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Helen Hunt Jackson 2-2-23g transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156, Box 2, Folder 23g, Thomas Niles to HHJ, 1877.
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, 2003.

June 15 / 77

Dear Mrs Jackson

I am so sorry my last title does not please you. I have asked the opinion of a great many and they all, without hesitation, fix upon

Hetty's Strange History

as the very best of all.

If the reason you urge against it is a good one, why will not the same objection apply to

Mercy Philbrick's Choice
Draxy Miller's Dowry
Nelly's Gold Mine
Hetty's Two Lives
Agatha's Husband
Norman's Bridge
Owen [Gwynare's?] Great Work
Sylvia's Lovers

and hosts of other novels?

Bulwer has "strange story" wh. comes pretty near a "A Strange History". Kingsley has a "Hetty."

There is a novel called "Two Lives" I feel quite certain.

"Hetty Gunn" seems to me to be very weak as compared with Hetty's Strange History and the more I think about this latter & the oftener I write it the better I like it; it certainly arrests the attention quite as Effectively as did the mystery of "Mercy Philbrick's Choice"

One feels a desire to learn at once all about this Hetty who was she & what was her "Strange History?'

Do try to think with me on this subject? I shall feel very badly to adopt a title wh. does not please you - in fact I will not do so.

The Sonnets will have to go over till another year, I guess.

We are also having lovely weather without snows. Little Lewis & his father are on the farm at eastern Point - a Paradise for three months to come & both of them are in excellent health.

All proof went to you day before yesterday or rather on the 11th.

Yrs very truly

T. Niles

addressed as usual
Colorado Springs

[In HHJ's hand]
I have written to Niles to use the title he likes best. I don't really care much since I can't have the original one. - Peggy

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