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Helen Hunt Jackson 1-2-3 transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020, Box 2, Folder 3: business correspondence with Harper and Brothers; Scribner, Armstrong and Co.; and Roberts Brothers.
Transcribed by Irene Draper and Kate Vukovich, 2013.

[Folder includes Monthly Statements from Roberts Brothers Publishers and Memorandum of Sales from January 1877 - July 1883]

[On embossed letter head reading: Roberts Brothers, Publishers, Boston.]

January 19/77

Dear Mrs. Jackson

I enclose your a/c made up to 1st inst. and ck to balance same account to $470 61/100 [written over $455 61/100].

I hope you will find the sum correct.

“ B of T for Y.F.” [Bits of Travel for Young Folk] we both of us mourn over on a disappointment; the other HH books have done fairly considering the times.

The “no name Series” is a complete success + its praise in everybody’s mouth. The four leaf clover has been true to its tradition and the horse shoe has charmed away Evil. To have a “cardinal red + black” volume in ones hand is now the choice + the fashion is not likely to be out of vogue this summer.

I mailed you “Kismet” the other day. Best of all it is, inasmuch as it is a love story pure + simple + delightful, with a delightful voyage mingled.

Parker had no letters for you. The Independent as you have probably seen has printed your article in full as a contribution by H.H.

Mr. Hale has not got in anything for the El Paso library yet.

Snow, snow + plenty of it here but, on the whole, delightful weather.

You refrained from Enlightening me as the course of the Scribners. –I suppose you had your reasons.

T. Niles

[Letterhead reads: Harper & Brothers.

Franklin Square, New York.]

Dec. 22, 1881.

Mrs. Helen Jackson,

Dear Madam:

In reply to your letter of the 9th inst. (pressure of business having prevented earlier attention to the matter) we beg leave to say that we were to pay you, upon the publication of “A Century of Dishonor”, two hundred + fifty dollars, in advance + on account of royalty upon the sales of the book, as provided for in the agreement. Instead of this sum you preferred to take a number of copies of the book (400 copies at sixty cents each), as an equivalent. These books were charged to your account, just as the sum of two hundred + fifty dollars would have been charged if it had been advanced to you on account of royalty.

The royalty which has thus far accrued from the sales of the book fall short by one hundred + twelve 61/100 dollars of equaling the amount which has been charged to you for your various purchases of the book.

We have just ordered printed another edition of the book—two hundred + fifty copies.


Harper + Brothers


[Letterhead reads: Roberts Brothers, Publishers, Boston.]

Aug 14/82[?]

Dear Mrs. Jackson

Yours no date, postmarked 9th just recd. I am just here after a fortnight’s absence at the sea shore + have only time to say that a complete set of your books was sent to Paul Schulz Portland Oregon on July 18.

I enclose a/c and ck for $17 67/100 to balance. It is a meager affair + reflects the state or our business for the past 6 mos.

The year opened well + up to April we were doing well, but “sea tides” + “Franklin Squares” uncertainty about crops etc. all combined to knock the bound book business higher than kiting.

I read. W. Woodbury’s Emerson book + read it with interest but I am afraid the interest in the Philosopher will not warrant producing it. There is hardly enough of it. Even Longfellow’s popularity has failed to sell all the books about him—people are waiting for the authentic work. Still I have not fully decided about W. W.

Yours very truly in a hurry

T. Niles

[receipt attached]


[Letterhead reads: Roberts Brothers, Publishers, Boston.]

Jany 21/84

Dear Mrs. Jackson

Enclosed 6 mos. a/c and a ck to balance same.

It will not please you any more than it does me. I will with all my heart that your books would make both of us rich

Yours truly

T. Niles

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