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Finding Aid to Colorado Springs Investment And Improvement Company: Correspondence of Walter M. Hatch, Ms0255

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Walter M. Hatch was President of the Colorado Springs Investment and Improvement Company. This folder contains his correspondence during the year 1886.

The Colorado Springs Investment and Improvement Company was formed at Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1883 to create an endowment fund for the support and maintenance of Colorado College. This was the 'plan' of Colorado College President E.P. Tenney to accept the property of the Colorado College Land Company for bonding purposes. The Colorado College Land Company had been incorporated on March 6, 1882, with Tenney as the principal stockholder. Tenney's land development plan collapsed in 1884 which led to his removal as president of Colorado College and years of legal difficulties for the College.


Correspondence of Walter M. Hatch

Mar. 29, 1886	From:  T. E. Vincent (Sibley, Ill.)
	A request for a pension with mention of an enclosed certificate of 
      examination and resume of financial status. Mentions General Black.

Sept. 22, 1886	From:  Thomas and Barnard (Bloomington, Ill.)
	Notice of expiration of a fire insurance policy and asking 
      permission to renew with a policy from The Hartford. Letterhead: Western
      Department, Fire Insurance  Association of England.     	  

Sept. 25, 1886	From:  H. E. Boardman (Monroe, Wisc.)
	Asking for a fair and immediate adjustment of deeds to lots  sold to him
      by the Colorado Springs Investment and Improvement Company.  Mentions
      F.G. Rowe has been involved in an attempt to sell the lots.

Sept. 30, 1886	From:  Olive G. Wilkerson (Gorham, Maine)
	Concerning the attempts to secure pension care so that  payment of debts
      to Mr. Hatch and Mr. Harmon can be made. Mentions Mr. Harmon.

Oct. 3, 1886	From:  F. A. Dickinson (Minneapolis, Kansas)
	Thanking Mr. Hatch for tax receipts and telling of marriage to Ella
      W. Dietrick and other personal information. Mentions John G. Dietrick
      and Stephenson.

Oct. 4, 1886	From:  H. E. Boardman (Monroe, Wisc.)
	Thanking Mr. Hatch for his prompt adjustment. Mentions Mr. Rowe.

Oct. 11, 1886	From: N. L. Freeman (Springfield Ill.)
	Notice that Vol 109 of the Illinois Reprints had been sent as requested 
      from the Reporters Office, Supreme Court of Illinois.

Oct. 12, 1886	From:  The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company
      (Rochester, N.Y.) Bill

Oct. 16, 1886	From : Thomas and Barnard (Bloomington, Ill.)
	Notice of insurance premium.

Oct. 17, 1886	From:  Thomas Vincent (Sibley, Ill.)
	Written by Mrs. Vincent for her husband explaining his ill health and         that payment will be made when pension funds are received.

Oct. 18, 1886	From:  N. L. Freeman (Springfield, Ill.)
	Advising of the cost of a publication and that he would not write             another digest as suggested.

Oct. 22, 1886	From: H.C. French (Red Oak, Iowa)
	Concerning the collection of notes due from Mr. Barker. Mentions
      Mr. Barker.

Oct. 23, 1886	From: A.P. Tenney
	Concerning the sending of some packages. Mentions Emily.

Oct. 24, 1886	From:  True Woodbury (Monmouth, Maine)
	Description of a visit to Auburn and North Gloucester  (Maine) including
      his attendance at a fair; accounts of many mutual acquaintances of past
      years, and a visit to the grave site of several members of Mr. Hatch's
      family.  Mentions Elisha Morgan, Harriet Benz Merrill, John Bradbury,
      Mr. Fuller, Mrs. Scarch, Harriet Morgan, Osgood Haskill, Mr. Estes,
      Jefferson Davis, Berry Merrill, John Jennifer,Daniel Collins, Otis

Oct. 30, 1886	From : T.E. Vincent (Sibley, Ill.)
	Informing of enclosed check.  Mentions T.E. Vincent.

Nov. 2, 1886	From: J.K. Harmon (Portland, Maine)
	Concerning the Wilkerson case, including Mr. Harmon's feelings on the
      matter.  Mentions Mrs. [Olive] Wilkerson, General McNulta.

Nov. 6, 1886	From:  William H. Briggs (Rochester, N.Y.)
	Reply concerning a publication of The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing

Nov. 8, 1886	From:  A. P. Tenney.
	Concerning some packages that have been sent.

Nov. 8, 1886	From: E. O. Meyers
	Payment of Vincent note sent by sister of Mrs. Vincent. Mentions
      T.E. Vincent.

Nov. 9, 1886	From:  J.M. Ball (Pueblo, Colo.)
	Asking that his mail be forwarded under the name of W.M. Barton if the
      need should occur.  Letter head James B. Smiley Publisher.

Nov. 12, 1886	From:  Van Antwerp, Bragg and Co., Publishers
	Informing that a copy of a book has been sent.

     , 1886	From:  F. A. Allen
	Informing of intent to buy land, and has just secured the 	name of the

     , 1886	From:  F. A. Allen
	Additional information on attempts to buy land belonging to  Mr. Wilson,
      who it is mentioned prefers to remain "dark".  Mentions Mr. Wilson.

Nov. 18, 1886?	From:  F. A. Allen
	Requesting that Hatch send a small sum to secure power of  purchase for
      the land while inquiries about the title are made.

Nov. 18, 1886	From:  Roxanna Vincent (Sibley, Ill)
	Acknowledging receipt of note and asking for advice on drawing pension.

Nov. 22, 1886	From:  L. L. Hatch (Bloomington, Ill.)
	Sending a draft collected for back rent on a house.  Mentions
      I. W. Grant.

Nov. 23, 1886	From:  H. C. Hollister (Denver, Co.)
	Bill for a copy of testimony.

Nov. 28, 1886	From:  F. A. Allen (Brookside)
	Asking through whom interest on Vansickler's mortgage is to be paid.

Nov. 30, 1886	From:  A. H. Partridge (Denver, Co.)
	Thanking for information on "Antlers" bonds, also mentions C.S.,
      L&L&Co. bonds.

Dec. 1, 1886	From: H. C. French
	Reply to request for power of attorney.

Dec. 9, 1886	From: J. M. Stickslager (?) (Washington, D.C.: 	Dept. of Interior.
	Informs Hatch that certain cases will not be ready for examination in
      less than 10 months.  Mentions William P. Wilson.

Dec. 14, 1886	From: W. M. Hatch to Hon. W. Bazard
	Inquires about forwarding of land patent.  Reply in red ink in same

Dec. 18, 1886	From:  F. A. Allen
	Addressed to another party and advising that Mr. Hatch will be attending
      to the business of securing the land.

Dec. 10, 1886	From:  J. M. Ball (Chicago, Ill.)
	Asking that a disposition in the Wood case has been made and if an
      envelope was received.

Dec. 11, 1886	From:  Roxana Vincent (Sibley, Ill.)
	Advising that she has employed Judge Cloud to handle her pension claim.
      Mentions Judge Cloud.

Dec. 14, 1886	From:  F. W. Christern.
	Acknowledging an order.

Dec. 15, 1886	From:  A.J. Best (Denver, Colo.)
	Acknowledging bad judgments in trying to protect bad notes and
      expressing the desire to spend no more.

Dec. 16, 1886	From:  F.A. Allen.
	Advising of further arrangements to be made in securing land from
      Mr. Wilson.

Dec. 18, 1886	From:  William H. Briggs
	Notice of shipment of order.

Dec. 17, 1886	From:  J. M. Ball
	Mentions an overcharge on some envelopes.

Dec. 19, 1886	From:  W. C. Bradbury
	Concerning payment of a claim by Roessen(?) for work performed.

Dec. 21, 1886	From:  A.B. Whitmore (Eastonville, Co.)
	Asking for names of creeks in North Cheyenne Canyon. Mentions
      E. P. Tenney. 
Dec. 22, 1886	From:  A.H. Partridge (Denver, Co.)
	Asking about the possibilities of selling some land holdings in Colorado

Dec. 27, 1886	From:  A.H. Partridge (Denver, Co.)
	Reply to a request for a memorandum mentions that a regular Bond book if
      it existed was in S   's or Tenney's hands.

Dec. 27, 1886	From:  C. F. Cadwallader
	Asking for information about Hiram Raker.  Mentions Judge B. Wall.

June 6      	From: F. A. Allen
	Concerning the business transaction pertaining to the selling of "this
      owner's house"  Mentions Mr. Fisher, Mr. Mills, Mr. Rowe.

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