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"Netcessary" literature

Hypertexts, e-poetry, and netcessary* literature

compiled by Jessy Randall

Paper-based hypertexts:
BS Johnson, The Unfortunates (1969)
Choose Your Own Adventure books (1979)
more on CYOA

Milorad Pavic, The Dictionary of the Khazars (1984)

Wikipedia entry on digital poetry

A plain and simple hypertext: Peter Howard's Midwinter Fair

Annie Abrahams: Wishes

Atomic Antelope and Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland iPad app

Avoision: Desire Bot

Caroline Bergvall: Ambient Fish

Natalie Bookchin: The Intruder

Amaranth Borsuk: Abra (free ios app with Ian Hatcher), The Deletionist, Rainbot

Todd Boss and Angela Kassube: Motion Poems (short films of poems by Robert Bly, Jane Hirschfield, and others)

Aaron Cohick: Floating / Days

Liza Daly: Harmonia

Ze Frank: help illustrate a poem

William Gibson: Agrippa (A Book of the Dead)

Daniel C. Howe and Aya Karpinska: No Time Machine

Michael Joyce, Afternoon: A Story (first hypertext novel)

Bill Kennedy and Darren Wershler-Henry's Apostrophe Engine

Taylor Mali: Killing the Speech (text/film/rant/comedy)

Tim Minchin: Storm (animated film)

Jason Nelson

Mendi + Keith Obadike

Claudia Rankine and John Lucas: Situations (poetry films)

Ricepirate: DotDotDot (a flash animation of a voicetrack of a review of a game)

Brian Kim Stefans: The Dreamlife of Letters

Philipp Stollenmayer: Supertype (inexpensive ios game)

Stephanie Strickland: Vniverse (free ios app with Ian Hatcher)

Dan Waber: Strings

Nick Walton: AI Dungeon, AI Dungeon 2


See also:
The Electronic Poetry Center
The Shape of a Box (literary magazine of poetry videos)
Twitter literary magazines: Baby Trotsky, Form.Reborn, Outshine

Perhaps related in some way to digital literature, perhaps not: altered books / book-related-art by various book artists, Thomas Allen, Ellie Brown, Brian Dettmer, Zach Gage, Guy Laramie, Lori Nix, Robert The, Miriam Schaer, and Tona Wilson. Books that destroy themselves: Zach Gage's Antagonistic Books; self-blackening book by Camille Leproust and Andres Ayerbe. Steve Roggenbuck's rant video about Helvetica and more: INTRODUCTION TO TYPOGRAPHY: I'VE MURDERED, I'LL DO IT AGAIN.


Databases and lists of online magazines

Poets and Writers lit mags database, (free)
Duotrope's Digest, (free trial, monthly fee)
Web Del Sol's top-fifty list,

*Netcessary literature is literature for which the internet is necessary. It is related to, but distinct from, flarf. I, Jessy Randall, invented the term in 2001 (see left-hand column of this page). It has not entered the lexicon.

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