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Helen Hunt Jackson 2-2-24i transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156, Box 2, Folder 24i, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps to HHJ, 1881.
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, 2003.

East Gloucester, Mass
30th September 1881

My dear Mrs. Jackson:

Mrs Spring understood perfectly how it all was but I will send her your kind letter. She is my most intimate friend and one of the rarest women I ever knew. She has more literary quality than most of the women who have literary expression, and, in all respects a beautiful nature. I felt sure you would enjoy knowing her. She did not ask me for the letter but spoke of you longingly and appreciatively so I sent it.

I thank you for your word about my "Atlantic" paper; which gave me courage on a cowardly day. That article must meet with many foes and few friends; but the few, I hope, will understand m-e- it.

It will give me pleasure to see you in Boston if we can arrange it. My home is in Andover but I am in Boston almost every day. I do not as yet succeed in remaining in town overnight because of my sleepless condition which for three years has cut me off from the world and from hard work. I cannot make reliable appointments therefore, with any one. But if you will let me know when you are in Boston, and where, we will do our best to meet. My address is Andover Mass, after November 1st or after the third week of October.

I wish you could come to see me here at my own house.

I have read your Bergen paper with much more interest than tales of travel usually excite in me; and your poetry I always r-e-a-c- snatch. The best thing you ever did w-a-s- that I have read was - guess? The little poem "Vintage", years ago. It seems to me one of the strongest things that has been done in this country.

Very sincerely yours,

E.S. Phelps.

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