murphy
Wrote Allisa[o?]n- Leelee Sayre-
Gas bill

Saturday October 24, 1992
Wrote to: Campbells-

Sunday October 25, 1992
Pack radio for SONY
Wrote Marsh Cross
Wrote Natalie, Sonia

Monday October 26, 1992
Sent SONY to ABOVE- wrote to: Roger, Josie, Marsh, art supplies

Tuesday October 27, 1992
Wrote Natalie London-Houston
Birthday (Mike)
Ordered paper
Wrote Matt and sent PIC of Vicki and Dana’s letter

Wednesday October 28, 1992
Sent 50.00 to Portland for paper-
Started book of Art Photos
No mail- catalogs! LL Bean

Thursday October 29, 1992
Wrote to Sonia in Cyprus
SEND- LL Bean back- (shoes)

Friday October 30, 1992
Josie wrote/ her birthday today or tomorrow and news of August wedding of granddaughter

Saturday October 31,1992

Sunday November 1, 1992
Beautiful- sunny- coldish
Letter from Helen-
Waiting for: Oxford Dictionaries, rice paper, “Fawlty Towers”
BBC- VISA credit- 60.00 shoes/ art cat.

Monday November 2, 1992
Sent to London for 2 books 1 audio
Cold as heck today-
Sent short message to Josie

Tuesday November 3, 1992

Wednesday November 4, 1992
COLD-letters from Bill Colby and Uncle Richard
Called video 2nd time. Will call again

Thursday November 5, 1992
Painted R.R. shed- Ordered brushes/ no mail

Friday November 6, 1992

Saturday November 7, 1992

Sunday November 8, 1992
Cold dreary windy-

Monday November 9, 1992

Tuesday November 10, 1992
Wrote Marsh C – Helen- Feilers and Matt H. Valerie/Aust. Cold

Wednesday November 11, 1992
Wrote Jane M. Groves, Jan and Jim-
Water sprinkler GREENPEACE- city of Sidney
Marta= Bronwyn= Richard= Regina

Thursday November 12, 1992
Colby- Richard. Card from Mrs. Hans Pater Kapp- Died Oct. 30.

Friday November 13, 1992
Dawn[’s] sunny and to be 60’s!
Returned 2 videos to St. Paul
Both UNOPENED on Nov. 13

Saturday November 14, 1992
Up in the 60’s
Watered the 3 little pines-

Sunday November 15, 1992
Still nice and warm
Water changed in bird baths

Monday November 16, 1992
Rec’d books from BBC
(I’d sent order 2 books 1 audio on 2 Nov!)
Fast and expensive. No Alan Bennett

Tuesday November 17, 1992
Sent note to N.Y. about Alan Bennett audio. Rec’d partial order from Dick Blick

Wednesday November 18, 1992
Natalie in USA! Maybe phone
St. Paul should get 2 returned videos today. Note from- John and Adele

Thursday November 19, 1992
Letters from- Vivian- Marsh-Bromley’s-Medical check for pills

Friday November 20, 1992
10:30 Dr. Garcia FRIDAY
Sent Kay Grove a card
Sent Carl Reed one as well/ broke tooth last night-

Saturday November 21, 1992
Wrote John and Adele- Bromley[’s]
-“Man. Guardian”- 57.00
Lousy, lousy, cold.- Called Dr.’s office for CURE

Sunday November 22, 1992
Letter from Kay G.
Answer Roger. Vivian-
Write Doris Brunelle
Sony Sevice Centre
386 R# 17s Mahwah, N.J. 07430

Monday November 23, 1992
Eliz.- Anne Cribbs
CARDS- Regina/ Jane/ Leelee
ABC News- Marlboro Books
Bike may arrive
1-800-858-2453 x39552
Doris- Roger- Josie-Vivian- Ed
LR of B

Tuesday November 24, 1992
Sent order to- Smith-Hawken
25 Corte Madera
Mill Valley CA
92 clothing winter catalog
Wrote Adeline and Jane W. and Vivian J.

Wednesday November 25, 1992
No mail

Thursday November 26, 1992

Friday November 27, 1992
Sent card to Jane M.
Letter from Bill Colby

Saturday November 28, 1992
Sent card to Elizabeth
Natalie called from N.Y.

Sunday November 29, 1992

Monday November 30, 1992
Dentist- 9:20
Monday- COLD!

Tuesday December 1, 1992
Canceled bike till Jan. or Feb.

Wednesday December 2, 1992
Send FAX to UK.- 6.00
Storm in UK- Betty called Lois
Ship-oil spill in N. Spain (Balboa)

Thursday December 3, 1992
Check cashed for 200-
NYer for Dec 7 arrived early-
DICK BLICK frames and corner tabs

Friday December 4, 1992
Write Kay and Dick
Wrote [Marta?]
Windy, cold

Saturday December 5, 1992
Snow, windy, cold

Sunday December 6, 1992

Monday December 7, 1992
? L.R. of Books- sun
NO wind in AM- so far
Get cookies

Tuesday December 8, 1992
Tues. Hospital
Letters from Josie T. [and] Jane W.
Calm- cold

Wednesday December 9, 1992
Letter from Feilers
Lots of wind

Thursday December 10, 1992
Wrote checks- cold seems worse
Lois took cats for shots
Warmer- cold is better

Friday December 11, 1992 – Monday December 14, 1992 [left blank]

Tuesday December 15, 1992
Dentist- 2 fillings in Jan.
Crown today! Jan 5

Wednesday December 16, 1992- Sunday December 20, 1992 [left blank]

Monday December 21, 1992
Sent bike ad to Lee
Sent 7.00 to ABC

Tuesday December 22, 1992- Wednesday December 23, 1992 [left blank]

Thursday December 24, 1992
Sent letters or notes to: Jane M., Richard, Bearwalds, Meyers, Doreen, Bev and El

Friday December 25,1 992
Check to Albert
So FAR bill pd. to Dr Printz
Check from Duffy (150 left)

Saturday December 26, 1992
Check and letter to Matt- letter to J and J.- PA.
Marta Packard card
Card to Jo Langer

Sunday December 27, 1992

Monday December 28, 1992
Cindy- Becky- M.P. Phelps- Amy
Terri Doreen Helen Wrede Regina
Jo Langer
No mail

Tuesday December 29, 1992
Sent POLE TO POLE to Sue and Mark B.
Letter to Helen- No mail-

Wednesday December 30, 1992
Sent Roger a STAMP card AND a book mark to Natalie d’Arbeloff
No mail from anyone.

Thursday December 31, 1992
Notes from Mary Olson [and] Kathy Snyder

Friday January 1, 1993
New Years Day
Mike Duffy
Wrote to Josh twice/ Valerie W.

Saturday January 2, 1993
Sent letters to Chris Lancaster, Mary Olson, Kathy Snyder and wrote Marsh Cross
Josie, Leelee, Jane-

Sunday January 3, 1993
Wong- J. Murphy- Helen- Betty

Monday January 4, 1993
T.V. 57.69
Bike stand

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Ms 0368 Box 7, 1994 Day Planner. Transcribed by Marta Trippe, CC class of 2013, summer 2012.

[This day planner is a work of art in itself. The pages of January through July are painted over in mustard yellow, bright yellow, orange, and brown paint, making transcription impossible at times. It also appears that she at some point pasted papers and/or stickers over some of the entries.]

Monday December 27, 1993
Sent vest back to California-UPS

Tuesday December 28 1993- Monday January 3, 1994 [left blank]

Tuesday January 4, 1994
Sent Helen a birthday letter and check

Wednesday January 5, 1994- Thursday January 6, 1994 [left blank]

Friday January 7, 1994
Wrote Marsh C and Chris Ham Barnes in UK

Saturday January 8, 1994- Sunday January 9, 1994 [left blank]

Monday January 10, 1994
Dry-cold- This is Helen’s birthday […]

Tuesday January 11, 1994
Went to Ft. Morgan today-
Got Dr. Martin shoes-Great!!
Dry- “Guardian.” Vest came-Fits!

Wednesday January 12, 1994
Vest came today- perfect-snow-
Dry-“Spectator.” Wrote to Regina with cards to Marsh Cross-Cold.

Thursday January 13, 1994
Phyl came up in P.M. PD James on T.V. as well as […] and I will […] to stay awake. I did, but ra[…]

Friday January 14, 1994
Cards to […] blue […]. Heard it […] in no. central US and East! […] heard Helen back in the hospital, tonight.
Matt, Amy

Saturday January 15, 1994
Called Bob- Tried to call [Jane?]. Worked on cards to keep busy.
Phyllis had word from [Cindy?] that Helen died this morning. This is a shock. Will go tomorrow.

Sunday January 16, 1994
Drove over to [Longmont?] […] to stay- until […]
Viewing is tomorrow. I can’t stand this. Thinking all are X

Monday January 17, 1994
Said goodbye to Helen in Longmont this morning
Then after farewells to Cindy, Backy, and Lew drove home

Tuesday January 18, 1994
Called Sterling about the eye papers. Very cold today but not as bad as the eastern US.

Wednesday January 19, 1994
Sent papers to STERLING and TAKE CARE. To store with Phyl.
Sun bright this AM. NO wind
Cards to the above [written at the top of the planner: “Cards to- Regina, Marsh, Bill C., Bob H.”]

Thursday January 20, 1994
Cancel the above-all-OK now-
Mailed 12 cards- watched mystery Hollywood ending- dozed in rumpole
Worked hrs on cards today
1.1 on N.T. [Nordic Track]

Friday January 21, 1994
Started diet-
worked- sent a few notes-

Saturday January 22, 1994
Very nice day
Went to Sterling with Phyl
Sent note to Regina

Sunday January 23, 1994
Worked on cards- raked in back
Still on diet- using TRACK every day. Had call from Bill Colby

Monday January 24, 1994
Note from Jane M.
Bill C. sent address-
1-212-737 7049
City Lights
P.O. Boc 20355
Cherokee NYC
STA. NY 10028

Tuesday January 25, 1994

Wednesday January 26, 1994
R. Kasmin phoned this AM-
Sent cards to her, Peggy, Josie, Jane and Nat d’Arbeloff.
Swept snow- snowed more

Thursday January 27, 1994
Sent card to Rich. W./ PD. TCI and VISA Gold
Snower [Snowed] so I swept. Windy and VERY cold
Quite a little to push with the new broom- Puff puff!
0/2! Not much

Friday January 28, 1994
Cleared up junk- thre away excess from basement. Mostly art cats. [catalogs?] and brochures (history)
Started new ptg. B&W.

Saturday January 29, 1994
Cards to Josie/ M.P.// Letter to Murphy/
Grocery shopped. A little. At Safeway with P. Saw Albert.
Sent card to Josie.

Sunday January 20, 1994
Letters from Mary / Milt- Jack S. Jo Langer Chris L. –Cards from Jan Chenoweth

Monday January 31, 1994
I sent cards to: Mary and Tom Ross/ Marta/ Jane M.
Bill Colby, Tracy, Johnsons, Phelps, Turneys

Tuesday February 1, 1994- Wednesday February 2, 1994 [left blank]

Thursday February 3, 1994
Sent note to: BBC about WORLDWIDE

Friday February 4, 1994

Saturday February 5, 1994
Application for ship also sent note to Chris L.

Sunday February 6, 1994

Monday February 7, 1994
Sent for medical form- written request to be on the Elizabeth Lykes. Worked on pink stripes. Plan to stay inside today
Very cold blast- 30 below in R.C.

Tuesday February 8, 1994
VERY cold- Also film drop.

Wednesday February 9, 1994
Made 15 cards. -9º oooh cold

Thursday February 10, 1994
Card to H. Owen. Walked to town
N.T. 1.5 got snapshots at ALCO

Friday February 11, 1994
Letter from Helen Hill-
Tele. bill
City bill
“New Yorker”
Walked/ + N.T.
Snowed before 12

Saturday February 12, 1994
Sent cards to Richard, Josie, Jane M.,
Video info., bills- city and telephone.
Tracy/ kids cleaned walk for me. 1.00
Snowed about 2”. Munch “The Cry” stolen

Sunday February 13, 1994

Monday February 14, 1994
Cards letters from-
Marsh Cross, Mary Ross, Kay, Dick
1st wine

Tuesday February 15, 1994
Sent Kay and about WRONG ZIP- also Colby’s –
Natalie, Josie, Phyl-Marsh.

Wednesday February 16, 1994

Thursday February 17, 1994
Sent notes to Philip- Gazibara- Regina
And film to Minolta-

Friday February 18, 1994
Looks like it will be grungy today. Furnace men are busy finishing up.

Saturday February 19, 1994- Sunday February 20, 1994 [left blank]

Monday February 21, 1994
Owe Phyl1.32 + .69- no mail- had call from Barb Gazi. COLD
Furnace finished at noon-

Tuesday February 22, 1994
Sent Singapore [cards?] to B.Gazibara in C.S.-
Singapore cards to: Josie; Bill Colby; Gazibara.
Worked on Phyl’s DOOR.

Wednesday February 23, 1994
Jane M. Joe and Dana= Jim and Jan- PD furnace sent to Cheyene with Phyllis to Dr Seitz. PD. Sal. Army 100- by check.
Very nice day in Sidney!

Thursday February 24, 1994
Wrote Jane M. Kay - Lynn Doyen- Nat d’A
Ruth and Jim C. Paris- Drew 200 today

Friday February 25, 1994
Wrote to Lyn Doyon [Lynn Doyen?], Daedalus Books
N.Y. ad. Vermont t-shirts/ Pueblo, CO. book [page?] 99 Feb 28-94/ Finished Phyl’s door panels
37.46 books/ 15.45 t-shirt-

Saturday February 26, 1994
LR of B.

Sunday February 27, 1994
Wrote Linfords pd TCI

Monday February 28, 1994- Wednesday March 2, 1994 [left blank]

Thursday March 3, 1994
“New Yorker”

Friday March 4, 1994
March 4 at 9 AM Robb to get tax business-

Saturday March 5, 1994- Sunday March 6, 1994 [left blank]

Monday March 7, 1994
Sent 2 cards- Becky and Jan and Jim. Snowed like mad this AM. Sun out off and on now.
!! 3 from UK- Natalie d’A- Roger Zita-
! Stephanie and Nick No 1 in August

Tuesday March 8, 1994
Sent NOTES to N d’A., Jane M., Lois.
T & T table legs- ordered 39” SAW HOSSE
Snowed Mon. Very cold again. Not melting much. Hanging 3 paintings- Josie Taylor

Wednesday March 9, 1994
Letter from Marsh Cross- BP high- 104- Read Daddy’s books for 50/59
Hung some ptgs.

Thursday March 10, 1994
Ordered 50-30” and 50-26” Utrecht Minolta film came. Saw horses came- 54.90. High temp 70º today.
Hung more ptgs.

Friday March 11, 1994
Walked to RR for income tax. Pd. city bill
“ [Walked] on to Safeway- Lois met me. We saw Phyllis a minute- Home at 10:20 AM.
Going to rest a little- Taxes about 3[,]000

Saturday March 12, 1994
Finished “Gallery” short note from J. Lange
Colo Springs- Got Lykes stuff

Sunday March 13, 1994
Walked 2.3 Sunday
Called Josie (45 min) BEAUTIFUL DAY.
Will try to reach Marta- Alone all day. Worked on “Spectator” book- checked subscriptions- “N.Y.R. of B.,” “BBC Worldwide,” “London R. of B.,” “Man. Guard.,” “Art in America”- That’s enough now!

Monday March 14, 1994
Passport- Visa info. Rec’d. Must get “ [passport] photo (one) for Chinese visa
Called Bromley[’]s about China.
Walked to town.

Tuesday March 15, 1994
18th day since I ordered t-shirts
(Will)? walk downtown and back.

Wednesday March 16, 1994
On our way to Sterling 9:30- Home at 4 PM. Ginger beautiful-
Filled out visa- for China.

Thursday March 17, 1994
Lois may take new photo for me.
Cost will be 57.50 to visa in Houston, TX. Loaned trash barrel.

Friday March 18, 1994
Wrote to Steph and Dario-Lawn business to tend to-

Saturday March 19, 1994
Omaha visitors. Organized the trip papers. Picked up passport photo.

Sunday March 20, 1994
Bromley[’]s might be back.
[Sent?] to Groves, Leelee, Bill C.
Richard. ABC News. Jane [Westervelt?]
Did .5 N.T.

Monday March 21, 1994
Wrote […] Fire Dept-

Tuesday March 22, 1994
Had call from Lykes- Cancel China! W20 586 E727 INDIGO
1-800-426-8020 cat. no MR4 P.87

Wednesday March 23, 1994
Send note to Fire Dept. (Vermont)
Ordered “Chicago”
Strips 24” 30” 114.00+

Thursday March 24, 1994
Ordered Keds- From Eddie Bauer
Wrote Jo Langer- should- Natalie
Cancelled ship around the world on Fri 25th

Friday March 25, 1994
Called Lykes and cancelled the R.T.W. trip. 15 days for stretchers from UTRECHT!
Nat. phoned

Saturday March 26, 1994
Ordered by MAIL UTRECHT on Fri 25
Card from Groves-
Sarted to work again.

Sunday March 27, 1994
Write to Fire Dept about t-shirt and will send it one of these days. Cut canvas 6 of ‘em.

Monday March 28, 1994
ABC may have sent [cassette?] by April 1?
One of those days! Ugh
I stretched 3 canvases-
Natalie starts teaching, C.C.

Tuesday March 29, 1994
Sent note to No. Platte. Phil and Jane M. and VT. FIRE DEPT.
Must send another to N d’A I think.

Wednesday March 30, 1994
Got shoes last night
Well, Nat. phoned tonight
Stretched 3 more canvases.

Thursday March 31, 1994
Wrote Mary Ross- and Bob H.
Book from JOYS where’s it? when I need it. Here[’]s your hat. What’s your hurry?

Friday April 1, 1994
Notes to C.S. re. Trip.
Josie, Jo L., Mary Ross, Jane M.

Saturday April 2, 1994
Mary Ross called- I may not be able to stay there- she will probably be in the hospital- Received Utrecht statement 120. 55

Sunday April 3, 1994
Sunday- Easter dinner with- Bev and El and Lois at their house AND I walked home 2 mi. 42 min. Will try to repeat this or even do a round trip.

Monday April 4, 1994
[…] today[…] [Sept.?] 15

Tuesday April 5, 1994- Wednesday April 6, 1994 [left blank]

Thursday April 7, 1994
Econ. Lodge 700 Blk. N. Nevada
Tele. Ross 633-9853-

Friday April 8, 1994
Saw Natalie after school class- About 12 PM noon-
Bob H. took me to see Marsh and back to Econo.

[Written across “Thursday” and “Friday”: “Colo Springs”]

Saturday April 9, 1994
Went to visit Josie- Ann took me out to see her. Betty brought me back to Econo. Went over to see Natalie.

Sunday April 10, 1994
Was late for my luncheon date at the “British” Bakery-
with the 3 […] OK […]
Peggy and Andy. Walked home.

Monday April 11, 1994
Went to Dr. Wetzig/ had my hair trimmed near by. Walked back to Econo- Pretty dead tired then on way home bought art stuff

Tuesday April 12, 1994
[Continued from Monday?]And saw Dick Noyes a second in Colo Sprgs.
Had dinner at Lo Langer[’]s with NdA [Natalie d’Arbeloff]

Wednesday April 13, 1994
Birthday celebrated at Barb Gazibara[’]s house with Ginny- Trudie

Thursday April 14, 1994
CC returned from C.S. about 8:30

Friday April 15, 1994
Picked up mail at P.O.

Saturday April 16, 1994

Sunday April 17. 1994
My birthday- Lois and Beverly and Eardley had strawberry shortcake and ice cream for Phyl, Albert, Chris and I-
Terrible killing in Rwanda

Monday April 18, 1994

Tuesday April 19, 1994
Sent note to “Perspective ABC” with date of wanted news
I sent “original check” on 21st March
Worked in yard

Wednesday April 20, 1994
CC- Natalie finishes block
Phyllis took me to Safeway in the AM. Tues. Also I tried to fix the bird bath.

Thursday April 21, 1994
Rained here Wed. night!!
Went to Sterling for soap etc
Had a beer in the Hot Spot with Phyl and Lois in Peetz.

Friday April 22, 1994
“Spectator”- maybe last one.

Saturday April 23, 1994
Walked from J&J in heat with load!
Lois came up and gave me a ride to the store-Hot as Hades----

Sunday April 24, 1994
Lovely day- Worked all day- No calls- or people
No walking- much cooler-

Monday April 25, 1994
Dr. Garcia/ next Monday
Sent 3 cards- M.P., Kay G., Cynthia
Effie W.

Tuesday April 26, 1994
Sent cards to : Phyllis, Bob H. and Jane W.
Pd. gas bill- subscribed to TLS again and pd. TV bill. Called FLAX order

Wednesday April 27, 1994
Sent cards to Jane M., Bed by 10
Bushed from art work. Today.
Block over for N d’A

[Written in the margins between “Monday” and “Wednesday”: “8 cards sent”]

Thursday April 28, 1994
“Perspective” tape- Bank notice?? A change Brit [British] film cat. [catalog] “Spectator” – still
Lois went to Nebr. City for 3-4 days. Helen Mirren film- tonight

Friday April 29, 1994
No mail- but FLAX came! Love the scissors.

Saturday April 30, 1994
6 catalogs- letter from Sonia
CARD from Anne
Snowed in night (Friday)

Sunday May 1, 1994
Dr. Garcia at 9:15 AM Mon
Snow all melted now.

[Written above “Monday”: “Peggy, Josie, Marsh, Al[bert?], Bradley, Bob, [Jane W.?], Anne, Mary Ross, [Jane? M.], Jo, Marshalls, Cindy Groves”]

Monday May 2, 1994
Dr. Garcia- 9:15 foot
Sent cards to Bob H., Jane Mur
Westervelt and Josie- Alex, Jo L.
Anne C.- Marsh- Bradley

Tuesday May 3, 1994
Sent Rx to C.S. CO-med insurance

Wednesday May 4, 1994
Cheyeene- Phyllis [and] I drove to Cheyenne- Nice day! LR of Books
Rec’d W. Nat’l check/

Thursday May 5, 1994
Natalie leaves NYC for UK
Phyl tapes “Prime Suspect III”-

Friday May 6, 1994

Saturday May 7, 1994
Pictures in Sterling- Lois and Phyl bought soft blue pants
Vitamins- cheese, chips,

Sunday May 8, 1994
Al came over and fixed my work stool- up to better height for the table.

Monday May 9, 1994
Sent Jane W. a letter.
Letter from Alex Vargo- New! Sub [subscription] to “Specie” bought Alco pants (white) and shoes at Snyder[’]s
Beautiful day
3 mi.

Tuesday May 10, 1994
Returned shoes (too short)
Wrote Richard Colbys and Stephanie
Jane M. and Alex (card)
Jerry fixed sprinkler

Wednesday May 11, 1994
Lawn mowed
Watered by hand

Thursday May 12, 1994
Water NOT ON. Lois’ Spring Break-
Fast. Wrote Stephanie and Rick-
Watered by hand

Friday May 13, 1994
Wrote Viv and Ed Johnson- pd. US west
WATER automatic/ walked to Alco

Saturday May 14, 1994
Mailed S&N in U.K. today-
Walked to Alco and (Out West Office Supply)
Also mailed to Sonia.

Sunday May 15, 1994
Long quiet day- did some work on ptg-

Monday May 16, 1994
Sent letters to Sonia and Stephanie
Cards to Cindy and Colby. hot.

Tuesday May 17, 1994
Mariboro Book Cat. VT. Country Store
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Cards to Colby, M. Cross-
Karen Lloyd
No mail

Wednesday May 18, 1994
Ginger- Beauty Parlor
Shopped at Walmarts Sterling
No mail
It rained

Thursday May 19, 1994
Painted all day- Weary tonight.

Friday May 20, 1994
No mail except [Here, Mary pasted a “Western National Bank” sticker]
Sent cards to […]
4 catalogs.

Saturday May 21, 1994
Mailed to bank-
Signature verification

Sunday May 22, 1994
Stephanie and Nick married the 29 […]
VISA […]

[Written above “Monday”:
“Marta- 909 658 3613
690 Camino Real Circle
Hemet, CA

Monday May 23, 1994
Wrote Jane W. about Sandoz
LR of B M.G. and Spec.

Tuesday May 24, 1994
Book Review on C-SPAN
Put suds on fungus-

Wednesday May 25, 1994
Paid house insurance June 8 ‘95
Sent 4 cards- Peggy, Josie, Phyl and MP in NJ.- Bright sun- Groves and Bill Colby- R. Wentworth

Thursday May 26, 1994
Walked to and from DOWNTOWN
PBS was very funny!
Suds on fungus also [Rinnpole?]

Friday May 27, 1994
Ordered pillow sham and set of sheet etc for the “new bed do up”- for morale, I guess.

Saturday May 28, 1994
WILL walk to Phyllis[’] from D.T. today
Suds on fungus

Sunday May 29, 1994
Stephanie and Nick
19.99 + 29.99 Marta Packard
Standard EL7257611
1-800 222 6161- EL 709 7074A-
Penney’s p. 34 and p. 37

Monday May 30, 1994
Very hot and “air” less today.
Tried to stretch a canvas-
Mucho problema.

Tuesday May 31, 1994
Worked and entertained girl? from NYC- not as tiring as first visit
Letter from Natalie d’A.

Wednesday June 1, 1994
Sent cards to Marta, Eliz. C
Letters etc. to Ginny and Gazibara
Pd. TV. Wrote Nat. d’A- Read N d’A [book?]
Lawn cut

Thursday June 2, 1994
Sent photos letter to Marta
Rec’ TLS until May 5 ’95. “Art in America” it 9dies in Jan. 65)

Friday June 3, 1994
Scorcher I

Saturday June 4, 1994
Scorcher II

Sunday June 5, 1994
Hot today- Dry
Anniversary of Normandy WWII going on for days and weeks
War heating in Yemen

Monday June 6, 1994
Walked down [downtown?]. Finished prep of 8 canvases.

Tuesday June 7, 1994
Walked both ways.

Wednesday June 8, 1994
Walked DOWN

Thursday June 9, 1994
Walked both ways
Picked up snapshots

Friday June 10, 1994
Sent CC- the information- too tired- to walk in AM-
Pd. city bill-

Saturday June 11, 1994
Walked to bottom of hill- rained and Phyl came to get me!

Sunday June 12, 1994
Pd. tele. bill. Worked on canvas

[Witten above “Monday”: 17 June on Friday sent Stephanie, Jane, Jim and Jan, Bob H, Phelps, Josie, Groves, Colby”]

Monday June 13, 1994
Really damp. Walked part way. It rained a little bit.

Tuesday June 14, 1994
Absolutely dead tired.
No mail

Wednesday June 15, 1994
Cool- partly cloudy all day
DOWN ONLY, ride back
Worked. Slept hard. Nice.

Thursday June 16, 1994
P.C. from Kathy Grove
T.L.S. cool little misty in AM
Faint [sun in the] PM. Painted.

Friday June 17, 1994
Video cat. [catalog?] [“New Yorker”] subs. notice- NO!
Sent cards to Rob, Taylor, Grove, […], Mary, Nat and Mike, Colby, […], [Gregory?]

Saturday June 18, 1994
[…] Walked BOTH ways
Johnson, Peggy, Mike and Natalie

Sunday June 19, 1994- Monday June 20, 1994 [left blank]

Tuesday June 21, 1994
Movie- Starz 12 noon

Wednesday June 22, 1994- Friday June 24, 1994 [left blank]

Saturday June 25, 1994

Sunday June 26, 1994

Monday June 27, 1994
Mailed letter to Vivian
Walked to and from Johnson NY R of B
Little breeze- not TOO hot MAYBE!
CARD from Linfords
Steph’s returned for $ postage!!*!

Tuesday June 28, 1994
Auto water on
Worked on P.C.
Changed coffee filter

Wednesday June 29, 1994
Went to Ret. Teachers[’] breakfast
Sent cards to Betty, Josie and Marta
Walked home from town. Hot!!!

Thursday June 30, 1994
Trash collection- Auto water on.
Blood pressure. OK

Friday July 1, 1994
Worked with old P.C.

Saturday July 2, 1994
Worked on Lois’ books- all day.

Sunday July 3, 1994
Lois […] with cards and did 3rd book.

Monday July 4, 1994
NOISE- no let-up for me till about 11:20 PM

Tuesday July 5, 1994
Poked around, worked on ptg- laundry
Tried to keep cool but TOO TOO hot

Wednesday July 6, 1994
Lawn mowed Tues. the 5th
Cooler and rain! Storm
Worked on table and walls.

Thursday July 7, 1994
Walked to town and home-in FAIR shape, too. Worked on ptg. of yellow walls and table.

Friday July 8, 1994
Yellow Book 11.56 pay Phyllis
At B. Corner

Saturday July 9, 1994
Getting hot again.
Invited to Bert and El for supper
-“New Yorker”-

Sunday July 10, 1994
Up at 6- getting warm- again- ate big breakfast
Hot and breezy

Monday July 11, 1994
Deposited check to […]N.B. 436.33

Tuesday July 12, 1994
Lawn cut- groceries 26.30
Wrote Barb G. Louise H. in FL.
Kay G.- […]

Wednesday July 13, 1994
Colby’s- Kasmin- Vivian-
Nat d’A Cline (Ruth and Jim)-
Peg and Andy- Vivian Johnson

Thursday July 14, 1994
Plan to go to Ginger groomer and onto H. Morgan. No app’t for dog
Really a GREAT rain cooler
Walked down

Friday July 15, 1994
Wrote to Stephanie sent her the RyVita wrapper
Walked to food
Another rain (small) cool.

Saturday July 16, 1994
Decent day- walked to store

Sunday July 17, 1994
Wrote Tracy and Barbara- sent cartoon
[Fixed?] dead grass/ walked to […]/ Lois/ Al is home this weekend- No Chris

Monday July 18, 1994
App’t with Bob Rauner-

Tuesday July 19, 1994
Grass cut today- Sec Bank-
Sent for transfer of CD to Sidney
Wrote to Jane M. Sent cards to Josie- Peggy.

Wednesday July 20, 1994
Walked to P.O. and Finney[’]s
Waited for M of OL. Young. He didn’t call. I’ve moved CD to Sidney bank- will happen on Aug.1.

Thursday July 21, 1994
Walked to Alco’s for snap shots. Sun bright. Leg better will get more band-aids and tape.
Called bank-

Friday July 22, 1994
Walked to Alco- No films.
Got tape and gauze LR of B.
Hot. Hot.

Saturday July 23, 1994
Hot hot- yard sprayed
Muggy and cloudy in PM

Sunday July 24, 1994
Ditto- today quite like Sat. Lois came but said she didn’t intend to eat. Phyl called about dog shampoo on Mon-

Monday July 25, 1994
Big storm Monday
Ginger- Sterling bath
I’ll go along to “get away”
Another hot! day. We’ll miss

Tuesday July 26, 1994
this weather one of these fine days- In Dec Jan etc
Sent letter to BANK inC.S. CO.
Counted pills- Big storm 25th.

Wednesday July 27, 1994
11- PREM, 35- VASO, 60 + THYRO}+ 9-10 days
Wrote Brown Wyn in Calif.
BBC clear.

Thursday July 28, 1994
Mailed 6 more MOD DOGS
Subscribed to “N.Y. Sept. 95 er” [The 1995 “New Yorker”]
Steph’s letter mailed-

Friday July 29, 1994
Sent letters to Barb: Jane M:
Card to Mary P.- card to Bob- note
Heard from Mary Ross and Anne Cross

Saturday July 30, 1994- Tuesday August 2, 1994 [left blank]

Wednesday August 3, 1994
Order Prem- Deposite check
Mail letters

Thursday August 4, 1994
Walked round trip
Party at El-Bev-Lois
Very nice. Yum yum.

Friday August 5, 1994
Ordered VISA- (Gold) 4 videos UPS 8-10 days. Tried on and ordered sandals/ 40.00 to Merricks.
COOL AM. Walked down

Saturday August 6, 1994
NO. Prem. (refill) 35 Vasotec
Letter from Natalie- UK/ Steph

[Written in the margin next to “Saturday”: “Letter from”]

Sunday August 7, 1994
Wrote Natalie
Mikey H. Louise H.
Jan H (artist) Phyl H Jane M.

Monday August 8, 1994
Barb gone until Aug 27-
Sent a couple of cards- to Peggy M. Murphy, Jan Harvey
Phyl Mikey (repeat of Sunday!)

Tuesday August 9, 1994
Went to Alco and Post Office in car
No walkee- heat and humidity-
Storm last night- wrote Marsh Cross

Wednesday August 10, 1994
Arranged with Culligan-
Pd. 500- deposit- strange to have to do that!

Thursday August 11, 1994
Sent back brown size 11 loafers 45.00 for gift certificate/ Called Culligan- talked to his wife-

Friday August 12, 1994
Told he [him?] I changed my mind
No-soft water in 1994
1 card returned

Saturday August 13, 1994
2 cards back- Total-15-
Cat, opossum food gone!
Maybe forever!!

Sunday August 14, 1994
No rain last night- so quiet this AM you could hear a shirt button
PHONED Stephanie- 3 more days.

Monday August 15, 1994
May never feed wild animals or tame cats again: no more food for animales [animals] (sp).

Tuesday August 16, 1994
Ordered 4’ x 6’ work table-

Wednesday August 17, 1994
Videos from- MNPLS [Minneapolis?] .
Came on Thurs last week.

Thursday August 18, 1994

Friday August 19, 1994
Wrote Gazibara

Saturday August 20, 1994
Send card NO [blank space] to Bronwyn (MAD DOG)
Phoned Steph- 7:15 AM No answer

Sunday August 21, 1994

[Written above “Monday”: “Letter from Vivian N.J. Hot Mon- Tue-“]

Monday August 22, 1994
Sent cards to Roger L and Steph. Phyl’s
Phyl took Mad to [Phy. Ther.?] B.D.

Tuesday August 23, 1994

Wednesday August 24, 1994
App’t with Dr. Thurs at 10:30
Junk from Marsh- sent cards to=

Thursday August 25, 1994
Pd- gas and cable TV-

Friday August 26, 1994
Card to Marsh- N.Y. renewal. CC medical
Wrote Jane W.- Sent Kathy card
Card to Jane R Sidney/ card to Bev and Lois etc
“Man Guard”/ “NYer”/ CC med/ Marta P/ pill bill

Saturday August 27, 1994
Wrote B.G. will send titles- prices- sizes-
Diagrams on Mon. Tue.

Sunday August 28, 1994
Change filter-Brita
No answer at Stephanie
LLE MD 20781
Hyatts- ordered Books- VISA
Daedalus Box 9132-

Monday August 29, 1994
Order Vasotec
Al went to Cheyenne-. Phyl took me to store. got roll stamps

Tuesday August 30, 1994
Phyl stopped by after 3 PM.
Painted and order wood for [Baffle?]
Sun too bright-

Wednesday August 31, 1994- Friday September 2, 1994 [left blank]

Saturday September 3, 1994
Bob coming for pictures in one month.

Sunday September 4, 1994- Monday September 5, 1994 [left blank]

[Witten above “Monday”: “-BRITA-”]

Tuesday September 6, 1994
Sent size- title and price list
Mail from: Steph, Carlisle, Richard
CD went down 125-

Wednesday September 7, 1994
Sent note to BG- Space size

Thursday September 8, 1994

Friday September 9, 1994
Deadline for list- OK

Saturday September 10, 1994
Bank. Steph. Jane M. Peggy

Sunday September 11, 1994

[Written above “Monday”: “Pd. ‘New-Yorker’ and ‘Man. Guard.’”]

Monday September 12, 1994
Hot- sent mail to Colby, Grove

Tuesday September 13, 1994
Lawn cut.-13th
-Hot and dry- Card from Becky
Mailed art to UK Stephanie

Wednesday September 14, 1994
Rained in night but it probably WON’T be cool!!!
Wrote Becky/ sent recorder to Kathy

Thursday September 15, 1994
IRS- Nebr taxes due PD [paid?]
Wrote Peggy- Eager

Friday September 16, 1994
Looks like it will be hot today
Wrote Peg- Sprg’s-Cross- about Marsh’s death-

Saturday September 17, 1994
Out of Vasotec- 17 September
VISA-91.00 P.D. on 16th September Walk- water-vegies [veggies]

Sunday September 18, 1994
Sent stuff to Linfords-
Card from Jo Langer-

Monday September 19, 1994
Letter- cards to Linfords
Cards (art show) came from Barb G.

Tuesday September 20, 1994
Walked- Bought film
1 wk since art to UK

Wednesday September 21, 1994
Walked- met Phyl and Lois a[t] Safeway

Thursday September 22, 1994
Sent pile of SHOW postcards.
Called Chinook about bowles

Friday September 23, 1994
Sent letter to Johnsons/ Barb
Grass might be cut- NO

Saturday September 24, 1994
Lawn got cut- Next 2 wks. From now- 8th of Oct,
Lois and Phyl went to Holyoke, CO.

Sunday September 25, 1994
BBC reception is LOUSY. Couldn’t be worse. Sun bright. Ptg. in pause
Wrote G. Eager- Natalie.

Monday September 26, 1994
Went to Sterling-
Bath for Ginger
Walked to Phyl’s

Tuesday September 27, 1994
Pd. Wilson- Tobin-
Walked to Phyl’s.
2 weeks since I mailed art.

Wednesday September 28, 1994
Walked to meet- P & L.

Thursday September 29, 1994
Walked to Safeway- and Phyl’s- Had a ride home.
Check P.B. or B.P. [blood pressure?]
Must check on cholesterol

Friday September 30, 1994
Walked home from bank
Contacted P. [Phyllis] and Lois about cheese and wine Phyl took! Drove L and I to Cheyenne about my leg spot- it’s supposed to get better in a WK [week].

Saturday October 1, 1994
Last day to prepare

Sunday October 2, 1994

Monday October 3, 1994
Show- hung this week
Off to C.S.
Phil Chenoweth died.

Tuesday October 4, 1994
2 weeks since art to UK!
Walked to breakfast

Wednesday October 5, 1994- Friday October 7, 1994 [left blank]

Saturday October 8, 1994

Sunday October 9, 1994
Opening of show.

Monday October 10, 1994- Sunday October 30, 1994 [left blank]

Monday October 31, 1994
Notes and bills- Natalie d’ A.

Tuesday November 1, 1994
To CS all day- delivered Noyes ptg. Worn out a bit.

Wednesday November 2, 1994
Notes- sent for Alan B. Book to come in Jan. 95?

Thursday November 3, 1994
More notes and cards to C.S.

Friday November 4, 1994

Saturday November 5, 1994
Jane M. came up after lunch.

Sunday November 6, 1994
J.M. bought 2 paintings. A nice day! I phoned. She got home at about 5.

Monday November 7, 1994
Lois called.
Wrote Josie and cards to

Tuesday November 8, 1994
VOTE: Anne- Trudie- Emerys- Bods- Arnest- Becky- Fergusons- Jane Murphy- Check […]
Dog dish- Connie- Riegel (not yet)
Letter from Colby

Wednesday November 9, 1994
Maggie was killed by a mt. lion
Letters to Bob- Barbara- Colby-

Thursday November 10, 1994
Pd. City bill- wrote to Mike Duffy

Friday November 11, 1994

Saturday November 12, 1994
Wrote to Jane M. and Judy Noyes

Sunday November 13, 1994
Letter written to Marsh Cross- Anne C., Ann Cribbs,
Cards toL Bill Trotter, Bob H, Jane M., Jane W., Peggy M.
[Hampt?] (water) and Monday.

[Written in the margins next to “Sunday”: “1/1000 of 2.2”]

[Written above “Monday”:
“Mac Key
2900 W. 25th Ave.

Monday November 14, 1994
Package from Roger UK=
Bennett book came

Tuesday November 15, 1994
Wrote Mary and Tom- Jane M./ AT & T
Not F & F [arrow pointing to “Bennett book came” from “Monday”]

Wednesday November 16, 1994
Grocery shopping- start the diet for lowering cholesterol TLS
Had call from Denver Art.

Thursday November 17, 1994
Lois drives Phyl to Ft. Morgan to get train in AM- Mystery on PBS. Sent Jane M. and Marsh C. letters
Roger- Merodie Riegel

Friday November 18, 1994
Phyllis leaves on 6 AM train for California: card to Jane M. Bob H./ Josie/

Saturday November 19, 1994- Sunday November 20, 1994 [left blank]

[Written above “Monday”:
“Roger Zita Linford-
P.O. Box 147 Amersham
Buckinghamshire HP65NN UK England
Tele: 0494-431-323-0494
Fax: 0494-431-284”]

Monday November 21, 1994
Sent cards and letters to- Ann Cribbs, Steve Wood, Josie T. Jane Emery----

Tuesday November 22, 1994
Called Al- No reply- OK

Wednesday November 23, 1994
Called Al (OK) phone answer service is cut off- (not working)
Lois picked up mail- Mon/ Tuesday

Thursday November 24, 1994
Thanksgiving. Going- gone to Phyl’s in N. Platte. Had good time lots of food!

Friday November 25, 1994
Worked on collage book today.

Saturday November 26, 1994
Sent 4 cards- Jane M., Colby’s, Josie, Cindy

Sunday November 27, 1994
Pd. TV bill- wrote cards to: Betty Trotter

Monday November 28, 1994
Card from Sonia- Note from Tracy

Tuesday November 29, 1994
Ordered tops and pants (Silk. 86.00 + 8.50)
Appear about 8 days. Set/ checked and they sent 2 pink sets- in future (Dec 15).

Wednesday November 30, 1994
Pick up Phyllis at 10 PM Fort Morgan
Lois will get Ginger
I stayed at home
Sent reply to Sonia- Tracy-

Thursday December 1, 1994
Drove to Cheyenne to see Phyl’s doctor. Ate chili at Shari’s/ Phyl bought shelves

Friday December 2, 1994
Lois’ birthday today
Bev bought a sugar cake. We ate over ½

Saturday December 3, 1994
Bank interest- Haven’t found keys

Sunday December 4, 1994

Monday December 5, 1994
M.G.- TLS- Cindy- Looked more for lost key
Itched more/
Bom Sun/Mon- Worked a little/
Read- No TV

Tuesday December 6, 1994
Bank statement- I.M./ Cooled it.
Snowed [yesterday?] AM-Still at noon!

Wednesday December 7, 1994
Note to Marsh Cross- Sonia and Zak

Thursday December 8, 1994

Friday December 9, 1994
Hair app’t.- Bank driller-
Tweed came (2 shirts) boots
Phoned Peggy and Andy-

Saturday December 10, 1994
Sent stuff to: Matt, Colby, Cross, Anne
(Ship Johnsons) Steph, Liz Campbell

Sunday December 11, 1994

[Written above “Monday”: -TWEED- this week”]

Monday December 12, 1994
Went to Sterling- Lois Phyl-

Tuesday December 13, 1994
DENTIST- EEK- 9 AM cancelled.
Wrote Carl Reed/ Liz Campbell
Sal. Army [Salvation Army] 100-/ Jane called

Wednesday December 14, 1994
Ordered 3 shirts 1 vest from Tweed. Back order for Jan 12- Called Marta P.

Thursday December 15, 1994
On 14th ordered vest and 3 shirts from Tweeds (after 12 Jan)- CINDY for addresses
Alex Vargo-
Cards- Chris Lancaster- Steph

Friday December 16, 1994
Sent Marta the “NYer” clipping
Jo L. Barb G. O’Briens Liz Campbell
Tom and Mary R. Marsh C. Cindy McC

Saturday December 17, 1994
Regina K- Long letter
Went to Phyl’s. Walked ½ mi.
Wrote cards.

Sunday December 18, 1994
Wrote more cards:

Monday December 19, 1994- Saturday December 24, 1994 [Mary wrote across the page of the daily planner:
“Sometime I sent snapshots of Gazibara’s to Regina. NO REPLY so I sent her another letter with postage encl [enclosed?]. A yet no reply???
Yes on Jan 17”]

Sunday December 25, 1994
Christmas- Phyl fixed turkey for Lois, Albert and me. Very nice

Monday December 26, 1994
Sent no mail- closed- P.O.- Shops etc-
Nice weather-

Tuesday December 27, 1994
More lovely weather-
LOST PEN hasn’t turned up. [written across this sentence is “FOUND”]

Wednesday December 28, 1994
Photographed prints all day.

Thursday December 29, 1994
To Cheyenne for skin- ear exam. Overcast- Fog in AM-
Mailed F&F letter- Book

Friday December 30, 1994
Started to snow- SNOW-

Saturday December 31, 1994
Snowed all night and day
Cold as heck! Did some cards

Sunday January 1, 1995
Jane M. Chris L. Peggy Josie
Regina??? Johnsons Stephanie Eagers Kay and Dick

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Ms 0368 Box 7, 1996 Day Planner. Transcribed by Marta Trippe, CC class of 2013, summer 2012.

[Although Mary did not use paint to decorate (or perhaps cover up) the pages of this planner, there is clear evidence that she used other media (paper, stickers, glue, etc) to decorate (or cover up) the pages of her 1996 planner]

Tuesday January 2, 1996
Roger, Jane, Lois

Wednesday January 3, 1996
Gazi [Gazibara]- Grove Orsborn- Eliz- Leelee
Josie- Marsh- Anne C. Alex Vargo Joe H
Natalie H. Rosses, Jennie, Michelle, Amy
Heery, Viecieli, Jane M. K Snyder, Lois

Thursday January 4, 1996

Friday January 5,1996
Very cold- groceries

Saturday January 6, 1996
Very cold

Sunday January 7, 1996
Wrote Lois, Richard, Mike Duffy

[Written above “Monday”: “[…] snow on East Coast- PA, NY, DC ETC. Cargo plane crash” Part of this statement is covered up by pasted on paper]

Monday January 8, 1996
Cards to Jane, MP, Jima nd Jan, Kathy C.
Cargo plane crash in Africa-
Elizabeth, Natalie and Adeline wrote

Tuesday January 9, 1996
No mail

Wednesday January 10, 1996
Change filter

Thursday January 11, 1996
Pulse pounding- went to emergency with Phyl’s help (car)

Friday January 12, 1996
Thyroid check-up (blood at Mem. [Memorial] Hosp)
Fine weather

Saturday January 13, 1996
Cards to N’ A’Rbeloff [Natalie d’Arbeloff], Trudie G, Ginny
Weather perfect.

Sunday January 14, 1996
Fine day- little wind

Monday January 15, 1996
Walked to Garcia, shopped at the Merrick- Painted- Fine day but windy.

Tuesday January 16, 1996
Notes to: Hacker Art Books, Duffy
Request about Rwanda to BBC
Cards too Jane, letter to Lois.

Wednesday January 17, 1996- Thursday January 18, 1996 [left blank]

Friday January 19, 1996
Cards to M. Cross/ M.P.P./ Nat. H./ Matt/ Kay
Jo O., Josie, Lois, Lee, Kay-

Saturday January 20, 1996
Jo Orsborn Liz C Josie Leelee
Barb- Grove-

Sunday January 21, 1996

Monday January 22, 1996
2nd January 25 roll of canvas

Tuesday January 23, 1996
Utrecht order- 9 tubes- 25 yds 72”
They can’t supply what I want. Will call again later
Calleda gain and was told to call Utrecht in San Francisco

Wednesday January 24, 1996- Thursday January 25, 1996 [left blank]

Friday January 26, 1996
Mary P. phoned to thank for the gift. It is her birthday on 27th Jan.

Saturday January 27, 1996
Ordered canvas from Utrecht.
25 yds. and lots of paint.
Lots of mail today

Sunday January 28, 1996
Mary P./ Mat/ Nat. H./ Nat. d’A
Marta/ Regina/ Alex/ Kay G./ Jane W.
Vivian- M Cross- Ann
Martha [Marta?] phoned- Liverford- Sutton- Owen
Betty phoned too!

Monday January 29, 1996
Cloudy. Cold [below] 0º
Cards from Matt and Vera Vieceli
Bob phoned! Must write [Matt and Vera Vieceli]

Tuesday January 30, 1996
Snow last night- 2”+ very cold
Wrote to Lois- Josie- Betty- Bob- Matt (again)
Mail- Regina and Duffy wrote

Wednesday January 31, 1996
Gray day- Very cold- like Mon and Tues. No letters to me
Hair cut- groceries- canvas ready

Thursday February 1, 1996
Letters to: Langer, Campbell and Ross
Jane and John Herrex, Lois, Matt:
22 below this AM.

Friday February 2, 1996
Wrote Bob- Richard- Trudie and Doug
INCOME TAX on 14th at 11 AM

Saturday February 3, 1996
Paid T-N-T - Art shelf storage-
Wrote Mary Ross- PD. T-N-T.
Sent choo choo to Steph. UK
Deposit interest-

Sunday February 4, 1996
Made cards- One sheet

Monday February 5, 1996
M.G.[“Manchester Guardian”?] and “Specie”. (UK)

Tuesday February 6, 1996
Took 24 + 12 film in DOUBLE DAY
Subs. [subscriptions] to TLS- Sent Lois letter
Card to Liz in Canada
Overnight in hospital

Wednesday February 7, 1996
Heart/ lungs special check up
Back home at 1:30 PM- LONG SEIGE
Pills? Helped.

Thursday February 8, 1996
Pick up film at Alco-
Wrote Liz and sent card

Friday February 9, 1996
Hospital= 10:30 AM. Dr White again
Special truck
1: 45 Finished nuclear image- whatever
Rented “Philadelphia”

Saturday February 10, 1996
Wrote Natalie and Elizabeth

Sunday February 11, 1996
Painted- rested

Monday February 12, 1996
Cards to Bob- Betty- Peggy- Josie
Letters to Lois- Natalie- Helen O
Johnsons, Regina, Langer, Jan. H
Cards Jane, Mary R, Marsh, M.P.

Tuesday February 13, 1996
Iowa Caucus

Wednesday February 14, 1996
TAX MAN [MAN?] [Written over this is “ORDER NEW Rx]
Doctor White 10:30

Thursday February 15, 1996
Dana and Joe- Richard- Murphy- Cindy
Phelps- Jan and Jim- Kathy S. Nat H.
Kay G- Lisa and Mike (Utah)

Friday February 16, 1996- Sunday February 18, 1996 [left blank]

Monday February 19, 1996
President’s Day- No mail

Tuesday February 20, 1996
Letters to Betty and Lois- Cards to Jane M
Josie and Mary Ross- Looks like it might rain
Shades of U.K./ Vargo

Wednesday February 21, 1996
Sent letter to: Josie[,] sent note
Card from Duffy

Thursday February 22, 1996
Paid KN gas

Friday February 23, 1996

Saturday February 24, 1996
Letter to Lois- Card 25th to Josie and Dana
“” [Letter to] Mary Ross.

Sunday February 25, 1996

Monday February 26, 1996
Snowed a wee bit
Gloomy day –Cards to Matt and Jim- Very itchy

Tuesday February 27, 1996
Lois- 2 letters[,] Natalie 1- Very cold day
Called Ed for trash pickup. Owe 15.00

Wednesday February 28, 1996
[Tweeds?]- Cards to= Jane M.
Lois- Sunny and cold
Phyllis stopped in

Thursday February 29, 1996
Same- No mail-? Warmer
The itch is much better is it the “puff”
Half cloudy

Friday March 1, 1996
Sun and clouds before nine. Pick up film. Groceries.
-BBC says help for China (imperative)

Saturday March 2, 1996
Nice day. Little warmer
Prepared another 4’ x 6’

Sunday March 3, 1996
Went to a movie S & S [“Sense and Sensibility”]- Enjoyed it but wish I hadn’t been so tired
Phyl and I- ate popcorn too.
Sense and Sensibility

Monday March 4, 1996
Call J. Crew: ordered long sleeve V-neck and pants (the 13th March)- Wrote Lois/ T-N-T
Vivian- Jane- Bill-

Tuesday March 5, 1996
Wrote Josie/ Bill/ Elizabeth
Groves/ Linfords
Alex Primm
Shelly/ Duffy/ Richard W.

Wednesday March 6, 1996
Primm, Linford, and Groves- Josie- Bob- Betty- Jane again- Marta- Lois
Worked on table- Legs

Thursday March 7, 1996
Saw Phyllis today- Transportation-

Friday March 8, 1996
Worked on cardboard legs
Table finished

Saturday March 9, 1996
Marta, Lois, Jane M- Josie- Betty, Alex
Bob- Groves- Repeating Wed. 6th-
Bright sun. Tomorrow might be 70º!

Sunday March 10, 1996
Cards to Trotter, Vivian and Ed
Jan (Chen) Harvey. Regina. Mary R. Packards

Monday March 11, 1996
Went to Cheyenne- Seitz- and best (water things) Beautiful Day
75 º here.

Tuesday March 12, 1996
Cloudy today. Only 40 º. I am going to walk down town- see how my breath is…? I may paint an hour before I leave/ Jeans returned

Wednesday March 13, 1996
J Crew jeans- returned to exchange on Tues. Too long but nice- soft for denim- Tops were fine. Finishing my stool legs. Pained today.

Thursday March 14, 1996
Yesterday (the death of 16 5 yr olds in a Scotland school as well as the teacher- gunman shot himself[)]

Friday March 15, 1996
Letters from Duffy and Denver Museum- Jane M.
[Written underneath in pencil: “Letters from Duffy, Murphy. Medicare”]

Saturday March 16, 1996
Andrew Marshall (C.S., CO.) died.

Sunday March 17, 1996
Lois called- I was expecting it. Bev and El have gone to Las Vegas
Snow in AM
PM- Sunny afternoon
Josie called that Andy M. died-Sat-

Monday March 18, 1996
7 AM- Bright sun/ snow of Sat and Sun all gone- Tank
Checks to KN Energy and VISA- AT & T/ Sidney P.O. stamps/ US and NE taxes

Tuesday March 19, 1996
Dr. White—10AM/ The business of heart or/and lungs seems more apparent to me now.
Live and learn should be learn to live.

Wednesday March 20, 1996
Changing TAB- Raising thyroid
Doubling Comadin (2 greens)
Get NEW thyroid from Wil- Tobin- Wed or Thurs.- No mail-

Thursday March 21, 1996
[Jo S.?] Bronsky stuff from Mara’s
Drivers shoes (same ones)! Same. Returned. Tomorrow.

Friday March 22, 1996
Shoes returned to Tweeds.
Letter from Stephanie with invitation.

Saturday March 23, 1996
Wrote: Mara, Betty, Bob
Forgot Calan SR- Disaster!
Very nice today- Snow predicted.
Surely do need some wet rain

Sunday March 24, 1996
Wrote Lois- Regina and Elizabeth and Duffy [Mike?]

Monday March 25, 1996
Letter to Lois.- Card from Liz.

Tuesday March 26, 1996
Cards to Marta[,] Josie[,] Mary Ross[,] Amy-Miami[,] Cindy[,] Mike Duffy[,] Shelly[,] Langer

Wednesday March 27, 1996
Get blood checked at SPOT
In early if possible
Sunny- Not too cold

Thursday March 28,1996
Trash day- Very damp- Chilly this AM- NO sun.
Wrote to Lois- Zita and Roger and tomorrow Stephanie.

Friday March 29, 1996
Cards to: Cindy, Helen Owen, Betty T
Natalie Hickey- Josie, Jane M.

Saturday March 30, 1996
Lois- Marta- Bob- Linfords

Sunday March 31, 1996
Sonia- Natalie-Switz. [Switzerland?]. Johnsons- Josie
Write on Tues. April 2

Monday April 1, 1996
Went to the doc in Cheyenne for Phyl. Rushed home- Ginger all ready. I walked up hill from Cabela’s

Tuesday April 2, 1996
Dentist- 11:10 AM-
Phyl met me for home trip- I walked to dentist.

Wednesday April 3, 1996
No exercise today except ART. Worn out!

Thursday April 4, 1996
Started ptg this AM. Had to go to Safeway, too.

Friday April 5, 1996
Good Friday

Saturday April 6, 1996
Call Ed about yard. Maybe. No. I spent about an hr. or more doing the corner.

Sunday April 7, 1996
EASTER-at Bev and E[a]rdley’s.
Sun- windy- coolish
Got 8 more “table” legs from Eardley.

Monday April 8, 1996
Cards to Amy and Humphrey’s
Letter to Lois and Jane M.

Tuesday April 9, 1996
Rec’d- UK mail- MG [“Manchester Guardian”?], Spect [“Spectator”], LR of B, Times l.s.
Liberia- bad again- NEW WAR in Israel and Lebanon

Wednesday April 10, 1996
World in turmoil- Still nice and warm BUT cloudy
Supposed to get cold again.

Thursday April 11, 1996
More pills- regular ones (3)
Pd. House tax- Worked on table NO 2. Trash removed. Rain and a little snow.

Friday April 12, 1996
“Mystery” last night was good NOT violent. Replied to Jo Langer
Wrote to Sonia and to Jane M.
Adeline Kapp- tele bill

Saturday April 13, 1996
Wrote Mike Duffy- Bob[,] Sonia and Zak- Jane W. Barb G. Richard; Groves, Bill C.

Sunday April 14, 1996
Dr. White- 6316 (Tues)

Monday April 15, 1996

Tuesday April 16, 1996
Dr. W said CHECK BLOOD in 2 wks

Wednesday April 17, 1996
NY-er Metro during March from Barb G.

Thursday April 18, 1996- Sunday April 21, 1996 [left blank]

Monday April 22, 1996
Jane, Lois, Cindy, KN ER [KN energy?]
AT & T- Bob- Need a new hi stool

Tuesday April 23, 1996
Bought high chair- Heavy- But has a BACK cost- 50.00
Sold 2. ptgs. 1 drawing 250-

Wednesday April 24, 1996
Marta- Kay G. Josie- Bill[-] Colby[-] Duffy
Wind all night

Thursday April 25, 1996
Slept through- PBS detective film- TIRED
Wind ALL day and night.

Friday April 26, 1996
Wind died in night. But I feel DRAINED
MUST WRITE some notes today/ Sun etc

Saturday April 27, 1996
Wrote Lois- Colby- [Kay?]- Marta
Cards to Bob[,] Betty[,] Regina[,] Leelee and
Pills- 4.00

Sunday April 28, 1996

Monday April 29, 1996
Lizabeth C, Lois

Tuesday April 30, 1996
Josie, Bob Regina
Sent collages to Irving H.
Check blood

[Written in the margins of “Tuesday”: “BL. PR.”

Wednesday May 1, 1996
Pay Bill $35.- to sprinkler – Sent to-
Lois/ Liz/ Med. CC/ Regina

Thursday May 2, 1996
Bill and Trudie
Dentist 10:30 AM

Friday May 3, 1996
2 pills

Saturday May 4, 1996
1 pill- Wrote Elizabeth- sent pies and letters to Steph and Roger, too.

Sunday May 5, 1996
2 pills

Monday May 6, 1996
1 pill

Tuesday May 7, 1996
2 pills

Wednesday May 8, 1996
1 pill
Check blood

Thursday May 9, 1996
2 pills (?) Call Doctor
Go ahead same for 1 mo. to June 6.

Friday May 10, 1996
Paid Dr. and hosp. bills and tele and city “ [bills]/ Wrote Jane W.
(29/ 188/ 99/ 59)

Saturday May 11, 1996
2 moved books in and out- ½ way
Took pictures

Sunday May 12, 1996
Moved all out again- and then waited……

Monday May 13, 1996
2 books back- All’s well

Tuesday May 14, 1996

Wednesday May 15, 1996

Thursday May 16, 1996

Friday May 17, 1996

Saturday May 18, 1996
1 Jan[e?], Regina, Viv and Ed, Jo L.
Sent cards:

Sunday May 19, 1996
2 […]

Monday May 20, 1996
1 […]- M. Ross-[…]- Liz Mav- Lois
Betty, Jan Chen., Cindy and Groves- Jim. Jan- Jo L.

Tuesday May 21, 1996
2 […] Alex- Josie- Barb
Trudie- Colby[’]s- Peggy
Vivian[,] Jane M[,] Mike D

Wednesday May 22, 1996
Tonight wind knocked down vent for w. [water] heater and furnace- fixed by roofers-

Thursday May 23, 1996
Safeway and Alco on Thurs. Today it was- rainy- Work on roof postponed- Very cold for me.

Friday May 24, 1996
Will write a few letters tonight.

Saturday May 25, 1996

Sunday May 26, 1996

Monday May 27, 1996

Tuesday May 28, 1996

Wednesday May 29, 1996
2 Sterling because […] lunch at Cabella’s (one […])
Men roofing-

Thursday May 30, 1996
1 Woelffer phoned […] I’d send some snapshots to [him. Must write?] a few letters- Phyl and I went to Sterling

Friday May 31, 1996
2 Cloudy- Men busy roofing-
Pd. TV cable/ dentist/ Bill Rhodes
E. Woelffer/ NOW sunny- at 11

Saturday June 1, 1996
1 roof fini at 5:30 PM Fri 1.

Sunday June 2, 1996

Monday June 3, 1996
1 Write Emerson, Taylor, Rhodes
Stephanie […]

Tuesday June 4, 1996

Wednesday June 5, 1996
1 Called BBC
Bill[,] Kay
Jo Langer- Peggy- Cindy
Jane W[,] Jane M[,] Mary R[,] Marta

Thursday June 6, 1996
2 Check blood!
8:15 at Med- Hosp.

[Written in the margins between “Wednesday” and “Thursday”: “Wrote Duffy”]

Friday June 7, 1996
1 Elizabeth Campbell, Sonia S. Peggy (send museum book back?)
Banked INT. [Interest?]. Organized pills

Saturday June 8, 1996
2 Yesterday the 7th wrote to Kay and Elna/ grass cut/ weather cool??!
Will start ptg. today-

Sunday June 9, 1996
Lois home tonight
15 months in Jamaica

Monday June 10, 1996
1 Wrote Emerson, Jo Langer, Marta
Josie, Natalie d’ A- Paid hosp.

Tuesday June 11, 1996
2 Kay and Marta- cards

Wednesday June 12, 1996

Thursday June 13, 1996

Friday June 14, 1996
1 Really cold in the evening
-I wore my red and grey sox to sleep in!

Saturday June 15, 1996
2 Hair cut- 12:30
Wrote Westervelt- Warmer night

Sunday June 16, 1996
1 Hd [had] snack on Lois- Dairy Q[ueen?]
Went to Alco’s/
Had phone from Kay
Heat […]

Monday June 17, 1996
2 green pills- letter from Jane M.
Owe AT & T VISA 3.03. Man Guard [“Manchester Guardian”]/ Specta-[“Spectator”]
Hot sunny/ Walked to bank and Finney’s
J[.?] Alopy home

Tuesday June 18, 1996
1 mail CC med for pills- Wrote- CC med insurance[,?] Koll[eson?]
Natalie d’A[,] VISA[,] Bill[,] Jo Langer[,] Jane M.
Card from Liz

Wednesday June 19, 1996
2 Wrote to Regina- also 25th
Watched 2 hr trip from NY-London

Thursday June 20, 1996
Wrote CC “pill bill” to NYC
Watched RUMPOLE- slept most of it.

Friday June 21, 1996
2 Totally sick and tired of TV
Am planning a separation

Saturday June 22, 1996
1 No mail- visited Lois on her ground and here at 195-
Phyl as usual drove.

Sunday June 23, 1996
2 Cool-sunny
18- Sent 200- toward medical at CC @ 16.00 per mo.

Monday June 24, 1996
1 Cool clouds.
Got BBC for July ‘96

Tuesday June 25, 1996
2 Sent cars to Liz C., Cindy, Kay G., Jane W. Letter Murphy Jane
Pd KN- took films

Wednesday June 26, 1996
Get Cumadin from drug store

Thursday June 27, 1996
Get films of PTGS.

Friday June 28, 1996

Saturday June 29, 1996

Sunday June 30, 1996

[Written above “Monday”: “Dr. on 10th Atkinson”]

Monday July 1, 1996

Tuesday July 2, 1996

Wednesday July 3, 1996
2 Wrote to Jo L. and Steph

Thursday July 4, 1996

Friday July 5, 1996
Fri- get PRO- TIME[.] NO HOUR or DIET NONE before test.

Saturday July 6, 1996
SAT. 1

Sunday July 7, 1996
SUN. 2

Monday July 8, 1996
8 blood pro.tim [pro-time]
Letter to Jo and Steph and Eliz and Mary Ross

Tuesday July 9, 1996
1 Quiet day- RAINED

Wednesday July 10, 1996
2 Dr. Atkinson-9 AM- Get results- Sent Jos[ie and?] Bob H. cards and Phyl- […]

Thursday July 11, 1996
1 Cards to Richard and […] read. Riachard’s letter to […]
Rained last night---

Friday July 12, 1996
2 Off to Cheyenne […]
Dry last night still AM-[…]
Rec’d Passport July 12/ sent fo[…]

Saturday July 13, 1996
1 Cool this AM. Put some […] back portch

Sunday July 14, 1996
2 Betty- Jo- Bob- T[…]
Josie- Eliz./ Ra[…]

Monday July 15, 1996

Tuesday July 16, 1996
2 Card from Peggy Marshall and a letter from Regina.

Wednesday July 17, 1996
Calan SR180 mg
More pills-

Thursday July 18, 1996
2 Card from Helen Owen
Great cool night for SLEER [SLEEP?]. It rained and cooled us a lot.

Friday July 19, 1996
1 Wrote to Jane and sent pictures
“Manchester Guardian” and “NYer” [“New Yorker”]
“NYer” and “M.G.” [“Manchester Guardian”]

Saturday July 20, 1996
Letters from Josie-
Cards from Elizabeth and Rogen

Sunday July 21, 1996
1 Tired of H & H!
Need to cool off-

[Written above “Monday”:
ICF Du[…]
SW 1000T”]

Monday July 22, 1996
2nd card from R.L.
Going to Safeway

Tuesday July 23, 1996
1 Sent letters to Sony, Bill Colby
Natalie d’A, Eliz., Roger, Johnsons
Cindy, Helen Owen, Packards[,] Harvey

Wednesday July 24, 1996

Thursday July 25, 1996
1. Letter from Jane W. Ordered the Sony- Be about 2 wks

Friday July 26, 1996
Bob H. sent card/ letter
Sent Helen Owen card- Wrote to Trudie G./ Elizabeth

Saturday July 27, 1996
1 Sent cards to Josie/ Roger

Sunday July 28, 1996
2 green ones

Monday July 29, 1996
1 Sent request for [“Perspective”?] on to NYC-
Sent ads to Sony- Alliance

Tuesday July 30, 1996

Wednesday July 31, 1996

Thursday August 1, 1996
2 Mailed stuff to Alliance
Letter from Richard
Elec. Sales Co c/o Duane
508 Box Butte
P.O. Box 370

Friday August 2, 1996
1 Wrote Kay, Trudie, Sony, Richard, Linfords, and Natalie Thurs
Cooked soup
Some rest

Saturday August 3, 1996
2 green pills?-Oxygen
REST, no mail

Sunday August 4, 1996
1 Rest [with?] “Pole to Pole”
Heard ABC
Send 10.00 on Monday AUG 5
2nd installment

Monday August 5, 1996
2 Send 10.00 to NYC next wk for August 4th program. [Homlet?] for breakfast
2nd installment

Tuesday August 6, 1996
1 Letters from Natalie and Colby
Hamburger for lunch

Wednesday August 7, 1996
2 Returned OXY- [oxygen]

Thursday August 7, 1996
1 He called! It’s OK
Sony may come today
Hair cut. Call Washington

Friday August 9, 1996
2 Sent cards to Josie, Betty
Go and write Nat., Roger, […]
Write Peggy

Saturday August 10, 1996

Sunday August 11, 1996
Women Museum- 1-800 222 72[…]
Art Library 1-202 783 7365

Monday August 12, 1996
1 Sent 10- to ABC News
It was sent Thurs 15th

Tuesday August 13, 1996

Wednesday August 14, 1996
1 Today (started) was my 1st salt-free date-Aug 14. I am retaining H2O. Also got my support hose. It WAS a good idea too. Food today-

Thursday August 15, 1996
OJ 1 toast with butter and 1 coffee
2 At Finney[’]s 1 pancake/ syrup and butter
Also ½ cantaloupe. Tonite- blueberry muffin, broc [broccoli?], coffee toast- 1/8 c. bran
Milk no salt milk

Friday August 16, 1996
Coffee- hot cereal- ½ bagel- O.J.
Tomato- romaine salad NO SALT
Pills- all-5-breakfast time: Fast broccoli for lunch!
Worked- heart

Saturday August 17, 1996
2 Phyl leaves for Calif and Matt
Mail to- Natalie, Roger, Trudie, ABC
VISA bill/

Sunday August 18, 1996
1 Colby, Jane M, Josie
With note to Trudie G, Jane M and ART PICS
29 July Aug 16 “Perspective” sent to NYC
Takes 4-6 wks each.

Monday August 19, 1996
2 Sent pictures back- Stayed on salt free- swelling gone

Tuesday August 20, 1996
Wrote to Sonia- Colby- Jane M

Wednesday August 21, 1996

Thursday August 22, 1996
1 suffered slightly and painted a little. ???

Friday August 23, 1996
2 Wrote cards to: Trudie G., Betty T. and Jo langer-

Saturday August 24, 1996
1 Wrote to Roger- Trudie called- So weak and tired- No wind

Sunday August 25, 1996
2 Josie called- Dead tired this AM- by noon OK- but I feel exhausted for 2-3 hrs in AM

Monday August 26, 1996
1 Seem exhausted and shaky
When I work I’m BETTER

Tuesday August 27, 1996
2 “Larkin” to Josie- Jo Langer
Gas KN

Wednesday August 28, 1996
1 Nothing except J. Crew cat [catalog]

Thursday August 29, 1996
2 Sent card to Cyndy in Mancos
25.00 to local WNCC-

Friday August 30, 1996
1 Pd. plumber- $50+
Painted a bit of FLOWER STICK

Saturday August 31, 1996
2Sent a long letter to Cindy
More tired- No painting

Sunday September 1, 1996
1 Tired all to heck- No ambish [ambition?] at all.

Monday September 2, 1996
Labor Day- Jane left after Sat and Sun. Just 1 night.

Tuesday September 3, 1996
Big one
Phyllis- 3PM Doctor- Knee a LOT BETTER- Took L. [Lois] and I to shop for food- M.G. [“Manchester Guardian”]- ABC returned

Wednesday September 4, 1996
2 Wrote to Jane M and Natalie d’A

Thursday September 5, 1996
1 Phyllis […]
Need pills VASOTEC and SYNTHROID ID ? for 3 months/

Friday September 6, 1996
2 Write someone- ?
No one to speak of
From C.S. int. checks

Saturday September 7, 1996
1 Pd. bills. etc. deposited 190-

Sunday September 8, 1996
2 Wrote Roger and Cindy and pd hospital 4.36 and also wrote Josie-

[Written above “Monday”:
1 800 203-3335”]

Monday September 9, 1996
1 Wrote Jan Harvey/ Dick and Kay
Pd. K-LAWN- Called about Murphy bed

Tuesday September 10, 1996
Letter to Phyl and Peggy Marshall

Wednesday September 11, 1996
1 Pd. City of Sidney

Thursday September 12, 1996
2 Dr. J at 4PM- 1st
Ordered tea kettles and blanket

Friday September 13, 1996
1 Sent letter to Jane M.
Sent letter to Josie S.T.
Josie- Jane- Cindy-

Saturday September 14, 1996
2 Write to Colbys
Learning to SONY VERY SLOW

Sunday September 15, 1996
1 Wrote (the cartoons) Boddingtons
Bob[,] Betty[,] Jane[,] Jo[,] Josie
Mary Ross[,] Colby[,] Peggy[,] Liz C[,] Phyl
[Written above “Monday”:
“Worley Studio Alliance
PO Box 370 Ne.
508 Box Butte Av.

Monday September 16, 1996
2 Sent the cartoons

Tuesday September 17, 1996

Wednesday September 18, 1996
2 Pd. bill to AT & T
Sent notes to Elna F. in London
Kay G. Trudie, Weolffer, Sony

Thursday September 19, 1996
1 I’m going to take IT EASY today- Thursday- wound up in hospital-

Friday September 20, 1996
2 Call Dr. Akerson for app’t
- 9 Wed 25th- took Ducolax

Saturday September 21, 1996
1 Bright for a while- then […]
All ok. NOW

Sunday September 22, 1996
2 Changed BRITA-1

[Written above “Monday”:
Wed. Alliance”]

Monday September 23, 1996
1 Called Insurance-

Tuesday September 24, 1996

Wednesday September 25, 1996
1 Wed AM 9 o’clock- Dr. Akerson

Thursday September 26, 1996
2 wks until Dr. Jantz.
Called Gregorys/ checked with drug store about Cordarone

Friday September 27, 1996
1 Rather COLD today. They moon was beautiful last night- got med bill 127.90

Saturday September 28, 1996
2 Wrote Jane- Trudie- Bill
Josie a card

Sunday September 29, 1996
18 [Cordarone?]

[Written above “Monday”: “Alliance”]

Monday September 30, 1996
Gorgeous gorjus [gorgeous] weather
2 Pd. gas bill- 8 oz seem to have about half of my “How to Draw” book
Feel lousy LOUSY[.] 4 TV videos on Sat and Sun. TOO MUCH-

Tuesday October 1, 1996

Wednesday October 2, 1996
2 Alliance. NEXT WK.

Thursday October 3, 1996
1 Called 5544 for an app’t with Dr. Jantz- in a week.

Friday October 4, 1996
2 Wrote little letters to:
Jane M. Barb and Trudie

Saturday October 5, 1996
1 A little cloud cover- sun
Quite warm. PILLS

Sunday October 6, 1996
2 Bright sun- PILLS IN BOTTLE

[Written above “Monday”: “Oct. 10 saw Jantz”]

Monday October 7, 1996
12:15 EYES- COOK
Wrote C. [Cindy] McC/ Sent bill to CC for 312.70

Tuesday October 8, 1996
Cindy- 50th birthday

Wednesday October 9, 1996
Dr. J? Alliance/ Sony
R. Moore 200- Trudie G. 100

Thursday October 10, 1996
Sent notes to Josie, Trudie G.
Elec. bill, saw Jantz and he (the heart specialist from Denver) started PILLS- for 10 days morn and night

Friday October 11, 1996

Saturday October 12, 1996
Blood in spit (forgot tonight to take an “antibiotik” [antibiotic]

Sunday October 13, 1996
NONE- Slept from 7 PM Sat. until 8:40 today- Will be a good day.

Monday October 14, 1996
Dr. Ackerson on 21st
Columbus Day

Tuesday October 15, 1996
Wrote and sent garden sticks
Snapshots to Vancouver
Wrote Jane M.

Wednesday October 16, 1996
8 pills left
Coumadine= LAST 6 because my blood got too thin-

Thursday October 17, 1996
Dr. Jantz (maybe) 2:30

Friday October 18, 1996
PILLS FINISHED (I won’t ever take them again)
Count pills left
[6?] Cordrone

Saturday October 19, 1996
BM- Supposed to see Akerson 9:30 Monday Oct. 21st

Sunday October 20, 1996
Wrote Natalie, Josie

Monday October 21, 1996
Dr. Akerson- 9:30 OK

Tuesday October 22, 1996

Wednesday October 23, 1996

Thursday October 24, 1996
Bob R.- 10 AM
Rauner tax

Friday October 25, 1996

Saturday October 26, 1996

Sunday October 27, 1996
Quiet- GREY- Rained during night

Monday October 28, 1996
½ Sent letters to Matt and N d’A

Tuesday October 29, 1996

Wednesday October 30, 1996
½ Phyllis home 6:55 AM/ Oct. 30

Thursday October 31, 1996
1 Wrote to Cynthia- REFUSED “Spectator”- No Phyl yet at noon Thurs. Jan […]

Friday November 1, 1996
½ Dr. Jantz […]
8:30 Oct 31

Saturday November 2, 1996
1 Painted all day
Sent Trudie and Josie new tele no.

Sunday November 3, 1996
½ BM
Painted all day
Relaxed and read

[Written above “Monday”:
“34 days VASOTEC- 3 per day
Wrote […]”]

Monday November 4, 1996
0 Con’t Vasotec- 3 pills
Relaxed Sun nite
Josie Jane Lois
[$ COPS?]

Tuesday November 5, 1996
½ Barb- Bill C- Trudie- Lizabeth
A wrong number
Call about EYES

Wednesday November 6, 1996
3 Vasotecs (1 ½ & 1 ½) BM
1 Cordarone (whole)
1 Prem
1 Thyr

Thursday November 7, 1996
½ One wk- Jantz in 6-8 wks. [Mary put a question mark over the phrase “in 6-8 wks”]

Friday November 8, 1996
Took 2 Thyroxins, 1 Cordarone, 1Permarin, 1 ½ Vasotecs}1st day

Saturday November 9, 1996
½ Called Alliance

Sunday November 10, 1996

Monday November 11, 1996

Tuesday November 12, 1996

Wednesday November 13, 1996

Thursday November 14, 1996
Two wks- Sent cards to Dunlap CC/ Jane M/
Tickets to trip- 22nd- Dec 4

Friday November 15, 1996
½ Sent card to Alec Primm
Check to Alliance- Sent card to Trudie Gregory, Ciny
Pd for adapter/ Marta, Bank

Saturday November 16, 1996
Channel 6 (six) Peggy, Elizabeth[,] Trudie- Barbara- rec’d 3 cards from Langer

Sunday November 17, 1996
½ Sunny- 10º above.

[Pages for Monday November 18, 1996- Sunday December 8, 1996 are missing from the planner.]

[Written above “Monday”: “De[…]” [December?]]

Monday December 9, 1996
½ Wrote to Moore, Trudie, Groves
Amy, Natalie, Mary P. and G. Dana and Joe, Jane M.

Tuesday December 10, 1996
Dr. Martin cataract 9:30
Bill 29.00

Wednesday December 11, 1996
½ Sterling- bath and clip for Ginger

Thursday December 12, 1996
Six wks Dr. Jantz 11: AM
[Fin?]- see Dr A in 4 weeks

Friday December 13, 1996

Saturday December 14, 1996
Quiet- Worked
Cateracts [Cataracts] on Jan 7-

Sunday December 15, 1996
½ Safeway- worked

[Written above “Monday”:
“FHP Health Care
P.O. Box 15180
C.S. Colo.”]

Monday December 16, 1996
Dr. Seitz [This has been erased and Mary wrote “75-67=8” over it]

Tuesday December 17, 1996
½ Dr. Seitz […]

Wednesday December 18, 1996
Wed 1/2 pill
Shoes from LL Bean
9:45 Garcia

Thursday December 19, 1996
½ […] from Dr. Jantz- SEE Akerson about Jan 9.
Thurs OK BM

Friday December 20, 1996
Whole Friday

Saturday December 21, 1996
½ Half

Sunday December 22, 1996
Whole pill

Monday December 23, 1996- Tuesday December 24, 1996 [concealed by what looks like the missing pages for the dates Monday November 18, 1996- Sunday December 8, 1996]

Wednesday December 25, 1996
Christmas Day

Thursday December 26, 1996
4- eight wks. See Akerson in 2 wks

Friday December 27, 1996

Saturday December 28, 1996

Sunday December 29, 1996
300 […]

Monday December 30, 1996-End of year [concealed by what looks like the missing pages for the dates Monday November 18, 1996- Sunday December 8, 1996]

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Ms 0368 Box 7, 1997 Day Planner. Transcribed by Marta Trippe, CC class of 2013, summer 2012.

Thursday January 2, 1997
Physical- Akerson 10:40

Friday January 3, 1997- Sunday January 5, 1997 [left blank]

Monday January 6, 1997
Cataract surgery for McCabe[’]s mother in Boston.

Tuesday January 7, 1997
Cataract surgery- 1:30

Wednesday January 8, 1997
Check-up eye- All ok
Grocery store
Jon Ham phoned/ Won’t do garden sticks

Thursday January 9, 1997
Started to snow at 3 AM- I am willing to stay inside- My PAIN is on today.

Friday January 10, 1997
Bed 8 o’clock

Saturday January 11, 1997
Cards to Bob H. and Kathy N.Y.C.
LAB on the Saturday opera.

Sunday January 12, 1997- Monday January 13, 1997 [left blank]

Tuesday January 14, 1997
Missed time of EYE CHECK
Should get it Thursday at Ogalala- thanks to Phyllis

Wednesday January 15, 1997
Wrote letters to Colby
Murphy and Liz- Cold
Too bad to go to Ogalala

Thursday January 16, 1997
Expect to have eyes checked on the 28th in Sidney

Friday January 17, 1997
Order to video/ St. Paul, MN.
App’t with Martin- Jan 28-
Pd 32.30 to Sidney Hospital doctors

Saturday January 18, 1997
Dreary- Very cold

Sunday January 19, 1997

Monday January 20, 1997
32.30 paid- to Dr.?

Tuesday January 21, 1997- Wednesday January 22, 1997 [left blank]

Thursday January 23, 1997
Wrote notes to Colby: Roger

Friday January 24, 1997
Called Nat d’A.

Saturday January 25, 1997
Regina K.,

Sunday January 26, 1997
½ c

Monday January 27, 1997
1 Cord.

Tuesday January 28, 1997
9:55 AM Dr. Martin
½ Cord.

Wednesday January 29, 1997- Friday January 31, 1997 [left blank]

Saturday February 1, 1997
New Vasotec/ supply?
Cancelled- take 2 NOT 4 daily??
Dr. Jantz- I must have goofed the dosage.

Sunday February 2, 1997
Cards to: Jane W, Bron Davis, Kay Grove, Richard Wentworth
Bank[,] Packard, Ross Westerveslt
B. Davis, Marta Packard

Monday February 3, 1997
1Y-IT-1p-1/2 c
Finished ptg
Letter from Kay
Snow showers

Tuesday February 4, 1997
Cold! This AM- Big Day
Cards to Mike, Jane M, Bob and Regina- Josie

Wednesday February 5, 1997
Bob, Mary R., J.W.-

Thursday February 6, 1997

Friday February 7, 1997
Cards to Trudie and Barbara-
Letter with cartoon to Kay. Card also to Marta
Call Trudie after eyes

Saturday February 8, 1997- Sunday February 9, 1997 [left blank]

Monday February 10, 1997
Dr. A.

Tuesday February 11, 1997
Get Vasotec/ sent cards to: Trudie, Barb., Bob, Regina, Jane M. (Steve Wood- Art School)

Wednesday February 12, 1997
Cards to= Matt= Vivian= JosieArnest- Colby- Eliz- K Carlisle
Talked t[o] Jan[t]z office and Akerson- about skin

Thursday February 13, 1997
BM- Gave canvas no 2 cut 1’5 4’x6’ out of 25 yds.

Friday February 14, 1997
½ tomorrow

Saturday February 15, 1997
[R?]-Lax Nitroglycerin at 11 in morning- quick relief but I was dead tired afterwards.
Worked a while on ptg. Nothing else.

Sunday February 16, 1997
Started pulling out the wrinkles in the canvas- all day inside.

Monday February 17, 1997
Contact Hosp- $- Bill
Called Denver Cardiology group

Tuesday February 18, 1997
Alco- Staples,
Picked up specs

Wednesday February 19, 1997
Pick up Naprelan 375
Did not do this

Thursday February 20, 1997

Friday February 21, 1997

Saturday February 22, 1997
Sent cards to: Peter: Bill and Trudie- Ann Cribbs[,] Janet (artist in N.C.) Kathy NYC, Gazibara, Bodd, Vivian, Cletis and Bob, Feiler[,] Bronwyn, Elizabeth, Dunlap, Lois, Lisa Dawson[,] Josie[,] Duffy, Grove, A. Cross-Hobach in Ft. Meyers. 21-cards

Sunday February 23, 1997
Light snowfall. Finished up 28 cards (orient) + 6 more.

Monday February 24, 1997

Tuesday February 25, 1997
Sent a few more old cards to here and there. Took a NG last night

Wednesday February 26, 1997
Sent cards to Liz and Trudie and Alex and Lois. Phyllis (new ones)
Had a funny pain as I stretched this AM.

Thursday February 27, 1997
Quickly over with/ Had hair fixed at 9 AM. 3:30 Lois is coming

Friday February 28, 1997
Using humidified for itch.
Phyllis is coming

Saturday March 1, 1997
Worked on clippings for NEXT ART. Cold today, Dry

Sunday March 2, 1997
Talked to Lois and Phyllis
Did some mail.

Monday March 3, 1997
Trudie, Jane, Barb G, Jane, Kasmin[,] Grove, Lizabeth, Bill C. Peggy
Rather strained- Had NG at 5:30

Tuesday March 4, 1997
Sent check to 4th world. Called the Denver Dr. No reply so I held my questions. Worked a while on ochre cross
Wrote long letter to Trudie. 7:05 PM- N.G.
Lying on couch reading. Deposited check from take care-

Wednesday March 5, 1997
Wrote “Book” to TG (she bought one)

Thursday March 6, 1997
Called hosp for app’t with Dr- Worked TOO HARD
No mail- will send to T.G. a book

Friday March 7, 1997
Write Trudie/ Book
Wrote Bush House about subsc. [subscription?]
Semt the, dated pkg. the cellophane March 7 – with address

Saturday March 8, 1997
Lois returned Tweed shoes 88- and sent 3 books to Judy Noyes in C.S. She called and said she’d write

Sunday March 9, 1997
Worked on collage-

Monday March 10, 1997- Tuesday March 11, 1997 [left blank]

Wednesday March 12, 1997
9 AM Bob Rauner

Thursday March 13, 1997
x 6 months since/ 1st app’t with Jantz
Dr. Jantz- 1 PM
He thinks I look fine- and had nothing to offer= feet and toilet-

Friday March 14, 1997
Wrote “Bush House” about subsc.[subscription] last Friday/ Wrote Colby, Hump, Liz./ Jane M./

Saturday March 15, 1997
Took a NG pill. Didn’t help pain
Saw Phyl. Still very sick and? no real confirmation of pain in XX chest.
Letter from Groves.

Sunday March 16, 1997
Trudie phones about books on Monday. I have big collage. Ready to start- dead tired
Thurs 13th Phyl went to [Mad?] at 12 noon
Back home by 3-

Monday March 17, 1997
B [Blood?]

Tuesday March 18, 1997

Wednesday March 19, 1997
No mail.
Called T.G. and Alexandra. They came home late Mon-17th
Phyl home!
XX Sent for jacket LL Bean- 7-9 days. 2 prs jeans

Thursday March 20, 1997
Today ½ pill. Lax too etc.
Worked hard on PTG/ COLLAGE
00-No results

Friday March 21, 1997
Going to rest all day today.
(Rug cleaned) last night- will do job on 16 April app’t.
[…]- 2 ducolax

Saturday March 22, 1997
½ All[’]s well. Got BBC. Yesterday took E and Vit. Letters from M. Ross and Jane M. Heard Barb of Seville [“Barber of Seville”]

Sunday March 23, 1997
Whole cordarone. No more luck. Ate VERY well. Wrote Trudie on Friday
Will write Jane today and start a note to Mary R
Another! Warm day- Tried to fix humidifier
00 [correctal?]

Monday March 24, 1997
1 half
(income tax today)
See about bathroom sink-OK
Letters to Murphy and Grove
Sent card to Judy N.

Tuesday March 25, 1997
Whole/ Card from Cindy
Big BM

Wednesday March 26, 1997
Half-Lois brought pills and bricks- Gorgeous day

Thursday March 27, 1997
Appointment- whole
Sent med $ refund
Checked BLOOD with nurse[.] Said Dr would call

Friday March 28, 1997

Saturday March 29, 1997

Sunday March 30, 1997

Monday March 31, 1997
Foot doc- 9 AM
Whole pill
Wrote Bob H. Kay G. Phyl. Lois, Liz C (BC) [British Columbia?]

Tuesday April 1, 1997
Mike Duffy- letter from Kay
Write Barbara- Jane M.

Wednesday April 2, 1997
NEED cordarone- Got it.
Phyllis/ Murphy[,] Natalie d’ Arbeloff

Thursday April 3, 1997
Half/ New supply of coradrone
Ginger- Sterling
10:30 Phyllis [heart] doctor-

Friday April 4, 1997
Dr Blackburn 9:30

Saturday April 5, 1997- Sunday April 6, 1997 [left blank]

Monday April 7, 1997
Deposited med check for 166.48 from CC-
Blackburn eye doc- 1:30

Tuesday April 8, 1997

Wednesday April 9, 1997
Slippery- Rain-Ice? Snow
Dr. Blackburn 2:15

Thursday April 10, 1997
[…]Jantz 2:00/ no more [Jantz] till Aug. 4 mo. from now.

Friday April 11, 1997

Saturday April 12, 1997
Made and sent cards to all

Sunday April 13, 1997
Could manage. Bright [sun] but vetty [very] cold for 4-13-97

Monday April 14, 1997- Tuesday April 15, 1997 [left blank]

Wednesday April 16, 1997
Rug to be recleaned on 16th 1 PM
Eye doctor 9:30

Thursday April 17, 1997
Saw Dr Seitz- Showers! Grease

Friday April 18, 1997
Wrote to: Regina, Colby, Marta[,] Langer[,] Nat d’A-

Saturday April 19, 1997
Wrote to: Liz Campbell, Sonia, Viv. J[,] Barb G., Trudie G,

Sunday April 20, 1997

Monday April 21, 1997
P. OV.
Strong wind in night- Sun AM
Appetite shot. Lois called. Said Tony was back from Czechoslovakia
Wind ALL day and chilly
NO mail[.] TLS

Tuesday April 22, 1997
OV card from Jima and Jan
Wrote Peggy and Ann C-
A. McC called
M.G. [“Manchester Guardian”]-SPEC [“Spectator”]- I phoned Peggy about art
Wind[.] Cold

Wednesday April 23, 1997
Sent books to Noyes
Books to Chinook
No wind! Cold.

Thursday April 24, 1997
Regina[,] Ann C[,] Bob[,] Jane M
Marta- Trudie- Barb. Lois-

Friday April 25, 1997

Saturday April 26, 1997

Sunday April 27, 1997

Monday April 28, 1997

Tuesday April 29, 1997

Wednesday April 30, 1997

Thursday May 1, 1997
½ Dr. Seitz- 10:15 Cheyenne.
Dr. J. in 10 weeks

Friday May 2, 1997
Dr. Seitz- call in 2 weeks

Saturday May 3, 1997

Sunday May 4, 1997
Up about 6 times- Didn’t notice ANY sleepiness

Monday May 5, 1997
In Sunday/ Mon. pill I was quite itchy- OK after the shower and Vasoline [Vaseline]/ Worked on the ladder ptg.

Tuesday May 6, 1997
Started 3rd ptg of new canvas
Very weary tonight
No Vasel. [Vaseline]
Took a pill at 9- BETTER after shower

Wednesday May 7, 1997
As usual up at- 6 times! Never a long night any more.
Getting Vit. C for bruise spots. Doesn’t seem to help much- Shower itch away

Thursday May 8, 1997

Friday May 9, 1997
Tele bill- “Manchester” renewal, bank stuff[,] utilities bill-/ LL Bean/ N Pub. Radio [National Public Radio?] shirt- “New Yorker”
Grease in AM

Saturday May 10, 1997
Order in S.F. for art supplies
No anti-H grease in AM.

Sunday May 11, 1997
Grease in AM

[Written above “Monday”: “16 309 Rd 8”?]

Monday May 12, 1997
Sent cards to: R. Went/ Kathy Carlisle[/] Eliz C. Letters to Jane/ Bill Colby[/] Mary Ross/ Peggy Marshall/
Grease in AM

Tuesday May 13, 1997
Started yellow/ o/ […]

Wednesday May 14, 1997

Thursday May 15, 1997
Call Dr. Seitz about pill
Paid T & T bill- Made 2nd table
Wrote Peggy- Roger

Friday May 16 1997
Art supply order?
Painted on both canvases.

Saturday May 17, 1997
Painted like mad-
Bottom up- More time to sleep I hope

Sunday May 18, 1997
Write to Betty, Josie
Finished grey- yellow [pills?]

[Written above “Monday”:
“Alexandra 2930
Merika Kira”]

Monday May 19, 1997
Josie, Alex, McCabes, Mary P. Betty[,] Natalie, Cindy, Dr. Auerbach, Dr[.] Blackburn.
Emptied at night

Tuesday May 20, 1997
Mary Ross will be NEXT in a week. THROW out TUBE trash
Sent Peggy snapshots
Packed jacket-LL Bean

Wednesday May 21, 1997
9:45 Dr. Blackburn- Return in wk. BP taken at hosp. OK
No obligations to F.A.C. for show
Try to relax-

Thursday May 22, 1997
Rest!- Stretched a canvas- tired- can’t see well enuf [enough] to read

Friday May 23, 1997
Eyes 10:15-

Saturday May 24, 1997
Phoned Bob, Josie, Lois
Raining now 6 PM. NO lights
Hard rain- BOOM CRASH

Sunday May 25, 1997
Itched- No work
Dr. Jantz on 7 Aug

[Written above “Monday”:
“Dr. Jantz
1 303-412-0807”]

Monday May 26, 1997
Veterans- Memorial

Tuesday May 27, 1997
Peggy called tonight

Wednesday May 28, 1997
Blackburn- sent snaps to Josie.

Thursday May 29, 1997
Called Cheyenne

Friday May 30, 1997
BM-Almost Thurs

Saturday May 31, 1997
Regina[,] Eliz[,] Natalie-
DIDN’T write yet.

Sunday June 1, 1997
839 7100 4553 Wilson Tobin

[Written above “Monday”:
“A and R. 2930
Jantz- (303) 412- 0807”]

Monday June 2, 1997
BM AM- Went to Sterling. Got RED TAPE

Tuesday June 3, 1997
Try to send Trudie stuff.

Wednesday June 4, 1997
Eye visit (EAST?)
Tues. on 10th June-
Spec. [“Spectator”]/ TLS/ M.G. [“Manchester Guardian”]/ cats! 5

Thursday June 5, 1997
Thursday- Lois and Phyl brought me an alarm clock. Got pictures ready for Trudie.

Friday June 6,1 997- Saturday June 7, 1997 [left blank]

Sunday June 8, 1997

Monday June 9, 1997
2 months from J

Tuesday June 10, 1997
Eyes- 9:15 AM

Wednesday June 11, 1997- Saturday June 14, 1997 [left blank]

Sunday June 15, 1997
Dr. Yakel MONDAY 9:30

Monday June 16, 1997
9:30 AM Yakel- Dry

Tuesday June 17, 1997
Wrote Marta, Liz, Matt, Josie

Wednesday June 18, 1997
Wrote card to Bob and Ross
Mary Ross and I crossed cards (She’s to go to UK for 2 wks.)

Thursday June 19, 1997
Ford K. Sayre
17 Terrace Dr.
Barrington, R.I.
Tel: 401-245-3100
Pix [pictures] sent to them.

Friday June 20, 1997
Yesterday got crate made and sent UPS to Rhode Island
Ptg for barn and sky-??

Saturday June 21, 1997
Turkey sand. [sandwich][,] spaghetti[,] lettuce[,] prunes

Sunday June 22, 1997
Spinach- corn-on-cob
Hamburger[,] bagels (2)[,] eggs- orange j.

Monday June 23, 1997
Tomato bean brocili [broccoli]
Regina, Vivian. FAC VISA

Tuesday June 24, 1997

Wednesday June 25, 1997
Dr. A. took me off P. and V. Start Thursday

Thursday June 26, 1997
No PREM. OR VASOTEC for ? days 93)

Friday June 27, 1997
No pre. No vasotec

Saturday June 28, 1997
Off 3 days

Sunday June 29, 1997
Restart P and V Sunday

Monday June 30, 1997

Tuesday July 1, 1997
Mary Ross coming back from UK
Peggy home from R.I.

Wednesday July 2, 1997
Order to Tweeds/ Blood for Dr. A.

Thursday July 3, 1997
BM- 3 days no thyroxin [written above but then crossed out “vasotec or”]

Friday July 4, 1997
BANG POP!- Back on vaso., prem., and cord. [“thyr” is crossed out]

Saturday July 5, 1997
[…] RP

Sunday July 6, 1997
½ cord. and everything else except THYROXIN
Only one

Monday July 7, 1997
Start N.T. at 07. 7 crate and mail to Jane.

Tuesday July 8, 1997
July 8- 12 AM (Noon) Dr. Seitz- cancelled

Wednesday July 9, 1997
Terrible day

Thursday July 10, 1997
(Go to Cheyenne-?) No just postponed
[“Tweeds” is written in pencil underneath this statement]

Friday July 11, 1997
Wrote to Natalie, Duffy[,] Stephanie- utilities-
No rash- itch until 3 PM- Awful now

Saturday July 12, 1997

Sunday July 13, 1997
Forgot all pills
Feel GREAT too.

Monday July 14, 1997
Letters to Jo B. and Peggy
Called Trudie Gregory- Now I can paint. Eliz., Barb., Josie

Tuesday July 15, 1997
Cards to Liz, Betty, Kathy (NYC)[,] Bob, Josie, Colbys
Flies! Lawn cut. Hot/ flies

Wednesday July 16, 1997
No mail going- itch is OK part of day-

Thursday July 17, 1997
Last night 2 showers
Jantz nurse says BENYDRYL will help. Trouble of reaching everything. Sent CARD to Richard

Friday July 18, 1997

Saturday July 19, 1997
Called to secure Rx for zyrtec

Sunday July 20, 1997
½ Getting on [whole and half?] track. Goofed on Monday-14th

Monday July 21, 1997
Called Trudie G, rested. Read a little in TLS and LR
Day seemed cool to me after the heat of past days.

Tuesday July 22, 1997
Eyes- 10:15- was fitted with “granny glasses” Told Lois I’d had fantastic dream(s) last night. Glued the “door” (B)

Wednesday July 23, 1997
Exhausted. Heat
Sewed a little! Bandana top- skirt started

Thursday July 24, 1997
Sent Kay G. Jane M. Again a super HOT day
Grease floated
Letters from Regina[,] Julie McC
Almost no itch!!!

Friday July 25, 1997
Regina/ cut bushes/ so far- 9:25 no itch. Grease[.] Cut way back on H2O
2 pink ones

Saturday July 26, 1997
(B) Sent 2 cards to Bill C and 1 to Josie
Shop food- Safeway
NO itch: Slept 2-4 PM: NO GREASE

Sunday July 27, 1997
Ate green jello and whipped cream.

[Written above “Monday”: “[glasses?] 254-3235]

Monday July 28, 1997
Jane[’]s snapshots finished- Called Peggy Sat- Marta called Friday 25[.]
Josie[,] Liz[,] Jane M[,] Jane W[,] and Richard

Tuesday July 29, 1997
Ordered from Utretch and will call TNT later- for stick for Ginny

Wednesday July 30, 1997
No mail- Utretch shipped

Thursday July 31, 1997
TLS- Thanks from Tony for wedding gift

Friday August 1, 1997
Sent Marta the pictures- snaps of work to decide

Saturday August 2, 1997- Sunday August 3, 1997 [left blank]

Monday August 4, 1997
Kay- Josie- Trudie- Duffy- Eliz C.- Bill C.- Nancy R.- Jane M. Stephanie[-] Vivian- Ed J. Bearwalds- Bank- BM
Usual mail- periodicals etc.

Tuesday August 5, 1997
Hair- 11AM- OK

Wednesday August 6, 1997
Utretch received-

Thursday August 7, 1997
[….] Hot water? 120.00
Dr. Jantz 1:00
Increased vasotec and thyroxin
[Mary pasted a flap of paper with additional writing over the original space in the planner. On this flap she writes: “Doubled vasotec[.] Aug 7/ Thyroxin 1 or 2?”]

Friday August 8, 1997
120/70- took Burlap off canvas[.] PTG [painting] supplies
[Pill?] = ½ AM [Pill?]+ ½ in PM

Saturday August 9, 1997
Wrote Jane W. and Elizabeth

Sunday August 10, 1997
YES TERRIBLE [In these phrases, Mary is referring to her medication dosage as indicated in the last line of Friday August 8]

[Written above “Monday”: “Dr. Tulin 1-719-471-1775”]

Monday August 11, 1997
Dr. Akerson 9:30 AM

Tuesday August 12, 1997
In Colo. Springs at about 2 PM
Gazabara’s dinner

Wednesday August 13, 1997
Cardiology […]
Tech for photo…exam etc
Echo (couldn’t get Sidney hosp[)] The[y] lost my echo- ye gods.

Thursday August 14, 1997

Friday August 15, 1997
Dr. Tulin 2:30 Been told that 5 Med found the echo-too late- the CS man did

Saturday August 16, 1997
Josie- lunch- museum- Peggy
Party by […] Ginny Feiler

Sunday August 17, 1997
Phyl and Al came about 9:30- 10:00
Trudie[’]s house in CS

Monday August 18, 1997
Vasotec- 4=5 for 8 days- Then take 2=10 every day- 1 thyroid daily
200 cordarone- 100- 200- 100 etc
1 premarin daily-

Tuesday August 19, 1997
Lunch with Barb, Trudie Gazabara[’]s daughter
Appt with Dr. Tulin at 2:30 PM on Tues (today0

Wednesday August 20, 1997

Thursday August 21, 1997

Friday August 22, 1997

Saturday August 23, 1997
Feiler[’]s party for ME!
Lunch with Peggy and Museum

Sunday August 24, 1997
Phyllis and Al picked me up at Trudie[’]s on Aug 24 Sunday

[Written above “Monday”:
“Kathy C (2)
Eliz (2)”]

Monday August 25, 1997
2:45 Dr. Blackburn/ Feiler[’]s daughter ACCIDENT
Sent cards to= Ed [Oshier?], Kay Ross, Colby, Adele and John C.

Tuesday August 26, 1997
Sent cards to Dr. Telatnik (lungs) in C.S.

Wednesday August 27, 1997

Thursday August 28, 1997
Dr. Thayer at 2 PM/ Time set for […]
Card to Josie/ Betty Trotter[,] Bob H.

Friday August 29, 1997
Ordered jacket and clogs- Norm Thompson

Saturday August 30, 1997

Sunday August 31, 1997
Called George[,] Otto and Jane
Worked- Rested too

Monday September 1, 1997
Holiday- Labor
BBC on 17859 after 11!

Tuesday September 2, 1997
To: Alco with film
Eyes/???cataract/ Dr. Blackburn 8:30 AM
Trudie phoned-

Wednesday September 3, 1997
Dr. Yakel 1:30 PM
Took a pill

Thursday September 4, 1997
1 wk. until Dr. Thayer
[These phrases were written over: “Safeway- at [4 AM?] BBC

Friday September 5, 1997- Saturday September 6, 1997 [left blank]

Sunday September 7, 1997
Take a pill-

[Written above “Monday”: “Kay Grove 1-206-522- 6891”]

Monday September 8, 1997
Took pill. Call Kay G.

Tuesday September 9, 1997
Hosp. at 1 PM (papers)

Wednesday September 10, 1997

Thursday September 11, 1997
Dr. Thayer- 6:30 AM
Photo taken

Friday September 12, 1997
Read part of […] cordarone again. Still a mystery to me

Saturday September 13, 1997
Spent day R.T. to C.S. and went to gallery in Denver on way back. Albert drove me-

Sunday September 14, 1997
Took a break. No art today. Nice day anyway.

Monday September 15, 1997- Wednesday September 17, 1997 [left blank]

Thursday September 18, 1997
Dr. Thayer- 1:30
Trudie G called. I’ll return tonight. 6 wks since

Friday September 19, 1997- Sunday September 21, 1997 [left blank]

[Written above “Monday”:
10309 Road 8
Sidney, NE 69162

Cataract Dr. Martin”]

Monday September 22, 1997
3:00 PM Dr. Brian

Tuesday September 23, 1997
8:45 AM Dr. Martin- cataract
Ordered GESSO- Utrecht

Wednesday September 24, 1997

Thursday September 25, 1997
Left message with Dr. A about? of thyroxin-

Friday September 26, 1997
Hair cut- started 2 (art) garden sticks- NO pressure no customers- HA
Phoned Trudie

Saturday September 27, 1997
Windy and came up hard this AM- 9 or so. Now 3:30 us WILD
Lip and check PUFFED UP[.] No pain[.] Just queer- bug bite?

Sunday September 28, 1997

Monday September 29, 1997
Get 8’ sawed at T.N.T. in 70’s
Letter from L. Col- Austin TX
Wrote letters- bills-etc.

Tuesday September 30, 1997
[…] “New Yorker”- groceries at J and J with Lois- […]
Letter from Linford friend

Wednesday October 1, 1997
Worked on G. [garden] stick
Will answer [letter from Linford friend]

Thursday October 2, 1997
Wrote Colby’s- Linfords[-] Natalie d’A and Suttons
Cut finger
Roger and Nat phoned

Friday October 3, 1997- Saturday October 4, 1997 [left blank]

Sunday October 5, 1997
No pills

Monday October 6, 1997
½ c [cordarone?] 1 vaso [vasotec] 1 prem 1 thyroxin

Tuesday October 7, 1997
Cheyenne. Dr. Seitz
A new Rx for itch.
Wind on trip

Wednesday October 8, 1997
Sun afternoon. Clouds and rain in AM
[…] 2 times starting Sept!
Rick McCabe called

Thursday October 9, 1997
8 wks- check- cordarone-
Not too cold- windy- on medicine

Friday October 10, 1997
Wrote to Eliz-
Partly cloudy- started Nordic track-
Got Rx on Wed- used Thurs and today- seems OK but has different smell-

Saturday October 11, 1997
The first Rx last? May […] was a thing [written over this phrase is “slight rash”]- labled grease not [surna?]- used it today
½ c [cordarone]
Sunny- windy

Sunday October 12, 1997
Used new Rx nearly NO RASH today
No pills except ½ c [cordarone]

[Written above “Monday”: “Thyroxin now 1 ½”]

Monday October 13, 1997
Rash is NO bother. P. Rx on in AM shower- easy day. Cord ½
No premarin 9out0 will refill

Tuesday October 14, 1997
Whole cordarone- get premarin refilled

Wednesday October 15, 1997
Check eyes at 9:15- No rash
Took pills ALL

Thursday October 16, 1997
Took all pills. Wrote R.L.
Kay- cartoons cards to M Kay/ Jane/ Eliz/ CC med-/ Bob H.

Friday October 17, 1997
Blood check today- repeat in 4 wks. 13th Nov.

Saturday October 18, 1997
Started 1.5 thyroxin/ shirts came- US post on Sat.

Sunday October 19, 1997
House addition-Mt. on Tues. 21 Oct./ Don’t forget

Monday October 20, 1997
Get glasses fixed- return shoes- work on box seat
App’t for cataract Nov. 10.

Tuesday October 21, 1997
House / Addition Bldg. Meeting at 6 PM- Letters from: Julia and Natalie and Kay G.

Wednesday October 22, 1997
1 Bought NEW mattress at Fischer[’]s

Thursday October 23, 1997
½ Went to Safeway- also went to Lois’ with Phyl. Ordered the bed frame.

Friday October 24, 1997
1 A problem- Snowed most of the day

Saturday October 25,1 997
½ OK- Snowing and blowing all night and till 3 PM Saturday

Sunday October 26, 1997
1 Calm and cold and loaded with 15? inches on [of?] S. [snow?]
[Lip?] this day to start resting more. Painting less/ Worked on a train

Monday October 27, 1997
½ Sent letters to Natalie, Roger[,] Colby, Groves, Packards, Kasmin[,] Lois and Phyllis- Jo L. wrote me.

Tuesday October 28, 1997
1 Jo Langer- I answered

Wednesday October 29, 1997

[Thursday October 30, 1997- Sunday November 2, 1997 are taped over with paper and on this paper she writes:

“Oct. 30
Akerson- check for eye surgery
Painted most of the day- Wind

Oct. 31
Grocery- painted
WIND again

Nov. 1
MORE wind- painted most of day. Dead tired- used “sit” peddle thing

Nov. 2
Painted and used P.T. [peddle thing]
Shampoo- Bed by 7-”]

[Written above “Monday”: “Sent SONY to Alliance”]

Monday November 3, 1997
Cataract NEXT Monday- 6 AM
Windy- catalogs and the REDSTONE Press books

Tuesday November 4, 1997
½ Ver windy again. Lois and I went to get food and look for filler for pens.

Wednesday November 5, 1997
Up at 5- work on the pattern for stairs etc.
(doors built on Friday[)]

[Thursday November 6, 1997- Thursday November 13, 1997 are taped over with paper and on this paper she writes:

Thursday November 6, 1997
“½ Thursday
Called Tweeds”

Friday November 7, 1997- Sunday November 9, 1997
Frank Dearson
Helper Handi-man”

Monday November 10, 1997
“Eye surgery”

Tuesday November 11, 1997
“Worked on ‘GARDEN STICK.’ Gloomy day
Went to Safeway”

Wednesday November 12, 1997
“Today was very dark
Worked on ptg. g.s. [garden stick]”]

Thursday November 13, 1997

Friday November 14, 1997

Saturday November 15, 1997

Sunday November 16, 1997

[Written above “Monday”:
“Chinook Book Store

Monday November 17, 1997
1 Phoned Josie today
[70?] tourists killed in Luxon- Will see a MOVIE

Tuesday November 18, 1997

Wednesday November 19, 1997
[Eyes?] 10 min 2 PM 19th

Thursday November 20, 1997

Friday November 21, 1997
1 Sent Judy Noyes a letter about 4 books shipped Monday or Tuesday. Wrote Josie, Grove-
Sent stamos to Kay- ate IC [ice cream?] with Lois

Saturday November 22, 1997

Sunday November 23, 1997

Monday November 24, 1997- Sunday November 25, 1997 [left blank except for indicating dosages of pills- the alternating 1 and ½ of a pill]

Monday December 1, 1997
1 Hospital $ help- clear[-] sunny- cold
Cards to:
LAX [laxative?]

Tuesday December 2, 1997
½ Lois’ birthday

Wednesday December 3, 1997

Thursday December 4, 1997

Friday December 5, 1997
1 Ginny Feiler, Trudie G., Josie, Chinook Books- Eye bill pd

Saturday December 6, 1997
13.6 [next to this, there is an arrow pointing down]

Sunday December 7, 1997
1 graham cracker- 2 OWW
1- Rear coffee 2- Lots of H2O/ NO ptg. etc.

[Written above “Monday”:
“Blackburn [Yakel?]
Alliance- Radio
11th Jantz”]

Monday December 8, 1997
½ Radio 1 800 203 3335

Tuesday December 9, 1997

Wednesday December 10, 1997
½ Jamie Yakel 9: 30 AM

Thursday December 11, 1997
1 Dr. Jantz 11:AM
Changed cordarone

Friday December 12, 1997
½ Dr. Blackburn- 10:30
COLD- Melted a little around noon

Saturday December 13, 1997
[The number “358…2470” was erased]

Sunday December 14, 1997

[Written above “Monday”:
“December ‘97
Itch ALMOST finished past 3 days!”]

Monday December 15, 1997
1 Got 5 cards. Worked on mine. Albert and Matt came over and ate angel cake and ice cre[am]
Fairly nice and sunny till 3 PM- 50º’s

Tuesday December 16, 1997
Sent London R of B- today
28-12= 6 [16?]

Wednesday December 17, 1997

Thursday December 18, 1997
½ See Dr. Jantz at 4 PM. He gave me NEW tablets. NO MORE cordarone- To expect cut down on the itch?

Friday December 19, 1997- Wednesday December 24, 1997 [left blank except for indicating dosages of pills- the alternating 1 and ½ of a pill]

Thursday December 25, 1997
Christmas Peace
Phyllis[,] Lois[,] Al and me
Fine day- rest.

Friday December 26, 1997- Saturday December 27, 1997 [left blank]

Sunday December 28, 1997
H came over to explain my radio- Saw and made NO COMMENT about my train for Trudie-

Monday December 29, 1997
Sent for stamps- 44.00

Tuesday December 30, 1997
All pills exc. ½ one

Wednesday December 31, 1997
No pills

Thursday January 1, 1998
Back to ALL pills

Friday January 2, 1998
Itching madly

Saturday January 3, 1998

Sunday January 4, 1997
Itching like MAD.
SO I took NO PILLS today

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Ms 0368 Box 7, 1998 Day Planner. Transcribed by Marta Trippe, CC class of 2013, summer 2012.

Tuesday January 6, 1998

Wednesday January 7, 1998- Thursday January 8, 1997 [left blank]

Friday January 9, 1997
Tabs- all

Saturday January 10, 1998
No toprol

Sunday January 11, 1998
Tabs- all
Called Trudie Gregory

Monday January 12, 1998

Tuesday January 13, 1998
Tabs- all

Wednesday January 14, 1998

Thursday January 15, 1998
Tabs- all
Jo Boddington died.

Friday January 16, 1998
Bob H. phoned me.

Saturday January 17, 1998
Sent letter to Roger- Diary and NYer [“New Yorker”] pages

Sunday January 18, 1998

Monday January 19, 1998
Tabs- all

Tuesday January 20, 1998- Wednesday January 21, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday January 22, 1998
Wrote Bob[,] Regina[,] Colby[’]s

Friday January 23, 1998
Wrote N d’ A [Natalie d’ Arbeloff]

Saturday January 24, 1998
Comfortably yours- pad- wool blanket had to be saved for now.

Sunday January 25, 1998

Monday January 26, 1998
Letters to Stephanie, Elizabeth, Trudie and Ginny Feiler

Tuesday January 27, 1998
Thyroxin- Iowks (28 April) Wrote Mike D.[,] Woelffer, Richard W.

Wednesday January 28, 1998
Adeline Kapp, Jo Langer, Stephenie [Stephanie?]- Regina Kasmin

Thursday January 29, 1998
+ Levo thyroid fin [finished?]

Friday January 30, 1998
9:30 Dr. Blackburn
11:00 Dr. Yakel

Saturday January 31, 1998- Tuesday February 10, 1997 [left blank]

Wednesday February 11, 1998
Al put up the NEW garden stick-

Thursday February 12, 1998

Friday February 13, 1998
Phone Cheyenne

Saturday February 14, 1998- Wednesday February 18, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday February 19, 1998
Toprol- fin. [finished?]

Friday February 20, 1998

Saturday February 21, 1998
Ordered shoes

Sunday February 22, 1998- Tuesday February 24, 1998 [left blank]

Wednesday February 25, 1998
No mail-

Thursday February 26, 1998
Dr. Jantz- 1:30 cancelled Feb 26- till Mar 12
Wrote to Elizabeth- shoes

Friday February 27, 1998
Get a hair cut-

Saturday February 28, 1998-Monday March 2, 1998 [left blank]

Tuesday March 3, 1998
Green letters- Regina, Trudi, Mary Ross[,] Richard,

Wednesday March 4, 1998

Thursday March 5, 1998
Next week- Dr. J. 1:30

Friday March 6, 1998
9 AM tax- R.R. OK

Saturday March 7, 1998
Hyzaar- fin [finished?]

Sunday March 8, 1998

Monday March 9, 1998
Paid util [utilities] bill- fixed brown paper
Worked a while on the Chinese letters

Tuesday March 10, 1998
Decided to DO the Red Train- and stick with it until- Wrote a note to Jo Langer for mail man to take. Letter from Natalie.

Wednesday March 11, 1998
When I finished last night I was bushed- totally. It is ALL done now and ready to sell- if possible. Alex at about 4 today. VERY COLD

Thursday March 12, 1998

Friday March 13, 1998

Saturday March 14, 1998
Sunday March 15, 1998
Called Trudie and Ginny

[Written above “Monday”: “Dillards- 464 7451”]

Monday March 16, 1998
Ray Cruise Conference Room- Hosp. 7-9
Blood drawn

Tuesday March 17, 1998
Conference Room C at Hosp. 7-9
Wrote Peggy- Adele and John

Wednesday March 18, 1998
MHC’s Home Health Office 7-9
Blood Pressure
25.00 cash on check/ groceries

Thursday March 19, 1998- Sunday March 22, 1998 [left blank]

Monday March 23, 1998
Cards from Peggy- Sonia

Tuesday March 24, 1998
Sent list to Trudie for Ginny.

Wednesday March 25, 1998
Wrote Philip H- Richard[,] Steve Wood and Bill G.

Thursday March 26, 1998
Dr. Jantz- 2:30- HBP NEW TABS
[Dr. Jantz] said I was headed for pace maker

Friday March 27, 1998
New- Plendil MG5

Saturday March 28, 1998
Sent letters to:

Sunday March 29, 1998

Monday March 30, 1998
Wrote Sonia- Safeway- Alex- Big gray relaxed tweed sweater- Manguar/ Rc’s [received?] Liz, Nat[/] Anne/ 4th World/ Pacificare/ Mail

Tuesday March 31, 1998

Wednesday April 1, 1998
Jane W. Regina

Thursday April 2, 1998

Friday April 3, 1998

Cards to- Josie, Peggy, Colby[,] Grove, Gregorys

Saturday April 4, 1998

Sunday April 5, 1998
Josie called about TITANIC
98 – 42 = 56

Monday April 6, 1998
Call Dr. Printz

Tuesday April 7, 1998
Xerox- Medical test- /B. Arnest
Send photos to Jane W/
Deposit check from Alex/

Wednesday April 8, 1998- Thursday April 9, 1998 [left blank]

Friday April 10, 1998
2W [weeks?] 3D [days?]/ Thyroxin in 8 days [...]/ 5W [weeks?] 6 D [days?] Levot/
½ 5W [weeks?] 2 days/ Plendil 2W[weeks?] 1 D [day?]

Saturday April 11, 1998

Sunday April 12, 1998

Monday April 13, 1998
14 + 15 = 29

Tuesday April 14, 1998
Sent letters and 2 checks- A T & T Universal
Colo. College Health
Check for Albert H and my expenses travel to Colo Sprgs [Colorado Springs]

Wednesday April 15, 1998- Thursday April 16, 1998 [left blank]

Friday April 17, 1998- Saturday April 18, 1998
Colorado Springs

Sunday April 19, 1998

Monday April 20, 1998

Tuesday April 21, 1998
Left C.S. before noon. Sidney at about 2:30- good time

Wednesday April 22, 1998

Thursday April 23, 1998
Lois took J. Crew pants for Phyl to try on. GOOD FIT. They (Phyl and Al) went to get Caddie in C.S.

Friday April 24, 1998

Saturday April 25, 1998
Wrote 60.56 gas check for April
Rec’d Pacific Care Health Book
200- for expenses

Sunday April 26, 1998
24 + 7 = 31

[Above “Monday” Mary pasted a sticker that says “Maybe;” below Sunday is a similar sticker that says “Yes”]

Monday April 27, 1998
[…] cancelled

Tuesday April 28, 1998
Thyroxin- fin.

Wednesday April 29, 1998

Thursday April 30, 1998
Dr. Jantz 1 PM- No more P. starting Fri.

Friday May 1, 1998- Tuesday May 5, 1998 [left blank]

[Written above “Monday May 4”: “FLAX in SF 1-415-468-7530”]

Wednesday May 6, 1998
11:30 AM Dr. Blackburn

Thursday May 7, 1998
Cards to Anne C., Vivian, Gregory[’]s son, Ka, Bob H.

Friday May 8, 1998
Cards to Gazi [Gazibara], Gregory, Feiler, Biel Bowen[,] Ann Cribbs[,] Peggy- Josie-

Saturday May 9, 1998
Pulse- 8AM- 54

Sunday May 10, 1998
Felix- Gregorys, Groves, Feiler, Gazibara/
Regina, Bill C, Kau, Jane M, Murphy
(Natalie, Steph, Cyprus, Roger) Marta
Next page for these
NP [crossed out]

Monday May 11, 1998
Nat- Rog [Roger]- Cyprus- Debbie card

Tuesday May 12, 1998

Wednesday May 13, 1998
Dr. B- Time: 10:30 (walked)
Natalie, Kay G. Debbie, Marta
Eyes/ plumber

Thursday May 14, 1998
NP [crossed out]

Friday May 15, 1998
Johnson, Phelps, John Chenoweth

Saturday May 16, 1998

Sunday May 17, 1998
Fell by front door- Bump
NP All day-

Monday May 18, 1998

Tuesday May 19, 1998- Wednesday May 20, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday May 21, 1998
Hair 10 AM/ B.P.
Letter from Dick about books

Friday May 22, 1998
Bill, Kay, Marta

Saturday May 23, 1998

Sunday May 24, 1998
Next week- Dr. Printz on June-1 then cancelled

Monday May 25, 1998
Holiday- no mail-

Tuesday May 26, 1998
Develop film- for Josie earrings

Wednesday May 27, 1998
Wrote Dick

Thursday May 28, 1998
Started PLENDIL today on 27 March [May?]
If lucky get films back from Alco. And blood thinner

Friday May 29, 1998

Saturday May 30, 1998
Sent letters and book-

Sunday May 31, 1998
2 PM for Dr. Printz tomorrow.
Sent letters

[Written above “Monday”: June- 4th World Review”]

Monday June 1, 1998
Dr. Printz 2 PM [crossed out]
Josie might get films today or 2 or 3rd with luck.

Tuesday June 2, 1998
Josie got films SAT.
Sent on 30th
Jo L. […] Book I […]

Wednesday June 3, 1998

Thursday June 4, 1998
App’t with Dr. Jantz 3:30
Sent Book II to Jo Langer
New tabs[3 cordarone 3 times a day-1 tab] ½ tab one time a day

Friday June 5, 1998
Wrote Marta, Josie, Kay.
Cards to above-

Saturday June 6, 1998
Mower moved ptg. for me. It is now [vertical?] instead of table [horizontal?]

Sunday June 7, 1998
Painted- cards- to Regina, Jane

Monday June 8, 1998
Called from doctor- cut off coumadin no more etc.
Blook check- THIN- MONDAY

Tuesday June 9, 1998
Jo- Trudie- Josie- Kay-
Ordered paint from SF
(5 days- far) thinner fin [finished?]

Wednesday June 10, 1998
Jane W./ 5th day for […]
NO COUMADIN/ Jane W and Natalie

Thursday June 11, 1998
Dr. Jantz- 2:00
8th day for 3 cordarone 200 mg
- 600 mg per day

Friday June 12, 1998
3 Start-

Saturday June 13, 1998

Sunday June 14, 1998

Monday June 15, 1998
[3?] last through Monday
Lisa called?
Blood count alternate days[…]

Tuesday June 16, 1998
3 1/2 = coumadin
½ Tues 1/2

Wednesday June 17, 1998
18 whole tab. (Coumadin)
Wed […]
Paint came
Called Betty

Thursday June 18, 1998
Paint [might?] come Utrecht
3 11

Friday June 19, 1998
3 Whole tab coumadin

Saturday June 20, 1998
= 13 21

Sunday June 21, 1998
3 Sunday
14 24 cordaron [4?]
Sun- called Hosp. to ask about taking any Coumadin

Monday June 22, 1998
Blood check- No pills[,] no food
5 Pledndil no 27 of #50
(4/30/98 date on container[)]

Tuesday June 23, 1998
14 days

Wednesday June 24, 1998

Thursday June 25, 1998
Dr. J [Jantz?] 4:30

Friday June 26, 1998

Saturday June 27, 1998
Did 6 or more cards

Sunday June 28, 1998
Sunday- worked on cards-
2 cordarone

[Written above “Monday”: “2 cordarone twice per day

Monday June 29, 1998
1[,] 2 All this time it is HOT, day after day and drier and drier
Rest- ha
C [cordarone?]

Tuesday June 30, 1998
Really try to rest.

Wednesday July 1, 1998

Thursday July 2, 1998
Hospital early
C-V called off. Next week- July 9

Friday July 3, 1998- Saturday July 4, 1998 [left blank]

Sunday July 5, 1998

[Written above “Monday”: “1-800-842-1720”

Monday July 6, 1998
2 Blood count. Sent cards
Julie McCabe, Jane Murphy[,] Don McCartney

Tuesday July 7, 1998- Wednesday July 8, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday July 9, 1998
Had the CV at noon- so far a success. Had a skin burn.

Friday July 10, 1998
Terrible night- itchy and hot where thepads were. Will have to take it easy. Worked.

Saturday July 11, 1998
Much happier today. Still red etc. Worked- stretched canvas no.

Sunday July 12, 1998
Mostly nothing- very BEAT
Very hot. First day I’m uncomfortable

Monday July 13, 1998
Cynthia, city util. [utilities], Josie- card- AM Nat’l Bank, Lois Ham, supposed to reach 100º today- will keep on with canvases. Colby- Jo Langer

Tuesday July 14, 1998
Liz Campbell (2), Regina (3), Trudie (4), Ginny (5), Marta (6), Kay Grove (7), Cross, Dunlap
Duffy, Ross, Gazibara, Johnsons
Duffy, Jo Langer

Wednesday July 15, 1998
N.J. Johnsoms[,] Duffy[,] Ginny and 2 grandchildren. This has been very HOT

Thursday July 16, 1998
Dunlap- CC health [16.00?]- Hot day!
Letter Kay about Marta

Friday July 17, 1998
Cards for series of 5- July 17 not started- too HOT

Saturday July 18, 1998

Sunday July 19, 1998
Went to Safeway- HOT

Monday July 20, 1998
X 190.36 deposit in Sidney

Tuesday July 21, 1998

Wednesday July 22, 1998
X Did nank work. Lois helped

Thursday July 23, 1998
X Dr. Jantz- 3:30
Blood drawn- 4:45

Friday July 24, 1998
X Office cal[l] from Dr. J. said to cut out medicine- only 1 cordarone and 1 coumadin

Saturday July 25, 1998
Spent most of Friday and today “resting.” SLEEPING

Sunday July 26, 1998
X […]
Back scrat[c]her- reacher to pull in objects under beds etc.

[Written above “Monday”: “5 haazar, 5 thyroxin, 5 cordarone, 3 coumadin left AFTER Fri 31”]

Monday July 27, 1998
Nylac for rugs,

Tuesday July 28, 1998
C- none

Wednesday July 29, 1998
Check for W- Tobin $310.16 $$
Called and left message for Dr. J. (Denver office said DON’T STOP C)
Get blood check on 6th Aug […]

Thursday July 30, 1998
2nd- one week over with.
No problems with Dr.
Slept all night

Friday July 31, 1998
Lois got my Rx
Slept well

Saturday August 1, 1998- Sunday August 2, 1998 [left blank]

Monday August 3, 1998
Blood pressure checked- 120/70

Tuesday August 4, 1998- Wednesday August 5, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday August 6, 1998
Elks Club for Bingo
Made paper press- No blood test

Friday August 7, 1998
Also started a large sheet of collage cards

Saturday August 8, 1998
Big lightning storm-!

Sunday August 9, 1998
Utilities pd. Cards finished-

Monday August 10, 1998
Very bright [sun]- up to 95º. Hope to visit Safeway- cards to Peggy and Trudie and Jane later.
120/ 60 B. Pressure

Tuesday August 11, 1998- Friday August 14, 1998 [left blank]

Saturday August 15, 1998
Worked on Yellow painting

Sunday August 16, 1998
Finished 2 books and boxes

Monday August 17, 1998- Wednesday August 19, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday August 20, 1998

Friday August 21, 1998

Saturday August 22, 1998
Alexandria McCabe returns
Sent cards to- Jane M[,] Bill Colby[,] Cynthia

Sunday August 23, 1998
Birthday for Phyllis
She, Al, Lois and I had Sat dinner in downtown Sidney
Nusince [nuisance?] skecht [sketch?]

Monday August 24, 1998- Tuesday August 25, 1998 [left blank]

Wednesday August 26, 1998
Shampoo- I think I SHOULD get hair trimmed.
Worked on 5 arrows.

Thursday August 27, 1998
Dr. Jantz- 2:30[.] App’t for Oct 22- 3:00

Friday August 28, 1998
Just another- HOT-day
Finishe[d] the FIVE arrows
Fri. night medical on NPR

Saturday August 29, 1998
Didn’t cool much last night. Almost feel like starting 2nd stapling

Sunday August 30, 1998
Just dragged around and listened to radio – music

Monday August 31, 1998
Dr. Akerson 8:30 Monday- is going to check toe (fungus?)

Tuesday September 1, 1998

Wednesday September 2, 1998
Sent cards to Josie and Peggy

Thursday September 3, 1998
No more Jantz until 22 Oct.

Friday September 4, 1998
[Albert?] took me to Cheyenne to Dr. Sitz

Saturday September 5, 1998-Wednesday September 9, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday September 10, 1998
Jantz- no app’t for 3 weeks-

Friday September 11, 1998- Sunday September 13, 1998 [left blank]

Monday September 14, 1998
8:45 AM Dr. Blackburn eyes-

Tuesday September 15, 1998- Wednesday September 16, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday September 17, 1998
*5 wks Jantz

Friday September 18, 1998
Cheyenne 11 AM-

Saturday September 19, 1998- Sunday September 20, 1998 [left blank]

Monday September 21, 1998
Sr. Blackburn- 2:15
120/ 80 Eye plugs. Seems to make tears remain

Tuesday September 22, 1998
Take Health (Pacific Care)
Jan Murphy left before 8

Wednesday September 23, 1998
Dr. Feet/ 9:30-
Feel much better. Next app’t in 6-9 wks

Thursday September 24, 1998
Dr. Jantz- 4 wks ahead

Friday September 25, 1998
Sent letters to- Elizabeth Campbell- Regina-
Colby card- Josie- card/ Marta/ card.

Saturday September 26, 1998

Sunday September 27, 1998
Letters to Peggy Marshall
Ho Hum

Monday September 28, 1998
NEXT Monday eye doctor

Tuesday September 29, 1998- Wednesday September 30, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday October 1, 1998
OK get test from clinic
[“Eye glass” is crossed out] New glasses will be after the 5th Oct.

Friday October 2, 1998
25 + 7 = 32

Saturday October 3, 1998- Sunday October 4, 1998 [left blank]

Monday October 5, 1998
Oct 5 10:15 AM
Dr. Blackburn [crossed out]

Tuesday October 6, 1998- Wednesday October 7, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday October 8, 1998
* Jantz in 2 wks

Friday October 9, 1998
Dr. 9:15
Lawn 5631 H2O Jerry H

Saturday October 10, 1998

Sunday October 11, 1998
4328 4553

Monday October 12, 1998- Tuesday October 13, 1998 [left blank]

[Mary scribbled over the information she wrote down for “Wednesday” and “Thursday” but it is still mostly legible]

Wednesday October 14, 1998
Small ptgs. almost finished- eyes

Thursday October 15, 1998
Dr Jantz next week
Call hospital for time for Jantz tests

Friday October 16,1998
No food- tests- Jantz

Saturday October 17, 1998- Sunday October 18, 1998 [left blank]

Monday October 19, 1998
9 AM- Hospital
[earsed: “Tests […] 9AM”]

Tuesday October 20, 1998- Wednesday October 21, 1998 [left blank]

Thursday October 22, 1998
Dr. Jantz 3:00
[Mary taped her appointment card to the planner]

Friday October 23, 1998- Tuesday November 17, 1998 [left blank]

Wednesday November 18, 1998
Wrote check for $500 cash

Thursday November 19, 1998- Tuesday November 24, 1998 [left blank]

Wednesday November 25, 1998
Nov- feet
[Mary paperclipped her appointment card for Dr. Yakel at the top of the page.]

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 1, art cards to the Marshalls, 1981-1998 and undated.

For Ellen Marshall
Easter 1981

Front of Postcard: “Merry Christmas”
For Peggy and Andy.
A Happy New Year for 1983.
Mary C.

Very best wishes from MC.
Happy Birthday Peggy.
and happy years ahead for Peggy and Andy

July 15 1987 (Postmark)
Peggy Marshall
2370 Wood Avenue
Colorado Springs
Dear Peggy. I hope the megs. [mags?] and stuff I sent have arrived. It’s SO hot. I need a boost to pt. But get in a couple more hours. The 3-4 morning hours are fine. Ah well, it won’t last forever. One more ptg. finished. We can sit back for a bit now. MC.

Front of Postcard: “Sunday OBSERVER Oct. 16, 1988. Purchased in Casablanca off [Lyke?]
30 St. Mary Axe, London EC3A 8DE
Tele: 01-283 6293
It was THIS DATE that Mike Grace phoned my SHIP. I was in Tangier. He only wanted permit to use some of my work for summer school in ’89.
Peggy- you are first to receive this peek-a-? BOO card. It should have a secret message between the layers. But in order to protect the “hole” I will use an envelop [envelope].
Love Mary

April 6, 1992
Dear Peggy and Andy-
Nice to see and feel spring again although we haven’t had a harsh winter. I don’t think many insects bit the dust either. My spruce and pine trees seem to be a great attraction to the grackles or little ? black birds this year. They love the protection of the naughty needles, I guess. Lois’ 2 cats deterred them last year and also 1990. I went on my 2 trips to Australia and missed all that. I counted 30 birds early this AM in the honey locust high UP branches. Phyllis and I are going to Houston to visit her son Michael- Natalie and Patrick and Mike 15 and 11 yrs. They moved to Woodland Circle NE of Houston a month ago from Clinton, Miss, where they had been about 2 yrs. Mike is in Bechtel and has been since he graduated from Kearney, Nebr. He had planned to teach American History. He is not an engineer- at least not civil or mechanical etc- We will be there for a week or so. I haven’t seen them for 4 years. Hope you are both well. We will attempt to come [home?] via C.S. after Easter. Love Mary.

December 8, 1992
Dear Marshalls
Here it is again another year piling up. Leelee said you were traveling again. She wrote such an [a] marvelous letter. Nothing has happened to M.C. for ages! The trip to Seattle and Vancouver and [Tacoma?] seems so long ago. Wanted to let you know alls [all’s] well. Hope you both are too. MC.

Seem to be living a very wild impulse coming on such short notice- A wedding of a UKer on a ship I was on to Australia in ’90 kept in touch with the past couple of years. Short stay here in London. I’ll spend time in Dorset-SW area. All too much to comprehend after Sidney and quiet-MC.

[January 3, 1993?] (Postmark)
I don’t think I wrote to say thank you for invitation? Phyl and I had med. app’t in Cheyenne. A skin irritation was driving me mad. Much better. House heat […] extreme driness [dryness]. Made another few cards. I will cut down and do some other work now. Quite snowed in for me. I don’t mind though- lots to read and do. Have a bang up New Year. MC

April 7, 1993 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy. I wonder if Ireland makes cards from their flag. My night in I. in ’83 has been my sole experience of the emerald isle- You gave me a linen towel from a trip you made years ago. Hope you are both well and happy. Been a long WINTER- TOO much from WASH. D.C.-etc.etc.
Love MC

June 14, 1993 (Postmark)
Spent 3 7/8 weeks in the islands. Helped with a Dorset wedding almost decided to go back again someday to their 1st Anniversary. Coach: train: plane but no ships this time. Hope still to get the pep up for C.S. this ’93 summer. Phyl and I managed to get same return against the odds, too. Perhaps lack of tourists.
Love MC.

December 1993
Mary A. Chenoweth
195 East Drive
Sidney, NE 69162

For Peggy and Andy.
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
Love Mary
Merry Christmas

January 26, 1994
Still keeping busy with little ones and big ones- don’t care much for the dull dark day. Need to lighten up with lots of color. Will never tire of it. Jane Murphy sent clip. Riley, Gresham now at Phil. Art-Museum School as pres. Great. Best. MC

April 20, 1994 (Postmark)
This is just a greeting after our little visit. I’m back and working again. Hope you are feeling somewhat better and it doesn’t hurt as much. I had lunch with Anne and saw Trudie [Gregory?] and lots of others briefly. Bob H. and Marsh C [C?] too! The 6 days went so fast. I must get down again and SOONER and LONGER. MC

[May 1994?] Postmark
Dear Peggy and Andy- Hard to believe I ever left Sidney and for 6 days! It was quite a busy time when I realize how laid back I am up here- Time passes so quickly when I work- I’m guess it’s because I’m slower though. Lois is the one who meets herself coming and going-NOT TIME ENOUGH. MC

July 25, 1994
Dear Peggy
If you will please mail the [end?] card to me– I’ve a plan for a sort of book. You can write a message or not- what ever you wish. Been doing the cards for a week or so- in this heat. I can’t get very involved in a larger work right now. You know that I’m invited to show at the B Comm Church by Trudie, Barbara and Ginny- Oct 9. They will come (send someone) up to haul the works to C.S. It’s possible the postcards I’ve talked about showing can be viewed in 3 ring note books between autate [aerate?] film. MUCH easier than all spread out- no matter how easy it sounds. – I refer to showing them. And they really are not very impressive- except the numbers-100’s
My best. Mary

November 4, 1995 (Postmark)
Hi Peggy. I have finally bought paper for a post-card renaissance but all [so?] just did 26 letters and came 2. I’ll have to get inspired. My work now is cut out for me. Desided [Decided] to pt. some 22 x 30 paper works. I’ve done 3 4’ x 6’ canvases-back too small is hard, I think but it’s good to sit down to work sometimes. I’ll write Leelee. MC

November 30, 1995
Dear Peggy and Andy- At long last I’m back into a few cards. I’d rather be painting etc than just doing wee cards. Easier to write though- Not enough news for a letter. I’m fine except for some arthritis in toes!! But I can walk- NOT [crazy?] about miles though. Good old exercise. MC.

December 19, 1995 (Postmark)
Hi- Had word from Josie that you were waiting on word for heart surgery for Andy. I hope the news is good. He has had 2 times in the hospital this fall (when I talked to him in Nov.) I am going to try to keep in touch more often with Colo. Springs in -96- I get side-tracted [tracked]-often-Mary.

January 19, 1996
Greetings Peggy- Had a phone call from Marsh C. Lots of his past life- and people I’ve never heard of- prep school days etc. He didn’t have any recent news- a note from [Gazibara?], Mary Ross long letter from Leelee and the Christmas one from Jack. Hope you and Andy are O.K.

May 24, 1996 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy- I want to let you know I’ve thought of you often but haven’t written to you or anyone really lately. I phoned Josie recently and talked to Betty T and Bob H too- [within?] past dozen weeks- I try to write and do it in my head. Other people do this too. Keep on ptg most of the time- No trips. Mary.

June 5, 1996 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy- Thank you very much for the essay for their dad and your MUSEUM magazine. She (the artist on the cover and story) was our grandmother Chenoweth’s age- birth but not death. She (Grandmother Chenoweth) died in 1937 was born in 1859- Hale died in 1940- about 81-2 yrs. And the BOOK “stuff.” I’ll write you soon Peggy. MC

June 6, 1996
I have thought I would return your museum cat/magazine in a few days. I want to send a Xerox ? of the”Artist’s Books” to my friend in London. Tutt has collected some of her work. I hope to go again to L this fall (maybe). Perhaps she is all+ready on their lists. I have not any knowledge of either woman. Lincoln is not very alluring to me. (MC)

July 15, 1996 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy- A letter will follow soon. Gotcha card from Italy-1$= 2,368L cording [according] to MANCHESTER GUARDIAN last Mon. Sounds like a wonderful excursion/tour. I don’t plan on any trips in ’96 but I suppose I could-tour sounds better than solo these days. I’m happy painting and getting quite exhausted in process. No new post cards for long time. Have talked to Josie and Bob. Anxious about Trudie. Still haven’t got use of her r. arm. It is so sad- at her age. MC

August 24, 1996
About time I get out of my writing slump- now busy with Trudie G’s garden [sticks?]-3! That’s total for now. I can’t take the weight of commissions or challenges anymo’ [anymore]. Will be writing again. Owe much. Love MC.

October 26, 1996 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy- Am trying to dash off 18! cards- some really won’t remember me. Ah well. Trotter meets with her full moon bunch for dinner and some one [someone]will keep me posted. I’m glad you’ve had a nice trip to Italy, etc? Rained last nite [night]. Guess you had some as well-Love MC.

December 30, 1996 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy- Just to send a few cards. Hope to do better in ’97 but also want energy to keep working. Do you ever see Nancy Schlosser’s daughter? The art gallery in Denver. I think in a few yrs my work will be old enough to interest her. Perhaps in time (2000). Will write soon.

Have the Happiest Holiday and New Year Peggy.

January 6, 1997
Re: out telephone talk- mine is tomorrow at 7AM Jan 7. Have many rules to observe. And the rest will be fine. Cataracks [Cataracts] on right eye. Maybe left later- Mary.

February 22, 1997
Dear Peggy- I apologise [apologize] for my poor letter writing this year. You know there is very little to write. All I do is paint or try to- and make cards- to sit down. Hope you are fine and having a [busy?] winter. Won’t be too long. AH SPRING-

February 27, 1997 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy- Will write you immediately so my slate will be clean on Fri/Sat/Sun. After all no news- I’ve written about my health enough- at least to people I have complained to- It is this: heart- unstable angina. So the Denver Dr sort of says after ye gods plenty of testing dosage of Pills- photographs of what goes on inside etc. In ’96 I had ? My first fibbrilation [fibrillation] started one night towards end of Jan. and 3 since- had to go to the hospital to get it regulated and [scared?] etc. The Dr moved to Alamosa in April so they decided to give my problem to one of the Denver cardiologists- He switched my pills etc around or stopped some. So I am OK now but must take it easy with certain strains and stresses- well you know I had of course been overdoing- Back, feet, teeth, eyes, ears all OK. Had the cat. Surgery. They sewed a new ? lens in- eye very good now. The other will get surgery when I feel like doing it. There is no hurry anyway. I’ve gone so many months not wearing any and [thus?] getting little reading done- now I’ll make up for that. Enough about that. Can’t think of anything else now. I really don’t feel much like coming to C.S. And no one there could replace Phil and Lois. She has pain with her back too- but both are otherwise fine. Please excuse it is a mess. I’m sure I’ve done my own damage to myself- But hope to relax more.
We are very dusty and dry here in S. Not a bit comfortable. I have a good Spelling? vaporiser [vaporizer] but I think it helps a lot. Especially when sleeping.
Your card had some yellow on it. I will not hesitate next time I paint or paste one for you. Yellow is cheery. My major correspondent besides you is Jane and also Mary Ross in spurts and Trudie called me Tues. Sounds very good too.
P.S. I have a new tele no. 308-254-3581. I guess the Museum keeps you busy. Do you know Jo Langer. Her husband teaches physics at CC and they are due for a sabbatical 97-98. Work/ [science?] etc) in Vancouver, BC and San Jose (Ca.). Love Mary.

March 3, 1997 (Postmark)
Hi Peggy- Don’t know if you have an oriental card or not. I didn’t make a list. Am busy now with another large canvas. Helps me when sun is out- otherwise no cheer or signs of green. The whole country and world are having plenty of troubles.

February 11, 1998 (Postmark)
Still working as much as I can- BIG and small. Just wearing around the edges. How are you?

February 12, 1998 (Postmark)
Made a sheet of very bright cards. 26 at the same time. I now have a stock of nearly 200+ and this allows me to concentrate on ptg. etc. Weather delightful today-? May snow on Wed- it should melt easily. Will keep U posted about my travels. Are you two planning one. Love MC

April 3, 1998 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy, The next time I’m in Colo Sprgs., I see your new digs. I got your card the other day so I have the news. Makes me feel cheery about you and your YELLOW ptg. I am nearly down to the bottom with my collage material- Mary

April 23, 1998
This ptg is not finished yet but took a pic a couple of weeks ago.
We did have a super BIRTHDAY celebration. Thank you for THE scarf. Couldn’t be a better choice.- box for a still life prop. Maybe just the thing- MC Love- Take care-

May 8, 1998 (Postmark)
Result of paper and inspiration from the wonderful party. From now on TIME flies. Maybe it’s the weather- but I do have a lot of ideas.

June 11, 1998 (Postmark)
Saved big space to write but there is not much to write about. Josie phoned last night. We were in a storm- thunder etc. still ptg and doing a few cards-today fine will write letter soon.

June 19, 1998
Hi Peggy- I imagine by now you are partly settled in your new house. I rec’d your moving notice but mislaid it- so I called Betty she couldn’t oblige but I found it without help from Lois or Phyl. We all LOOK for lost things.

Mrs. Peggy Marshall
2355 Patriot Hts.
Apt. # 2318
Village at Skyline
Colo. Sprgs 80904

June 27, 1998 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy- Have had 2 cards from you/ or at least your address. I’m doing my darndest to catch up with messages etc. I love the summer heat and am sorry for so much of the world the world weather.

August 25, 1998 (Postmark)
I have been so out of touch for past 6 wks. The heat has me down. Last night was able to enjoy sleeping. Work also will improve. A girl called from F.A.C. and is inquiring about a show she is working on for hist. of FAC art school. I’ll write again. Have lost your new address.

September 10, 1998 (Postmark)
I’m not sure this will be picked up by the postman. Trying to catch up with your Cheyenne Village story. I think it is truly wonderful. My other card will also try to reach you. I have really been wiped out by steady 90 [degrees]- even 105s!

September 10, 1998 (Postmark)
Front of Postcard: “Don’t believe it does it just. Ice.”
This is NO 1 of this new card- invented from a 4’x 4’ ptg. I have finished past days. I feel like going into RETIREMENT. So depressed about the news from USA and the whole world. Sickens me!

Sept 30, 1998
Front of Postcard: “eloquent,”
Dear Peggy. Maybe I am overdoing the card busines [business] I have a few more to do and I am not exactly filled with eyedeeus [ideas] etc. Onward- eloquent is from an adv. Glad our weather has cooled off. Makes ART more easily accomplished ART? OH WELL. Love Mary

Hi: Peggy and Andy-
Didn’t know how lovely Dorset was until this trip to Stephanies [Stephanie’s] wedding- Long story- especially after a week in London. But 2 days time out in Amersham. Have had lots of walking and S.S. via coach and car. Very sort of hectic trip- at least AMTRAK was- Love MC.

Jane M. wanted me to “straighten out” the idea of me and emphasema [emphysema] which is my fault. That was one conclusion one Dr. made but its [it’s] fibrilation [fibrillation] (too fast heart etc) just makes me feel SO fatigued- bushed etc. I work too long [(interested)?] and don’t rest enuff [enough]. I’ll write again while resting. Love M.

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 3, Correspondence, 1990–1998 and undated, relating to Chenoweth

December 30, 1990
Peggy and Andy Marshall
11 East Columbia
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

Susan Zwinger
P.O. 71025
Seattle 98107

Dear Peggy and Andy […],
So sorry I was in town such a short time I did not get to visit you. You are special to me. It was the first time I have been back in 4 years, and A.H.Z and I climbed in and out of the Grand Canyon- which left me little time for seeing people. I flew back to Seattle 12/26 on what looked like an evacuation from a third world country and landed in fog and record-cold temps in Seattle. Nobody can drive here because of black ice and steep hills.
My best to Ellen. Hope her work is coming along well- last I remember it was with very young people- very important work to get those little guys educated. Hope to see you all again soon. I hope to be down again in sooner than 4 years. Nature writers are not the flying-affluent bunch! Good luck with YOUR writing, Peggy.
Love Suzan Z.

November 1, 1994
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Marshall
2370 Wood Ave.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

Broadmoor Community Church
315 Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Dear Peggy and Andy,
I can’t begin to thank you for your generosity in having Mary on your very-special-yellow-house which she was here for her exhibit at the church. The Arts Committee and I thank you for the loan of our postcards for the exhibit. The exhibit was so well received and Mary had a wonderful time while she was here.
I returned your postcards to the house when we picked Mary up to take her back to Sidney on Sunday. You will notice I’m sure that the cards can be removed from the corners on the display board if you should wish to do that.
Thank you again for your kindness, interest and support.
Barbara Gazibara

Hi Peggy,
Like Mary Chenoweth, I hope you a [are] well. I found some more things that belong to you.
Thank you again for sharing,
Judy Burdick

Dear Peggy and Andy-
I was SO very happy to be invited to THE wonderful Chenoweth Viewing-
Thank you SO much for […] me. We now own 3 GORGEOUS pieces of her work- and we’re thrilled you gave us the opportunity to buy them. Thank YOU for your generosity in doing SO many lovely things for all of us!

(With other typed materials)

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 3b, Correspondence, 2002 and undated, to Peggy Marshall from Lois Ham (Chenoweth’s sister)

Lois Ham
631 Illinois St. Apartment F
Sidney, NE 69162

Peggy Marshall
11 East Columbia St.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

April 1, 2002 (Postmark)
Front of Card: “Wales country home- English trip.”
Dear Peggy,
Am making six prints as a [beginning?]. If you find your friend wants to have more, I’ll arrange to bring them, weather permitting.
I would [leave it?] to the dealer to decide what prices to ask. Understand that it’s usually 60-40 (owner) in sales.
How many grandkids do you have, or greats (?). I’ll see you get prints for them.
Lois Ham
Phyllis Hickey

The enclosure [enclosed?] is a [bit late?]
Dear Peggy.
In cleaning out my car I found this under a front seat. Am sending it so you will know I at least tried to tell you of the prints you received some time ago.
I repeat, I’ll send you some prints for your grand children if you tell me how many.

October 25, 2002 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy,
How to thank you I don’t know, for what you have done. The only thing I can come up with is to tell you that if there is anything of Mary’s they took to sell, that you’d like to have, it’s yours. All you have to do is claim it before it might be sold.
Your last call said the date for the “show” was to be Nov. 24.
We had a bit of snow. Mostly icy- I keep myself away from opportunities to slip on ice. Otherwise I’m fine. Give my regards to Betty and Mer. I do not have addresses to write them. [Thanks?] for what they are doing.
Lois Ham

Dear Peggy,
It’s time again to [greet?] old friends of Mary’s (and ours). We, Phyllis and I, are fine.
So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Lois Ham

Dear Peggy,
Here’s Mary in Phyllis’ living room. Thought you might like it. Do you have one of the Biel Bowers shots of her? I’ll send one if you’d like.
L Ham

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 4, Correspondence, 1984–1997, mostly to the Marshalls

April 15, 1984
Mary A. Chenoweth
195 East Drive
Sidney, NE 69162

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Marshall
2370 Wood Ave.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

Dear Peggy and Andy-
First, thank you for sending the lovely snapshots-do I get to keep them?
My life. Every morning I seem to plan to sleep late but invariably get up early and start where I left off. I carved the 4 panels 16” x 52” for the wet bar doors in Barry Nolan’s house- a Mike Collins “job” instigated about 2+ years ago. I sent them down RAW and do hope the finishing and hanging will be to their liking- Barry said he’d send picture of the finished product.
I am also painting/collage. I did a canvas 4 feet square that Lois likes because it is so bright. I’m on my 5th garden plank. These are 7/8” plywood 8’ x various widths to be stuck in earth or hung on a chain- stablized [stabilized] because of wind. Don’t know yet how long they will survive the elements. PANEL painted on both sides- I helped Chas install one at the hosp/nursing home for their cheer- The director said it’s a conversation piece. I can imagine it is- most of the people are 80’s and 90’s and haven’t been exposed to my work or wild color. I love doing them. They are so big to carry to basement studio and do not bend around the corner at the top of stairway-Leelee can tell you. So I have decided to add a studio room 14 x 16 on the south- door on west 5’ x 8’ window on east- 5’ x 5’ window on south- lots of sun and warmth- base board elec heat on N and E walls. Their [There] is a south window presently to be left as is. The telephone can pass thru, etc. But it will close off so I won’t have strong fumes of turp and oil paint in the house. I’ve so far only used acrylics and have done no wood cuts (oil-base inks).
I sent a book to Boddington’s Henry but haven’t rec’d note that they got it. I’m finishing another one now. Different- however than the first one. I write cards and notes to lots of C.S. ers in C.S..
And as you said- everyone is thriving. We have had 4 or 5 straight days of wind here. The natives are really complaining, but at any rate the past snows have helped (the soil erosion blowing etc). Today (Sunday) seems calm and quiet so far- it’s not 9 AM yet. Could begin again- there was ice on the bird baths. I can’t think of anything else I do/ did/ doing except tried some sewing. [Two?] unstructured jackets- tailored but big- sloppy- Sewing gets under my skin- nerves- can’t do it calmly- nothing ever works the first time- RIP-OUT. So you see! Take care and my best.
I don’t have your present address.

January 17, 1985 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy-
I hope Andy is feeling much better by now. Leelee told me that he’d had some surgery on his ? throat. I’m enclosing this door diagram for you to return to me- re: place for hinges or however Jim C. intends to hang it. It is extremely heavy as he knows. So, does it need 3 or 4 hinges? Or is it a swinging door and require something else? I think you had a swinging door in C.S. Wood Ave. house from your dining room to your pantry.
I had a swinging kitchen/ dining room door in my little house on San Rafael and the hinge/ swinger is out of sight.
Well, (blah blah) I need to know this because of the surface carving.
Door size is: 32 ¼” wide
83” high
My design has a top and bottom.
Which side is door hung on?
Mary C

January 27, 1985
Dear Peggy
Thank you for send [sending] your children’s addresses. Also the news of your becoming great-grandparents. I have a great nephew who has two daughters- ages 3 and 1. So time passes.
After a vacation from doing much in my studio I’m gradually getting underway again. I’ve been happily bogged down reading things I’ve kept postponing. And I felt so stale and depressed with the winter which started here in Sept.
Well, anyway it hasn’t been nearly as warm here as you in CS and Denver seem to be. But getting outside to walk has been impossible. Too much icy snowy pathways. Can’t get up any speed. Just try to keep upright. And then I decided to use the local health club which has a track- 25 trips around is a mile- monotonous.
Peggy, have you read Paul Theroux- The Kingdom by the Sea?
I think sometimes I’d like to live there for 6 months- but perhaps not.
I think about Australia, too. In fact, I am probably just suffering from cabin fever. Must start to work now.
Dream later.
Best wishes and I hope your mild weather won’t turn into a big early spring blizzard.
Mary C

February 19, 1985
Dear Peggy-
I’ve put a light stain on the door and its drying well- you know the [pith?] accepts the color where as the pitch rejects so it isn’t smooth color- as the many I used oil paint, and whiting powder on- these/ this is my 35th- do and absolutely the last- except for the 2 little panels I’ve promised Trudie G. and Ruth Cline in C.S. I had two at the show but other people got them- un-intended. I’d NO idea any one would buy them. Have no idea how to get it down to C.S. I guess it can wait until good weather and some one with the right truck/ van comes up here. Of course it can be crated and sent by freight. There aren’t any regular runs that I know about. I haven’t investigated though.
I’d like you to see- approve accept though before it is sent. You may need changes, more, less or not want it, at all. If roads are clear maybe Leelee would drive up with someone or you in a bronco or rover or whatever some one has. I don’t mean to presume (Leelee). Anyway it is not taking up space that I need so it can just sit as is. I must say it is almost twice as heavy as any I’ve done before because I could not move them around and flip them over to dump out wood chips. But on this Lois or Chas have to come over to help tilt it. No problem, though.
So lucky to not have lots of snow but I think the winter wheat needs some. That is, if the farmers have any hopes anymore, Places are dead here. Stores, etc.- and the little towns. I have a friend in Iowa City and things are dead there. He’s at the Univ.
This doesn’t need any hurried reply, Peggy. I hope you and Andy had rest and enjoyed the Florida jaunt. I think 6 mo on the Western Aust. 80 mile beach SW of Darwin would be perfect-any month.
Best regards

January 1987 (Postmark)
Dear P. and A: This looks like a reflexion [reflection] in a mirror doesn’t it. In ’77 I visited this Batu Cave(s) in Malaysia with Chas. Ham who was working in K.L. then. Hope your 1987 will be a wonderful one. I didn’t do well on Crissmus [Christmas]. Too late home. Will see you in near future. Jane M. was happily dazzled. Mary.

May 8, 1987 (Postmark)
Dear Marshalls
Still up high- we drove on a rode [road] like this between the dock and Pisa on Easter Sunday- perfectly marvelous day- The whole trip was- even the stormy sea days and nights! I rec’d 3 copies of the PAPER. Love MC.

November 23, 1987
Dear Peggy and Andy
This is too late for a Thanksgiving wish to you but perhaps you’re gone to Lee’s again or Minneapolis or Timbuctu [Timbuktu]- for the climate. Dubai looks warm. The 60 min T.U last night or maybe it was a news broad-cast showed some footage- apparently unconcerned with the BIG gulf war.
I’ve written to Anne and said something about another trip but I’m completely undecided now. I guess I’m enjoy [enjoying]-painting now and a general laid back feeling of being HOME.
Jane Murphy spoke to me on the phone (she has a WATS line at lunch time) and told me a lot about your trip- it must have been wonderful. I have an old school student friend- from the late/middle 60’s I think- she’s 45 now- anyway I guess from what I’ve now heard she’s been traveling more than anyone I’ve ever know [known]. However, your trip sounds different from her experiences. I’d love to go with her but she is happily married and isn’t interested. She wants me to come and stay a while with her- near Georgetown, (Co.) May do so.
Hope you are both feeling jazzy and continue so. Hope we have a dry winter. The wheat doesn’t need the snow until about March. I don’t need it at all. I have a Nordic Track for exercise but I’d rather be outside.
Time to get back to the real world.
Love Mary
Have you ever been up to Debbie Chastaine’s Wyo. house? I’ve always meant to contact Mike Collins and see if she’s “alive and there.”

Christmas 1989
Dear Marshalls-
Another year older and deeper in. My trip to Indonesia was 96 days. 25 in ports seems in retrospect like 2 ½ in ports. Lotsa [A lot of] water. I’m glad the WORLD is big like SHIPS and not little like PLANES. We need the space.
I hope you have a wonderful healthy 1990 and now a beautiful Christmas season. My main fingers give me problems with pains- off and on. Can’t button little buttons- oh well, I have always like [liked] to write BIG. Love MC

April 6, 1990 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy and Andy-
If it’s O.K. Phyllis and I are coming down to C.S. around 3-4 PM Sunday 15. She wants to be in Sidney to go to church (hero).
I hope we will have a way of finding you- the key- that is convenient. I’ll phone on Tuesday the 10th in the evening- 9 PM or so?? OK. I feel very nervous about the work I sent down with Tracy last Sunday. He seemed pleased though. Love- Mary.

April 20, 1990
Ye gods! What I think of next. Don’t even know what month it is.
I guess I put Aug 20 on all mail this AM- Oh well.
Dear Peggy and Andy-
Thank you EVER so much for putting up with us. We are again on friendly terms. It was always this way as children. Phyl and I and Lois and Helen 1- 3 2-4. It’s not really that way now though. We are all […] so life is more interesting. In Denver to see the people about a door took only an hour- while Dr. Karen Hall took time for lunch. She and her husband are both neurologists (?) and became friends of Michael- Tracy’s art deco fellow in Denver/ C.S.- when at school in Boulder. They are all about 38-40 years. Hall/ Woodward Woodford? (SP). I must find out which way. I guess they really want a door or two, maybe. If I go on another voyage it will have to be put off though.
Phyllis is going to have her knee looked at. She must go to a doctor in Scottsbluff though. There is no one here. That is part of her crossness- the pain. We had a peaceful drive home and hope you didn’t have storms going south. I hope to get back after or at the time the show closes- to see what Tracy wants to do with the ptgs. Phyllis will come down again if her knee is fixed or maybe anyway, to bring them up here. I am going to try to do a “gallery” for Peggy Day.
So eager to work outside but I can’t do art and farm, too- hands get too sore and stiff- The treepeepul [tree people] pulled out my Dead birches- PLEASE excuse this hash. I’m glad I wasn’t here- It’s SO sad. Lodgepole [Lodge pole] replacement, they are used to DRY conditions.
Birch was here and there.
Love Mary

December 5, 1990
Dear Peggy- I should take the time to get some cards made or bought but I hope your poor leg is much improved now. I hope you haven’t had to get skin graft agony.
Our world is indeed in a total mess- but maybe it is just because it is seen and heard through my OLD eyes and ears.
Jo Langer’s (know her?) husband Ed is physics prof at CC. Well, they are in Santa Cruz for his sabbatical and teaching/ research[ing]- Ed is convinced that the population is a major cause of all problems. At least she quotes him in her letters to me. California is surely a place to realize there are plenty of bodies.
I’ve just finished a book about traveling in Morocco in the 1890’s. The population then appeared to have little chance to grow- tribal wars, desert, isolation- but the book is very interesting. I’d like to read more of his work. He has a 1990 sense of humor (Scottish). NOW, Noriega AGAIN! Drug money problems in Panama.

May 25, 1991
Front of Postcard: “Around Melbourne”
On Sun- May 26 it will be 2 wks since my debark in Melbourne- came by train to Adel- then flew to Perth- R.R. had a little strike. Winter/ autumn here- about 20 C?. Lots to see and VAST change since 1973/ 75, 77 (my 3 other trips). Can’t count last summer- too short on container ship- only 1 night stands- will return in early Sept.

Nov 12, 1991
Dear Peggy
Almost 2 weeks since your card which I meant to answer sooner than this. Time passes too quickly for me. And I have very little to do- just art, leg exercises, eat, sleep, read and breathe.
Am not yet worked up to travel- visit Colorado Springs. Tracy and Su are having a joint show in Denver but it will be up 6-7 weeks so I may still do something in 1991- when someone said 24 shopping days to go- before Christmas- sounds so soon. This paper was a gift from a ladies group I talked to about the Australia [freighter?] trip. The No-Atlantic has been having it very rough this fall. Reminds me of my trip in 1988 coming back from the Ethiopian trip- we were headed back to Milwaukee (Nov) but had to give up and go to New Orleans.
This N.O. mentioned- seems incredible- the political situation there in Louisiana, doesn’t it? Your postcard- Las Meninas is a ? copy of Velasquez’[s] LITTLE PRINCESS INFANTA. He did a number of “take offs” on famous art works over the years- When he was in his 70’s.
I’m glad we’ve had a nice long autumn- it was quite hot back in April when I left but since leaving the Panama Canal area I haven’t had much heat. Certainly never toasted in Australia- But looking back I realize it wasn’t all that cold. Only so different than what I remembered from the early 70’s.
I had a long letter from Leelee before she went to C.S. but we couldn’t get together then. Josie wrote a great letter a few days ago. Lots of news- I’m sorry EJ is having such a tough time. And I was really impressed that Josie made her trip to Canada. I have no plans for next summer- yet.
I miss my bi monthly BBC video- Tsk tsk- what a pity. I have paid for 1 yr and 7 months and they’ve written that I’ll get a refund- I certainly hope so.
Charles and I are going to rig up a super short-wave antenna. I’ve never had one. Get a lot of joy from BBC radio- I can work and listen- sometimes. I must get in touch with Nancy S’s daughter [Eliz?] who wrote me about her interest in my work. But I do not know her address-DENVER. She wrote me last March and April before my trip.
P.S. Ref- to Elizabeth Schlosser (Denver). I answered her card but didn’t hear back and by then April 13 I left for Houston and ship.

February 26, 1992 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy- Glad you can still enjoy the BOOK and YOUR FRAMING.
I still have two unsold copies and one which Lois keeps for me- if I should ever “need it.” She has so much- and we change it once in a while.
Josie has stimulated some interest in me to read parts of the Bible- maybe inspire some illustrations. There aren’t enough hours in the days. I don’t do anything much- like charitable chores at any rate- having to depend on rides has its disadvantages. On the other hand- I have lots of ideas to pursue- my friend Lisa C Dawson sent me a note and snapshot of her digs. Been ages. I don’t know that you ever knew Dana Kamphausen (Smith- ex now) went to F.A.C. 25-30 yrs ago. Anne C. knew her (a little) well- she is still in Georgetown in the manor she and Sam Smith built 7 ? years ago. Now divorced though. Leads a queer but sort of exotic life- writes or calls me- very eager and then everything goes dead- again for years. Her father used to have “fox hunting” [apeing the English ?] back in the old days. Marsh C. knew him or of him then. He must be in his almost 90’s by now- Lives on [City ?] Line Rd and Dana’s twin sister is/ was with him. This has nothing to do with anything unless you know them or whatever.
Love Mary

April 16, 1994
Dear Peggy and Andy-
I’ll take the time later to write again to you but in the meantime here is a brief thank you and I’m (was) so glad to find you sitting up and looking so good- I saw Josie and she was in bed but still her old self.
I didn’t get to your house with the books- no one saw them except Natalie and Jim Trissel but I will be down again and it won’t be four years! next time.
Love Mary

September 10, 1994
Dear Peggy-
Just thought I[‘d] send you a thank you for your Yellow House and let you know that I’ll be there the 3rd and you leave the 4th IF ALL REMAINS the same as it is now.
Barbara G and Trudie G are planning to come up and I’ll go back with them. And the ptgs go in a pick-up with Bob.
My friends in Bridport, Dorset had their first baby on Aug 25- and I must get busy and send something. It was her wedding I went to in May ’93. She was first officer on a Brit. Freighter I took to Australia in ’91. Her husband is Chief [Engr. ?] on a Brit ship in Channel waters. They dredge gravel- rocks for 3 wks and then have 3 wks at “home.” He has at last past few years given up the “round the world” duties. This way he’s home a lot more. Hope I get over to see them again- sometime. Hope all is well for you and Andy- Love Mary
P.S. about 8-9 postcards not yet returned- incl. 3 relatives- nieces and nephews.

September 16, 1994
Dear Peggy-
Barbara G. phoned yesterday and told me of Marsh [Sprague’s ?] death as well as the part she’s seen Josie about “cards” and that she’d be talking to you before you leave for the N.M. reunion. So anyway if there is something I should know before I come to C.S. with Barbara and Trudie--- please phone or write.
I guess the key to the Yellow House it [is?] the central “thing.” The length of my stay is arbitrary now- though it will be over on Sunday after the opening of the exhibit--- unless I go to Denver for a visit with a niece who lives in Littleton. She wants to come to the exhibit and hopes I can go back with her for a visit- then return to C.S. again for a time. OR if her husband or children come??? Her husband is FBI and I do not have their phone number- only the address. This is somewhat of a mystery to me though. She has three boys- one in high school, the other two in the grades. That’s that for now. I hope our weather stays fine for another month or so.
We have had a pretty hot summer but some rain this week- sorely needed too.
I expect to see you in October- sometime.
Love Mary

November 1, 1994
Dear Peggy and Andy
I realize as I write this that you may be on the road getting close to Colorado Springs. When you go to 11 Columbia on Tuesday or when you are a bit rested I hope you will find everything ship shape and almost or nearly almost as good as when you left. The condition of the plants? seemed dry to me. But the young woman (water-girl) did not come at the times I might have seen her. Chris came back on Thurs, I think. So I told her about the foot steps [footsteps] on the ceiling and she didn’t think?! but that some one [someone] had been up there with her knowledge and permission- anyway nothing was missing or disturbed. However NEWS FLASH. The people who took my ptgs back to Sidney were robbed on Sat. night- the 22nd. They gone to Taos for the week-end. Binoculars, wrapped Christmas gifts, [gold?] tic tacs- small etc. No trashing or distructive [destructive] vandalism though, luckily. Life goes on- and then the upholstery dept. at the Bdm’r represents the crime in D.C. It seems I sold 9 or 10 ptgs. Final settlement hasn’t been made yet. Barbara and Don brought me back- and went to CABELA’S to check out the waders for their sons’ stream fishing. Cabela’s is a huge sporting goods store on 1-80 5 mi from downtown Sidney. Lots of notes to write but I am very indebted to your kindness with your Yellow House. I’ll work on cards again and may come up with something Yellow one of these days. Josie sang a song for the party and it was marvelous- wish I had a tape. Marsh had written it long ago, I think. Joe S looks so much like his father- A wonderful time and was very happy to have been invited. My best to you both. I hope you enjoyed San An- good weather, etc.
Love Mary

November 13, 1994
Dear Peggy and Andy- Thank you very much for the gracious use of your YELLOW HOUSE. It was very kind of you plus the phone calls. I think I made two, but let me know.
Today is super beautiful here- all blue sky and sun. No storm, rain or snow- all [direly?] predicted. The W.M. is quite mixed up these days- I appreciate mistake[s] like this.
Mary C
On back of letter: “ROUSSEAU”
“the symbol of oil/filling stations in Europe (ie Italy)”

December 9, 1994 (Postmark)
Dear Peggy and Andy
I heard about Leelee’s step into the future of being no longer single and alone. Very surprised because I really never guessed she actually would do it- really do it. Jane M. wrote as well as my hearing it first from John Wickerbill [E?]. So I guess that means it’s now old news.
I hope she will be very happy. But I thought she was happy anyway.
Jane Murphy had sad news about her pet Maggie. Getting killed by a mountain lion. I expect you knew that though. Doesn’t happen every day. I know that M.L. are one reason the people who sold their house to Gazibaras were concerned about M.L. Because the high chain link fence wouldn’t protect their dog as they leap from trees. Did you ever have any in the vicinity of your mt. house? I guess I will cut down on cards this coming holiday if I expect to work at Bigger things. Anxious to paint again- But in a different track this time.
Love Mary

October 21, 1995
Dear Peggy- I’ve just had a chat with Andy and he gave me some news- you know it has been one year since I was in C.S. for the exhibit at the B.C.C. He caught me up on his surgery- and Leelee’s as well. I’m sorry so much has happened re-health etc. I keep blaming all my lack of energy for travel on the trip to London but that was six months ago. Lois left for the Peace Corps in Jamaica on the day before I landed at DIA on April 4. Now she is in her 7th mo. Still has two years left except minus 4 months. The first two months were considered “training.” We have lots to learn about it- although she writes often the things she writes about don’t always seem to pertain to things I’d like to know more about. She asked me to send some bright Chenoweths. I have. Also she spilled cloxox [Clorox?] on two denim skirts so I sent to Lands End to replace them- direct to her. I guess the shopping is not easy. She talks of some mall though. The other 40 peace corps [Peace Corps] people in her group are all much younger- one nurse in her early 60’s- other under 40. Half are men- teachers, two artists, a few couples (married) and in Sept another group arrived. Lois at present is helping in a Catholic orphanage. She taught Culinary arts for a few weeks. Those students were hired by a company which prepared airline meals.
Having a beautiful day here. But winter seems to be in the next few days. My sprinkling system hasn’t been turn-off [turned off] yet. I will have to check that now before I forget. I’ll get this in the mail now.
Best to you and I hope Andy takes care of himself.

September 10/11, 1996
Dear Peggy-
Don’t know when this will get in the mail. I don’t seem to have energy anymore for all I get involved in or with. Trudie phoned late in July and wanted to know if I’d make a garden stick for Barb G. for her birthday surprise Aug 12. I said I’d sure try but- anyway later call said maybe Aug 12 would be too soon because now she wanted one for herself and THEN another request or suggestion- a third. Well, so now you know. Since I’ve spent months working on a “pile” of 4’ x 6’ with no destiny- except I thought about Omaha or Lincoln- then Mike Duffy (any knowledge of him?) was a student of mine in early 70 or late 69 etc a VETERAN. Wants me to show with him in a private gallery in Denver in ’96- nothing more definite- of course- I said this about a year + ago.
In the meantime I have this rapid heart beat [heartbeat] problem and extreme fatigue. Ah well- they speculated- emphasema [emphysema] lack of oxygen blah blah. So anyway I take a heart regulator (?) blood thinner, have a puffer, vasotec [Vasotec], prem [premenopausal?] and thyroid. Gad, no wonder I have no pep. JANE said (Murphy) that she thot [thought] Trotter said I was very down and should send cards to everyone in CS to tell them it wasn’t true- that I was OK which I am. Just bushed and who wouldn’t be? I over-did-very over. I think you […] what I mean because even I get tired standing over a hot palette with a wet paint brush and feel I have NO new ideas. Onward and upward. I was and still am thinking of a trip to UK again but need a companion to reign [rein] me in. Hold everything. Lois is back from her Peace Corps in Jamaica as of early June after 14 + months. She has a very tired back (excessive walking with a back pack). It seems you carry your “valuables” at all times- CRIME and she had requirements for living. I.e. they have very few who really LIVE IT UP as P.C.’s men. And you can’t have a car and she has never managed a bike and 79 wasn’t the age to learn.
But she enjoyed her duty and would have stayed the 24 mo but the PC doctor down there advised bed rest etc. Hard to enforce with her, too. She has a ostio [osteo?] SP condition and is very bent over. It was a shock to Phyl and I when we first saw her.
All for now Peggy- this was a rest from the 3rd STICK.
Happy New Year in a few months. 1997.

September 15, 1996
Dear Peggy- There are 8 or 9 other gentlemen jazzing around- straight from the Brit Isles (a cartoon). Just thought I’d sit around Sunday afternoon and relax from my heavy labors! I’m better too. He cheers me.
Swell cool weather and very inspiring for work. It is going on 6 and I guess I’m getting Hungry. I really hate the time it consumes- standing around peeling or washing but it is SO much better than anything we can find in Sidney eating spots. The fancier, the worse the prep. and menu. I’d much prefer to eat cold cereal most of the times. There is a fair Mexican place but is not open of weekends. Imagine.
Well, still trying to catch up on work etc.
Love Mary

April 22. 1997
Dear Peggy
This series of works, all approximately 4’ x 6’ and started in Nov ’95. Still working in the same way- the canvas stretched on the table- good solid back for the canvas. With 1996 and now 1997 the stack of canvas is growing- I took these snapshots on a sort of temporary frame in my house- light was fairly good- but I am not a photographer in any way. They are not tilted, all acrylic paint.
Marty Chenoweth
My friends are Alexandra and Rick McCabe (who heard of me through Nancy [Ramner ?]- lives in Sidney too. The McCabes have bought works from [Schlosser?] who has a gallery in Denver.
McCabes bought one of the ptgs. And have purchased many prints etc.

May 6, 1997
Dear Peggy- Just talked to you so this is to say you’ve cheered and settled me down a lot. Have a painting started now, but wear out sooner than I used to. Naturally- could be that my working on a table is more wearying than standing at an easel- but the size has made this requirement. Oh well, I guess the stack of canvases tells a lot.
Phyllis stopped to pick up the negatives to get the snaps (developed) printed again. So you needn’t push it to return them. I am very interested in finding out if the Sheldon Museum in Omaha would be interested. I really appreciate that painters need their dealers. These paintings I have could or should be stretched and all this stuff would be taken care of by NOT ME someone, anyway. Rick McCabe, the friend here has been in contact with the librarian at the Denver Lib. That’s where “he comes in”- trying to get me more exposure. It is true that I’ve never tried very much because it just isn’t something I do very easily. I have good space in any basement to show work, but trying work and at the same time handling visitors doesn’t appeal either. Thank you for your call and you, too cheer me up.
Love Mary
Here is Jane Murphy’s phone no. She is out in Cragmoor- near the U of C campus.
She has an answering service. I’ll let her know I’ve heard from you.

May [1?], 1997
Dear Peggy-
This is only a letter of sorts- No news from me except that I copied these figures from my latest catalog- Utrecht- main office in N.Y. with stores in California- Illinois and NY. Shipping from the closest. They only ship 12 strips per carton (only sold by carton). To frame (STRETCH) 6 canvases would cost 225.00 approx. not including shipping costs. That is one reason I leave them in pile on a “BED” and it is a day’s work to unpile and restack them when someone wants to see them. You can see how limited that is. TIME (hours etc.) AND BACK (the old only one I’ve got).
When I can’t paint anymore I guess someone might talk me into doing something- i.e. to pay my nursing care, if any. I’m not adverse [averse] to having anyone come to Sidney if interested. And I think people realize that.
This sounds like a blue or black depression- Not at all. Money has never been a drive. I suppose I’m lazy because I don’t sound too enthusiastic but I know I’m not lazy- anything else probably.
If you want to return the snapshots…I’ve never heard from Ann about the ones I sent her. Best to you who are a first patron- a really [real?] one, I mean.

[May 1997?]
Art Restoration
Rebecca McClain
15c East Bijou
Colorado Springs, 80903
(719) 473-8842
(800) 324-6313

Talked to Roger [Toppman?] [and drove?] to […] Neb. 5/20.
Can [he?] pick up Mary’s things.
[…] OK but Roger said he would be [late?]
Now 5/21/97. Mary is unhappy; upset. Doesn’t want to do anything until next year. Guess her ego is bruised.

May 23, 1997
Dear Peggy
I’m encl. [enclosing] the snaps of the last three and with the one McC. [McCabes?] have bought and one I [trashed?]. I have 21. About 2 years work and a million cards and a few books. Sometimes I’m punchy [pushy?], I’m sure. I talked to Trudie the other day. She is having a bad time but sure doesn’t give up. I guess we are lucky right now. At least I am.
Had a great rain here last night. Certainly needed it. Cuts down on the day light for painting but it won’t hurt me to rest, I guess.
Love Mary
Should I write the FAC director to ask him to return my snapshots? I want Trudie, Barbara Gazibara and Ginny Fieler to see them. I could write one of them to pick them up at the museum, I guess. I guess Ann Cross hasn’t shown them to anyone. Maybe she doesn’t get around much.

July 14, 1997 (Postmark)
Sat. P.M.
Dear Peggy- At last. I’m tired. Since I just spoke to you I should not have anything left to say. My film “may” be ready Mon- etc. They don’t have delivery on Sat. (today). I’m working on a large painting (I think my packet will be sufficient) now in the studio and have on the other canvas stretched the same way in the living room. It gives me a BIG BLANK coaxer to get busy.
I looked again for (! T THEM) and lo and behold in a box of answered letters so you’ll get the whole batch of 1994 Church show left overs [leftovers]. And so there they are. If you wish to check the accuracy of my X’s on the negatives, I’m sure Trudie and/ or Jane Murphy would aid you. I guess I mentioned that I gave Ellen O’ Brien my simple projector- Sold by FLAX in S.F. a BIG art [store with] art stuff, supplies and many xotic [exotic] gifty things. Surely someone will be able to give you details of HOW- WHERE to find them (Noyes?) They sell almost everything. T-shirts, studio furnishings, bound books for the “poet” and a hundred other things- for the people who don’t need anything i.e. also junk. P.S. I do not want slides or get any from anyone (gifts etc). Sooner or later the McCabes may come down. They want to help me all they can.
It’s 6:45 bright empty sky- no possible suggestion of the Terrible Tornado predicted for Pan-Handle area of W. Neb. Maybe it/ probably was/ a false alarm. Crumby [Crummy] thing to do if you want my opinion- If you have difficulty with this I won’t be surprised. I’m so glad for EJ’s news of JOSIE. I’ll phone Josie between B and Lunch.
I found [letter leaves off here. Will look for continuing pgs if there are any]

November 24, 1997
Front of Postcard: “Best Match”
Dear Peggy- Still without glasses till about Christmas. 2nd cataract getting adjusted. I guess. So painting has slowed up. All contact by mail is almost nil. From word from Trudi [Trudie?]-Trotter you are very busy. Hope the next big snow waits. Family split for this holiday. My work makes days and months all in the same color- hope the goose gets the properly cooked. Never tried- in life. MC

March 17, 1998
Dear Peggy-
Last night I talked to Ginny F. and Trudie Gregory. Ginny had news of their recent trip to the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati and Trudie of the definite date for the F.A.C. exhibit. I am still hard at it, but perhaps not concentrating entirely on the 4 x 6 foot ptgs. I’ve worked on a few trains and have two new garden sticks- one is 13” wide (skinny) 8’ high and the other is 16” and 8’- Both finished on front and back.
I think I have 4 new ptgs and have finished 5 trains. Started a giant one last week. The paper is 37’ long and 11” high. It is backed with muslin which increases its sturdiness- on heavy wrapping paper (brown)- Trust you are having a good St. Patrick’s Day. I will try to get a note to Josie and one to Trudie off also this AM. Had to waste time on a trip to Safeway. Always have to feed the starved. I am a listener to NPR and hear a vast collection of fine recordings. Music is much better to work with than attempting to watch T.V. Mine has been killed. No more- only the VCR and videos- if I have time. Time out for the cabbage now. I have news of your moving, from Trudie. Now you won’t have the stairs to contend with. I use my Nordic Track but not as much as I probably should.
Take care of yourself.

July 26, 1998
Mrs. Peggy Marshall
2355 Patriot Heights
Apt. 2318 Village at Skyline
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Dear Peggy- It’s too hot to work at least it has been. This is our 3rd day of bearable days and nights. I am reduced to making a few cards. Though you Trudie and Ginny were on a list I made yesterday for letters. I haven’t written anyone for what seems WEEKS. I’m considering renting a flat on the north beach of Hudson’s Bay- if there is one- though COLD weather is also not too conducive so I may cancel my [urge?]. Hope you understand this. Actually I’m better off than the people who are way overweight- infact [in fact] I guess I haven’t seen any past few days- at Safeway etc.
[Drawing]-Ask Amy or Jessy.
September 27, 1998
Dear Peggy-
Going thru the “publicity.” I’ve gotten around to seeing- some for the first- at least that I remember- I find I have 2 of YOUR story. I hope you and Trudie are [and] others will excuse my poor letter/ card sending. I guess I haven’t been oozing with anything to say lately. And also my eyes are waiting to be “cured” of dry eyes so I can get new specs. Things are somewhat blurred and useless except for my 4 x 6 foot efforts. Awhile (days) ago I started 4 ptgs on the single canvas. It is divided into 4 sections and will be 4 in the series- either to hang next to each other or anyway- they are related I guess. Maybe 1st cousins. It will be more logical for framing $$ and getting to CS. I haven’t heard from the head fellow (director) since meeting him at Trudie’s. I imagine the work piles up on him. Ah yes to be 80 and retired. Will again hear from me.
Love Mary
Perhaps you recognize your yellow envelop.

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, Part 2, Ms 0369, Box 1, Folder 5, letter from Chenoweth to Peggy Marshall describing a 1988 sea voyage

August 16, 1988 (Postmark)
Mary A. Chenoweth
195 East Drive
Sidney, NE 69162

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Marshall
11 E. Columbia
Colorado Springs, Colorado College 80907

Dear Peggy and Andy-
I wanted you to get the enclosed- This is the 3rd freighter trip I’ve taken with the same American Company- the four [and] a half trips in the 70’s were with a Norwegian- Bakke S.S.Co. INC. I.e. the […] Lines- west coast- and no longer operating- at least not out of S.F. Ca!
Food on freights is “designed” for crew not the old passengers- who by the way are only 7 on the express No. Europe voyage I took to U.K. this past summer. (Leelee might like this too?!) Left N.O. LA [New Orleans, Louisiana] on the MV Sheldon Lykes at about midnight on May 9- takes 13 ½ days to first port- Rotterdam. There for 4 hours on to Bremerhaven and were tied up about midnight and left the next evening (early).
Across to Felixstowe- winding thru the oil rigs (just like the gulf near Galveston).
I stayed in London most of the time in a B & B near my friend Natalie d’Arbeloff who, by the way, taught at CC for a few blocks in ’75 and ’78. Arnest found her through a DESIGN book she co-authored- it was for students.
Spent 3 days in Amersham with friends before and after flying to Limassol, Cyprus to see an old 1966 Tangier- English woman working for T. Cook when I took my sabbatical in N. Africa.
The LINFORDS from Amersham were on their honeymoon in MY hotel in Tangier in ’66 also. We’ve kept in touch. I stayed at their house 3 days before and 3 after the flight to C. They took me and met me at Heathrow. I was extremely lucky to have such marvelous and patient friends. So it was a busy, FRANTIC month- I even lost weight- Was too tired in the end to walk much during my 3 days in Felixstowe to board the Sheldon. It was the Captain’s idea- that if I stayed 1 week (8 days) more in England I could go back with them. So I did. [There are?] 4 express ships- they run out of N.O. LA every 8 days- almost like trucks. I was passenger NO uno. 1 no others. Coming back there was another aged lady!! 68 from St. Pete. Fl.[St. Petersburg, Florida] Space for 7. One suite- 2 doubles. The North Sea pilot is picked up in Cherboug, Fr. [Cherbourg, France]- just off the coast about 2 miles. We keep him until we arrive then put him off to return to C., Fr. [Cherbourg France]and his own home?!
The M.V. Sheldon Lykes, Charlotte, Margaret, and Adabelle. The [They] each carry from 0-7 passengers. I guess when it (Sheldon Lykes) came back to get ME, it had carried 5 passengers from N.O. LA. One couple with their SILVER STREAM camper secured in a container- planning a reconnaissance for a purposed MASS trip in and around the USSR in 1989- and a couple who were moving to Ireland and a lone lady who was going to “backpack in European youth hostels.” The radio man told me he thought she was not “stopping on all floors.” Ah well.
As for time on ships board- breakfast 7:30 only, lunch 11:30, dinner 5:00 only. All the ships have more or less same food and cooking- PLENTY, not gourmet exactly- plenty of coffee, tea, juice, water, you have to [bond?] ahead your booze supply. NO American registered or owned in USA (USCG) rules I guess. Some fresh veggies and fruit when one begins a trip but NO FOOD is purchased in foreign ports because it AIN’T allowed back into the good old USA. I.e.- bugs, germs, etc. So when the fresh milk is finished! THAT’S IT.
I guess to go back to what to occupy yourself with on a long grueling sea voyage. Books yes, VCR too much, and ALL kinds, and any time you want to [run?] same- 200 titles or more- Look for fish, look for ships, look for lost rafts, look for garbage and waste! Walk- good stretch places, and an exercycle, rowing bench, slant board. Room for officers and passengers, STORMS (sometime[s]), the daily posted log (in the saloon). Can’t think of much else now. I can’t wait to take off again.
Love MC

(Letter includes menu of the S.S. M/V Sheldon Lykes, dated May 6, 1988)
On the menu: “This was 2 days before I boarded in N.O., LA”

Mary A. Chenoweth Papers, Part 3, Ms 0369A, Box 1, Folder 1, 22 handmade postcards to Michael J. Duffy, 1992-1997

[October 1992]

[collage postcard, vibrant colors and varied languages]

Mary A. Chenoweth
195 East Drive
Sidney, NE 69162

This is to let you know I rec’d check Thank you. Phyl (sos) and I back a week from 17 days to VANCOUVER B.C. + Seattle, Tacoma, Kalamath Falls, Newport etc –marvelous drive thru mts etc- NO SNOW yet- too dry! All steamed up for my work again. MC


[February 1992?]

[postcard image: chalk and paint pomegranate drawing]

Just a Merry Christmas + Happy New Year Greeting from the remote SW corner of NE. I made about 75 all differed cards- Best to you MC.


[July 1993]

[postcard image: collage and marker, vertical bars of color]

Hiya Mike- Ireland is still in the news. I suppose you + your area do have rain—W. Nebr. is BONE dry at least around here I have no stopping point (for my 4x6 […] Sold 5 + have 26 left and still working. DO get mighty fatigued remember 80 yrs in 04/17


[April 1993]

[postcard image: paint and print, card divided into 3 rectangles; dark blue with light blue circle, purple, and orange background with gold and red printing]

Dear M. Duffy and Company- I don’t know if you are back in the US yet. Hope your shows was a good one –reviews and sales. But most hope you enjoyed the people, place, and hospitality. On May 12 I’m off for the east coast- Relatives and then on 17th London for a wedding and 21 days. Very excited & nervous. Lois & Phyl cannot go- 1 dog; 2- city coundicl- Me “I’m retired. Will possibly stop off in (a few hours in Chicago) send –Your dis (approval) etc. If you have time. M.C [crossed through: 1-708-516-3614-]


[October 1993]

[postcard image: divided into 4 rectandles, brown painted backgrounds in 3 of them, blue and orange in the fourth, Charcoal AVN with line through on top of largest brown square]

Just a quick card to acknowledge yours. My only news is that I’m working. For the heck ofit I’ll send some snap shots one of these times. Note the real effort that went into this card! Fantastic I made almost 120 in July/Aug. Will last me quite a while. Best- MC

[below in a different font] Your Trip was Fine.

[across side in second font] Wish they could solve their problems


[December 1994?]

[postcard image: diagonal stripes of color in blues and purple chalk]

Happy Holidays to all of you-

Snapshot of the card I did like mass production- Did I write you that I appreciated yours? Only rec’d 2 others which were colored. Best for 1995




[May 1995]

[postcard image: printed image of a large person with flowing clothes on a grey-green paper]

Here is a Recent self portrait. I seem to be taking life too east. Spent Mar 8-April 4 in U.K. Visited in Dorset and in Amersham. Weather good- wee rain, hail wind (spring) lots of daffodils [something blacked out here]? Flowers and trees Look way ahead of Nebraska. Saw Tate De Kooning.

[written sideways:] J. G. Posada



[December 1995]

[postcard image: painted blue lines with white negative space. Green, red and purple painted into negative space]

[backside of postcard gradient green-white-red in chalk]

For you all A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy Healthy New Year


[June 1996]

[postcard image: printed shapes in muted brown, blue, golden rod, orange, and peach]

Just to give you a quick answer- about show in ’97 wonderful- I’m building toward one or? more. No [arrow to above] [in different font: that is just hopeful] I’ll keep as busy as possible. I am trying not to drive myself because HBP (excitement, stress, old age) ah me! And otherwise all o.k. Heard from E Woelffer. He is ok except eyes not good. You’ll hear from me again soon. 5-6-96


[year unkown]

[postcard image: red pained background with white chalk outline heart and a stem like an apple]

[backside: white heart with red chalk as background]


[March 1996]

[postcard image: swirling painted lines in dark and light blue and green, and peach]

Hi. Mike “Mr. Duffy”-

March 6 and ’96 is well underway. I have recently been told I have emphysema (? smoking and acid fumes for 30 yrs. My smoking wasn’t too bad + I did stop about ’78. But just weak LUNGS. Nothing bad for me except some shortness of breath + I can’t JUMP ROPE ANYMORE.



[January 1996]

[postcard image: painted color blocks and lines in yellow and orange with blue lines and green circle]

I wrote to the H. Art Books to please send you one of their catalogs. I can’t find mine! They? Will. Anyway the Hacker A.B. address is: 45 W 47th st. NYC. 10019 N.Y. in case. This card is one of 25 on a sheet 31 ½ x 21 and sort of slapped with wet paint in a fit of peak (peek?0




[postcard with a blank back. gold wash with linear black square and circle with red circle inside black outline, no text]



[Jan 1995]

[postcard image: painted. green background with thick blue diagonal line and orange x and other lines, backside painted grey]

Dear Mike- do my cards have a strip at bottom edge with computer (?) marks –bars often cover important words…? Mine are so important. Very cold this wk. seems to be below 0 wst and east of us. If I get any show of interest from your contact in Denver I will write whatever the people who ran the museum in Denver before ’55 or later are all long gone. One name I remember –Theo Dorides –MC

[written on side:] No 2 of 2


[January 1996]

[postcard image: yellow orange and blue shapes painted on white background with small line of green]

1-31-96- Want to tahnk you very much for your truly welcome boost. I’ve ordered a 25’ roll of canvas so you see I do still work. Also wonder if you have heard from the N.Y. Book store –Hacker still waiting to develop snaps of recent work. Will send you when possible.

[written on side] No 1 of 2


[February 1996]

[postcard image: painted. green background with orange round lines and blue short lines and plus sign, backside painted grey]

Tonigt is very exciting with the caucus in Iowa- I have been this interested only once, I think- ’78. the feelings at CC were high as I remember-

Tues. 13th

Now the Iowans have their big day- at least the Rep. Hacker send me a Catalog Monday. I don’t think it will help you with your project of contemporary famous artists. Did you get one?


[June 1996]

[postcard image: stamps, with eagles in orange brown and purple arranged in a grid with the colors repeating along a diagonal. Post office printed lightly over entire postcard so that stamps cannot be reused.]

You and Peggy are/have done a beautiful job with your little girls Phyllis sends her compliments too. Their costumes are lovely. I didn’t know you were a fiddler, Mike! Hidden Talent. I didn’t realize J. Hassel was still in business. Will follow this with a letter soon.


[October 1996]

[postcard image: white background with lines painted over in a circular shape in blue green, purple, and an orange “N” shape, backside painted orange]

Only a note. Am not up to letters recently. my PIG has slowed down, get much to tired. Dr.s are working on fibrillation of heart beat etc. It has killed the taste of any food. Anything. If you know a doctor or a pharmacist maybe they can tell you about cordarone. Lots of side effects. How was Ireland?



[May 1996]

[postcard image: painted lines in brown, blue, orange and a few in yellow]

Dear Mike- For the heck of it I’ll send you a few shapshots of recent work to get you idea(s) about me trying to get that lady from Den. Museum up to see a few for herself. I don’t feel as if she was at all impressed. I am afraid there are too many oldies (80+) busy (Me 78) painting masterpieces etc as u know $ don’t stimulate me/ though actually I’ve very little experience with too much


[December 1996]

[postcard image: collage of painted shapes, gold foil, painted newspaper, and paper with non-roman lettering]

Dear Peg + Mike Duffy. Just settling down to mail some Happy New Year. It will be late but not important anyway. I’m sure that some friend will get two greetings and others none. I have no records as that would be too smart my back is giving out, I can’t see yet- I do well enough if the writing is close enough. MC


[December 1997]

[postcard image: green foil rectangle with shape cut out, both rectangle and shape glued to card]

Just a sample of Matisse inspirer for scissors and paste No- not me.

Marry Holidays + great ‘98



[Dec 1997]

[postcard image: collage of painted rectangles, gold leaf rectangle, and large printed square in center]

Sent a card to jap your friend at the D.A.M.- Diane Vanderly Don’t expect to hear however- Told her I’d have a show at FAC in late 98 –I still keep chugging along. Mary C


Mary A. Chenoweth Papers, Part 3, Ms 0369A, Box 1, Folder 2, 15 letters and notes to Michael J. Duffy, 1990s

[postcard image: red baskets with roses and flowers on yellow background. Katakana on black background at bottom. Time stamp illegible Jan? stamp is a picture of President Harry S. Truman]

Dear Mike- I’m trying to catch up with some news for you- about 0 right now. As far as I know there is no show planned at FAC next NOV DEC. Maybe they are organizing one from local owns. I’m sure people have seen enuf of them. No recent sales except a few BOOKS from Chinook. And choo choo thru a friend –MC



Dear Duffy + Co.

I really enjoyed the color job on the mad dog card. It’s been lots of fun getting most of them back. Rec’d 2 other colorings but adults not children. And one sent red + green photography gelatin hunks + really eyes. The rolling kind they glue in toys. She is a NY’er whose mom lives here – in her 80’s. The father/ husband is dead so they moved to town (Sidney) + Rent? the ranch/ farm.

Lots of money, of course. The [agriculture] business has always [paid] off here – if you had enough land. It’s possible she will do favors in NY—Occasionally I need something + she enjoyed coming to see my stuff. More from you? Mary


[written in varied colors of highlighter]

I have energy to work and selling is great but I do not or ever have really pursued it. No knack of drive. Guess I like things quo status or status quo – I’ve been half listening to Pres. He isn’t and I hope keeps his balance.

[written on back:] something new- men and women are 2 different things, and that’s that.



Dear Mike

Just a note to let you know I rec’d your show notice when I returned on Aug 29. Sent then. I arrived here on 20th from Miami + a freighter R.T. to N.Z. and Aust. Left on 14th June. Great trip. I wish I’d planned to stay 6 mo. and taken a return voyage in December. Too late to worry now. Hope this summer has been good for you. I’m anxious to get busy again – working on some “books” – weird hmm not really but I enjoy doing some small stuff and drawing plus water color as well.

If you are ever out this way I’m just 1 mi off I-80 in western Nebr.

Best wishes

Mary C



Jan 1-

Happy New Year ALL Duffy’s

Sounds exciting to hear you’ll be in a show in Ireland this year- Maybe this will open more opportunities in Europe My friend Natalie d’Arbeloff exhibited in the Hague this fall – it closed on 10 October. She may come back to CC to teach a block re: books for? with Jim Trissel. They met in Wash D.C. this winter (Nov) at the Book Fair – Not definite yet. She has taught there before. Twice – in ’75 + ‘78

Enclosed a copy of the brochure that was with the Dutch show Natalie had.

I’m trying to get Joshua to pay up. He said he’d finish before December – haven’t heard a word. So I wrote to both galleries – Vitale and Mackey Wonder if he has 2 now? Glad you’re finished with him.


Happy New Year




Nov 18

Dear Mike

Your note + check received- I won’t let Joshua off the hook After he sent the card about his “move” I wrote him. Will repeat again today. Time flies so fast Jan 1 ’93 isn’t far away. Then plans to spend a few weeks with Cribbs on their Puget [Sound} island –printing. After that maybe the door you want me to carve can come about – time will tell. Glad you’re painting – I’m doing some more collages. May get a trip to Denver so IF I’ll visit your new gallery there. Grey day here – and damp = like it could snow.

Take care – Mary

I can see a sad [flosking?] cat out the window/ looks cold + wet. Poor thing.


23 June

Dear Michael

Lady didn’t say yes and didn’t say no. I was very surprised though. I know you wanted or bought one of my collage – canvases – because Josh sent a check (my first from him) said you finish payment + get picture sometime. This [arrow to “payment”] was last fall when my sister took me to Denver to bring my things home. I had 10 wood cuts 3 [paintings] – but he is holding the [paintings] – thinks he can sell the other 2 (besides the one you have) As long as your plans for the door extend way up in ’93 I won’t agree to any thing yet. Hope my ambish [ambition?] and pep rises somewhat – I’ve become rather old + lethargic. I guess considering everything – I still keep very busy, After all the sea freighter trips have used up about 6 summers out of the 9 I’ve been retires—

9 yrs. June 1st ’92. Have you seen lots of my carved doors? I can easily send you photos of lots of them.

Mary – and questions about anything I try to answer.



Jan 15

Dear Mike—

I think I have already replied to yours of Jan 8—If I don’t have further trouble I will exhibit—few but large. The [paintings] “left over” from the Oct 94 show at the church in C.S. are mostly history – I think they are dead.

Lousy uninspiring weather—at least for me. Of course it doesn’t matter as I don’t go outside much

Best Mary

[back is a photocopy of a drawing titled ALEXANDRIA egypt]



[photos of paintings numbered 1-4 with envelope dated Dec 10 1966?]

Pictures – wow my basement gallery

1 – You get a glance at about 6 pieces. 4x6 all except 1 which is 3 ½ x 5

2 – another one in progress (still up on table)

3 – details below

4 – this is finished

[the number 3 circled] 3 – 20 x 3 approx size sheets painted in 4 or 5 colors—

1 – blue

2 – purple

3 – green

4 – yellow

5 – red

I sent them for Holidays, I guess most are used anyway – 20 [cents] p.c.




Dear Mike – Here it is the 26th Dec with a sunny COLD start. It seems [Colorado Springs] + Denver were in their 50’s yesterday + today? But Sidney – my gosh it dropped from 30 [degrees] – 0 [degrees] in about 20 min late yesterday afternoon when Lois and I were at Phyllis for the Christmas dinner – Then about 5 as we were on our way home her car wouldn’t start. BIG shock to me but she said it was just the probably tired old battery. Phyl did the honors + then this AM Lois called the friendly Co-op station.

A friend in need is…

Just going thru ’96 mail to eliminate some of my savings for the year + ran across the copy of D.P.V. letter in reply to yours. As of now 11 months later no word. Not that I expected any. If she didn’t realize I was alive – how come? She never knew I even existed, did she. At least my life – 30 yrs in [Colorado Springs] I’d never heard of her either. Maybe she is since then – after all I’ve been in hiding the past 13 + yrs. I am being seen in Portland  Maine – nothing big just prints. And seem to have a sort of “booster” here. This “b” is a buyer at Cabelas (sporting good – Like LL BEAN maybe bigger – I dunno. Came back from his 4th buying trip in Indo Malaysia, China, etc. Brought me a beautiful selection of paper – ah I must “DO” something with SUMI although it has never appealed to me. I can’t sit on the floor for one thing. And actually my decent collection of sumi brushes and ink tablets are now in Bill Colbys studio. I sent the stuff I had to him a couple of years ago. He has made a success of his skill and had a show of his water colors done during and after a 4 week trip in China, starting in Hong Kong by bus, plane + train – Shaanxi being the first province or whatever they call ‘em. His wife couldn’t go because of the altitudes and she has emphysema (smoking) like the Med. Thought I had but that diagnosis was off the mark and my problem is unstable angina. Causes can be anything from excitement + fright to over eating + a hundred other things – like cutting salt, caffeine, fats – well I’m sure you’ve heard enough about heart cases. Even too much on the wrong kind of exercise will cause problems. I will know, they say, when I’m about to drop. And people can live long lives with the medication available + not have all the problems – if you live right. Wow. What a spiel. Well, now you know + my big problem was I guess I overdid with the physical work + stress of trying to do so much 4 x 6 canvases and not enough being smart.

But this may not help to have a show with you.

I’ve sort of lost a lot of my zip – at least now that it’s cold + I’m STIFF.

This cancels my England plan for ’97 – at least for the present.

You are capable of having a fine show with enough work to satisfy the curator – I am really not caring about exhibiting my work. People can always come to me – if they feel up to it. That sounds pretty corky but at 79 who cares.

Finish on this now.

Hope I’ll keep hearing how you are doing, and your tooting off to Ireland.

That’s the best part.

Have a very successful 1997. Mike – and your letters are always welcome.

Did/do you remember Alex Primm or/and David Dunlap? I had cards from them –

They might be/could be 50? Alex was thrown out because of Marijuana party in? 63? Or so. DD graduated before VIETNAM

P.S. DAVE & ALEX are both in Iowa, where DAVE teaches.




May 9 1989

Dear Mike

Found your gallery announcement on my arrival back home last Tues. 5th. The SHIP & I were gone 9 weeks. A great voyage – short visits to ITALY, TURKEY, ISRAEL and EGYPT.

TRIVIA-? Did you know Prof. Gerry Eager during the 2 or 3? years he taught at CC?

His son is in Denver – doing T.V. or VIDEO stuff – I’ll find out where – that is if you’re interested – Will Eager maybe he’s in the Phone book. He his brother and Gerry + Pat went to Egypt as a last trip family get-together vacation last Christmas. Gerry teaches at Bucknell – in Pa. + has since he left CC. Egypt was fascinating as all Arab countries are for me.




The ship was in [Alexandria?] for about 10 days—

Last fall my sis went with me down the west coast of [South America] gone about 7 wks. I could learn to love it! But now I want to settle down and work for a few months – Glorious spring here. missed lots of Nebr. winter. Perhaps 87-87 I’ll try again.

Tracy has kept me sort of informed of you + your doings. Thank you for remembering to send me the card and I’ll see you “on location”? in Denver one of these days.

Had my 69th on the vessel in April. Hope to spend my 79th on one, too. or sitting on top of my easel.


Mary C.



August 3 [1992]

Dear Mike-

When you were here I decided on the price that is 100-. Hope you had a good trip back to Cary and by now everyone is thoroughly rested- when everyone is so young doesn’t take long to spring back.

We’ve had perfect walking weather here- Lightning and thunder and varying amounts of rain- no cloud bursts but my anti-sprinkler is off- maybe it will keep this up and this saves $. But the far WEST- Calif, Oregon, Wash are suffering- California seems to undergoing great struggles in every way. I should think their real estate values would be on the bottom but doesn’t appear to be that way. I have a nephew – civil [engineer], in an environmental job in San Bern. (private business) and he couldn’t possibly but anything yet. He has part of his [education]  to pay for though. That’s first. apt. are OK, less worry he’s only ? just 27, and not married.

Started painting again and finishing a couple of “Books” AND trying harder to get in better shape (for carving etc) Mary



Oct. 22 ‘92

Dear Mike—

I wanted to tell you that on this 2 [week] jaunt Phyl + I took to Seattle Vancouver, etc – first led us through Wyoming to Encampment – a wide spot in the road – about 45 S. of I-80 and west of Laramie. The Irvine rand has 2 doors I carved + they were home + Phyl photographed them – Deborah Chastaine who lives outside of Saratoga was not home but she has 2 doors as well. I did hers in mid ‘70’s and Irvine’s in ’81 (they said) Both have big elegant ranch houses (working ranches) that were designed by Mike Collins, architect in C>S> Mrs. Chastaine used to live in C.S. and Irvines are (Mrs. I. is) 3 M co. in [Mpls?]. They were most welcoming to Phyl + I – though they had friends from Wisconsin who were out there for the ugh hunting season.

Josh sent me a card on his new gallery (address etc) You too? He owes me both 1 [painting] + 200.00 from one he sold to a woman named Arndt (?) ZI rec’d her 100.00 check directly from her.

Regards – Hi to your family




Oct 16— [1993?]

Dear Mike—

Have had a spurt of real interest in work again – ordered 18 yds of 63” canvas from U0trecht on 18 the Sept and got busy – in the throes of it all now.

A old ship mate of ’89 and ’90 thinks we should—no ink [faded ink switches to a darker ink] go again in ’94 so I decided I had to get in “shape” and quit dragging around – moping etc. Couldn’t concentrate on reading/ T.V. etc because I was itching to either work or totally give up. It was partly boredom and being “concerned” about the whole world and all the grim things. Now it’s looking up – but of course that is probably not true. I’m sure you do use your time properly, but I can say no I’m sorry about not coming and trying to carve a door But I don’t think I could/can any more. I have thought a little about wood cuts but only thought. I have a stack of Japanese blocks – had ‘em for about 18-20 yrs! The shop was in Eugene, Ore. but he died + a few- bought it and sells from Portland. You know it? –paper + all print things (wood-mainly) not etching (metal) Cut up some old stuff – made a few cards. Best of everything for your family –Mary C



[postcard image: photo reproduction of black and white painting, announcement of Oct. 1994 show]

Michael D and family

This is the only B & W painting. It’s 42x30



Sept 11, 1995

Dear Mike + Co

Have your Irish here and am sure you’ve settled down by now – and school is on. Two of your girls are involved with one still at home? I’m sure you’ll have an artist or maybe 3. Being around the “equipment” will encourage them, I should think. By now the terribly hot days are finished – your area wasn’t much better than western Nebraska – or Colorado Springs. The people I keep in touch with in Colorado agonized about 95[degrees] + as much as we did – Don’t know if Ireland was “hit” but my friends in London and Dorset had a hot – very hot time. I quit working – couldn’t concentrate when I was so busy complaining about the weather.

Before it all started I had three canvases finished 2 and 1 started. They are 4 ½ x 6 (2) 3x5 (1). Big difference working on large pieces again. I have not touched such sizes for years.

How long were you in Ireland? Was the feeling of “peace” evident – compared to your last trip. You wrote that “we” are back in Ireland. That did mean all of your outfit-? I assumed it did. I don’t think I’ll go again unless I am on a “tour” with other ancient ones. Nothing planned now anyway.

My sister Lois (the Sidney city council one) applied and has been in the Peace Corps since the first of April. She was gone when I cam back from U.K. on the 4th APR. Her app’t is in Jamaica + she is sort of a special case (her age 78) but is busy and happy, she says. I must say I’m sure she finds P.C. duty a change from her years in the Philippines with her husband. I miss her – when she lived next door – although she sold her house about 1 ½ yrs ago.

Are you still involved with two careers? Hope to hear from you again.

Best regards




Jan 12 ‘96

Dear Mike-

Thank you again for your cheery call on NY’s Eve. It was a very quiet 12 PM for me – I was asleep. Phyllis said all the church bells were ringing though. She lives “down town” Sidney

I like your new painting – very much – you are working on a fairly large size. Mine are very small. Maybe I’ve used 4x6 inch format too many years. The work I exhibited in C.S in ’94 were mostly 30x42 and a few 24x30. Tiny. It is stimulating to talk about work of others.

I haven’t met (in 12 years) anyone who works at art in a “serious” way—recreation and Sundays. There is or was a sort of guild back in the 80’s but they seem to all work in water color. I talked to the group once about woodcuts. They haven’t done anything as far as I know. I don’t probably am too out of touch – either they are too young or I am too old.

Did you do any sketches you can turn into paintings when you were in Ireland? I’ve seen a few PBS Irish travel films. A beautiful place. Hope peace WORKS. Keep working.

Best Mary



[with envelope dated May 26, 1996]

[the second page of the letter is on a second leaf and the third page is on the verso of the first leaf]

Dear Mike- Here is the Address of our old CC art student

Shelley Leizman Scheuer

470 W. 24th street


New York, NY 10011

I can’t think of any news at least this sunny morning. All’s right with the world—I think. Though there are many sad situations and many troubles. They seem far from Sidney.

I ran across this ART NEWS clipping I saved. Someone asked if I knew how many artists were presently working USA can’t recall who  it was. This is an answer—sort of. Of course the quizzer will never come across it. Maybe the US census has record – or the IRS may have. Anyway you + I know there are plenty but very scarce in some locations.

You recall the board 4’ x 8’ I have in my back yard? [sketch of board with arrow pointing to it] zinc and copper plates screwed all over the surface facing the Back Deck. Well, it is rotting – after 10 yrs + will have to be replaced when I get some help. I do have a Sat. high school student who will work – he lacks tools but I can get what he needs. Too cold for working now. The one in the 4 panel shape has been moved + all new. It is close to the front side walk [drawing of art installation and location in yard].

Quite a few people have shown curiosity - in their cars or even joggers – a [very] few venture up the hill to East Drive.

Can’t really get into writing this AM. I have a [painting] on the table and am anxious to proceed. Time goes so quickly – I have absolutely no ability at night with artificial light. Now I know what the pre-1910 [arrow to right] had to suffer with.



[Sep 10, 1996?]

Dear Duffy and International Enterprises INC.

Here we are going on in September as if August didn’t count. The time goes SO fast for me – I guess for everyone. Starting to stay darker mornings and evenings sooner.

Yesterday and today I took off from work and [circled: Rested with my feet] up and my conscious conscious conchuntz [spelling as original] clear.

Someone asked? Why do we drive on parkeays and park on driveways. Many others in this vein – I watched a  hr video Phyllis taped and it took me 4 sittings. The L-Shaped Room, The Pumpkin Eater, The Bean Field War, and then her son in California just sent “Pricilla” not for tots and it is about transsex dressing and humorous and with a message as well. Made in Australia. And that is very authentic – from my knowledge from train + bus windows etc. The only truly awful women were really females – I’d had no previous idea of it – Never having head of it. They story, I mean. I don’t even know how new/recent it is. Oh well.

It’s [watching TV] all a change for me. I had my “cable quit” a couple of months ago. Can’t stand the news, the ads and most of the “DRAMER” PBS is half way interesting but you can’t escape turning on the trash too – in stupid idle “rest” times.


Maybe my hay fever/or whatever would fade away—

A friend told me it’s brought on by eating hot peppery spicy food so I could I do use lots of OAT meal + skim milk – lovely.

If your paintings are built around 26 x 30 it sounds like a good arrangement – out of my perhaps 25 large ones there may be 8 or 10 worth hauling over. I will staple them [tall rectangle ] OR [wide rectangle] on a 1” x 2” stick and they can be hung easily.

Oh well, long way off now. I’m quite worn out much of these days – first blamed it on too hot. And then a few even too cool- I’m really a fussy old dame.

All for now—

Hope your latest Irish jaunt was successful and lots of fun.

I’m trying to interest Lois in a trip when she feels up to it, too.


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