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Helen Hunt Jackson 4-1-6 transcription

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 4, Ms 0348, Box 1, Folder 6, Letter from Helen Fiske Banfield (HHJ's niece) to William S. Jackson (HHJ's husband)
Transcribed by Nancy Knipe, 2002

Envelope: William S. Jackson, Esq., Receivers Denver & Rio Grande R.R., Denver, Colorado. Received date: Jan. 19 1886

94 South Hamilton St.
Poughkeepsie New York
January 3, 1886

My dear Uncle Will:

Your welcome note, written Christmas Eve, only received this week. You returned one of Aunty's farewell directions, for which I thank you. I am sorry the box to which she referred has not been found anywhere. Mrs. Trimble tho't [sic] last fall that we should certainly find it somewhere, but I have now given up hope of ever tracing it. It is wonderful, I think, that out of the many possessions, only one is in the lost list; and how remarkable that our beloved should have remembered so many friends; sometimes Aunty seems so near me that I feel I must be going to see her - then when I realize how our '85 was saddened, that oppressing sense of lonliness [sic] comes over me. A most sweet and touching note came from Effie yesterday - all here were impressed with the sadness and beautiful loyalty in it. She told me what I wanted to know of your Christmas day. I had decided in my own mind that you would go Cheyenne Mt., and I was most glad of a spray of the kinnikinnick, which you gathered near the dearest spot there. Effie told me that the fresh gathering was put over the "Singing boys" as Aunty would have had it, etc. I hope you were no worse for that early Denver start the morning after the lonely - but I trust blessed -- Xmas day; sad as we all are in our own and your loss, dear Uncle Will, -- it is a comfort to me that I know so well the dear broken home and its master. Whose wonderful kindness coupled with the Mother-love of Aunty makes me feel as if I did so little in comparison with what has been done for me. Mamma has had the younger sisters in New York again this past week. I believe now their shopping is finished. We all want to see you as soon as you can come conveniently -- just let us know when your plans are definitely made. I thought February seemed a long way off when the telegram came Xmas Eve, but this month has much for me to accomplish, so I think it will go quickly. We have glad tidings from our babies East & West.

With love of us all, I am your sorrowing & devoted niece, Helen F. B.

Mr. Elting's bride spoke sweetly of you this week. She was Miss Green whose brother died in Pueblo. She said you never forgot who she was though you saw her so seldom. She has recently married the nicest young man in Po'keepsie. [sic] She seems to know quite a number of Colo Spgs. people. Remember me to all the friends there, who inquire for me. Aff'ly, H.F.B.

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