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Helen Hunt Jackson 2-2-25g transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156, Box 2, Folder 25g, Lucia Calhoun Runkle ("Bertie") to HHJ ("Peggy"), not dated.
Transcribed by Gloria Helmuth, 2003.

Berkeley Heights
Sunday night
[not dated]

My Peggy -

The carpenters, for whom I have been patiently waiting ever since we came out, and without whose labors, I can't do any more "setting," send word that they will be here tomorrow - So I can't go down, for the one more look that I wanted. I suppose it is better, as I might only have tired you. But I had such a hungry feeling for you on Friday, that it seemed to me I must sit and look at you, at least half a day. You don't need me, my Peggy, any more, I am glad that your life is so full that you do nothing and yet the desire is often on me to seize you, and say "love me, love me." You are like nobody else in this world, sweetheart, and one who has had you can never lead the same life, again, I suppose.

Ah well, my darling, with your sunny spirit, you ought ever to walk in the outer [?]. And I am glad, glad, when any new brightness faces on you. I think the [?] will be full of delight to you. And you will hardly have felt that you are absent, when you will be here again. Goodbye, my Peggy - I send you love and love.


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