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Helen Hunt Jackson 1-1-23 transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020, Box 1, Folder 23, Letters to Nathan Fiske (HHJ's father) from his father-in-law David Vinal, 1832
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, June 1996

Boston 12th December 1832

Dear Sir

your favour of the 5th of Nov was Received With the Pleasing Intelligence of the Comfortable Circumstances of Family which I Intended to have answerd amidiately but having Business to attind to and nothing of Interest to Communicate it Slipped my memory -- Your Second letter has also bin Received informing me of the Good health of your family Whom I am at all times Glad to hear from and Also Requesting me to Give you some account of your Demand Against Mr. Shedds Estate -- I Can now inform you that Mr. Shedds Estate has bin Settled and that one of the Commissioners A Av King has recently paid me $37.40 which amt is all you will Receive for your Demand -- I have Crd you with the money and hold it subject to your Order.

Give my love to D and tell her I want to See her Very Very much and altho I am rather prejudiced against boys I shall have no Very Serious Objections to Seeing her. --

I intend to Visit Amherst the latter pat of winter if I Can Conveniently leave my busines it is rather uncertain however Whether I Shall have business or not as I am Determined to have Pure Distilling business Closed at the End of the year -- if I should again Commence the Distilling business which I think is rather Doubtful it will be without a partner or at any rate it will not be with Otis Vinal

Otis Vinal is rather Feeble and Frequently has ill turns Mrs. Vinal is tolerable well and My Own health Generaly Good which I endevor to Keep Good by temperate living

I Expect you find it Dificult to Conclude on a name for Your boy and have not yet Given him a name Or els D would have made Some mention of it in her last letter to Mrs. Vinal -- I Expect as D Considers her Child wonderful on all Good accounts you will Give it Some wonderful Great and long name that will require a Sheet of paper to write It on -- pleas to till Deborh to write when Convenient and not to Suppose I have forgotten her becaus I never or Very Seldom write her a letter

Your affectionatly

David Vinal

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