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Sand Creek Papers, Black Kettle letter transcription

Sand Creek Papers, Mf 0018, Letter (dictated) from Black Kettle (signed Black Kittle), Cheyenne Village, Aug. 29, 1864, to Major Colley.

On outside: "Maj. Colley, Indian Agent Fort Lyon"

Cheyenne Village August 29th /64
Maj. Colley

We received a letter from Bent wishing us to make peace. We held a counsel in regard to it & all came to the conclusion to make peace with you providing you make peace with the Kiowas, Commenches, Arrapahoes, Apaches, and Siouxs.
We are going to send a messenger to the Kiowas and to the other nations about our going to make with you. We heard that you some prisoners in Denver. We have seven prisoners of you which we are willing to give up providing you give up yours. There are three war parties out yet and two of Arrapahoes. they have been out some time and expect now soon. When we held this counsel there were few Arrapahoes and Siouxs present. we want true news from you in return, that is a letter.

Black Kittle & Other Chieves

Brought to Ft Lyon Sunday Sept 4th 1864 by One Eye

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Sand Creek Papers

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