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J. Juan Reid Papers, 1908-1981, Ms 0176

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Description: Consists of material collected by Reid to write his history of Colorado College. Drafts and corrected page proofs of that book are included. Collection also contains material about the history of athletics at Colorado College

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J. Juan Reid was born on February 19, 1908 in Jackson, Missouri. His family moved to Colorado Springs in 1919.

Reid began his association with Colorado College in 1928 when he entered as a freshman. Active in student affairs he served on the student council for three years, was a member of Red Lantern (now Blue Key), president of Sigma Chi fraternity, and vice-president of the student body. An outstanding athlete, he earned nine varsity letters in football, basketball, and baseball during his student days.

After graduating from college the college in 1932, he coached freshman football and B-squad basketball. He became head basketball and baseball coach and served as assistant football coach and finally head football coach in 1941. That year his football team won the Rocky Mountain conference championship with a 4-0 record in league play. In addition to coaching, Reid taught physical education as well as a course in coaching methods.

Reid married Margaret Killian '34 on October l2, 1934.

In May of 1942, he was commissioned lst Lt. in the U.S. Army Air Corps. As director of physical training at Buckley Field in Denver, he rose to the rank of captain (Feb. 1943) then major (Aug. 1944). At Buckley and Lowry fields in Denver, he was director of personnel services from 1944-1945. After his discharge in November 1945, he promptly returned to Colorado College.

Reid was Colorado College's Dean of Men from 1945 to 1968. His official and unofficial duties included directing personnel services, housing, student aid, immigration services and student discipline. Reid kept his ties with the athletic department as head basketball coach (1945-1948) and director of the department (1948-1957). He also coached golf, directed the annual Pikes Peak Invitational Golf Tournament, and chaired nine NCAA Hockey Championship tournaments and two NCAA Golf Championships.

In May 1957, Reid received his masters degree after extensive research on Colorado College's athletic policy. His thesis, "A Historical Study of Colorado College Athletic Policy, 1874-1957", is considered an authoritative work on the subject.

Reid left his position as Dean of Men in 1968 to become director of alumni affairs. After his retirement in 1975, he was commissioned to write the college's history, an effort that took painstaking research over several years. Published in December 1979, Colorado College: The First Century, 1874-1974, is the most comprehensive study of the College yet written.

After completing his first book, Reid started a second manuscript on the social history of Colorado Springs during the 1920's. The work was completed by his daughter, Judith Reid Finley '58. This memoir of his boyhood days, Growing Up In Colorado Springs - The 1920's Remembered, was published posthumously in a limited edition in 1981.

While Reid's life was devoted to Colorado College, he also became involved in many community activities. He served on the board of the Boys Club of the Pikes Peak Region, the Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Pikes Peak Mental Health Clinic, the United Fund, and the Historical Society of the Pikes Peak Region. His memberships in other organizations include the El Paso County Pioneers Society, the Westerners Posse, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administration.

An accomplished chess player, Reid served two years as vice-president of the U.S. Chess Federation. He carries the distinction of having tied five international grand masters including Bobby Fischer.

On Reid's 71st birthday in 1979, he was inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.

J. Juan and Margaret Reid had three children, all Colorado College alumni: Judith Reid Finley '58, Robert '59, and John '63. Reid died on March 18, 1981.

Scope and Content

The bulk of this collection consists of material compiled by Juan Reid to write Colorado College: The First Century, 1874-1974. Reid amassed most of the material during his years at Colorado College as a student, coach, athletic director, dean of men, and alumni director. While researching the history of Colorado College, he took extensive notes from sources such as the Tiger, the Nugget, the Colorado Collegian, C.C. Magazine, faculty and board of trustee minutes, and the Colorado Springs Sun and Gazette Telegraph. Reid also made elaborate charts and chronology tables outlining the social, academic, and athletic highlights of various periods. The first draft, corrected page proofs, and a draft used to prepare an index are all included in the collection.

The Reid collection also contains information about the history and policy of athletics at Colorado College. The scope of athletic material included Athletic Board Minutes, scores and records, Earl "Dutch" Clarke, and Reid's notes on athletic history.

The material in Reid's personal files includes items about the Colorado State Chess Association, retirement, and the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. Publishing data for both books is present in the personal files.

Reid compiled a slide show, Colorado College 100 Years, 1874-1974, for the college's centennial celebration. Correspondence pertaining to that show is part of this collection.

Reid's organization and filing system were kept intact in arranging the collection.


Box 1
Folder 1 Colorado College Charter typed text dated 1952
Folder 2 James Dougherty, "The Beginnings of Colorado College"; Outline of the offices and presidents of Colorado College, 1874-1875
Folder 3 James Hutchinson Kerr, professor of science
Folder 4 Congregational Church
Folder 5 Rev. Thomas N. Haskell, correspondence, etc.
Folder 6 Edward Payson Tenney, correspondence, clippings, notes
Folder 7 "Edward Payson Tenney, Minister, Educator, Land Developer" ; Tenney's defense statement, 1887 ; Colorado College Circular (1877-78); Colorado College Land Endowment
Folder 8 Notes on Tenney (from the Gazette Telegraph), North Cheyenne Canon
Folder 9 History of Cutler Hall
Folder 10 Manly Ormes, "Colorado College History," Book of Colorado Springs
Folder 11 President William F. Slocum
Folder 12 Cajori, Florian; X-rays, Draft of Reid's article of College Bulletin, late 1980
Folder 13 Board of Trustee Minutes, 1874-1899
Folder 14 Board of Trustee Minutes, 1901-1917
Folder 15 C.C. Tiger, 1900-1917 (Reid notes)
Folder 16 Board of Trustee Minutes, 1912-1923 (Reid notes)
Folder 17 Parson's Case, 1917
Folder 18 Faculty Minutes, Dunniway's Tenure, 1917-1923 (Reid notes)
Folder 19 Dr. William A. Bell - Forestry School
Folder 20 Colorado Collegian (Reid notes)
Colorado Springs Gazette notes, l890-1899
Folder 21 Dean Ruth Loomis, Tichnor, "South Hall", McGregor, and Bemis
Folder 22 History of Palmer Hall
Folder 23 Perkins Hall, razed October 1964 (metal box found in cornerstone)  
Folder 24 Louis Soutter, founder of the art department (est. 1897)  
Folder 25 Faculty Minutes, 1900-1917 (Reid notes)
Folder 26 President Clyde A. Dunniway
Folder 27 C.C. Tiger, 1912-1913 (Reid notes)
Folder 28 Nugget, 1925-1933 (Reid notes)
Folder 29 Faculty Minutes, Mierow's Administration, Sept. 1925-June 11, 1934 (Reid notes)
Folder 30 Board of Trustee Minutes, March 1925 - June 1934
Folder 31 "Street car and performance of side-show exotic dancers," (Correspondence with Bob Ormes)  
Folder 32 President's Reports, 1930-1934, (Reid notes)
Folder 33 Tiger, 1923-34 (Reid notes)
Folder 34 North Central Association Investigation, 1930  
Folder 35 Shove Memorial Chapel
Folder 36 E. C. Van Diest
Folder 37 President Thurston J. Davies, 1934-1948 (3 photos)
Folder 38 Charlie Brown Hershey, Dean of C.C., 1923-1955; Head of Education Dept.  
Folder 39 President's Reports - Davies, 1934-1945 (Reid notes)
Folder 40 " " ", 1945-Dec.1947  
Folder 41 Board of Trustee Minutes, 1934-48 (Reid notes)
Folder 42 Faculty Minutes, 1934-48 (Reid notes)
Folder 43 Alumni News, 1934-48 (Reid notes)
Folder 44 Colorado College Observation, 1938-40 (Reid notes)
Folder 45 C.C. Tiger, 1934-47 (Reid notes)
Folder 46 Charts of Chronology, Davies Administration
Folder 47 Major William H. Gill, 1947- Aug 31, 1955 (11 photos)
Folder 48 Chronology, Gill's Administration, 1947-55  
Folder 49 C.C. Magazine, Feb.1947-Nov.1955 (Reid notes)
Folder 50 C.C. Nugget, 1948-55 (Reid notes)
Folder 51 Faculty Minutes, Sept.10, 1942-June 1955 (Reid notes)
Folder 52 Chronology, 1947/48-1954/55
Folder 53 President's Reports, 1947/48-1954/55 (Reid notes)
Folder 54 Dr. Louis Tomlinson Benezet, 1955-1963
Folder 55 Faculty Minutes, Sept.19, 1955 - May 13, 1963 (Reid notes)
Folder 56 The Tiger, 1947/48-1954/55 (Reid notes)
Folder 57 The Tiger, 1955-1963 (Reid notes)
Folder 58 Board of Trustee Minutes, Aug.22, 1947 - Oct. 7, 1955 (Reid notes)
Folder 59 President's Reports, 1955-1963 (Reid notes)
Folder 60 Board of Trustee Minutes, Nov.15, 1955 - May 25, 1963 (Reid notes)
Folder 61 Chronology, Benezet's Administration
Folder 62 Chronology, Benezet's Administration, 1956-1963
Folder 63 C.C. Nugget, 1956-1963 (Reid notes)
Folder 64 C.C. Magazine, Feb.1956 - Dec.1964 (Reid notes)
Folder 65 Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, Sept.1953-July 1969 (Reid notes)
Folder 66 Annual Report, Dean of Men, 1958-1964
Folder 67 Lloyd E. Worner
Folder 68 Chronology, 1963/64 - 1974
Folder 69 Colorado College Magazine, Fall 1963 May 1965 (Reid notes)  
Folder 70 Faculty Minutes, 1963-1976 (Reid notes)
Folder 71 The Tiger, 1963-1968 (Reid notes)
Folder 72 " " , 1968-1975 (Reid notes)
Folder 73 Charts, 1963-1975
Folder 74 Board of Trustee Minutes, Oct.12, 1963 - June 7, 1975 (Reid notes)
Folder 75 President's Report, materials, etc., 1963-1975
Folder 76 The Colorado College Financial Report, 1972-73
Folder 77 Financial-Endowment additions, 1968-77
Folder 78 Social Policy - Residents (early 1960's?)
Folder 79 Symposium - All College, 1962-1970

Box 2

Folder 80 El Pomar Foundation
Folder 81 Choir
Folder 82 General Palmer 1
Folder 83 Health Center Study 1
Folder 84 Blue Key - Men's Honorary and Service Fraternity
Folder 85 Correspondence relating to Dean of Men's Office
Folder 86 Ford Independent Study Program
Folder 87 Colorado College Museum
Folder 88 Donors of Buildings (information about relatives)
Folder 89 Judge William S. Jackson-Letter to L.E.W. 1976
Folder 90 Dr. Kenneth J. Curran
Folder 91 H.E. Mathias
Folder 92 Honor System
Folder 93 "History of Four Women's Dormitories at at C.C.-From Inception to 1929," Mary F. Stewart
Folder 94 ROTC, Navy-Marine V-12, SATP
Folder 95 Chemistry at C.C., 1934-1974
Folder 96 "100 years of Political Science at C.C.," Nancy Vine
Folder 97 The Depression of the 1930's
Folder 98 Women's Educational Society
Folder 99 Friends of Tutt Library, Constitution and By-Laws
Folder 100 CCCA Constitution, Oct. 28, 1966
Folder 101 History of Drama
Folder 102 The Gadfly
Folder 103 Histories prepared for publication
Folder 104 Chronology of Events, 1806-1944; 1944-1951; 1960-1973
Folder 105 Administration: Presidents, Librarians, Treasurers
Folder 106 Colorado College- pertinent facts, misc. 30 items
Folder 107 Miscellaneous (Van Diest)
Folder 108 History of C.C. Athletics, 1874-1957; Records of football, basketball, ice hockey
Folder 109 Athletic Policy Committee
Folder 110 Colorado College athletic policies
Folder 111 Athletic policy, 1951-1975 (mostly 1960-70)
Folder 112 Athletic Board Minutes, 1963-1968
Folder 113 Athletic Board Minutes, sports schedules (ca. 1970-75)
Folder 114 Athletic Department budget and policy (mostly 1975)
Folder 115 Footbal scores and history
Folder 116 "Football in the Gaslight Era"
Folder 117 Football- Game financial reports, 1953-56 30 items
Folder 118 Colorado Intercollegiate and Rocky Mountain Conference Football Standings,
Folder 119 Football and swim athletic records
Folder 120 Gerald C. Carle (1 photo)
Folder 121 Bully Vandergraff
Folder 122 Earl "Dutch" Clark
Folder 123 Mines, C.C. rivalry 20 items
Folder 124 C.C., Millsaps Games (NCAA Playoffs)
Folder 125 "Roosevelt Collins- An Uncommon Man"
Folder 126 Colorado College Association
Folder 127 Basketball scores and history
Folder 128 Basketball; 1946,'47,'48 (9 photos)
Folder 129 NCAA Golf Championships
Folder 130 Pikes Peak Intercollegiate Golf Tournaments
Folder 131 Hockey scores and history
Folder 132 Hockey records, 1945/46-1976/77
Folder 133 Soccer records, 1950-1978 3
Folder 134 Award - Van Diest
Folder 135 Program Committee - Sports Complex
Folder 136 Helms Athletic Foundation (1 neg., 2 photos)
Folder 137 Athletics, Historical articles, local newspaper clippings
Folder 138 Athletic History Notes - I
Folder 139 Athletic History Notes - II

Box 3

Notebook: "History of Colorado College Athletics, 1874-1957," by James Juan Reid
Folder 140 Mr. James Kaufman
Folder 141 Colorado City - Ramona
Folder 142 Colorado State Chess Association
Folder 143 Clippings, Gazette Telegraph, Centennial Edition, 1972
Folder 144 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings about history of Colorado Springs
Folder 145 "Speech Material"
Folder 146 Albuquerque High School Centennial
Folder 147 Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, newspaper clippings
Folder 148 Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, letters, memorabilia
Folder 149 Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, congratulatory letters
Folder 150 Retirement; notes, letters
Folder 151 Miscellaneous - comments on manuscript
Folder 152 The Book - post-publishing data, letters
Folder 153 Westview Press
Folder 154 Growing up in Colorado Springs – The 1920's Remembered, correspondence and publishing data, 1981-82; Colorado College 100 Years, 1874-1974, Slide Show
Folder 155 Letters, Jan. 1974 – April 1980
(not in a folder) Growing Up in the Twenties: bound manuscript
(not in a folder) Colorado College: The First Century: first draft, bound manuscript, corrected page proofs (2 versions), manuscript used to prepare index, typed index

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