Helen Banfield Jackson 1889 diary transcription

William S. Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0241, Box 13, Diary 5, 1889 diary of HHJ's niece Helen Fiske Banfield, later Helen Banfield Jackson, transcribed by Liz Lewis, 2009.


A – Anne (sister)
K – Kitty (sister)
M – Mamie (sister)
N – Nathan (brother)
R – Richie (brother)
S.S. – Sunday School
W. or Wm. – William S. Jackson (husband)
Xtian Union – Christian Union circular

January, Tuesday 1. 1889

A bright tho’ very mild day—I slept unusually long for me, but was down to breakfast as soon as the others. While Mamma and the girls were attending to household matters I wrote to Wm., Caroline H. & Mrs. Hobson. M. and R. out for an a.m. walk and K. & I out at noon. I waited at store while she mailed my letters in P.O. Fricassee chicken for dinner. Mamma sat with us, hemming new quilt in afternoon; I was sorry W. could not come up for the day, but it was good of him to send New Year’s greeting from Staten Island. R. read Macaulay’s letters in the evening—I missed some thro’ great sleepiness.
Tired from altering brown dress. A happy day because at home.

January, Wednesday 2. 1889

No snow, no rain and yet not pleasant. I awake very early and as I could not sleep, worked away on brown dress. Kate out all night with Ettie, so breakfast very late in consequence. Miss Scofield came not long after I had finished. The girls kindly made my bed in a rush so we could use my room. She “took hold” of green cloth and black silk,-- much relieved that she can do them for me. Very glad of telegram from Miss Gardner saying she will spend next Sunday with us. Mrs. Fowler called in p.m. Ironing day so I did not see much of dear Mamma—had cosy visit with the girls and a happy time listening to reading in the evening.

January, Thursday 3. 1889

Mamma and I awakened by dear K’s sudden illness about midnight last night. I was glad she was sleeping with me. M. gave her medicine—and I a hot bottle—and the severe nausea and pain soon passed away. We both slept well from 1 p.m. on. K. stayed in bed nearly all day. Vesta came to see her in the afternoon for a short time. I had two letters from W. and several others. M. walked with me to Miss Scofield’s, then we rode home via P.O. Mamma called at Mrs. Loomis’ and Miss Fredenberg’s in p.m. We did not find Mrs. L. and Helen at home. W. did not come. Short evening for reading in Macaulay’s Letters as I was so sleepy I had to go to bed at nine.

January, Friday 4. 1889

Still pleasant but very warm. K. had a good night—slept late into a.m. and did not get up
till dinner time. R. went to New York. I had telegram from Wm. saying he would be up to-night and that we would go to Brevoort to-morrow. No letter from Anne—I do hope she is not ill again. I took my time packing this morning, as it did not disturb “Kitten.” I did not nap but took good rest after dinner—upstairs with Mamma most of p.m. She found my freight bill on Wolfboro(?) possessions. W. and R. did not return from city to-gether—W. thro’ his supper before R. home. They went out later to engage Stoddard to work for them at Thompson’s to-morrow a.m. I went up to bed about 9 o’clock.

January, Saturday 5.1889

Sorry to think this my last day at home. We all had breakfast at 8 o’clock. W. & R. out soon afterwards. I did not have to hurry with last little preparations as William & R. could not get thro’ overseeing freight till noon. Mamma, M. & K. all sat with me till 12 o’clock. They liked the changes Miss Scofield had made in my silks (?). Hard to leave them but not a goodbye as I hope to see them all in the city. Trip to N.Y. short & easy—rainy, so we drove right up to the Brevoort. I rested about an hour. Miss Gardner came at 5 p.m., Paul & Bessie C. for dinner which was pleasant. My evening spoiled by being so desperately sleepy. What could Bessie have tho’t. They went at 10.

January, Sunday 6. 1889

Awoke quite refreshed after seven—another rainy day. We all breakfasted about 9 o’clock. I did not expect W. would be up—a pleasant disappointment. Miss G. bro’t
me three dainty gifts—2 for myself and 1 for baby. Our morning very short; she was full of suggestions for me. Lunch late—2:30, but W. joined us and persuaded Miss G. to stay till 6:30 train to Phila. Dr. Lamborn called before five o’clock. W. saw Miss G. off and while he was gone I wrote to Mamma—I hope she will come to see me soon. The roses W. sent yesterday, very sweet to-day. I did not get out at all, but had a good rest.

January, Monday 7. 1889

It is good to be sleeping later. I have no inclination to get up before light. Another dark a.m. but I put on rainy day clothes and went out after breakfast—up to Madame Galoupeau’s, and then stopped at five stores on my way home, lunched alone and took a good rest in p.m. Just as I was dressing for dinner whose card should come up but Miss Woolsey’s. Wm. came in soon after Sister Susan arrived—her visit all very natural and pleasant. W. not at all well, severe attack of dyspepsia. I fell asleep on lounge till Mr. Nevin called. W. went out with him at 9, and I to bed. Sorry to have no word from Anne.

January, Tuesday 8. 1889

Very good to see the sun, after 3 rainy days. Poor dear W. had a wretched night! I could not bear to let him go to his business—he took a light breakfast and was soon off. I accomplished quite a number of important errands—not returning for lunch till after one. Then I took a good nap. Very glad to hear from Mamma, tho’ her letter full of sadness. Anxious about dear A. William home early and took a good nap before dinner—feeling much better. I wrote to Mamma, & short notes to Nellie, Sophie N. and Margie. We did not have dinner till after seven o’clock. W. had to go out, so I went to bed in good season. I declined Aunt Molly’s dinner because of W.

January, Wednesday 9. 1889

Surprised to wake up to another hard pour. Dear W. much better. Just as I was planning to go out just to Madame G’s, Nellie came in. I had a very pleasant chat and visit till twelve. Rained in torrents so it seemed better not to stir out of house. I sent word to Aunt Molly that I should send word to her at night by W. He was up early for good rest—and a telephone message came from Brother Caleb that he would be here to dine with us. So no dinner at the Barkeley. I wore my black tea gown and W. likes the style for my condition—it is certainly wonderfully comfortable. Brother C. looking very well indeed.

January, Thursday 10. 1889

Sunshine and bright again. I arranged matters so that I did not have to come upstairs after breakfast, but went right out on errands—stopping to see Aunt Molly first to say we would not be over to dinner. I stayed out till nearly two and made considerable headway in dear baby’s purchases. So much sun in our rooms that I washed my hair—it tired me some. While I was resting later Miss Woolsey came to see me and brought a dainty shawl. W. not home till 6:30—he found me eating grapes as I had begun to be faint. A cosy, good dinner by ourselves, as Brother C. had to go after all. Very much relieved to get A.’s note. To bed early.

January, Friday 11. 1889

Up a little before light, but went to sleep again. W.very tired, so breakfast not till nearly ten. I had notes from Caroline H., Will D., Katherine and Mamie. Caroline cannot come for Sunday. I took the a.m. easily writing notes. Towards noon I enjoyed going out on individual errands—gloves, veiling(?), dress, etc., etc. I did not get thro’ lunch and upstairs to rest until 3:30. Mr. & Mrs. …(?) and Mrs. Blythe called before I had dressed. I saw them down stairs. W. came in before they had gone. We went over to a quiet cosy dinner, in private room, with Aunt Molly and her friend Mr. St. John—the only invitation I shall accept.

January, Saturday 12. 1889

Beautiful morning—I let W. sleep late as I knew he was not going down town, and I should not have much time to shop with him, as the girls, Margie & Sophie were coming to lunch. I was delighted to have visits from both . W. lunched with us about 2 p.m. Old Mr. King called before we had finished our cosy meal. M. & S. left me about 4 o’clock. I rested after Mr. King had gone. W. & I took light supper about seven, then he went out. I expected to retire early but Paul called and I enjoyed seeing him very much. Hot bath came after he had gone. W. saw Capt. Swift.

January, Sunday 13. 1889

Wonderful, wonderful weather. As W. slept late, I ordered breakfast in room and saved a bite out for him. We went out for a walk together abut noon—going a little over a mile; we met Dr. Brannan (?). Miss Woolsey came to lunch with us—probably the last glimpse we shall have of her; she did not stay long. W. & I went to 4 o’clock service at church of Heavenly Rest. La Farge’s painting very fine—a good and short sermon on
“Tho’ he slay me, yet will I trust him.” W. read me asleep, then he went out to make a few calls. I had little discomfort from Lemon Ice—took a little brandy when W. ret’d.

January, Monday 14.1889

A most merciful winter so far! Still mild and quite bright. Made up acct’s and wrote few notes before going out on errands. W. furnished me with some money for dear baby. I did not return till after three. Read and rested on bed till W. came home, tho’ I did not get to sleep. Trunk returned from Cranch (?) & Fitzgerald’s. I let W. sleep till after seven, so we came up from dinner pretty late. I tho’t I’d have to go to bed early, but Mrs. S. & K. arrived just in time to save me from so doing. I showed them many of my wee things of which they approved. W. went out to call.

January, Tuesday 15. 1889

Little tired from yesterday’s shopping. I was slow in getting dressed. (?) Dr. Reed called before W. was up. I hastened down stairs and she sat with us thru’ breakfast. Miss Brennan called afterwards—then I went out about twelve—exchanged dress at Best’s and returned for lunch at 2:20. Florence Wolf (?) G (?) called before I had rested—glad to see her—surprised to have note from R., just missed his call. He sails this week for Amsterdam—poor Mamma! Mrs. H. & Kate here for dinner. Mrs. and Miss Coppell & Mrs. Botta called before they came. Mr. Pratt (?) and brother Caleb here in the evening, which passed off pleasant for all I think.

January, Wednesday 16. 1889 W. S. J.’s birthday (written above date)

W. and I made a beginning in our shopping together—had a good start as we got up to breakfast with brother C.; we bought Marty’s dress at McCreery’s. W. bo’t me pretty India (?) silk and handsome gold thimble which I had marked with his day. We did not have much success at Sloan’s—left orders uncertain except for curtains—both so tired at noon that we came home, napped at once, then callers began—Mrs. S. & K, Mr. Conway, Nellie & Jessie, so I did not have lunch till nearly four. W. off to Brooklyn for a dinner in p.m. I ordered dinner in my room & K. joined me for the evening which was very pleasant.


January, Thursday 17. 1889

A pouring, pouring rain—so I had a chance at last to write to Anne & Effie. Just as I had finished, Mamie arrived safely from Po’keepsie—to our pleasure she said Mamma was coming down the same day too. W. up late because of his going to Brooklyn, so he, M. & I lunched together; M. & I made short call on Aunty Molly, and bro’t to our rooms her pretty crib blankets. Mamma safely here about four. I bound seams in black …(?) silk while talking before tea. W. home in good season as he had accepted invitation to dinner at the Conway’s. Richie joined us in the evening, seemed pretty tired, so rested on sofa.

January, Friday 18. 1889

We were all delighted with cool bright day. Mamma, M. & I breakfasted about 8:30. W. had his bite about 9:30. Mamma & M. left about 10 for a.m.’s shopping. I wrote notes and rested at home for p.m.’s trial(?) at Dr. J’s. We reached Brooklyn just on time. Poor M. had four cavities, only two could be done at once. Mamma had rubber (?) put in hers until later. I escaped with no suffering—two small cavities, one filled with gold, the other plastic material. We stopped at Dodd & Mead’s and bought few novels for R.—he joined us at dinner and Paul & brother Caleb came during evening. Poor Mamma very sleepy and I grow uneasy in posture.

January, Saturday 19. 1889

Beautiful a.m. but W. & I had restless night; I was a little too tired to go with Mamma and the girls to see R. sail from Brooklyn dock. W. & I had our breakfast late 10:30! I
…(?) till then. Lillie G. Hoyt called before I was down—she could not stop long, but said she would come to lunch with me Monday. Mamma, M. & I took our dinner about half past one. Mrs. Conway called whom Mamma enjoyed meeting her (sic), did not have much time to shop before light was gone. K. & I rested on bed till W. came. He secured tickets for “Old Homestead”—Paul accompanied him & the girls. Mamma & I stayed at home & …(?) Mr. and Mrs. Gotthold (?) about nine o’clock.

January, Sunday 20. 1889

Cold, overcast a.m. We all breakfast about 9:30 and all went to hear Dr. Wm. Taylor except me. Paul gave them his share of pew. I rested and read Xtian Union while they were gone. We dined & lunched at 2 p.m. I had just begun to show the contents of my baby trunk when Mrs. Johnson arrived. She had not seen Mamma since before Mamie’s birth! Little Helen could not come over from Brooklyn. Short p.m. They liked my wee purchases—too snowy to go out as I planned to Episcopal service. First day we had fire in rooms for long time. Evening meal & evening very short. W. went to bed in pretty good season for him.


January, Monday 21. 1889

Great change again—night warm, rained early and yet quite pleasant at breakfast. K. did not get off in time to buy her new coat before 10:30 train, so I suppose she took 11:30 to Po’keepsie. I wrote notes while all were out. Mr. Fiske, Anne, & I sent checks to Mad’me. G. & Miss Scofield. Lillie G. H. did not come to lunch till nearly one. Mamma stopped just to take soup with us. Mamie took her lunch while shopping—she did her packing before Mamma came in—they both took light supper before leaving on 6:30 train. W. & I both saw them off. We stopped in at Murray Hill hotel for our supper. Exercise and air made me sleepy. W. went to Daly’s.

January, Tuesday 22.1889

I am very thankful that I continue to feel so well and comfortable in my new & happy condition. We did not breakfast till after 9, but I went down with bonnet on ready to go right out on errands; I made a short call on Aunt Molly first. I worked my way along, in walking & shopping, up to 23rd St. then I ran in to lunch with Nellie informally and enjoyed seeing them all very much; came back to my rooms for a rest at 3 o’clock; about five Kate O’Laughlon (?) came to apply as cook—I kept her till Wm. arrived. Some things we liked about her very well. We took her references & she will let us know her decision. A welcome line from Mamma.

January, Wednesday 23. 1889

Another fine, bright day. I wrote to Mamie and acknowledged Will’s note before breakfast, which we did not take till 10 o’clock. W. cashed my check from Mr. Fiske and I started out on errands about 11; they were mostly for baby. I returned for lunch at 2 o’clock—rested till five, when Florence Wolf called with her little boy & Posy Phelps.
W. came in before they had gone. F. and I made plans for getting a check for Mrs. Burnside from her girls. Kate O’Laughlon came again—her final decision that she would not go out with us for less than $30 a month. So as we remain decided on $25, she is out of the question. I went to bed at 8 and Wm. out on calls.

January, Thursday 24. 1889

Awoke rested & hungry at 6:30, when I got up and took my fruit then acknowledged Mrs. Backus’ new …(?) Reinem-France (?)-- made account etc. W. and I started out together in pretty good season—went first to Beck’s where we found some paper to suit us. Then found more at a 5th Ave. place. While he returned to give further order at Beck’s, I went to Keppel’s and looked over etchings with a view to select one for Mr. & Mrs. Waterman. We decided on Breezy Day Dordrecht (?) by C. A. Platt. W. went down town without lunch. I came home but not to rest; Mrs. Coppell called—and two applicants as cook, Babett (?) and Mary O’Byrne. W. up too late to see first, but not Mary.

January, Friday 25. 1889

Beautiful a.m. W. and I have a cook a good deal on our minds. A server (?) arrived before Babett came. W. took references for both—then he went down town and I out on my errands—exchanged short gowns at Altman’s, bought more things for baby, found Villani’s (?) Life of Savanarola & had it sent to Anne, & then back to lunch in pretty good season. I did a little washing and took a good rest in the p.m.; W. and I waited dinner till 7 thinking Will might arrive; he did not come till nearly 9—just as Dr. & Mrs. Brannan were here, from whom we had a pleasant call. Will & I talked till 10:30. William out looking up references for cooks. We mean to see …(?) one if possible.

January, Saturday 26. 1889

We all breakfasted at 9 o’clock. The Swede Ottilia (?) arrived to keep us from getting out at once. Will and I took Papa’s picture, which he liked, to be framed. Then he went down town—and William and I up, to decide about carpets etc.; found more nearly what we wanted at Arnold’s—made few more purchases at Sloane’s and then paper at Denning’s and had all things collected in one place, Arnold’s, for shipment. Wm. saw Mrs. Ashman once more and decided he would try Mary O’Byrne, if satisfied on second interview. She arrived at 3 o’clock, & she and we decided to try each other. Mrs. Hamilton & her daughter, also Mr. Walker called—so I did not rest till 4 p.m. Paul called in the evening. Will & William went to see Mrs. Leangtry (sic).

January, Sunday 27. 1889

Very rainy day. I did not disturb William—Will and I took our breakfast at 9 o’clock, and visited together till noon when my W. appeared. We had rather hearty lunch at one.
I was glad of note from Edith—I sent one off to Mamie & put a note in bundle for Anne, which W. took. I had a good rest & read during the afternoon. Not long after 4, when W. & I were reading, Paul and Fred Washington called. They could not stay to dinner. Will did not come up to our parlor in time to see them. He seem (sic) to enjoy dinner & evening—in fact his whole visit. It was good to hear so directly from Anne. I said good-night & goodbye to Will about 9:30, & he left for Trenton (?) soon afterwards.

January, Monday 28. 1889

A cloudy, but not stormy a.m. I wrote a little before breakfast—which we did not have till after 9; it was very good to see Mamma coming into dining room before we had finished—she took 7:15 train from Po’k—I did not keep her long, as she had errands; and to my disappointment she did not come back to lunch with me—bro’t her lovely present for the baby and then went right to Dr. J’s. Nellie, Alice Buel and Florence W. called in p.m.—M. & H (?) bro’t beautiful flowers. Mamma back at five—took only soup & bread, then W. & I rode to 42nd St. depot with her. W. went to opera and I ran over to see Aunt Molly—Mr. & Mrs. Gilder called while I was gone.

January, Tuesday 29. 1889

Beautiful a.m. W. and I breakfasted in pretty good season. I ran in for a moment to see Mrs. Gilder. She kindly let me go right up into her nursery where she was washing their beautiful little baby girl. I stayed out on errands till two—ran in to see Aunt Molly,-- pretty tired in p.m. because of the strike on Horse Cars. I read on bed until William came—he was rather tired—rested a little before dinner which we took cosily with Aunt Molly at the Berkeley. Everything always tastes so good there; I ate heartily and then fell fast asleep on the lounge in her parlor. W. roused me and bro’t me home about 9 o’clock-
He went out to find some …(?) later.

January, Wednesday 30. 1889

Beautiful a.m. I was up in pretty good season—wrote and fussed around before our late breakfast about 10—had not been upstairs long before Katherine came for the day—very glad to see her; surprised to receive a call from Mrs. Carey and her son in the forenoon. Lunch time came soon. I rested and talked afterwards till Mr. James Parrish called—he invited us to opera Tannhauser for next Saturday matinee—great temptation to accept. Later Mr. Hamilton called and stayed till 5:30 when he and Kate returned to Brooklyn to-gether. We ran over to Berkeley and called on Mr. and Mrs. Jewett and Mrs. Blythe—in bed at 10 o’cl’k.

January, Thursday 31. 1889

Wm. did not wake up feeling very bright. I wrote a number of notes before breakfast, which we did not have till nearly ten—Edith appeared before we had finished prepared to stay all night as W. accepted invitation to Staten Island. Busy a.m. with Kitten who helped me pack dear babys trunk. We took our dinner at two o’cl’k, then K. Washed her hair as it was bright sunny afternoon. I rested in bed. Just before tea, we ran over to see Aunt Molly and later I took a little walk. Dear K. read me asleep on lounge. Mr. Isaac Jackson called & I was quite fresh for his questions. K. quite sleepy before he went. Both of us in bed soon after 10 o’cl’k.

February, Friday 1. 1889

I was up at 6:30—packed in places where I did not have to lift much. Edith slept sweetly till 8 o’cl’k. I had glass of milk early. Snow squall but soon gone. Dear Kitten did not get up till nearly nine, so I accomplished quite a little packing before our late breakfast. I was disappointed that Mamie did not come during a.m. K. & I out on last errands—she was amused at my get (sic) Kohler boots—but they are wonderfully comfortable. Nellie C. called …(?) a short time before Mamie came, so they saw together my last new baby purchases. Mrs. Leeds and brother Caleb called before dinner. Afterwards Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Miss Bullock—then W. took my girls to the theatre—“Sweet Lavender” which they enjoyed.

February, Saturday 2. 1889

We all breakfasted, Wm., M., K. and I at 9:15—discussion in quiet way over Trustee’s matters. As soon as the girls had finished helping me pack they went up to see Alice Buel—not back in time for M. to take her lunch before going to Brooklyn. I gave her fresh grapes & milk. K. & I took a good square meal at 2:30. I wrote Alice Gilman before going over to say goodbye to dear Aunt Molly. W. back in good season from Brooklyn and had not suffered much. Mr. P.S.M. Van Were (?) called just before we left—the children interested in meeting the little gentleman from Holland. Mary O’Byrne came to us at 5 o’clock. Brother Caleb saw us off & then kindly took M. & K. in charge (?). When shall we meet in N.Y. again?

February, Sunday 3. 1889

We had a good sleep in cars. I did not rouse fully till 7:30, then I woke William so that he would get up to meet Sister Sallie if she should be down at Pittsburgh station. I took fruit first, and loafed in bed to my heart’s content—reading Xtian Union till 1:30 when I dressed for dinner which we had on cars. We all read during p.m. also; snowy cloudy day but it passed quickly and comfortably. After supper at 6:30 I fell asleep. Wm. woke me at 9:30 when we had to change cars at Chicago—but made very good connections, taking 10 p.m. train to the far west. Sent cards home both at Pittsburg & Chicago. Very grateful to feel so well.

February, Monday 4. 1889

We awoke to a beautiful blue sky at Burlington where we crossed the Mississippi. I was up before William. Mary and I took our breakfast first—at about 9:30—all thro’ so late that we did not feel like dinner at Sheridan where we stopped twenty minutes at noon, so I wrote to Mamma & Anne then. Very thankful for another comfortable night and a.m. We reached Pacific Junction about six o’clock and were delighted to learn that if all went well we could get to Denver 5 o’clock the next Tuesday p.m.-- and go home that same even’g. We took our oyster soup and final supper at Omaha & I was very glad to get to bed.

February, Tuesday 5. 1889
Breakfast at 7 o’clock at McCook—beautiful sunrise over the plains. I kept my berth made up so read comfortably all the a.m. in John Ward Preacher—in which I am interested. About half past one we reached our dinner station. W. not very hungry. I sent lines back to Mamma & Anne. It made me feel happy to see once more the Colorado sky. Oh! the blueness of it. W. telegraphed to Effie at noon—it was then he missed his fountain pen. I am afraid it will not be found. In Denver on time—there we had to wait until 8 p.m.—took a good dinner at Bent’s, and home by 11:30. Effie had a beautiful …(?)

February, Wednesday 6. 1889

Awoke with great sense of relief and joy to be safely in our own home again. Busy a.m. tho’ I did not unpack much—went out on a few errands before our trunks had been bro’t up. Mrs. Touzalin, Mrs. Sanford and Alice all had lovely flowers for … (?)—I was touched by the hopeful look of everything. Effie gave Mary a very cordial greeting and she adapted herself very well to new surroundings. Mr. Steele came in at lunch, Miss Hattie afterwards and later dear Serena—Alice unable to come with her. Trunks left down stairs. Effie took trays up to my room where I unpacked everything by degrees.

February, Thursday 7. 1889

William had to go to Denver for the day. It was so beautiful that I went out very soon after breakfast—reporting myself first to Dr. Read who gave me but one prescription to use night and morning. I had a delightful welcome at Alice’s—met Mr. & Mrs. Sanford and thanked them for their flowers—stopped in to see Mrs. Adams, the Dr. still ill upstairs, then rode in cars to see Mrs. Touzalin who looks very well. Little Charlotte was out. Home to a quiet lunch—went on with my settling after resting. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. (?) called in p.m. I had tea at night and went to bed in good season, as W. was not to return till late.

February, Friday 8. 1889

As I wanted to finish putting away even baby’s wardrobe, Effie said she would do errands for me; she has a cold still and did not seem quite well. Miss Codd came to see me. She had not been away long before I had a very touching call from Mrs. Slocum. I saw both upstairs. Dear W. off in Pueblo, so I lunched alone & upstairs. I managed after various interruptions to get the …(?) garments in their proper places. Effie quite exhausted when home from errands & went to bed before dinner with fever & pain in shoulder. Mary & I did the best we could about dinner. W. out for Dr. Reed but could not find him. W. to club ball & I to bed.

February, Saturday 9. 1889

Beautiful a.m. I dressed with full expectation of doing as much I could of Effie’s work—greatly relieved for her sake to find her down stairs & free from pain—begged her to shirk all she could. I went out on errands paid bills & then went to see the Gregg children who seemed pleased with their little gifts. W. & I made arrangements for Mrs. Fairley’s man to come up to open our furniture from the East—that took much of my time in afternoon. Helen Waterman and Mrs. Bell called. I did a little sewing before lunch & then again before dinner which was late because of William’s detention at the Trustee Meeting.


February, Sunday 10. 1889

Beautiful a.m.s still delight my heart. I was of two minds as to the advisability of going to church—finally decided I must follow my inclination—but when W. woke and I told him I was going he advised not and I gave up my wish as graciously as I could, then took a good read in ...(?) and Xtian Union—and after lunch we took a beautiful drive together over the Mesa to Glen Eyrie, left the parcels at the lodge which Mrs. Conway had entrusted to our care for Mrs. Mellen & the little boys. I fell asleep on lounge while W. wrote—later he went out to see Mr. Steele. We had long talk before going to sleep.

February, Monday 11. 1889

We did not have breakfast till nine o’clock. I was up early enough to mend W’s gloves & coat before he started for Pueblo. After he left me, went right to work on emptying bureau from home so Mr. Stone (?) might polish that; it was full of possessions which bro’t up experiences of past years. Mrs. Touzalin & Miss Hutchins called in a.m. I had noon dinner, as W. away and all were washing down stairs—pretty tired from extras in new room. Alice Gilman came to see me in p.m. and told me about concert etc. Effie brought supper upstairs which I took in bed; some lame (?) from so much unpacking.

February, Tuesday 12. 1889

Felt it was safer to report myself again to Dr. Reed—so prepared to go out right after breakfast. Beautiful a.m. and I felt more rested than I thought I could after yesterday’s hard work. While I was writing at Ramona desk which I enjoy so much, Mrs. Parsons called. I got off postal cards to my home people, then Mrs. Hobson called, looking remarkably well. She could not stay to lunch—finished business notes & letters to Mrs. Hallett before I took lunch. Mrs. DeCoursey called in p.m. Disappointed to receive telegram from W. saying he could not be home till to-morrow; did not dress for dinner in consequence.

February, Wednesday 13. 1889

Carpets papers etc came safely from New York. Shall not open till W. returns. I was out on errands in good season—decided without W’s assistance to have locks (?) brightened by jeweller (sic). On return home sat down to write letters in behalf of Mrs. Burnside to the three Washburn sisters and Marie Milard (?). I hope to have Kate Elkins address in a few days. Mrs. Buckman made quite a long call. The set in little bed room looks very homelike & well—since polishing. Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Solly and Mrs. Lunt called in p.m. & best of all, dear W. safely back for dinner—which seemed to satisfy him about our Mary.

February, Thursday 14. 1889

Dear Edith nineteen to-day—how well I remember the joy of having a baby sister. Wm. down later, so I had breakfast alone. I went into(?) see Miss Hattie—carried her “Light of Asia” which pleased her; I bro’t back “The Margrave of …(?) & Voltaire” my book from the club this week; then washed my hair and all our brushes—beautiful sun to dry them. Mr. Steele in to lunch. I dressed to go out afterwards. Found sister Sallie’s beautiful present which I acknowledged on my return—also Mrs. Adee’s (?) little jacket and socks. I rested after writing till W. came to dinner. I missed my only two calls. In bed early as usual. W. went to see Dr. Adams on business.

February, Friday 15. 1889

Awoke to a white world, the first of winter I have seen. William got down to breakfast before nine, which was a pleasure to me. As I did errands yesterday p.m. for over (?) to-day, I sat right down to writing at Ramona desk after breakfast. Enjoyed sending letters to Anne, Mamie, Caroline H. & Miss Woolsey & Nellie—took nearly all a.m. W. home pretty late to lunch but we both enjoyed our oyster soup such a wintry day for this place. Mrs. Armit (?) the only caller. I took a walk in snow in p.m. Carried R. Elsmere to Mrs. Hatch and stopped to see Mr. & Mrs. Parrish & their baby on my way home. Wm. read aloud in Century till after 8 o’clock when I went to bed.

February, Saturday 16. 1889

Still snowy—we had to have breakfast early for us on account of W’s taking the 8:30 train to Denver. I was out on errands in good season. Mr. Carter helped Effie put new rug on dining room floor—very pleasantly disappointed in its fitness. The old one I put up in little north room. I had a note from Mrs. Hallett saying they would not come here next week. I wrote to her & to Altman’s before lunch. No callers during a.m. or p.m., both cold and stormy. New curtains put in upstairs—I fixed cords etc. Rested some as dear W. was not to be home till 10 or later. I took hot bath and had supper upstairs; finished my book from club before falling to sleep.

February, Sunday 17. 1889

The most of winter I have seen yet—I was happy in having Wm. home—we breakfasted about 9 o’clock. I kept on blue wrapper & rested and read Southern Workman (?) on lounge till lunch; I missed my Xtian Union which did not come thro’. When W. went out I wrote to Mamma and Nathan, then put on my sealskin jacket for a good walk—rested at Alice’s—she had a cold coming and did not seem very well. Mr. Parrish called before and after dinner—William went to see Mr. Steele but came home before I had fallen asleep, so he was in bed in good season.

February, Monday 18. 1889

Beautiful bright a.m. but very cold for Colorado. I went out in pretty good season on errands,--glad W. did not have to go to Pueblo. I went to Mrs. Parrish for a few moments to see Mrs. Gilman’s portrait which I like very much. I met Mrs. Bass coming from our house, so I asked her to go back with me—she did and stayed till noon; then I wrote notes till lunch time, and secured my book from club “Solomon Maimon” at Mrs. Steeles. Mrs. Gregg & Father (?) called—also Mrs. Heller, then I rested a while and put on tea gown for dinner—glad because Mrs. Slocum came to see me while Mr. Slocum had business talk with William.

February, Tuesday 19. 1889

Still cold. Jennie here as usual—busy with errands and writing during morning. Pipes some frozen, so W. and I stopped at Bumstend’s (?) after lunch; then I went to the Antlers to see if Mrs. Hallett had come. She and Lucius were about ready to go to Mrs. P’s studio—to which I went with them—or rather to Mrs. P’s house to give her glimpse of little L. who is looking remarkably well. Mrs. Gaskell & her little Walter called while Mrs. H. and L.—they stayed with me till nearly six. William took bag up to Mr. Barlow’s, gave me a goodbye glimpse on his way down to Pueblo train--& I was alone in p.m.

February, Wednesday 20. 1889

A good night, but for the short attack of heart burn. As I did not have any household errands rode up in car to see Mrs. Touzalin—asking her to lunch with us to meet Mrs. Hallett Friday. I saw little Charlotte who seemed as well (?) bright and sweet as could be. I went to Mrs. P’s studio with Mrs. H. and was delighted with little L’s crayon drawing. Lucius very good and quiet the first sitting. As W. was away, I had lunch dinner & Mrs. H. & L. kept me company. Mrs. H. with me all the p.m. Miss Brinley called. Just as I was thinking of writing to my W—in he came--& case postponed!

February, Thursday 21. 1889

Much warmer—I was sorry to hear of Alice Gilman’s illness but too busy with preparations for to-morrow’s lunch to go to see her. The paperer finished hall and Mr. Sybert (?) here putting up brackets so I was pretty tired by lunch time—surprised to hear from Mamie that Mamma is in Boston with Cousin Joseph. Box of silver came up from bank. Just as I had cleaned myself for a rest Mrs. Metcalf called. She went upstairs to see me; before she had gone Mrs. H. and Lucius came to see me up there also. W. up in good season for dinner—he had to go out, so I went to bed in good season.

February, Friday 22. 1889

Fine crisp a.m. I think I should feel easier to go to Mrs. Thayer’s, to see if she would not come. I told her—her place would be ready. William kindly went to Mr. Heller’s for the flowers, so on my return I rested upstairs till I dressed for lunch at twelve. Mrs. Hallett came about half past and soon after Mrs. Touzalin, then Mrs. Gregg and lastly Mrs. Hobson & Mrs. Alexander—a great satisfaction that W. could be home to help me. The guests all seemed to enjoy themselves, and I enjoyed seeing them. Mrs. Goddard, Mrs. Montague & Mrs. Peck called during p.m. I was surprised not to feel more tired. W. took Mrs. H. to Mendelsohn Quintette concert which was fine. W (?) felt quite at leisure its being a holiday.

February, Saturday 23. 1889

Much milder. I wrote cards home and note to Kate Elkins Daniels in behalf of Mrs. Burnside before going out on errands. It seemed a busy day because paperer, Mr. Sybert, Mr. Stine (?) and carpet layer all here—very good to see the stairs covered again and W. and I are pleased with the result of our hard N.Y. shopping. House pretty cool in p.m. so I sat down by open fire with little towels. Mrs. Parsons called before dark. William read to me from North American Review till Mr. Pierson (?) came. I grew sleepy before he & W. went to Mr. Steele’s spread. I had a very nice call from Miss Hattie in p.m.

February, Sunday 24. 1889

It was good to wake from a night’s refreshing sleep, i.e. without one touch of heart burn. Effie bro’t me hot water from kitchen so I took bath in my room. It takes me a great while to dress these days and to see to W.’s and my clothes. W. up with me for 9 o’clock breakfast. Mary went to church. Effie did not care to go till evening. I read Mr. Gregg’s sermon on Individual Importance to God’s Plans in the World—then I went out with it, stopping on my way to S.S. at Alice’s—I found her better but still upstairs. Mrs. Davenport has come and looks very well and bright. W. had good long nap. I ate lunch alone. We had a quiet restful p.m. together. Glad that Xtian Union came this week.

February, Monday 25. 1889

Snowy looking a.m. I dressed with reference to going out—do not start with W. these days as he has to go so much faster than I can, especially when he tries to be at Bank at 9 o’clock. I did my errands then took a car with Metcalf B’s pelican (?) wings (?) to Mrs. Bass’s. Called also for few moments at Mrs. Touzalin’s—she came in later with address I wanted. I had a very nice note from Mame Morris (?) saying she had sent a baby’s gift. I put up washstand splashers in new rooms before lunch. Some stranger called, a Miss Foster, whom I did not see—later I saw Mrs. Thurlow and Mrs. Merriam (?)—sewed lace on short night dress till dinner—which we postponed till 8 p.m. and then W. did not come.

February, Tuesday 26. 1889

Beautiful balmy a.m. I did not have to go out on errands, so had good chance to attend to extras upstairs—changed chiffoniers, making ready for the change in our family--& getting more room in my bedroom. Just as I had finished Mrs. White called with her baby daughter, 10 weeks old, a dear creature. Miss Woodbury came before they had gone. I saw them upstairs as I had been down twice. Mr. Steele left two books as he started with Dr. Mrs. & Ned Adams for Texas. I hope the change will do them great good. Mrs. Barlow & the girls called & left beautiful presents for baby. Mr. & Mrs. …(?), Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Griswold also here. I moved new paper into desk, between times & was too tired to dress for dinner. William went at 8—to play whist at Mrs. Sanford’s.

February, Wednesday 27. 1889

Rather anxious for daylight to come and when it did felt lazy about getting up. We had breakfast a little before nine. I did not have to go out on errands so sat down at my desk til room was fixed. Sent notes to Helen Carver, Nannie Whiteman, Florence Wolf and Miss Gardner before lunch—which was quite late. Wm. bro’t Dr. Bell up—a beautiful snow storm. I did not go out all day. Must take some exercise to-morrow. Very glad of note from Richie, written in Amsterdam. I worked considerably on baby’s basket—and enjoyed having no interruption. W. up quite late for dinner also, but Effie managed to go to Preparatory Lecture.

February, Thursday 28. 1889

Just like fairy land—mts., trees, everything covered with snow. I had to get up at 6:15 so stayed up. Sewed quite a little before breakfast for baby. W. off for Pueblo, but I hope he will return to-night. I was out on errands again and left books to be made up for February. What a short month! Notes from Mrs. Hallett, Caroline H. & Mamie. I wrote to Richie and Edith before lunch, and afterwards to Mrs. Hallett—little Lucius has been ill with a cold, so he could not come down for his portrait this week. Belle (?) brought Mrs. Gilman’s sweet slippers, and Mame Morris’ (?) dainty jacket came. Dr. Reed, Mrs. Parrish & Mrs. Hobson called while I was upstairs resting—saw them up there. W. home for his dinner after I had finished my supper. He had to go to Bank later.

March, Friday 1. 1889

Beautiful balmy a.m. I was busy during a.m. with writing and sewing till Mrs. Davenport called, then Mrs. Lansing (?) and her little girl, and also Mrs. Sanford. I rested a while after lunch before going out on errands. Even the short walk down town is as much as I feel equal to now—but it has been a happy anniversary day because of our hope of a dear child soon, and because of the sweetness of the one short year of married life. I sent acknowledgement to Mame Pruitt (?) and card to Anne. I bound one little blanket before dinner. Wm. out to last Club Reception. I read from “Transylvania” to him a short time.

March, Saturday 2. 1889

Up about seven o’clock. I did a little sewing before breakfast. William decided to have no …(?) in rooms and hall upstairs. Mr. Carter here to help us with pictures, so little hall at last finished! Mrs. Barlow and her daughter in to see me in morning. Jessie bro’t me handsome afghan. Mrs. Touzalin in about noon and stayed to lunch. I rested a short time before going out on necessary errands. Mrs. Parsons walked home with me. Anne’s dear little Jersey sacques came—one in blue and one in pink and a sea weed (?) sachet—all so like A. Two callers after I had gone up to take bath, so did not see them—glad to have taken it before dinner. Wm. read to me till eight o’cl’k—he came to bed early, soon after nine.

March, Sunday 3. 1889

Blowy, gusty morning. I put on light blue wrapper for a change. We both had breakfast about nine. Effie went to Communion Services at her church. I was sorry to miss them at mine but did not dare to risk bad air long sitting posture. I wrote to Anne, Mamma, Aunty Molly and Sister Margaret, during a.m. W. sent a note to Dr. Adams. Read sermon by T.H. Greer (?), supposed to be Grey in Elsmere. W. read aloud to me in p.m., we also took pleasant walk together, stopping in to see Alice Gilman, who is still upstairs, and then Mrs. Thayer. W. much absorbed in magazines & Xtian Union which came in p.m. I was in bed about 9 o’cl’k.

March, Monday 4. 1889

It is getting to be hard work to do much of anything at one time. I am slow about everything—took breakfast alone, then went right to making out checks for February’s bills; and acknowledge checks from Kate Daniels & Clara & May Washburn for Mrs. Burnside, so did not get out on errands till quite late in the morning. Fixed my own room on return, & made changes in the four other beds upstairs—now all are ready for occupancy. W. home very late to lunch—he had a very uncomfortable letter from Mr. Fiske—Mamma has made him feel that she wants him to resign. Mrs. Noble, Mrs. & Miss Warren & Mrs. Hatch called in p.m. W. answered Mr. F’s letter after dinner begging him not to give up Aunty’s estate.

March, Tuesday 5. 1889

Wonderfully springlike and beautiful morning—I was up in pretty good season for these days—worked on baby’s basket a short time before breakfast. Sent letters to Anne as W. requested afterwards—then Mrs. Slocum called and told me what they wanted to do to raise money for Girls’ cottage. I shall enter plan as heartily as possible. Miss Brinley & Mrs. Dickerman also called after lunch. I read from paper to W. while he was resting, then went up & rested till 5 p.m. when I dressed for outdoors and did the household errands which I shall have to resign soon. Began notes to Miss Dike (?) & Mrs. Meredith. William had his friends in for Whist. I sat up till 9 o’clock,-- sewing on baby’s bath towels. The girls prepared lunch.

March, Wednesday 6. 1889

Still warm and beautiful—William off for Pueblo; Effie helped me with rugs for upstairs and hall. We begin to look quite thoroughly settled in the new rooms. Mr. Clapp called to inquire about the Merediths just after I had sent my note to New Mexico. I had noon dinner, took a nap down stairs, finished “Transylvania” and began Life of Wm. E. Forster. I passed over storerooms, so did not go out at all day, but I am sure I had plenty of exercise indoors. Miss Montgomery called just before tea. She and Mrs. Slocum do not seem at all like sisters. William returned about eleven o’clock p.m., much to my pleasure.

March, Thursday 7. 1889

I really felt like going out, put papers in drawers in new rooms before breakfast which I took alone at 8:30. W. did not get to sleep early—he was just going to Bank as I returned from errands and from calls at Mrs. Hobson’s and Alice’s. I was tired enough to take quite a good nap before our 2 o’clock lunch. Mr. Sybert came to put up curtains fastenings etc. in p.m.—so I was about a good deal. Miss Brinley and Mrs. Alexander called. It was quite late before W. came to dinner, but he gave two tickets to Effie & Mary for concert at Presbyterian Church, & they got off by 8 o’clock. W. wrote letters at home, so I should not be alone.

March, Friday 8. 1889

Cooler but very pleasant—I finished drawers in little new room before breakfast—which we did not have till nearly 10 o’clock. Effie & I gave beds in my & Miss Codd’s room a thorough overhauling. I worked a little over blankets for baby’s use till Alice & Mrs. Davenport called. I was very glad to see them both out driving. Alice hopes to go to Salt Lake next week. I had note from R. written at Halifax—where his vessel had to put into port for provisions! I wrote note to Mamie & read a little before lunch. I worked on old blankets in p.m., thinking they may be useful soon. Towards dinner dressed in brown suit and went out on errands, home just at dark. Wm. dressed in frock suit and went to call on the Misses White.

March, Saturday 9. 1889

Pretty late breakfast—I took hot bath before which is a long process now. Wm. very wakeful last night so I hated to rouse him. Mrs. Lunt & Mrs. Parsons called while I was reading a.m. paper. I basted plush on log cabin quilt before lunch. Mrs. Barlow and Jessie called before we had finished; I went on exercise after they had gone, took quilt to Bessie to stitch and then stopped to see Miss Hattie. Rather snowy p.m. but I enjoyed the coldness again. Quite disappointed at not hearing from Anne, so I can send all checks I had rec’d for Mrs. Burnside to Florence Gotthold. Mended patch cover in Library & then read till dinner. Read aloud to William till he had to go to the Primary Meeting after 8 p.m.

March, Sunday 10. 1889

Entirely cleared off—I did not have the heart to rouse W. for 9 o’clock breakfast—he has lost so much sleep lately—so I took my meal alone; Mary out to early Church and Effie at eleven to the first services in the new Presbyterian Church. I miss going to services in my own. Mr. Slocum preached for Mr. Gregg to-day. I wrote to R. & Aunt Molly before W. came down—he had breakfast and lunch together, and then we took pleasant drive to Austin Bluffs, stopping on our way out at Mr. Touzalin’s, but none was at home; home again before three when I was glad to take rest upstairs. I read Xtian Union, sermon by T.H. Greer, which I could not understand, & some more in Wm. E. Forster’s life.

March, Monday 11. 1889

Felt beautifully rested on waking so dressed to go out on errands. Mrs. Severy (?) called as I was writing postal cards to Nathan & Anne. I found worsted (?) to match table cloth in dining room so I could turn it. Made my …(?) & worked in store room till nearly lunch. Bessie bro’t back my log cabin quilt all nicely stitched. I found enough material for simple curtains in hall like those in sitting room. Rested a little after lunch and then went to work feather stitching in dining room. Mr. Gregg & Dr. Reed both called, met here! Later the Misses Crowell came, so I did not get upstairs to dress—finished the cloth. W. reading to me after our pleasant cozy dinner; he went out later.

March, Tuesday 12. 1889

Warm, beautiful morning. I got a little too tired yesterday & did not have a very good night, and felt tired on waking. I took a.m. very easily, working on curtains & resting till Mrs. White called, whom I showed my “little garments.” If my little baby only comes as well, happy & good as hers, how delighted I shall be! I dressed and went out on errands before lunch, walking home with William. We had lunch about 2 o’clock. I rested afterwards before sewing again, & towards latter part of p.m. took another walk, to Mrs. Thayer’s. Mrs. Hobson showed me her pretty “wee” things. She hopes to get back to Denver this week. I finished curtains all but rings—after dinner W. Took a nap before going to Bank.

March, Wednesday 13. 1889

A very good night again. I sewed rings on curtains before breakfast for which W. was not ready until after nine. He showed me a little (sic) he had rec’d about Mr. Fiske from Will Davenport—he wrote Anne had not been well, which accounts for my not hearing. Out for a short walk with William before lunch—worked hard over log cabin quilt in p.m. so did not get out again. Very quiet afternoon with no callers. I read quite a good deal in Life of W. E. Forster. W. home in pretty good season for dinner, but had to go to Bank afterwards, so I went up very early and read in bed—finished Vol. I of Life of W. E. Forster.

March, Thursday 14. 1889

Overcast but mild a.m. I was up in time to fix drawers in W’s rooms for Miss Codd who will come to me Monday. W. will then move into the new largest room. Miss Severy (?) called and I bought one ticket of her for Reading at Congregational Church to-night. I shall give it to Miss Hattie if she cares for it. Wrote to Florence Gotthold and sent off checks, had a very good letter from Mamie which I answered at once. Mrs. Hobson and Mrs. Thayer called at noon. Mrs. H. bro’t little token-for baby’s basket. W. off for Pueblo, so had lunch alone,- and dinner also, but he returned in the evening, much to my relief. First rain & thunder shower of the Season! I worked on quilt in p.m.

March, Friday 15. 1889

Beautiful fresh cool morning—I dressed for going out before breakfast, glad of line from Will and letter from Kate. I called on Mrs. Barlow and found her better; ran into Mrs. Lunt’s yard to see the children, and saw also Mother & Miss Lunt for a few moments. William did not stop long at lunch. I rested upstairs, began turning ribbon on blue dressing gown. Mrs. Sanford and Mrs. White called, also Mrs. Buckman, and still later Miss Pastorius. I worked on quilt before and after dinner. W. read at home till nine o’cl’k when he took light up for me, and then went out to send telegrams.

March, Saturday 16. 1889

Up in good season, from after six, sewed on & finished turning ribbon on blue dressing gown before breakfast, which we did not have til after 9 o’cl’k. Out on errands when Wm. went down but I could not go far, sewed quilt at home the rest of the morning & finished quilt. William had another note from Will D. saying Anne was better, but still unable to write. Sorry I have not written more than a card to her this week. Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Hatch called. I took them upstairs, and they were delighted with new rooms. Electricity given us to-day for the first time, a great treat and saving of time and heat. W. had to go out to Primary Meeting soon after dinner so I went to bed early.

March, Sunday 17. 1889

Effie told me at breakfast that Mary would have been pleased to have a little boy arrive to-day, it being St. Patrick’s Day! It amused Wm. when he took his breakfast later. Very high hard wind so I did not go out at all. After studying S.S. Lesson & reading Xtian Union I wrote to Anne who has been forlorn lately. W. bro’t me letter from Nathan enclosing R’s long ones to, from & at Holland, a rough hard voyage. I wrote to Mamma sending back R’s letters, also note to Minnesota. P.m.very short between resting and reading. W. went up to see how Mrs. Barlow, glad to hear she is down stairs; called also on Miss Hattie Stewart.

March, Monday 18. 1889

Beautiful morning—I felt pretty well, but reported my new discomfort to Dr. Reed on my way from town. After errands I worked upstairs in dressing sack. Mrs. Davenport called and seemed to enjoy seeing the baby’s clothes. Wm. up in good season for lunch which we had by ourselves as Miss Codd did not come till p.m. tho’ her trunk came in the morning. She asked right away for sewing and overcast five towels before dinner. W. looked pale, and said he had a bad headache—he fell asleep on lounge after dinner. I read aloud but a short time—tho’ we did not go to bed till nearly ten, to our new large room.


March, Tuesday 19. 1889

We had to have breakfast at 8 o’clock as W. had to go to Denver on the 8:30—he did not feel well but better than last night. Miss Codd walked down town with me on errands—she went alone to give order at livery for our p.m. ride. Miss Hattie and Mrs. Touzalin both called in the a.m.; Miss McKinnon soon after our lunch dinner. Miss Codd drove me out at 3—and I stopped at Mrs. Slocum’s and Mrs. Campbell’s. Dr. Reed called soon after our return. I am pleased at the progress made on new curtains and at the result of using ochre on the old.

March, Wednesday 20. 1889

I did not have to go out on errands so put on wrapper. William slept late so Miss Codd and I had breakfast alone. Mr. Steele called whom I saw & showed to W’s room. Mr. Godfrey also shown up there before W. was dressed. Miss Codd & I finished spare room curtains and Effie helped us put them up—they look very nice. I dressed to go out before lunch. Miss Codd walked with me uptown—I could not go very far—home in time so she could go to Lenten Services. I rested on piazza & while out Mr. Walker (?) called. I invited him to spend the night—he declined but later came up with W. after all. Pleasant dinner & I stayed up till 9 p.m.

March, Thursday 21. 1889

I did not feel very “spunky”—so dressed to go out when first up. Miss Codd went with me on errands—I planned over to-morrow, feeling as if each time down town might be my last for weeks. I washed my hair on return, after that undertaking some uncomfortable tho’ not regular pains came on and I did not go down to lunch tho’ Mr. Walker was up with W.! I sewed most of p.m.—Miss C. out for services. I did not go down stairs till dinner time when I felt all right again. Read aloud from W. E. Forster’s life a while as W. rested on lounge. Miss C. & I went up about nine o’clock.

March, Friday 22. 1889

On waking at six I knew my hard day had come—as pains were coming regularly tho’ at comfortable distances. Dr. Reed came round in good season and said I would better not try to go down stairs. I saw callers till noon—Alice, and Mrs. Thayer & Mrs. Alexander. I spoke to Mrs. Slocum & her sister from my window. After my bath& lunch I was very, very uncomfortable—dear W. with me—about 4 I had to give up & go to bed. Dr. R. & W. most helpful in their sympathy—my courage all seemed to leave me as suffering grew worse, but can I ever forget the joy of hearing my darling’s first cry & the Dr. saying “a fine boy.” at 8:20 p.m.!

March, Saturday 23. 1889

A weak but very happy day—glad to see my little boy as often as he could be bro’t to me—flowers for him, with congratulations for us, poured in all day. Effie had to go to door so many times & Miss C. had her hands full with baby & me. Dear W. seemed as glad as I felt.

March, Sunday 24. 1889

Birds singing at early dawn—which seemed to chant in with the sweetest melody my heart ever knew, in my new possession. God bless our precious boy! Dr. Reed in twice, thought all was going well with us. Too weak to read much—W. off most of p.m. to be the recipient of all kinds of congratulations. Will sent telegram saying “one boy worth a hundred girls”!

March, Monday 25. 1889

Pretty tired day—dear baby and I worked hard over the nursing—he is having a hard time. Breasts very uncomfortable but thankful to have the milk appear toward night.

March, Tuesday 26. 1889

Baby sweeter every day—his queer little features more & more interesting—beautiful hands with exquisitely tapering nails—they are miniature facsimiles of his father’s. His head of light soft brown hair very fascinating. He is coming (?) of Wm. the Conqueror on nursing question.

March, Wednesday 27. 1889

Feeling stronger & better each day—but am kept very quiet & flat yet—and how tired one grows of the bed, but how grateful I am for the new joy. Baby & I now get along beautifully at meal time. Lovely days continue. Baby took his first walk out—Miss Codd took him to see an invalid, Miss Wood, who lives near.

March, Thursday 28. 1889

I felt well enough to write to Mamma in pencil—told her much about our new little W. Dr. R. came pretty late, did not like odor in room—ordered douches etc. and seemed generally concerned,--but on visit in evening seemed relieved. This a busy day for Wm. as he attended Inauguration services—Mr. Slocum’s—both p.m. & evening. All reported very good.

March, Friday 29. 1889

Flowers continue, but Dr. Reed not in favor of many in the room. He found everything better—Wm. did not get prescription filled last night, so doctor met him & gave him good scolding! I took them-the pills-soon, however. The first medicine he has given since the very first. Read club books some.

March, Saturday 30. 1889

Shocked to-day to know of Mr. Carpenter’s death—tho’ it occurred two days ago. Wm. dressed for funeral services on getting up. Poor Mrs. Carpenter is quite ill, too. Little Anne Parrish very much better. Our darling very good about his sleeping & eating. Not pleasant enough for him to go out. I read at intervals.

March, Sunday 31. 1889

Baby had his spell of crying last night before midnight—from then he slept beautifully till 8 this a.m.when I gave him his breakfast. Dr. Reed in about 10 o’clock and said I could be put into rocking chair and moved into next room so my bed and room could be thoroughly aired. It was sweet to be in baby’s room. William there with us after lunch—both my Ws took good naps. I enjoyed notes from Mamma, Anne, Nathan and others, but was quite ready to be moved back to my clean bed at 4 p.m. It tired me to be up—tho’so pleasant. I felt as if I had done a good day’s work after dinner & my last nursing.

April, Monday 1. 1889

Beautiful calm warm day and while I was not allowed to get up again to-day I felt very well and happy in bed, stronger than yesterday. My boy was bro’t into me first about 7 a.m., then Miss Codd helped me, and after my good breakfast I made out checks for Effie, Mary, Miss Codd and a few others, settling up Effie’s book also. Dear baby went out at noon. William had sad news of Mr. Waterman’s death to tell me. Poor Helen! In p.m. W. bro’t up baby’s carriage pillow which Mamie made with such care—it delighted me. My darling’s visits for his food the happiest moments of the day. Another good note from Katharine.

April, Tuesday 2. 1889

Warm delicious morning. Wm Sr. up pretty late because not feeling well, Little W. up—thro’ his bath and second breakfast and out on the piazza in his new beautiful Quaker carriage before noon—he stayed out a good long time and I had a very pleasant call from Mrs. Touzalin. Not long after lunch Miss Norris & baby Charlotte came—while my darling was nursing—it was funny to see Baby C. watch our boy. William loafed thro’ p.m. and was here when Dr. Reed came. He said I might have dinner up in rocking chair & Wm. took it upstairs with me which was very, very pleasant. I read aloud fr. New York Post a little while.

April, Wednesday 3. 1889

Baby in for his food three times during night so I slept late in a.m. for me. A high wind and the little fellow seemed to feel it—in being more or less restless all day. He could not go out. Dr. Reed in before noon—made examination of me and found everything better—but have to keep pretty quiet some days yet. In wrapper all day and moved about freely on bed & up again in evening. Beautiful porringer & tray came for the “baby boy” from W’s friend Mr. H…(?) Big W. better today—he took a short nap on lounge in my room before his lunch. Mrs. Alexander called, still no news from Mrs. Hobson. Interesting pictures of Nantucket came from Miss Gardner—her letter (came) yesterday.

April, Thursday 4. 1889

Dear baby was bro’t in to me at 5 a.m. for his first breakfast. Another lovely day.
I took my breakfast in bed, but as soon as baby had his second meal and was all ready to be out doors I got up and sat in rocking chair by open window. Miss Codd wheeled the beautiful carriage with my darling where I could see both on lawn. Mrs. Touzalin called while I was writing notes to Miss Gardner, Mrs. Bass, Mrs. & Nellie Rollins and …(?) acknowledging gifts from all. Dear William in Pueblo all day and I missed his cheery visits. Good to have letter from Mamma with enclosed letters from her mother. Baby very good all day. Mr. Waterman’s funeral passed.

April, Friday 5, 1889

Baby late in taking his second breakfast, and I could not dress until after Effie had wiped up my floor. Dr. Reed came just as things were being cleaned-- rugs etc. had not been put back. And before I had got into my wrapper, Alice & little Serena came, but they did not mind seeing me in bed. I was up for my dinner—sent Grandma Fiske’s letters to be (mailed?)—with short note and wrote to Kitten. William made good visit at noon—p.m. very quiet. Baby good as gold all day. I looked thro’ drawers while Miss Codd was out walking, fixed corsets ready for wear, and read in “Story of Ireland” my book from Club this week. I undressed myself entirely and got into back side of bed without waking Wm. on front side! He took a good nap during baby’s nursing. Baby out to-day.

April, Saturday 6, 1889

Beautiful a.m. and we all had a pretty good start. My darling out a long time in the a.m. Mrs. DeCoursey called and towards noon Mrs. Touzalin, Miss Norris & Little Charlotte—she and my boy took their noon meals to-gether. It clouded over in afternoon, but baby was out for a short time, very good both day and nights now, dear little heart. Mrs. Barlow & the girls called to see baby & me. I had a very good letter from Kitten and note of congratulation from Mary Coffin and best wishes with a pretty jacket from Miss Corkhill. Mrs. Lunt and Little Caroline called towards supper. I took mine early and was in bed when William came to dinner. He rested on my bed afterwards.

April, Sunday 7, 1889

Cold and rainy a.m. so William did not have his breakfast early and go off as he would have done if pleasant. Baby very good. We were ready for Dr. a little while before he came—he made examination, pronounced me better, said I could walk about room,--but must have my knees tied at night. William up very late—so only took a bite after reading a.m. paper in my room. He held the baby before I nursed him—the sight does my heart good. The little fellow does not go to sleep easily these windy days. Miss Codd out on a walk in p.m. and William and I enjoyed taking care of dear baby by ourselves. Wm bro’t him in from his basket, then I changed & nursed him. Mrs. Alexander called but bro’t no news of Mrs. Hobson who still waits!

April, Monday 8, 1889

Baby just as good as can (be?)—he was bro’t in to me at 3 a.m. and not again until daylight. William off for Denver—took his bag and Baby’s book with him. I could not get up till quite late as Dr. Reed wanted to try something new on me before getting from bed. I hope the new application will finish the healing of tear. Mrs. Armit (?) called while I was in baby’s blue room. I had a cosy time with my darling after my dinner—an(other?) windy day and he missed being out. Mrs. Peck and Mrs. Lunt called in p.m. I mended W’s coat for sewing. Mr. Montagne called for “Story of Ireland” when I was looking over last chapters. I missed dear W—I did not get to letters as I expected & none came to me.

April, Tuesday 9. 1889

Very glad to know when William Jr. was bro’t to me at 3 a.m. that his Papa had returned from Denver. After baby & I had our breakfast we visited in Papa’s room—baby was put into his father’s bed. Mrs. Sanford sent me two dear little blankets for baby’s sleeping basket which I acknowledged at once. I had good letters from Katharine, Jennie Underwood and Miss Gardner. Morning very short—Alice & Serena made a call. Mts. shut out from view all day—but the rain excellent for our lawns. I wrote to Miss Corkhill, Anne & Mrs. Hobson. Such dear cosy times with baby at nursing. Walk more each day, do not feel robust yet! Began “Life of John Brown,” new club book. Good to see W. in morning, noon & night.

April, Wednesday 10. 1889

Stormy a.m.—Cheyenne still shut out from view, and I miss it very much. Baby had a very good night. I took my breakfast in bed, but was up soon afterwards, dressing for first time in pretty light blue wrapper. I felt so much stronger did not mind the weight. I had a sweet letter from Mrs. Hallett and her dainty, lovely present came as I was finishing it. Dear little W.S.J. jr. very rich in friends! Mr. & Mrs. Merriam came to see me about 2:30. To my surprise & delight Dr. Reed said I might go down to dinner. Alice & Mrs. Davenport were here when he came. Wm. pleased to find me down. Efie had flowers on table & new cloth—which showed her great tho’tfulness.

April, Thursday 11. 1889

Baby gave me a very good night and I felt none the worse for the extra exertion. I dressed for breakfast upstairs, keeping on dressing sack till lunch time. I wrote to Mamma & Mrs. Hallett and sent regrets to Mrs. T…(?) Cheyenne in sight, but high wind, so baby couldn’t go out. Miss Codd and I interested in changing his little petticoats, putting him in sort of dress …(?) William up early and off for the Divide, so we had lunch alone, but he came home in time for dinner. Very much interested to have call from Mrs. Alexander who told me of safe arrival of little Katharine Hobson! Mrs. Davenport called. W. went to Pueblo and not to Divide as he expected. Seem to accomplish little, but baby takes much time & is so dear!

April, Friday 12. 1889

William up early to see Mr. O.P. Jackson,--and went with him to the Divide, so Miss Codd & I arranged for drive, the permission for which Dr. Reed gave yesterday p.m. We called at Mrs. Touzalin’s and found them all at home. Little Charlotte seemed very well and Mr. T. seemed to take quite and interest in our little boy. We drove to Colorado City—over Mesa & back—very hungry for lunch. Dear baby none the worse for his first drive, nor did it tire me. Mrs. Sanford came and while she was here W. returned in time for dinner, notwithstanding his telegram to the contrary. It is very good to be down & about again and I am very grateful & happy. Good letter from Mamie.

April, Saturday 13. 1889

Beautiful a.m. and W. hoped to go driving with us, so I stayed upstairs till nearly noon when Mrs. Buckman & Mrs. White called—and W. up to say he had a telegram & must be off on 12:45 train to Denver, but that he would order carriage up at 2 o’cl’k. Baby and I very glad to go out again. We took Mrs. Davenport to her dressmaker’s & back and drove up north. Lovely p.m. Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Bemis, Mrs. Hamp, Mrs. Lansing and Mr. Steele called, so baby & I did not have quite as much rest as we should have had. Dinner in good season & baby & I to bed early. He took his supper at seven & then went quickly off to sleep. We missed Papa.

W. was to take a.m. train away---he went in afternoon to Denver. Baby felt wind storm, was out a short time in p.m. I wrote to Mrs. Meredith in evening, finished Anne’s letter, sent pictures of our home to A. & Edith.

April, Thursday 18. 1889

Dr. Reed called before I was quite ready to go down to breakfast. He came to ask for Miss Codd who was needed to assist in an operation which a New York Dr. came to perform. Of course there was no reason why she could not go and I enjoyed being left in sole charge of dear baby—he was good to sleep till nearly lunch. Miss C. away in p.m. also and baby restless because of storm—snow & rain. William back from Pueblo for dinner, but he had been exposed to storm there & caught some cold. Dr. Reed called again just as W. & I were finishing dinner to ask for Miss Codd at night—so I had my first test (?) rest(?) with dear baby. He was very good & regular.

April, Friday 19. 1889

Beautiful day. Miss (C.) came back to us in good season, found I had been “too smart” in getting room fixed to be swept, & was all dressed. I had to undress as Dr. wanted to make examination at 9 a.m.—I took breakfast upstairs in blue(?). William down late as he did not feel very well—he took lunch & breakfast together and came up with horses to take us driving at two. Wind cool, but sun very warm. We drove first to Mrs. Touzalin’s and then way to Roswell & back. Little W. quite ready for his early supper on our return. Mr. & Mrs. & Jessie Barlow & Dr. Pennington called in the evening—they stayed till nearly ten when I was quite ready to go to bed. Took baby to Bank for the first time.

April, Saturday 20. 1889

Bright morning—baby and I both feeling well. I walked down town on errands, i.e. Mrs. Peck drove me down. Miss Codd took baby on walk up town where he met friends & was admired. I had him in carriage later while Miss C. was down town—little girls (?) on piazza to see him. After lunch I walked down with William to stop at Intelligence Office and to be weighed. He tipped the scales at 163 ½ and I at 161 ½ ! I tho’t I might be under sixty. After giving dear baby his 4 p.m. meal, I took a tub in bath which I enjoyed very much. I was glad not to miss Mrs. Hagerman & Miss Newberry later. Baby had hard cry before going to sleep for night.

April, Sunday 21. 1889

At five a.m. when baby first stirred it did not look as if it were to be pleasant, but at six when he took first breakfast it was a beautiful Easter a.m. How grateful and happy I felt. I long to know how it is with Anne. The Dr. came for Miss Codd who had to nurse Miss Wood instead of going to church; I had my darling all the a.m. He slept upstairs til 11 o’clock—then I took him out on the piazza till his lunch time. Alice & Serena called. William took baby and me in phaeton to drive—the first time I had him in my lap out-of-doors. Kay Adams came to see him on our return. Miss Codd had to leave for the night, but baby very good. Woke at twelve for first meal.

April, Monday 22. 1889

Baby very good all night—awake at five for first meal, then lay in his basket quiet & happy tho’ wide awake for nearly an hour. Miss Codd came while he was asleep, attended to me and then bathed him before his 8 o’clock breakfast. After that he slept till 11 when I took him out—to call on Miss Hattie & to thank Mr. Binnings (?) for basket of Easter Eggs. He slept in carriage till nearly one o’clock when Miss C. returned to comfort him. W. off for Pueblo in the morning and did not return for the night. I took a nap on lounge down stairs in p.m. Miss Metcalf & Mrs. Campbell called. Dear baby good—we both went to sleep in good season.

April, Tuesday 23. 1889

Windy & cold early. Baby had his first breakfast at five and how happy I was in giving him his bath for the first time—he love (sic) the water, but does not like dressing very much! He went to sleep after his 8 o’cl’k breakfast, so Miss C. & I had ours in good season—he slept till we went to drive at eleven. I did errands first, and then drove to Mrs. Curr’s (?) but she was not in, called at Mrs. White’s for waist pattern, Mrs. Touzalin’s to look at crib, and then back to Mrs. C’s to inquire about a nurse—had a hard time finding her on Costilla St. Not home to lunch until 2:30. Took rest in p.m. while Miss C. was keeping baby happy. Very glad of William’s return from Pueblo—he came in time for dinner & put baby to sleep! Sorry of news from R. of accident in rough seas.

April, Wednesday 24. 1889

Lovely a.m—dear baby had a crying spell at midnight but Miss Codd took him then—he slept till nearly time for his bath, which he took & his 8 o’cl’k breakfast before I had mine. Dear W. slept late. Dr. Adams called before he was down—it is good to see him back and looking so much better. I walked down to Bank and W. & I went to look at little bedstead for our dear little boy. He went to see Mrs. Hamp in Miss Codd’s arms—stayed asleep there and until 2:30. Aunt Pop (?) Polly (?) called to see him & W. gave her one of Aunty’s pictures. I got out spring dresses in p.m. & wrote to Nathan. Baby very sleepy all day. Mr. Steele in to dinner in old time way—good roast mutton which he seemed to enjoy. W. enjoyed Frances.

April, Thursday 25. 1889

Bright a.m.—baby had his first meal early so we washed & dressed before breakfast. W. up in pretty good season, took his bag and said he would have to go to Pueblo but that we might go to Drive—the blackies (?) came up at 11 o’cl’k and we had fine drive to & around the bluffs—not home till one when we had noon dinner; I was Oh! so hungry. In p.m. washed my hair & rested so could see no one. Very sorry to know afterwards that Mrs. Gregg called. Baby very good—asleep most of time. Miss C. & I had supper at six—W. homeat 8 p.m. & Mary got him an impromptu meal. Mrs. Adams called while we were out.

April, Friday 26. 1889

Baby’s night very good—I took cold bath at 6 a.m. & nursed him afterwards—he slept while Miss C. & I had our breakfast, then I bathed & nursed him & put him in with William where he lay quietly for some time. While in his father’s bed I had the welcome telegram from Will Davenport—saying 8 lb. boy born Tuesday all well. Very happy for dear A. all day. Wrote to her after lunch, & W. telegraphed congratulations. Baby & I now into new room, & it was quite a change all round. W. back in old room. Miss Price, Mrs. Daniels & Mrs. Parsons called in late p.m. Our yard & blossoming cherry trees very beautiful.

April, Saturday 27. 1889

Baby awake at six a.m. for first breakfast. I did not get up till 7 o’clock which seems late for me, but really isn’t these nursing days & nights. Miss Codd went to Dr Reed’s and reported my plans. She left us for good before noon and Frances arrived promptly according to agreement about one o’clock—dear baby had a beautiful long nap. William in Denver. I had to take hot bath in a.m. as Dr. Reed came to make examination at 2 o’clock—reported well, & said Effie could do what was necessary night & a.m. He examined baby, found he was tongue-tied. Very glad W. returned at night—Mary got him a late tea. I went to bed about 8:30.

April, Sunday 28. 1889

Beautiful day tho’ rather cool. Baby good as gold with Frances until W. thro’ his late breakfast and we were ready for our drive. W. took us over the Mesa—air delicious—the colored porteress, Victoria, let us in at Glen Eyrie, so we showed our darling to Mrs. Mellen who pronounced him a healthy looking baby. …(?) had a narrow excape from Boar Hound’s grip. Little W. slept in carriage in p.m. for a while. Gladys Parsons came to see him—they were very loving and cunning together—she a fine healthy looking little girl. Very glad of Kate’s letter about Anne & her easy confinement. I trust she and baby are doing well. I read some in but did not finish Xtian Union.

April, Monday 29. 1889

Snowy chill a.m.—curious to see apple blossoms & snow at same time. Baby & I slept till 7 a.m., so I did not give him his bath as early as usual. After that was over I went out on errands and enjoyed walk & moisture—called on Alice & Mrs. Davenport before return for baby’s noon meal. He did not have long nap—gave him his afternoon dinner at 3 o’cl’k. Mrs. Alexander and Serena came to see him and he was very good and cunning in Serena’s lap. I worked over trunks a little while in p.m.—hope to get thoroughly settled in new room, & have winter clothes put away before real warm weather comes.

April, Tuesday 30. 1889

Still chilly & snowy. W. slept on lounge till midnight when he saw baby take his late supper. He did not wake again until six a.m., so we were all thru’ our breakfasts & baths at 9 a.m. when he went to sleep. I wrote to R. after getting mending ready for Frances. Centennial Holiday—great festivities in New York! Three letters at noon, one from R, Aunt Molly and Mrs. Elting (?)—distressed to hear that Richie’s accident proved serious enough to send him to hospital, very lonely & hard for him,--added postscripts to his letter. Mr. Black called—sun out long enough for baby to be on piazza in carriage. Very good all the p.m. & went to sleep about 8 o’cl’k.

May, Wednesday 1. 1889

Not spring like—awoke to a snow storm—baby insisted upon two meals during night so I slept till after seven. I took breakfast with William at quarter of nine—he went to Pueblo so I took non dinner alone; out a little after two o’cl’k, called first at Dr. Reed’s and reported about baby’s bowels,--then did errands,--home soon after three o’cl’k. I had a letter from Mrs. Hallett which I answered at once. Very glad of letters from Mamma & Kitten. I do not write as mch as before our darling came. Alice & Mrs. Lunt called on me in nursery--& Mrs. & Frances Peck after tea. William returned before we had gone to sleep to my delight.

May, Thursday 2. 1889

Very much relieved that baby should have movement before W. started for Denver. He said he would be home for 7 o’clock, so girls had their heartiest meal at noon and ten at night. I shall keep up that arrangement—then I do not have to hurry thro’ my dinner for Frances to get down. I went out in snow storm to call on Mrs. Adams who seems much better to me. She and the Dr. have to go away soon because of his …(?) turns(?). Baby very good considering he has been shut up indoors so long. I long for more new of Anne and her new boy. Finished letters to Suzie W., Mary C. & Mary H.

May, Friday 3. 1889

My little boy threw up nearly all his early breakfast. Room too cool to bath him in at 8 o’clock & he was very hungry, so after nursing Frances put him in her room where he slept till 12:30. She cleaned our room and I finished moving from East side of house. W. slept late so I took early lunch with him. Alice sat with us. Mrs. Touzalin, Mr. & Mrs. Bent, Major Hurlbult(?), Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Waters, & Mrs. Parsons & Mrs. Sully all called in p.m. It was so pleasant that baby out again & slept on piazza. Frances took walk to her home. Baby’s brass bedstead arrived after dinner & I was delighted W. put it up at once.


May, Saturday 4. 1889

Pretty tired when I awake and dear baby did not care to sleep early either, but I took bath in tub and after our nine o’cl’k breakfast felt more refreshed. Baby cried thro’ bath, and I took a rest & slept when Frances took him out doors—slept in his carriage till after one—very good to have it pleasant. Mrs. Waters called with “Mucilago(?) …(?) for which I was very thankful. I went out to meeting of Woman’s Educational Club held in College Chapel and was much interested, but very glad to get back to my darling at 5 p.m. I did not get him in sound sleep till 9 o’cl’k.

May, Sunday 5. 1889

Mild morning—dear baby tookhis first meal before 5 a.m. so I bathed him before 8 o’cl’k. William up in pretty good season tho’ I ate my breakfast alone. He took us off into North Cheyenne C. where baby took his first out-of-door lunch, very warm. I had note from N.(?) enclosing R’s long letter—I hope R. is better, but he had a very narrow escape & must be very lonely in Bordeaux hospital! I wrote to Anne after dinner but went upstairs at 8 o’clock—baby slept till 10:30—so I had short nap as it seemed. William came in before we had finished our little time together.

May, Monday 6. 1889

Cool, windy a.m. Mary had her things out in good season—baby took his first meal at 3:45, then slept pretty quietly till 7 o’cl’k. Jennie came to my room for clothes, tho’t baby had grown. He went into his father’s bed for short time. W. started for Grand Junction & we shall be lonely enough while he is away. Very glad of good news of Anne & her darling thru’ Katherine. Busy with bills and out on errands in p.m.—home at four o’clock when baby was ready for me—then I took a nap till Frances’ tea time. She got baby to sleep not till 8:30. I was in bed before the little fellow was willing to stay.

May, Tuesday 7. 1889

Much calmer and warmer than yesterday—baby had a very good night. I felt beautifully rested at 5:30—gave him first meal at 6 a.m.then he slept till bath time—and at 11 Frances took him out. Dr. Reed called just as Mrs. Damon and Dickerman were calling—he vaccinated Mary & Effie but was willing to postpone baby—possibly until his return from the East. I had dinner alone, missing W—baby out on piazza in p.m. also. I worked in store room both morning and afternoon. Baby did not take his p.m. dinner till 5 o’cl’k, sleeping whole hour over his time. I went to bed at 8 and nursed the little fellow to sleep.

May, Wednesday 8. 1889

More wind again and quite cool—we had to start fire on hearth for baby’s bath—he went out in carriage at 10:30. Mrs. Partridge called in a.m. with two lovely gifts for baby—a “Gregg” calendar and a gay ring with bells attached. I worked in store rooms a little but did not get to my winter trunks. After noon dinner took a good nap on downstairs lounge. Baby needed me at four p.m.. Just as I finished nursing him, callers came. Alice, Serena, Mrs. Thayer, Mrs. Alexander & Mrs. Parrish! After they went I did my errands downtown.—baby was hungry for his supper which I gave him after mine—he finished at 7:30.

May, Thursday 9. 1889

Baby and I delighted at 4:30 to hear “Papa’s” step on the stair—glad of his safe return from Grand Junction and happy to have him at home again. I did not go to sleep after the early nursing—Big & Little Ws did! Pleasant a.m. so baby out on porch after his bath. I sat with him a while, then went down town on errands. Mrs. Touzalin called before lunch. Baby did not nurse till 2 o’cl’k. William stayed with us till 3 p.m., then he had to go to Pueblo on special train. Mrs. …(?) and Miss Ferris called during p.m. rain. Effie woke me from my nap, but it was nearly five when baby had his supper. Lonely again at dinner.

May, Friday 10. 1889

Snowy clod a.m.—fierce hailstorm after we went to bed last night—bushes in our yard looked forlorn. I washed & dressed baby in good season so out on errands soon after breakfast. Called first at Dr. Reed’s for points about baby in his absence East. Dinner at noon as I hardly expected W.’s return. Frances busy with rooms, cleaning them & I worked in store rooms getting places ready for blankets. Cleared off enough in p.m. for me to enjoy going to Mrs. Parrish’s tea—but I felt strangely after so many weeks of staying in! Alice G., Mrs. Davenport and their brother called about tea time and saw the baby—we went to bed early, before W’s telegram came saying “not home till to-morrow.”

May, Saturday 11. 1889

Still cool and too unpleasant for my darling to go out—after his seven o’clock breakfast he slept till nearly eleven, so bath very late. Mrs. Peck & Frances came in—I covered back of sofa & …(?) Frances bound blankets—her care of baby, her …(?) sewing & quick ways, a great comfort. After rugs etc. put away & my lunch over, Frances went out for the p.m.—baby had one good cry in her absence—asleep when Mrs. Severy & her daughter called. Sorry to eat good roast beef dinner without W—then I gave baby his supper and we both fell asleep easily soon after eight. I seem to accomplish little these happy happy days on “extras.”

May, Sunday 12. 1889

When I looked on Mts. at six a.m., the whole range white from base to top! The air clear & cool. Frances & Effie went to church. Baby woke at 11:30 when Wm. helped me get him ready to go out—pushed him in his carriage till nearly his dinner time—after which he slept on piazza till 3 p.m. when F. bro’t him upstairs for another meal. I took nap on lounge before W. returned for lunch—he rested afterwards. I was delighted to get A’s first letter—she is very happy in her new little son, & I can appreciate the joy, and especially after her long confinement before the birth. I wrote to her, Edith & Caroline before dinner. Pres. & Mrs. Slocum called.

May, Monday 13. 1889

Baby awoke at 3 a.m. & then not again till 6:30. I felt thoroughly rested. He looked very cunning and sweet in Caroline’s little flannel gown. I enjoyed having William watch me give Baby his bath—he was out on piazza asleep in carriage by 10 a.m. I finished Caroline H’s note and wrote one to Kitten before going down on errands. I wrote to Miss Barnes, Miss Farhnam, Mrs. Rice & Mrs. Burnside before lunch. Mr. Fitz-Mac came up with W. Baby did not nurse till 2 p.m. Frances took him out again. Mrs. Culver, Miss Woodbury and Mrs. Haines called. “Papa J” came home while Baby was taking his supper. W. & I had our dinner early as W. went off to Pueblo on 7 o’cl’k train. I went early to bed with baby.

May, Tuesday 14. 1889

Warm beautiful morning—I did not feel very spunky as baby kept me awake from 3-4 a.m. A plunge bath refreshed me, and he was dear at his bath. We put cooler bonnet and coat on him in carriage. Mrs. Winslow called as I was about to start on errands. Very much relieved to hear from R. himself and to know that he is in New York & comparatively comfortable since his accident and operation. Poor Mamma has had a great deal of anxiety for her 3 oldest children this spring. Very happy that A. is comfortably thro’ her illness and has dear little Everett in her arms. Glad of her note and one from Mamie also. Frances went out in evening—as baby and I did not need her at all. Supper lonely.

May, Wednesday 15. 1889

Baby had breakfast no. 1 at 5, so I gave him his bath before my breakfast and he was out on piazza in good season. I worked hard over William’s closet and in store room all the a.m. except when nursing. No other interruption while at extras. Baby did not go out in afternoon as it grew very windy—he is a world of comfort while W. away. I did not finish work in store room—too tired to complete it—sewed as dear little W. lay on my bed. I have to keep work ready for Frances who is very faithful in her sewing and care of our darling. Supper without W. and no telegram from him. F. & I made plans to give Baby his first suppository, but he did not need it after all.

May, Thursday 16. 1889

Good to see our lawn being cut to-day. Baby out in pretty good season. I finished up “extras” pretty well before noon. Mrs. Hill called while Frances was at lunch. Mrs. H. wants us both at her house to-morrow evening for a little reading. If W. can go with me I should like to be out once again, tho’ nowhere happier than next my darling. Serena came to see him in p.m. Glad of note from Mamma with encouraging report of R.’s progress. Washed my hair—Baby very good. I had dinner alone, read on lounge hoping to stay awake till W. returned from Pueblo, but telegram came saying he could not be back until to-morrow night.

May, Friday 17. 1889

Cold snow & rain storm! I was up early to get fire on our hearth for baby’s sake as furnace fire had was (?) out. Effie started it up again later. Sweeping a.m.—I warmed W.’s room for baby to take his nap in while Frances was cleaning her and my rooms. Mr. Carter opened book boxes, so I looked over & sorted them, Effie & Mary bringing those I wanted on desk & in Library. Baby good notwithstanding he had to be in all day and in p.m. We had to give him his first suppository—it worked very quickly. Mrs. Parsons called as W. returned. I went to reading at Mrs. Hill’s. W. could not as he had a man to see. Baby ready for me on return.

May, Saturday 18.1889

Beautiful a.m. Baby dressed and out in good season. William had a poor night—came into our room early to see little W. and then slept till noon there. I went down on errands. Alice & Serena called. I took a good nap after lunch & then told Frances she could have p.m. to herself. Baby very good after nursing. I dressed him & took him to see Mrs. Smith & Mrs. White—a solid treat to have him in carriage to myself—glad as I am to have Frances valuable assistance. Good to have W. at dinner—we sat quite a long while & then he dressed to go to a Whist party at Mr. Hallett’s. Baby had natural movement.

May, Sunday 19. 1889

Beautiful day again—baby’s meal came so I could go to church—the first time for many many Sundays. Mr. Slocum preached on Educational Work in South (?). I enjoyed him very much. Baby not awake when I returned—did not take his lunch till 1 o’cl’k. Afterwards William took us both on a lovely drive North, stopping first to see Mrs. Hobson & her baby. Little Katherine interested me very much—a fine little girl! On our return we stopped to see Charlotte Touzalin who is lovely at six months. We had lively(?) horses; our dear boy not excited by the visits or exilerating (sic) air. W. fell asleep on lounge when I was nursing little W. to sleep I had to use suppository again.

May, Monday 20. 1889

Baby’s good nights are a great thing for me. He was so laughing and dear when awake at 7 o’clock, that I had to take him into W. I had breakfast alone because of baby’s bath at 9:15. He was out at ten when I walked down with W. who was off for Pueblo. I did errands & wrote letter on my return from them. A delicious fresh cool day. Mrs. Mellen & Miss Maud called at noon—after lunch I took a god nap on lounge. Baby did not come up till nearly four. Mrs. Slocum came up to my room while he was nursing. I had to eat dinner alone & went to bed early with my little son. W. came at midnight & we gave baby a suppository.

May, Tuesday 21. 1889

Baby had his first meal at 5:30, so I gave him his bath before I had my breakfast with big W. I left the little man on piazza and called on Alice & Mrs. Hobson. Made arrangements for Friday’s meeting. Dan came up from bank to say that W. would not be home to lunch. I went out afterwards—up to Mrs. Parsons and stopped at Mrs. Hill’s on my return. Baby slept way past his hour, not nursing till nearly five when Mrs. Weitbrec was here. As he had good movements at 6 a.m. & 8, I did not have to give suppository. So warm dear baby stayed out on piazza till William returned from Pueblo. He held and petted his namesake.

May, Wednesday 22. 1889

Baby had his bath at seven because of his early breakfast—so Frances had him out of doors in good season. I put away clean clothes & then went down town. William off for Denver—with new suit on & becoming gray felt hat. I fixed summer corsets for nursing till Mr. Jamie Arnold called. Mrs. Weitbrec came again also. Gave dear baby suppository about 2 p.m. He was out on piazza after shower. Mrs. Thayer, Mrs. Hobson & dear little “Kitten” called. Lonely without W. at night, tho’ baby-boy a host—and so good & dear. I went to bed with him a(t) 8 p.m.—he woke at twelve but right off to sleep after nursing.

May, Thursday 23. 1889

Thirty years old to-day & so happy and grateful for the rich blessing that has been sent out(?) in our darling boy! He woke sweetly at 4, & then slept til 7 when I bathed him. He was out-of-doors early—I, too—on return from errands wrote notes to Kate S., Bert T. and Alice B. & Nathan, then got ready for lunch party at Mrs. Touzalin’s, which proved so very pleasant. Just Mrs. Parrish & Mrs. Hobson & Mrs. T. and I were there. Very pretty and appropriate cards for our babies who joined us at 3 o’cl’k, notwithstanding threatening weather. Gave baby suppository before I went off. On our way home we stopped at Mrs. Stedman’s. William home for a 7 o’cl’k dinner—he could not go with me to hear Jubilee Singers.

May, Friday 24. 1889

Busy flying around before lunch party—darling little W. very good and let me get my room ready for Frances. I had to go down on …(?) errands. Alice the first one here—she sat with me while I dressed. Mrs. Slocum & Mrs. Parsons came together and we made plans as Beneficiary Committee as soon as possible—very pleasant to have Mrs. Van…(?) & Mrs. Davenport join us at 1:30. W. Sr. did not appear. Little W. very dear and cunning and all passed off pleasantly. They were all gone at 4 p.m. when baby needed me again. W. home in good season for dinner—but off for whist at Mr. Sanford’s in the even’g. I was glad to go to bed early with baby.

May , Saturday 25. 1889

Nice bright a.m. W. slept late in our—baby’s & my room, and I cleaned up shelves etc. after was out piazza with Frances. We had early lunch & then I went down on errands. Frances took her p.m. out—dear baby very good. Miss Barnes called just at his hungry time but he waited patiently, and later we both took a little nap on Library lounge. Very much surprised and interested to receive a call from Ray Jacobs who looked so well and pretty. I was glad W. came in before she had left. She is staying till Monday at the Barker House in Manitou. William fell asleep upstairs with baby & me, early.

May, Sunday 26. 1889

Beautiful a.m. Baby’s night rather restless and he looked pale before his bath, afterwards all right. As nursing time came wrong for my going to church, Frances went and I sat on porch with dear baby asleep in his carriage & my writing. W. down for his breakfast soon after ten. I wrote to Anne and began Kitten’s letter before lunch. Miss Codd made short call. We all drove to Mrs. Trinmins (?) where a shower kept us longer than we intended to stay--I nursed dear baby there. Later we drove on to Manitou and saw Miss Jacobs and her mother. Baby very good. We all went to bed in good season; W. resting on outside of my bed. I find almost no time for reading. I give Baby suppository each a.m. early now.

May, Monday 27. 1889

Pleasant a.m. I went out on errands as soon as possible after breakfast—ended them by going to Mrs. Alexander’s where I bought quite a number of little short white dresses for dear baby. William came up quite early at noon—not feeling very well; he enjoyed baby for some little time on hall lounge, when little W. was so contented after noon meal. A good shower. Baby out on piazza after it. Just as I was about to get dressed Mrs. Trinmins (?) and Mrs. Prescott called & then Mr. Allen, so took Baby up when Frances went to her tea & undressed him & slipped on tea gown for our cosy dinner. W. and I talked on piazza till Mr. Steele called for W. to go to Club meeting.

May, Tuesday 28. 1889

Showery a.m. I had Release of Mortgage deed for D. Bosworth from N. which I took down town & had Wm. & Mr. Barlow & Mr. Wagner sign. William went to Denver. I called at Mrs. Thayer’s—left money there for Mrs. Alexander; on return home found telegram from Mrs. Hallett which I answered at once, & then rode in horse car to Mrs. Touzalin’s told her & Mary Metcalf that Mrs. Hallett was coming. Baby very good tho’ upstairs all day till Mr. Gregg called who seemed to be delighted with our darling. His bowels worked all right with little aid which I give each a.m.early. I finished Kitten’s note & wrote to N. & copied Mr. Fiske’s acc’t before going to bed.

May, Wednesday 29. 1889

Dear baby getting very regular about waking—much to my satisfaction—for now I can give him his bath before breakfast. He took his first (breakfast) between four & five, then I gave him suppository & then he took a sweet nap next to Big William. Cloudy, chilly a.m; 63 in our room, tho’ windows shut all night; out on errands before Mrs. Hallett came. Alice here when they all arrived. Lucius had to go to his sitting for portrait. The afternoon went very quickly with our visiting. William had to go out in evening and Mrs. H. and I went to bed in good, after dear little W. had his 8:30 supper.

May, Thursday 30. 1889

A very beautiful Decoration Day—no wind, mts. beautifully clear and air warm & balmy. W. slept late so Mrs. Hallett and I breakfasted alone, then we went down on errands, Lucius going with us. After his sitting at Mrs. Parrish’s, Mrs. Davenport and Alice called; I kept Mrs. D. for lunch, & we tried to persuade her to go driving with us, but she declined. We stopped at Mrs. Hobson’s & saw little “Kitten” before going to the Bluffs—the ride there and back very pleasant. Little W. took his refreshment out on the plains. Mrs. Hill & Miss Stewart called in the evening. I had welcome postal card fr. Mamma.

May, Friday 31. 1889

Rather a cold uncertain day. Baby had visitors at his bath. Mrs. H. & Lucius went down town. Poor little L. bitten by a prairie dog, so he did not go to the studio in the happiest of moods. I had a good letter from my “Kitten.” Quite a thunder shower at noon. Mr. Buckman called before we went out calling. Carriage came at four o’clock. We went first to Miss Myers’ in Dr. Solly’s cottage, then I gave invitation to Mr. & Mrs. Hagerman (by note) for dinner Saturday, saw Madame H., called to inquire for Mrs. Thayer. We all sat in Hall (?) in the evening. I had to go to bed at nine o’clock. Mrs. H. & w. sat & talked till after 10.

June, Saturday 1.1889

Pleasant tho’ rather cool a.m. As Mrs. H. and I were down on errands I had a curious meeting in Bank with one of my nephews I’d never seen-- Dugald J., he walked home with us but W. did not know him. We persuaded him to stay all night—a showery p.m. so we could not take long drive & then Judge H. came at 5 o’cl’k. Mr. & Mrs. Parrish came to dine with us. Mary’s dinner very good, and all went pleasant (sic). Mr. Bent & Mr. White came late for a Whist party which Dugald sat up to witness. Mrs. H. & I went up about 10 o’cl’k.


June, Sunday 2. 1889

A very uncertain a.m. but William thought it safe to start for Aunty’s grave, and to take Lucius & Little W.; the drive up Toll Road most interesting. I felt new fear in places because of Baby. Judge & Mrs. H. seemed to enjoy it all very much. About lunch time we had showers but not serious ones. Dear baby good and quiet as could be all the way. Judge H. had to return to Denver before our quiet dinner. Alice unable to join us, but her brother & Mrs. Touzalin did not disappoint us. Mr. Steele joined us before dinner was over. Baby had a hard cry for me.

June, Monday 3. 1889

Beautiful day but still cool; all of us glad to keep on woolen gowns. Lucius gave Mrs. Parrish the last sitting. I went to see the portrait and was delighted with it. Went down town on errands late—we were very much shocked to hear of Mr. Binninger’s (?) death last evening. A thunder shower about noon & it rained hard after lunch; William did not send carriage until nearly five when Mrs. H. & I returned calls till dinner time. W. read a story in the evening, but I was too sleepy to hear it—fell asleep in lounge; we all went up at 10 o’clock.

June, Tuesday 4, 1889

I awoke early & rested—Baby was so good that I hulled 12 boxes of strawberries before bathing him—all hands took hold after breakfast, so as to can the crate and a half that W. had sent from Grand Junction. Mr. & Mrs. Risley called just as Mrs. H. & I were at work on piazzie (sic). We did not get preserves on stove till nearly noon so I had to give up going to Miss …(?) for lunch. Mrs. H. said it was quite elaborate; she and L. left us at 4 p.m. W. attended Mr. Binninger’s funeral services before going to station. Baby very good & well. Dr. Fiske made pleasant call in the evening.

June, Wednesday 5, 1889

Very much warmer tho’ we did not realize it until after breakfast. I gave Baby his bath before and Dr. Reed called before I had gone down town—he will come to-morrow again. On return from errands I wrote postal cards to A., Mamma, & N., a short letter to Kitten and made out checks. Frances went out in p.m. so I had charge of baby—he cried while some of my callers were here. Mrs. Davenport, Alice & Serena, Mrs. B…(?) & Miss Farnham called. Mrs. Slocum came to ask me for lunch on Friday. William late home to dinner—Baby stayed out on piazza till after seven.

June, Thursday 6. 1889

Beautiful a.m. William slept in with Baby and me. We left him sleeping when we went down for breakfast and air on piazza. I was down on errands before Dr. Reed—his new application to me did not hurt at all—I hope it will do the good he desires. He has not cut baby’s “tongue-tie” yet. Alice called while I was nursing Baby in p.m. William and I both took a good long nap after lunch. Miss White also called. Very threatening just about six, so Frances took Baby up to me to undress. W. home late to dinner, but the little fellow did not get to sleep till I went up to him about 8 o’cl’k.

June, Friday 7. 1889

I awoke first at 4 a.m. and was surprised to find W. still reading, not having slept at all all night. I got him some crackers and cream and then he fell asleep. I took another nap after nursing Baby, then we both woke up for good about seven. I kept the dear little man on piazza till Frances had finished our rooms; I did not have much time to get ready for lunch at Mrs. Slocum’s which was pleasant. Frances and Baby joined Alice & me there at 2:30. Rather a rainy p.m. but we made our calls on Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Haldeman, Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Hatch & little “Kitten.” He was tired and sleepy on my return but good as I undressed him.

June, Saturday 8. 1889

Fine a.m. early. I got down stairs in good season and put up kinnikinnick over “Singing Boys;” then gave Baby his breakfast myself till 9 o’cl’k. Mr. Carter attacked the carpets from down cellar and cleaned the latter up. Carpet back again just before hard shower. Baby did not wake for his noon meal till twelve o’clock, so I did not go on errands till after lunch, when William and I were caught in drenching shower. W. brought home news of the birth of Mrs. Armitt’s (?) little daughter—she arrived yesterday. Baby good upstairs all p.m. as I arranged pictures which came from the Berkeley. W. fell asleep in lounge after dinner. I went to bed at 9 o’clock.

June, Sunday 9. 1889

Baby’s good nights are such a comfort—he took his first breakfast about 5:15 and then did not wake till 8:30. So cold and blustering that Frances had to make fire on hearth. She went to church as I could not go. Baby out at twelve, but even then pretty cold. I sat on piazza as well wrapped as little W.; big W. had late breakfast. I wrote to R. at last while Baby was sleeping on piazza. I walked to Mrs. Touzalin’s with W. and on the way we inquired for Mrs. Armit (?)who was better. Baby did not stay out ofter 4 o’cl’k. I put him to bed pretty early—his milk came up over W. when he was petting him.

June, Monday 10. 1889

Cool a.m.—had to have fire for little W.’s bath—afterwards we started one in library as he seemed to have some cold and I did not dare to have him out on piazza—he slept indoors in his carriage most of forenoon. Pretty blanket came from Ida Cushing which Jennie made. W. up late and went with me to see Lucius’ portrait which W. liked. I read in Dr. Keating’s book, rested upstairs after lunch but did not get to sleep—joined Baby in library at 4, and kept him there till I undressed him—it grew warmer toward night, going up to 66° in the nursery.

June, Tuesday 11. 1889

Warm but beautiful a.m. William off for Pueblo. Baby had his bath in good season, so while out on errands I called on Mrs. Hobson taking her five dollars due her Mother for dresses for Baby. Then I went to see Mrs. Alexander also—distressed to hear that her husband had had two slight hemorrhages. I took a good nap after noon dinner. Mrs. White and sweet little Lois called in p.m. Glad to see little L. in her short clothes. Baby w. still has to have suppositories given him each day. Supper at 6:30—out to see Mrs. Meyers & Miss Hattie afterwards.

June, Wednesday 12. 1889

Bright delicious a.m. Baby slept very late before bath—of course as I was expecting Miss Meyers who came before he has (sic) finished. I went to studio with her to see Mrs. Parrish’s portrait of Lucius. Then Frances and I took little W. down to have his picture take(n)—he sat twice alone and twice with his face next to mine—very warm and exciting work. I finished Dr. Keating’s work after lunch—at 3 p.m. Frances went out. Miss Montgomery called so I did not get out as early with baby to call as I expected. We went only to see Mrs. Smith & Mrs. DeCoursey (?). “Papa” came just as I had put baby to bed. The bells (?) woke him. I meant to but didn’t go to meeting.

June, Thursday 13. 1889

Warm enough for cambric gowns again. I was out in pretty good season on errands—called on Alice. Little Serena went with me to Mrs. Hobson’s, but did not see her or the baby. Little William ready for me soon after my return. Frances has begun on his short clothes, which I am planning. A thunder shower in p.m. Baby & I tooknaps upstairs together. William & Mr. Lunt talked on piazza before dinner while I was undressing baby. As I had to nurse him about 8, Frances took an evening out. William had a caller who took him down to Bank after playing with baby.

June, Friday 14. 1889

Overcast comfortable morning. I was up early & went thro’ my closet thoroughly & fixed room for Frances to sweep. W. slept late in our room, never hearing my noise or baby at his bath. I left little skirts to be stamped (?) & got proofs of our pictures—some good. I had care of baby most of a.m., before Frances had finished cleaning & had her dinner. W. too tired to go to Denver—good to have him at home. Callers, Miss Price & Mrs. Daniels in p.m. I did a little planning for baby in his short clothes. W. & I out calling together in evening.

June, Saturday 15. 1889

Awake and up in good season, down in cellar before breakfast to go thru’ trunk with Rennie’s baby clothes—took upstairs what I tho’t could be used for our darling this summer. He did not have his bath till 9:30. Mrs. Hobson here with little Kitten—we nursed our babies before taking them to Mrs. Lunt’s(,) thunder shower bro’t Mrs. H. back with me, so I had the pleasure of her company at lunch. Little K. & little W. very good in their carriages. Rain again in p.m. I did not get out on errands till late. Glad to go to bed with Baby. W. off in Pueblo all day, but home at 8 p.m.

June, Sunday 16. 1889

All three of us slept late. W. & I took breakfast together at 9:30, after which W. watched me give little W. his bath—hours came right so I went to church—no services in ours; I went to Effie’s new church for the first time. Baby asleep all the a.m., --he awoke just in time for me to nurse him before we went to Mrs. Risley’s for 2 o’cl’k dinner in honor of Mr. Risley’s 75th birthday. Mr. Steele and Miss Brinley there—very quiet & pleasant. I had to come away first because of little W. Mrs. Touzalin here waiting to see me. Frances took her free time from early supper time on. W. enjoyed putting baby to bed with me.

June, Monday 17. 1889

Awake in good season and saw to gathering and preparing soiled clothes for Jennie. Baby had his bath at 7 o’cl’k, but did not go out in his carriage till W. & I took our 9 o’cl’k breakfast together. W. off for Denver on 10:05 train. I mended and rested during a.m. I had my dinner at noon. I sent off cards to Mamma & Anne with letter to Aunt Molly. Warm but comfortable day. Baby very good—his bowels acting freely again, almost too much so. I finished Life of Delia Bacon which Miss Brinley lent me. I could not go to meeting of Book Club because of Baby.

June, Tuesday 18. 1889

Beautiful a.m. I awoke quite rested at 5 o’cl’k when baby took his first meal. I felt so anxious about baby’s diarrhea that I consulted with Dr. Reed, before going on my errands. I did not get out till nearly eleven—Baby not at all impatient for me. Mrs. Bent called to ask me to a Whist party—but declined for myself. Warm p.m.—dressed in white for the first time. Dr. Reed came to examine me & apply caustic after lunch. When he saw Baby he thought he did not need any medicine. I sat out on piazza latter part of p.m. W. out at Whist party in evening.

June, Wednesday 19. 1889

Warm a.m. I felt tired for me—so did not do much in a.m. I looked over clean clothes and prepared sewing for Frances. Baby very good at bath but has some diarrhea still. Mr. Weitbrec came to lunch—we weighed the baby and he is now 17 lbs. William came up with carriage & four (?) at four o’clock and took Baby and me on pleasant drive to Manitou—we called on Judge B…? and his family in their private car. Frances took her afternoon out. Baby just as good as gold—a perfect comfort to take him anywhere.

June, Thursday 20. 1889

Baby better—he did not take bath till 8:30 when “Papa” watched. I made calls—returning books to Miss Brinley & Miss Norris. I saw Mrs. Armit but did not see her little daughter. W. not feeling well so did not get down stairs till nearly lunch time. Mr. Tutor (?) called again for another of W’s pictures. Baby went over his nursing time in p.m. so I had good long rest. He was dear & good & cunning when I undressed him soon after five—a change in temperature so I put on flannel night gown again. He slept till I went to bed at 9 o’clock. W. had gentlemen to whist.

June, Friday 21. 1889

Very cool a.m. Baby had his bath while Frances was at breakfast—so she could get at rooms in good season. I had to go to Dr. Reed’s for a new application—then I went with club books to Alice’s, surprised enough to hear she went to the Peak—all the party enjoyed the trip very much. Baby still better so I have not yet given him medicines. He was so cunning in the p.m. that I kept a g…(?) part of the time. A thunder storm came up so he was in carriage by me as I rested on the lounge. Mrs. Hill call (sic). William went out in evening to Whist Party at Mrs. Bent’s.

June, Saturday 22. 1889

Dear little W. three months old to-day. Very comfortable—Baby out on porch in good season and W. & I took breakfast together soon after nine o’clock. I went down on errands with W.; washed my hair on return. Baby came up with me when Frances had her dinner. Baby & W. had good frolic before lunch. I was very glad to get Mamie’s delayed letter and good long ones from Miss Gardner, telling about purchases she has kindly made for our darling. William brought Denver friends up in p.m.—Mr. & Mrs. Thatcher and others. Mrs. Thayer called just before dinner. Baby’s condition nearly right now.

June, Sunday 23. 1889

Beautiful, quiet warm a.m. Baby did not wake for his bath till nearly 8:30. I could not go to church so Frances went. W. had a hard time waking up, but had to have breakfast near nine—he did not find Dr. Bell, so he came back with baby & me on the porch. We had early lunch and then he drove us over to Manitou—he leaving Baby and me at the Hotel while he went to Dr. Bell’s to meet the Mining Engineers. Baby and I took a good nap together—we reached home soon after six. I had a note from Mrs. Eastevan (?). W. & I called on Mr. & Mrs. Risley—Baby crying hard for me on my return.

June, Monday 24. 1889

Comfortable a.m., the night pretty warm till twelve o’clock. I was up early to get clothes together. Jennie did not come. Dr. Ward called before W. & I had our breakfast—he sat with us while we ate. W. walked round to Dr. Reed’s with me. A new treatment for my weak s…(?). Errands few. Baby very well and so dear & good! Thunder storm about noon of short duration. I took a good loaf after lunch; dear Baby’s garments came from Boston and I am delighted with dresses, cloak & cap and Miss Gardner’s kind note accompanying them. W. & I called on Mrs. Stanford (?) in the evening.

June, Tuesday 25. 1889

Very warm a.m. Baby did not have his bath till 9:30. Mrs. Slocum called in time to see him in it. She asked W. and me to dinner and I accepted on condition that we could both come away early--W. for an engagement outside and I for dear Little W. I took Baby to Dr. Reed—he did not discern any trouble with his head. Mrs. Hill called to invite us to a tea on Thursday p.m. Mrs. Sanford has one Friday p.m. Finished long letter to Miss Gardner and W. made out check. Baby dear and very good—kept him indoors thro’ the heat. I felt forlorn lat in p.m. did not enjoy going out to dinner, tho’ a very pleasant one at Mrs. Slocum’s for Mr.& Mrs. Fairbanks.

June, Wednesday 26. 1889

My might very poor and I felt about as forlorn as could be on waking. William went out for Dr. Reed who when he saw my throat, said that accounted for all the aches and pains over whole body. To my relief he said I might keep on nursing Baby—he also said I must eat all I could so as to keep up supply of milk. Very glad little W. did not seem upset by my sudden illness. Cool shower came up in p.m., so I went to bed about 3 o’clock, and felt much better by supper time. Took raw eggs milk and cocoa freely which did not hurt my throat. W. had a good frolic with Baby before going out.

June, Thursday 27. 1889

Refreshing sleep last night—so felt very much better. Dr. R’s medicine worked like a charm—he came in to see me about 10:30 and said I need not take it but 3 times during to-day. He examined Baby’s head and eyebrows but did not perceive any indications of milk crust. W. wrote nice little note to send in my long letter to Miss Gardner. Wrote letter to Anne—to …(?) business document. Very lazy all the p.m.—read papers but did not sew at all. William went to “Little Red Riding Hood” in Mrs. Lunt’s Barn and later to Mrs. Hill’s pleasant tea. I was sorry to miss both of them.

June, Friday 28. 1889

Warm weather has come in full force. Little W. did not have his breakfast till after 7 a.m.—going from 1 o’cl’k. I took the Dr. by surprise in my visit—but my throat so well that I wanted another matter attended to. Dr. R. gave me new prescription—alum-- one teaspoon in a quart of water—to use night and morning. Very warm p.m. Baby staid indoors part of time, then out again at 6 until 9, when we went to bed together. W. had Mr. Wolfe to dinner and then Mr. Sanford & Mr. Caswell later to whist. I sewed on lawn dress a little. Miss Hattie called. W. attended Mrs. Sanford’s tea which I was sorry to miss.

June, Saturday 29. 1889

Dear baby W. slept till 6:30 but even then I did not want to get up—he did not make me till after seven, and he went off to sleep in a very few moments. I did not bathe him till nine. W. & I took breakfast about 10:30! I walked down town the first time since Tuesday a.m. Poor Effie came down sick at noon after her (?) morning’s hard work. Mrs. Touzalin called at noon, so W. & I changed our plan of going out to their ranch. W. took Baby & me over to Austin bluffs—rather too high a wind for the little fellow’s comfort—he did not seem as composed as usual, but finally had a beautiful nap. Mr. & Mrs. Risley called in evening just after I had gone to bed.

June, Sunday 30. 1889

Beautiful a.m. only pretty warm. I had to dress for Dr. R’s, but also for church as dear little W’s hours were such that I could leave him. Dr. R. found great improvement and I am encouraged. It was good to see & hear Mr. Gregg in his own pulpit again. He preached from Esek. 2:1--:Son of man stand up on thy feet, and I will speak to thee.” In the p.m. William drove baby and me to Mr. Touzalin’s ranch. Baby slept all the way and was just as good there as could (be). Dear little Charlotte fascinating; and much better.
The drive home lovely also, and our little man slept most of the way home, too. Mary, Effie and Frances all out to church in evening.

July, Monday 1. 1889

Very hot day. I was up in pretty good season to collect clothes & look them over for Jennie; then out on errands—got dear Baby’s photos, which are more satisfactory than I feared they would be. I went to Alice’s and we talked over plan for Fourth of July. When I submitted it to W. he approved and said he would go with us as driver. W. suggested Bear Creek canon. Baby good and pretty well—I had to give him suppository at lunch time. Very hot p.m. & evening. I kept Baby down stairs as long as possible—both of us felt the heat of 80° upstairs.

July, Tuesday 2. 1889

Great change at 3 a.m. The thermometer fell to 69, but a high nervous wind and dear little W. began the day with diarrhrea(sic)—he had four movements and some did not look right. He did not go out on porch till nearly noon. His a.m. naps interrupted by callers: Alice, Serena, Mrs. Sanford, and Mrs. Parsons all came in a.m. I finished short letters to Mamma & Anne before noon dinner which I took alone as W. went off to Denver. I sent home picture of Baby and self. Mrs. Hill called in p.m., also ellen Touzalin. I made out checks and did errands. I went to bed in good season with baby. So good to have it cool again.


July, Wednesday 3. 1889

I did not get up till nearly seven—had to get ready to go to Dr’s, so with that, Baby’s bath and breakfast I barely reached Dr. R’s at ten a.m. I paid bills and prepared for to-morrow’s picnic. Baby still has too many movements. Rested in p.m.and took comfort in caring for dear little W. Big W. told me at noon that Judge and Mrs. Brewer (?) would come for dinner to-morrow night. I went down town on errands, but too late to get in many stores. So very warm that Baby and I slept down stairs till after midnight, he in his carriage, I on the lounge. W. out at Mrs. S’s.

July, Thursday 4. 1889

We awoke to a warm but very pleasant a.m. W. did not feel very bright but we both took breakfast at 9 a.m.—dear little W. having his bath before. Mary off for Green Mt. Falls in good season. Effie helped me get lunch ready. Frances went with us to help me in care of our darling. The children gave him a little serenade as we were starting off in the three seater. Dr. reed at Alice’s when we arrived so I feared some of our party ill—Mrs. Davenport the sufferer & Alice decided to give up picnic. Mr. Gregg & Faith & Marjory went in their places. Mr. Gilman & Mr. Gregg made the day very pleasant for me & W. gave us a very lovely time.

July, Friday 5. 1889

All pretty tired and lazy after yesterday’s picnicking. William said he might have some friends to dinner to-morrow. Very warm so we kept baby in the house during noon and part of p.m. His bowels not yet right, but W. does not want me to give him medicine. I was sorry not to get over to inquire for Mrs. Davenport. Bella came in evening and said Serena had been a little upset. Our big W. quite wrong—he did not feel just right yesterday. Baby and I slept down stairs till after midnight; William being at Whist party at Mrs. Sanford’s.

July, Saturday 6. 1889

Pretty warm a.m. I was up early, mended some clothes before washing dear baby—he had good nap on piazza, so Frances took hold and stemmed cherries which Mr. Carter had picked before breakfast. I had to go down town so did not finish the extra(s) till about 2 o’cl’k. I arranged flowers for our company—then I took little rest; Frances keeping baby nice & quiet. I washed & put him in fresh dress before Judge & Mrs. & Bessie Brewer came. Warm evening—I wore muslin dress, Mr. Steele came in—always pleasant at dinner which all seemed to enjoy except poor Bessie who had a headache. Dear little W. very good.

July, Sunday 7. 1889

Warm but comfortable a.m. I gave Baby his bath before seven so as to get him on piazza in good season. Effie, Mary & Frances all went to church and William and I enjoyed being with our darling on the piazza—little realizing what was in store for us at night! W. felt too forlorn to drive in p.m. but after dinner took Baby and me to Manitou—to avoid bad road tried a different one—suddenly got off of it, struck something and without a moment’s warning all of us thrown from the carriage—W. out to one side and Baby and (I) out and over toward the horses’ heads. How did our darling escaped (sic) unhurt?

July, Monday 8. 1889

Not a good washing day—my heart trembled as I gathered little W’s clothes together for the wash. Dear Big W. slept pretty late after our terrible fright & narrow escape. Dear Baby seemed perfectly well and natural all day—sunshine enough to keep him on piazza till 6:30. I took a nap in p.m. and after dressing wrote to dear Anne on this he(r) 32nd birthday, of our wonderful preservation from imminent harm last night. Miss Hattie called and was surprised enough tohear of our hour of danger. W. pretty lame—both of us feeling the shock but untold joy in our dear little W’s safety.

July, Tuesday 9. 1889

Rained in the night and almost all day—so dear Baby could not go out at all. He had his bath late which William saw him take. It is more and more of a miracle how the dear little fellow escaped all injury. W. & I breakfasted late and then walked down town together. I wrote to Mrs. Hallett and Mrs. Robinson before 12:30 when I nursed Baby. Little W. fell asleep in bug W’s arms after lunch but did not stay asleep long; then I had a good time with my precious one & he fell asleep at 4:15. Serena came to see him at 5--& he went to bed early because of nice cool weather, I with him.

July, Wednesday 10. 1889

Still cool. So much rain and dampness that I had a fire built to wash Baby by—he did not go out till toward noon—after Mr. & Mrs. Sanford’s pleasant call. W. and (I) both feeling better. We had a carpenter at work repairing blinds, doors etc.—I was down town on errands twice. Miss Codd called with little Eleanor Armit just as I had told Frances she might have the afternoon. After Baby had nursed I took him to Mrs. Risley’s but paint (?) and shower drove me home right away. After he had slept, I called on Miss …? ...? & at Alice’s—saw Mrs. Davenport who is much better. Baby lovely with Big W. at bed time.

July, Thursday 11. 1889

Still cool & damp after abundant rains—had fire for little W’s bath—he was on piazza at 8:30. W. not at all well—did not eat anything till lunch which Mr. Touzalin and Mr. Steele took with us. It grew very warm. I took Baby up to see Mrs. Barlow in the a.m. He was very cunning and wide awake and enjoyed cool breeze on their piazza. Mr. Noyes & Mrs. Hatch called in the p.m.—both going East. William had gentlemen at the house for Whist in the afternoon. I had letter from Suzie W. who is having a charming time abroad. Delighted with Edith’s account of her good times.

July, Friday 12. 1889

We did not get up very early for sweeping a.m. and yet as dear big W. was not in the nursery Frances got at our room in good season. Poor W. very forlorn. I had dear baby at breakfast with me—he was as good as could be—at 9:30 I nursed him when he fell asleep. W. had to get up for 10:05 train to Denver. I went out on errands then—also to Mr. Gregg’s to see about baptism of little W. on next Sunday. I did not get back till noon. Mrs. Armit & Miss Codd called. I was delighted to get A’s acknowledgement of dear baby’s pictures—which she likes & admires. Quiet p.m.—cut down Baby’s dress, supper alone, but dear W. returned at midnight.

July, Saturday 13. 1889

Warm but comfortable a.m. William still very forlorn. I did not disturb him any more than possible—he is always glad to feel his little boy near him. I went out on errands in good season. Mrs. Chappelle & Miss Codd called with two of little Betty Kissel’s dresses which I was glad to buy. W. not down till 11 o’cl’k. I took a little rest with Baby at noon. In p.m. I enjoyed dressing in good & clean clothes and taking him to Mrs. Parsons & Mrs. Robinson’s. Alice called just after I had returned. W. called to Ouray and I hated to have him go. Mrs. Touzalin & Ellen called—they go to-morrow.

July, Sunday 14. 1889

Deliciously cool a.m. only 68 when I first woke and fine breeze blowing in our room. Little W. very good & fascinating—so grateful for his health & preservation. I had my breakfast at 8:30 & did not bathe him till afterwards. Beautiful Communion Services which I was most glad to attend & very thankful that dear W. gave his consent to Little W.’s baptism which took place at 4 p.m. and Oh! how dear & sweet the precious child was! Alice & Serena & Mrs. Slocum the only ones present beside Mr. & Mrs. Gregg & the girls. Little Serena came to spend the night with Baby W. I missed dear W. who had to go to Ouray. Very severe thunder storm before midnight—but neither of the children woke.

July, Monday 15. 1889

Pretty tired from lack of sleep—but got up at 5 and after opening house, gathered clothes together. Serena very dear & womanly about baby & herself. I enjoyed her visit very much. I sewed and wrote a little before she went at noon. Copying Mr. F’s account so as to return to Mamma. Baby not very good as to movements—his afternoon better than a.m. President and Mrs. Slocum called—they asked me about Mlle Landeren (?) of whom I must inquire of Kitten. Very glad of telegram from W. tho’ sorry enough he cannot return to us till Wednesday. Cool even’g so Baby and I went to bed early.


July. Tuesday 16. 1889

Very warm day. I gave Baby his bath at 6:30, so he could get down on piazza sooner—and I was out on errands at 8:20. I called at Alice’s to see if little Serena was all right, then found Baby’s pin at P.O. from Helen & Louise D.—brought home more photographs which I mailed as soon as possible, writing notes with them to Nathan, Mrs. Burnside, Katherine, Miss Gradner, Mrs. Hallett and sister Alice & Helen D. So my afternoon seem (ed) very short. Evening very warm—Baby & I called on Mrs. Hamp and then hated to go upstairs. We did not till 8:30.

July. Wednesday 17. 1889

Last night very warm—but Baby slept very well and so did I. He took his first meal at 5:15 so I gave him his bath a little before eight—he had a good sleep on piazza. Mrs. Culver & Mrs. Lent called so I did not get the nap I wanted after very early getting up—sewed a little in a.m.—and read Xtian Union. Frances was out all the p.m. I enjoyed taking care of Baby he was so good—about 4:30 came the telegram from W. saying he would not be home till to-morrow a.m.—so then Baby and I had a hack(?) and paid a few visits & went to bed together early.

July. Thursday 18. 1889

I heard the click of the gate early and knew W’s gate, so rushed down to the door to meet him. Very glad to have him back safe & well from Ouray. I let W. sleep late—baby & I going ahead in our accustomed way. Mr. Tutor called so W. had lunch & breakfast together. Pretty warm day—I dressed in white and stayed in it all day. Towards latter part of p.m.—fine cool thunder storm, so I put Baby to bed in good season. William came home in time for a frolic with him on the bed. How he Baby will enjoy the freedom of short clothes.

July. Friday 19. 1889

Baby and I up in good season—but big W. down pretty late to breakfast. I was glad not to have to go down on errands tho’ a.m. pretty comfortable. Alice and little S. came to spend the a.m. with me which was a great pleasure. A. was finishing Serena’s dress and I worked on little baby’s flannel skirt. I tried to get a rest in p.m. but did not get to sleep. Telegram came from J. C. saying he would be here to-morrow at 11 o’cl’k. Mrs. Davenport, Mr. Gilman and Alice all came to go with us to the Carrington Concert which we enjoyed in a way.

July, Saturday 20. 1889

Pretty warm a.m. I did not wake up very early because of late hours last night, but I was out on my errands and I had my breakfast before washing dear baby W. He received a pretty little cup from Mrs. Parsons. Frances took hold with Mary and Effie and picked over the bushel of currants. I was in the midst of making jelly when Jack arrived, but he made himself at home at once. We had pleasant p.m. going to reception at Mr. & Mrs. Parrish’s in honor of Mme. Modjeska, and in the evening we saw her in Adrienne Le Convert (?)—not a wholly pleasant play

July, Sunday 21. 1889

Dear M’s birthday—hard to believe she is twenty-four! We had a pretty late breakfast—Jack and I went to first service in Mr. Gregg’s new church. Flowers lovely and sermon very good from Psalm 96:6, “Strength and beauty are in thy Sanctuary.” There was a short thunder shower at noon—dear little W. went an hour over his time. At 3 o’clock we went driving over the mesa and attended the “Laying of Corner Stone in Episcopal Church in Colo. City. We were all home for our six o’clock dinner and I was glad to go to bed with my little W. so excused myself early.

July, Monday 22. 1889

Darling William four months old to-day. I put him into his short clothes and he looks dear. “Papa” weighed him and he bro’t the scales down to 19 1/2 lbs. Jack C. wrote during a.m. I went down on errands with W. Jennie did not come.
J. and I had quite a long & confidential talk about his affairs after lunch. He went down town later & I rested & nursed baby. Wrote postal cards to Mamma & Anne—strange I do not hear from them. W. & J. down to club for evening so Baby & I went to bed in our usual good season.

July, Tuesday 23. 1889

Overcast and very comfortable a.m. I did not wash little W. till Jack & I had had our breakfast. W. watched the bath with interest. Alice called with Serena before J. and I had started on our calls on the Misses White, Mrs. & Anne Scott & Judy & Mrs. Pierspont—found all. Jack read a short story aloud after lunch, then went to Base Ball. Mrs. Thayer & Mrs. Hobson called and took Baby and me on a charming drive—Little “Kitten” and Little W. both most fascinating. J. & W. off to a Whist party at Mr. Parson’s in the evening.

July, Wednesday 24. 1889

W. slept late—Baby had his bath in good season. Jack rode over to Manitou so W. and I alone at lunch. Poor Frances ill and had to go to bed, so I had my darling all the p.m. We both took a good nap in Library because of thunder shower. It did not last long but cooled us off beautifully, so I undressed my pet at 5:30. Mary kept him while we were at dinner then he received company with us later—Mrs. Ivers (?) and her son William. After they had gone Baby & I were quite ready to go to bed and sleep.


July, Thursday 25. 1889

Cool a.m. Ther. down to 67°--W. advised having fire for baby’s bath which was followed. All up very late—I took my breakfast alone at 9—Jack later & W. still later. I put up Raspberry preserve before going out on errands. Frances better—Effie helped me fix our room. Letter from Mrs. Burnside. Note from Alice saying she would have to give up lunch party because of illness in her family. Fine day for Lawn Sociable for Sanitarium. I did not buy much at fair—dole (?) and sacque for baby. Mr. Godfrey called. Pretty tired when I went to bed with baby. W. “Papa” came up for short frolic.

July, Friday 26. 1889

Pretty warm day. I breakfasted first and alone at 8:45. Jack came next and W. much later. I told him I did not feel equal to having dinner for Judge & Mrs. Pierspont, all things considered. Bella has Mt. fever so Effie has to go to her as often as possible. Jack off for Manitou before I saw him, and he did not return till night. I put my darling to bed early but he called me after my dinner for a little while and then gave Frances no trouble while W., J. and I went to concert at the Women’s Exchange which was crowded. I felt very tired—almost ill. W. rubbed my back.

July, Saturday 27. 1889

I gave Baby first breakfast at 4:30—then I took another nap—then Baby had his bath at 7 o’cl’k. Frances had our room to do and I had my errands so I put the little man, without his dress, on F’s bed where he slept beautifully till 10:30. We all breakfasted together—at 11 Jack and I took baby and went on a calling tour—not returning till nearly lunch time. All lunched in doors till 4 p.m.—very hot outside. Still I do not hear from home or Anne—not since I wrote them of my accident. W. & J. spent evening at Mr. Steele’s as usual. I spent mine with my darling in going early to bed.

July, Sunday 28. 1889

Pretty tired a.m. We all breakfasted together between 9:30 and 10—Katie arrived much to Effie’s relief, just as she was hurrying to get over to Bella. We all started about 11:30 for North Cheyenne where we worshipped with our grateful hearts for little W. who was as good as possible. Jack enjoyed the out-of-doors Sunday. I read Xtian Union while Baby was asleep in his hammock. On our return Jack had one letter, Wm. Two and I four—from K. & S. (?) Miss G., Sister Margaret & Edith—all so welcome. Baby & I glad to get to bed as soon as possible after dinner. Very warm upstairs.

July, Monday 29. 1889

Very comfortable day for washing as sun was obscured and a cool breeze. I had just decided to take an a.m. nap when Judge & Mrs. Pierrepont (?) called. Mrs. Hobson called before they had gone. William came in time to see all; we made arrangements for a dinner Thursday. I invited Mr. & Mrs. Risley after lunch taking baby there with me. I had a good nap of an hour and a half. Jack not home to dinner. W. off early afterwards to call on Mr. D…(?). I wrote short notes to Miss St. John, Mrs. Touzalin and Alice B. before going to sleep.

July, Tuesday 30. 1889

Sun out clearer than for some days, but mts. still obscured from view. William off for Denver and as Jack did not return from a.m. errands for lunch, I judge he went too. I went to meeting at Mrs. Slocum’s as soon as dear Baby’s bath was over. Mrs. Gregg & I rode up in …(?) car. Meeting about getting up a Household Bazaar for next month—to be held in Boy’s new Dormitory. Baby very good all day. I washed my hair and put away clean clothes in p.m. Jack came home in time for dinner. Wm. did not come until just as we had finished—we sat with W. who did not take much.

July, Wednesday 31. 1889

Pretty warm ending of this month. We all breakfasted at different times—very hard for Effie. Mr. Tutor and Mr. D…(?) called so I did not get down on my errands till very late. Baby good as gold. Mr. D…(?) & Mr. Slocum both stayed to lunch which was pleasant. Afterwards W. drove Mr. D…(?), Baby and me to dear Aunty’s grave—bro’t home some beautiful Kinnikinnik. Our Methodist friend did not arrive till after we had finished. Jack away also all day. Baby and I glad to go to bed as early as we could.

August, Thursday 1. 1889

Cool comfortable a.m.—I awoke early enough to fix dear Aunty’s table with Kinnikinnik before breakfast. Five of us, Mr. & Mrs. Harris, Jack, W. & I breakfasted together a little before 9, so I was out on errands in good season. Made out few checks after nursing my darling at 11 a.m. After our lunch, with five at table was over, I rested as soon as possible, taking a good nap very comfortably upstairs. Mr. & Mrs. Harris took dinner out as we had our party for Judge & Mrs. Pierrepont. Mr. & Mrs. Risley, Mr. Steele and Jack were the other guests—all seemed to enjoy the occasion. W. & I did.

August, Friday 2. 1889

Busy a.m. always because of Frances having rooms to clean. W. skipped over into his little room so we had a pretty good start. Jack away all day so Effie had a good chance at the Blue Room. I took a good rest in afternoon—reading a little. I at last sent a letter home—with others enclosed which I knew Mamma would enjoy. I wrote to Edith. Mrs. Hineman called in the a.m.—just before lunch. No letter from Anne for a long, long time. I asked E. to send my letter to …(?), so absorbing is Baby dear.


August, Saturday 3.1889

Pretty warm day. I bathed Baby very early, having him out on the piazza before seven—then I did most of my errands before breakfast. William slept pretty late. I went at jelly tumblers and by lunch time, I had them all brandied (?) and sealed and put on top shelf in china closet. I took my hot bath and had a good rest in my night gown. Baby came up to me a little before six. Mr. & Mrs. Harris not at dinner--Jack with us. I was glad to go to bed early. William, Mr. Peck and Jack came in at midnight--they were very quiet-- but W. and I talked a long time.

August, Sunday 4. 1889

Baby woke me with his crowing at 5 a.m.—then we went to sleep again until 7—even then I did not want to get up. Breakfast was ready for us at quarter of nine. All down except W. Mr. Gilpin came to see him at 10, so he had a bite before I went into services at Mr. Peck’s. Bishop Goodsell of Texas preached a good sermon on the “School of Christ.” Jack not home at lunch. W. took Baby and me on drive. Baby & I took a rest at hotel while shower threatened. W. late to dinner and Mr. &Mrs. Harris & Jack not home.

August, Monday 5. 1889

Comfortable a.m. Baby woke me up several times so I did not feel like getting up when I had to—to gather clothes for Jennie—then breakfast hour early these days, at 8 o’cl’k. Mrs. Harris watched me dress Baby afterwards. William and I went down at 11 o’cl’k. Baby good before and afterward. Mr. & Mrs. H. did not come to lunch together. Mrs. H. came first & Mr. H. later. They were off on excursion in p.m. and out to dinner. Jack & W. went out about seven o’cl’k to club. Baby & I hated to go upstairs it was so warm. I nursed him down stairs and we did not go up till nearly 9.

August, Tuesday 6. 1889

Busy, busy …(?) day. I did not get up very early. Baby good as gold. I had to go down on errands—and decided pretty late to go to meeting at Mrs. Slocum’s by asking Jack to get phaeton for me. We took little W. along. I just saw the Young Ladies as they were going to Dormitory, then nursed Baby at Mrs. S’s and Jack came for me about noon—a very hot day—called at Mrs. Sanford’s but she was not at home. Mr. Mears here for both lunch & dinner—he brought little W. his first “Pass”—a beautiful silver one! Jack rode horseback in p.m. and home late.

August, Wednesday 7. 1889

Our Jessamine in beautiful blossom which carries me back to the …(?) we made of it a year ago in carrying it to Nannie A.’s funeral. I was up very early first with Baby and then to fix Jack’s lunch for the Peak—he went with Mr. Hart. William up in time to take the 10:15 train to Denver. Mrs. Waters (?) took lunch with me and seemed to enjoy the baby very much. A very warm p.m. I took a good nap, had supper alone, which seemed strange after so much company. I had Baby on lawn while Frances at tea—then Baby went to bed together at 7:30, Frances going out for the evening. I missed William.

August, Thursday 8. 1889

Baby and I woke up together at seven o’clock. I gave him his bath before I took mine. The day did not start just right. I was disappointed not to find the cherries all picked over, then Frances asked to go down town, then I had Baby—he too darling for anything. I gave him his first ride in horse car in which he delighted. We rode to Mrs. Waters to return her North American Review. Jack off all day with Mrs. Bent. She kept me too late in a.m. to start preserving. Tried to rest a little in p.m. before our dinner. W. not home till eve’ng—came in while dinner party—Mr. & Mrs. Sanford & Mr. ….(?)—was underway.

August, Friday 9. 1889

Very good to have W. home again. We said goodbye to Jack last night as he left on 2 a.m. train. Frances did her room but not ours, as W. wanted to sleep late and I wanted to have unbroken time for cherries. Mary & Effie took hold and helped beautifully—all the 45 lbs. done before 11 a.m. Judge & Mrs. Pierrepont called, later Mrs. Thayer who stayed till W. could to bank with her. I rested after lunch—thunder storm came up, so Baby upstairs and undressed earlier than usual. I mended till W. came. Mr. Weitbrec called after dinner—but I went up at 8 o’clock. Baby woke soon afterwards.

August, Saturday 10. 1889

Very comfortable a.m. I did not feel much like going to work when Baby woke me at 5—I rested while nursing him, but did not “get off” again myself. Mended awhile and then got my room ready for Frances to sweep. W. did not sleep in nursery, so we had pretty good start. Little W. sleeping beautifully while I was down on my errands. Big W. had breakfast & lunch together. Effie not very well, so left blue room. She and Mary washed windows & blinds. I gathered soiled clothes as much as I could. Wrote in p.m. More thunder but not much storm—too tired to go to meeting at College Chapel. False alarm of fire.

August, Sunday 11. 1889

Warm but comfortable morning. William slept pretty late in his little room. Frances, Effie & Mary all went to church, Mary going to Manitou. I had a good rest and read while Baby W. slept in his carriage. Mr. Barlow called at noon & held the little fellow some time. About 3 o’clock we drove to Manitou to call on Mrs. Eicholtz; she has been quite ill—their cottage free of young people. We reached them just before the storm which was wonderful to witness as it came on. We came back as dry as could be and before dark! Baby just a dear and cunning as could be all the p.m.


August, Monday 12. 1889

Always a busy a.m. I did not have much mending to do for wash. As there were many sheets from company I asked Jennie to help Effie again with the napkins. Poor Jennie ill in p.m. and had to go home early. A good storm again. I wrote notes to Mrs. Gilman, Alice Blanchard, Emily …(?) and Mamma. I want to get all letters answered before going away, should W. decide to take us to Ouray. Belle much better so Katie can leave her & go to Aspen soon. I hope Effie can have a rest before long. Mrs. Eldredge called—also Mrs. Risley & her sister & children. Glad to go to bed early.

August, Tuesday 13. 1889

Baby awake in good season. William slept late so we had an early lunch. After I had done my errands, I gave Frances her time to help in the morning (-as Jennie not here-) so I had care of my darling morning and afternoon. He slept very little for me. Good storm in p.m.—so I undressed him early. I was very glad of notes from Aunt Molly, Alice G., Jack C. & Miss Gardner. When William came up to our room at six, I finished mending rug (?). It is good to have the worst of summer heat over. Baby demanded me after dinner and I was quite ready to go to bed early—he missed time before 9.

August, Wednesday 14. 1889

Fresh, pleasant cool a.m. I gave Baby his bath while Frances was at her breakfast, so he was out on piazza in good season. I was glad not to have to go down town and to go at writing in good season. I at last sent letters to Aunt Mary, Miss Woolsey and Caroline H.—enclosing pictures of Baby and myself. Frances out in p.m. and I took baby over to Mrs. Risley—she was not at home. We had a walk with Miss Woodbury and then the little fellow went to sleep in Mr. Kennedy’s yard. Mrs. Peck made a piazza call. Wm. has begun work at B…..(?)

August, Thursday 15. 1889

Overcast comfortable a.m. I was out on errands before breakfast waiting to eat it with William a little after nine. Miss Codd came home with me with little Edith Cahppel. Mrs. Slocum and Mr. Gregg called. A Mr. Coit (?) is coming to be with us over Sunday—a Congregational Minister this time. Blackburne’s (?) did not come till noon, so we did not get at preserving till 3 o’clock. I sorted over Baby’s clothes before tea—putting away those that are too small. I tho’t baby had gone to sleep before dinner but he called me loudly before we had finished. A cool evening.

August, Friday 16. 1889

Only 69 when I got up at quarter of six. Baby very good. I fixed rooms for Frances to clean and then bathed him in front room. I took him to Dr. Reed’s after breakfast to show the little red spot under chin which is as I feared a bit of Herpes—he gave a prescription to apply externally, some mixture with carbolic acid. William hard at work at dentist’s—I hope he will not have too much done at once. Mr. Sutter called in evening and I took the Baby down in his nightdress—it cooled us both off, as pretty warm upstairs!

August, Saturday 17. 1889

William slept pretty late and I wanted to rest longer than I did but felt pretty spunky after once up—but after the early breakfast with Mr. Coit (?) and Baby’s bath I was ready to loaf—could not except as drying washed hair would let me. I was too lazy to go down town so Effie kindly did my errands in the p.m. I rested and tried to go to sleep but could not. I nearly finished Jack’s book--…(?)…(?)—when Mrs. Risley called. I undressed Baby before our dinner. Mr. Coit (?) returned from the Peak before we had gone far in our dinner. He walked in pretty lame.

August, Sunday 18. 1889

Warm a.m. I enjoyed a late sleep. William did not join Mr. Coit and me at our 9 a.m. breakfast—but he took his in time to accompany me part way to church where he joined me later. I enjoyed Mr. Coit’s simple, direct, earnest sermon on Christ the Revealer of Hearts. I rec’d welcome letter from Mrs. Backus—surprised to find she did not send me Coleman’s picture of Baby & jealous animals. I was too tired to go to services in p.m. W. went to Mr. Ormes’ installation. Mr. Gregg returned to dinner with Mr. Coit. They went to hear Mr. Black and I was glad to go to bed with my darling boy.

August, Monday 19. 1889

I woke first at 4 a.m. but was glad to get another nap before Baby demanded me at 5:30. Up soon afterwards and prepared for Mr. Coit’s coming to see Baby in his tub. Baby and Minister both enjoyed it! Mr. Gregg joined us at the breakfast table. Morning very short between errands and having my darling an hour. William bro’t Mrs. McCumber (?) & her little boy into lunch with him—Kennett Square (?) acquaintances. They did not go till 4 p.m. Baby nursed at 5-- then I dressed so I did not have a chance for a nap. Baby’s spot of Herpes has looked pretty red all day. I wrote postal cards to Mamma and Anne.

August, Tuesday 20. 1889

Baby woke us up at 4 a.m. I opened doors then so it grew very comfortable upstairs—especially as a breeze sprung up. We had a good sleep till 7 a.m. when Baby took his bath. He was out on piazza early. I loafed upstairs till nearly 10—when W. & I took our breakfast. Wrote letters while sitting out with Baby, did not have to go down town which is always a relief in hot weather. I gave baby his supper before our dinner—he went to sleep before we had finished so I sat with my work with William. He began reading aloud but my little W. called me soon after 8 p.m. and then we missed callers later.


August, Wednesday 21. 1889

Baby’s spots much better. So cool I did not give him his bath till after nine in W’s little sunny room. I did not have to go down town. William up in good season at noon (?) and played quite a while with Baby on the piazza. I tried to get a nap before Frances left the little fellow in my care, but I did not succeed. He slept well tho’ before and after nursing. I was delighted to have visit from Mrs. Hobson, Katherine and Mrs. Thayer. They stayed till nearly tea time. The babies both very dear & sweet. President Slocum stayed to dinner with us. William had to go out soon afterwards.

August, Thursday 22, 1889

Our darling five months old to-day. “Papa” weighed just before breakfast and he is heavier than I tho’t—tipping the scales now at 23 ½ . We went off on drive right after breakfast, stopping to take in Mrs. Thayer, Mrs. Hobson and “Kitten.” We all went to Mr. Carr’s ranch—a lovely a.m.& the babies enjoyed the drive very much. A very pleasant call at “Pine Place”-- the children showed us the Shetland ponies etc. We reached home about 2 o’clock. I took a good nap and surprised to find it raining when awake. Miss Haskell called. We took Baby down in his nightdress.

August, Friday 23. 1889

Beautiful breezy a.m. I waited breakfast till William was ready, so I did not have it till nearly ten o’cl’k. I had to nurse Baby before I went down on errands. I called on Mrs. Winslow on my way home. I found Mary Cameron playing with the Baby—she lost her pin. I loafed after lunch but did not go to sleep, as I became very much interested in Life of Lucy and William Smith which Mrs. Parsons kindly lent me. William enjoying results of his dentistry more & more—the pain from it having nearly gone. I was glad of letter from Edith. Baby came to table at dessert and I was glad to go to bed with him.

August, Saturday 24. 1889

I discovered white place in my nipple which accounted for discomfort in nursing so I dressed to go to Dr. Reed, giving Baby his bath before. Dr. R. gave me prescription after having looked at sore. Baby quite ready for me on my return. Frances had sheet to mend which she finished by the time our room was aired from W’s late rising. I read in “Life of Lucy & Wm. Smith” till Miss Hattie came to take me on a drive which I enjoyed very much. We went “up North” and did not return till 5:30. I was glad of good letter from Mamie which William had. Baby very good all day.

August, Sunday 25. 1889

Comfortable a.m. Most of the household roused by fire alarm. William dressed and went out at six a.m. fearing the fire was in Mr. Kennedy’s house. It proved to be some old barns on the alley. I had the care of Baby all the a.m. He had a beautiful sleep, not waking till nearly into (?) his nursing time, so I had a good rest and finished the Life of Lucy & Wm. Smith. Frances did not feel like going to church, so rested instead. William slept till nearly lunch time, so had breakfast and lunch together. I went out to Vesper Service at 5. William slept while I was gone. Good shower in evening. W. not out all day, but got well rested.

August, Monday 26. 1889

Morning’s most comfortable now. I was up in good season to gather clothes. I finished with F.’s help my blue dress. Baby very good at bath. Breakfast at nine and William off for Denver. Mr. White called for him just as he was starting. I wrote notes home to Mrs. Backus, Mrs. Forshingham (?) & Mrs. Eastman. Frances went out to Dr. and lawyers in p.m. so I had more care of my darling than usual—he had a good nap and is always good, bless his little heart. What grateful, happy days these are!

August, Tuesday 27, 1889

Baby woke me up three times last night—most unusual. I did not get up very rested, but we had a good started (sic) as there was no dear Papa to hinder F. from putting room in order. I took the six wash bags to Mrs. Post who will make them for me—also stitched the aprons F. basted. I wrote and sewed on return from down town, fixed new little skirts for Baby. It was hard work getting a nap in p.m. Mrs. Risley and her pretty sister, Mrs. Spalding, called just as William returned from Denver. Baby glad to see them all. Judge Pierrepont also called.

August, Wednesday 28. 1889

Comfortable a.m. I put away clean clothes, sewed & sewed for Baby and myself till our late breakfast. I waited to take it with William, after 10! Baby slept till nearly eleven. I stayed at house expecting Mrs. Pierrepont; she came very near noon & seemed to enjoy dear little W. more than ever—she asked for all our pictures, which I gave her with dear Papa’s! W. did not go to Denver of which I was glad. Mrs. Tucker called on piazza with little Lettie (?). Storm threatened but I managed to get to Mrs. Barlow’s and safely back with Baby. I gave Frances her p.m.; she mended Mary’s (?) dress.

August, Thursday 29. 1889

Baby awake in good season. I bathed him before I had my breakfast. As W. sleeping late in his own little room, I had my room cleaned. While Frances was attending to it I took Baby off for an a.m. ride to Mrs. Robinson’s and Mrs. Thayer’s. We saw Beatrice and “Kitten” both of whom were fascinating. The dear boy slept after visiting till twelve o’clock, so I did errands before my lunch. Mrs. Hobson came in to see us while she was down town. Hard shower in p.m. Baby had to be indoors part of the time. I worked on his little dress; had tea at six—gave him his at 6:30 and then we went to bed. William in Denver.

August, Friday 30. 1889

Warm a.m. I mended upstairs after giving Baby his bath. Poor W. felt very forlorn, did not get up till two o’clock, so I ate my breakfast and lunch alone—tho’ I sat with W. at his first meal. My sewing chiefly for little W.—too lazy to go down town in p.m., so rested, getting a short nap before Mrs. Thayer called with Mrs. Hobson to take Baby and me on a lovely drive into North Cheyenne Cañon. Little W. delighted, also “Kitten” with the fresh country air. Wm. better in evening, enjoyed seeing Baby in his high chair which the little fellow enjoys immensely.

August, Saturday 31. 1889

Another pretty warm a.m. Baby did not have his bath till after my breakfast—he took his splash in W’s room so “Papa” enjoyed it as well. Just as W. had finished his late breakfast, we had a pleasant call from Mrs. Hagerman and Mrs. Newberry. I took roses over for Alice and Serena at noon and left orders and books down town. Took little W. to Dr. Reed after lunch to show him the bad eye. Dr. said it had been hurt—not to do anything for it. Gov. Crawford (?) took lunch with us. After sewing, reading & resting & nursing little W. I took him in his carriage to see Alice & little S., who had returned from Manitou Park.

September, Sunday 1. 1889

Baby woke me at 3 a.m. but then slept till 6:30. I gave him his bath at 7, and he watched me with interested (sic) while I took mine. W. slept late in his little room, so ate alone at nine and then went to Communion Service later—very pleasant and well attended. Mr. Steele called at noon in p.m. W. took Baby & me on a chasm/charming (?) drive in among ranches. Home in good season to rest & get freshened to see Alice and little Serena who came to dinner. Both seemed very well and bright. Baby pretty good, but I had to go to him in evening. Mr. Steele called.

September, Monday 2. 1889

Cool, comfortable washing day—quite like fall. I was not very smart, but managed to get out to say goodbye to Alice & Serena who started off in excellent spirits. Just as I had returned to Baby and was about to nurse him, Col. …holtz(?) called with three little girls—all enjoyed little W. & he them. I rested upstairs—put away white & lawn (?) dresses, & sewed for Baby. William home in good season with Mr. Weitbrec. As we all sat on piazza, Mrs. & Miss Hartwell called. Miss H. a V.C. (Vassar College?) graduate and knew …(?)…(?) I began but could not finish letter to R.

September, Tuesday 3. 1889

Very warm—great change from yesterday. I was up and out on errands in pretty good season. Callers in p.m. so it was good I took my loaf (?) in a.m.-- Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. & Miss Martin and Mrs. Hagerman and Mrs. Lowe. Baby out on the lawn. I was glad W. did not have to go to Pueblo so we could have Mr. & Mrs. Sweet (?) and their son to dinner—hard for the girls to have it ironing (?) night, but W….(?) was going away. Mrs. White called just before I freshened Baby for the company. Baby W. had hard cry before and after going to sleep—unusual for him.

September, Wednesday 4. 1889

Tremendous wind in the night which changed the atmosphere rapidly—so cool that I had to have fire to wash Baby by. I finished bath and nursing in time to go to meeting of Woman’s Educational Society at Mrs. Slocum’s. I stopped in to see Mrs. Hobson & Mrs. Thayer on return. Baby asleep so went down town and William returned with me. Frances took her outing. Baby very good all the p.m. I took him to Mrs. Risley’s—she was away—but I had a pleasant chat with Mrs. Spalding. Baby & I also went to see Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Parrish & Mr. Slocum came to see us. Mr. S. stayed to dinner.

September, Thursday 5. 1889

Very cool a.m. I light (sic) little stove in front room early—but little W. did not wake up till 8 o’clock. Did not have to go down town, so after late breakfast I began adding up Books and was just about to begin checks when Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Harrison & her little daughter called. Baby had a good time with the visitors. I was glad William came up to see the callers. He had a good time with Baby alone before lunch. Very glad of Anne’s and her boy’s pictures yesterday, then (?) again from Mamma. Baby slept on lounge while we were at dinner.

September, Friday 6.1889

Rooms cold early, but out door air very warm. William did not have a good night so slept pretty late; but as I took Baby off in a carriage Frances had good chance to clean our rooms. We called at Mrs. Slocum’s and at Mrs. Thurlow’s. I was very sorry to find that I had missed a call from Miss Goodsell (?) who specially wanted to see Baby W. Mr. & Mrs. Sanford called while I was on piazza writing to Anne. I was glad of Helen D’s letter at noon. I took Baby to Dr. Reed on acct of blood shot eye—he prescribed green tea …(?) when asleep. Baby and I had pleasant drive with “Kitten.”

September, Saturday 7.1889

Little Nathan is six years old to-day—how the time goes! I was up early preparing for our trip to Denver. All of us got off easily. Baby slept awhile, but did not like the cars at all. W. & I took lunch at Windsor. Frances had hers sent to our room. Baby did not sleep long. When I returned from errands he was crying hard. Nursing did not make him happy and he was not pleased with cars coming home. We were glad enough to reach the nursery safely where the little fellow was himself again. Rather a discouraging experience.

September, Sunday 8. 1889

I woke up pretty tired and was forlorn part of the day. Frances went to church so I had Baby in the a.m. I took him into Miss Hattie’s yard, as he was waked early from his nap by the church bell. After lunch I was glad to go to the lounge—read the Xtian Union & Baby …(?) & then felt able to write to Mamma. Then came dinner and putting little W. to bed. He woke at 10 and W. & I had a hard time getting the little fellow to sleep again. His eyes better, but not well.

September, Monday 9. 1889

Much warmer a.m. Dear little W. woke up well and pleasant at six—took his breakfast and then slept again till 8 o’cl’k. I bathed him in sun without fire. He had a hard cry over little shirt which was too small. I took him to see Miss McKinnon & Mrs. Risley—he was very good. After lunch I washed my hair, Mrs. Gregg called before it was dry, but I was delighted to see her. I took baby upstairs early—he enjoys being undressed in good season. W’s English friends left their cards—could not stop. W. went out in evening to see Mr. Scott.

September, Tuesday 10. 1889

Cool a.m.—fire for Baby in the room where he was born. He had a good nap on the piazza. Mrs. Culver called with her niece Miss Gillette who wanted to take views of the house. Wm. consented to her doing so. Poor W. had poor night so up to an 11 o’clock
Breakfast. I did not have many errands—sent little Nathan a birthday purse, and wrote a little note with it. I took Baby in his carriage up to give Mrs. Thayer, Mrs. Hobson & “Kitten” invitation to drive to-morrow. On our way home we stopped at Mrs. Hatch’s and Mrs. Whipple’s—we saw little Baby Eaton.

September, Wednesday 11. 1889

Little “Kitten” five months—too cool for her short clothes. W. slept late so I had my breakfast alone. Little W. slept upstairs till quite late. Too windy to go on piazza till almost noon. The carriage came for us promptly at three. Baby and I and the others very sorry W. could not drive. We went towards the bluffs; on our way home called at Miss MacKinney’s and had our babies weighed—both Mrs. H. & I some surprised—little K.—seventeen lbs. and little W. twenty-one—this last showing our home scales have over weighed our darling. W. told Effie at dinner time that he was going off & that she
might (?).

September, Thursday 12. 1889

Very comfortable a.m. Baby had his bath in nursery without fire. The poor little fellow had a hard time on his chair—but came off victorious at last. I dressed late as possible so as to nurse Baby the last thing before taking him to Mrs. Waters (?). We had a very pleasant time then—thankful little Willie seemed all right after hard accident of day before. Baby & I enjoyed hearing Dina (?) and Willie sing their sweet kindergarten songs. My darling took a nap then nursed and then we came home just before the shower. I mended W.’s old coat before dinner. Glad to hear W. at …(?)—he put off trip till a.m.

September, Friday 13. 1889

Effie did Saturday’s cleaning, so as to leave everything as comfortable as possible for us. We shall miss W. & her very much. Baby a very good little boy about his movements. I put him to sleep and sat near carriage while Frances did my room. Mr. Steele better but still very ill. I …(?) at noon of Mr. Touzalin’s death—Poor Mrs. T. & poor Ellen—Baby C. too, tho’ she does not realize her great loss. Wm. started for Grand Junction & Effie for Aspen—house will seem deserted enough. What should I do without my dear little boy—we both went to bed early.

September, Saturday 14. 1889

Cool chilly a.m. and hard shower came while I was at Dr. Reed’s—he gave me prescriptions for myself but not for little W. who rejected his food too! House lonely, but I have my darling to keep me busy—surprised to meet Jack Chickering in town—he was on his way home; could not stop even to lunch. Very cool afternoon, too unpleasant for Baby to be out-of-doors. I kept a fire upstairs. We were lonely without dear “Papa” and went to bed early. It seems very strange without Effie but I am glad she is having her well earned change and I hope she will be much refreshed.

September, Sunday 15. 1889, (noted below date) “This for Monday 16!”

Busy a.m. always because of gathering clothes and mending if necessary. After my breakfast I dusted downstairs and fixed flowers which Mary cut as Baby had a beautiful long nap. After he was out on piazza I began fixing my gabardine to wear to Mrs. Thayer’s to lunch—dear Baby looked sweet in his little forget-me-not wrap. I was too late for funeral services at Mrs. Smithson’s—saw her poor lonely husband & Mother. William returned from Grand Junction just as I had a succession of callers—Baby happy.

September, Monday 16. 1889 (noted below date) “This for Tuesday 17th”

Baby woke up smiling—I kept him in my bed after the five a.m. breakfast it was so cool. I hated to get up to start the fire—did not do it early enough for Baby W’s advantage, however I put him on his little chair near fire. He delighted—as well as I—when “Papa” at home. I went to Miss Vance’s before nursing Baby—my dusting and housework came last of all. I wrote notes to Mamma (erasure mark) & Alice B. before three p.m., then rested and sewed before dinner. Baby had good p.m. nap. Fall weather has come in earnest. Baby, Papa and I all glad of thicker clothing already.


September, Tuesday 17. 1889

This for Sunday, the 15th which I skipped without knowing it. Very cool. I had big pinon fire on nursery hearth. It cleared off by church time. I was very much interested in Mr. Slocum’s sermon on Christ Triumphant—from “I have power to raise or lay it down.” I took a good nap in p.m. A Mr. Larue (?) called with letter from Mr. Wilcox…(?) W. I saw him. Neither Mary nor Frances went to church all day. I went to bed early with little W.—not writing notes home as I expected to. Mr. Steele better but still very ill.

September, Wednesday 18. 1889

Busy a.m. with errands down town, Baby’s late bath and getting ready for Miss Vance at one o’clock and dinner at Mrs. Alexander’s at 2:30. It was a great pleasure to have William drive Baby and me over to Colorado City, and we all enjoyed the p.m. loaf at the ranch. Little Alec is well & merry again. I was delighted with my dinner card—picture of him and little “Kitten”—which Mrs. Hobson kindly had over there for me (?). We did not get home till six. Mary very busy and faithful over crabapple preserves & jelly while we were off.

September, Thursday 19. 1889

Very much warmer a.m. Dear Baby quite wakeful last night, but bright & well in a.m.; I did not feel much like getting up—pretty “spunky” when once started. Mary very good to clean all the rooms down stairs. Frances has extra work upstairs. I was out on few errands, sent off papers & cards to Effie. Had notes from Sister Sallie & Mary Paton. Wm. took Baby and me to call on Mr. & Mrs. Sanford and Dr. & Mrs. Adams and then we had a pleasant time at Mrs. Lunt’s tea. We, Baby, Frances & I, saw William off for Pueblo at 4:58—I took little W. in his carriage to see the Misses Crowell (?). We went to bed early.

September, Friday 20. 1889

It was warm enough in nursery to dress Baby without a fire. I gave him his bath in good season because of its being ….(?) morning. Frances had more to do than usual because of Effie’s absence. I had care of little W. all the a.m.; he was very good until he went to sleep. I let down sleeves to one of his little flannel wrappers. Mrs. Hamp came in to see us. Very lazy in p.m. till Baby took his 4 o’cl’k refreshment; Mrs. Slocum called—then I dressed and went to Miss Dorsey’s tea which was very pleasant and Miss B…(?) was exceedingly. W. home for dinner. Baby very glad to see him and “Papa” took him to Miss Hattie’s in his night clothes!

September, Saturday 21. 1889

Baby and I had a pretty good start—I took the little fellow to the Dr.’s and Miss Vance’s with me. Dr. R. said he would cut his tongue at home rather than in his office. William told me last night that if we started East we should go Monday night—so had all kind of “extras” on my mind but did not get at many of them. It took Mary, F. and me sometime to get the house in good order for our Sunday. Serena called on Baby in p.m. to my surprise as I did not know Alice and she were to be here so soon. Baby cried bitterly as Dr. Reed loped (sic) the little tongue.

September, Sunday 22. 1889

Dear Baby six months old! How precious each one of them has been. I was much relieved that he woke all right—the little tongue not giving him more suffering. It was pitiful to hear him cry before midnight when he could not nurse. I sat on piazza as he slept all the a.m. and wrote to Mrs. Touzalin, Ellen & Grace Darling—three lonely/lovely (?) friends in great suffering. Mrs. Thayer & Mrs. Hobson called after church service. I went to see Alice for a short time. W. came up in p.m. and said we should start for Kansas City to-morrow night; fortunately I had planned some of the packing yesterday. I did not feel well all day.

September, Monday 23. 1889

Because of so much on my mind, I woke at 5 a.m.; I began packing at once. Dear Baby very good—we had a fire for him where my trunks were. Frances kept him upstairs some of the a.m. Mrs. Slocum & Mrs. Parsons came for a meeting which did not take long. I packed silver to go to Bank, and had the hardest part of trunks done before noon. Grew cold then and in p.m. when Mr. Barlow & Jessie & Martie (?) called it poured. Baby very cunning with them. I dieted (?) all day. Mary very thoughtful & obliging; I hope she will keep things well and safe in our absence. We all went off in a snowstorm & no one more interested than Baby.

September, Tuesday 24. 1889

We all had a comfortable night on the sleeper—dear little W. resting as well as if in his own little crib. He enjoyed getting and …(?) high chair at breakfast & lunch times. Over-cast comfortable day for journeying. Dear Baby has redeemed his reputation—was as good as possible all day. We reached Kansas City some after five o’clock—but it took W. sometime to find quarters for us. He went first to …(?) which was horribly crowded—we were glad of the quieter and more comfortable accommodations at the Coates House. Baby a little too tired for me to bathe him.

September, Wednesday 25. 1889

Bright cool a.m. Not all the hot weather Dr. Reed predicted we might have. As soon as I could—after sending clothes to laundry, I went out on errands, not finding it hard to get around town—found a nice little shirt and pretty new dress for Baby, and bo’t ammonia, borax & ivory soap for washing his shirts. After lunch, W. took us all in cable cars to see the city. Baby enjoyed the motion. We stayed out till nearly six o’cl’k. W. found out he did not have to wear dress suit at Banker’s banquet—but my! How long it lasted. I tho’t he never would return—he did not till a.m.

September, Thursday 26. 1889

Bright pleasant a.m.—not quite as cool as yesterday. Baby had a good night and good bath, but he misses being out in his carriage—he seems very merry and good. I was amazed at his quiet sweetness the hour I had the dear little fellow at noon. I breakfasted and lunched without W.; he went to Ass. very late and returned about 2:30. Mr. Chapman did not come for us—but we started out on our own look-out and found message for us at his depot. We all enjoyed going out to Independence tho’ Baby W. grew a little restless on his return as we were out past his dinner time. Mr. Chapman dined with us.

September, Friday 27. 1889

Beautiful a.m. Baby enjoyed his bath about 7 o’clock. Frances did not come to take him till nearly 8:30. I did not wake W. but went to breakfast then as I was pretty hungry. He slept very late—Little W. could not sleep much in noisy hall. F. mended near him. I put away clean clothes and wrote. Baby’s cough still pretty loud, but he and W. seem very well. W. came up at 2 o’clock and said all was engaged for our going East, so Frances and I went to work and gathered our wraps (?) together. Dear Baby sat and played on floor while I rearranged trunks. Left Kansas City at 6 p.m.

September, Saturday 18. 1889

Road pretty rough last night so Baby and I did not sleep quite so well as first night out. W. took us, on reaching Chicago, right to Grand Pacific—Baby and I had our baths, then naps. I was ill just before lunch. W most kind; I felt better after dinner. We started for Pittsburg at 3:45—I took medicine on cars and much better by supper time—dear Baby a first class traveler. I am the worst one this time. Frances slept in stateroom with us as only upper berth could be secured outside which W. took. Penna (?) R.R. much smoother than the Santa Fe.

September, Sunday 19. 1889

Arrived in Pittsburg in good season. William met Mr. Chambers who was down at the depot waiting for Sister Alice and their Baby! All to go to Sister Sallie’s where we always have such a royal welcome. The quartette there all well and more beautiful than ever, they nearly devoured the babies in their delight over them. Little Stanley Chambers a fine little 8 weeks old boy. Sister Alice and I felt pretty tired all day from our journeying—it was a great treat to rest quietly and sleep in full sized bed. They gave little William …(?) crib which he appreciated. W. came to bed early.

September, Monday 30. 1889 (Pittsburg)

Very rainy a.m. William and Baby slept very late. W. took Rex down town with him and stayed all day. Little Stanley better than yesterday, tho’ he cried as if he had some colic. My little W. did not have as long nap as usual because of the new noises about him. After our good hearty lunch, we sat with our babies awhile and then Sister Alice and (I) took a loaf. Baby W. did not get his nap till after the four o’clock nursing. We had dinner early so as to catch the train to Phila. The storm lessened about 7:30 but the train was delayed in starting.

October, Tuesday 1. 1889

We did not reach Phila. till after 8 o’clock. Miss Gardner was in the depot waiting for us and seemed pleased with baby who chuckled and laughed for her. She had to leave us at nearly nine. Then we all took breakfast and Baby his nap before we started for Kennett Square. Cousin Fanny met us. Grandma seemed very well and bright. A most beautiful October day—we all sat out on porch. Baby slept out there a short time. All delighted with the jolly little boy. Wm. & Grandma talked while I slept in evening.

October, Wednesday 2. 1889

Another beautiful day. Little William waked in his usual good season & spirits. I gave him his bath before our eight o’clock breakfast. Sister Mary came early from her home to see us. Baby out early to enjoy cow & chickens. We all took stage—except Grandma—at 10:30. We found some mail from N.Y.—an enthusiastic letter from Kitten. Took the 11 o’cl’k train to Phila.—had an oyster stew lunch before the Express train to N.Y. came. Reached the city in good season & found the rooms of last year ready for our occupancy. Glad to go to bed early.

October, Thursday 3. 1889

Bathed little W. just at wash bowl. After our nine o’clock breakfast W. & I went to Mrs. Cheesman’s rooms & saw her little Gladys. Mr. Libbey kindly lent us his baby carriage as he had a “number two” so Frances took him out doors—a great pleasure to the little man. I was surprised enough to get dear R’s letter from Phila. showing we had just missed each other there. I wrote at once to him—also a line to Mamma. Brother Caleb came to dinner—he seemed very bright and well. Mrs. Abbott called and brought a book for dear Baby.

October, Friday 4. 1889

Baby had a pretty poor night for him. I do not like his coughing so much. He seems perfectly well but for that. I went out on errands--& did a great many in the three hours—all I wanted for sister, & many for Baby W. While I was at lunch dear “Kitten” came. I saw her tall slender figure at the elevator. She had a beautiful play with her nephew after he woke at four. The dear little fellow very jolly at all times. He did not want to go to sleep for Frances. Letters from Anne and Mamie. Perhaps Nathan is in the East also.

October, Saturday 5. 1889

Another blamy beautiful day—dear Edith very happy to have her little nephew with her in bed at seven o’clock. I wrote letters to Mamma & Anne before any of them were awake. I had to decline A’s invitation to go to Taunton; and I gave W’s to Mamma & Mamie to go to Colorado. I wonder how Mamma will feel about—dear Baby delighted with his rubber tub. We left him with Frances out of doors and went to Brooklyn. Dr. Jarvie (?) did not find much to be done for next week—to his & my great relief. Wm. returned early with flowers & fruit. Drys…(?) called before dinner.

October, Sunday 6. 1889

Awoke to a very rainy a.m. I let William & Kitten sleep till 9 o’clock. Baby taking his bath about 7:30. Fortunately I had not roused (?) my little family one bit too early—for Richard & Nathan arrived about 10 a.m. How good it was to see them and they seemed to enjoy their visit. They sat with us while we took our late breakfast—Little W. as jolly all day as could be. The boys took their dinner about two p.m. & then had to leave us some after 3 o’clock. N. decided to go back to Phila. with R; he sails from there for Japan. Paul called in late p.m. & sat thru’ dinner with us.

October, Monday 7. 1889

I hated to have Kitten go—we had breakfast at nine o’clock & she took the 10:30 to College. I was too tired to go out—tho’ it was pleasant. Frances took little W. out after his ten o’clock refreshment. Sister Sallie came as they were cleaning our rooms, so we sat down stairs awhile. It was very pleasant to have her company at lunch. The p.m. had a surprise in a call from Mrs. Lamborn & her daughters. Sallie and I very glad to see them. William brought home quite a number of letters for us. I sent some off in a.m. to R., Mary & Effie. Heard from them in evening.

October, Tuesday 8. 1889

Pleasant day for R’s sailing for the distant port. I had a line from Nathan saying he would not return to N.Y. till this p.m., so after nursing Baby W. at 10:30 I went out on errands for him and staid out till 1 o’clock. Found him sleeping on my return. Frances went to her lunch. I nursed the little man before my 2 o’clock lunch. Rested while Baby was out with Frances. William came up early and took the little fellow to Dr.’s out of office hours so I did not go on uncertainty. W. had a wonderful “…(?)” and addressed him on the street. Gave prescriptions. Nathan came from Phila. in time to dine with us.

October, Wednesday 9. 1889

I felt sorry N. could not get room in our house, nor could he at Dr. Stephens—he was here with us for breakfast at 8:30. Glad of letters from home. Mother C. joined us at breakfast. N. & W. had to go down town—Frances off in Brooklyn all day so I could not leave my darling who could not have been better. He had a beautiful nap while N. & I were at our dinner in the parlor. The Hamiltons called before N. had left. I was sorry to say goodbye to him for 5 o’clock Fall River boat. Jessie Colby & Mrs. Cheesman called. Mr. & Mrs. Dugald Jackson came to dinner—we both liked the bride. Frances did not get home till quite late. Baby pretty good.

October, Thursday 10. 1889

Pleasant a.m. after breakfast, which we took late—we had not finished before Mame Pratt came with Morris, the nurse and little Margaret. Little and Big W. enjoyed all the dear children. Mame seemed very well to me, tho’ thin. They had to leave at twelve. Mrs. Gorthold (?) called—Baby fascinated with her bright eyes and pretty hat—we talked about Mrs. Touzalin. Then to my delight Kate and May arrived. M. left first and Kate stayed till five o’clock. I invited all to come to dinner to-morrow night. W. & I had just begun dinner when Sister Hannah arrived. They went to theater. I called on Mrs. Cheesman & then skipped to bed.

October, Friday 11. 1889

Baby had a good night and let me sleep till seven o’clock—the longest a.m. nap I’ve had for a long time. I wrote letters after breakfast, waiting for Sister Hannah to arrive. She did not come till nearly noon but stayed to lunch and all the p.m. We took elevated cars and rode way to Harlem for sightseeing and air. I was glad not to miss Laura Wylie the second time she came. I undressed Baby while she was here and he was very jolly. Kate, May, Emma & Mr. Dexter did not come till nearly seven which was a relief to me as it gave me more time for Baby. Dinner very pleasant.

October, Saturday 12. 1889

Balmy Indian summer morning—delighted to have the good news from home that Mamie can go West with us. Mamma very brave. I began breakfast alone, Edith came before I had finished—also Nellie—both glad to get upstairs to see Baby W., bright as a dollar (?) was he. E. & I took him out to see Aunt Molly, who thought him fine. At 12:30 we all started for Brooklyn. Dr. Jarvie did not hurt me at all—three small cavities & cleaning was all for me. Baby very good while there. I wrote to Mamie, sending her Dr. J’s appointment. Miss Gardner arrived in time for 7 o’clock for which we were all quite ready.

October, Sunday 13. 1889

Miss Gardner’s birthday which we were very glad to have her spend with us. It rained early but cleared by non when Frances took little W. out. Miss G. & Kitten enjoyed him very much all day. Alice, Hiram (?) & Cam Jackson all called at noon—was sorry W. and the baby were out. I told them I should try to get to the Windsor (?) in the evening—but after the goodbyes to Miss G. & “Dith” were said and Baby had been undressed, I felt it was wiser to stay at home. “Kitten” lost her 3:55 train, so came back & staid till the 6 o’clock. Poor little Baby had a hard time over his movement. I was glad I stayed home.

October, Monday 14. 1889

Streets and sidewalks wet tho’ not rainy when Baby and I woke at 5:30—he had a movement of his own accord then played a while before going to sleep at seven o’clock.
I did not bathe him till 8. As soon as W. & I were thru’ breakfast I put on rainy day clothes and went shopping. Hurried back at twelve and found my little man sweetly sleeping. Sister Sallie and Alice called later when he was awake. Very glad of a note from Mrs. Touzalin whom we shall hope to see before going West. I was out again in p.m.—spent most of it in Dreening’s (?) store. Baby very good considering he could not go out all day.

October, Tuesday 15. 1889

Little William was not over happy at his bath—Frances took him out some after eleven. It grew warm and pleasant by noon but the little fellow returned in a very unhappy state of mind—his teeth the cause of uneasiness; he did not seem to enjoy nursing even. F. took him out again in p.m. & I found him so much easier and happier in the Park, that I went on my calls as I had planned. Sister Sallie not at home. Aunt Molly did not see friends but I found Mrs. Brennan. W. home very late—Little W. again very restless. “Papa” kept him till midnight.

October, Wednesday 16. 1889

Baby had the worst night of his life & yet W. thinks he slept quite a good deal; but the little fellow was feverish and his gums uneasy and he would not let us put him into his own bed. I had the care of him after midnight but did not feel as if I had had much sleep when a.m. came. We sent (him?) out in Park after bath—much better. Took him to Dr. Thompson’s at noon—all suffering from teeth seemed gone; but Dr. T. gave us medicine. W. and I made calls in afternoon after our rest—found Mrs. Gilder and Mrs. Neeley both at home. Dear baby quite himself again and he went to sleep quietly and easily while we were at dinner.

October, Thursday 17. 1889

Warm bright beautiful a.m. I had to take breakfast at 7:30 to keep myself from faintness so I went down before Frances. I had welcome letter from Anne—it is decided that we cannot meet this time. I went on a.m. errands while Frances had baby W. in Park—he was out all a.m. & p.m. & seemed very well all day—much to our relief. Gertrude Nichols, Mrs. Whitcomb, Mrs Brennan, Mrs. D.C. Jackson and Mr. Allen all called in the p.m. Baby saw most of them. Wm returned just before Mr. DeCosta called. I was quite glad to go to bed with Baby at seven-thirty. Had note from Mrs. Touzalin (?).


October, Friday 18. 1889

Baby’s night pretty good but distressed at his having another cold—giving remedies right away. He made me get up before six so I accomplished various duties before his bath and our late breakfast. Baby went first as we went down stairs. Delighted to meet Miss …(?) at McCreeny’s—she said she was just bound for the Brevoort to see Baby boy—he was at home, rosy and hungry. Lillie Gray, Dr. Lamborn, Mr. Walker, Mr. Hobson called in p.m. Sister Sallie took lunch with me. M’s telegram came. William met her at 8 o’cl’k and I was glad to see her safely here. Little W’s cold troublesome—dear little fellow.

October, Saturday 19. 1889

Beautiful balmy a.m. Mamie seem (sic) rested and went out on errands as soon as possible. I stayed with dear baby and wrote letters till callers and Caroline arrived. I was glad to see Helen Brown and Miss Brace—C. came just as they were going and we had a good quiet time at lunch. Frances went out on her few errands so we had care of little W. Surprised to see Helen and Louise—they called with Miss McFarland. Wm came gefore they had gone—bro’t two nice clocks. My brass one delighted me—an eight day one. I was too stupid to sit up very late with dear C. who seemed bright & well.

October , Sunday 20. 1889

Mamie, Caroline and I went down to breakfast before W. who joined us much later while we were reading a short little story together, C. reading it aloud. The morning slipped away only too quickly—it was balmy & beautiful so Frances had little W. in Washington Square. We all took a little nap and then went to afternoon service at Presbyterian Church,--a walk afterwards. We found Mr. Allen on our return to the Brevoort. Little W’s nights better again lately, but the more breaks (?) than at home have made me very sleepy in early evenings. We all went to bed about 9 o’clock.

October, Monday 21. 1889

Mamie had to go over to Dr. Jarvises’ (?) in good season & Caroline to H.R.R.R. so we had breakfast soon after 8. Glad of Nathan’s arrival during the meal. He went out on few errands with me. M. home in good season. We lunched at same time as Mr. Risley & Miss Seward whom we were glad to meet. M. & I went to Barker’s at 3:30—and not much afternoon after that. Little W. had a restless time and I was too tired to get up with him. W. got him quiet and then dear N. kept him in his arms till he could be put down. I did not know when it …(?)

October, Tuesday 22. 1889

Dear little W. seven months old to-day. He was most pleasant during bath and went out soon after nine when the rest of us had breakfast. M. and I did errands together till noon. I ran in to say good-bye to Aunt Molly and on my return to my room found a beautiful present from her—acknowledged that and sent a line to Mr. Fiske. Trunks went off at 4 p.m. Nathan and Mamie too elevated to depot. Baby had short nap in p.m. We left Brevoort about six—we had a great scare because N. & M. did not turn up till the last moment!

October, Wednesday 23.1889

Breakfast on car as we were two hours late and did not reach Pittsburg till ten o’clock. William the only one that took it then. N. M. & I shocked to see how much our simple meal of beans, eggs, etc. cost. We had a cozy time with Baby in our stateroom, but N. rather wretched all day because he knew he could not make his Chicago connection for Minnesota! We were not so sure about missing our train on Rock Island. We read, talked & ate chocolate creams till our four o’clock dinner came. We had to say goodbye
to N. –all …(?) when we caught our train at midnight.

October, Thursday 24. 1889

Breakfasted at Davenport, Iowa. We had to wait some time for it. Baby very good while I bathed him all over. We had to take ordinary sleepers on Rock Island route but all were comfortable as Baby proved good—quite a car full of children. A rainy, rainy day but we had a very cozy & very good dinner at Centerville where everything was run by women. We had supper at Cameron (?) Junction and soon afterwards reached Kansas City where we changed cars. We had time to get out and take a little walk. M. impressed with the many (sic) many (?) trains going out of depot.

October, Friday 25. 1889

We took breakfast at Smith’s Center—Baby good in his high chair. We all had a very comfortable night, so did not mind the last day out very much. We had dinner at Goodland. Baby W. very easily cared for all day! I felt very lazy and slept all I could. Very hard to make our final change at Limon (?) and reached our home about 8:30 where we found everything looking as pleasant as possible. Effie & Mary have cleaned house and a good dinner waiting for us. What a luxury to go to bed regularly--& how grateful for safe return.

October, Saturday 26. 1889

M. delighted with balmy sunshiny weather—we sat out on piazza near Baby W. as he
October, Saturday 26. 1889

W. delighted with balmy sunshiny weather—we sat out on piazza near Baby W. as he slept. Our trunks did not come till noon…so we walked into see Miss Hattie and Mrs. Peck after baby woke. Busy unpacking in p.m. except when callers made an interruption. Mr. Gregg, Miss Dorsey, Lucy & Louise Rollins, Miss Lunt & Little Regina. We got our trunks ready to go down cellar before dinner—both W. & I tired enough to go to bed early in evening—so did not see Mr. Gilman & his nephew. Alice called in the p.m.

October, Sunday 27. 1889

Lovely, lovely day. I did not feel very well at breakfast and afterwards came to grief a little. Notwithstanding, I was glad to go to church with Mamie. Mr. Gregg had a very full audience. He preached on spiritual recreancy & will (?). We stayed to S. S. Baby needed me—went to sleep just as Mr. Barlow & Wm. came in to see him. M. & I took a good rest in p.m. Little W’s cold pretty bad but he is good with it. I had him down stairs while Frances was at her tea & he went to sleep in my arms—so I read a little after our six o’clock dinner.

October, Monday 28. 1889

Beautiful day again—as soon as I had washed little W. it was breakfast time, & then afterwards M. & I went on a series of errands—not getting home till half past ten, when little W. was glad to see me. Mrs. Sanford & Little Eleanor called in a.m. Miss Ferris of Po’keepsie & Mrs. Carr in p.m. I acknowledged Mr. F’s check and wrote short note to Anne. Did not have a chance to rest in p.m. Baby slept way past dinner time so William & I called on Mrs. Wellesley (?) at Mrs. Hamp’s. It poured on our return. Baby did not wake to be undressed till I went to bed at 9 o’cl’k.

October, Tuesday 29. 1889

We awoke to a driving snow storm. Baby enjoyed watching it before he left my bed. The dear little fellow’s cold much better. Because of cold weather, he did not take his bath till after ten o’cl’k. Wm. watched him in his rubber tub for the first time. Mamie busy all the a.m. with her dresses—getting them ready for Miss Vance. I cleaned out drawers, changed curtains etc. W. did my errands for me at Hughes; he was home for lunch in good season but went to Denver in p.m. Serena came to see Baby from four to five & had a good time with him.

October, Wednesday 30. 1889

Pretty cold a.m. & very white for Colorado. Baby slept pretty late, so Mamie & I did not get out together very early—she went alone to Miss Vance’s and then came back & went down with me. After lunch, which was quite late, Mamie & I walked to the College to hear Mrs. Adsit’s (?) lecture on engraving and engravers. We caught a car to come home. Very glad of W’s return from Denver in time for dinner. He went out to whist afters (sic). Mr. Pearson & President slocum called in evening. I was quite sleepy but managed to keep awake.


October, Thursday 31. 1889

Very snowy again and I was glad not to have to go out doors. M. & I did extras at home. Little W. bright and well. Pres. Slocum came to lunch—very sorry Mrs. S. was kept away by cold and storm. M. & I sat & served while the gentlemen talked till 3—from that time on I took charge of Baby, so Frances could have a good rest, & he did not care to go out. A note came from Mr. Steele asking us in to play Whist with him. W. M. & I
went in for little while. Baby perfectly serene on my return.

November, Friday 1. 1889

Very cold & snowy under foot, but sky beautifully blue. My errands took me a long time. Baby quite ready for me on my return from down town. Then Mrs. Risley and Miss Brinley called. William slept before and after lunch—but woke up about three, played with Baby and then dressed for the tea at Mr. & Mrs. S….’s (?). Mamie & I went first to see some etchings and engravings at Mrs. Hagerman’s tea for Mr. & Mrs. L….(?)—very pleasant—all of us glad of a ride home—found Baby happy. I flopped on lounge after dinner & slept till 10 p.m.

November, Saturday 2. 1889

Milder a.m. not perfectly bright till noon. I had to go out on final errand for lunch—on my return nursed little William and then dressed him for his outing on the piazza. Louise, Lucy and Phil all came at 1:30—I was sorry Mrs. Dart could not come with them. Our lunch passed off most pleasantly. William seemed to enjoy it as much as Mamie. Little W. very cunning afterwards—he went to sleep in good season, before our tea. Mrs. Lunt called while I was at my desk straightening out accounts. M’s first week over and she still seems well.

November, Sunday 3. 1889

Very sorry to hear from dear Mamma last night that Cousin Joseph had fallen down the attic stairs and broken his hip—she went to Boston on very short notice, leaving matters at home in most unfinished state. I trust dear Mamma will not get ill—we want her to come out this winter and Mamie to stay. M. went out to Communion Services—Little W. kept me from going with her. William slept late—enjoyed Little W. at bath. I wrote a little before lunch—more snow! More winter (?) than I have ever seen here. In p.m. I wrote to Anne, Nathan, Edith and Aunt Molly. Then after resting and nursing baby I read a short time.

November, Monday 4. 1889

Snowy, snowy a.m. and very cold. The girls began on their washing but could not put it out as coal was expected—Jennie arrived about ten o’cl’k and began on her clothes. Poor chance for drying tho’ they were put out for a while in the p.m. M. had to go (to) the dressmaker’s while I had to go down town. We read quite a little in Silas Marner in p.m. until Baby W. was undressed. I did a little sewing. In evening, I let out his little jacket and William read the opening of Stockton’s “Merry Chanter” which we enjoyed very much. Baby very good about going to sleep every night at six o’cl’k.

November, Tuesday 5. 1889

Beautiful bright sunny a.m. I had Mr. Carter helped (sic) me down cellar a little and I worked vigorously all the a.m. in getting winter curtains up in sitting room and hall. Mamie did hard work on dress making—she went out after lunch with W. to get Mamma’s letter from Boston—more encouraging news about Cousin Joseph but the Dr. wants Mamma to hurry back to be with him. I hope she will not suffer in returning to Wolfboro’. I managed to straighten out store room. Baby very good all day—was out a short time at noon. William walked with him on piazza. Too sleepy to read in evening.

November, Wednesday 6. 1889

Overcast again—but not snowy. Baby had his bath before breakfast. As soon afterwards as I could get my clean clothes put away, Mamie and I went out together to call on Alice G. & Miss Noyes—the latter cannot see friends yet. Then M. had to go to Miss Vince’s and I on household errands. William up very late, so did not go down town till after our lunch which we had at quarter of one. Little W. out for about an hour at noon. I wrote to Mamma after lunch. Frances and baby very good all p.m. Played on W’s bed till Mrs. Hill called. M. sewed and I finished curtains for dining room.

November, Thursday 7. 1889

Another snowy a.m.—quite like a blizzard out. I decided to go to meeting at Mrs. Slocum’s—Miss Brinley and I the only ones there—so nothing accomplished. I got my half doz. Pictures with baby—took one and gave to Mrs. S. Baby very good till my return—W. slept late again and did not go down town till after lunch. M. busy over dressmaking. It seems as if we never should see real Colorado weather again. William read to us in “Silas Marner”. Miss Dorsey called in p.m. and invited Mamie to quiet tea to-morrow night. I was just about asleep in lounge when Mrs. Slocum called.

November, Friday 8. 1889

Beautiful sky and morning—Mamie and I both had to go out and found everything pleasant but the walking. I tried to order (?) for over Sunday. M. decided to to go to Mrs. Dickey’s tea as she was going out later. Glad of note from Mamma saying Cousin J. still comfortable. W. had an aff. Note from sister S. We read together a bit—then took quite a nap also but came home in time to go with me to pleasant tea at Mr. & Mrs. Dickey’s. Baby very good while I was gone, but I went to bed earlier than usual & so missed Mr. and Mrs. Bent.


November, Saturday 9. 1889

Another beautiful a.m. M. did the two errands for me and I puttered away over small extras upstairs. Went thru’ W’s closet for one thing. Little W. very happy these bright warm days. After lunch I went up stairs for a real good loaf and slept till after four when Lucy & Phil Rollins called. They stayed till time for me to undress my darling. He went to sleep before our dinner. Afterwards William read in “Silas Marner” while M. & I sewed. I nearly finished a new pair of …(?) for baby—he called me upstairs at 9 o’clock.

November, Sunday 10. 1889

Beautiful a.m. Dear baby let me sleep till nearly seven which was a very great …(?)
The girls up late …(?)…(?) passed by the first time and W. & I (?) had to go without any milk for breakfast. William had his just as we were starting for church. Mr. Gregg conducted Communion services which had to be postponed from last Sunday when our church was too cold. Mamie stayed to S. S. William read to us after lunch—M. and I both resting. Dear baby very good all the p.m. He was out from 11-2 then it grew too chilly. He went to sleep at seven thirty down stairs as W. was finishing …(book title?)

November, Monday 11. 1889

A very blustering cold windy day but I had to go out for a few errands. M. & I both hurried back. I mended during forenoon. Serena came to see Baby W. His first tooth came thru’ and I was quite delighted to discover it as I was giving him his drink. William began “Amos Barton” (?) at noon when we started up piñon fire for the first time. Mrs. Barlow called in p.m. Baby very jolly when she was here. I wrote to Mrs. Hobson whose little Kitten is seven months old today. Very glad of letter from Anne which had been opened by someone else by mistake.

November, Tuesday 12. 1889

Beautiful clear cool day; Mamie sat right down to her sewing after breakfast, while I was out on errands. I ran in to see Dr. Reed about my sore throat—he prescribed the same remedy I have taken before. Soon after I came back, Louise and Phil (?) Rollins came to take M. driving as theater party proved a failure—no “Beggar Student” to-night. Mrs. Slocum called with my towels which she hemstitched herself for the bazaar—I felt pretty forlorn in p.m. so did not see any callers. M. had to go to Miss Vance’s so missed some & saw others. We must begin & return next week. We had a short reading but I went asleep on sofa.

November, Wednesday 13. 1889

Pleasant a.m. Wm. meant to go to Denver on 10:10 train but was not rested so told me to let him sleep late. We planned lunch dinner as he was going off. Mamie had unexpected pleasure in second invitation to go driving up Ute Pass with Lucy Louise & Phil. So we had our noon meal without her. She did not return till nearly five & tho’ cold had a beautiful time seeing organ (?) etc. Williams Cañon. Frances was out so I had care of my darling who was very good—sleeping indoors as it grew very cold. (Wm. home for dinner & out for Reception at College Chapel). one day later (?)

November, Thursday 14. 1889

Mamie and I breakfast very regularly at 8:30 and it is such a pleasure and comfort to have her company. She very happy over her little $200 bequest from Cousin J. in memory of Cousin Ellen. Baby slept late. I went down on my errands before breakfast. Worked down cellar while baby was out. I found the other parts to banner holder. Baby came in very cold. M. quiet all day—did not even see visitors. Mrs. Bemis & Mrs. Parsons called. The first of Winkler Concerts took place at …(?) Hall but none of us went. I sent off several letters yesterday—Mamma, Mrs. …(?), Miss Gardner etc.

November, Friday 15. 1889

Pretty cold day. W. slept so late in my room that I went thro’ various shelves and drawers before Frances cleaned the room. While she was doing that at noon I took Baby in his carriage to Alice’s, Mrs. Gregg’s and Mrs. Barlow’s. W. told us at lunch that he had invited Mr. Steele, Mr. Helton (?) & Mr. Holland an M.P. to dinner. So I had to go out on few errands in p.m. M. & I rested all we could. Effie & Mary gave a very good dinner on short notice and all seemed to enjoy it. Piñon fire afterwards—I was desperately sleepy. Mr. Noyes called & went with others (?).

November, Saturday 16. 1889

Very cold early—white frost—later very warm. Baby slept till after ten—so did not get out doors till nearly noon. Mamie went to sewing school at 10:30. I was very lazy after dinner company last night. William rested till late. I wrote after finishing with baby till lunch time—sending off letters to Caroline H. and Anne. Baby out in the beautiful p.m.
Sunshine till four o’cl’k. I had good nap before I too my hot bath. William read to Mamie some till 8 o’cl’k—nearly finishing “Amos Barton.” I had card from Mamma who is back in …boro (?) ! M. & I began “Grenada” (?).

November, Sunday 17. 1889

Balmy, delicious morning. I gave little W. his bath at 8—M. & I had had(?) our breakfast at quarter of nine. Wm. Slept late. Baby had a good nap so I wrote to aunt Molly & Nathan in a.m. Frances went to church as I could not go. M. attended Episcopal service. Air very fine—after lunch William gave us all a drive, across the Mesa & thru’ Garden of the Gods. Too much snow to go up to the grave. W. read aloud in evening but I went to sleep and knew nothing till Baby called me. W. tried to start for Grand Junction but came back as he could not get sleeper.

November, Monday 18. 1889

At last a pleasant washing day. Jeanie came in good season. I went to Dr. Reed’s to ask his advice about food for little W. He prescribed Granum (?) which he did not like at his first meal away from mother. Mr. & Mrs.Sanford (?) took us on a pleasant drive to the Bluffs soon after W. went on his 11 a.m. train. Baby out nearly all day—took his second meal much better but it was a comfort to see(?) how he enjoyed coming back to me. M. & I sat with our evening work by ourselves when Miss Hattie called—very glad to be free to enjoy her pleasant call.

November, Tuesday 19. 1889

I dressed to go out for calls before breakfast. While at the table Mamie received a telegram from Mr. George saying Cousin Joseph had died suddenly at noon yesterday. We wrote at once to Mamma and Mr. George. Then when I had done my errands we met at the Antlers where we made our P.P.C.(?) on Lucy and Louise Rollins. We visited quite a number of homes on Cascade Ave. and then took a car to Grace Darling—she seemed wonderfully well & brave. M. and I loafed during p.m. Mrs. Hill called to invite us to her house Friday evening. We took the “bus” to Mrs. Slocum’s & had a very pleasant evening.

November, Wednesday 20. 1889

M. & I both felt a little tired even after last night’s quiet gayety. Little W. seemed rather restless before and at his bath, better after being out doors. I did not get down town early. Late also in putting away clean clothes. Mamie wrote business letters and washed her hair. Mrs. Hamp called. I took Baby in his carriage to the carpenter’s where I had the carriage wheels greased. Baby does not like being weaned “o’days,” and yet he takes the granum and milk very well. M. out to Mrs. Adsit’s (?) last lecture in p.m. I took care of my precious boy and he was very good. I hope William will be safe at home to-morrow.

November, Thursday 21. 1889

We enjoyed prayer meeting at Mr. Montague’s very much. Baby W. out as soon as possible after his nap and breakfast. At noon I gave him his granum upstairs which he took pretty well. M. & I sewed together upstairs most of a.m. I went down on errands right after lunch and then we both went to the Club tea which was crowded but pleasant. I was sorry that W. did not get home in time to attend it. We waited dinner some little time for him but all in vain. I was too sleepy to sit up afterwards & fortunately no callers came.

November, Friday 22. 1889

Beautiful day—I was awake very early and could not get to sleep again for the hope of seeing William—he arrived a little before six when Baby in my arms. I rushed downstairs to meet him. He went to bed and slept till noon. Mamie & I took darling baby to have his picture taken—the dear child eight months old to-day. I hope the proofs will be good. M. busy getting ready for evn’g party. We had callers in p.m. and then went to tea at Mrs. Reed’s. W. and I went to little festivity at Mrs. Hill’s—very pleasant. M. home before we were after all. Mostly dancing at …(?) Hall. Distressed to hear from Mamma that Kate had been summoned home by illness in her family.

November, Saturday 23. 1889

Very much wind before daylight but it all died away with sunrise. This a.m. not very clear. I did not feel very comfortable before breakfast. Little W. seemed very well at his bath. M. out to her sewing school class. I finished letters to Mamma & Mame Pratt—then washed hair etc. We loafed in p.m. till callers came. Just after I had given Little W. his Granum, Mrs. Barlow, Mrs. Reynolds & little Edna were in and baby charmed them to his utmost. He woke up after dinner just in time for me to nurse him before going to the Campannini (?)- Whitney Concert which we enjoyed—tho’ I was tired.

November, Sunday 24. 1889

Rather an overcast a.m. I dressed for church before breakfast as long as Baby had his bath early. Mr. McCurdy called with letter of introduction from sister Hannah. Wm. Down in time to see him and then Mr. McC. went to church with us. Mr. Gregg preached an earnest and a good sermon on Christian happiness. M. & I rested in p.m. both feeling pretty tired. I threw myself on lounge after dinner. W. read aloud but I was too sleepy to hear much. Baby good a.m. & p.m. We were both sorry not to have word from Boston.

November, Monday 25, 1889

Snowy chilly a.m. Jennie did not come, but Mary went ahead with her plain clothes, putting them out, too. Mr. Gregg called in good season and told me Mr. Cable would be in town to-night; so then I went right down town and ordered dinner. Mary & Effie took hold of plan for company most willingly. As Mr. Putnam was out of town dear Mrs. Gregg could come too—with Mr. & Mrs. Slocum & Mr. Cable—making our number full. Dinner at six. I rested as much as possible and enjoyed the company much as all seemed. (sic) It broke up early because of pleasant evening (?) Reading in church.

November, Tuesday 26. 1889

Cold but pleasant day—M. and I did not have to go out in morning. I was glad to attend to various extra stitches etc. for little W. who takes more & more kindly to his new food. At 2:30 we had a very pleasant open carriage sent up and M. and I had pleasant drive and made eight calls together. We both fell asleep before dinner—M. on down stairs sofa & I in nursery with dear baby. His …(?) please us all. Wm. reading some of Cable aloud when Mr. Frank Gilpin called. W. left before he went.


November, Wednesday 27. 1889

Beautiful bright a.m. I was up very early with little W. who was very good—he went to sleep again at seven but I did not! His bath late, so I went out on errands before it—called at Alice’s. M. & I wrote letters till lunch time. Mrs. Waters in to invite AMamie to little p.m. tea from 2 – 4. M. kindly took care of Baby at noon so I managed to get off several business letters. Wm. relieved me in p.m. while Frances was out by giving us a ride around town which of course the little fellow enjoyed very much. M. went to prayer meeting at Mr. Montague’s & I to bed early.

November, Thursday 28. 1889

Snowy chilly Thanksgiving Day. I did not feel very strong as to my back but decided to go to church services held at Mr. Black’s. Mr. Montague preached an excellent sermon from part of 2nd verse of 21st chap. Revelation. Our friends Annie Scott & Dr. Pennington came at 2 for dinner. Dr. Moore declined at the last moment. Mr. Putnam called while we had care of little W. before open fire. I was very glad of Kitten’s Boston letter. She had been with Mamma since Cousin J’s death but she gave no particulars. I had to go to bed early again—with tired back.

November, Friday 29. 1889

Baby let me sleep pretty late. Mamie took him down town and did my errands which was a great help as I felt a little forlorn. W. had breakfast about eleven. Frances’ a.m. for cleaning rooms. Baby took his noon nap upstairs. Major H…(?) here to lunch. M. & I dressed for Concert early and went to it at 2:30—both of us enjoying it. Grace Darling and her friends came over afterwards. Mrs. Hagerman, Mrs. Hatch & Miss Woodbury also called—so M. & I did not make the calls we planned in the neighborhood. I seized a nap when Baby went to sleep. Mr. Hamp called in evening and Wm. went to hear Mr. Putnam’s lecture.

November, Saturday 30. 1889

Dear little W.’s second tooth …(?) this a.m. which cutting accounted for rather restless night. I felt better than yesterday so went out on errands. Wm. did not have very good night—he went down about 10:30. I let out olive dress, etc. & wrote out on piazza. M. out for sewing school & dressmaker’s. Wonderfully balmy delicious day. I sent off line to “Kitten” before lunch. Mary & Effie did washing ahead. Baby out till 4 p.m. Mamie had her first horseback ride. I let out olive dress. Baby went to sleep without me. Mrs. Hamp & her son Mr. Sydford (?) here in the evening—whist & pictures.

December, Sunday 1. 1889

Very mild a.m. Baby had a very good night so I felt more rested than usual; I gave him his bath early. W. up for breakfast and Baby sat at table with us and had his chicken bone. Frances, Effie & Mary all went to church. I stayed with baby on piazza. He slept most of the a.m. Alice & Anna called—they could not stay in church—air so close. M. went to Mr. Gregg’s & stayed to S.S. W. gave us drive over prairies till four o’cl’k when we all came back to rest. Baby enjoyed granum & went to sleep on four o’cl’k meal. I began but could not finish letter to Mamma.

December, Monday 2. 1889

Little W. nursed only twice in night and then we gave him a granum breakfast at 7—which he relished. I did not bathe him till late. M. did my errands and I finished Mama’s
letter for her to mail. I rested during late forenoon. Miss Brinley called and invited M. & me to lunch on Wednesday. Wm. up in good season for lunch. M. & I called in neighborhood in p.m. and received visitors also. Mamie helped me with dear baby while Frances was at tea. I went to bed early—also M. Wm. out to whist at Mrs. Sanford’s.

December, Tuesday 3. 1889

Another lovely a.m. Baby very good thro’ bath—then not so happy at his first granum breakfast—but I took him out in good season, around to see Dr. R. who said he might have “granum” four times during the day. Baby went with me on errands. M. out in a.m. to see Mrs. Hill, but did not find her. I had good letter from A. which I answered before lunch. M. & I went to Miss Marsden’s pretty wedding in our church, & from there to Fair in Bennett Bros(?) store for the benefit of Episcopal Church in Colorado City. We served a little while before dinner—too sleepy afterwards to see callers. Dr. Moore came.

December, Wednesday 4. 1889

Our days this week are beautiful beyond description. I was awake and up very early and put away clean clothes before breakfast. Mamie rolled Baby for me to Dr. Reed’s. His mouth a little sore. Dr. gave prescription and said it was thrush. Also prescribed Belladonna plaster for my poor lame back. I did errands and then gave Baby his 11 o’clock breakfast. Mamie & I went to very pleasant … (sic) at Miss Brinley’s—twelve of us in all. It was given for Miss Dunbar. Made a few calls on our way home. Baby W. had poor p.m. I had to nurse the little fellow for early supper & then he seemed better.

December, Thursday 5. 1889

Mild but overcast a.m. I slept till 6:30 then Baby wanted my help—had his bath as usual at seven and took his granum very well at 8 o’cl’k. My back pretty lame but I rested all I could. We had broiled chicken & baked potatoes for lunch. We hoped to have Mr. Steele’s company but we did not. W. up very late M. & I went to our church fair and bought a few articles. M. helped me in care of Baby W. while F. was out. We called on Miss Dorsey & baby was fascinating—while I was feeding him against his will I noticed he grew pale & I was taught a lesson. His supper all came up curdled! It alarmed me.

December, Friday 6. 1889

Very thankful that little W. seemed none the worse for his ill turn—bright and cheery at his bath and took his breakfast all right. My back some better. M. relieved me in care of little W. while Frances was cleaning rooms—she did my errands also. Mr. Steele surprised us and came to lunch to-day—he ate nothing but cold corned beef & bread & butter. M. had to leave us early as she went to hear Mr. Gilman’s lecture. Mr. Steele & W. talked quite a while on general topics of interest. I took a rest on lounge after they had gone. Wm. had gentlemen in for whist—so M. and I went upstairs early. Mr. Gilman called & M. saw him but I could not.

December, Saturday 7. 1889

My back much better. I really enjoyed walking again—Baby pretty good about his meals. Mamie’s busy day, out for sewing school class in the a.m. and out for her horseback ride soon after lunch. Windy afternoon so not very pleasant for riding—M. came home pretty tired and after dinner felt quite faint. She was on sofa & did not speak of it till bedtime. Mrs. Parsons, Mrs. Alexander and Miss Johnson called in p.m. I took my hot bath just before they came. Wm read aloud in evening but Ihad a hard time keeping awake, tho’ we are all interested in Mrs. Barr’s (?) story “Friend Olivia.”

December, Sunday 8. 1889

Beautiful day. Mamie went to hear Mr. Gregg without me. I could not get ready to go quite so far. As soon as I had fed baby I slipped over and heard Mr. Montagne who preached well—on …(?) in Galatians 3rd 25. I sat out with little W. while Frances was at dinner. Mr. Pierson, Mr. Hutton and Mrs. Hamp all stopped and spoke with us. W. gave M. and me a short drive over the plains. M. did not care to take it. Baby cried a little on our way home & the poor little …(sic) rebelled against his granum for supper. I seized a nap before dinner but could not keep awake long afterwards.

December, Monday 9. 1889

Fine washing day—much to all’s relief. Mary and Effie up in very good season. A week of struggle for baby and me as I must wean my little man. He has done very well days. Mamie did my errands as I did not feel “spunky.” In afternoon much more so and Mamie & I planned to call with the help of a carriage. William said he would send it up at 2:30-- but alas we waited and no carriage came—callers came & finally M. went down & we staid out from four till six o’clock—making quite a circuit. Wm. quite dismayed when he found out.

December, Tuesday 10. 1889

I had a hard night between cramps, diarrhea & alas Baby’s crying for me to nurse him, but I did not give in—William came and helped me in the midnight siege; Baby bright as can be in a.m. Neither M. or I had to go downtown. I felt forlorn much of the day—did not see callers in p.m. I washed my hair and took a good nap before dinner—not much appetite to-day, but it will come again soon. Mamie went to the Art Club meeting & W. to a whist game and I to bed very early. Frances had quite a time with baby W. at 8 o’cl’k. Very glad of letter from Mamma.

December, Wednesday 11. 1889

Warm pleasant a.m. & I felt much better tho’ my breasts gave discomfort . I went to the Dr.’s as soon as I could and he gave me an external and internal prescription—both of which gave immediate relief. Little W. very good all day and getting better at night. We had early lunch. M. went to Mrs. Hill’s Art Reception and I rested the whole p.m. so as to feel like going to Mrs. Kissel’s dinner. Wm. came up in good season to prepare for it.
We took the omnibus and enjoyed the evening very much. Alice and her brother, Miss Brinley & Mr. Putnam were the only others beside ourselves. We came away at 9:30.

December, Thursday 12. 1889

Good to feel like myself again. I was out on my errands later than usual—taking dear Baby with me in the p.m. as Frances had time to herself but did not go out. Mrs. Slocum & Miss Montgomery called in the morning and M. & I planned to ride with them to-morrow, but W. came up at dinner & said he was going to Denver Saturday, so M. & I did not want to be away when he was & we changed our Denver trip to Friday. W. and M. went to pleasant whist party at Mrs. Sanford’s. I was only too glad to go to bed with my little boy.

December, Friday 13. 1889

Darling baby slept from 10 o’cl’k till six this a.m.—without any food and I feel quite encouraged! A beautiful day and M. & I took 6:20 train to Denver. The first time I have left little W. for all day. We had a long delay and did not reach Denver till 2:20 hence time for shopping and calling very short. We found Mrs. Hobson, Mrs. Thayer & little Kitten. Mrs. Hallett rode up to their house with us. We had a very pleasant dinner at Mrs. H’s Judge H. kindly went with us to the cars, and W. met us at the Springs. M. & I tried to sleep coming home, but found narrow cars uncomfortable. Dear Baby had been good all day.

December, Saturday 14. 1889

Baby had another very good nap, not waking from 11-6 o’clock. Busy a.m. because Frances cleaned my room. I had Baby on piazza as soon as I came back from down town. Tried to write but he would not let me. M. out to sewing school and then took he (sic) ride at 2 o’clock. Wm. in Denver so we had noon fish dinner. Mrs. Bell called before I had dressed after my nap. I asked her to come right up in blue room. Miss Dunbar also called. M. had returned. W. surprised us by coming in at seven o’cl’k—but he did not care for any supper.

December, Sunday 15. 1889

Warm, beautiful day. Baby had his bath very early. I found some hot water. He seemed to have a little cold all day. I went to church--Mr. Gregg preached on “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth .” Mrs. Hamp walked home from church with me. Mamie loafed all day—staying in bed during the a.m. W. gave Baby & me a short p.m. drive. Baby very cunning as we undressed him—he did not go to sleep till we were at dinner. I fell asleep in chair while W. was reading. W. gave baby his 10 o’cl’k supper—the little fellow went to sleep pretty soon.

December, Monday 16. 1889

Rainy a.m. A pleasant change, but not good for washing day. Jennie came however, and by noon the sun was out, but only for a short time. Wm. in Denver again. I had to go out on errands. Baby sneezing all the a.m.—but he was good. I wrote notes and made up accts—Mrs. Thompson & her sister-in-law called in the p.m.—they asked to see Baby and he was merry & sweet with them. W. home for dinner but off for whist afterwards and then for Aspen on the late train. M. & I went to bed early. A little sun at noon, so Jennie dried her clothes.

December, Tuesday 17. 1889

Cold but not stormy. I was out to report Baby’s cold to Dr. Reed—he told me to get a bottle of Spongia (?)—to use one drop to a teaspoonful—for all such colds. I cleaned out desk drawers and addressed a number of little W.’s pictures for Xmas cards. M. & I had noon dinner as W. was away. I took a good nap on lounge in blue room & fell asleep. Jennie finished her ironing in good season. I was sorry to have her ask me for money ahead—for her Denver trip next week. I gave her, thru’ Effie, $15. Mrs. Hamp called in evening as M. & I were writing letters.

December, Wednesday 18.1889

Beautiful day—I had nothing to take me out, so slipped into wrapper and after baby was washed & dressed I settled down to correspondence but alas: Mrs. Slocum called and I could not help going into North Cheyenne with her & her sister. It was good to be driving all the a.m. I did not get back till nearly two—then I kept my darling all the p.m. I took him to Mrs. Campbell’s and Mrs. Gregg’s—he did seem to enjoy the little children very much. M. out for prayer meeting, but I was too tired to go with her. Little W. demanded a supper at ten o’cl’k.

December, Thursday 19. 1889

As soon as I had finished with Baby W., M. & I started out on errands & Xmas shopping—we did not return till nearly lunch time, having bought all the necessary presents. A great relief to our minds. M. sketched Baby in the p.m. as a subject for her “Xmas card.” I rested a while and then worked away on Xmas fundles. Baby went to sleep in my arms before dinner—we were very happy to have William’s company again—he had a pretty hard trip but did not look very tired. I read Miss Mitchell’s “In Memoriam” to him.

December, Friday 20. 1889

William & little W. slept pretty late. I wrote to Anne, Mamma & Nellie before going down town. M. & I took Baby down with us and loaded his carriage with Xmas packages. Frances cleaned our room while we were out. Mamie kindly saw the callers while I had a good nap. From four till six I wrote to Aunt Molly, sisters Alice & Margaret. William read to us after dinner but I was too tired to enjoy the readings very much. Little W. merry & happy all the p.m.—his cold much better. He comes in early these short days.

December, Saturday 21. 1889

Clear beautiful a.m. I put kinnikinnick over the “Singing boys” & Rennie before breakfast. Mary did her washing so as to have more of a holiday next week. Jennie will not come. I gave Baby bath & breakfast—did not go out till nearly twelve. I wrote Bertha H. & sister Sallie before lunch. M. took hers alone so as to have short horseback ride before Mrs. Sanford’s tea. Wm. & I had our oyster stew at regular time. I tried to get a nap but did not succeed. Miss M…(?) called just after I had undressed Baby—took him that way to parlor. W. home at five to go to Mrs. S’s pleasant tea with me.

December, Sunday 22. 1889

High wind. M. even did not venture as far as our church. I staid with dear baby. Wm. slept till noon. More comfortable in p.m. so little W. was out in his carriage. M. & I read on piazza. I finished the Christian Union—the first time for some Sundays. W. & I played with Baby for a while in p.m. and I rested on lounge. M. took him while Frances was at tea and then went to Stereopticon Views of Madonna at our church in evening. Wm. tried to read aloud to me, but I was too too sleepy. I am feeling quite spunky thru’ the day.

December, Monday 23. 1889

William gave Baby his 11 p.m. meal—he woke me up for another some after five. I did not get out till eleven when I took little W. in horsecars to see Grace Darling and to invite her and her household to a quiet Xmas dinner—she felt she could not come. Mrs. Touzalin’s Christmas box came & Wm. opened it after lunch. We shall enjoy distributing packages to-morrow--& I can hardly wait Wednesday to open Baby’s & mine. M. out on horseback & to Mrs. Hamp’s reception in p.m. and to Art club in evening. I stayed quietly at home, finishing a few more Xmas notes. The wind of yesterday gone—a beautiful day.

December, Tuesday 24. 1889

Beautiful a.m. I was very glad as Mamie, Baby and I wanted to distribute the presents (for?)Mrs. Touzalin. Carriage came up for us at ten o’clock and we had it till twelve—leaving every package except Mrs. Bell’s, for which we’ll make a separate trip. Mrs. Adams gave Baby a doll, “Judy” and Mrs. Hill the pretty afghan she made for him last Spring. Afternoon very short. William stayed up till three or so. I did not get sound asleep so was not very lively when W. read “Cricket on the Hearth” to us in the evening. I am sorry I cannot stay awake evenings.

December, Wednesday 25. 1889

Dear little William bright and merry as could be on waking. I hurried down stairs at 5 a.m. to deposit the girls’ presents in their sitting room and to get the beautiful lamb from New York for Wm. to play with. A sunny a.m. The two W.s took their breakfast together, M. & I being a little in advance of them. M. & I went to services at our church but we could not enjoy Mr. B’s Christmas sermon. M. & I had a good time with dear Baby’s pretty presents. William gave us charming drive in p.m. to Manitou—very glad to deliver Mrs. Bell her package & thank her for sending over Miss Woolsey’s Book (?) & the gift to Little W. We took Serena with us.

December, Thursday 26. 1889

Yesterday one of the brightest sweetest Christmases I can remember. Little W. called me up pretty early so I put away the presents before breakfast. Pres. & Mrs. Slocum came for Mamie on horseback, and they all started for the grave about ten o’clock. A lovely day for the climb if roads are good. I wrote to Mrs. Touzalin before going down town on errands. M. back safely at 3 o’cl’k. W off then for Trustees Meeting. Mrs. Sanford called and made a pleasant long call. I gave her small picture of our little W. I had to go to him pretty soon after dinner.

December, Friday 27.1889

Overcast a.m., so I kept baby upstairs all the time. Frances was cleaning our room. M. out on errands. W. up to lunch with us in good season and finished reading aloud “Cricket on the Hearth.” Then Mamie read “Fishing Jimmy” to me. She was trying on dress for Club reception when she noticed people going into Weber Hall. She decided to go to Concert, the last of the series. I was too tired to get ready so rested on my bed and mended. Little W. had a good outing in p.m. and seemed very happy & well since the big upper tooth has shown (?) itself really thro’. I saw my people dressed for party and then went to bed.

December, Saturday 28. 1889

Baby had his bath before our breakfast which always makes me feel as if I had more time. Mamie & I went down on errands together afterwards. We called at Alice’s—a cold windy a.m.; Baby not out all day. Wm. had early lunch and little W. sat up with us. He was good then but restless all the p.m.—the upper front teeth hurting him I think. Mamie went riding and I was a little fidgety till she returned because of high wind. Mr. Gilman escorted her to the post. Baby better toward evening and fell asleep some after his five o’clock supper.

December, Sunday 29. 1889

Very cold day—perhaps the coldest we’ve had this winter. Mamie & I went to church and enjoyed Mr. Gregg’s sermon on mercy very much. It was a comfort not to feel sleepy—little W. letting me sleep till nearly seven before starting on precious duties for him. He was out for a while at noon. I was just getting a nap when Mr. Gilman called, then Miss Brinley. M. rested in her room, did not see either, from 4:30p.m. I kept Baby & very soon after dinner had to go to bed. I wrote to Nathan & nearly finished a letter to Anne before church (?).

December, Monday 30. 1889

Cold beautiful day. M. off to help decorate a Christmas tree. I had to get down town as soon as possible to order articles for lunch W. wanted to give to his friends Judge & Mrs. Butler and their son. Mr. Steel and Mr. Putnam also came in and tho’ I felt forlorn with my influenza, I enjoyed seeing them all. Baby very merry and good. M. kept him in Library while Frances had her lunch. I was too tired to go to Mrs. DeCoursey’s tea. Wm. took Mamie after Mrs. Cunningham went. I went to bed with little W. at six o’cl’k—Wm. putting Baby to sleep. M. wrote & W. out to whist.

December, Tuesday 31. 1889

Baby woke me up at 4:30—but I felt quite rested for the early going to bed. Cold still severe tho’ I do not feel sick. Baby seems to have added (?) a little to his. After getting dressed & reading, Baby was ready to go to sleep again. Then I had quite a nice quiet time for mother’s duties before breakfast which came early on acc’t. of W.’s going to Denver.

(Following this journal’s last entry are pages of street addresses and monthly household accounts for January through December written by Helen Banfield Jackson.)

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