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Helen Hunt Jackson 2-2-23h transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156, Box 2, Folder 23h, Thomas Parrish to HHJ, 1875.
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, 2003.

SaPueblo Aug 10th 75

My dear Mrs Hunt -

I send you a few grasses from our mesa. You never would condescend (or conascend is probably nearer the truth) to admire its "10000 trees set out a cost of over $10,000 and its large irrigating ditch taken from the river 9 miles above the town &c &c &c" It is very pretty however, and if I were in your place I would always feel the keenest remorse to have deprived those charming "girls" of saying in the future "we were there when the great city was but a village." Remorse take care of itself though.

My numerous family have all gone over the mountains on a visit to San Luis Valley & I have been alone for two weeks and am expecting a week more of it.

My friends Prosper Merimee and Charles Greville have been entertaining me very thoroughly though, and I feel quite intimate with "our little Victoria" and her charming Mamma and the chipper old William who bullied them all so.

I had a letter from Standish a few days ago and you must have been very kind to him on the way East. The poor fellow has never had much kindly encouragement and he bubbled all over with enthusiasm and thanks.

But this was only to be a note to say that I had sent you the grasses to show that some of us sometimes thought of you.


Thom. Parrish

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