Helen Banfield Jackson 1888 diary transcription

William S. Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0241, Box 13, Diary 4, 1888 diary of HHJ's niece Helen Fiske Banfield, later Helen Banfield Jackson, transcribed by Julie Perfors and Liz Lewis, 2006.

A - Anne (sister)
K - Kitty (sister)
M - Mamie (sister)
N - Nathan (brother)
R - Richie (brother)
S.S. - Sunday School
Uncle W. - William S. Jackson
VC - Vassar College

January, Sunday 1. 1888
Very different from Xmas a.m. which was so bright and beautiful. Not withstanding the hard pour we all went to church except "Kitten." As I had some rearranging to do for Katherine's visit, I started quite late and it took me a long time to get to Dr. Van Giesen's because of the slippery walking. He preached a most excellent sermon on "So teach us to remember our days that we may apply our hearts with wisdom" a very unusual and interesting treatment of Life and Death. We were distressed at not finding any letter from R. I had notes from Uncle W. Nellie & Jennie C., and in the a.m. early a telegram announcing Uncle Will's safe arrival east and giving us New Year greeting. Katherine arrived at 6:30 so supper pretty late.

January, Monday 2. 1888.
This the legal holiday for New Year's Day, a bright pleasant day and we were very glad to have Kate S. with us. Our a.m. mail was late. K. had the only letter. Mamma sat in parlor with us. Sewing & reading our occupation. I began "House and the Brain." The chicken pie took Mamma from us for an hour or so. dinner not till two, but the New Year dinner very good. How happy it would have been if Papa were again in out midst! The p.m. very short & quiet. Leila called and Edith Pickert. Kate and I took a walk and left order for carriage and called for cards at Mrs. Sanford's, but M. & K. did not care to play Whist so K. and I amused ourselves without their assistance. We talked late again to-night.

January, Tuesday 3. 1888.
Mild pleasant a.m. for Kate to start homeward. I did not dare ride to station with her because of expecting telegram from Jennie at any time - it came before the mail saying that she could not come till Thursday. in consequence of which we decided to have washing; after getting clothes for Kate H. I did the breakfast dishes, these & housework kept me busy till noon. Kitty out on errands & to Miss Armstrong's for her coat. Mamie out sleigh riding with Leila all the p.m. Sophie R. called, and I had a very nice visit with her. Taking my walk towards College when she had to go. Miss Goodsell called just as I returned. Mama and Mamie were already lighted up in the parlor. We read two chapters of "Paul Patoff" in the evening.

January, Wednesday 4. 1888.
Awake and rested early, so as I slept alone I read and wrote before disturbing the others by dressing. Because of ironing I was glad to be down stairs as early as possible. I do hope we shall hear from R. to-day. No reply comes from Mamma's telegram ever, it seems as if we had just cause for anxiety. M. K. and I all out on errands in a.m. Mamma was out in the afternoon. No word from R. all day. The Misses Roberts and Miss Swan called in p.m. I had telegram sent to [Mamie?] & Jennie asking them to stay all night, they will go to College first. A line from Aunt Molly saying Uncle Will's trunk had arrived at the Berkeley. Good letter from Anne. I was too sleepy to read more than chapter in "Paul P."

January, Thursday 5. 1888.
Awoke early enough to write to [Lotte Conger] before breakfast. As soon as my housework was done afterwards, I dressed and went to depot to meet Jennie and Mamie. They received my telegram but could not stay all night here. Their a.m. was spent at College, coming to our house about 3 o'clock. Mamma saw them all, and Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. Nelson & Leila called while the girls were here. We read one chapter in "Paul Patoff" before supper. No more on account of prayer meeting. Mrs. Sanford called on Mamma while we were gone. Still no word from R. The silence is growing worse and worse. Mamie & Kitty returned to their College work to-day, their vacation has gone very rapidly. We will have but few [noon pews]. The Miss Suters have lost their father.

January, Friday 6. 1888.
Much colder a.m. tho' not near zero weather yet. The package from Quintard's arrived. Kate swept Mamma's and our room, so upstairs nice and clean. No letter from R. at a.m. or noon mail. We had note from Aunt Mary and K. one from Anne. I am rather anxious to hear from dear Uncle W. and Katherine. Hail & snowstorm began at noon. I wrote to Laura [Jrylie?] and Eunice York. While at those line came from Uncle W. saying he would not be here next week, much to my disappointment. He has to be in Phila, and then goes back to visit in Kennett Square some more. M. had to go to Miss Schofield's. K. home late from College. We had some reading in evening, but not so much as when Papa & R. were with us.

January, Saturday 7. 1888.
Rainy, drippy morning but thermometer only at 32, great change from yesterday. Breakfast quite late. Mail came just as we had finished. No letter from R. I had good notes from Aunt Molly, Anne, Katherine and Alice. I wrote to R. for noon mail. K. down town in a.m. She forgot some of Mamma's errands which I did with mine in the p.m. I have succeeded at last in getting something to work for Uncle W. I hope he will like the blue plush slippers worked in silver, they will be pretty with his dressing gown. No [letters?] at noon mails. Mamma writing to Cousin Joseph in p.m. I met Prof. Van Ingen and George down town. I have not seen the latter before this year, and he looked very well. Cleared off in late p.m.

January, Sunday 8. 1888.
Another very rainy Sunday Xmas, the only pleasant one since we came to Po'Keepise. We all went to Church. Kate with us. Dr. Van Giesen preached from 130th Psalm, 3rd & 4th verses. "If Thou Lord shouldest mark inequities, O'Lord who should stand? But there is forgiveness with thee that thou mayest be feared." We liked the sermon very much. No letter from R. Mamma did not open Mr. Fiske's or Mr. Daly's. I wrote to Anne and Uncle Will before breakfast. We had dinner rather late because of slow fire. Read in p.m. in Taylor's Holy Living & Dying. We miss dear Papa terribly on Sundays, at home, at church everywhere. He has been gone from us only eight weeks, it seems much much longer for the loneliness at all times.

January, Monday 9. 1888.
Bright a.m. Mamma up very early for her, so we had breakfast as soon as Kate had it ready at 9:30. "Kitten" had to eat alone. I mended till after mail came, all of us made very happy and grateful to see R's handwriting again. He wrote a good note, too; the ship is not chartered, so his plans are still unsettled. He will stay on board until he until he knows where she will go. Mamma heard from Mr. George. Mamie home in time to have dinner, as Prof. [Salomon?] has not returned to College. I wrote to Richie and poster cards to Anne and Nathan. K. and I went to Missionary Meeting at which Dr. Van Giesen and Mr. Brown spoke. Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. [Dright?] called while I was out. I cannot read much in evening. So sleepy & cross. I finished white quilt.

January, Tuesday 10. 1888.
Beautiful snow storm. Mamie stayed in bed all day. K. went to College. Kneaded white bread, and mixed up brown before breakfast. Kate had ironing, so I did the dishes beside the regular dusting. have begun to work in good earnest on Uncle Will's slippers, they are not as pretty as I hoped they would be, not as handsome as those I did for R. some years ago. About four o'clock I got started out with errands for Mamma and my own to Miss Schofield. As M. was upstairs and I very sleepy we did not read in Paul Patoff. I read short time in "Middlemarch" and Mamma read the papers. I was surprised to hear of Prof. Mitchell's resignation. She has not returned since the Holidays.

January, Wednesday 11. 1888.
Cold bright a.m., breakfast pretty late. M. not down to it. K. out to College in warmest clothing. During forenoon, after housework, I wrote three notes to Bertha [Morrick?], Miss Clarke and Miss Gilman. Mamma out towards the latter part of the p.m.; Kate out all the afternoon and evening, so I got the supper. I had quite a long work on my slippers, and read for a while also. Not much mail. Mamma had short note from Mrs. Richardson. Miss Anne Goodsell called while Mamma was out. Supper late because she did not come home as early as K. We read in Paul Patoff till nearly 9 o'cl'k. M. up for dinner had tea. K. and she ate eggs for hearty part. K. reading news papers these days.

January, Thursday 12. 1888.
Coldest a.m. yet - only a few degrees above zero. Breakfast in good season. Good notes from R. & Uncle Will, the latter's decided Mamma to let me take up [crumb?] cloth in dining room, it was quite a piece of work, especially hemming it all around for Kate to wash it. Hereafter we shall not have it [treked?] down. Dining swept. M. home to our dinner of hash, squash and good apple pie. I wrote to Uncle Will. We hope to see him next week. A welcome letter from Anne in 4 o'cl'k mail. I mended working dress and then read papers. Kitty and I went to prayer meeting. Subject of Dr. Van Gisen's talk was "Christ walking on the Water." We had a good cold walk home.

January, Friday 13. 1888.
To our great surprise we woke up to a hard snow storm, by noon the weather had greatly moderated and in p.m. it rained. The children both wore gossamers etc. I worked pretty steadily on Uncle Will's slippers until dinner, except when dusting. Mamie home to dinner but had to go to Trowbridge & [Adriane's?] before eating it, because of sudden bursting of pipes in cellar. the plumber came promptly and no serious damage done. I had notes from Bertha [Morrick?] and Miss Goodard. Too stormy for Mamma to go out on errands so she wrote business letters in the p.m. I read, rested and worked more on the slippers. Mamma came down from her writing too late for me to read as I wished to go to bed early.

January, Saturday 14. 1888.
Still greater change in temperature. Nearly up to 30 again, and clear and beautiful! Mamma out on errands. Mamie and I started out with her so as to have the business papers for K. signed in Mrs. Sanford's presence. We had note from Richie and good long letter from Nathan in a.m. mail. Word from Anne at noon. I wrote letters during forenoon. K. out for her walk before dinner. Callers in p.m. Kitten tried to get caught in parlor with "Miss Hettie […]" and Mrs. Johnson! Jeanette called before very long to give relief. Later Mrs. Elling came to see me. I was delighted to get Uncle Will's telegram after tea, saying he would come up Tuesday. I did not work very much on his slippers. P. Patoff finished.

January, Sunday 15. 1888.
Another very stormy day but M's telephone message last night made us anxious to go to College to hear Prof. Vose of Providence. We lost the only car that would take us out in time for sermon, so had to engage a sleigh! We arrived in plenty of season and saw Prof Vose before the service, thru' a bold act of mine! I was afraid Dr. Taylor disapproved, but Mamma feared we should not have time to see him after sermon. He preached most excellently on "By the Grace of God, I am what I am." 1 Cor. 15:10. Before I went to church I wrote to Aunt Mary, at noon to Anne and before tea to Nathan. Began Farrar's Life of Christ and enjoyed what I read. Kate out to Salvation Army meeting. I was up till she returned, tho' I had [her?] asleep in big chair. Telegram from R. saying had had sailed for Australia.

January, Monday 16. 1888.
Beautiful a.m. for washing after all. We had breakfast in good season. I wrote short note to Uncle Will as it is his 53rd birthday, but he may not get it before starting for Po'K to-morrow. Housework and getting dinner kept me busy every […] till we sat down to eat soon after twelve. We had note from Richie, he had been to the Dr. for his cold. I read papers and washed my head in p.m. K. did my errands for me to see about the clock and caster which are among my numerous breakages! I am terribly unfortunate, without meaning to be careless! I worked on Uncle Will's slippers after tea. Mamie read to herself so there was no reading aloud. K. and I slept together and tho' a cold night nearly melted.

January, Tuesday 17. 1888.
Cold snow storm, busy morning getting Uncle Will's room and mine clean. My eyes very uncomfortable, beginning of styes on both of them! Dinner soon after twelve as no message came from Uncle W. Pretty soon after dinner I went to Dr. Otis who gave me Baryta & Pulsatilla, and then did errands down to […]. Fell down 3 times going down town! On my return home found word from Uncle W. that he left N. Y. in 3:30 train, so as soon as table was set etc. started out again, gladly, in the storm. I had to wait some time for a car, the train on good time and soon Uncle Will and I were driving home in the sleigh. He kindly brought Mamma box of fruit, nuts, etc. and girls candy. [Our?] first evening very cozy.

January, Wednesday 18. 1888.
Beautiful bright morning. Uncle Will did not get down to breakfast with us. We wanted him to sleep late. I gave him paper and he read that before getting up. He came down at noon. Only Mamma and I at dinner. The girls were delighted to see us all at College in the sleigh, we had a very pleasant ride on Smith Road as far as asylum. Mamma became pretty chilled, but a perfect afternoon. The girls enjoyed candy on their return. I have to abstain on account of my poor eyes. Very very happy to have Uncle Will with us, he was included in K's studying, after she had finished she fell asleep in his arms, he was so tender & sweet with her it made my heart ache afresh for her loss in dear Papa.

January, Thursday 19. 1888.
Awoke in pretty good season considering Uncle W. and I talked so long & late. Another bright beautiful day. Uncle Will down to breakfast about 9 a.m. He had letters in the mail. After he had a good read, we went down town on errands, walked to the River and on return he brought some early flowers for Mamma. The day went altogether too quickly. We were out again in p.m. to look up train and to leave message for carriage to come up in a.m. The girls not home till towards five, rather a pleasant time getting K's French lesson with her. Uncle W. helped well. I was rather stupid all day on account of my eyes. Very worrying to be so afflicted just now. We all went up in good season.

January, Friday 20. 1888.
We were up pretty early, all except M. & K., so as to see Uncle W. comfortably off on the 7:15 train. Very hard to have him leave us, but not as if he were not coming up again next week! By nine o'clock I had cleaned up K's and my rooms and was at Dr. Otis for him to look at my eyes which are still most uncomfortable. He did not change medicine, but advised getting cocamine which I found which I found at [Wood & Tittamer's?]. On return home found letters for Uncle Will which I forwarded at once to Taunton. I had notes from Will and Nathan. I sent off acknowledgement of Mr. Fiske's checks and few other notes in noon mail. K. read "Au Large" by Cable in evening, but my eyes so uncomfortable that I had to lie down. Slept on Lounge.

January, Saturday 21. 1888.
Beautiful cold a.m. My styes better tho' still cut off from many things I would like to do. A very sweet note from Miss Gilman in morning mail. I dusted down stairs and rolled bread etc. before dinner. I wrote short note to Effie and card to Xtian Union to see why papers did not come. Kitty and I walked to the River after dinner and enjoyed the cold, brisk air. River not frozen over. Kate did sweeping so did not have as much cooking to do as usual. Mamma bright and busy over Saturday extras. I am hoping Anne is enjoying Uncle W's visit as we did ours. I should feel much more lonely if he were not coming back to us next week. Kitty read aloud again, but I pursued last night's plan and could not keep awake, took hot bath at ten p.m.

January, Sunday 22. 1888.
Coldest a.m. yet 8 below zero at 8 o'clock; probably much lower at some parts of town. The girls down to breakfast a little late. I slept unusually long for me, especially after the long rest last night. We all went to Church. We found it rather hard to follow Dr. Van Gisen for some reason; he preached from Genesis 13:2. "And Abram was very rich, in cattle, in silver, and in gold." It was a discourse on the secular side of Abram's character. We found notes from R. N. and Uncle Will who did not go to Anne's for Saturday after all and could just as well as not stayed with us, if he had known that he could not see Mr. Perkins till last of next week. I wrote to Alice, Uncle W. R. N. and Miss W. Saw Dr. Otis in p.m. Eyes better.

January, Monday 23. 1888.
Cold very intense. My room shut off from rest of house. K. let me sleep in her room alone as my […] places under ears might mean "Mumps." I mixed brown bread before breakfast, afterwards did the dishes, dusted, mixed white etc. besides getting dinner. Mamma mended all day till evening. After resting awhile, I went out on errands. Stopped at Dr. Otis's first, he said I would not have mumps. My eyes very much better. Stye in left eye entirely gone. Mamma glad of another note from R. he sails for Australia this week. Sorry we misunderstood telegram so that he is not having any goodbye messages from us either by telegraph or letter. K. walked to and from College in p.m. to learn where her French lesson was. M. read in evening.

January, Tuesday 24. 1888.
This month going most rapidly, notwithstanding our great sorrow and loneliness. Dear, dear Papa. I am sure he knows how much and how deeply we miss him. The weather moderating rapidly. Busy a.m. for Mamma and me as it is Kate's ironing day. She did the a.m. dishes, tho', while irons were heating. Mamma made custards for invalid ladies next door; after housework all done & bread rolled, I took them in to Mrs. Myers and Miss Reynolds. I saw them both. Mamie home to dinner. Mamma down stairs till nearly dark. I had a welcome letter from Anne which I answered in the p.m. I wrote also to Mrs. Burnside. M. had to go to Miss Scofield's. Opened my room in p.m. K's and hall so warm. Mamma had letter from Mr. Fiske, the annual acc't.

January, Wednesday 25. 1888.
We all had quite a good start. I decided to have parlor done first of the sweeping for this week. it takes considerable time to get the furniture out & back again. Kate made it look very clean & nice. I smashed shale & chimney to student lamp! Uncle Will's short note a great comfort. Mamma had note from Richie, he is feeling cert sorry at not having his last week on shore. We would have telegraphed if his message had been understood. I went out on few errands, replaced chimney, etc. Miss Peters from next door called soon after my return. K. so late home that I became very anxious. She waited at depot with Jeanette whose train to N.Y. was late from the west. Fell asleep in chair after K's safe return. She and Mamma read very late.

January, Thursday 26. 1888.
Considerable snow fell in the night. Sidewalks quite impeded. We all decided to go to VC to hear Dr. Wm Taylor of N.Y. preach. I fixed dining room for K. to sweep before leaving. I joined the car that Mamma and Mamie took who went out on different errands. Sermon for Day of Prayer for Colleges most excellent. Text Ex. 32:29. "Consecrate yourselves to-day to the Lord, that he may bestow a blessing upon you this day." Sophie R. sat with us. We were all delighted with Dr. Taylor; he is very unusual. Kate had a good dinner awaiting our return. Mamma had good note from R. in the morning. I embroidered a little in p.m., after reading; M. too tired and K. too much studying to go to meeting with me. Mr. Buck walked home with me.

January, Friday 27. 1888.
Clear bright beautiful morning, letters in a.m. from Cousin Joseph, Dr. Jackson and May Hansom. K. did the halls thoroughly. Mamma went out. I finished dear Uncle Will's slippers. I hope they will be successfully made up. Shall send them to Tuttle's in Boston. At noon letter from N. Mrs. Burnside and a calendar from Uncle W. which looks a little as if he had not gone to Boston yet! Anne will expect him as long as I. Mamie home to dinner which was sure late. I did not go out till nearly four o'clock. Mailed package, stopped at Library and gave other orders. We began Dr. Story's "Our Country" in the evening. I did the first mending for some time, three pairs of stockings, boots etc. I slept in good cold room.

January, Saturday 28. 1888.
Not below zero again. Keeps 10 above. Notes from Uncle Will and R. I am disappointed Uncle W. does not come up for to-morrow as long as he is in New York still! At noon I had good letter from A. She begins to feel she will have no visit from Uncle W., but he expects to go there next week without fail. I wrote notes to him, Miss Clark and Mr. Eastman. Then dusted and rolled the bread for Kate. Soon after dinner started out on calls, returning to jar Mrs. Hawky first, then to Mrs. Orten's, round to P.O. and stopped at Mrs. Wilkinson's on way home. We all saw eclipse of moon after ten. Read but one chapter in "Our Country" which we all like. So cold I slept with K.

January, Sunday 29. 1888.
Beautiful, clear brilliant winter's day. A good breakfast of rolls & egg. I wrote to R. and Uncle W. before going to church. We put five cent stamps on Australian letters. All went to church except Mamie who had headache, cold and severe chilblains! Dr. Van Giesen preached most helpful sermon on "The foolishness of man perverteth his way; and his heart fretteth against the Lord." Prov. 19:3. We were glad to find two good notes from R. he is probably a week out at sea, and we cannot have much more from him for several months. We all enjoyed our new Xtian Unions. Each one of our lonely quartette having a paper to herself. I wrote to A. to-day also. Kate out in evening with Ettie.

January, Monday 30. 1888.
Not up in very good season, attended to usual routine of duties, getting thru' dishes and dusting a little after ten, then mended on K's nightdress. To our great surprise R. letters to Australia were returned thru' not having enough postage they required 12 instead of 5 ct. postage! I am glad our carrier returned them. K. took hers to P.O. in p.m. and found it was double weight, so it took 24 cts! Mr. Quintard brought our clock home which is a great comfort again. I wrote to Suzie W., Nannie W. & Helen C. before tea, afterwards read Sunday Tribune till K. came home and we reviewed French together, in preparation for examination. Glad of good letter from N. for our last of R. have come.

January, Tuesday 31. 1888.
Snow storm early then sunny and bright, later dull and chilly. Mr. F's account came in a.m. mail so I went to attic to get book in which to copy it. Compared it with last year's account. I washed my head after housework, dried my hair in Mamma's room. No letters at noon. Disappointed at not hearing from Uncle Will. I hope he is safely in Boston and will be at Anne's to-morrow. Mrs. Orten called before I finished dinner dishes. Mamma saw her and I went with her to hear Mrs. Angelini talk on Italian Missions in the Cong. Church, an association formed here. K. not quite well, […] at supper and then was on the lounge during the evening. All sleepy early except Mamma. She woke late; I began at 5 a.m.!

February, Wednesday 1. 1888.
Up soon after six a.m. Moon very brilliant up to daylight. I expected send Mr. F's acc't off but M. decided to copy it from the original and not from my book copy. K. in bed all day, had milk toast for breakfast, steak & bread for dinner. Mamma out on errands to Kirchner's and Miss Scofield's. Dinner early because of Kate's afternoon out - glad she has such a beautiful day. No letter in a.m. or noon mail! I took quite a good read in "[Hours Sun?]" after mending and dressing myself. Mr. Buckingham call just before tea. Everything was in [warming?] while he was here. K. down to tea, but not much appetite, as she had to study Geometry in evening. We had no loud reading. I hemmed half a napkin.

February, Thursday 2. 1888.
As soon as Kate's light appeared from the attic I jumped up because I was so wide awake. I was surprised to find that it was only half past five, read a while before beginning on regular duties. We had breakfast earlier than usual for K. whose examination was at 8:30. Very glad to receive note from Uncle Will from Boston. He and Miss Woolsey had met and been to see Miss Terry and Irving in Henry the Fourth. He hoped to be with Anne to-day, wonder if it has been as beautiful as here. Kate did considerable sweeping up stairs. I resign stairs and hall to her now. Letter from Katherine at noon. K. home in time for tea. She had Botany to study, so could not go to meeting with Mamie and me. The Transfiguration the subject of S.S. Lesson.

February, Friday 3. 1888.
Kitty better, up and out to College for her last examination in Botany. M. out for her last instruction in studio as she has decided not to return another Semester. Kate swept halls, K's and M's rooms. Mamma out on errands before dinner. Sent home fish. M. came as we were ready to sit down. K. very late. She found a welcome letter from Anne. I went out in p.m. Secured S.S. Lesson Book at last, found some red flannel for patching old skirt. K. glad to be on lounge all the evening. We all took turns in reading aloud from "Our Country" except Mamie whose cold prevented. She did not sit up very late. No news from Uncle Will but I think he may come up for Sunday.

February, Saturday 4. 1888.
Snowy, snowy a.m. K. let me bring her breakfast to her in bed. We fixed her room nicely enough for her callers. Mr. Seaman came in a.m. for his money. Mamma and Mamie out in storm before dinner. No letter from Uncle W. in a.m. or noon mail and I was much disappointed until telegram came about 1 o'cl'k saying he would be up for Sunday. I was out late in p.m. on few errands. Miss Strong called. I took bath early in evening and then was ready to sit up for the arrival of Uncle W's train. Mamma went up at ten, then I had to take a nap. Awoke at twelve and still he had not come. Slept till one and then watched till after two when he arrived just as I had given him up!

February, Sunday 5. 1888.
A very happy day because of dear Uncle Will being with us again. I had a few hours sleep but was up at about my usual time. Uncle Will did not breakfast with us. Mamma, M. & K. all went to Dr. Van G's but a stranger preached. I could not in the least regret staying with Uncle Will, who took his first bite towards twelve, he simply sat with us at dinner. He brought a box of candy apiece for us three girls which were enjoyed as we sat and visited and read during p.m. Afternoon and evening all too short. K. slept with me hoping to avoid the bugs in Mamma's bed, but she brought two into my room! Which set is going at [one?] a.m. A hole in my vest followed. I told M. & K. of my plans to live in Colorado.

February, Monday 6. 1888.
I had to wake my dear Uncle Will at six a.m. as we both planned to take the 7:15 train to N.Y. We did not mind the walk to the depot in the least, the trip to city seemed short. Uncle W. went with me to the Berkeley where Aunt Molly welcomed us with open arms. She is very happy in "her wedding" as she calls it. I went to the stores at once for samples of grays for my wedding dress. Uncle Will wanted me to meet him at 3:30, when he took me to [Jaegers & Wards?] and gave me the dear beautiful diamond ring. What loving thoughts it will always occasion! He rested an hour at his room in Brevoort before our cozy dinner with Aunt Molly. We went to hear [Modkaka?] in the evening. A very happy day.

February, Tuesday 7. 1888.
Dear Aunt Molly planned to have me stay in bed till 8 o'clock when I felt wholly rested. We breakfasted at 8:30 and Uncle W. was over with us soon after nine. We started out together at 9:30, selecting frames for Aunty's photograph first, then to the tailor's to see about my dress being made. they can attend to it at once. Uncle Will left me then and I went right to work on necessary errands. almost failed at getting dark gray at Arnold's, saw Madame [Galoupeau?], made purchase of lining, gloves, etc. etc. Uncle W. in waiting for me at 2:30 and went with me to station for 3:30 train. I shall hope to see him day after to-morrow when I shall go to city again. Glad see M. & the children again.

February, Wednesday 8. 1888.
I had a very good rest after all the excitement in N.Y. and awoke at about my usual hour, a little before six. Mamma and Mamie very good and excuse me from all household cares now. A beautiful snow storm, as soon as I could I went out on errands, leaving word for trunks to be brought up from Thompson's. They appeared in a rain storm soon after dinner. K. home early. She and M. enjoyed seeing the pretty gowns that were dear Aunty's. I tried on quite a number for Mamma to see so as to suggest what I would need new. Kate's afternoon out so we had a quiet tea by ourselves. I had too much rearranging to sit down stairs in the evening. Very happy in all my work.

February, Thursday 9. 1888.
Brilliant morning, very glad to have a bright day for the city again. I had early breakfast and caught the car for 7:15 train. Mrs. Elling and […] went down at same time. I told Mrs. E. of my happiness. I bought a dress at Arnold's first thing, pretty brown & white check. then spent the rest of the a.m. at Altman's selecting underclothing, it took so long to make out bill that I was twenty minutes late in meeting Uncle W. at lunch. Most glad to see him again. He went with me to Miss O'Rourke's - they made appointment for me next day. Went up to Aunt Molly's, left bag, and then did more errands. Uncle W. came for me to dine at the Brevoort with his brother Caleb. We all went to see "Midsummer Night's Dream" at Daly's.

Friday, February 10. 1888.
I sleepy very well in the reception room at the Berkeley. I breakfasted with Mr. St. John and Aunt Molly. Uncle Will came over for me before he breakfasted, I sat with him then we went out on errands, first to Book Store and then came the second surprise - my dear beautiful cape ruby pin. It made the day very bright. Very busy shopping-- found what I wanted for afternoon dress at Arnold's ordered other articles to be sent C.O.D. with it. I selected morning dress at Denning's . My second fitting at Miss O'Rourke's satisfactory. A very cold blustering day. I was most pleased to find Uncle W. at Aunt Molly's. He saw me on 3:30 train and I was glad to see them all well at home. Found letters from Anne, Sophie R. & Ella M.

February, Saturday 11. 1888.
Snowy, snowy day. I was out for a short time in a.m. then went to work over trunks getting things ready for Miss Scofield. I feel strangely to have given up everything in the home. Kate very busy so as to get away for over Sunday with her own family. Sophie R. came in p.m. before I had changed my dress. I showed her my pretty things. As no word came I felt sure Uncle W. would come for over Sunday with us. We had not been seated down stairs long before he arrived. He read to us which was most pleasant. I made camphor bags. We all sat up late. K. read part of a chapter in "Our Country" which Uncle W. is enjoying also. He bro't us more candy!

February, Sunday 12. 1888.
Beautiful bright a.m. I was up to start things in K's absence. M. and I breakfasted together, then Mamma, then K. and finally Uncle W. with whom I sat while others had gone to church. My dearest wrote his note to Sister Susan so that I might see about what was to be sent. He liked the purchases I showed him. It is such a comfort to have him with us these Sundays - not many more and I shall D. V. be gone with him to my new home. We were alone most of the p.m. I rested on lounge; we missed Kate. Mamma and the children bore the brunt during the day. Evening short but I fell asleep. All read awhile. Wrote to Caroline & Alice and Aunt Mary.

February, Monday 13. 1888.
Kate had to wake me as I was sleeping close on to six as soon as I was dressed I woke Uncle W.-- he did not have much time for breakfast. I was sorry to say Goodbye. I took my breakfast as soon as he had gone, then fixed table and began on my letters. Mamie kindly ordered carriage for me at 11:30 but I went to Miss Scofield's to no purpose with my huge bundles. No one in the house. I had had a good letter from Katherine at noon. Mamma said Envelope looked "tearstained"! I rested and slept after dinner. Very pleasant to have K. home in p.m. I made camphor bags during evening. Mamma & Mamie read. K. studied. I gave Kate some of my new underclothes to be washed. She much interested.

February, Tuesday 14. 1888.
Dear K. 18 years old to-day. Mamma gave her silver knife. I a scrap basket for her room. I made a second unsuccessful trip to Miss Scofield's, although I was able to leave my packages this time. I came home and went right to work on Norwegian (?) trunk etc. Worked away at a great rate in the attic, rearranging trunks with references to my final break from home. The day oppressively warm, Mamma & M. very busy because of its being ironing day for Kate. Rather surprised at not hearing from Nathan. Sweet letter from Mrs. Sanford to Mamma who read it after she came in from errands. I made camphor bags again which I use during day.

February, Wednesday 15. 1888.
Bright cooler a.m. for which I was very glad to have for my trip to city. Kate had my breakfast ready punctually at 6:30, so I caught the car for 7:15 train easily. Mrs. Carpenter went down with me. Papers announced that Blaine has withdrawn his name from next Presidential nomination. My first errand in N.Y. to change garments at Altman's, then I went to Miss O'Rourke's & I was delighted with gray suit. Shopped, shopped, shopped close up to 4 p.m. when I was glad enough to see dear Uncle Will. We had a good dinner together at the St. Dennis. I came up home on 6 o'c'l'k train. Uncle W. put me in the cars. Miss Wood sat behind me and gave me congratulations. Letter from Miss Gardner.

February, Thursday 16. 1888.
Cold again, parlor shut off. Letters from Mrs. Sanford, Aunt Mary, Jennie C. and May H! As soon as I could I went to Miss Scofield's. I had to stay there till after twelve, talking and trying on garments. Mamma & Mamie busy having their rooms swept. Mamma had letter from Nathan which she answered in p.m. I worked over underclothes, packing some, and leaving some out for wear in p.m. I was most glad to have no interruptions in work. I gave M. waist & nightdress. Mamma some things, too. Too sleepy to go to meeting. M. & K. both went. I tried to read papers with Mamma, but fell asleep in K's chair. Not doing anything till I went bed.

February, Friday 17. 1888.
Great change in weather, warm again parlor thrown open. I was up in pretty good season so as to get my room ready for Kate to sweep before going down to Miss Scofield's. She had two gowns to try on. I had a letter from Miss Woolsey which upset me a little. I answered it in p.m. and I hope she will now see that I have acted perfectly fairly by her. Mamma out towards noon. My boxes came and I packed before tea. Mrs. Sanford and her mother called. M. and K. went out to concert but I knew I should be too sleepy and tired to enjoy it. Miss Scofield called in evening and stayed quite awhile. Up rather late.

February, Saturday 18. 1888.
Beautiful day for dear K's sleighride. I was up at my packing at 6 a.m. so as to get thru' in time to go as chaperone. Letter from Nathan came which required my going to Bank at once. I telegraphed him for money, tho' he enclosed drafts for $150.00 He wrote a kind note with regard to my plans. […] seems better, and she seemed to enjoy her outing. Jeanette went with us also. We did not have our good turkey dinner till two o'clock. Mr. Buck, Miss [Fridbury?], Mrs. Young and Sophie R. called. The men came for boxes. I took Sophie in sleigh out to VC after having been to freight office. Fell asleep in green chair after supper and stayed there till 9:30.

February, Sunday 19. 1888.
Lonely without dear Uncle Will. We miss him after the past pleasant visits. All went to college to hear Mr. Newman Synthe. His text was from John 8:40. "A man that hath told you the truth which I have heard of God." We liked his sermon very much. Miss [Stan's?] fainting interfered a little with the perfect attention. She recovered from it quickly. Mamma feared Mamie had been taken ill. Letter from Mr. Daily saying he might give up house in May. We had a good p.m. for reading and resting. M. the only one who wrote letters. I finished the necessary ones last evening, except to R. which I want to begin soon.

February, Monday 20. 1888.
Rain rain when I first woke up! But it was not wise to give up my plan to go to New York, so sat out for 7:15 in good earnest, after one of Kate's good breakfasts. Mr. [Nickerson?] sat in same seat with me all the way to N.Y, he made the trip seem short because of his interesting conversation. I drove to Miss O'Rourke's, and was satisfied with the dress. Then I shopped in all the pour till 4 p.m. when I was glad enough to take shelter with dear Aunt Molly. She had a bad cold. Dearest Uncle W. was in soon to make arrangements for our evening together. We went to see Miss Terry and Irving in "View of Wakefield." Having seen neither before I enjoyed it very very much. It kept us up pretty late.

February, Tuesday 22. 1888.
Dear Aunt Molly unable to get up. She ordered breakfast for two in her room. I ate mine alone in the parlor, then skipped out on some errands before seeing Uncle Will, found him at breakfast later. He ordered coupe and we drove together to station for 10:30 train, delayed a little near Yonkers. I wrote seven notes coming up; went to Miss Scofield's and Mr. Thompson's before going home for dinner. All welcomed me back. I found a number of letters which pleased me. Bundle from McCurry came, so had to arrange articles for Miss Scofield. M. & K. both went to VC for the night to hear lecture on Dante & see their friends. I went to sleep & then woke in time to see Mrs. Orten & [Mrs. Abbott and Jap?].

February, Wednesday 22. 1888.
Warm and comfortable, my cold pretty severe. I worked in store room for several hours after seeing Miss Scofield, went thru' book boxes to rearrange and thru' rugs, all seemed to be in good condition. On return from down town found packages from Gorham's, Arnold's and Miss O'Rourke's. Mamma and the girls pleased with my silver and other purchases. Note from Sophie asking us all out to Dr. Strong's lecture. Mamma went with us and we all enjoyed his words on Dante. M. K. & I stayed to the Martha Washington party, it was a very gay scene. K. stayed out till 8 o'cl'k. M. & I came home an hour earlier as we were very very tired. Such busy days of preparation as these are!

February, Thursday 23. 1888.
Beautiful bright morning. Mamma and Mamie kindly took hold and helped me make camphor bags after breakfast, so I got down to my storeroom in good season. I wrote short notes to Uncle Will and Aunt Molly before breakfast. Mr. Thompson helped me on chair, sofa & rugs, sewing them up after I had recamphored them. I drew $150 from the Bank, part of it to refund Mamma. A sweet note came from Mrs. Burnside at noon. I packed steadily all p.m. until Ella McCaleb called towards four o'c'l'k. Trunk & box came from Thompson's so I packed bedding, etc. Supper pretty early. K. out. Mamie the only one who went to meeting. My wrappers came from Miss Scofield's and gave great satisfaction. Fell asleep down stairs.

February, Friday 24. 1888.
Another beautiful day of which I have been grateful. I did not get down to storeroom until 10:30 but Mr. Thompson helped me with last roll of carpet and I am relieved to have that hard work over. Good letters from [Abbi?] Fiske D. and Kate S. Mamma out on household errands. M. taking my place at home. Paid storage and wanted to pay Mr. Thompson, he said he would like "Ramona" so I brought that & "Zeph" to give him. I wrote to Anne & Poppy. Miss Goodwin called and told us a great deal about Miss Finch. Kate out at a church meeting in the evening. I was too tired to do anything more than rip off buttons. K. and I slept together. My black velvet dress came home from Miss Scofield's.

February, Saturday 25. 1888.
Perfectly beautiful day. No, I mean just the opposite. Cold mixture of rain and snow and I had to get down town as early as possible for Miss Scofield to fit gray and black dresses. Had some errands to do on my way home. On return found some of the bonnets from Madame [Galoupeau?], so tried on wedding and other gowns. All gave M. and the children satisfaction. Welcome telegram from Uncle W. saying he would be up on 6 p.m. train. Much clearing away, writing and sewing to do in p.m. We were all delighted to see Uncle W. as usual he came to us ladened with good things. We did not sit up very late, he seemed well and bright.

February, Sunday 26. 1888.
Beautiful a.m. All out to church except Uncle W. and me, he did not get up till dinner time, so was thoroughly rested. We had a good visit. I shall have to give up the Uncle very soon, dear heart, it will be strange yet sweet to do so. We all had cozy talk in parlor before Uncle W. and I took our walk. We went first to Mr. Elling's. Mrs. E. had not gone. Mr. E. said there was no need of a license, then we called on Dr. Van Giesen to ask him to perform the marriage ceremony next Thursday at 3 p.m. Telegraphed to Anne before going to North Hamilton St. Uncle W. read aloud but while doing so, I fell fast asleep. We went up in good season.

February, Monday 27. 1888.
Clear crisp morning, dear Uncle W. did not take early train to N.Y. so we all breakfasted together. Mamie made her amusing remark about hairpins in big green chair! I went to Florist's with Uncle W. then walked to depot; on way home called on Mrs. Orten. Busy a.m. till dinner which was not till after one. Mamma & Mamie busy over clothes for washing which Kate did as usual. Towards latter part of p.m. K. walked down to Miss Scofield's with me. She like lace & cashmere dresses. I shopped with her on way back. Each of us bo't pair of cheap boots. M. & K. went out to hear lecture on Indians at St. Paul's Church. they were not very enthusiastic.

February, Tuesday 28. 1888.
Busy day for Mamie as Mamma's ass't housekeeper. The parlor had to be swept, and I now how much time and strength it takes to take out & put back all the contents. I acknowledged m presents from Boston, Cousin Abby, Jennie & Ida Underwood. I went out pretty soon after dinner, so as to draw out money from Bank and settled that acc't. Had card from Anne saying she would not leave home till Wednesday to-morrow morning. Black lace dress came home & met with approval of Mamma and the girls. I am soon to leave them for good. Finished all the packing that is necessary before the last day. Nice letter from Kate & Prof. Chickering at last.

February, Wednesday 29. 1888.
Sweeping of all up stairs, so Mamma & M. had much to do in preparation for A's visit. I was out on final errands in the morning, and had everything pretty carefully planned for completion of plans for wedding. Sophie R. made me visit in p.m. She was pretty tired but very kind in all her wishes for me. Mr. & Mrs. Elling's remembrances came. Glass decanter & cup. The gray cashmere came from Miss Scofield's after S. had seen my other dresses which she liked. Mrs. Orten's cake arrived at supper time, dear A. did not reach us till eight o'cl'k. Much entertainment with her experiences as a traveler. I slept with her. First time since the night before her wedding.

March, Thursday 1. 1888.
Bewitchingly bright morning. All seemed cheerful on my acc't, much as we missed dear Papa and regretted the absence of our boys. Sophie R. came in upon us while at breakfast. She wanted to leave a more cheerful impression than yesterday's when she was a little tearful thru' fatigue. The flowers beautiful from Mrs. [Stuyveast?]. K. had to go out to see why Haggerty's did not come, they arrived about eleven and M. & K. fixed them beautifully. The dear Uncle arrived promptly at one, soon after which we had our good […] dinner. All was bright. I had to hurry away to dress for the ceremony. Dr. Van Giesen came promptly at 3 o'clock, and soon I heard myself called Mrs. Jackson. We left in 4:50 train, happy night in New York.

March, Friday 2. 1888.
Our apartment at the Brevoort very comfortable and William and I are very happy in it. After our late breakfast, I wrote notes and began our card list. Will did not leave me till afternoon. I rested awhile and then went over to see Aunt Molly. She is still very weak with her cold. No callers because we did not let any one know our whereabouts. I sent line to Nellie & Sophie N. Presents from the Sanford's arrived and are most beautiful. Cream pitcher & pitcher & tongs from Katherine. Salad fork & spoon from Mr. & Mrs. S. and sugar sifter from Mrs. Field. William & I went to see interesting little play at Madison Square in evening, the "Heart of Hearts."

March, Saturday 3. 1888.
Before I was quite ready for breakfast Nellie's card was brought up. It was very sweet of her to come so soon. She visited until William came down to breakfast, then left with the understanding that we should meet the latter part of the p.m. William and I went out and had our pictures taken at Dana's, did a few other errands, and lunched at the St. Dennis. He came home to rest and I to make preparations for going to Kettle drum with Nellie. She came for me in her carriage at 5 p.m., we drove up Fifth Avenue for a while, the fair at Delmonico's not very [much?]. I had pleasant call on Mrs. Colgate. Glad to return to William. Very sleepy as I tried to make out his list.

March, Sunday 4. 1888.
Beautiful bright a.m. Wind nearly died down. Paul joined us at our 9:30 breakfast and soon afterwards we all went to Dr. Taylor's church. He preached on Temptation from Hebrews 2:18 and 4:15. The service long but rather interesting, the choir of men's voices gave quite a treat. We took a walk before coming back to lunch. Called also on Aunt Molly who is better. Lunch quiet and pleasant. Then a good p.m. in our parlor by ourselves. I rested first, then Will took the lounge and had a good nap while I wrote a few notes. Most glad of notes from Mamma & Anne. We read in the evening, I aloud from Century.

March, Monday 5. 1888.
Pleasant a.m. for Anne to come to the city. William went to meet her, while he was gone I did a little work on cards. About ten A. and I began our visit. She had much to tell me about the home visit. At 10:30 or so we received Margie's telegram saying she could not come into city. Not till lunch time did Anne fully decide to stay with us over night. Just as we were coming from Aunt Molly's Sophie N. met us and she stayed all the p.m. I was sorry Will did not come in before she had to leave. He was glad to find A. here. She help with cards. Dinner very pleasant, and succession of callers afterwards, all of whom A. & I enjoyed seeing. Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. & Mrs. [Conda?], Mr. DeCosta and Mr. Coppell.

March, Tuesday 6. 1888.
Bright clear beautiful a.m. I was up early to see dear Anne off. Will was good and stayed in bed for his longer sleep. I barely had time to check A's baggage! On way back to hotel shopped successfully at Arnold's and […] for traveling ulster and hat. After William had his breakfast we left picture order etc. then took the jaunt to Brooklyn. Dr. Jarvie very cordial and pleasant. He found work to do so Will went right away. Shopped a little on my return to the city, after resting a short time Mr. & Miss Coppell called. The evening we had mostly to ourselves. Mr. Smith called towards nine. We made out the Colorado Springs list; happy day!

March, Wednesday 7. 1888.
Breakfast little earlier than is usual for William, he had to be down town in good season. I began thorough work in every room. Washed head first, while my hair was drying wrote to Edith and addressed 62 cards for Colorado Springs, then I went thru' trunk, rearranged, etc., so that I could be ready at short notice to start on long journey. Lunched in my room at two, then took rest & nap. After dressing had a pleasant call with Aunt Molly, did a few errands, and came back to find my dearest had returned and had a call from Nellie C. He was pretty tired so took a nap before dinner. Afterwards we went out to see Mr. Lloyd's play the "Woman Hater" which we enjoyed. Home pretty late.

March, Thursday 8. 1888.
Very happy at the continuance of bright weather. Pretty soon after our late breakfast I went out on rather fussy errands, they [were?] willing to change jersey at Denning's. I found one that suited me better at McCreery's. Errands kept me out till past two o'clock. Found tin box for ink case, made lunch of its contents. Ginger wraps.Very glad M's good letter. I took short nap. Will did not return in time to go to Concert tickets to which Nellie kindly sent. Cozy time before our 7 p.m. dinner. Wrote up some cards before going out to see Aunt Molly. Mr. Marcus sent in basket of beautiful roses as he could not call. Too busy with personal affairs to write a home letter. Mamma knows all about it.

March, Friday 9. 1888.
Up at 6:30 so as to get necessary mending done before breakfast, which comes late since my marriage. Soon after it, I took car to meet Nelly at Daly's Theatre where we enjoyed Mr. Stoddard's lecture on the Pyrenees, it was beautifully illustrated. I went round to lunch with Nelly informally. Stopped at Aunt Molly's on way back to our parlor. I found beautiful bunch of roses from my dear William, how good and thoughtful he is! Busy all the afternoon addressing cards to Will's Denver friends. Paul and brother Caleb came to dine with us and we had a pleasant time together, went to bed soon after they left. I emptied Mr. Marcus' basket of roses, so as to save basket.

March, Saturday 10. 1888.
Most beautiful day, for our leaving N.Y. I awoke early enough to finish my packing before breakfast; Will did his afterwards. Trunks out of parlor soon after tea, then we ran over to bid dear Aunt Molly Goodbye. She little better and was to drive out. We have had such a good time in N.Y. that we are almost sorry to leave. We left N.Y. on 1 p.m. for Philadelphia, trip there seemed most short. Mr. & Mrs. […] met us and went out on same train with us to Kennett Square. There old colored Perry met us and soon the sweet Quaker mother and sisters & Polly & Kitty Price were greeting us. Evening short and pleasant, dear William had a little dyspepsia and fell asleep on the lounge. Pleasant open fire in our room.

March, Sunday 11. 1888.
We awoke to a driving rain storm, breakfast not until nine o'clock, so we had a good long rest. Kitty and Polly very sweet in all their attentions, dear Mother Jackson just as lovely as can be. Mrs. Darlington & Miss Margaret were cordial, the Dr., Mrs. Price came from Chester in all the rain to see us. The day passed very quickly, dinner not till after two, & we had to start for station as soon as the pleasant meal was over. Kitty & Polly expected to go with us, but not room enough in carriage, as it was Sister Hannah and I thought we were to be overturned in the mud, the road was so badly washed out. After reaching Phila, I wrote cards to Mamma & Anne before taking our late train to Pittsburgh. Delighted with Drawing Room to ourselves.

March, Monday 12. 1888.
We were surprised to see so much snow on ground when awakened near Pittsburgh. Our train in on pretty good time. We took a carriage to Mr. Caleb's house where he and his wife gave us cordial greeting, after a late breakfast Wm and his brother went down town and I had a good visit with Mrs. J and at noon the rest of the children came home, delighted with the quartette. Nannie, Edith, Rex and little Margaret. Snow squall during p.m. When the quartette came home they told of bad accident to second division of our train. Will and I very thankful that we were placed on 1st section, the nearest to a catastrophe that we ever came. Mrs. Chambers, Alive and her beautiful Rosamond came to spend the night, so now I have seen all the sisters. Rosie & Nannie played in the evening.

March, Tuesday 13. 1888.
A severe wind and snow storm, was glad to stay in house all day. Brother Caleb had to keep in doors because of his boils on the neck, so my William loafed with him. "Mardette" very [dear] all the a.m. giving orders etc. at the Telephone. I wrote notes to Anne and Kitten, so that they will know soon that we escaped accident so fast. Mails and trains from the east all delayed by blockades of snow, however we decided we would better get away if possible. Finally word came that the 8:45 p.m. train was to be made up for the West, as we want to get home before the last of the week we engaged drawing room. Such a pleasant day with the children all so merry and bright, their vigorous health a great charm. The blizzard diminished towards evening, so did not mind drive to station.

March, Wednesday 14. 1888.
It seems good, so far, that we started on our way last night, as we awoke to a beautiful a.m. at Xenia Ohio, the breakfast station. I wrote notes to Nathan and Anne before we had breakfast, time slipped quickly by until we came to Indianapolis where we had to leave our sleeping car and get into a parlor car. At 2 o'cl'k we reached Terra Haute where we dined. A poor invalid on train who look as sick as dear Papa when we traveled with him the last time. Will and I had a dear little baby girl on our lap during the afternoon. The mother very young, not yet as old as Mamie. During day W. read "Our Country" while I began "The Entailed Hat." We reached St. Louis at 7:30, took supper there and then found drawing room secured for us. I wrote note to M., too late to mail. Road rough!

March, Thursday 15. 1888.
We awoke to another beautiful morning in Kansas City, tho' we were knocked and tumbled about a great deal I felt thoroughly rested. We had time in Kansas City to ride round on Cable Cars before our 11 o'cl'k train to Colorado. I read article on Emperor William in N.Y. post. A very mild bright day, especially thru' Kansas. We dined at Topeka, plenty of time for a good full meal. William napped in out luxurious drawing room. I read myself sleepy in "The Entailed Hat." Sent note back to Mamma. About four o'clock we learned that there was a strike on the Atchison & Topeka R.R. but that our train would probably go through to its destination. Stops all along. We took supper and Newtown and went to bed in good season. Most comfortable day.

March, Friday 16. 1888.
Beautiful a.m., late in getting to La Junta where we breakfasted. I read "Entailed Hat" until in sight of the beloved Mts., which thrilled me with delight. We reached the Springs at noon. Effie and Katie gave us a warm welcome and had everything in perfect readiness, flowers were up and down stairs, which the Misses Barlow had put here. William went down town after lunch and I unpacked one trunk, so warm and balmy and delicious that I put on gray cashmere. William liked it much to my relief. We had quiet evening to ourselves. Mr. Steele called just after I had gone up stairs, so when Will returned from telegraph Office he went [out?] to see him. Pretty tired.

March, Sunday 17. 1888.
Delighted with the warm bright mornings. Could not sleep late, so was up at six and attacked the big trunks. Went through all of them before breakfast. Could not have done it if my dear William was not a late sleeper. Breakfast not until 9:30. Wrote notes after I was somewhat settled. A large, interesting mail awaited our arrival. We did not know it was customary to send calling cards when wedding ones were received. Many of my friends are doing that. Dr. & Mrs. Adams called. I was delighted to have them the first to see me, before they left Mrs. Hill & Mrs. Stewart were here. All very cordial & pleasant. William home in good season and interested in all that interests me. A quiet enjoyable evening.

March, Sunday 18. 1888.
Awoke to a bright warm morning, such a change from the East. William and I went out to hear Mr. Woody, were rather late at the a.m. services. I did not go to Mr. Gregg's. I wrote while William rested on the lounge. Mr. Peck came in at noon to Canvass the ground as regards my church tendencies! He left two tickets for evening services at the Opera House. Soon after lunch we drove to Cheyenne the sacred spot there, and placed fresh Kinnikinnick on Aunty's grave and brought some home. a dust storm came up towards night, otherwise most beautiful day. We went to evening services. Mr. Woody very direct & earnest but not inspiring to me at all. We read a short story before going to bed.

March, Monday 19. 1888.
Up in fairly good season. Mended clothes for wash, etc. before breakfast. Afterwards finished unpacking hat box and settling, disappointed that my boxes my freight do not come. I trust they are safe. How I shall regret their going that way if they do not "turn up." William brought Dr. Bell in to lunch, he asked to go to Musicale at the College. We did so. it was rather embarrassing facing so many! We sat with Mrs. Bell. Many cordial greetings after the music over, program very good. We went down town together. I bought [sheeting, toweling?], etc. for Effie and Katie. Found more flowers on my return and several cards. Especially sorry to miss seeing Mrs. Hobson. Out evening quiet and happy at home. Quite cold!

March, Tuesday 20. 1888.
Cold compared to days last week. Breakfast not till nine o'clock, notwithstanding Effie calling us at 8 a.m. As soon as I could I went out on few errands, stopped at Bank and found large mail, letter from Anne in it. Hattie Woodbury called before lunch. Dr. Eskeridge in before we had finished, he took William off before 3 p.m. I washed my hair and before it was quite dry Mrs. Barlow & her daughters called, then Mr. & Mrs. Parrish a little later. Our open fire and flowers impressed them pleasantly. So far our evenings have been uninterrupted much to our delight. Will takes his turn at reading aloud so I accomplish a little sewing in that way. Tore off six sheets.

March, Wednesday 21. 1888.
Beautiful bright a.m. but more snow on the ground. I got up a little before seven so as to help in the dusting, this our washing day as Jennie could not come yesterday. I did the down stairs rooms, fixed ours, mended William's hat, fixed flower's, looked over bills with Effie and then sat down to my writing. I wrote to Mrs. Pickering, Mrs. [Hunchman?], Mrs. [Clareth?], Mamma, Anne, and Alice Burnside, from whom came a very beautiful little painting. Poor dear Poppy, my heart aches for her to-day, her brother died this morning. William went out right after lunch to see about their trains for the East; some services are to be held Friday. Callers during the p.m. - Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Partridge, Mrs. Campbell & Dr. Adams. Mr. & Mrs. Hill were in after dinner.

March, Thursday 22. 1888.
Bright, warmer a.m. William had to go to Pueblo. As soon as possible after breakfast, I went to dear Poppy. She was wonderfully brave and bright. I gave her the invitations my Will wanted me to give. She thought she and her mother could not easily come to our home to meals or to sleep, but she did let me do any packing. Mrs. Bell and Miss Bevin called before I had dressed, after I was in gray cashmere I held quite a reception. 12 callers in p.m. Very glad to greet William home safely from Pueblo. Just as we were getting ready for our evening "read" Mr. Mils came in, before he had gone Mr. Steele, then Mr. & Mrs. Barnes, a pleasant time but I did not get up stairs till 11 o'clock.

March, Friday 23. 1888.
Rather a cold sunless morning. I worked on sheets, basting three of them for Katie to stretch for their beds. Mr. Hill called in a.m. to ask if I would read at a Shakespeare gathering. I gave my consent rather unwillingly. William came up for me to sign some business documents at Bank. He afterwards had to go to Dr. Adams so was late home to lunch. Effie and I fixed dear Poppy's basket before we took ours, and at quarter of three we went to Mr. Harry Guilds funeral. Mr. Gregg performed the simple services, quite a number of friends gathered to hear them. Mr. Gregg called on me, later William and I went to the Station and were relieved to see Mrs. Guild and Poppy so brave and well, starting out on their sad journey. We read in Century in evening until Mr. … called.

March, Saturday 24. 1888.
Both of us slept very late because of long evening calls. Mr. … stayed till midnight train, so William did not get to bed till after one o'clock last night. Not a very pleasant a.m. I walked down with W. and did a few errands; arranged for dinner party at Dr. Adams. W. home at noon in good season, but fell asleep before lunch, so I had to eat mine alone. Mrs. Frank … called in p.m I took a nap so as to feel fresh for the evening. Went to Mr. Huller's for few flowers. Rained as we were getting ready. Dr. Caldwell called but I could not see him. Dr. & Mrs. Adams gave a most delightful dinner in our honor. Dr. & Mrs. Bell, Dr. & Mrs… Mr. Hutton, Mr. Steel, Mrs. & Miss Brinkley and ourselves made up the twelve. 3 ladies in white, 3 in black.

March, Sunday 25. 1888.
A very wintry morning, rooms up stairs pretty cold in dressing. Breakfast at 8:30, good season for my late W. He walked to church with me. Mr. Gregg preached an earnest sermon on "I know whom I have believed" from Tim 2 1:12. Congregation fairly good. I wrote addition to R's letter and began one to M. before lunch. Afterwards we read till nearly 3:30 when both of us were sleepy, and took a nap. Mr. Chapman, formerly in the D. & R.G.R.R. called, stayed to dinner and until 9:30 p.m., so we did not read any in the evening together. W. read till 11 o'clock, after I had gone to bed. Effie still a little lame near the hip. She went to church. No letters but […] so many during the week. Bertha's and Suzie's present came last night.

March, Monday 26. 1888.
Bright & pleasant but still very cold for Colo. I was up in season to do some writing but did not get at it until after breakfast. then finished Mamie's letter, wrote Bertha & Suzie. Acknowledged Mr. Steele's little gift, an etching by Mr. Parrish which came in during a.m. I am delighted with it. Quite a snow squall right after lunch. Mrs. … and her daughter called before W. had gotten away, so he stayed while they were here. I studied Walker on Whist until my head could not group any more. We went to hear Mr. Parrish's lecture in Methodist church, very poorly attended. W. asked a question or two at the close.

March, Tuesday 27. 1888.
I was down about seven to do the dusting as it was Effie's day to help more in kitchen. I finished before breakfast, so went down town with W. drew Effie's check and did a few errands; on my return found Mrs. [Trimble's] beautiful silver paper knife and Mrs. Hill painting of snow balls, both gave pleasure. Mr. Steele into lunch and stayed till nearly three. Mrs. … Very glad of letters from Anne, Nathan and Poppy, others came too. Mr. and Mrs. Montague came just before dinner. We do not find much time to read yet. In the evening called at Mrs. Gilman's, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Hills. Enjoyed all the visits. New baby doing nicely.

March, Wednesday 28. 1888.
I did not get up till seven, dear William did not have a very good night, talked in his sleep from bad dreams. I did a little dusting, wrote to Mrs. Copeland,Mrs. … Mrs. Burnside, and business notes, then went down town, found dear Poppy's books by Mr. Stevenson which I know I shall enjoy. W. home a very short time at lunch, as soon as I had dressed myself for p.m. Miss Otis and dear Serena Marshall came. I gave her the fish… as a birthday present. The Misses Mickard and Mrs. Garstin came later. In between times I made a curtain for bath room window; now I can have sun while in the tub. This is beautiful weather, clear and cool but bright. Boxes came by freight.

March, Thursday 29. 1888.
Beautiful a.m. William and I slept very late because of bad hours last night. Mr. … here before either of us was down. I basted sheets for a while, then fixed and wrote to Nathan and Poppy. Was made happy by good letter from Edith C.B. William up to lunch in good season, afterwards he fell asleep on lounge, and slept till Mr. Sledman and Mrs. Parsons called. Surprised to hear that she had a little daughter 8 wks old. Later Mrs. & Miss … called. We were just ready to go to Dr. Adams for some … Whist when Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Jackson called before they had gone Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy came. William tried reading aloud, but I soon fell asleep in big chair. So went up stairs at 11 p.m.

March, Friday 30. 1888.
This month has gone most rapidly, four wks since we were married. I began writing before breakfast, then packed W's bag, as he had to go to Denver. He opened my boxes before leaving home. Effie and Katie helped carry my trunks upstairs. I spend the whole a.m. in trunk room, dinner at noon so as to give the girls more of an afternoon. I [seized] a nap before going to the Good Friday services at our church. I missed dear W. at … & at night. I settled down to writing after tea, finished Kitten's letter and then wrote to Sophie R…. and Lucille Carter, then read until the home coming of my dearest. He did not arrive till midnight and I had fallen asleep over "Aaron Burr."

March, Saturday 31. 1888.
Very lazy [feeling] morning after late hours last night. Pretty soon after breakfast I went to Dr. Adams, did not find any of the ladies at home, but left the invitation for them for a week from to-night. I walked to village, found my package from …, containing pretty little moonstone lace pin. While I was sewing on new towels before lunch Mrs. Adams called and accepted invitation. Will took a short nap after lunch. I read papers while he slept. Mrs. Horbert and Mrs. Anderson called in the p.m. A warm day and I seem to accomplish very little. After dinner W. and I went to a very enjoyable concert at the Methodist Church where … was the chief attraction. We walked down town on errand later.

April, Sunday 1. 1888.
Beautiful Easter Sunday. W. and I did not get up till nearly nine, as a rule I am sleeping much later than formerly. I read War Article aloud till time to start for church. I do not enjoy going alone. Mr. Gregg preached well from Matt. 28:7, "Go quickly and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead." W. had to go to see Mr. Barlow and Dr. Adams, about Mrs. Brinley who baby has diphtheria at the East. I had notes from Poppy and Alice Burnside containing addresses that I wanted. William and I read till three o'clock when we both took good naps. Dr. A. called and took W. off, so that it made dinner late. W. called on the Jenetts, tried to find Mrs. Sanford. I read … till he returned, then aloud.

April, Monday 2. 1888.
Bright day, but windy, breakfast in fairly good season. I did not expect to go down town with W. but he wanted me to go to Bank so as to open account, later in day Effie brought books and I made out checks for "Grocers, butchers and candlestick makers!" Most of the a.m. I used in unpacking last two trunks and rearranging. Dear W. in Pueblo, so I had to lunch alone, took a nap rather late in p.m. Dr. Pennington called about five o'clock. I had just about given up W. when he came and delighted my very heart, he was out most of the evening on business but a comfort to have him in town rather than on his way to Grand Junction. I read papers and then fell asleep on lounge.

April, Tuesday 3. 1888.
Calm and warm after yesterday's blow. I was down in season to do the dusting before breakfast, then Effie and I talked over our dinner party. After fixing my room, I went down town paid bills and gave my first orders as mistress. W. busy electioneering for Mayor, so that he did not get off at noon. We read awhile after lunch and then he took a nap and I came up to sew and rest. Mrs. Hamp and Mrs. Metcalf called both visits very pleasant. Letters from Anne & Molly Whitcomb. I answered dear A's at once, wrote also to Mamma, […] Mr. Moffat's kind courtesy. Made acc'ts etc. before dinner. W. home at dinner, but out over the election nearly the whole evening. Left for G.J. at midnight.

April, Wednesday 4. 1888.
Windy dusty a.m. So much so that I nearly shrank from going out, but after a pretty late breakfast and helping Effie … etc. in Back Room I did a few errands. Mailed letters etc. Wrote to Denver for Jersey cloth which I could not find in town. After noon dinner I took a good long nap, awakening just in time to see Mrs. Tourzalin. I mended dresses, put on loops and busy generally up stairs till Mrs. Bent called. Supper in good season after which I read one [number, member] of [AuSarge] before going to meeting. Mr. Gregg good. I gave him Southern Workman which had a letter from his cousin Miss Tileston. I miss dearest W. very very much. I hope his is safe and will be safely back Friday.

April, Thursday 5. 1888.
Wind gone. Calm, clear beautiful morning, it comes over me with peculiar force these morning, how much has gone from us this past year in dear Papa's loss, he always enjoyed these first signs of Spring. I cannot realize that he will not return, except from the unquenchable yearning, it is selfish to wish him back. I was awake early enough to see glorious sunrise over the plains! And the snowy Mts. Sewed before breakfast. Dear William's roses came while I was eating alone - how tho'tful of him! I wrote to K.S. washed my hair & mended during a.m. In p.m was out on calls, home to receive some which made me a little late to Mrs. P's studio Reception but perhaps just as well as I was without my husband. A welcome note from "Kitten" I read a short time, to bed early.

April, Friday 6. 1888.
Another glorious sunrise which I was glad to be awake in time to see. Wrote before breakfast. Effie worked hard in dusting and sweeping all the rooms upstairs. I took riding habit material and gray silk dress to Miss Vance, then down town on fast errands. had a very pleasant visit at Miss Gilman's, from there I went to find Miss
Brinley but she was not at home. I read in Century after lunch for awhile, put the white muffling in gray cashmere in p.m., and wrote to […], Miss Bachelder, Helen Carver, and so the p.m. went quickly as I wanted it to, so great a longing to had I to see my W. again. A telegram came from him soon after three. Mr. Gregg called and asked me about my letter to his church. Mrs. & Miss … also called. W. home safe & well about seven. Quiet dinner after a longitude & latitude discussion!

April, Saturday 7. 1888.
Awoke in season to finish M's letter, also wrote one to Annie [Burr Galick] and ... [Pratt] before breakfast. W. very tired from journey , so I let him sleep late. Effie busy with floors down stairs. I prepared to go out on dinner part errands as soon as I could. After lunch went to Mr. Hillers, flowers came about four. I arranged them before going to Mrs. Jackson's tea. Dear W. came up and went with me after all! And it was so much pleasanter for me. Mrs. Sanford and Mrs… received with Mrs. J. so I met them both. W. and I walked down town together before coming home to prepare for our guests, they Dr. & Mrs. A. Miss … Mr. Steele, Mr. & Mrs. Risleyall came promptly. A very enjoyable dinner and evening to me. Dr. … called before all had gone.

April, Sunday 8. 1888.
First thunder showers of the season, the cloudy damp feeling very refreshing, there has been too much dust. Our yard fixed just in time to receive first rains. Mr. Parrish called before W. had finished his Gazette. I prepared S.S. Lesson and went to church alone. Mr. Gregg preached on doctrine of election from 1Peter 2:9, "Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people." etc. and also from 2 Peter 1:10, "Where … the rather brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure." A very liberal sermon, a plea for good collection on Home Missionary Sunday. W. did not return to lunch till nearly three. He napped afterwards and I read [Mark Twain…] until dinner at six. After that I read aloud for awhile, article on the Alcott's and began one on War but W. took and read me so sleepy that I had to go to bed at nine o'clock. … went to see Mr. Steele.

April, Monday 9. 1888.
Storm all gone beautifully clear cool a.m. I was up before half past six, put away clothes, prepared W's and then wrote a little before breakfast, did not see my [pen] all day yesterday, rather unusual for me! Effie and I looked over table linen. I wanted to take account of stock. After this was done, I began on the mending, the tablecloths kept me sewing in spare room all the morning. Mr. Perkins came to lunch. Katy a bad [sick] headache so I flew round with Effie. Before I had dressed callers began to come. Mrs. Duncan Bell, Mrs. [Follette], the Misses Crowell, Mrs. Dickerman, Miss … & Mr. & Mrs. Risley. William kindly read aloud from papers after dinner while I sewed & sewed on that most [worn] tablecloth. At nine o'clock W. had to go to Dr. A's. I was asleep some time before he returned by knew of his coming.

April, Tuesday 10. 1888.
Katie quite well, fine washing day. I was down in time to do dusting before breakfast. I had to [sponge] W's suit, etc. As soon as my room was fixed I went to Miss Vance's, returned Miss Brinley's habit. Saw her pretty room, stayed out till twelve. W. home in good season to lunch. I had a good nap before the callers began to come, not so many as yesterday. I had begun my home letter to K. when Mrs. [Halbert] came, and before I finished letter Mrs. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Gaskell called. We read awhile after dinner and then W. began giving me instructions in Whist, double dummy, but Mr. Godfrey came into … and took one hand, this made it more interesting for all concerned. Postal card came saying pictures had been sent by Adam's express. Notes from Esther C. & Mr. Gregg.

April, Wednesday 11. 1888.
Perfect, perfect weather. I was up before six, so finished dear Kitten's letter, and wrote one to Anne before breakfast. William up pretty late. I went back to writing after he had gone and finished note to Nathan, business one to [Canandegina] asking for church letter of dismissal and wrote to Aunt Molly. Good note came from Anne in a.m. mail which I acknowledged before closing her letter, did not get out on errands till noon. Left brown straw hat at new Milliner's at Dr. Solly's old house, ordered dinner, mailed letters, drew check etc, and William walked home with me which was pleasant. We are having cesspool cleaned out. I [seemed] to accomplish very little in reading, between home duties, calls etc. dress making. Mr. & Mrs. Bent and Mr. White in during evening for Whist. I got the little supper as Effie had gone to bed. We did not get to sleep before midnight.

April, Thursday 12. 1888.
Beautiful day again. Up in pretty good season, mended before and afterwards on curtains down stairs. […] away the books before going to dressmaker's and on errands, then read in papers till nearly lunch. Uncovered two chairs that are to be mended. W. fell asleep on lounge downstairs and I up in blue room. William awake in time to go to exercises of Laying Corner Stone at Presbyterian Church. I did not feel like going. Mrs. Halderman called about four, after she had gone, I enjoyed finding our pictures on the table. Gave Effie & Katie one of each of us, they were much pleased; then began addressing them to various members of our families. We went out to Dr. Warren's lecture on Celestial [Enfeire.] Church very close and I was sleepy until W. had a window opened. We walked down town after lecture. W. went in to see Mr. Steele for short time.

April, Friday 13. 1888.
I rested as long as I could before getting up, as W. and I talked late last night. These mornings are simply Heavenly. I was on lounge in blue room all the a.m., doing up pictures and writing notes to accompany them. William and Mr. Barnes up to see about Hose for yard. Effie at sweeping as usual. I had to eat lunch alone as W. went to Pueblo. Effie took all my mail matters to P.O. in p.m. A most quiet restful time as no callers came. Some stopped to see if they could not see house, not knowing a new mistress had come to occupy it. Mended black silk, basted bindings on blanket and then read till dinner time. William home to dinner, after reading the paper thru' to him, we played a few games of Whist with double dummy.

April, Saturday 14. 1888.
Our cesspool thoroughly cleaned, and new hose, so yard will be green and beautiful very soon. A most beautiful spring morning. W. down town right after breakfast. I sewed most of a.m.; re-trimmed olive bonnett and mended. Rested a bit before lunch. William brought me good letters from Mamie, Sister Margaret & Florence Wolfe Gouhold. After lunch I wrote to Aunt Mary, Aunt Abbie and acknowledged Florence W's kind note of congratulation. Read a while in Adam [Bele] before going up to dress for dinner and the Whist party at Dr. A's. W. and I the first ones there. Miss Brinely ill and not down. W. played with Miss Sanford against Mr. Van [Kleech] and Mrs. Goddard. Mr. S. and Mrs. Adams wom… W. stayed with Dr. A. after others had gone, so not home till midnight.

April, Sunday 15. 1888.
Tho' to bed late, could not sleep after six, these beautiful, beautiful mornings. I wrote by open window over looking Cheyenne, added to R's letter and wrote to Mamie. Mr. Gregg preached a very liberal sermon on John 18:38 & John 14:6 "What is truth." "I am the truth." I did not stay to S.S. because of William's plan to drive to Fort of Cheyenne where Mr. & Mrs. [Tougatin] have their lonely ranche. We took … , and did not get back till after five. W. brought me up a note from Anne, saying I could send back her present, and a welcome but very sad letter from Mamma. I had just begun reading aloud to W. when a disagreeable looking Mormon called on business. Dr. Fiske here at noon. I went to sleep very early.

April, Monday 16. 1888.
Awoke at five so slipped down and out doors and turned on the hose, which can play till 9 a.m. Breakfast at 8:30. I mended and read before, afterwards wrote to Anne and went down on errands. Read and sewed before lunch. Dr. Adams and Miss Gilman called at noon. W. had a call from Dr. [Kinney]. I had a good rest and then went out on first calls. Miss Stewart, Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. [DeCoursy] and Miss Sally. Right after dinner W. and I called on Mrs. Cook, but did not her at her own house. We came back to Dr. Warren's to see her. Called also on Mrs. Hatch and the Barlows. Mr. B. was not at home. These visits kept us out pretty late, so we did not do any reading on out return. Letter from Miss W. & Mamie.

April, Tuesday 17. 1888.
Rainy cloudy cool a.m. Poor washing day, but it was done. Jennie stayed only till noon as none of the ironing could be begun on. Miss Stewart called to ask if I would join German class. I said I would go to-day. I had to go down town and then to Miss Vanell's, so did not get back to class until a little late. I enjoyed it and with W's permission have decided to join it. After lunch studied the "Meisterschaft System" for a while. Mr. Gregg called and then I went out, found umbrella first at Mrs. H's. She walked up as far as Mrs. Campbell's. I called on Mrs. Partridge, Miss Bradford and the Misses [Draghe], in the evening W. & I went to Mr. & Mrs. Barnes.

April, Wednesday 18. 1888.
Beautiful day again. I went down stairs before six to turn on hose, then studied and sewed before breakfast, and prepared to go to village with W. afterwards. I went to Miss Gilman's first to ask them to drive out with us in p.m. She and Mrs. Sanford and Serena accepted invitation. After errands came home and made camphor bags on piazza and studied some German at same time. W. up in good season, but took quite a nap before he had his lunch. Carriage up at three, and our drive to Mrs. [Tougalin's] ranche very pleasant. Day perfect. Serena very bright and dear. Mr. and Mrs. T. did not seem very well. After dinner I rested while W. read his paper, then I read aloud till nine in Thackeray's Life & Letters, which "Sister Susan" gave W.

April, Thursday 19. 1888.
In bed very late for me. Slept till after seven. After breakfast William opened 4 barrels of china, glass, etc. that Aunty had sent here before her accident. The clutter and putting away made extra work for Katie, Effie and me. We did not get it out of the way much before lunch. W. answered letter for Judge Hallett, acknowledging beautiful Flemish pitcher that came this week. I finished N's note at same time. Then prepared for going out. Good letters from Mrs. C.H. Jackson, Bert T. and Edith. My [little] (!) German teacher failed to come; so I mended and wrote up stairs. W. very tired from in door and out door work, so [threw wisely] on lounge and before I had read much in Thackeray's Life and Letters he was asleep. I went to bed early after sewing.

April, Friday 20. 1888.
Busy morning. Effie and fixed store room up stairs put away blankets etc. Miss Stewart brought round German book, so I had time to study a bit before going to class at 11:30. We had a very pleasant lesson. Miss … said she would come to me at 12 noon Monday, so I will have a little extra drill before another lesson. [Fred] Thompson here to lunch. I took him to South Cheyenne in p.m. He thought there was a seven o'clock train to Denver, but there was none, so he came back to us and spent the night here. He was interested in seeing all our new and old china as that is his business. I had letters from Katherine, M… and Cousin Sarah Lizzie… Mathew, Arnold and Dr. Agnew have all died this week.

April, Saturday 21. 1888.
Warm beautiful day. William brought me very first apple blossoms at noon. I was out on errands in the morning, then washed my hair, mended etc. Had a good letter from Nathan, but he enclosed cutting from St. Paul paper showing Helen … mother had died. I expect I wrote to Helen after the sorrow came. Mrs. Hatch made my a very pleasant call, after she went I prepared to go to tea at Mrs. Barnes. Met our neighbors there. Nothing accomplished [outside] of special demands in p.m. A beautiful evening, was out on Piazza when W. came to dinner. We went to pleasant Whist party at Mrs. Bent's in evening. Miss Brinley, W., Mr. Bent and I played at same table. Mr. B. & I came out a little ahead.

April, Sunday 22. 1888.
Tho' up late last night, I awoke early, so studied S.S. lesson on bed in little room. Breakfast at nine o'clock. W. walked to church with me, sorry not to have him go in. Mr. Gregg's text from Matt. 17:12 "And after six days, Jesus taketh Peter, James and John his brother and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart, and was transfigured before them." W. down at Bank but home to lunch at 1:45. At three o'cl'lk he went to Dr. Adam's to meet at R.R. man, Mr. Stone. I slept on lounge in blue room for nearly three hours. Dinner a little late for Sunday evening. W. and I reading Lowell's address on the "Independent in Politics" when Mr. … and Mr. Carlisle called, they stayed till after ten. W. walked down with them. I read in bed till he returned.

April, Monday 23. 1888.
Cloudy early. I was down at 5:30 to turn on hose, then wrote notes to accompany pictures to Nellie C. Sioue B, Abbie B. Miss Gardner and Caroline. I began letter to Anne, also; bright, tho' cool, by 8 o'clock. I walked down town with William and did my errands; returned baby's cap for larger size etc. Came home to find that W. was going to Pueblo for the days, he was out in garden so I had time to see him. Miss Ray & Julie here to lunch so I had to excuse myself from Freanklin…. Mrs. R. very much changed in the nine years since she left VC. She has not been well. They go East soon and will all go abroad in June. William returned to dinner in forlorn condition, had a narrow escape in trying to jump off cars as they neared Pueblo. Most thankful for his being saved from serious injury.

April, Tuesday 24. 1888.
Cool, welcome rainy morning. Dear William stiff and sore with yesterday's business. Wrote notes to Helen D. & Miss… before breakfast. No washing to-day as Jennie is off duty this week & Mary is coming to-morrow. German lesson took up most of my morning. W. and I both took good naps after lunch. Mrs. [Adee] called to see W. on business. I saw her after that was over. Mr. [Tilford] Hamp called also. After he had gone I went out on errands and visits, returned calls on Miss Otis, Mrs. Goddard, Mrs. [Haglehurst], Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs. Stedman and the Miss Metcalf. W. read aloud to me while I made camphor bags. I must put away winter clothing soon. A good letter from Professor Chickering, they go to Maine for summer.

April, Wednesday 25. 1888.
Bright and cool, our rain storm did not last as long as we hoped it would. I did not get up till six but mended and did my dusting before breakfast, as it was washing day. I wrote to M. and sent her the pictures she wanted. Straightened accounts and went out on errands., all of which took my forenoon. William up to lunch in good season. Warm windy afternoon so I did not care to go out on call. I saw Miss Woodbury at Women's exchange. Mr. Gregg called in afternoon to see … about my joining University Club. Letters from Caroline, Miss Rice, Mr. Fiske and announcement from Helen C. of her mother's death. I worked over gray silk waist. Made it perfectly comfortable and basted new trimming on it. William and I had a good long read together in Thackeray's Letters. Very enjoyable.

April, Thursday 26. 1888.
Cool dampish a.m. Began before breakfast on trunks in storeroom putting away winter clothes and rearranging. William went to Pueblo on business for Mrs. [Alde…] I packed his bad for a probable staying over night. Mrs. Davenport, Miss Gilman and dear little Serena called in the morning. They enjoyed seeing some of my new pretty things. Finished extra work by lunch time. Rested afterwards, then put away clean clothes and studied German. Miss [Ehiliche] came at five o'clock and I enjoyed her hour's drill. Good letters from Anne and Poppy. No William at dinner, telegram came from him about seven o'clock. I sewed and read in Adam [Bele] until nearly nine when the best way to forget the [sense] of loneliness was to go to bed. Effie & K. came upstairs in good season. I wrote … for k.

April, Friday 27. 1888.
Very sleepy a.m. because of change. Awoke to sound of delicious rain, so felt no [care] of the hose. Slept again till nearly 7:30. Breakfast alone soon after eight. Katie's corn cake puffs very good. I went down in errands in pouring rain, to my surprise and delight found William at the Bank, his telegram said p.m. He lost umbrella, so I came back to house and went down to him with one. He seemed tired and not very well after journey. Stormiest day I have ever seen in Colorado. German class very enjoyable. W. slept on lounge till nearly four p.m. I finished blanket, read rested and began dear Mamma's letter. Hard snow storm by dinner time, our open fire most enjoyable. Just as W. and I had seated ourselves for reading, Dr. Pennington came in [baring] note from Mr. Steele asking us to go to his rooms for Whist, pleasant games.

April, Saturday 28. 1888.
Beautiful moonlight on our return last night, and beautiful sunrise effects on snow clad mountains this morning, but by seven, the range became dim thru' snow squalls. Finished my letter to Mamma & sewed before breakfast. Too cold and stormy for Miss Gilman and Sue to have our ride. She and Serena called during a.m. I sewed .. in light blue wrapper and two dresses, found blanked etc. till noon. William chopped a little wood before lunch. I cleaned out magazines and […] in little library in p.m. Mamma's letter came enclosing R's long one from Australia. His illness and breaking off with Capt. Merrite made me feel very sorry. I made a few calls Mrs. Hamps to see Mrs. Beddors & her eight weeks-old baby. Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Durkee, Mrs. Bell. W. and I went to Mr. Steele's in the evening. Dr. Eskeridge played.

April, Sunday 29. 1888.
Warmer, not wholly pleasant day, an open fire most comfortable. I answered Mamma's note before breakfast, studied S.S. lesson before the fire, and read some to W. in Thackeray's Life & Letters. He took a doze till Mr. Steele came in as church bells were ringing. Mr. Gregg preached an interesting sermon on Barnabas. "The sun of consolation. Having land sold it, and brought the money and laid it at the Apostle's feet." Acts. 4:36. I was asked to teach four little boys, so did not have the benefit of Mr. Gregg's instruction. We read and rested during afternoon, too cool for the drive we had planned to Cascade Canon. I made up quite a number of … Out for a walk together in evening & called informally on server of our friends.

April, Monday 30. 1888.
Effie and I felt we had considerable to do because of lunch party for to-morrow. I was out the whole a.m. on errands, found Mrs. Sanford as she was riding down town. She and her husband accepted and invitation. Fraulein [Shilicht] came to me from 12-1; rather too … to enjoy the German to fullest extent. Effie very busy over washing the windows. Mr. & Mrs. Eills called. She was one of Mamma's school friends. … he knew William, they made quite a visit. Mrs. Noble also called. I wrote to R. & A. on snatches during day. I gave up W. who had taken his bad to Pueblo, just as I was thru' my soup he came in, greatly to my delight. After reading for a while he called on Mrs. Eills at Antlers and then went up to engage Dr. A. to vaccinate us.

May, Tuesday 1. 1888.
Beautiful opening of the new month, a full a.m. for me. Errands, vaccination, German & preparations for our lunch party took up the forenoon. Mr. & Mrs. [Jenett?], Mr. & Mrs. Sanford, Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Jackson our guests. All came about 1:30 and were in gay spirits. Everything passed off very pleasantly they did not go till about 4, and William was quite satisfied with the entertainment. I used new lunch cloth, pretty flowers, handsome dishes, and Katie's good food and Effie's skilled waiting made it a success. I made out their checks and those for Sisac and ... W. and I out on few calls in evening, found that Miss Brinley could go horseback riding as Miss G. could not. To bed early.

May, Wednesday 2. 1888.
Overcast early a.m., but Mts. clear and beautiful. I dusted rooms downstairs as it is washing day, prepared for ride before breakfast. William had quite a time helping me on to Coaley as I was careless and frightened him away from block. He was very gentle after I was once on. Miss Brinley joined me at 9:30 and we had a most delightful run over the plains to Austin Bluffs, just the a.m. for a ride. Dressmaking before lunch. Afternoon unpleasant. Rested, read, mended habit. Mrs. Lunt, & Mrs. Ben'j Davenport called. William off for Pueblo in evening after I had come home from Preparatory Lecture. Mr. Gregg's text from Hosea 6:30 "Then shall we know if we follow on to know the Lord." William left on 11 p.m. train.

May, Thursday 3. 1888.
Slept very late for me, but managed to get my hair washed before my solitary breakfast. Miss [Ehrliche?] here as soon as I had finished, pleasant lesson till 10 o'cl'k. Errands down town followed. Then I came home, cut Lilacs and went to Miss Gilman's for lunch which was an informal and very pleasant visit. While resting read Emerson's essay on "Domestic Life." I at last wrote N's letter, return Mr. Fiske's acc't which I have copied. William home in good season from Pueblo, my flowers and dress came all right. The diner at Mrs. Touzalin very pleasant. Miss Corthill is their guest. Dr. & Mrs. Adams, Miss B., Mr. Stedman, Dr. Pennington and we were the party. Mr. T. seemed very frail.

May, Friday 4. 1888.
Cool, rather clouded a.m. All I did before breakfast was to clear out drawers preparatory to sweeping. Went down town with William, ordered meals etc. On my return studied German till class met which lasted nearly till lunch. Read some essays of [Stevenson's] till W. came home. Mrs. Sheldon called before I had started out on my visits which took me beyond the College, only made eight. Took my church dismissal to Mr. Gregg. Very glad Mr. Calhoun's letter came yesterday. William did his best to keep me awake by reading in the evening, but I was woefully sleepy, so went to bed at nine, and he went out to see Mr. Steele. I had good letter from Edith and note from Mr. Fiske.

May, Saturday 5. 1888.
Awake before five, so had a good start with acct's, bills and necessary notes to Katherine and Mr. Fiske. I walked down with William for errands. Called to see Miss Gilman on way home and gave Serena a story of the Arbutus which May H. kindly sent me. Reached the house in time to be safe from the pour, snow & hail came later. I wrote to May, sent her & Mary C. photographs. Took [rubbers?] & umbrella down to Wm but he had started out before I reached … Bank. I bought "Little Lord Fauntleroy" for William D's fourth birthday. Read the story by open fire after lunch. Had good letters from Caroline & Sister Margaret. Worked over cream silk polonaise later in p.m. for Dr. Solly's dinner pleasant.

May, Sunday 6. 1888.
Poor, poor William suffered for taking pastry … at Dr. Solly's dinner, the dyspepsia kept him awake all night - actually! He read "Little Lord Fauntleroy" as a pass time. I did not wake him up for breakfast, at church time he roused but when I returned from S.S. he was still in bed. He was up for lunch and felt better this p.m. Twenty-four united with Mr. Gregg's church, most of them were young people on … of faith. I was among those who came in by letter. Communion Services very touching and helpful. I read and rested in the afternoon. W. was out for a short time. We read before open fire. Cool day and high wind. About 8:30 W. and I ran up to Miss Brinley's but she was not at home, so left our Goodbye.

May, Monday 7. 1888.
Awake before five and up to write little William's birthday letter and one to Edith. High wind has not died down which will prevent Miss G. & me from having our ride. I walked down with William after Miss Brinley had come in to say Goodbye. W. bought her some candy, which I carried up to her house. She started for Japan at noon. I made short call on Miss G. and Serena. I worked hard on ulster cutting button holes and making them down the front, at same time learning some new German lessons. Put braid on skirt in p.m. Mrs. Campbell called; it rained towards night, so I did not go out. Materials and white dress came from Miss Vance, her bill $35.40. William had some of his gentlemen friends in to play Whist.

May, Tuesday 8. 1888.
Cloudy early, but by 8 o'clock clear and beautiful, so William said we would go to the Boston of the West. I did my errands before breakfast, consulting with Miss Vance about … dress. We took 10:10 train to Denver, beautiful ride up. W. and I read over the Christian Unions, beautiful little baby near us with a devoted brother. We took our lunch at the Windsor before starting out on various errands. I had quite a tramp watching ribbons and deciding about pudding dishes, etc. Called in at Douglass's and Fred Thompson was the first to see me. I bought Tiddie a pretty Dreda salad or berry bowl. I did not reach Hotel till after 5. W. came up at six, but went away again as our train did not start till 8 p.m. Spent $50! Used Pass for 1st time.

May, Wednesday 9. 1888.
W. and I both pretty tired after late return last night. I slipped out on errands before breakfast, hoping to secure Harry for a ride with Miss Gilman. I was unsuccessful in my attempt; found enough to do at home, ripped down the hem to blue & gray skirt and washed it. Effie kindly pressed it for me. I was conscious of dress turning too short while in Denver yesterday. Cool afternoon, so I made several calls, those way up town, Mrs. Marden, Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Dunbar and others on Cascade Avenue. My list is getting quite small now. W. wanted my company so I did not go to evening service. Rested on lounge till Mr. Steele & Mrs. … came in when we played Whist for a while. Mr. S. and I were badly beaten, but enjoyed our games.

May, Thursday 10. 1888.
Bright, warm a.m. Miss G. and I had our ride at last; but William said he would have his English friend Mr. Busk and Mr. Allen to dinner, so I had to change plan a little and gave some orders on horseback before going to Cheyenne Canon, the greens beautiful and we had pleasant visit together. Rested in afternoon, basted blue ribbon on new blanket for spare room. Studied German a little. Dr. Adams and Mr. Steele our other guests, a most delightful gentlemen's dinner party. Mr. Busk especially interesting and delightful, topic of conversation unusual. I read Century while gentlemen were smoking. Mr. Steel stayed on after the others had gone. All seemed to enjoy our dinner, which did Effie and Katie great credit, it was good. Little William Rufus 4 to-day!

May, Friday 11. 1888.
Awoke early but not very thoroughly rested, however, I stayed up and attacked William's closet. Went thru' everything in it, then he told me what suit and old boots Effie and I might give away. William went to Pueblo for the day. I did not know German lesson at all well, the fire in Mrs. Cook's house had caused a broken night to many people. We feel very sorry for her lost. Dr. & Mrs. [Papin's?] life endangered. I made a few calls before dinner, waited till nearly seven for W., then ate alone. He returned at 8 o'cl'k, his train late. Chilly evening, had open fire and we read before it till 9 when I went up. W. out again to see Mr. Steele. Note from Senator Chandler, and Congressional Directory.

May, Saturday 12. 1888.
Cool, fresh a.m. As I had no errands to do, I sat down to sewing on evening dress. Soon after breakfast Miss Van … called with her buckboard and asked me to drive. Invitation gladly accepted even if it did interrupt plant to accomplish work at home. We went to Austin Bluffs and home by the new road, views very lovely, and air very refreshing. Delighted to find Mamie's lovely pictures on my return. She said we could choose view, but W. liked one and I the other, so we shall keep both. W. very good and came up with carriage at 5. We called on Mrs. Thurlow and Miss Waters before getting ready for the dinner at Mrs. Adams. Mr. [Touzalin] was there, Mr. & Mrs. Hill, Mr. & Mrs. [kerr] & Miss Krauss. Very pleasant evening.

May, Sunday 13. 1888.
William accepted invitation from Mr. B. & Mr. A. to spend this day on Midland R.R. He told our English friends that my Orthodoxy might hinder my going. I saw W. was very anxious that I should take the pleasantly planned trip with him, so we met our friends at 9:30, and went on a special train thru' Ute Pass, Eleven Mile Canon, and into South Park. Views grand and inspiring beyond description, the Peak specially fine, and snowy range as we reached Hayden's Divide. Sky a most heavenly blue. Only seven in whole party. Mr. Busk just as attentive and delightful as possible. We returned in good season, and W. and I had a quiet read together on piazza; unusual Sunday but I am glad I went with W. & his friends.

May, Monday 14. 1888.
Awoke in pretty good season & most beautifully rested, notwithstanding the terrible shock that came to the house at 3:30 a.m. I thought it mush be an earthquake. W. said it was some kind of explosion. The mystery could not be solved till 8 o'clk when word came of the tragic accident in Fountain, twelve miles south of us. A car on A. T. & S.F. broke loose, it contained naphtha and Giant Powder. fire first, then terrible explosion. Comparatively few killed, but woeful destruction of town. W. in Denver all day. Miss Gilman & Serena kept me company at lunch & I kept S. with me till 5 o'cl'k. She was dear & bright. Mr. Stedman & Mrs. [Totten?] called. I made several visits, dined alone & went to bed early. I work when W. returned at midnight. We did not talk long. Sewed and finished gray & blue dress. Effie pressed it for me.

May, Tuesday 15. 1888.
Very warm before sunrise, soon afterwards a high wind arose. W. slept late. I studied and sewed before breakfast, then went down on errands and took horse car to Mrs. Touzalin. She cannot come to dinner this week, but her husband and Miss Corkhill are four to come Saturday evening. German at 11:30, only three members of the class present. William and I took long rests in p.m. I read myself to sleep on lounge in hall. After dressing at 4 p.m., wrote fixing acc't etc. W. out raking in the yard. We did not have much of the evening to ourselves, as Dr. Reynolds, Mr. Craig, and Mr. Halderman came in to play Whist at 8 o'clock. I sat and watched them till 9 p.m. Busy washing day. I did the dusting down stairs for Effie. Cool evening. Called on Mrs. Dickerman.

May, Wednesday 16. 1888.
Overcast cool a.m. I turned on the hose as soon as I was dressed, a little before six a.m. Then mended William's stockings and began letters. Finished Aunt Molly's and A's before breakfast. Cool enough to wear ulster and traveling cap on errands. When I reached Bank dear W. … himself and gave me Anne's letter. It had been in his pocket all night! I opened the one I had sealed to her and wrote an addition in W's little back room. On my return wrote to Nathan and Sister Margaret. After lunch put away clean clothes, rested and studied G. and read in Adam Bede. Dr. Pennington called soon after I had dressed. Came to decline his invitation to dine with us Saturday. W. went round to see Mr. Steele who has been ill and I went to prayer meeting. Mr. Gregg is now taking up Revelation.

May, Thursday 17. 1888.
Awoke at five, cool, breezy a.m.; after fixing W's clothes, I read and wrote before breakfast to Lucy A., Molly … & Lizzie McFarland. Afterwards to R. & Lotte ….Studied German, etc. before lunch. Mr. Allen came in to that meal with William and stayed till 3:30. I took a nap and fixed one of new blankets ready to sew. Had notes from Tiddie & Mamie by p.m mail. Most beautiful showers. W. took jar of cherries into Mr. Steel who has been ill. Mr. & Mrs. Parrish engaged for Saturday evening. Helen Evans not well enough to come with Dr. & Mrs. Solly. We called on them and then went to see Mrs. James B. Porter in "Lady of Lyons." Rather fun tho' precious little acting! W. quite disconcerted over one of her marvelous costumes!

May, Friday 18. 1888.
Cloudy and cool. I slept till nearly six, so time seemed shorter than usual before breakfast; made plans for the day. I walked down with William for necessary errands, then went to Miss Vance's, was much pleased with summer gowns there. On my return there was a short time to study lesson before the German class met, it was interesting tho' only three of us were there. Miss Hattie & Dr. E. absent. Rather a cool afternoon. After resting, I worked on blanket, did not go out at all. William read to me after dinner while I mended stockings and 8 or 10 napkins. The evening so much pleasanter and satisfactory than last. After the papers, W. read War article in the May Century. We did not go up stairs till after eleven. I invited Mr. & Mrs. van … for to-morrow.

May, Saturday 19. 1888.
Beautiful bright a.m. for the picnic at Glen Eyrie. I went down with W. on last errands for our dinner. On return hemmed veil etc. till W. came at noon with buggy & span. He took a bite before driving. We thought we were late and instead were the first there. Mr. & Mrs. Van … the next. Finally many of all ages gathered, took a tramp up to the "Punch Bowl" before the lunch was served. It was given in honor of the new bride & groom, Mr. & Mrs. Otis. A gail of wind & rain came as we drove home, but did not harm us. Only an hour to do the necessary things for our dinner. W. seized a little nap. Flowers came & were pretty. Miss Corkhill very pretty in white. The evening short and very pleasant. Dr. & Mrs. Solly in good spirits. Mr. Touzalin always enjoyable. We invited his wife who did not feel able to come.

May, Sunday 20. 1888.
Sweet a.m. but not up early enough to write as well as read. Pretty tired after yesterday's festivities. I was at church in a.m. Mr. Merrill preached from Matt. 11:18-19 "For John came neither eating or drinking and they say, He hath a devil. The son of man came eating & drinking and they say, Behold a man gluttonous and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children." As W. & I wanted to go to the grave I did not stay to S.S. Most beautiful and sacred seemed the time on Cheyenne. W. gathered a splendid amount of the fresh and beautiful kinnikinnick. We put considerable on the ever growing mound of rocks. I hated to come away. Beautiful drive home, cloud effect over plains very fine. We read in evening, but went to bed in good season.

May, Monday 21. 1888.
Awoke in good season, dressed in black gown and turned on hose soon after five, then cleaned out table drawer and fixed dear Aunty's table with the fresh kinnikinnick. After that came the dusting so I had no time for writing before breakfast. We fixed a box of kinni. to send to Miss Mary Evans in Jackson Miss. W. forgot to take it down so I soon followed him. We went to depot to see Mr. & Mrs. Hobson, they looked happy & well. Mrs. Thayer drove me to Miss Gilman's. After pleasant call there, returned and wrote my home letters to Mamma & Kitten, one to Boston, others to VC. Mr. Gregg came to see W. in p.m. I took a good rest after full and long a.m. Beautiful evening. W. & I wanted to go out, so called on Mr. & Mrs. Ehrich Dr. & Mrs. Adams.

May, Tuesday 22. 1888.
Pretty tired, so slept late; till nearly eight. I did not do the dusting as I expected. I studied till our German class met, and yet I did not know my lesson any too well. I went down on errands just before lunch. As soon after two as possible William came up with handsome black span and we drove to Manitou thru' Garden of the Gods and to Glen Eyrie, paying visits at Mrs. Hulbert's, Mrs. Bell's and Mrs. … The views and air most delightful. Many clouds and yet no rain. Sam went with us, but too fat to run all the way. I had letters from Miss Gardner and Mary Coffin. Very cool & showery evening. We had open fire. W. fell asleep on lounge as I was reading, so I went up in good season.

May, Wednesday 23. 1888.
Twenty-nine years old to-day! I awoke soon after five and never looked out on a sweeter green than our yard afforded during early & gentle rain. Loving & grateful tho'ts arose in me. A year of great sadness & joy is past, the future looks bright indeed. May it be useful in the new & happy sphere upon which I have entered! A great surprise and disappointment came after breakfast in Katie's telling me that she must leave and take a rest this summer! W. and I want to get some one to fill her place who will not only be a good cook but perfectly congenial to Effie. Miss Gilman called in p.m. & gave me some data upon which to work. W. out in evening so I went to prayer meeting. Quite rainy and few there; Mr. Gregg is taking up Revelation.

May, Thursday 24. 1888.
Did not get up till six thirty, so did not do much before breakfast, the regular springing of dear W's clothes and looking thru' my summer trunk etc. W. & I walked down town together after errands I went to see Miss Gilman and then to see Annie Murphy whose sister we may have here. I did not find Miss … home in a.m., after lunch I was more successful. She has her younger sister & her little friend under her care, so I invited all of them to lunch on Saturday. Mrs. Davenport & Serena will come to meet them. I finished gray silk waist, received welcome letters from Katherine & Poppy. I wrote to Poppy at last and also to Bert before dinner. William brought me a letter from Emily Jordan making inquiries about business opening for her brother who needs change of climate. W. out in evening. Janice S. & … called.

May, Friday 25. 1888.
Overcast a.m. I ripped on white dress for Miss Vance before writing to Anne & Mamie. Their notes were short. Out as soon as possible after breakfast. Went to Miss V's first, then on errands for lunch party. On return wrote to Lord & Taylor for blue material. Miss Gilman called and told me that the St. Louis had been engaged by Mrs. Thayer. Much disappointed. German lesson interesting. Dr. [eskenridge] has withdrawn. W. & I each took a nap after lunch, then I went to Mrs. Stedman's but found nothing there that was satisfactory about the [cook]. I called on Miss Parson's baby daughter Gladys also on Mrs. Sheldon. W. & I [went] to reading of "Taming of the Shrew" at the Mrs. Stedman's in the evening. W. had engaging with Mr. Steele later. …party!

May, Saturday 26. 1888.
Wonderfully fine morning. Cheyenne clear & grand. I was not up until 6:30. After getting out silver etc. for lunch wrote to N. & finished R's letter for S.F. Down on few errands with W. I was until nearly twelve arranging flowers for table etc etc. Mrs. Davenport and Serena came before I was quite dressed as I tried on gowns that came from Miss Vance's, which suited me. Miss Sturgis… and her sister, Helen & Isabelle Phillips made our lunch very enjoyable. I had Serena at the head with me and she was very dear & sweet. The kitten gave them great enjoyment, the Italian … dolls were quite discarded. W. and I had quiet evening at home, he read to me while I mended stockings. Open fire very pleasant as the cool nights last astonishingly long. We had quite a good read in Thackeray's Letters.

May, Sunday 27. 1888.
Another cool but rather cloudy morning. I was not awake very early. Soon discovered that Effie had a very bad night, vomiting quite frequently. Katie and I doctored her and insisted upon her staying in bed. W. walked out to church with me. Mr. Gregg preached short and good sermon from Jeremiah 48:10 "Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord negligently." I had a pleasant chat with Mrs. Gregg after the services. Mr. Isaac Jackson and his little girls called in the p.m. while W. was at Mr. Steele's. Everything seemed different down stairs without Effie. I wrote to "Kitten." Mr. Busk & Mr. Davis called just before dinner, afterwards we walked round to Miss Gilman's to say Goodbye to her. Serena had not gone to bed and was very happy in W's lap. A pleasant call. To bed in good season.

May, Monday 28. 1888.
Rained early, but cleared by breakfast time. Effie quite herself which is a great relief to me. I dusted and was out on errands before breakfast, saw Theresa at Mrs. J's about coming to us. After breakfast busy getting ready to go to Pueblo with W. Mr. Steele kindly drove me to station. Miss Sturgis came & spoke to us there. The trip seemed very short. I had my German to study on the cars. Dinner at the Grand where we took a room. W. not quite well, so he rested before going to his business engagement, he took the bed and I the lounge with N.Y. post. Letters from Anne & May this morning. I wrote till W. returned soon after six p.m. after supper his lawyer Mr. [Woldron] called, then we went to hear Mr. Burbank read at one of the churches, an interested and Enthusiastic audience. W. did not go to bed when I did.

May, Tuesday 29. 1888.
Perfect a.m. I was up early and writing letters to W's relations and Miss Woolsey. We did not breakfast till nearly ten o'clock. Miss Green, Mrs. Elting's sister called while we were in dining room. After she went, Mrs. Waldon came, so morning very short. Finished six letters, Emily Jordan, Miss Woolsey, Cousin Sarah L, Mrs. Josiah J., Mrs. Caleb J. & Sister Alice. W. took me on pleasant drive over Mesa and to some of his property. Did not lunch till two. Napped afterward, then began sewing. W. came up in a hurry at four, thinking we had lost our train, but it was two hours late after all. Had supper in Pueblo. Went in to her Mr. Burbank on our return & W. took him to club, no gentlemen there,so brought him home for an early lunch.

May, Wednesday 30. 1888.
Beautiful a.m. early. I had too many little things to put away to write before breakfast. I waited until nine before I woke William. When I told him it was a Holiday, he said that I might eat alone and he would go on resting. Miss Stewart came in while I was at breakfast. We talked about girls, then Miss Gilman called and gave me some prints. We went together to see Nannie & Kay's portraits painted by Mrs. Parrish, they are wonderfully good. Errands and calls on Miss Sturgis & Mr. Smith kept me out till lunch time. W. up at one o'cl'k. Effie took down winter curtains so I put them away with camphor. The [Drenching?] Rain came in torrents during p.m. W. came home about four with wet feet. Read "Twelfth Night" aloud while I worked on … blanket. Dr. Solly called to announce Helen's engagement.

May, Thursday 31. 1888.
Tho' I was I bed in good season, I did not wake to get up till after six, quite late for me! I wrote to Mamma, Edith [Gooding] and Mrs. Hall before breakfast. Helen Evans and I had a good horseback ride to-gether. Mrs. Bent and Mr.s Moon called soon after I had returned. Finished Anne's letter and note to [Rulofson] before lunch. W. read in Twelfth Night until business caller came. I made camphor bags, washed my head, sewed studied and rested till W. came home and dressed for the Whist party at Mrs. Parrish's. W have spoken for Mrs. Wilfred's Annie Bennett if she will come to fill Katie's place for the summer. A large gathering in the evening. W. & Mrs. Garastin took the first prize. Mr. Steele & Mrs. Adams the second. I played with Mr. Wilcox.

June, Friday 1. 1888.
Worked hard over W's and my winter clothes before breakfast, cleaned out both our closets as Effie was to sweep & clean our rooms. All that extras did not leave me much time for studying German. Class interesting, after which I did my household errands and did not get home till half past one o'clock. W. had an engagement at two, so I came right up stairs to fix our closets again, put back the things. Very glad of letters from K. at breakfast and note from Mrs. [Trusdell]. [Aunt Pop] called in p.m. and I gave her the books. "Ramona and Zeph" those W. ordered for her. Mrs. Hagerman called. W. came in before she had left. I walked with W. after dinner to … then we called on Mrs. Barlow
June, Saturday 2. 1888.
Another delicious morning. I was up at five, so had my May's checks and Katherine's and Edith's letters written before breakfast. Mamie's good letter from … St. came just as I was starting down town. I found a blue poke bonnet which I left at Mrs. Kimball's to be trimmed. Packed bags and wrote to M. before lunch. Mr. Steele came in with W. and afterwards talked Tariff and Presidential Election. Mr. S. thinks Gresham will be elected without a doubt, the democrats equally confidant about Cleveland's reelection. Mr. & Mrs. Van Keuck called. I could not see the Misses Donaghe or Miss Warren as I was getting ready for our journey. We had omnibus to go to & return from Shakespeare reading. W. read his part very well. We left the Springs at 11 p.m.

June, Sunday 3. 1888.
I had very good night on cars. We breakfasted at Leadville which I had never seen before and which interested me very much, the air delicious and snow capped Mts. very fine, to much snow to see Mt. of Holy Cross in its perfection. The views along Eagle River and in the Grand Canon very delightful. I sat out on rear of car much of the way. W. and I both had good naps. [We] lunch from the home basket about 2, and at 3:30 reached Aspen. Many arrived with us, but a good room on first floor was given us. W. went right out. I rested on bed and read the Century. We began Gladstone's article on [Ingestoll] in North American Review, but did not finish it as we took a walk about this picturesque town & then heard a very good address on Temperance. Full & attentive audience.

June, Monday 4. 1888.
Awake and up at 5:30, the air delicious in this mountainous region. I fixed W's clothes, … & mended both our boots needed my blacking brushes, so not much writing done before breakfast. Another perfect June day. I was out on the hill side with my writing materials and German in the morning. I wrote to Ethel H., Sophie R. and later in the day to my sweet Edith. William too busy to rest long after lunch. I had a good long nap. To our surprise Mr. Burbank appeared here, he escorted me to his reading as W. could not go. I enjoyed it quite as much as if it were not the third I had heard; the selections varied somewhat from those in Pueblo and the Springs. W. home about 11:30.

June, Tuesday 5. 1888.
"Oh what is so rare as a day in June" among these Colorado Mts.! W. up earlier than usual because of the Land Sale. He found Mr. Newberry for me and I tried to find Mrs. N. but could not get any response at their home. So returned to Hotel and wrote letters to Miss Rice, Sophie N. & Alice Blanchard. William a little late for lunch. About three we went to Mrs. Newberry's, found her at home. She went rowing when she found that she could ride to & from the Lake. W. kindly provided a carriage for us. Mrs. N. & I found we had many friends in common & had a pleasant visit together. Effie & Katie's brother called before we had our dinner. I was interested in meeting Col. McLeod, he had to leave his … E. says, so he keeps house by himself.

June, Wednesday 6. 1888.
William had an engagement till late last evening, so I retired early. When he came to bed he was pretty restless and did not get to sleep till light dawned. I was p and at my writing at six a.m. Another delicious morning. I walked down with William and as we could not find Mrs. Newberry W. wrote a note to Mrs. N. saying we would not go to her lunch. Later W. came up to hotel & said she would be greatly disappointed if we did not, so W. put on his last clean shirt. We had a very good time, they are very happy … a pleasant time. I read, rested and wrote until dinner time, finished letters to Mamma, Nathan, Caroline H. & began one to Miss Gardner. I sewed in evening till W. & I returned Mrs. Shilling's call. Rather … & dusty p.m. Good news from Mrs. [Milborne]. Annie will come.

June, Thursday 7. 1888.
Sun is up an hour later in Aspen, so it makes the morning seem short. Awoke at 5:30, but did not get up till 6. It took me over an hour to get W's and my clothes in [wearing] condition, sponging, blacking boots, etc. Another bright a.m. Not a single unpleasant day since we arrived. I mailed letters before dear W. was up. He slept till after 10 o'cl'k, so I took my breakfast alone and had early lunch. We took the 12:30 train from Aspen, the afternoon ride very, very pleasant, [greens] in the Mrs. fascinating. W. slept good part of the way. We had supper at Leadville at 9:30, both of us very hungry. I studied German until daylight was nearly gone. Each of us had … The snowy Mts. very fine. I went to sleep as early as I could. Section made up about 9 p.m.

June, Friday 8. 1888.
Awoke at 3:30, was ready to leave cars at 4 a.m. but we did not reach Springs till nearly five. W. & I both found many letters on our return. Home very sweet & beautiful with flowers. W. threw himself on lounge & went to sleep. I put away soiled & cleaned clothes, then took hot bath etc. before breakfast. Afterwards W. changed his shirt & suit. I went to Mrs. Hamp. Invited Mr. & Mrs. Parrish & Mr. Steele & Miss Hattie for to-morrow night's dinner. Katie's last chance to make Soufflé for Mr. Steele's benefit. German & calls on Mrs. Touzalin & Miss Gilman filled the rest of the morning. Lunch late as W. was resting on lounge, he … with Mr. Steele. I copied notes for soups from Katie. Effie gave me receipts Aunty gave her just before the end came. W. took me to another performance of "Pinafore" which was good.

June, Saturday 9. 1888.
… I slept till after seven, so did not accomplish much before our 9 o'clock breakfast. I put on blue gingham to do errands in, and was most comfortable. Found good easy light boots for $5.00, a handsome lace cover for my gray parasol, which I bought with 5.50 W. gave me on journey. I met Miss Gilman & Mrs. Davenport & dear Serena. We all went to Drawing Exhibition at High School and enjoyed it very much, it made a.m. very short. As soon as possible after lunch I went to work on dining room … it took me over two hours to do the hard mending on it. Just as I had gave up, Mr. Mayes called but I did not see him. W. home rather late to make punch for dinner party. Miss Stewart, Mr. Steele, Mr. & Mrs. Parrish were our guests. Pleasant evening. Effie's soufflé pudding good; her last.

June, Sunday 10. 1888.
Cooler much than yesterday. I was quite comfortable in brown & white check woolen. I left dear W. in bed, after breakfasting alone. Wrote to N. & began letter to A. before church. Children's day, services very sweet & flowers beautiful. I took a class. W. brought Serena in to see me at S.S. I kept her and brought her & Faithie Gregg home to lunch. We read out on piazza, a story of Miss Woolsey's which we did not like at all. Miss Gilman came for Serena. Poor Effie & Katie had news of their sisters death & burial! Katies plan changed, she will not go to Park City. Col. Higgman & Mrs. Thatcher called, much surprised. I finished letter to A. before dinner. W. & I read … till Mr. Peck called. Quite late in going up.

June, Monday 11. 1888.
Warm a.m. and not up very early. Effie told me that Katie would be glad to have Miss Vance make her a black suit, so I went to see about it, getting samples etc, while doing my errands. I made a Goodbye call on Mrs. Isaac Jackson. Returned to find K. quite uncomfortable with cramps, but she was better after lunch. Hear go Miss [Keeper] sad death by drowning. Poor Miss McKinnon. Afternoon most busy in preparing W's costume for Mr. Hardcastle in "She Stoops to Conquer," had to make buckles ruffle shirts etc. Mrs. an … just before dinner. I ad a great time powdering W. etc, but he & all the others did very well. We had a pleasant evening at Mrs. Hamp's. Home soon after 11 o'cl'k.

June, Tuesday 12. 1888.
After last night's festivity W. & I slept pretty late. After breakfast I had to go out on errands before German class, none of us knew lesson very perfectly, accordingly not much advance. William had to go to Denver on ten a.m. train; lunch alone & in good season, after which I went right up stairs & washed my head with [tar?] soap, it dried quickly and I liked its effect very much. Very warm. I put on my … and go down in parlor as soon as possible. While reading Xtian Union I fell asleep for few moments. Mr. Black called on me and on the girls. I had note from Nathan saying Mamma had telegraphed him that she M. & K. were to go to Austin, after all! I brought ice cream, cake & strawberries for the girls' & my supper at Presbyterian church. Jennie here.

June, Wednesday 13. 1888.
Beautiful a.m. I was out in garden at five to turn our hose & use the other. I enjoyed watering the flowers, except the leaking which wet me & my dress. I put away clothes not needed during warm days that are here, had breakfast alone at 8:15, fussed over extras some more, then went out on few errands. Carriage did not come for me till after eleven. I went with Mr. Black, Mr. … & Miss Hattie to the Canon. We had a little shower as we were visiting Cheyenne Lake. All beautiful by lunch time. [knight] prepared the meal which we all enjoyed heartily. Mr. Steele, Dr. Pennington, Mrs. Smith, Miss Wise, & Mrs. Hill & Mr. [Meters] the others. We missed William. Home at five o'cl'k. Mrs. [Habsom] called before I was dressed. W. bought me beautiful pin as birthday present.

June, Thursday 14. 1888.
To my relief I was awake early, so while cool went at once to the last woolens in the store room. I found some traces of moth. Effie put the woolen curtains, rugs, etc. right out on line. The welcome & looked for letter arrived from Richie before W. & I went down to breakfast. R. is probably on his way and I shall hope to see him to-morrow! Effie did sweeping & cleaning of rooms. I worked upstairs, too, till lunch time. E. & Katie had their message saying no one from Park City could accompany them home, so Bella will have to go with Katie. Busy p.m. writing & mending before drive to Manitou. Our dinner at Dr. Bell's very pleasant. M. & Mrs. Touzalin, Mr. Seller, Miss Corkhill & Mr. McNeil the other guests beside ourselves. A charming moonlight drive home.

June, Friday 15. 1888.
To my delight exact information came from Richie, so pleasant prospect of seeing him thru' all morning duties. I had to go down town before German, lesson very pleasant, began on extra sewing when I returned from that. Covered parasol with lace, trimmed bonnet, etc. etc. Very warm so I worked down stairs. Mrs. Parrish brought us handsome gray & black cat. She & our other little one seem unhappy, but they will be friends soon. Mr. Goodfry bro't up word that R's train was twenty minutes late, so I wrote note to Poppy before going to Station. Richie arrived looking very nice, had taken quite severe cold in S.F. It is good to have him safe here. We all went to … Flirtation by Barry [Hay] [good laughs] it kept us up late.

June, Saturday 16. 1888.
Warm but beautiful day. R. & I did not get started till after ten a.m. We had a buggy and the same nice span of black horses. We drove first thru Glen Eyrie, then Garden of the Gods into Manitou, where the horses took a rest and we had our dinner to-gether at the Mansions. Clouds gathered but little rain fell while were going to Ruxton Springs, up a little distance into Ute Pass & Williams Canon. Home soon after four, so had good rest before going to tea at Mrs. Thayer's, Mr. & Mrs. Hobson, Mrs. Perkins, Mr. Steele and we three made quite a table full; our evening very pleasant but no Whist as we expected. W. had that at Mr. Steele's later, where he & R. both went! Each returned at different hours.

June, Sunday 17. 1888.
Beautiful a.m. I did not wake up early enough to do any writing as I hoped to Nathan and Anne. William home last night very late, so I did not wake him up for breakfast. Richie and I took our at 9 o'clock. Then sat out on piazza reading and talking till church time. Mr. Gregg preached from 1 John 4:18, "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear,; because fear hath torment." Mrs. Davenport & her brother Mr. Gilman sat in same pew with R. & me. W. took his first meal at lunch time. But 2 p.m. we were all started for Cheyenne. R. enjoyed the Toll Road very much, they gathered Kinnikinnick for home & grave. R. & I went over side of Mt. and down [thru'] South Cheyenneso as to see the Falls. William met us at Entrance to the canon. All to bed early, sleepy & tired. No news from Mamma. Short note from Nathan.

June, Monday 18. 1888.
Pretty warm a.m. I had too many extras to write as I would have liked. I put fresh Kinnikinnick on table. … relief of [rennie] & the "Singing Boys." Richie out on piazza reading before breakfast. Effie full of extras because of Katie's and Bella's going to-day. I fixed rooms up stairs before going out on my errands. R. went with me, which was pleasant. Shower threatened all thru' lunch time, but little rain fell, quite clear and pleasant enough for us to take the ride into North Cheyenne Canon, [dust entirely laid there.] R. enjoyed it much; I was about town on our return. Mr. Stele came in to dinner, and we had Whist afterwards. Games pretty even on the whole. I wore my blue Marseilles dress for first time. K. & W. did not like it at all!

June, Tuesday 19. 1888.
Quite a change in weather, cool and very blowy. I was glad I did not have to go out on errands, and had not planned any expedition. R. wrote to Mamie from whom he heard last night, that he would join the family at Austin the first of the week. I wrote acknowledgement of Lon's beautiful present, which I have put on little round table in spare room. R. & I visited quietly at home all the a.m. I mended his stockings and flannels as if at home. William home to lunch in good season, read aloud from paper a little. R. & I read & slept during p.m. It seems strange, not to see Katie. Mary W. here to help Effie. Dr. Fiske called after dinner. William & I went to reception given to the Dr.'s at Dr. Solly's home at eleven o'clock.

June, Wednesday 20. 1888.
Up and awake at six a.m. As our new cook Annie has not arrived yet, I kneaded white & … bread while Effie started other matters. Mary W. & Jennie both expected to-day. R. and I had a charming drive to Austin Bluffs, very cool and rather foggy, view of Mts. coming home very fine, the best R. had seen. At noon a man William had engaged came up to clean walls & ceiling, the hall up and down stairs attacked first. A [dire] clutter which we could not clear away before night. Miss Will and Mrs. Smith called. Wehad no word from or sight of Annie. R's last day with me. We walked down town together, had a good talk before going to bed. William had to go to the Dr.'s banquet; I awoke when he returned pretty late.

June, Thursday 21. 1888.
Deliciously cool a.m. I decided not to go to Denver with R. as extras at home. Men did not get here till nearly noon, and attacked our rooms. Annie not here so Effie and I had to work very hard all the p.m. Richie left me at 10:10, did errands on way home from depot. W. went to see R. off with me. Fortunately no callers while so upset. Dining room done before six, but W. & I had to go out for our dinner. I was not thru' my work till 7 p.m.; we dined at the Antlers! I called at Miss Gilman's, saw only Mrs. Davenport & Mr. G. William went to Whist at Mr. Sanford's. Library all upset. Annie arrived here at supper time, to Effie's & my relief. It seems Aunty wanted her to try here years ago.

June, Friday 22. 1888.
Fortune favors us in the continuance of cool weather while the extras continue. Effie & I had hardly finished putting dining room to rights when the man arrived for last room. It kept things all upset during a.m. I had my breakfast in kitchen. William up very late, saw Mr. Gregg on piazza before he had his breakfast. Clear out tools, etc, in store room. Bu degrees, I shall know all possessions and their places. Worked on new sofa pillow by [Snatches]. I am relieved that German class does not meet to-day. Strawberries did not come as I expected in a.m. Mr. Sisac brought them in p.m. but too expensive for preserving. William and I had callers, Mrs. [Throaton], Mrs. [DeCoursley], Mr. & Mrs. Thatcher, then we called on Mrs. Hager… She was out. Saw Mr. H. & his mother.

June, Saturday 23. 1888.
Busy before breakfast with preparations for going down town; sent off good notes to R. that came last night from Mamma & "Kitten" which he said I might read. I packed bags as far as possible for journey, mended etc. Then W. came up at lunch and said we should not start until to-morrow night as trains did not make good connection. I was glad so as to have Sunday quietly at home. We both took good naps during afternoon, then I wrote to Kate S. & Mary H. and began my letter to dear Aunt Molly, one came from her at noon to W. about some people who are coming here. We took in beautiful bunches of pink & white roses for Mrs. Peck and her baby. Carrie a few also to Miss Gilman. Serena had gone up stairs. We called on Mrs. Thayer and Mrs. Stedman, then W. went to Mr. Steele's & I to bed at ten.

June, Sunday 24. 1888.
Cool, over cast morning; I was up in good season, finished Aunt Molly's letter and wrote a long one to Anne before breakfast which was late. Annie B. did very well with last night's dinner but not so well this a.m.; but she went to church at 10:30 and returned in good spirits! I found Effie had not sat down a minute all the a.m. I went over to hear Mr. Black, he preached good sermon in connection with present excitement over Republican nomination at Chicago, "Thou shalt not curse the ruler of thy people." Exodus 22:28. Before W. came to lunch, I wrote to Aunt Mary & Aunt Abby. About 2:30 Mr. Carpenter came for W. and four gentlemen drove to join others at Mr. Touzalin's ranch. Quiet p.m. reading & resting. William did not get home for dinner so I ate alone.

June, Monday 25. 1888.
We started about midnight and the first sight I awoke to was that of the beautiful Spanish Peaks. I was up and dressed before we came to La Veta Pass. I sat on rear of car all the time we were going over, very delightful to me. Then came breakfast at Alamosa where Mr. & Mrs. Butters met us, that small place is in San Luis Park. A great amphitheatre surrounded by Mts; one wonderful experience after another, the ascent up Toller Mt. and the … & Gorge most interesting! Following this was beautiful stretch of woodland parks. Spanish names to settlements, and Indian tepees scattered about; passing thru' Ute Reservation; the whole p.m. short because so much to see! We enjoyed Navajo Ruin and soon after reaching Animas we came to Durango, our destination, at 8:30. After a good supper, I hurried to bed!

June, Tuesday 26. 1888.
I slept very late for me, not getting up till after seven, dear W. and I had a very comfortable night, after our easy tho' long journey from Colo Springs. Wm up at 8:30, we breakfasted at 9 o'clock and found Mr. Porter ready with two [sector] & span of white horses to take us to his mines. Durango situated picturesquely, not as large as Aspen. We drove all the a.m. Very dusty but beautiful views. I entered a mine for the first time in my life. Went […] right into the Mt. with great coal veins on either side. Rode outin the coal cart. Before reaching town, Mr. Porter took us all over his Smelter, so W. & I did not get our lunch till after two. We were glad to rest afterwards. We both slept till five o'cl'k, then W. went out to see some men, and did not return till 8 o'cl'k when we had supper.

June, Wednesday 27.1888.
Eventful and interesting days in my life. Dear W. and I have to make early start from Durango. I had to wake him soon after six o'clock. We breakfasted a little before seven and started on our way to Silverton at 7:30. two nice little girls, Annie & Maggie Ramsey on the cars. As soon as we entered the Animas Canon I sat on rear of car and could not lean my seat for very fascination until nearly at my journey's end. Mts. very very grand, and also the Animas River, peaks bolder & seemed higher than anything I had seen! W. and I had had royal greeting from Mr. Mears, he Mr. … & Wm started out for the mine right after lunch and did not return till nearly 8 o'clock. I rested, read studied German & sewed while alone. This little town shut in by beautiful Mts. interests me greatly. A good note from R.

June, Thursday 28. 1888.
I awoke soon after five and was charmed with the early lights of Silverton, it was good I did wake early as it took a long time to get W's clothes in wearing condition after his tramp and horseback ride to mine yesterday. We breakfasted alone about 9 o'clock, then I walked to village with W. who had several men to see. Came back alone and wrote notes to Margie, Mrs. Trusdell, Grace … and Mr. Paton. We had early lunch and started about one on the most wonderful [sight] I ever took. Mr. [Alto Mears] took us on his engine as far as his road goes, then a carryall met us and up, up we went 800 ft. reaching an altitude of over 11,000 ft. Sheridan's pass [rd] Mrs. very fine, then down down thru' gulch & wonderful road till we came to Rainbow Falls where W. & I got out. Great masses of rock. We above tops of Mts. Entrance to Ouray very interesting.

June, Friday 29. 1888.
I enjoyed going to sleep by the sound of the Uncompahgre Falls and the first sight in waking the sunlight on these beautiful hills of Ouray. It seems to me I never had a more charming and complete trip. The Beaumont the most comfortable hotel we found yet in our travels. W. & I took an interesting walk up the Falls after breakfast, and met Mr. & Mrs. Mears before leaving on 11 o'cl'k train. Mr. [Milbre] went with us as far as Montrose. We lunch at Dallas Colo. Our waiting at Montrose made short by a pleasant ride round the farm lands. Poor blind woman with two little boys called forth sympathy from fellow travelers. We had interesting ride over to Grand Junction. I read "Entailed Hat" most of the way. Poor unfortunate woman turned up at Mrs. Palmer's with us. I read five of her home letters to her.

June, Saturday 30. 1888.
W. and I had a very comfortable night., notwithstanding Grand Junction is considered such a hot place. Soon after breakfast W. took me in buggy to his farm just outside of the town. On my return I wrote to blind woman's husband at her dictation. Mrs. E.B. Heland, Dallas, Texas is her name. Gov. Crawford and Mr. Smith called and lunch time came before I knew it. Afterwards I took off dress and rested & sewed on bed, before driving, I had time for some writing. Mr. … & Governor Crawford drove with us to Fruit farms and some land that W. owns. Home only in time to prepare for our dinner at Mr. Smith's which was the first I ever had in bachelor quarters. W. and I both enjoyed it very much. Tried to nap before our late start, but Bugs [disturbers].

July, Sunday 1. 1888.
At five when I first waked we were at Cimarron where I peeped out and recalled last summer's experience there with Miss Woolsey. Enjoyed the Black Canon from my lower berth, then fell asleep and did not breakfast at Gunnison as most of the travelers did. W. slept later, and then W. & I had bite on cars. Early dinner at Salida. Marshall Pass very fine, shower on summit. Two young men sang on the cars both p.m. & a.m. Royal Gorge as impressive as could be. No description can fully do justice to its grandeur. Very hot as we reached Pueblo. I did not have my latest Xtian Union, so read North American Review & finished Entailed Hat. I was sorry to travel to-day, our week away very, very enjoyable. Found letters from Anne & Mamma, beautiful present from Mr. [Goodfry.]

July, Monday 2. 1888.
I awoke at five, mended for the wash, dusted down stairs and wrote acknowledgement to Mr. Godfrey for the beautiful table cloth & napkins. I put Cousin Joseph's remembrance down in little library. Errands took me out, and I did not return till twelve. Studied a while before lunch & then fell asleep on lounge. P.M. very short with dressed to try on & hair to wash. Checks to write out, acc'ts etc. W. better from his trouble, I worse again. He […] yesterday, I to-day! Dinner in good season. I put on [ponze], hoping W. would make calls with me in the evening, but Dr. Eskridge came in to et him for some Whist with Prof. Smith and Mr. Steele. Miss Hattie S. came in while I was reading papers, then I went to bed early. Slept alone, fixed bed for W. in little room.

July, Tuesday 3. 1888.
Pretty warm weather. Fixing for a hot Fourth. I wrote to Anne, put away clean clothes etc. before breakfast, which we had about nine. Mr. Parrish, Mr. Gregg and Miss Stewart called, so we did not get down town early. I paid June's bills by checks. No German until Friday of this week. I wrote to "Kitten" also before lunch. Read [whist] questions to W. for a while, then read myself to sleep. Effie picked nice big bunch of pansies which to Faithie Gregg, she is recovering from slight attack of scarlet fever; I called on Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Carr, was a little late to dinner. W. had gathered beautiful roses for Miss McKinnon, which I took to her in the evening. Saw her & her mother. W. had gentlemen here for Whist.

July, Wednesday 4. 1888.
Typical Fourth both in noise & heat. W. did not have a very good night so I ate my breakfast alone and let him sleep late. I had a few errands before driving to Manitou. Pretty warm by W. and I had good lunch & rest at the cliff house, where W. met several friend. Later we called on Mrs. Bell & Mrs. Wesley. Briarhurst looked very lovely. Mrs.B…. serving Ice Cream on the lawn as a Fourth of July treat. W. & I had simple cold tea at night. He had Whist at Miss Stewart's while most of us watched the fireworks from her piazza. I came home in good season and then the girls took their turn at seeing evening display.

July, Thursday 5. 1888.
Still warm. I was dressed and down on the piazza studying German & sewing in good season, breakfast about nine. I gave Annie some rules and then found that I had to go out on errands. I stopped in at the Bank to see W., he said he had two tickets for the circus and that I might get some children to take, Jamie & Donald Gregg my selection. In securing them for the p.m. I had a very pleasant call on Mrs. G. & her six children. W. the boys & I were a little late to the circus, but they enjoyed the horses and the side shows. Very warm p.m. and we did not get home till after five. Effie & Annie went to circus also. Whist party at Mrs. Sanford's in the evening, both prizes won at our table! So I brought home a pretty Japanese plate. Nearly twelve when W. & I got to bed.

July, Friday 6. 1888.
We called at Mrs. Thayer's last night and found they were free to come to our dinner to-night, so I had errands to do but attended to them before breakfast. Effie had her sweeping as usual and I went to German class, none of us knew our lesson very well, out of practice and very warm. Napped before & after lunch! Good letter from Anne. Mrs. Thatcher & Dr. Rowe and her daughter called. At five I fixed my roses which Effie had put down cellar to keep fresh. All our guests arrived in good season, and Annie's first dinner was very good. We had a very social pleasant time. Mrs. Thayer, Mr. T., Mr. Hobson & Mr. [Kuapp] were all. Very hot night. William & I pretty restless. I cannot accomplish much while so warm.

July, Saturday 7. 1888.
W. & I slept very late, breakfast not till nearly ten o'clock. An overcast & showery morning a great delight after the long spell of heat & dust. I was not home from my errands till nearly twelve, read & studied German up till lunch time. Fell asleep while reading on the lounge in the hall. Mrs. Hamp & Mrs. Sydford called. I invited the latter to play Whist, also Dr. Pennington and much to my dismay when W. came to dinner he said he was going out to Whist, so he walked round with me as I postponed my plans till Monday night. Mr. & Mrs. Carlile & their children called. I called onMrs. Len, Mrs. Otis and Miss … before dinner. Sewed & read in evening. Pleasant letter from Sister Margaret Jackson.

July, Sunday 8. 1888.
Anne thirty one to-day. Overcast comfortable a.m. W. and I had our breakfast at nine. Annie went to church and not Effie. I was glad to be present at our Communion services which were postponed on account of Faithie Gregg having Scarlet Fever. Not so many [united] as in May. I staid to S.S. and took my class of little girls. On return home I slipped into white dress for a comfortable afternoon's reading & rest. W. & I read aloud in turn all the p.m. on the piazza, delightful showers which brought us great comfort & happiness. Mr. Steele called in the early evening. Mr. Peck came in after his sermon. I was most desperately sleepy & had to struggle hard to stay awake. W. was surprised at my use of expletives and told me I must not use them again.

July, Monday 9. 1888.
Most delightful morning. Effie & I did not have to shut the windows, so fine a breeze stirred all day. I did the dusting, fixed flowers and then wrote short letters of Mamma & Nathan. W. & I walked down town to-gether. On my return wrote in hall to Anne, began some sewing on white skirt. Read N.Y. Post. W. & I took naps till three o'clock. Sewed & read till about five o'clock, when I called on near neighbors Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Popin, Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Stillman. AS soon as dinner was over William and I made lemonade for our Whist party. Mrs. Hamp & Dr. Pennington cam about 7 o'clock. Games very close at the last. The Dr. & Wm came out a little ahead. We had lunch of crackers, cheese, fruit etc. afterwards. A pleasant evening to us.

July, Tuesday 10. 1888.
W. slept pretty late. We did not have our breakfast till nearly half past nine. Miss Stewart and Mt. Parrish called before William had shown himself. The friends Mr. Sam Parrish and Mr. Torrin kept him from taking the 10:40 train as he had planned to Pueblo. They had light lunchwhile German class met … and when I returned W. had left on noon train. I felt lonely all the p.m. without him. Called on Dr. Reed to ask about Miss Gilman, relieved to learn she is better. Read, mended & wrote until tea time. As W. was away had dinner at noon. After tea went to Mrs. D… to meet Mrs. Milner, also called on Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. …Mrs Partridge and Mrs. Hatch. Not home till 9 o'clock.

July, Wednesday 11. 1888.
Slept late for me, till nearly seven, but I had time to wash my hair before my lonely 8:30 breakfast. I did not have errands to take me out, so sat down at once to my mending and German. I accomplished a good bit of sewing before lunch, afterwards had a good rest and read in the lounge on the hall. Mrs. Hill came in about three and invited us to dinner to-morrow & for a little Whist afterwards. Just as I was planning to dress, some Chester Co. people came with letters of introduction from Sister Hannah Price, they stayed from 4:30 till seven p.m. William returned home in time to see them. Our dinner late. We called on Mr. & Mrs. Walker who were out & Mr. & Mrs. Sanford who were not. Home before ten o'clock.

July, Thursday 12. 1888.
A restless night for me. I do not know what kept me awake and tossing. I took a nap in other room for 4:30 till 7 a.m. We did not breakfast till nine. Wm had a good night but woke with some rheumatism in neck. We went down on errands together. On our way home I called on Mrs. Peck, her little baby was not at home. I wrote to Miss Gilman offering my services to her if she needs them. Short p.m. in reading and sewing. Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Lent called while I was dressing to go to Mrs. Hill's to dinner. I saw them. William over at Manitou with some gentlemen but came home before six and let me drive up to Mrs. Hill's cottage. Mrs. Hamp & Mr. Sidford there, also Miss Stewart and Mr. Steele. Pleasant time. Whist in the evening.

July, Friday 13. 1888.
Breakfast pretty late. I went down town with Wm as usual on errands and on my return had half an hour to prepare for for German class, only Miss Stewart and I present. We had quiet time. I heard of Miss Bradford's engagement to Capt. [Arrate]. William read aloud in Century before lunch. I wrote two letters on piazza before taking my regular rest. "Middlemarch" growing very interesting now that I am fairly in it. Good showers again. William home in pretty good season for dinner, soon afterwards we walked up to call on Gov. [Sanders] & his family. His daughters in Mrs. [Harrison] whose husband is son of the Republican candidate for president. W. pretty sleepy for him so we did not read aloud long after our return from calling.

July, Saturday 14. 1888.
I went out on errands before breakfast, afterwards made new crush bag for currant Jelly, the currants did not come till eleven, so we did not get thru' with the bushel much before two o'clock. It made an enormous quantity of Jelly. 64 tumblers and other large bowls etc. as glasses gave out. William seemed pleased with the results of the morning's work. I hope the jelly will taste as good as it looks. Afternoon very short, after reading a bit continued my mending of linen sheets, on marked D.W. Vinal, the other Helen M. Fiske in beautiful handwriting. I the 3rd generation! Most splendid shower, which kept W. from going to Manitou. Mr. Goodfrey came up to dinner and they went over in the evening. I sat up till 9 o'clock.

July, Sunday 15. 1888.
Fresh bright morning. Wm home very late, so I did not rouse him for breakfast. Even tho' Mr. Gregg was coming. We breakfasted about nine, church time came soon and a good sermon on "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and I light unto my path." Psalm 119:105. AS Mr. Gregg had to attend a funeral I gave him his lunch without waiting for William who came from Mr. Steele's about 2 o'clock. Mr. Barlow bro' up my mail three good letters, one from Mamie mailed from [Sad Wolfeboro], one from Nathan & Mrs. Orten. Mr. Gregg read Lowell's Commemoration Odes aloud. His family in Glen Park so I invited Mr. Gregg to spend the day with us. Mr. & Mrs. Walker called in the evening, also Mr. McArthur ["Fitz-Mae"] who is very deaf & has to use an audiphone.

July, Monday 16. 1888.
Cool delightful overcast a.m. I was refreshed and up at 5:30, did my usual Monday a.m. dusting and wrote to W. before breakfast. More errands than usual. Mrs. Hamp made short call. I finished mending linen sheet before putting my room in order. Did not sit down to accounts and writing till after twelve o'clock. Sun enough in the a.m. to dry the clothes nicely. Jennie here. Began Mamie's birthday letter. Dear W. took bag & overcoat at 2 o'clock to start for Georgetown with Mr. Parrish at 4 p.m. rest of the day lonely, but so cool that I began on extras, planning new strips in afghan. I sat on piazza with crocheting & Meisterschaft until dark. Miss Hattie made a pleasant. Went up stairs at nine o'clock. I miss W. very, very much.

July, Tuesday 17. 1888.
Down stairs son after five, did all the dusting and then began preparing papers for jelly tumblers. Breakfast at 8 o'clock. Writing afterwards, finishing Hine's and Mamie's birthday letters so that I did not get out as early as I expected. Found that silver [spoon] was not marked, but I stayed until it was, so that I could send it off with M's package this made me half an hour late to German. I reached Miss Stewart's in time for the verbs. Canned jellies till nearly four, then went over to meeting at Baptist Church to her about the Bellevue Sanitarium. Mrs. Hatch called afterwards, also Mrs. Solly & Miss Touzalin. Dinner at noon, tea at dinner. Hard day at ironing for the ironing. J. made my dress look beautifully. We al went to bed without lighting up as dear W. still away.

July, Wednesday 18. 1888.
Another overcast cool refreshing morning. I mended before dressing. Breakfast soon after eight, and had to go out on errands contrary to expectations. Soup bone was not large enough! Mr. Parrish called and told me that Wm would be home to dinner, a glad surprise. Currants did not come till noon. Effie and I picked them over before lunch, and Annie & I had the jelly all made and in tumblers at 3 o'clock. Then Effie went out for the afternoon and evening, as telegram had come saying dear W. would not be home to dinner, but to-night. I had a very welcome & sweet letter from Miss Gilman, she is much better. I took my nap just before dinner, so was quite fresh for union services in our church and to sit up for W. Mrs. Parsons & Mr. Woodruff called. I wrote & read till dear W. returned at 11 p.m.

July, Thursday 19. 1888.
Fresh & bright as a [fall] morning. It took me some little time to straighten W's clothes. Mended a little & wrote to A. before breakfast. I took that meal alone as W. very tired & sleepy after journey. Anne's note returned in a.m. mail. Raspberries came in good season. 24 qts. We began on them soon after nine and had them all done at twelve. They made 18 qt. jars. W. had breakfast and lunch together at noon. I took a good nap in p.m. Mr. Allen called before I had dressed, but I did not keep him waiting very long. He goes to N.Y. this week. I did my errand before diner, also studied a little German on piazza. We went to Lawn party at Woman's Exchange, later called on Mr. & Mrs. Hill, found them at Miss Stewart's. Read papers on our return home & went up soon after 10.

July, Friday 20. 1888.
Perfect summer weather. I did not get up till nearly six, tho' awake before. Few extras before getting to my German lesson. William did not seem to have very good night. We breakfasted soon after nine. I went down on errands with him. Effie & I hung Aunty's picture as it had caused a fall of other things. German lesson to-day after which I walked to Mrs. Hatch to ask her to come with her husband to play Whist to-morrow night. After lunch W. & I carried beautiful roses to Mrs. Wood and Miss Meigs. I had a good rest and nap than took on piazza, studied German while sewing on new lace nightgown. Overcast & very comfortable. W. went with Dr. Reynolds to play Whist. I read in "Middlemarch" till nine when I went to bed. I had a good letter from Miss Gardner.

July, Saturday 21. 1888.
Awake and up soon after four. I opened every thing down stairs so as to have it cool & fresh upstairs while I wrote my letter to Sister Hannah, Helen and Alice Blanchard. I did not have to go town after breakfast which was very late. I washed my hair and wrote to Alice Gilman and Kitten before lunch. This is Mamie's 23rd birthday. I wonder how they are spending it in sad Wolfeboro. As I had calls to make way up town, and it was overcast. W. kindly sent up a carriage. I made eight visits, but did not find many of the friends at home. I was back at quarter of six and sewed on piazza till dinner time. W. and I made lemonade for our little Whist party. Mr. & Mrs. Hatch came about eight & stayed with us till eleven. William & Mrs. Hatch came out a little ahead. [Cramps from ?] lemonade! Welcome letter from Miss Woolsey. We had a hard time deciphering it.

July, Sunday 22. 1888.
Awake in good season for my S.S. reading, took … and papers on spare room lounge. We did not have breakfast till 9:30. Effie picked Annie bunch of flowers which she refused. E. uncomfortable in … Prof. … preached from Isaiah 2:4 "And he shall judge among the nations and shall rebuke many people - neither shall they learn war any more." I took Mrs. Gregg's class as I promised I would. 4 girls and one boy present. It was not as hard teaching them as I expected. W. & I each took a rest before going to Mr. Touzalin's ranch. We found them all at home. Mr. Hague & Miss [Saggetti's] brother did not call again & evening so I did not see them. After reading aloud 3 articles to Wm I fell asleep on lounge, while he wrote two letters and made a visit on Mr. S.

July, Monday 23. 1888.
Looked like rain early but by breakfast time it was bright & clear. I did the dusting before six, wrote & mended upstairs, till W. was ready to go down at nine o'clock. We walked together to the village. Fixed my room on return & cleaned out lace drawer, etc. When violent thunder shower came up just before lunch, lightening near, and much rain. W. had short nap before lunch. I took mine afterwards, beside my reading and German. Later say out on piazza and wrote to Aunt Molly. Gentle rain in p.m., our yard looks as beautiful as in Spring. William dressed for little musicale at Miss Price's before dinner. We went about 8 o'clock and did not find the [road] as bad as expected. A pleasant evening. We enjoyed Mrs. Waters and Miss [Ehrlicher's] playing very much.

July, Thursday 24. 1888.
Awake very early, out in the garden gathering flowers at 5 o'clock. It took me some time to fix the, but I enjoyed it. We had breakfast at nine and I went out on errands with William, on my return studied German till class met. We have now dwindled down to three. We are just past the middle half on the Meisterschaft system. I shall be glad if I can finish it before going East. Another thunder shower to-day. I read and rested on lounge upstairs, finished 1st Vol. of Middlemarch. Mrs. Lansing called. I mended W's and my clean clothes. Dinner very late. I waited and waited for W. and then had to begin alone. Mr. Steele came in with him about 8 o'clock. W. had Whist engagement again in evening. Mr. S. stayed till nine o'clock when I went to bed. Very comfortable nights.

July, Wednesday 25. 1888.
Awake and up before five. Sewed on blue Marseilles and gray … before writing to Mamma. William slept very late. I had to begin breakfast without him.; when … Plums came. I had quite a time deciding which rule to use. I went down on errands after starting them, they were pretty bothersome and I do not feel satisfied as W. thinks they are too sweet, they do not look right color. My first attempt I did not get out of kitchen till after three, so told Effie to excuse me to callers. Cards were bro't up after all and I was glad. Mrs. Toll had insisted on sending her name to me. I had a letter from Caroline, so particularly glad to see C's dearest friend. Mrs. [Rouse] called with her. Very sleepy after dinner. Rain fell and I went off on lounge again.

July, Thursday 26. 1888.
Awake to enjoy the early light and freshness as usual. I wrote to Poppy before going down stairs. This Effie's day off on her S.S. Picnic. We were very glad for her to have the outing. Busy morning. I put up jellies, fixed flowers, cleared up our room, went out on errands, etc. At lunch W. said he would come up at 4 p.m. if pleasant to go over to Manitou to call on Mrs. Toll and Mr. & Mrs. Hay. The regular thunderstorm came then and lasted till after 5. So Annie had to cook us a dinner after all. I sewed on lounge up stairs, let out blue Marseilles dress. William wanted to go to Manitou and we started at 7:20, it as not dark till we got there, found all our friends and had a lovely drive home by moonlight. The last evening to do that.

July, Friday 27. 1888.
Beautiful cool morning. Answered Col. Higginson's note before anything else. Little tired. Mended W's shirt and fixed our rooms as much as possible for sweeping. Bl'k Berries here just before breakfast, so I got to work on them soon. Annie had a good fire so they were in their bottles and sealed at 11:15. I did not expect to go to German class because of extras. I proved to be the only one to take my lesson. Miss Stewart had too much to do. I do not know why Mr. Black absented himself. I had to do errands just before lunch. W. & I both took a good rest afterwards. I was on lounge nearly two hours. Miss [Hattie] called. Pretty warm day. I prepared for calling on Dr. & Mrs. Adams. W. & I went together there & found Mr. Steele. Invited all of them to meet Mr. & Mrs. Hay at lunch. Later we went to ….

July, Saturday 28. 1888.
Pretty tired for me, so I stayed in bed till 7:30, knowing I should not have much time to rest before our lunch party. I had some final orders to give. I walked down with W. after helping with flowers, etc. I word my spotted lawn. W. went to meet Mr. & Mrs. Hay, they were here some time before others arrived. The lunch was very pleasant. Mr. Hay's stores and … made him the delight of all. His wife is quite handsome. They returned to their cottage in Manitou in four p.m. train. Miss Barnes & Mrs. Eldridge called, after they had gone it was too late to make visits myself. We had tea at seven. William had engagement at 8:30. Gov. & Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Harrison & Mrs. Burleigh called just after W. had gone. Very sleepy so went to bed at 9.

July, Sunday 29. 1888.
Awake and up to study S.S. lesson at 5:30. Annie went to early church. I took early bite of graham crackers & milk to keep from faintness before our 9 o'clock breakfast. I ate without William after all, but he was up just as I was going to church. I took vase of roses with me for Mr. Gregg. He preached … sermon from Hosea 11:4 "I drew them with the cords of a man," thru' humility, purity, love, sincerity. I enjoyed Mrs. Gregg's S.S. class. Lesson to-day on the Tabernacle. William bro't many papers which he read while I was resting and reading Xtian Union. Shower in p.m. after which W. and I sat out on the piazza. We took short walk in evening, then W. called on some friends and I went to sleep on lounge tho' I wanted to finish Anne's letter. A good one from Nathan acknowledging little Helen's silver spoon.

July, Monday 30. 1888.
Warm weather has come again but as long as our mornings and nights keep cool we cannot complain. I do not feel very sure of myself these days. I was up early enough to do the dusting of downstairs before breakfast. W. most tho'tful and affectionate. Miss Stewart came in to invite us to dinner at 6:30, so I had to provide only for Effie, Annie & Jennie. I went down with William and on my return home made several visits, but found no one in except Mrs. Hamp & Mrs. Parrish. She was beginning portrait of Mrs. Pelty's little boy. I studied German some before and after lunch. Mrs. Peck and Mrs. Hill called. We had a very pleasant dinner at Miss Hattie's. 14 at the table. Mr. Townsend took our group in yard. Mrs. Smith did not seem as well as when I saw her last. She & her husband go East this week.

July, Tuesday 31. 1888.
Up at 5:30 but only long enough to open windows and doors down stairs when on going upstairs fell asleep again, & W. & I did not breakfast till nearly ten! I did not do my errands till after German which we all enjoyed very much. I was shocked to hear of Mrs. Pollier's death. Left orders for dinner party to-morrow night in honor of Gov. Saunders & his family. I had a welcome note from Lucy Orrick. Cloudy in p.m. but not much showers. I say out on piazza with mending after I had taken rest on library lounge. I had a good long session of slight discomfort. William and I called on Mr. & Mrs. Meredith and their delicate son, then on Gov. Saunder's family & stopped at Miss Hattie's & said Goodbye to Prof. & Mrs. Smith. W went round again to see Mr. Steele. No home letter yet.

August, Wednesday 1. 1888.
Very much shocked to hear of Mrs. Wood's death, a sad neighborhood. Little Mrs. Collins did Sunday and is to be buried to-day. I took a nap on lounge after I had opened windows & doors & taken little refreshment. W.& I went down together. I gathered books for Julys payments, looked them over, read & rested during morning. Afternoon very short between the [bull] scare, callers and preparations for our party. I had a good letter from Katherine, they are all comfortably established in English lodgings. She wrote of her Cousin Lillie's death, which soon followed that of her little son. I began regular letter to her in p.m. Senator Saunders, his wife & daughter, with Mrs. Burleigh her son & daughter were our guests at dinner. I felt much better than I expected I might feel. Very pleasant evening.

August, Thursday 2. 1888.
It is really a great comfort that I am beginning to sleep a little later in the mornings. I think it is a good sign. I was surprised to find it quarter of seven when I first looked at my watch. Breakfast early because of Mrs. Wood's funeral, at which W. was pall bearer. Miss Hattie S. & I went together. Episcopal services. My heart goes out to the two little … left to go. Mended & wrote till lunch time. I took a long nap on lounge inspire room. Was up and dressed son after five to see Mrs. Adams. After she had gone I mended two sheets for William's bed as he was to be out late and he tho't it was better for me not to be disturbed. Mr. Steele came in to dinner. We had pleasant talk till 8 o'clock when both went away together. I went up before nine o'clock.

August, Friday 3. 1888.
I was up and pretty well rested by six o'clock and wrote to Miss Woosley and Helen Davenport. W. very sleepy. Even after I had thoroughly roused him he went sound asleep, so I ate breakfast alone. Waited to go down town for him about eleven. At German I was conscious of severe pain in my bowels. On my return diarrhea began and kept me uncomfortable all the p.m. Pretty forlorn while callers here but should have been sorry not to see Mr. & Mrs. Hay and their handsome children. I kept my engagement with W., Miss Hattie and Miss Wise and took the drive to Cheyenne Canon at 4 o'clock. Pleasant but not very wise. Ill on return home. Left dinner table to go to bed. William went to Dr. Adams for consultation and brought back medicine which I took before going to sleep.

August, Saturday 4. 1888.
Last night was not as poor as I expected, glad to obey directions and stay quiet to-day. W. did not get up till nearly eleven. I partially dressed at same time so as to stay where it was cooler on library lounge. Dr. Adams made a very pleasant professional call, leaving new prescription for medicine. I did not feel equal to sewing, so only had my reading and writing on table where Effie had put vase of beautiful roses. She had two letters to-day, one from her people in Charlottetown and the other from North East Harbor. I had note from [Marian Stow] but none from home. I sent off letter to Mamie in p.m. Times of feeling comfortable, but a pretty ill day for me. Effie the greatest comfort. Sat at table with W. but could not eat much. Dr. Adams medicine gave me great relief. I fell asleep on lounge & slept there till nearly ten o'clock.

August, Sunday 5. 1888.
I sent word by Miss [Mero] last evening that I should not be able to take S.S. class to-day. A good night and I feel much stronger but still pretty weak. W. had his breakfast and lunch all in one. Effie a great many steps to take at all kinds of work the morning Annie goes to 10 o'clock church. I was glad E. had letter from Bella. Still I have none from home or from Anne. I wrote to Nathan, A. & Aunt Molly in p.m. which showed how much stronger I felt than yesterday. I had a good read in papers, finished all the Sunday ones that had come. I took a little meat at dinner and felt better for it. Sat out on piazza after sunset while William was fixing flowers, and [?] old Sam. Later he read aloud to me from the Century. I was awake long enough to hear but [only] awhile. He read on to himself.

August, Monday 6. 1888.
Days beginning to feel like fall, especially nights & mornings. I am willing to stay in bed later, these uncertain mornings. Much better to-day but did not feel quite spunky enough to do the dusting. I walked down with William on errands, but high wind and dust very disagreeable. Sewed on blanket and studied German till lunch time. W. had a chance to make another loan for Effie which pleased her very much. I read until callers began to come, first Mrs. Otis, than [Marty Barlow] and finally Mr. & Mrs. Dickey. I finished some back papers and rested a little, the took writing out on piazza till dinner. William home in pretty good season. Combed Sam after dinner. I watched process till Mr. & Mrs. Meredith called. W. saw them till 8 o'clock when he had to leave for an engagement.

August, Tuesday 7. 1888.
Breakfast about nine. I do very little in the mornings these days. Was shocked to hear down town that Nannie Adams was very ill with diphtheria. Studied German and [recited it] and then finished [Sarge? Suzy?] Wentworth's letter. I am disappointed not to hear anything from home or Anne. I do hope no one is ill. Effie is hearing fully from her people and that is good. W. took a nap down stairs and I upstairs. Miss Bradford called about 4 p.m. I mended and put away clean clothes and then sat on piazza till dinner. Afterwards William and I called on Mr. & Mrs. Meredith with blanket & currant jelly, on the Barlows and on our way home learned at Miss Stewart's that dear Nannie A. had passed away.

August, Wednesday 8. 1888.
Very cool overcast morning. I dressed in good season and took my early bite downstairs. Notice of Nannie's death says she was but 14. Poor Miss Brinley - how terrible she will feel to be away! I went down with William. Mr. Sizac failed to secure good peaches for preserving, but we found some at Bennett's, because of baking, no sugar and lateness of start I decided to postpone them until to-morrow. After getting dressed for comfort etc. it was noon! I wrote till lunchtime. Major [Hulbert] took luncheon with us, blowy cool after noon. Much relieved to get note from R. saying all was well at home. Copied the account from Mr. Fiske which R. enclosed that I might send it back to Mamma. Wrote to Miss Woolsey & Kitten. W. walked to prayer meeting with me in evening. Mr. Gregg away.

August, Thursday 9. 1888.
We had breakfast earlier than usual because of funeral at Dr. Adams. William wished me to attend it with him and I was glad I did. Very few there, the house open as usual and a great profusion of flowers, it did not seem possible that Nannie was carried from our sight. Mrs. Hamp, Mrs. Parrish, Mrs. Solly & I drove out in same carriage to the grave, all very very sad! Dr. & Mrs. Adams bore up beautifully, but oh! the lonely days that are coming. Effie and Annie had the peaches all ready for me. I made syrup as soon as possible, but we did not get thru' the preserving till nearly three. Dr. Pennington came into dinner with us, and was in a charming mood. Mr. and Mrs. [Pellz] called in evening before Dr. P. had gone. Later W. went to inquire for Sen. Saunders.

August, Friday 10. 1888.
Pretty warm again. I was out on errands for a while with William, on my return I studied German and at 11:30 attended the lesson. Miss Ehrliche thinks we are getting along pretty well. Too uncomfortable to do much before or after lunch, except reading. After nap Miss Price and Mrs. Danises called. I dressed in white Marseilles for dinner. Dear W. likes the old white better than the new blue. A good letter from Anne. She and William R. are well, and having a good summer. Too lazy to write any letters to-day. After dinner W. & I took a walk down town then up to Senator Saunders, found he was better. Mrs. Hathaway called while Mr. Bent, Mr. …& W. were playing Whist. I say up watching them till ten o'clock then had to go up.

August, Saturday 11. 1888.
I slept beautifully till quarter of eight, ad would not have objected to staying longer in bed, but tho't of peaches to be preserved kept me up. I had a short but severe ill turn before breakfast which I ate alone as I did not want to disturb W. after his late hours last night. We finished our brandied peaches entirely by noon and I think they will be very good. 11 jars. The last of the preserving I think. I washed my hair before lunch. William had Mr. Perkins here looking at our house with reference to changes which we may make, this made lunch very late. I took a nap on lounge upstairs. W. and I read till half past eight when W. had to go to Club. I wrote to Miss Gardner and short note to Alice Snow and Sophie Richardson.

August, Sunday 12. 1888.
Comfortable a.m. I slept alone as W. came home late. We both breakfasted soon after nine. W. a little under weather for as soon as he had finished papers he threw himself on lounge and staid asleep till I returned from church & S.S. Mr. Jonathan Edwards of Wellesley preached from Matt. 25:21, "Will done thou good and faithful servant." There was quite a full attendance in Mrs. Gregg's class, which I have thru' August. This the third anniversary of Aunty's death. William and I drove to the grave, the ride and spot seemed as impressive as the first time I went to Cheyenne Mountain. As soon as we returned, we carried jelly, wine & currant to poor sick Senator Saunders. Also inquired for young Meredith. Too sleepy to read long in evening. Mr. Steele called.

August, Monday 13. 1888.
Up earlier than I have been for two weeks. I also felt well enough to fix library table with fresh Kinnikinnick and to dust down stairs, it all tired me some. Breakfast about nine, then W. & I went down to-gether and on my return I was delighted to find Mamma's first letter from Wolfeboro'. I sat right down and answered it and finished Anne's, then I fixed my room & dressed for lunch. Mr. Jonathan Edwards arriving a little before I was ready. Mr. Steele did not join us. He came in in the evening, giving me a copy of "Robert Elsmere" which I am very glad to have. Mrs. & Miss Barnes and Mrs. Bell & Miss [Mellosley] called during afternoon. Mr. Steele dined with us and at 8 o'clock he & W. went out to the beginning of Whist tournament. I read short time in bed.

August, Tuesday 14. 888.
Up again soon after six. Sewed & studied on lounge in spare room before dressing. Went down town with W. after his late breakfast. I took mine alone. Studied German on my return. I was the only one at class so same lesson for Friday. Extra drill good for me. I wrote to Miss Gilman before lunch, telling her all I knew about Nannie Adams' death. Rested and became interested in "Robert Elsmere" in p.m. I wrote to Nathan, acknowledging the [Dan'l Casey Nitge] before going up to dress for dinner and the evening engagement. Wore lavender [algerine]. Dear W. did not feel much like going to evening party, the omnibus came for us at 8:30 and we came away at 10 o'clock. The birds looked very pretty, we were interested in meeting Mr. & Mrs. [Cornwell] & seeing the other young people, both of us came home tired.

August, Wednesday 15. 1888.
Both of us very late. I knew it was to be an uncomfortable a.m. for me, the discomfort came before my breakfast. W. bound for Denver. I packed his bag and he started off alone down town. I did not have to go out on errands. I acknowledged Mrs. [Hagerman's] kind note of invitation. Effie took it to the house. Splendid showers during the morning. I mended till lunch. A's rule for Spiced Peaches came, also a good letter from May [Hausan]. Rested and read most of the afternoon, just before tea dressed and did my errands. Always lonely without W. Evening for prayer meeting which I was glad to attend. Effie went to the theatre with a friend. Showers during evening also, very much needed. I had a good read in Middlemarch.

August, Thursday 16. 1888.
Overcast cool morning, so that my dark blue wrapper felt good. Had my illness before breakfast again, which makes me able to enjoy my food more. Cool downstairs so I only staid long enough to mend curtains, then went to work upstairs on two waists, blue calico & blue & gray woolen. Just as I had finished and put away sewing materials, Mrs. Hatch called and invited us to play Whist at her house to-morrow evening. I finished "Middlemarch" after lunch. Enjoyed translating stanza from Faust. Violent thunder shower kept me from snatching any sleep. Dear W. returned from Denver soon after four and had ordered a carriage for us to go to Mrs. Hagerman's tea, we enjoyed meeting President & Mrs. Adams of Cornell. Mr. & Mrs. John Hay were there. W. had Whist engagement, so I went to bed early.

August, Friday 17. 1888.
Still more rain in the night. I heard it several times but did not know when W. returned. Awake in god season and got up early so as to begin weighing last installment of peaches, this time to use A's rule for Spiced P. They were all done at 11 o'clock with Effie's and Annie's good help. Mr. Black & Miss Hattie could not take lesson, so I sent word to Miss Ehrliche that I would not take mine. Felt tired and had not done my a.m. errands. Delighted to get good full letter from Mamie. Jeanette and her mother are at Wolfeboro. Rested and read papers first part of the afternoon , then ripped o black silk dress & wrote till dinner time. W. home in pretty good season and after dinner we went to Mr. & Mrs. Hatch's for the evening. Played several games of Whist. Mrs. H. & W. came out ahead.

August, Friday 18. 1888.
Mr. [Weitbrec?] called before William was down, he sat at breakfast with us, read the Gazette account of his ascent of the peak over his new toll road. Quite an event. I invited him to dinner. I did not have to go out on errands so wrote letters upstairs, to Richie, finished Caroline H's, then to Anne & Aunt Molly who I told of my condition. I think it will be quite a surprise. Lunch pretty late, about 3 o'clock W. came up with a buggy and we had charming cool drive to Dr. & Mrs. Adams. They seemed brighter than I feared they would in their terrible loneliness. Miss Brinley is on her way home. We did not have time to go to Mr. Touzalin's but heard of his illness. Very sleepy early so slipped out of room while Mr. …was there for a nap, then I returned.

August, Sunday 19. 1888.
Beautiful and very cool morning. I put on brown & white woolen again, sat near open window in church and was most comfortable. Mr. [Tuckerman] preached, the first graduate of Colorado College, his text was from John 16:7. "It is expedient for you that I go away." I stayed to S.S. W. home pretty late to lunch, but he had been to see the sick friends. We drove to Manitou to see more friends and stayed over there to dinner, so the girls had a nice long afternoon to themselves. We say Mr. & Mrs. Hay, Mr. … Mrs. [Newberry], & Mrs. Bell. After dinner at the Mansions drove home by moonlight. I found a good long letter from Anne which I read after I was in bed. W. bro't it to me.

August, Monday 20. 1888.
W. and I both very sleepy. I did not get up till eight o'clock. W. had to soon after as he wanted to get down to Bank by nine o'clock. Mr. Barlow has to be away more or less now poor Senator Saunders is so ill. I fixed flowers & my room after the errands, then felt rather forlorn so I took a nap. Dressed for the company and was pretty ill just before 1:30. Mr. Newberry could not come. Mr. Steel was in to meet his wife & sister and the lunch passed off very pleasantly. They had to leave early so as to call on Mrs. Hagerman before 4 p.m. train. Slept again in the afternoon, too lazy and uncomfortable to accomplish anything. Rained before tea. W. & I walked out afterwards to get yeast cake and to inquire for […] Meredith & Mr. Saunders. Read papers on our return. Letters from Sister Alice & Miss Woolsey.

August, Tuesday 21. 1888.
Cool comfortable mornings but how my habits are changing. Bed feels good as late as 8 or afterwards. I did not have to go out before German. Mr. Black away so Miss Stewart and I had the lesson to ourselves. I did some errands before lunch, afterwards read and rested on lounge in the hall, did not dress till just before dinner. Mr. … came in to see W. so I did not get out on calls as we had planned. W. went to station to see Gen'l Palmer to invite the Glen Eyrie people to dinner to-morrow night. I read quite a long while in "Robert Elsmere," finishing the first book before I came to bed. Sent off p.c. to Anne, two … & Mr. [Bruns] Xtian Uniions. No letters came to me.

August, Wednesday 22. 1888.
I did not wait to eat breakfast with W. as I grow a little too faint. We went down town together, on my return sat on piazza and mended. W. came up early to say that all the Glen Eyrie people would be at dinner. The piece of salmon that came up was too small for eight people so I countermanded that order and went to May W's to secure her services for the evening. I had no sooner eaten my lunch than it was rejected so I felt pretty forlorn for a while. I caught a nap and then worked on black silk dress, ripping off all the robins egg blue ruffles. W. came home in time to make the punch for dinner party. M… and his son were the first to arrive, then Gen'l Palmer but he had to change his riding habit here. Mrs. [Mellen] & her daughters very gorgeous. The evening pleasant.

August, Thursday 23. 1888.
Clear fresh cool a.m. I slept very late for me till after 8 o'cl'k. W. & I did not breakfast till ten, then I went out on errands and stayed out making calls all the morning, the air simply delicious. Called at seven places; returned home very hungry. Made my own chocolate. Annie boiled for me two eggs. W. came just as I had begun. Effie exercised before going out for the p.m. I told her not to return to dinner so as to have a longer outing. Mrs. Barton & her sisters called for a few minutes. Dear W. came up with span and open carriage and we called till dinner time, on Mrs. White, Mr. & Mrs. Hagerman, Mr. & Mrs. Petty & at Miss Price's. Very glad to have made so many visits to-day. W. out for Whist, so I went to bed early.

August, Friday 24. 1888.
Another delicious morning but not quite so cool as yesterday. I did not go out till time for German., did a few errands afterwards. Miss Stewart and I are having lessons to ourselves now. I felt pretty forlorn before & after lunch. I took mine alone before W. came up, and then had to keep on the lounge till pretty late. After dressing for dinner I wrote to Mamie. Mrs. Merrill called and looked very pretty. Hers the only interruption in my writing. After dinner W. read aloud to me in "Robert Elsmere," such a pleasure to me! After a bit I crocheted on new & darker stripe which I am putting in my afghan. We read up from Mrs. Clement on Indianapolis & the St. Elizabeths. We did not go up till nearly eleven.

August, Saturday 25. 1888.
A comfortable morning for me, after breakfast. I sat out on piazza and wrote to Anne. Later went down town on few errands. Crocheted and began studying German lesson till W. came to lunch. Sam always happy when I sit out near him. I took a good nap on lounge upstairs. Mrs. Hayward called before I was dressed. I did not keep her waiting very long, before she had left Mrs. Sweet came so I did not accomplish very much. W. up in good season to dinner. We went up to Gov. Saunders. I saw young Mr. Harrison for the first time, the poor sick Governor better. I hope he may live to get home. We stopped also at Mrs. Barlow's, her family quite small at last! W. out late, so I went to bed early. No letters.

August, Sunday 26. 1888.
Overcast cool morning. Annie a tad cold and did not go out to early church. I took my breakfast alone but W. up before I went to church. Mr. Gregg back and preached from Acts 20:13 [l.c.] "For so had he appointed [minding himself] to go afoot." He showed from it the need & good of solitude. I took Mrs. G's class, not many of the young ladies there. Left early. Mr. & Mrs. Meredith were here before I returned. W. away, too! Simple but good lunch and afterwards we drove to North Cheyenne Canon and to the entrance of South up which Mr. M. & W. walked part well. We did not get home for tea till after six. I rested on lounge till Mr. Beur called, a Chicago Baptist Minister who has lived at Sister Hannah's. A handsome young fellow.

August, Monday 27. 1888.
A delightful morning and it was good to feel like going at things again. I dusted down stairs, put bedrooms in order, too. Jennie did not come. Annie did not feel able to do much, so she and Effie only washed plain clothes. I went to Dr. R's and found J's husband who J. would try to come to-morrow. Mr. Beur called again to see W. I fixed a box of roses for Miss Brinley who returned last night. I took it to Bank but did not find W. there. He left for Denver at 4 o'c'l'k. Callers came to see me. Mr. [MacVeagh] & his son, & Miss Ballon. In the evening I went to see Miss Stewart and invited her to go to Concert with me to-morrow. We sat on piazza so I did not crochet much. She walked home with me. To bed in good season.

August, Tuesday 28. 1888.
Lonely without dear W. but busy all the a.m. with errands, mending & German lesson. After lunch or rather dinner I took a good long nap on lounge but not until I had read Anne's and Aunt Molly's good letters thru' twice! I was delighted with tintype of little William but cannot realize that he has gone into trousers for good! I acknowledged his sailor picture and the sea, made] cards before dinner. I hope I shall hear from home this week as I did not last. Dressed in gray silk for concert at the Antlers. Called for Miss Hattie. Miss [Aiken] sang, & Miss [Kieffer] and Miss [Ehrlicher] played. We enjoyed everything except the closeness of room. Miss H. used my fan constantly. We came home about tea. Glad to get to bed.

August, Wednesday 29. 1888.
I did not get up till nearly seven, cool fresh morning and I felt so well that I began on preparations in store room so that we can move out easily when the men begin to tear down walls, etc. Just as I was going down to dinner, Mrs. [Haborn] called to ask me to drive at 3:15. I did not get much rest before dressing for that plan, but it had to be postponed on account of [threatened] afternoon. Mrs. Humphrey called during one of the showers. I received her visit on the piazza, too cold to stay out afterwards. William's telegram came saying he would not be home to-day and perhaps not till late to-morrow night. I worked on afghan & studied German till supper. Then went out on errands & called on Mrs. Hatch.

August, Thursday 30. 1888.
Another cool fresh a.m. Awake much earlier than has been my custom lately. I did quite a little sewing before breakfast, afterwards went on in the extras in the storeroom. Effie & I poked around in attic a little and extracted two trunks which I wanted to use. Found some pictures of us when children that interested me, and a letter of Grandma Fiske to Aunty. Rested an hour after dinner before dressing for ride, [guess some] showers soon after 3 o'clock. Mrs. Hobson and her brother came for me about 3:30. We drove over to Glen Eyrie where Mrs. H. wished to call. Mrs. [Mellen] not at, but Gen'l Palmer and some of the daughters were. We came away loaded down with beautiful hot house grapes. I went to tea at Mrs. Hatch's, pleasant change after so many solitary meals.

August, Friday 31. 1888.
Much disappointed to go into W's room early and still find it empty. I had hoped he would return on late train. I had a note from Miss Gilman, who declined my invitation to come here on return from Estes Park. I walked to Bank but found no word from W., crocheted & studied after German. Miss P… has joined the class. We have begun a pretty story,[ "Immenzel."] Miss [Ehrilicher] has sent for copies for us. Began letter to Kitten before lunch, afterwards rested until Miss Martin of VC […] called, she was about the last person I expected to see in my own home. Telegram from dear W. who returned to a 7:30 dinner. We had pleasant evening together. I made calls before he returned on Mrs. Harrison & Mrs. Hill. They hope to move Gov. Saunders to-morrow.

September, Saturday 1. 1888.
We both slept pretty late. W. did not return from Denver in very good condition. Mr. … in at breakfast time. I walked down town with them, found that Gov. Saunders was to be moved, so bought lunch basket and fruit for his party. Effie helped me prepare the luncheon & then took it to W. at the Bank. Mr. Gregg called before lunch, also Mr. & Mrs. Newberry. Box came from home with hammock, ulster, shawl etc. & charming picture of Nathan's home, when Mamma R. & the girls were there. Mr. Steele into lunch. I had to cover 3 doz. jelly tumblers with papers as the tin tops had not proved air tight & would have … already. I did notget to my rest till after four. Severe lightening but … little rain just before dinner. Still no letter from home.

September, Sunday 2. 1888.
I slept alone as W. was not feeling very well and was asleep on lounge early last evening. I awoke pretty early and studied my S.S. lesson in bed. William up to breakfast in good season. We both read on piazza. Beautiful bright morning. Communion Sunday so no sermon. I took Mrs. Gregg's class as usual. I think she will be back next week. W. & I both rested during p.m. W. put my hammock up on piazza so I staid in it till I was surprised by a call from [Fred] Thompson. Mr. & Mrs. Meredith & Dr. & Mrs. Solly called after dinner. William read a very impressive chapter from "R. Elsmere" aloud, the one in which he changes his faith. We went up about 11.

September, Monday 3. 1888.
Deliciously fresh cool morning. I was up at six and worked for an hour before any discomfort came - it was of short duration. I breakfasted alone, tho' W was up before I went out on errands. I found Bank closed as it is Labor Day, so I could not do all the errands I planned, returned to tell W. so he did not go down. He read aloud to me while I crocheted, until Mr. Barlow & Prof. [Marden] called. We had early lunch and then drove out to Dr. Adams. Call on Mrs. Kerr & Mr. Touzalin also. Miss Brinley looked remarkably well. We read quite a number of chapters in Robert Elsmere on our way up to Cheyenne Mt. I did the reading. Both of us hungry for our [belated] diner on return. W. had to go out at 8 and I went up to bed. Good letter from Mamie.

September, Tuesday 4. 1888.
Clear cool charming a.m. I was up soon after six, added a postscript to Mamma's letter, mended etc. before our 8:30 breakfast. W. had to be down at Bank in good season as Mr. Barlow is away. I drew money for Effie & paid other bills. Studied German in hammock, finished no. X of one Meisterschaft; and translated a little more in … Dr. Adams came to lunch which was a great pleasure. Loafed, read & sewed on piazza till nearly five o'clock. Alice Snow's wedding cards came, she will be married next week. Mamie expects to go to the wedding. Mr. Perkins came to see about changes in the house. Mr. & Mrs. Thatcher called just as W. & I had begun our loud reading. We read after they went. I accomplished nearly all my mending.

September, Wednesday 5. 1888.
Up in pretty good season. W. has to be at the Bank early as Mr. Barlow is away, so we had breakfast at 8:30. I did not have to go out on errands so soon after breakfast went to work on extras on trunks in bathroom, taking out fall dresses and hanging them, etc. etc. got out W's dressing gown & red jacket to read in at nights. Mrs. [Lunt] and Miss [Lunt] called about eleven. I was delighted at last to meet the friend who has been such an inspiration to Alice B. Very sorry to hear that she has been ill at Geneva, that may account for my not hearing. Rested & slept in the afternoon. Pretty lazy after a… W. out for Whist and I went to prayer meeting. Good to see Mr. Gregg lead again.

September, Thursday 6. 1888.
Sewed in bed from six to seven, before and after breakfast felt rather uncomfortable. W. & Effie move the contents of [mine] closet to closets upstairs. I had to seek relief in hammock. Slept on piazza most of the morning. The men came at one o'clock to begin on the cellar, it sounded as if the house would be shaken from its foundation. My p.m. not very comfortable either, stayed on W's bed nearly all the time. AS W. had finished Robert Elsmere, I read thru' the few remaining chapters, a remarkable story. Miss [Donaghe] called before I had dressed for dinner. As it was a boiled one I could not partake. W. & I went to reading in Opera House given by Miss Cowell. We enjoyed.

September, Friday 7. 1888.
Dear little Nathan is five years old to-day. Cool bright a.m. I had to put on woolen dress again. Up in good enough season to fix my room for sweeping. W. & I breakfasted at 8:30. Read & wrote & crocheted before German. Lesson in zoology before G. Miss Stewart brought in soft shelled crab to ask if we knew what to take out! I mailed letters to Alice Blanchard, Mrs. Eastman & Miss Starr, and did my errands just before lunch, W. returning with me. He took a nap of 40 minutes before returning to Bank. I took a good rest, reading September Century. Much interested in Mr. Arthur Gilman's article. I was in hammock when W. came to dinner in good season. We called on Mrs. Meredith & Mr. & Mrs. Sanford, then W. out for Whist & I to bed.

September, Saturday 8. 1888.
Warm bright a.m. I took breakfast alone. Mr. Weitbrec (?) called before W. was up so he went up to W's little bedroom and visited there. I had just returned from few errands when Mrs. Meredith came in for a few books. Effie & I put insect powder on the beds, then I settled down, resting & crocheting till lunch. Mrs. Burleigh & Miss [Marty] Barlow called after lunch, making me a little hurried in getting ready for services of laying corner stone at our church. W. went to exercises with me. The first of the kind I ever attended. Telegram from Mrs. Orten, saying she would arrive at 3 a.m. W. & I planned to have a carriage meet them, so that they should not stay in station till daylight. I went to bed early.

September, Sunday 9. 1888.
W. slept right thru the time that Mrs. Orten & Albert arrived. I slipped on wrapper to greet them, and we were all quietly resting again at 4 o'clock. Breakfast at nine. Mrs. O. Albert & I went to church. Mr. Woodruff preached from 1 Peter 2nd Chapter first & second verses. "Wherefore laying aside all malice and all guile and hypocrisies and envies, and all evil speakings, as newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word that ye may grow thereby." I did not stay to S.S. I had a letter from Miss Woolsey. Soon after lunch we drove to Manitou. Up the Iron Springs to the first falls in Ute Pass and then home by the Garden of the Gods. Mrs. Orten & Albert seemed to enjoy it all very much. A beautiful afternoon. W. the first to go to sleep, but wrote & read afterwards. We went up at nine.

September, Monday 10. 1888.
Up at 6:30 and felt quite like our trip to Denver. Planned work for the day before breakfast which came at 8:30. Delighted that we have another pleasant day. We took the 10:10 train after doing a few errands down town, the cars pretty warm and we could not get seats together. We had a pleasant rest & good lunch at the Albany, at soon after 2 o'clock were driving around the city. Mrs. Hobson was at home and kindly went with us. I had not known Capital Hill. We saw a great deal before four o'clock when we took our train home. The mountains beautiful as long as daylight lasted. I was very glad to find note from Anne, she & W. have not been well. Effie had our rooms lighted and our dinner good. We sat up till ten. W. had an engagement.

September, Tuesday 11. 1888.
Cooler than yesterday much to my pleasure as I decided to go to Pueblo with Mrs. Orten & Albert to see a little more of them and that they might have the benefit of my pass, as their tickets were not good till there. I enjoyed their visit very much. Did not have to wait long for a return train. I was home soon after 4 o'clock. Stopped at club so as to tell W. of my return. Found good long letter from "Kitten," pretty tired but it was good to get fresh before dinner. Soon afterwards I was fast asleep on lounge. W. worked over papers and then went out to Republican meeting to see Mr. Steele, etc. he was surprised to find me on lounge when he returned. We went upstairs together after midnight. I hope Mrs. O. & A. will get to Cal. safely.

September, Wednesday 12. 1888.
Awoke & stayed up at six o'cl'k, after making acc'ts wrote to R. & A. Nice bright morning, leaves falling rapidly thru' dryness. I ate breakfast alone. W. did not have his till nearly ten. He did not go to Pueblo after all, but as I had planned to have my dinner at noon, I did not change. A very busy a.m. in downstairs store closet. Just at one Miss Hattie came in and brought me my copy of … A note from Anne saying she was well again. W. had men here during p.m. so we did not rest long on lounge downstairs. I dressed and called on Mrs. Hatch but did not find her. Stopped at Mrs. Meredith's on my way home. I fully intended to go to meeting. Waiting for W. to start but fell asleep on lounge.

September, Thursday 13. 1888.
Beautiful but rather warm morning. I mended before breakfast which I took alone at 8:30. W. had his very late. I studied German and crocheted some before lunch. Mrs. Solly called and asked me to drive to Cheyenne Mts. to call on Miss Brinley. I took a good nap before Mrs. S. came. Pleasant wagonet, but up one of the hill one of the horses balked. We did not know as we should get up. Dr. A. said all his horses were behaving the same way. Poor Mrs. A. had another of her severe headaches and we could not see her. Beautiful drive home. W. & I called on Mr. & Mrs. [Thatcher] after dinner and then stopped in to hear reading at Mr. Peck's church. Good letter from Nathan at noon.

September, Friday 14. 1888.
We were all aroused early by high furious wind; it came up before daylight. Effie up to close windows. We all went to sleep again. I had breakfast along at 8:30. W. not up till after 10. I had good letters from Poppy and Sister Margaret. Out on errands before German. Went to lesson but Miss Ehrliche did not appear, so I came away at 12. I worked at check books till lunch, then took a good rest in hammock. Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Noble called; so I did not accomplish much in p.m. beside m reading. William brought Mr. "[Fitz=mae]" into dinner, rather to my dismay, as I was not feeling very well especially to entertain so deaf a man. They both went down town early. … I lost my dinner soon after!

September, Saturday 15. 1888.
I was awake in pretty good season and nearly finished afghan before getting up. W. had his breakfast a little later than I had mine. We walked down together, after doing my errands we ran across each other again and he was ready to start for Pueblo so I walked to station with him, his train was late so we had pleasant time waiting for it, watching the beautiful Mts. [Soon] with us. W. & I both weighed, he 161, I 152 lbs. Both considerably less than we have been for some time. After I had said good bye, I called on Miss Gilman. So clad to see her & Serena again. After solitary lunch I had a good long nap on lounge in hall. Mrs. Meredith called, also Mrs. Lansing. William not home for dinner. I went up to bed at eight, but mended for a while afterwards.

September, Sunday 16. 1888.
William arrived at 5 o'clock! I was up to greet him. Shut our blinds and he slept till lunch time. I went to church but did not stay to S.S. as Mrs. Gregg was there. Mr. Gregg preached from Genesis 13:2 & Luke 16:23. Abraham & Lazarus, the helps & hindrances that riches & poverty can give. I read [unions] before falling asleep in hammock, had a good long nap. Mr. & Miss Gilman & Serena called after five o'clock. I kept Serena to dinner & W. & I took her home at half past seven. W. off again at 11 p.m. I had three letters, Mamma, Annie & Aunt Mollie. Very glad of all. I say up till W. left, tho' I fell asleep in chair while he was busy writing.

September, Monday 17. 1888.
Beautiful a.m. did not begin mending till six thirty. Made clothes list for Jennie which I had soon after 8. I did not get to the home letters till 10 o'clock. I wrote to Mamma on business and short notes to Anne & Nathan. After lunch got into the hammock and had a fall in it, giving my spine quite a hit. I trust there is no serious injury done. After that I took the rest of my … up stairs. Miss Hattie came to see me and ask us to go with her house tomorrow night to hear Miss Noble & her sister play and sing. Miss[ Ehliccher] also was to play and Dr. Pennington on violin. William home from Pueblo in good season but quite tired, he took a nap before dinner. After a short read in the papers he went out for the Whist Tournament.

September, Tuesday 18. 1888.
Up in good season and attended to various little duties before breakfast, back a little lame from yesterday's fall. I walked down with W. after his late breakfast and did some of the ordering for Thursday's dinner. German lesson to-day finishing no XI. Rested on lounge before lunch. William brought letters to me from Miss Woolsey and Mamma and one to Effie from Katie saying she would not return to us this winter; of course we are very sorry. I hope we shall be successful in filling A's place. Miss Bradford called to see W. & me. A delightful in p.m. after it was over I washed my hair, hardly dry for dinner. W. & I went into Miss Stewart's. I had a nap on lounge first. We had a good time, did not return till midnight!

September, Wednesday 19. 1888
Slept till after 7:30, but had my breakfast at usual hour. After W. had his later, I went down town with him in the hope of getting some message from Mrs. Bell, who declined to come to our dinner because her husband would not be home. W. did not succeed at telephone. I called at Miss Gilman's, she was out. Saw little Serena instead and Mr. Gilman. Finished [letter out] cream colored polonaise which Effie will press for me. Poor W's tooth still very troublesome. He decided at lunch to have the nerve killed. The dentist kept him nearly two hours so we did not start on our drive to Manitou till 4:30. W. very much better for the work done in his mouth. We called on Mrs. Meredith after dinner, then I went to meeting. Was too sleepy to get much good. Dear Papa's birthday, have thots and talked much of him. Wrote to Mamie & Kitten.

September, Thursday 20. 1888.
Cool bright a.m. I worked in bed till nearly eight so as not to get too tired with the wedding & dinner on hand for to-day. I studied German in a.m., and rested before lunch. Mr. … called afterwards and kept W. from dressing for church wedding as soon as he otherwise would. Miss Gilman & Serena called for me and we went ahead of W. who joined us in Church afterwards. The ceremony very prompt, bridesmaids simply dressed in pink & blue gowns. Miss Bradford had very handsome long silk gown with old lace on it and an heirloom pin. We did not go to Reception. After a few errands I rested till our dinner company arrived. Mrs. Bell, Mr. & Mrs. Wellesley, Mr. & Miss Gilman & Mr. Steele. Short evening. Fire at midnight took W. out just as he had returned.

September, Friday 21. 1888.
I slept till 7 o'clock but had breakfast without dear W. who slept much later. I used my tea ball for the first time and it worked well so I shall keep it in practice. We had a good German lesson, before it I ordered white rose for baby's funeral at Mr. & Mrs. Peck. We feel very sorry for their loss in a little son. I did my errands before lunch and then called for W. at Bank, he wrote note to Judge Hallett while there, as soon as I had eaten my [brie??] I went into the touching services at Mr. Peck's personage. The baby looked very sweet in the last sleep. I read on lounge upstairs and fell asleep. Mrs. Waters called before I had dressed; after she had gone I began my first baby article, little Jacket. W. fell asleep so we did not make the calls we planned after dinner.

September, Saturday 22. 1888.
Up in pretty good season and put away some summer clothes before breakfast. William had later breakfast than I, but I say with him and made his tea; then we went out together 1st to 117 South Weber to see who it was that advertised as an experienced cook - it proved to be Mary May. We inquired of Mrs. Follet about who said she was the best cook in town but "crazy"! We asked Mr. Stedman to ask Annie Langley to call, but she made no appearance. I staid out, returning Mr. Gregg's atlas and having pleasant call at Mr. Gregg's and Mrs. Parsons. Too tired to go out at once after lunch. Soon fell asleep on lounge and did not rouse till callers came. Mrs. Sanford, Miss Farnham and Mrs. & Miss Mardeu. After dinner W. called with me on Mr. & Mrs. Lunt and at the Otis's, the latter not at home. W. out later.

September, Sunday 23. 1888.
Overcast cool and damp morning for this climate. I studied S.S. Lesson in bed. W. told me to wake him up for 9 o'clock breakfast so that Effie could go to church as well as Annie. The sun came out warm and beautiful at 10 o'clock. W. bust writing. Ned Adams called wit h note from Miss Brinley, saying they are forlorn at the ranch and would be glad of light literature. Ned took about six books. Mr. Gregg preached a good short sermon on "I, Paul, a prisoner of Jesus Christ." Eph. 4:1. W. bro't notes from Anne & K. K. said they were very lonely because R. had gone, but did not say one word about his plans supposing he had written. She is probably at VC herself to-day. I read and wrote before dinner but couldn't nap. Mr. Steele and Mrs. Meredith called.

September, Monday 24. 1888.
Cool bright morning, it is a great delight to feel so perfectly well again; I mended for W. and then ripped and enlarged olive silk dress. I took breakfast alone. W. did not have his very late. I help him in reading over some Pueblo matter, he was off there all day. After my errands I called on Miss Gilman, found her ill with Summer trouble, but looking so pretty on the lounge I did not leave her till twelve. Finished notes to Anne, K. and Mamma without hearing further about R's movements. Made out clothes list for Jennie. Studied and rested on W's bed till Mrs. Hamp called. I enjoyed her visit. Sewed on olive waist till dark. W. home from Pueblo for dinner. We had a happy time, he went out at 8 p.m. & I to bed. Annie would like to leave Oct. 1st but we cannot spare her so soon.

September, Tuesday 25. 1888.
W. and I slept together, as I was awake when he came home last night. I was up for good at six o'clock, the sun rose red. Glad to be up early to read, write, sew & study German before breakfast. Out on errands before lesson, which none of us knew properly as it was too long. I started for Mrs. Parsons at noon, but met Mr. P. on the way , so gave him my message about their Carrie Olleson. After lunch W. and I walked up to Mrs. Metcalf's, they stay at Park thru' October so we may go next month, then we both went to Mrs. P. and saw Carrie O. and said we should like to have her come to us. I did not have much time to rest as Mrs. Montague called and Dr. & Mrs. Bell came to dinner. We were all a little late to the minstrels, which were entertaining but pretty long.

September, Wednesday 26. 1888.
Mr…. here and we not up…. Hurried down, both tired after last night's late performance. I had no errands to take me out so I sewed quietly at home, disappointed to have nothing from home. Mr. Steele came into lunch. I was reading and resting when W. came up about four with the horses, he had a note from Mrs. Conway so wanted to drive over to Manitou to see her and her daughter. Beautiful afternoon to be out and was delighted to take my exercise in that way. Miss Mildred had gone to the Peak, so we saw only Mrs. C. I invited them to lunch on Sunday. I could not go to meeting as W. went out and I had to stay to see Carrie. She brought word that she was going elsewhere. I am sorry.

September, Thursday 27. 1888.
Cool fresh a.m. Effie and Annie washed as the yard is free again. I had errands and went down as soon as W. had his breakfast, he left on 11:36 for Grand Junction. I walked much. Saw Mrs. Risley & Mr. Steele, invited them to meet the Conway's. I had noon dinner, still no letter explaining R's sudden departure. My afternoon rest interrupted by calls from Mrs. [Mellen] and Mrs. & Miss Conway, the latter's plans are changed and they wish to come here Sunday noon to lunch, now I hope W. will be home to help entertain them. Afternoons very short now, so little day light. After my solitary tea I worked a while on baby's jacket, but went up early. Sorry to miss Mrs. Thayer & her son.

September, Friday 28. 1888.
Awake in good season and cut ten new button holes in brown checked dress as to make it larger and more comfortable. Studied my German after breakfast, enjoyed translating; at 10:30 I went out on errands which kept me till lesson time, the hour went very quickly. I walked to Mrs. Risley's to tell her of change in plans, did not succeed in getting in and had no card. We all had fish dinner at noon, the girls busy ironing. I was not sleepy tho' I rested and read on lounge & then worked on button holes, finished them. Mrs. Gilman called and brought a note from Alice asking if we would go quietly to tea Sunday evening to meet Mr. Salen. I told Mrs. G. "Yes" if dear W. is back. I say up till after eight a little and yet missed seeing Mrs. Bert & sister.

September, Saturday 29. 1888.
I wrote to Anne, Mamie & Kitten & Nathan before breakfast, also straightened accounts. Effie brought me some milk & crackers which I enjoyed but, alas, they did not agree with me. The first upset I've had for some weeks. It did not interfere with enjoyment of my later breakfast. I say out on piazza and translated advance German, at it longer than I anticipated, then I went up to Saturday's mending. Stockings & flannels for both W. & me. After lunch I threw myself on W's bed, had a good little nap, then finished "Roderick Hudson" before getting up to dress. My new Adler came and delighted me. I hope it will used a great deal. Another dinner without W. Mr. Steele came in to ask if I would not go to Mrs. Bell's "Housewarming" after all. As I knew W. could not come, I consented to go with him & Mrs. Risley.

September, Sunday 30. 1888.
The party very pretty. We did not get home till after midnight, so very tired in morning, only got up in time to call on Miss Gilman to say we could not go to her house for tea, none of them could come to our little lunch for Mrs. & Miss Conway. I was glad Mrs. Risley did not desert me. Mr. Gregg preached from Isaiah 42:16, "And I will bring the blind by a way that they have not known." I did not stay to S.S. as all classes seemed to be supplied with a teacher. Telegram from dear W. saying he would be home for dinner. My guests did not go till after 4, then Miss Richards of Washington called. While resting William came, very tired and dusty, so went into … first of all. He had young men callers. We both went to bed in good season.

October, Monday 1. 1888.
Both of us slept sound and well until after nine o'clk! My breakfast a little before ten. I did not go out on necessary errands till nearly noon, had clothes to put away, list to make, etc. first. Went first to Bank to leave book & draw check. Wrote out checks till lunch. W. off for Denver on 4 p.m. train, but he went first with me to Miss Gilman. Mr. Salter had gone so W. went right off. I stayed an hour nearly, apple party with dear Serena! And I saw Mrs. [Horsford] and engaged her for a month or six weeks as cook. A great relief to have filled A's place. While E. was out I took down rules from Annie for [wine] jelly and tomato [bisk]. We had simple evening meal of baked potatoes, etc. as I had broiled chicken for lunch. As W. away I went up to bed early. Studied German till too sleepy.

October, Tuesday 2. 1888.
I was up about seven. Effie & A. did the washing so I fixed my room. Very busy looking over fall gowns till German which we had in Mr. Steele's room. On my return from there found the house in a state of upset. Things being taken down from hall. Rested till about 3 o'clk when I went out on my errands and called on Helen Evans and Alice G. Found A. still forlorn. Called also on Mrs. Meredith, Mrs. Martin & Mrs. Humphrey. A telegram from W. at home, saying we should start our trip to-morrow night, so I went down again to have another order at Brigham's. W's train late. We went to Mr… reading at our church, in time for II Part, he had a good audience this time. Both of us pretty tired.

October, Wednesday 3. 1888.
I slept till 8 and W. till after 9; we breakfasted at 9:30. The locks to our doors fixed before we went down town. My errands did not take me long, but very busy with preparations for leaving at home. We did not have lunch till 2 p.m. I rested on lounge while mended W's and my clothes. I had a note from A. but she referred to R's sudden departure and that was all, so I am still in suspense! I wrote postal cards to Po'Keepsie, Wolfeboro and Taunton. Annie bust with chickens, … , bread & cake for our trip. Effie busy cleaning up after pull carpet, etc. taken up. Our house quite torn up! Mrs. Gregg called to ask us to dinner & to meet Pres. & Mrs. Slocum. Sorry we were to be away on that account. We did a few errands on our way to Mrs. Solly's. Mrs. Lunt's reading very interesting.

October, Tuesday 4. 1888.
Judge Hallett sat up till the train reached Colo Spgs. Very glad Mr. Bent could go with us. I went to bed as soon after eleven as possible & pretty tired; great pleasure to have a car to ourselves. We breakfasted at Salida about seven. Encountered much snow on our way over the pass, the whiteness & yellow leaves formed an unusual contrast. Little Lucius Hallett a very good traveler. The great altitude made me quite sleepy. I just had to take a nap soon after ten o'clock. We all took a lunch of grapes before reaching Gunnison, [thus] in time for a good dinner. The three gentlemen soon off for their first fishing. Mrs. H. & I too tired to go. I threw myself on bed and slept till six. Surprised to find it dark on waking. Supper at seven and whist after tea. Mr. B. & W. played cribbage afterwards. I crocheted.

October, Friday 5. 1888.
Some sunshine early, but before we had gone far toward the fishing grounds it began to rain hard. The gentlemen except Mr. Ridgway and his son fished very little during the morning. W. & Mr. Bent played cribbage. Mrs. H. & I visited crocheted and read together. Little Lucius very bright and good. Lunch time came round before we knew it. I helped George get out contributions from one basket which with good hot roast beef and potatoes made a very good dinner which passed off very pleasantly. It cleared after dinner and the gentlemen had a fine time. A real autumnal p.m. Mrs. H. & I took good walk. Came home for a seven o'cl'k tea and all of us ate as if that was our first bite of the day! Mrs. H. & I decided to take first train home in the morning. The gentlemen played, we crocheted & talked till 9:30.

October, Saturday 6. 1888.
Cloudy fall looking morning. W. glad the Salt Lake train was late, he had a longer sleep for it. We had a good breakfast and did not start for home till 9 a.m. It cleared off and first part of our journey bright & pleasant. Snow going over the pass, a desolate looking spot at this season of the year. We took dinner at Salida, but for W. I would have left my cape. As it was my cloves went under the table and "out of sight, out of mind." It rained while going thru' Royal Gorge. I had a good rest and finished "Mexican Girl" of which I do not think much. We reached the Springs about seven, really sorry to take leave of Judge & Mrs. Hallett and their dear bright little Lucius. Mr. Bent came up to tea with us. Open pinon fire greeted us & very welcome. Mr. Woodruff called.

October, Sunday 7. 1888.
Cold chilly morning, because of severe in back end of spine I decided not to go to church. Effie went to first services in her new church. Annie out to her church. I let dear W. sleep as late as he could, he did not have his breakfast till after eleven. Poor Mr. & Mrs. White have lost their only son. W. put on dark suit so as to go to the funeral at two. He brought up mail before lunch. Mr. Thayor returned my gloves. I had a good note from Nathan & glad of Mamie's last night, and one from S.F. R. talking about Kitten. Read on lounge in my room till 4 p.m. Then wrote to Mamie & N. W. had a nap on lounge before dinner; afterwards we read "Jack the Fisherman" or rather I read it aloud to W.; then he went up to Mr. Giddings & I to bed.

October, Monday 8. 1888.
Bright cool a.m. Effie & Annie washed. Mr… called before we had gone down to breakfast.; he said his wife & children will be home Wednesday so Annie will go to Denver to-morrow. I was out on errands till eleven. Mrs. Meredith and her son called, also Mrs. Hill and gave me beautiful presents from Mrs. Helm and Miss Stewart, a copper & silver tray and a ostrich feather fan. Mrs. Solly came to invite us to Helen's wedding on Wednesday. Mrs. Bent's children here at lunch time. Miss Metcalf called in the afternoon to see about our going to the Park. Mr. Steele came in to dinner, our open fire very acceptable. I sewed on and finished one of Mamma's black slippers, which I started on our trip last week.

October, Tuesday 9. 1888.
German absorbed most of my time till 11:30 and then came the [recitation]. Dr. Pennington and Mrs. Holm both in the class which made it very pleasant. Annie left us this morning. W. saw her off at depot. He came pretty late to lunch. I rested before it and afterwards we both dressed and went to reception at College given to President & Mrs. Slocum, a very good assembly of people and the speeches all good. W. made a short one. We went to see how Mrs. Bent was before going to informal dinner at Mrs. Touzalin's. Very sorry to find Mr. T. unable to be down. Mrs. Risley there. Surprised to see Miss Corkhill back again. We had very enjoyable evening. Mrs. T. very pretty in a new loose gown.

October, Wednesday 10. 1888.
Beautiful day for Helen Evans Quaker wedding. Morning very short after W's late breakfast. I had only time to write to dear Kitten, then I dressed to go to Dr. Solly's. Every detail well planned at the noon wedding. The service simple but duly impressive. William read the certificate after they had said their … to each other. About 35 present. A very pleasant occasion. Lunch served at two long tables, we were at the bride's table. Helen looked very sweet and appeared well. I called on Miss Gilman and Mrs. Hill before coming home. Cold very hard to-day. I took a nap before dinner so was able to go to meeting. Mr. Harvey in to dine with us - a Scotchman.

October, Thursday 11. 1888.
Beautiful a.m. but I slept till 7:30, all the contents of storeroom moved out before I was dressed. A great hammering and racket which did not disturb W's sleep. We breakfasted at a little after nine. I wrote to Anne, at last, and then mended till lunch. Out on errands after lunch, and then rested till time to get ready for Miss Hill's tea. Miss Stewart and I poured the refreshments, or rather presided at the table. I enjoyed pouring tea and seeing the people very much. W. came up about five, we did not go away till after six. Mrs. … very pretty in a foreign gown. We did not care for much dinner. W. had to go out. I threw myself on lounge and slept till his return, he brought me a good letter from Kitten at last. She is happy at VC.

October, Friday 12. 1888.
Pretty tired & sleepy, so did not get up till after seven. Mary W. here to-day to help Effie and to clean kitchens etc. I had to study German. The lesson interesting. A Mr. Dame came into lunch. Miss Gilman called but I did not know it till she had gone. Mary tho't I was out. I had a good nap on lounge in my room. Dear W. did not come up with horses to go to the Cheyenne Mt. ranches till nearly four just as the whistles and bells were making a fiendish noise at the completion of Rock Island. We saw Dr. & Mrs. Adams, both better but looked very sad. Miss Brinley bright and well. Fortunately we had a seven o'clock dinner. W. had to work at Bank and I went up to bed in good season.

October, Saturday 13. 1888.
Mrs. … came to-day. We had breakfast at 9 o'cl'k. I hurried over letting out my gray cloth suit which was most suitable gown to wear to the Park. I had letter from Anne which I did not have time to open till on the cars. Very much delighted at the news it contained. We can be in fullest sympathy with each other till next Spring! She had seen Mamma & R. who did not go to England after all. Miss Agnes Metcalf met us at Manitou Park Station. Enjoyed the seven mile drive to their interesting camp. The "peak" very white. Pleasant afternoon out boating with the girls. We rowed quite a little. Mr. Metcalf not well but came to dinner & played pool afterwards which W. enjoyed. I had to retire soon after nine. W. came later.

October, Sunday 14. 1888.
Glorious morning in this beautiful spot. Calm, clean and cool! I started fire in stove in our room as it was pretty chilly, had to take an early walk, tho' my cold is nearly gone. W. slept till 8:30. After our pleasant 9 o'clock breakfast W. & Mr. Metcalf talked in sun on piazza, while the rest of us stayed before the great open fire. Towards noon there was singing; then Miss Mary & Miss Anges, Mr. Anderson, W. & I started off on a walk. I had to rest part way. W. & Miss Mary the only ones to climb the hill. Views beautiful. We did not get back to camp till three o'clock, after lunch I rested till dinner time. W. also took a nap. The evening very pleasant. We were given an insight in the girls experiences in Germany. The little girls to bed early.

October, Monday 15. 1888.
I awoke in good season. Lizzie came in and started fire; I finished the sewing on my waist. Not any worse for losing my dinner last night. We had a cozy & short morning. Mrs. Metcalf & I worked while the others played Pool. We had to leave a little before twelve, the ride over to station delightful. I discovered I had left my fancy work so I sent a note back to Mrs. Metcalf by John. We did not reach home till three o'clock. W. went right to Bank. I had list to make for Jennie, clothes to put away etc. so did not rest much before dressing in black lace gown for evening Whist party. W. fixed himself before dinner. Just two tables at Mrs. Waters and the evening pleasant except that I was very tired.

October, Tuesday 16. 1888.
Bright cool a.m. W. & I slept till 9 o'clock, so breakfast pretty late. I did not go out on errands till nearly noon. Miss Hattie called to say that German would not meet as Miss Eh… was ill. It gave me relief as I did not know lesson and wanted to write to Mamma. Major [Hulbert] came lunch, after he and W. had gone I fell asleep in [change], finally roused enough to get on to sofa where I stayed till nearly dinner time, in consequence, I felt beautifully rested for making calls with W.; we took car to Mrs. Touzalin. She & her husband were at dinner so did not see them. Then we found Pres. & Mrs. Slocum & had a very pleasant time there. We did not see Mr. & Mrs. Gregg but found Mr. Gilman & Alice at home.

October, Wednesday 17. 1888.
Awoke quite rested at six o'clock, so rose and stayed up. An overcast a.m. W would like rain, except for our house. I read and wrote till breakfast. German to-day instead of yesterday. Miss E… did not seem very well & happy. I am afraid she & her sister are discouraged. W. home punctually, he took a nap downstairs, I upstairs. I began "That [lass of …]" and became much interested in it. Too tired to go out in afternoon. Rested for meeting. Mr. … into dinner, so I was a little late in getting out. Mr. Gregg finished Revelation. Mr. Slocum made very good remarks. I finished Kitten's letter before going up to bed. I hope she received the one I wrote her last week. Mr. & Mrs. Sweet called to ask us to dinner to-morrow night. W. postponed going to Denver till Friday a.m. that he might accept.

October, Thursday 18. 1888.
I was awake in good season and attacked old black silk waist, letting it out. I took breakfast alone & went out on errands before calling William. After he had gone, I sewed and studied till lunch time. It grew rainy and chilly during afternoon. I took a good read on lounge and then fixed dark olive silk for evening. Miss Hattie called to say that Miss Ehrlicher was ill again and could not take her class to-morrow. Miss H. also kindly asked me to lunch to-morrow when she knew W. was to leave me. We were in good season for a pleasant and cozy dinner at Mr. & Mrs. Tinet's. We came away a little before nine as W. had a call to make at the Antlers.

October, Friday 19. 1888.
Beautiful beautiful morning. W. up in good season. We had breakfast at 8:30; as soon as I cold afterwards, I put on gray cloth suit and went out on calls. I did not find Miss Pitkin of Miss Bessie Price. I had a pleasant talk with Miss Touzalin, called on Mrs. Noble & Mrs. Hill on my way home. W. took [went] to Denver & I had a very pleasant time at lunch at Miss Stewart's. I came away soon after two and by the time I could get on the lounge found myself some tired. I did not take a nap knowing I could go to bed early. I had a solitary dinner. No William returned to me. I mended and then came up stairs in good season.

October, Saturday 20. 1888.
Cloudy snowy looking a.m., just the kind of one to settle down to hard work. I took my black silk waist in hand and finished it by noon. Effie kindly pressed that and my green dress for me. I did a few errands before lunch. Read & rested and sewed during the afternoon. Mrs. Hamp the only caller; I had a sweet letter from Aunt Molly. I ate my boiled dinner alone - the telegram came from W. saying he would not be home till the late train. I took a hot bath and went to bed early but woke when W. came.

October, Sunday 21. 1888.
Very cold morning. Up in good season. Read union before church. W. did not breakfast with me. Pres. Slocum preached very good sermon from John I:4, "His life was the light of men." Mrs. Gregg conducted S.S. I staid and took a class of girls. W. bro't me a good letter from Kitten which I answered after lunch. She was very happy in the news I wrote her. I wrote also to Mamie & Annie as I did not feel like sleeping. A cozy fire in my room. It looked like snow outside. William read aloud after the War Article but I fell asleep too soon to hear much of it.

October, Monday 22. 1888.
Cool morning, but bright. No snow storm. After my household errands were done, I put away some summer clothing. Mrs. Meredith made quite a long calls, she & her son have move into a cottage. Miss Gilman & Serena also came to see me. So morning very short. Studied German till lunch. I had to dress in good season for meeting of Book Club at Alice's, only five of the ten members present. I stayed out till nearly dinner time. W. brought word that his gentlemen would probably not come to dinner, so I gave invitations at once to Mrs. Helm, Miss Hattie, Mr. & Mrs. Hill & Mr. [Beninger]. I called on Miss [Pastinus] & Miss Ehrliche, found the latter better. W. out and I pretty tired from all my tramping, so went to bed early.

October, Thursday 23. 1888.
Very cold morning. I was up in good season so started fire in our stove. Wm. slept alone, hence I put my room in order before breakfast, as I knew Effie would be most busy with dinner party preparations. I had quick errands, then I wrote to Alice's to inquire about Mrs. … as Mary could not come. Mrs. Solly took Serena & me in her buggy as we started out for our walk and thru' her kindness I found Eliza Downs for evening help, and had a charming drive all over town. Beautiful, beautiful day. I took a good nap in afternoon: William read aloud a little while after lunch. Our table look very pretty and Effie served as delightfully as usual. W. tho't it a good dinner, tho' he does not wholly like English cooking. Dr. Pennington came in Judge Hallet's place, who could not come from Denver.

October, Wednesday 24. 1888.
Much warmer morning. I was up to stay soon after six. I am always surprised to find how long it takes me to put away and attend W's & my clothes. Changed cover to cushion, making … to go with red watch case of W. as it all looks [warmer]. After my errands I settled down to a very enjoyable study of German, of nearly two hours. After lunch W. & I took a walk to Mrs. Meredith's and found them comfortably settled in a nice cottage. Rested a short time on my return before going to German class from 4-5. Miss E's sister took it; we had our first lesson in review. Dinner punctual because of our going to political meeting in Opera House. Mr. Gregg presided. Judge Ward and Mr. E. [Olvolcott] were speakers.

October, Thursday 25. 1888.
Cold a.m. W. up pretty late so I did not get the sun that I wanted to dry my hair, however I washed it and then lighted fire in my little stove and got along very well. Our first snow storm came at noon. I attacked little chair cover, leaving a little darker one for this season. A note from Miss Gilman asking us to dine with them Saturday to meet Pres. & Mrs. Slocum. I kept Serena a little while when she and Mary came back for my answer. The Misses Pitkin called and soon after they went. Mrs. Thayer kindly came to take me to … I wore my seaslskin & found it most comfortable. Mrs. stormy but very fine. W. out in evening about 8 o'clock when I was glad to bed.

October, Friday 26. 1888.
Comfortable a.m. very bright and beautiful. I fixed room for sweeping and mended mats, it was a much longer piece of work than I anticipated. I did not finish them till noon. Mr. Chas & Mr. Walter Hinchman called during morning, also Mrs. Meredith. I was made happy by letters from Mamma & Richie in morning mail. Mrs. Touzalin & Miss Corkhill & Mrs. McAllister with a Quaker lady Lydia Price called in the p.m. I did not have time for any resting or making any calls. I went thru some household trunks. Effie most busy cleaning up stairs. House progressing. Judge Hallett did not come to dinner. W. took very little & went to Antlers early when I came to bed.

October, Saturday 27. 1888.
Cold a.m. W. did not return from Rock Island Banquet till nearly daylight so I took breakfast alone and did not wake him till nearly ten o'clock. German lesson from 11:30 till twelve. W. brought Col. [Lanborn] to lunch. I had never met him and was interested in his visit. He did not go till nearly four so I decided not to make calls and was to tired to go with my letter-writing. Mrs. Tucker called. After resting upstairs, sewed awhile. W. home pretty late to dress for Alice's dinner, but we reached … just as Mr. & Mrs. Slocum did. Our evening very pleasant. Came away at ten o'clock. I had a scare about Aunt Molly's bracelet but found it on porch.

October, Sunday 28. 1888.
Early a.m. very cold but very warm by 10 o'clock. W. & I breakfasted together. Soon after 9 I read Xtian Union until church time. Mr. Gregg preached very good sermon on the selfish neighbors and the unjust Judge. I stayed to S.S. but came away early as W. had invited Mr… & Mr. James Parrish to lunch. We had a noon dinner which I enjoyed in their company very much. They did not go till four o'clock after which I … till nearly tea time, helping W. a little with his signatures on Silverton papers. After tea we called on Dr. & Mrs. A. but saw only Miss Brinley. Did not find Mr. & Mrs. Hagerman or Mr. Metcalf so saw the Touzalins & Mr. & Mrs. Waters.

October, Monday 29. 1888.
Bright warm morning. I slept till nearly 8 o'clock because of going to bed late last night. After cleaning rooms, mending & making out clothes list, I wrote to Mamma & R. & cards to A. N. & K., and sent order to Phila about having Papa's picture enlarged. I did not get out on errands till after lunch. Much relieved to have a note from Anne after two weeks silence & check came from Mr. Fiske. Pretty tired when I came in from down town, so rested till W. brought Mr. James Parrish in and our evening was cozy and pleasant. I worked on baby's jacket. Dean & Mrs. Bartlett made a short call. W. asked me as Mr. P. was going to go to the Loan Exhibition, but could not.

October, Tuesday 30. 1888.
I had rather a restless night for me, but awoke and rose at my usual hour. Read and studied before breakfast which W. & I took after nine. I packed his bag & shawl strap for this journey on the parries, and after lunch packed two baskets of food for him to take. German lesson, but few members present in class. I rested till W. went, then cleaned up a little in the hall. Mrs. Peck called. She seems very brave since the loss of her little boy. After my solitary dinner, I sewed away on towels and was delighted to have my loneliness broken by a call from Mr. & Mrs. Slocum whom we both like very much indeed.

October, Wednesday 31. 1888.
Awake earlier than usual, the morning most brilliant before sunrise. Cheyenne very fine, then everything grew gray & somber. I wrote and sewed in bed, as I was alone. Finished letters to Mrs. Hillen & Sister Alice. Out soon after breakfast, called on Mrs. … whom I did not see, and Miss Woodbury, then did errands and took a car to Dr. Adams. I found him in bed but he kindly advised me on going East etc. I then took car to Mrs. Touzalin's where I took lunch and stayed to see her pretty little things. Went to Missionary meeting. Called on Mrs. & Misses Metcalf and then came home to rest. Mrs. Thayer had left invitation for me to go there in evening, so I was out again. Mr. Thayer came home with me.

November, Saturday 3. 1888. [Written on Thursday 1]
I was not up very early breakfast in solitude at 8:30. I enjoyed Serena's chicken's egg very much. I went out early to thank her for it, after errands called to ask Mrs. Meredith and Chester to keep me company to-morrow at dinner, and then to go to exhibition. On return home made out checks, etc., till noon dinner. I wrote to Anne and Aunt Molly. All the above & below belongs to Thursday, Nov. 1st. I do not know how I skipped two pages! I worked on new skirt all the p.m. and when … came I was too tired to go to Mrs. Noble's music festival. I also declined Mr. Parrish's invitation to dine at the Antlers. Beautiful rain during afternoon. No letter from Anne or Kitten.

November, Friday 2. 1888.
Beautiful, beautiful day. I was out on errands before breakfast, fixing my room for Effie to sweep still earlier. Studied German till 11 o'cl'k, then dressed for class which met here, as turpentine was pretty strong at Miss Hattie's. Mrs. Meredith and Chester came before we had finished, but visit before at and after lunch pleasant. I knotted fringe to one towel. We did not go over to Loan Exhibition until after 3 o'clock. I enjoyed it very much. Mrs. Hatch there. Mrs. Campbell called before visitors had gone. Sorry to have no home letter. Who should come in as I was resting before tea but dear W.; I was perfectly delighted to see him a day earlier than I expected. I went to bed at 8:30, as he had to go out then.

November, Thursday 1. 1888. [Written on Saturday 3]
Good to have dear W. at breakfast again! I was quite disappointed to find that Mr. Busk and Prof. [Agassiz] called last night after all! W. tho't it was safe for me to go to bed, they came about nine o'clock. I felt rather lazy after cleaning up dear W's clothes. So took it quietly all the morning in my own pleasant room on the lounge making out check's, acct's & sewing with pleasant fire to keep me warm. W. oversaw the putting up of stove closet after lunch. Effie & Bessie put old trunks in cellar from the yard. The plasterers cleane4d up their terrible mess before dinner but Effie had to excuse me from callers. I was very sorry to miss Mrs. Hagerman and Mrs. Newberry.

November, Friday 4. 1888.
Bright pleasant morning. After arranging W's clean clothes etc. I read till breakfast which I ate alone as W. slept late and then saw Mr. … up stairs. Major Hullburt called before I went to Church. I left him to wait for W. Communion services very helpful, none joined on confession of faith, but several by letter, among them Pres. & Mrs. Slocum. I took two classes, little and big girls in S.S. Major H. stayed to lunch. I rested on lounge while Wm was out for mail. Mr. Pearson called and stayed to dinner. Grew cold and windy towards night. I was stupid after 8 o'cl'k. Went to sleep on lounge & W. went out to see Mr. Steele, bro't back that Mrs. Touzalin's baby had come!

November, Monday 5. 1888.
All the household aroused at 3 o'clock by fire alarm. I could hardly wake W., finally Effie's rap roused him. She feared it was Mr. Barlow's, so W. dressed and went out as soon as possible. The fire not as bad as would be expected from the furious north wind that was blowing, but the back part of Mr. Barlow's … new home burned. He and the whole family came to breakfast, they were too excited to do justice to the good meal Bessie prepared. I left roses of congratulations for Mrs. Touzalin, she & little daughter doing well. The afternoon very short with reading resting and mending for W.; he had man to see him in evening, so did not go to Loan Exhibition as early as I did. Last day before election.

November, Tuesday 6. 1888.
Beautiful election morning. Mr. Steele fears Cleveland will win. Very much refreshed by our unbroken sleep. I took breakfast early and alone as I wanted W. to sleep as late as possible. I wrote to Caroline & Poppy before studying my German lesson. All members except myself pretty late to class, but out regular teacher back and we accomplished quite a little in grammar & story. I did my errand just before lunch, and W. came up for me; he did not rest after lunch as he was too busy. I had not rested long on lounge when Mr. Touzalin came to see if I would go driving, which was just what I wanted. I was very happy with news of Mrs. T. and the dear baby. Mr. Gregg & Mrs. Severy called. W. out over elections in evening.

November, Wednesday 7. 1888.
W. did not come to bed till morning, so it seemed hard to wake him even at 8:30. Paper announced Harrison's election, but it is not sure. We both took 10:10 train to Denver, and it snowed quite hard on our way up. Mr. Cameron, an ex-Baptist minister who knows Nellie C. stalked a long time to me about Women's College that it to be started in Denver. Very glad of letter from Anne, it seems Mamma is not home yet. After lunch W. had to go right out. I was too lazy for anything except good long loaf with "Letters from Dorothy Osbourne to Sir Wm temple" which I enjoy very much. I wrote to Anne before dinner. W. came in with news that Harrison is practically elected. Good! A close contest.

November, Thursday 8. 1888.
We went to see "Henrietta" so were late in going to bed, and I did not feel very bright this morning until I got out in open air. I called on Mrs. … Mrs. Harlett, Mrs. Toll and Mrs. Hobsin, but did not find them all at home. I enjoyed seein' the babies at … We all lunched at Mrs. Metcalf's table. Mrs. Hallet called and later we all went over the new Club Building, which is very beautiful inside and out. We returned home on 4 o'clock train, a little late so did not get thru' dinner till 8 o'clock. Mr. Gilpin called to see W. and I came up at 9 o'clock. I was very glad to find a note from Nathan and a good long letter from Bert.

November, Friday 9. 1888.
Very cold morning. I woke in pretty good season and started our fire at once. As W. was out late at Mr… celebration. I did not wake him till after ten o'clock. I did a few errands before German lesson, the four members present. Miss Hattie has gone out for the present. I was delighted to receive, at last, a good letter from Kitten, still not word from Mamie or any at home. In p.m. I finished binding one of blankets with red border, there was so much I wanted to do, I did not get to sleep. W. home in pretty good season; he took a little nap before dinner; afterwards we called on Mrs. & Miss Gilman & Mrs. S… The last not at home.

November, Saturday 10. 1888.
Beautiful, beautiful day. I was up early enough before breakfast to wash my hair. Dear W. slept very heavily and very late, so I sat in my nice warm room with sun and fire till nearly noon, mending reading etc. Then I took a good long tramp over town trying to match glass for door in hall, did not succeed. Took a good long rest and read in the p.m.; as I slept I felt much refreshed. A year ago to-day, dear Papa was taken from us in New York. No word about the home plans. W. slept after lunch also, so we felt like going to Mrs. Sanford's for a call at least, it resulted in our staying for a few games of Whist. They are very pleasant.

November, Sunday 11. 1888.
I got up fully intending to go to Church. Read S.S. lesson before breakfast. W. wanted to go to the grave and I was glad to give up usual services for Cheyenne worship. We started about noon with our lunch, the day very calm, warm and beautiful. We found Mr. & Mrs. Dixon in quite a state over a man who would not pay toll on his cattle. We ate most comfortably out-of-doors on side of hill. The canon looks larger every time we visit it. Dear, dear Aunty, how much does she know? On our return found Mr. Dixon's trouble had been amicably settled. Mr. Cameron came about dinner time, so stayed with us. W. & I decided it was best for me not to engage in any work in Denver.

November, Monday 12. 1888.
Another fine a day as yesterday. W.up in good season as he was rested and because he had to go to Denver on 10:10 train. Effie happy because of Belle's and her nephew's safe arrival. I was out on errands till nearly noon, then wrote to R. N. and "Kitten." I had dinner at noon. Fell asleep in reading the (Christ)tian Union; very glad of nap because of going to Miss Hattie's and the reading. Mrs. Sheldon called. I finished "Letters from Dorothy Osborne to Sir Wm Temple" and got "History of Henry II" from Mr. Steele. I had a pleasant dinner with Miss Hattie, and enjoyed the reading from Lowell afterwards. To my surprise found on return that W. came from D. on 7 p.m. train!

November, Tuesday 13. 1888
I had breakfast alone as dear W. not right w Diarrhea (?) last night after seeing me at ten o'clock. I cleaned out ? ? etc.- before studying German. I did not take time for translation, but much enjoyed hearing the others make theirs. Mr. Parrish rather distracted my tho'ts when he returned …, and later on in the day I learned that his little daughter had arrived- a good 10 lb. baby! Before going to Mrs. Goddard's (?) tea I made several calls. A good letter from Katherine with little keepsake from Vienna- and card saying there was another package at P.O. for me. W. home for dinner- but telegram from Judge Hallett afterwards summoning him to Denver as soon as possible.

November, Wednesday 14. 1888
W. had short allowance of sleep. I woke him at 4:10 a.m. as he wanted to take the 4:53 train to Denver. Carriage came to take him to depot. I did not get to sleep after he left, but stayed in bed till six. Bessie & Effie moved my trunks for journey into W's room- so I could get at others and leave them packed for the winter. I did not take breakfast till 9- then out on W's and my own errands till 11- on return acknowledged "Clover"(?) and K's present & wrote to Aunt Molly and Anne. Telegram from W. in p.m. saying he could not be home for Quintette Concert, so I went out on a search for Miss Hattie- found her down town. She came to dinner with me and then went to concert which we both enjoyed- notwithstanding failure of Prima Donnas (?).

November, Thursday 15. 1888
As W. still away I kept on among my extras in trunks ( ?) bureaus ( ?) etc., only stopped during a.m. to let out seams of blue cloth suit which Effie pressed for me. Young Mr. Bemis came in with tickets for concert Friday for which I bought two. Mr. Montague also called for his book. I read a chapter or two in English History while resting then came up to finish cleaning up clutter in my room. Mrs. Otis called before I had dressed but I slipped into old black silk. Mr. Slocum called and left a paper for W. who came home to seven o'clock dinner. The Gilpin Bros. called; W. went out for short time but came back by ten o'clock. I had more in English History til bedtime.

November, Friday 16. 1888

Cold, blustering day. Glad of M's good long letter begun Oct. 10! William off again today at Pueblo- much of his time on the cars this week! I was out some after breakfast,- called at Dr. A's but saw no one, found Miss G. & Serena at home. I met Miss Pitkin and asked her to go to concert with me in W's absence. I hurried home to my last German class. My withdrawing changes the plan & Dr. P seemed relieved (?). Miss P. failed to go with me on acc't of toothache so I asked Mrs. (?) whose company I always enjoy. The concert good-after it we all went to see Mrs. Touzalin's dear little Charlotte- she made my heart leap with joy. W. back for dinner and we had pleasant read together in Eng. Hist.

November, Saturday 17. 1888
Mts. look very snowy and not much sun in early morning. Good to have W. at breakfast which we did not have til after nine. I wrote notes to Mrs. Hallett and Mrs. Hobson saying I would go to Dinner (?) next week- mailed them myself with special delivery stamps. Busy about room till lunch which I again took alone as W. went to Pueblo. I had just begun to rest when Miss Corkhill called. Later Mrs & the Misses Barnes. I worked on dresses till nearly dark then rested till W. came. Mr. Slocum called after dinner; also Mr. White, Mr. Sanford and Mr. Bent to play whist. I stayed downstairs till 9 o'clock. Nearly finish Hist. of Henry II and baby's sack. Mrs. Campbell sent pretty things.

November, Sunday 18. 1888
Beautiful day. I only read before breakfast which I took alone at 9- at 10:30 came up to put bonnet on-then W. got up. Mr. Gregg preached interesting sermon on Joshua- from Deut. 34:9. Mr. Slocum has been made Supt. of S. S. of which I am very glad. I called on Mrs. Hatch for a few moments after church- took Robert Elsmore (?) from her to Mrs. Meredith & Chester who does not seen to improve as we hoped. W. and I did not have lunch till nearly 3 p.m. I found letters from Anne, Miss Gardner and Mrs. Hobson. W. and I finished Eng. Hist. and began Sister Susan's "Clover." I did not write any letters- but finished ? ? and then went to bed early. Our furnace going to-day- worked well.

November, Monday 19. 1888

I was up in good season-we breakfasted at nine. Out on errand after ? then fixed my room., my acc'ts and wrote short messages to my three sisters. Beautiful a.m. I had note from Mrs. Hallett saying she would be glad to see me in Denver this week. I shall leave W. to-morrow. Carriage came before three for me to make calls-a beautiful p.m. and I enjoyed being out very much, I made in all a dozen calls and have now left only a few of near neighbors. I stopped in to see Mrs. Parish's dear little daughter and I saw Mrs. Touzalin and her baby, which was a great pleasure. W. home for dinner-said he was to have some gentlemen in for Whist. So Effie gave bread & butter & sardine supper.

November, Tuesday 20. 1888

Beautiful, beautiful day; I was up about my packing(?) in good season. I took my breakfast at 8:30and then went up to sewing in my room. Dear W. did not wake or get up till very late. Mr. Gould came to see him- he walked down town before any bite (?) and then came back to early lunch with me. Just as I had finished Coke (?) Colgate arrived to surprise me- he drove to depot with W. and me and as my noon train to Denver was quite late-had quite a visit there. He is ? on business. I hated to leave W. but he goes to Kansas to-morrow. Journey to Denver short with ? ? "Tropical Africa." Mrs. Hallett did not receive W's telegram till night- but she and little Lucius gave me a warm welcome, and I felt happy and restful (?) at once.

November, Wednesday 21. 1888

I awoke quite rested. Ate (?) breakfast at 7:45 here which I enjoy. Mrs. H., Lucius and I went out on errands-a very pleasant a.m. Did not get home till noon. I rested till lunch, then Mrs. H. and I visited till she was called down stairs. I enjoyed Lucius' company in my room. I was too sleepy to see Miss Archer and I did not know that Mrs. Willard called. Mrs. H. did not disturb me, kindly, so I did not dress for dinner till nearly six. Dean & Mrs. Hart and Mr. & Mrs. Eicholtz (?) came to dine here. I enjoyed meeting them all very much. Sorry W. could not be here. Judge & Mrs. H. are most tho'tful and kind and I am enjoying every moment of my visit.

November, Thursday 22. 1888

Another fine day. I did not get up till just in time for breakfast. Judge Hallett delighted me when he br't me three letters. The most welcome was W's- he had received my note and left for Kansas yesterday. At quarter past ten we went out on a beautiful drive. Mrs. Spaulding and her sister went with us and we did not return until nearly one o'clock. After resting in p.m. we had callers-then Mrs. Hallett and I sewed together till it was time to get ready for evening at Mrs. Hobson's. I put braid partly on olive silk. The dinner at Mrs. H's very pretty. I was sorry W. had to miss it. Dr. Fiske took his place. I have about decided to stay till Monday.

November, Friday 23.1888

The fine weather continues. Lucius and his Mamma went out alone and I finished Mamma's letter and then wrote to Sister Margaret, Suzie W. and Mrs. Orten (?)- which took me till nearly noon. Mrs. H. busy about her evening company. I feel very lazy not helping her at all. We went down town after lunch- on return called on Mrs. Sproat(?) and Mrs. Willard. Mrs. Guiterman(?) still too ill to see people. Willie Banfield "turned up" to my great surprise. He may be with us thanksgiving. Mr. & Mrs. Hill, Judge & Mrs. Tull and Mr. and Mrs. Hobson & Judge Simms the guests at dinner which was very enjoyable and successful. I was sorry W. not here.

November, Saturday 24. 1888

I was delighted to have three more notes to-day after breakfast- first opened was dear W's from out in Kansas. He will not be home before Monday or Tuesday. So glad my friends invited me over Sunday- A good letter from Anne and good news from Cousin Abbie F. who has a little daughter. Mrs. H. and I made calls during the a.m. which was mild & balmy. Rested after lunch till callers came. Poor Mrs. H. taken suddenly ill and did not dare to go to dinner at Mrs. Eicholtz's. Judge H. and I went and I met Mr. Clayton, Mr. & Mrs. Cheesman & Judge Stone. We had a pleasant evening tho' I missed Mrs. H. very much. We returned about 10 p.m.

November, Sunday 25. 1888

The first lazy a.m. Mrs. H. better but she did not dare to go to church. I went to the cathedral with Judge H. and enjoyed the services considering I was "drowsy." I rested till Dr. Fisk came. Dinner unavoidably delayed and "Coke" Colgate called before we had begun, so Mrs. H. asked him to dine with us. I have invited him to spend Thanksgiving with us. Willie Banfield called but did not stay long. He returns to the Springs and may be at our house for Thanksgiving also! Mrs. H. kindly let me go to sleep on lounge down stairs; … after 8. Finished letter to A. when I came up to bed at ten o'clock.

November, Monday 26. 1888

I woke up in season to do most of my little packing before breakfast. Little Lucius came in as usual. Mrs. H. and I had a little visit before she went out to invite Miss Price to lunch with us at Twelve. The morning seemed very short. Judge Halett met us at the station and showed me the car where I found Mrs. Hobson. We heard of some disaster before leaving Denver- we could not return on D & R.G. R.R. but had to come by D. Texas & ? and did not reach the Springs till six o'clock. Mrs Hobson and I very thankful that we were not in early train. Willie Banfield was. He did not come to house for night. I found Effie somewhat excited. Dear W. had not returned so I went to bed early.

November, Tuesday 27. 1888

A snowy a.m. I planned for thanksgiving errands after breakfast and as I was writing my note to Mrs. Hallett, Willie B. came. I insisted upon his coming right to our house for over Thanksgiving so after he went on series of errands with me, he left order for his trunk to come here. I mended on W's shirt till he appeared at noon. I was delighted to see him- he seemed well after one week's separation. He & Cousin W. went out for whole p.m. I began "Crime & Punishment" while resting. Very glad of notes from R. and Miss Poulsey (?) Weather bitterly cold at Wolfboro'- I hope they will get away soon.
Our evening quietly spent- talked & read. I finished one of Mamma's slippers. W. had many letters.

November, Wednesday 28.1888

Still cloudy but not as stormy as yesterday. Cousin W. decided to go over to Manitou. I am afraid the mts. will not be distinct. I had errands to do- then made call on Miss Gilman. She was going to Miss Pitkin's wedding at Miss Price's at noon. I came home-lighted fire in my room and washed my hair. All errands done for over Thanksgiving. I went to Missionary Meeting at Mrs. Hayward's and read my articles from "Life & Light." Cold afternoon. After dressing for dinner I read on Library lounge till my gentlemen returned. "Crime & Punishment" is "terrific" as Alice says. W. pretty tired but had made engagement to go out so Willie B. and I had quiet evening. To bed early.

November, Thursday 29. 1888

Cold thanksgiving morning, but sun came out about service time. We had breakfast very late, but of fricassee chicken which seemed like home. I went to Mr. Montague's church alone. Both Ws out for their mail. We used Mr. Godfrey's beautiful … for the first time. Mr. & Mrs. Barlow and the girls came with Mr. G. which with Willie B. & ourselves made just eight. We sat down at 2:45 and did not get up till after five o'clock- all passed off pleasantly and did Bessie and Effie credit. I worked on little shawl- Mrs. Barlow on sofa in evening as she had a faint turn at table. A good day- tho' full of sad and loving memories of Papa.

November, Friday 30. 1888

Weather cleared about noon, so after I had done my errands I left an order at the Livery's to send up carriage at 12:45. Willie B. and I had early lunch and then drove into South Cheyenne Canon- I wore my sealskin coat with greatest comfort. Much snow in canon but oh, so beautiful. On my return I called on Mrs. Hobson and Miss Pickard (?). Found note at home from William saying he had gone to Pueblo- I was surprised enough!
Willie B. & I had good dinner and just as we were planning to go to Mr. Steele's- Mr. Noyes came & later Mr. & Mrs. Sanford, so we had some good games of Whist & pleasant evening. Went to bed at 11 o'clock.

December, Saturday 1. 1888

Delightful to have it so beautiful again. Willie B. and I had our breakfast at 8:30 and in an hour started with span of horses for South Cheyenne Canon - Inn and Mts.- simply exhilarating. I did not take long walk to falls, but was perfectly comfortable waiting with … while W. did. We found William home for lunch which was good. A new cellar is being dug under piazza just for coal. I had notes from Nathan & Mamie. Very glad of both. Callers in p.m. so I did not get out on visits. I did go to Miss Ferris's tea about six O'clock. A great many there. Dr. Pennington and Mr. Sweet in to call during evening. I retired at 9 o'clock nearly overcome with sleep.

December, Sunday 2. 1888

Beautiful sunrise- but a snow storm came up soon afterward. I let W. sleep & W. and I took a 9 o'clock breakfast. Bright and sunny by church time, so Willie accompanied me to hear Mr. Gregg- he preached a fretful (zestful?restful?) sermon from Jeremiah 49:23 & Rev. 21:1- "There is sorrow on the Sea; it cannot be quiet" - & "There was no more sea." Willie went to P.O. from church but found no mail. My William took his lunch and breakfast at same time. Both Ws out for walk in p.m. I took a good nap, had just fixed hair etc. when Mrs. Gilman and Alice called. I was sorry W. missed them. Dinner at six. Wiliam off for Pueblo soon afterwards. I fell asleep in chair so came to bed early.

December, Monday 3. 1888

Beautiful, bright cold morning- I was up at six- fixed clothes list & room & wrote note to Sister Lars. …(?) before breakfast. Willie and I had " (breakfast) at 8:30, then both out on errands; soon after our return he left for good. I have enjoyed and I think he has his visit. Mrs. Meredith called. Before she left I was delighted to have a call from Mrs. Touzalin who came to see if I would drive with her. We went across the mesa. I took lunch alone, had a good rest in p.m. Mrs. John Curran (?) called. Good to have William safely home a dinner. Mr. Pierson called in evening. I accomplished quite a little crocheting while he was here. W. & I to bed in good season.

December, Tuesday 4. 1888

Delightful weather. I staid in bed till 7:30 so did not accomplish much before my 8:30 breakfast. W. did not have good night, so he slept late. I waited for him before going out on errands. We met Mr. & Mrs. Sanford who invited us to Whist party Friday evening. I cleaned out papers (?) and let out another dress before lunch. While resting upstairs I read "Fifty Years Ago" by Walter Besant- my book this week. Made out checks, etc. before dinner. A very mild day- no furnace fire needed. W. out in evening. Mr. Hayden called, also Mr. & Mrs. Slocum. I was very glad I had not gone to bed early.

December, Wednesday 5. 1888

I decided to give one more dinner as we do not go till next week,- so as soon as errands were done, I rode in cars to Mrs. Touzalin- she and Miss Corkhill declined my invitation- Mr. T. was uncertain- walked over to Mr. & Mrs. Slocum- invited them and Miss Montgomery and made calls on my way home. Beautiful, beautiful day for being out. Rested a little after lunch- and then called on Mrs. Severy (?) and Mrs. Tucker, after which W. and I went to pleasant tea at Mrs. Hamp's (?). Mr. Fitz-More called just before but did not stay to dinner. Mr. Parsons was in during the evening. I felt too tired & sleepy to go to prayer-meeting as I had planned.

December, Thursday 6.1888

Fine weather continues. We had breakfast together around 9:30. Out on a few errands and then home to rest and sew during morning. Mr. & Mrs. Hagerman accepted invitation for dinner to-night. Mr. Touzalin had to decline, so Mr. Steele came in his place. I went to fair (?) at our church in p.m. and bought $15 worth of useful articles- some for Xmas presents. I had a call from Little Serena & Mrs. Risley in p.m. Read some in "Fifty Years Ago". Company all came punctually except Mr. Steele. Dinner and evening passed pleasantly to W. and me- and I think to all. I felt tired at 10:30, so left W. & Mr. Steele still talking.

December, Friday 7. 1888

Down before seven for my fruit and crackers, fussed about some till breakfast at 9:30. Afterwards sat down to my writing- answered Anne's and Kitten's good letters of this week. "Aunt Pop" called before I had finished. I had a good letter from May H. who said Mamma expected to leave W. this week. I did not go out on errands till after lunch- as I wanted to stay out and go once more to fair-I there had a good visit with Mrs. Gregg and ordered 4 of her children's …(?). I called on Mrs. Meredith and Chester. Miss Hattie came to see me on my return. I saw her upstairs. William and I did not dress for Mrs. Sanford's Whist party til after dinner. It was very pleasant.

December, Saturday 8. 1888

A bright beautiful morning. I did not have to go out on errands so kept on my comfortable blue wrapper till after lunch. Short a.m. with sewing and planning. I took a short rest before getting ready for Mr. Kohler's piano recital which was very good. Mrs Meredith went with me. I called oon Miss Gilman afterwards. She was fixing flowers for a dinner. Mr. & Mrs. Gregg & Dr. Pennington their guests. I read in "Fifty Years Ago" till dinner- gave W. snatches from it until it was time for us to start for the reading at Apern (?) House by Mrs. Scott-Siddons- both of us disappointed in it. She is still handsome, but her selections & voice were not what I expected.

December, Sunday 9. 1888

I felt pretty tired on waking- up soon after seven. Read a little before my nine o'clock breakfast which I took alone. I read a little to W. before he got up for his late bite. Mr. Komness (?) preached in Mr. Gregg's place- from 145th Psalm 9th Verse- "the Lord is good to all, and his tender mercies are over all his works." I did not stay to S. S., but took a nap before lunch. W.'s and Mr. Barlow's coming in roused me. Wrote to Nathan & Mamma. Mr. Parsons, Mr. Bent (?) and Alsa called- stayed till dinner time. I read till nearly nine- W. busy writing- napped on lounge till eleven when we both went to bed.

December, Monday 10.1888

Up at seven. The window in kitchen was not cut thru'- so Effie and Bessie washed as usual. I was out on errands and went with (?) Dr. Read's- to ask him to take my case of confinement and to provide Miss Codd (?) for me, if possible. W. off to Pueblo. Mrs. Meredith & Mrs. Robinson's pretty little baby in to see me during morning. The enlarged head of Papa arrived at lunch time. On the whole, I like it very much. I took a good rest before going at my sewing in the p.m. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hoagland & Miss Farnham- I wrote notes till dinner after callers had gone. Wm. Returned from Pueblo and I was very glad. He went out in evening; I, to bed t 8:30.

December, Tuesday 11.1888

Wind blew and it sounded stormy before I got up- but soon after seven the sun rose gloriously over the plains- and the mts. and sky as wondrously beautiful as they have been all thru' this early December. Carpenters at work on our new fence to-day. I met Miss (?) while out on errands- & learned Dr. A. was not well- so did not call there. I found my book at Mr. Steele's and then had a pleasant call at Mrs. Parrish's. Little Anne was asleep. Rested on coming in. Mr. Steele in for lunch. Little "extras" took up my short p.m. We expected Mr. & Mrs. Waters but they did not come. Mr. Peck called and after he had gone W. went to Dr. Tucker's birthday party, & I to bed.

December, Wednesday 13. 1888

Another fine day. W. decided not to go to Denver. I planned ahead so did not have to go on errands- sewed and packed all the a.m. Finished all the trunks to stay at home. Of course everything has to be in much more compact form than if our home was not so torn up. W. and I had oyster stew for lunch. I rested afterwards till it was time to prepare for Mrs. Touzalin's tea. I rode up in cars to that- a perfectly beautiful a.m. Mrs. Waters and I poured tea. The dining room was cleared for dancing. Everything looked very pretty and everybody seemed to have a good time. I was very sorry William was too busy with man at Bank to see it all. Busy in evening also.

December, Thursday 13. 1888

After this marvelous winter weather, how strange it will seem to go into a land of storms- perhaps we may miss them at the East also. Packed a little before breakfast- afterwards ran in to see Dr. Read a moment or two- then did errands. As Miss Brinley (?) told me the Dr. was still forlorn I did not go up there to call. I had a very pleasant visit with Mrs. Gregg- she gave me a dear picture of Van Dyke's "Baby Stuart" from the children. W. in Denver so I had solitary lunch. Alice G. & Miss Codd called. Good long p.m. to work. Mrs. Bemis & Miss Gamer came just before dark. I had fish dinner alone also and what should Wm do but turn on seven p.m. train after all! Dr. Pennington made a very pleasant call.

December, Friday 14. 1888

Up at 6:30 and finished packing box of silver to go to Bank - while we are away. I did not have to go out on errands- so nearly finished trunks. Mrs. Meredith called in a.m. William came up early at noon and asked me to go with him to Dr. Adams'- he was not able to see us and Mrs. A. was out. We had a little chat with Miss Brinley (?). The Electric Light men started work on house to day. After a good rest in p.m. I had callers till nearly dinner- Mrs. Hagerman, Miss Ehrliche and Mrs. Gregg. The Colorado College … (?) meeting in evening. W. chairman and speeches short and good. Mrs. Hagerman & I were in box. W. kept things going well.

December, Saturday 15. 188

Hard to realize on waking that the day of our going East had really come. I was up in good season to do various "little" packing before breakfast. Right afterwards Mrs. De-coursey called, so I did not get out on my visits as soon as I expected. I found Miss Hattie and Mrs. Risley at home- then I did my last errands, stopping at the Bank on my way home. I found Mrs. Thayer in Bank. I missed Alice and Serena who left a beautiful white pink (?) for me. Finished even the packing of bags before lunch. Time very short before our carriage came for 4 p.m. train. I nearly forgot my sealskin coat- had time to return for it while W. was at Bank. Easy short trip to Denver- saw Judge &. Mrs. Hallett in evening.

December, Sunday 16. 1888

Miss Corkhill and I had the state room and W. a lower berth right near it-our first night out very comfortable. We did not get up for breakfast at station but waited for a late bite out of our basket. I read Xtian Union as much as I could-at Lincoln we all got out for a good walk. William kindly telegraphed to Bert & Alice to lunch with us in Chicgo. We reached Omaha about 4 p.m. and then had our dinner on dining car-all pretty hungry. I rested much before and after dinner, so day seemed very short. I read some in "Clover" which I enjoy because of recognizing so many of the incidents in the story. W. did not read much, but seemed to enjoy his day. Cold outside.

December, Monday 17. 1888

We awoke in Illinois-had a very good breakfast about 9 o'clock on dining car and at ten o'clock we reached Chicago-in a snow storm. Miss Archer & Miss Corkhill drove with us to the Richelieu where we all enjoyed taking a good bath and rest. I wrote to Anne, home & Nathan before Bert and Alice arrived for lunch. I was very glad to see them both. W. ordered a very good lunch and he presided at the head of table with the 5 young women. The afternoon all too short till 4:30 when we had to go down to our train-the limited express to Pittsburgh. We had to leave Miss Corkhill in different car, so W. and I had state room together. Snow at the beginning & end of trip to P.

December, Tuesday 18. 1888

We made an early arrival but found all bright and well at "One (?) Elm" except Brother C. who will not be home till to-morrow a.m. the children as fascinating as ever-all at school except little Mardetta (?) who was at my side with her dollies while I wrote home-saying we might reach Polk Saturday next. Snow storm. W. took little Rex out after lunch and kept him out so late that Sister S. grew quite anxious. Sister Alice came for the night, we had a cozy evening together. Nannie went out to school entertainment. I nearly finished baby's shawl. W. had note from Dr. Hannach asking us to stay over one night at Chester. We (he?) will probably do so.

December, Wednesday 19. 1888

Beautiful, tho' wintry and cold a.m. W. down town by himself after breakfast. Sister A., S. and I drove to Pittsburgh-pretty enough ride but I enjoyed seeing city and doing errands. We did not get home till nearly two o'clock-very hungry for lunch. I helped or tried to show the little girls how to crochet. Message came from W. that we would take 7: 15 p.m. train to Phila. So we had dinner early. A very pleasant visit at Pittsburgh. A state room again from there to Phila. So a good night's sleep on the car. I did not know when W. came to his lower berth-the most comfortable journey for a long one I ever took.

December, Thursday 20. 1888

We arrived in Phila. at quarter of six-so we had quite an early breakfast-and then took the 7:25 train to Kennett Square. Rosamond met us and did not stay down from school. We found Sister Mary and dear Grandma Jackson well at the home. W. took a nap thru the a.m. I finished baby's shawl. We had dinner at noon-Mr. Darlington and Frank joined us. Mrs. Pennock and Mr. & Mrs. Dinghey (?) called in the afternoon. Many inquiries made for Mrs. Meredith and Chester. Short afternoon-pretty tired in evening, so after W. had his talk and Rosamund had sung, we went up to bed before 9 o'clock. "Grandma J." remarkably well and bright.

December, Friday 21. 1888

Awoke at 5-but rested until 7 o'clock when I got (up) as I had many little things to do for W. & myself. W. did not have breakfast till 8:30. Rosy did not wait for us. Mrs. Pennock sent up some long letters for W. to read-which were read aloud. I began over-casting in new way the ½ doz. towels I bro't with me. We left for Phila. At 11:30-taking our dinner there as W. had errands he wanted to do before going out to Chester for over night. We had a most pleasant evening with Sister Hannah, her John, & Katie, and Bessie Cranath (?). Mr. & Mrs. Flitcraft (?) called. Sister H. told me before going to bed how happy she, too, was in our prospects for the Spring.

December, Saturday 22. 1888 (this entry follows Sunday's entry in original journal and the two printed dates are crossed out and corrected by HBJ)

We had a delicious hasty pudding breakfast at Sister Hannah's-then took the 8:30 train to Phila. where we had to wait but a short time for the Express train to New York. I took a good long nap, so the trip seemed very short. William went right down to his business and sent me up to Aunt Molly's in carriage. She seemed very glad to see me-showed me two lovely blankets she had made for our baby and soon after our lunch together, W. came in. We succeeded in getting 3:30 train to Po'keepsie tho' our trunks did not arrive in time to be checked. W. left careful injunctions--& bought basket of splendid fruit for home which we reached soon after six. I was much delighted to find all so well and so comfortably situated; a glad reunion.

December, Sunday 23. 1888

Beautiful tho' mild a.m. William even got down for breakfast, at about 8 o'clock which was so happy for me-only that it seems inexpressibly sad not to find dearest Papa in the home circle. To our relief the much traveled trunks turned up before church time-so I could get into my silk gown-a relief after the cloth suit for a whole week. R. & M. went to Xmas Services at Christ church. W. preferred to rest at home and read "In His Name."
Mamma, K. and I went to Dr. Van Giesen's and heard a good sermon on the "Gentleness of Christ". The afternoon all too short-we visited and talked in each other's rooms. I climbed to K's pleasant room and sofa. W. took a nap downstairs.

December, Monday 24. 1888

W. felt (?) that he must go to city on early train-so I got up and saw that he had his oatmeal, tea, etc. which A. (?) had already at 6:30. I picked up our soiled clothing and had it ready for Sarah before going down on errands with M. & K. The day very mild. I could not stand more than my ulster. We reached home just as Mamma & R. were sitting down to dinner. I rested afterwards till Mr. Blizzard called. I gave the poor old man $2.00 and he went off happy. We had a pleasant time hearing R. read aloud until W. returned safely from N. Y. with some candy and K.'s book-"Ancient Rome" etc. by Lanciani (?). I was delighted he found it.

December, Tuesday 25. 1888

A bright tho' very mild Xmas day-dear Mamma 54 years old. I gave her my small remembrances in gloves and slippers early; K. was delighted with her beautiful book; fortunately that W. did not find the one I suggested for M. as It came from Anne. We shall get her Grimm's Life of Michael Angelo. A's presents very well planned I think.
I was delighted with her sofa & K's Wolfboro'fir (?) pillow. I helped Mamma about table-fixed the flowers etc. that dear W. got etc. while the girls were entertaining their friends Miss Peirce & Miss Halliday. We sat down to a table of eight and all passed off very pleasantly. I opened Alice B's beautiful presents of blanket & napkins in parlor
Whist in the evening, and a very happy day, tho' missing our loved ones.

December, Wednesday 26. 1888

I was a little alarmed, about myself, as a new disturbance seemed to have taken place from yesterday's overfatigue; dear W. kept his plan and went to New York leaving strict injunctions that I should keep quiet and perhaps have the Dr. I told Mamma-she said have Dr. Otis. I rested on the bed till he came-he relieved all anxiety-advised more caution in future, but left no medicine. A nice call from Sophie was interrupted by his call. No return of trouble so I went down to dinner. Mamma and I rested afterwards-were not dressed before callers came. Dr. Van Gieson, Mrs. & Leila (?) Neilson, & Miss Brown; our evening read interrupted by a pleasant call from Mrs.& Helen Loomis. They seemed very well.

December, Thursday 27. 1888

A sultry rainy day; dear Kitten slept with me in W's absence. I awoke very grateful in finding I was as well as before the Xmas excitement. I looked over and planned letters to be written. R. and M. went down in all the rain-partly on errands for me in Mr. Thompson's storerooms. 3 trunks ready to be boxed up to go by freight with furniture, and one to come up here, with gowns I can wear till my confinement. I finished notes to William & his relatives, then was quite ready for a loaf on my bed. I got a sweet nap. Read aloud a little to Mamma in "Clover" which is full of experiences I can recognize.
Cozy evening. R. is reading Miss Ewing's short stories which M. is to send to her S. S. scholars.

December, Friday 28. 1888

Weather cooler but still unsettled. Mamma & the children very lovely to me-they will not let me do much, -- so I am trying to get necessary correspondence done before going to the city. I wrote to Miss Woolsey, Miss Wood, Sophie and Alice Blanchard before lunch. I was very glad of line from William who enclosed notes from Colo Springs-among them a good long letter from Anne; she has to be very, very careful; and so must I, in the future. Miss Vredenburgh called before I had dressed for p.m.-but Mamma got down quickly. Later K. & I had a good walk to & from Miss Armstrong's with baby Anne's jacket. I worked on afghan made out of old stripes-did not seem unpleasant work with R's reading & home company.

December, Saturday 29. 1888

Cooler and brighter. I was down stairs at seven o'clock for my fruit-dear K. did not know of my getting up and fussing round the room. I wrote to Nathan & Anne at last, also short notes to Mary C. & May Hanson. Sophie R. came in and we had a very pleasant visit together. Mamma out on errand; she did not return until 5 p.m.! We had good roast beef dinner at 2 o'clock. Mamie up stairs all day. R. read to her in the afternoon. K. and I took a good walk down town, paid Thomson's storage bill, drew my check from Austin etc. etc. ! Mrs. & Miss Cooley called just before tea and dear William returned while we were at supper-found M's beautiful book on Michael Angelo.

December, Sunday 30. 1888

William slept very late-the rest of us down to breakfast in good season except M. who also rested till late. Mamma and Kitten the only ones to go to church. I staid with W. after ten-writing a little while he was napping. I finished "Clover"-the last two chapters with him. We did not have dinner till nearly two o'clock and sat till nearly
or (?) after three. Mamma told Kate we would not have any regular supper. W. & I took a good walk together in p.m. I can go as far or as easily as I did. Hard to realize 88 is so nearly at an end-but his precious visit at home-how thankful I am to have it, and to feel so well during it. I wish Nathan and Anne were also here.

December, Monday 31. 1888

Rainy unpleasant morning, but I was up early to help dear W. off to New York. I rode down in carriage with him to depot-we stopped and saw the furniture at Thompson's, then I did errands on my return, taking clothes to Sarah and calling at Dr. Otis' etc. R. reading aloud to M. on my return so I sat to work and ripped brown silk dress, finding good large margins in seams. Mamma very busy in kitchen because Kate washing all day. After a good noon dinner, I had a deliciously refreshing nap. I felt sorry my telegram to Miss Gardner did not reach her. I wrote a note to her & Wm. for noon mail. Vesta Halliday came to see K. so she did not go out to V. Our evening very cosy-R. read "Daddy Darwin's Dove Cot," by Mrs Ewing. Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson called.

[1888 journal entries end here but are followed by several pages of addresses and expenditures, including monthly household accounts, not transcribed.]

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