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Helen Hunt Jackson 1-1-24 transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020, Box 1, Folder 24, Letters to Nathan Fiske (HHJ's father) from Ann Vinal, 1844
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, June 1996

Addressed: Prof. Nathan W. Fiske, Amherst, Mass, Postmarked: Boston Mas. JUL 17

[Wednesday] Boston July 17, 1844.

Mr. Fiske,

Dear Sir,

At Aunt Vinal's request I sit down to write a few lines, and acknowledge the receipt of two communications from you, one on Monday the other to day -- She has seen Mr. Vinal, and he cheerfully accedes to your proposal of tak using his buggy. Aunt thanks you for your promptness in writing, and says it has relieved her from much solicitude to know that you are with Helen -- If she can in any way assist you, she begs you call on her without hesitancy -- and requests hopes you will continue to write, as she still feels anxious to hear from you both. Tomorrow she leaves with little Ann for a visit to Falmouth of two or three weeks, where she will expect to hear from you soon, and particularly concerning your own health. Aunt's health is improved since you saw her last -- Martha is at N. Port -- the remainder of the family is as well as usual. Annie is quite well ad expresses much anxiety for "Pa and Helen" -- Aunt and myself send much love to Helen, and deeply sympathise with you; we hope the journey may prove very beneficial to both of you.

Truly yours,
Ann S.

In great haste

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Helen Hunt Jackson

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