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Helen Hunt Jackson 2-1-9 transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156, Box 1, Folder 9, letter from HHJ to Joseph Henry Harper of Harpers Bros., 1881 and letter from HHJ to Maggie Post, 1881.
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, August 2003.

Postmark: Boston, Mass, Jan 6 1881 4 PM
Written across top: Private

Envelope Addressed: Joseph W. Harper, Esq., Harpers Bros., Franklin Square, New York

Reverse side of envelope: P.O., 1-7-81, 12 A

My dear Mr. Harper,

If it is fair dealing to call a letter correcting three serious misstatements of fact made in an Editorial in Harpers Weekly, "a letter traversing some statements recently made by Secretary Schurz" -- I do not know what fair dealing is. --

That is, unless Secretary Schurz is an Editorial writer in the weekly, which I do not suppose.--

To say that "The letter of H.H. disregards that entirely the acknowledgment of the Secretary that he afterward ascertained the conquest of the Poncas to be only alleged," is unfair dealing; whoever wrote the Editorial in question! For my facts showed that it was not "afterward," but, before, that he knew the conquest was only alleged.

There have been a good many unfair things written on this Indian business, first and last -- but I don't know one, which in its way, is as subtly unfair as this. And it is a bad sign for an attacked man, when his friends in defending him, are driven to manners openly and unqualifiedly unfair. --

I say this to Mr. Curtis, through you, asking your permission to do so -- because Mr. Curtis did not reply to the personal note I sent him with my communication to the Weekly. --

Yours truly,

Helen Jackson
Parker House
Boston, Jan. 6. 1881

Written in pencil on one side of paper: Miss O'Dell copied this Sept 4, 1932

At top of letter in pencil: [Maggie Post?]

Feb. 15.

Dear Maggie --

Thanks for the song & the music. They will be a great addition to that important work Mammy Tittleback and Her Family. A true history of sixteen cats!

-- Will arrived here last Sat. eve --& found me I am sorry to say, in bed again with the worst attack of bronchitis I have had this winter -- the third time I was at Kennett -- in fact I suppose the real truth is that I have not been far from it entirely at any time since then.

It is an ugly customer & I am very sorry to be compelled to admit that it has got a grip on me. --

Will was telegraphed back again to N. York last eve. -- So I saw very little of him. I shall join him there, just as soon as I dare to take the journey -- but I am sure it will not be before Saturday, -- if then.

Will is well, & in good spirits. -- all goes well at the Springs -- & Pueblo is growing like [Querale's?] gourd, night times. --

I hope Mother is quite well again -- with much love to all --

Always affly yours,


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