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Century Chest

Opening of Century Chest, January 1, 2001. (From left to right) David Finley, Wilber Fulker, Andy Morris.

What is the Colorado Springs Century Chest?
Keynote address at Century Chest opening by Mary Jane Rust
2001 Chest Resealing Ceremony, April 20, 2001

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Colorado Springs Century Chest Collection, Ms 0349

Contents List

Text on chest: To the citizens of Colorado Springs of the Twenty First Century. To be opened after midnight December 31st A.D. 2000

(1) Letter by Theodore Roosevelt, Vice President of the United States image transcription

(2) Letter and photographs - William J. Palmer, founder of Colorado Springs image transcription

(3) Letter and photographs - J.R. Robinson, Mayor of Colorado Springs image transcription

(4) History of the Unitarian Church in Colorado Springs, Mary Hamilton Stockwell image transcription

(5) Office of Associated Charities reports and photographs - Edward Evans-Carrington image transcription

(6) Letters and photographs - James Pierce and Maria Eliza Pierce Barnes image transcription

(7) Letter on "Musical Matters" - A.C. Pearson image transcription

(8) Letter - "City's Present Water Supply," E.A. Sawyer image transcription

(9) Letter to Male Students of Colorado College in 2001 A.D. - Ben Griffith, Class of 1901 image transcription

(10) Histories and documents of I.O.F. Lodge No. 38 and Monte Rosa Rebekah Lodge No. 4 I.O.O.F. image transcription

(11) Photographs, letters, documents and journal of Manitou, Colorado by John W. Kriger and Aileen Nutter Frowine image transcription

(12) Letter and documents of the Young Women's Christian Association of Colorado Springs - Mary Tenney Hatch image transcription

(13) Letter on the "Social Life of Colorado Springs" - Elizabeth Cass Goddard image transcription

(14) Letter from the President of Colorado College - William F. Slocum image transcription

(15) Letter and photographs from the wife of a Colorado College Professor - Mary Gilman Ahlers image transcription

(16) Letter, documents of banking in Colorado Springs - William S. Jackson image transcription

(17) Letter, prints, photographs and documents - Architecture of the city - Thomas MacLaren image transcription

(18) Letter, photographs and documents - Colorado Springs Public Library - Susan T. Dunbar image transcription

(19) Letter about the Church of Christ Scientist - Patty Stuart Jewett image transcription

(20) Letters from attorneys Franklin E. Brooks and Henry C. Hall image transcription

(21) Letter, photographs and documents about the Public School System - John Dietrich image transcription

(22) Letter, photographs and documents from attorney and judge Horace G. Lunt image transcription

(23) Letter and documents about Lighting and Heating in Colorado Springs - George Rex Buckman image transcription

(24) Genealogical documents and newspaper about the William T. Gauss family image transcription

(25) "A Message on National Politics" - William Alexander Platt image transcription

(26) Letter and photographs to the descendants of William A. Platt image transcription

(27) "The real estate situation in Colorado Springs" - H. LeB. Wills image transcription

(28) Letter "The Press of Colorado Springs" - Isaac N. Stevens, Editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette image transcription

(29) Letter and photograph - Charles G. Collais, Builder and Member of Local Union #515 Carpenters and Joiners of America image transcription

(30) Memorabilia of the W.H.R. Stote family image transcription

(31) "To the young lady who stood highest in the Class graduated from Colorado College in the year 2000" - by George Gallaway image transcription

(32) Letter and documents - Colorado Christian Endeavor Union - H.R. Chapman image transcription

(33) Letter - Boys Club Association of Colorado Springs - Ida Wheaton Riddle, President image transcription

(34) Letters, photographs and documents - Pocahontas Council No. 27 - Barbara E. Beacham image transcription

(35) "Slang of the Day" - D. Russ Wood image transcription

(36) Letter, photographs and documents of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce - D.B. Fairley, President Fairley Bros. documents image transcription

(37) Letters, photographs and documents - (Metaphysics & Christian Science writings) - Franklin and Dora Noxon image transcription

(38) Letter - Dr. Friedmann (in German) image transcription and translation

(39) Letters, photographs and documents "To the Housekeepers of the Year 2000" - Elizabeth Mellon Evans Solly image transcription

(40) Manufacturing - W.W. Hassell, President of the Hassell Iron Works image transcription

(41) Letters, photographs and documents - to Ministers in Colorado Springs and members of the Second Congregational Church - Manly D. Ormes image transcription

(42) Editorial in the Colorado Springs Gazette on the Century Chest by Walter Lawson Wilder, Associate Editor image transcription

(43) Sonnets, Poems and articles by Virginia Donaghe McClurg image transcription

(44) Article "Public Parks and Parkways in Colorado Springs, Colo." by Edgar T. Ensign image transcription

(45) "To Our Friends One-Hundred Yrs Hence, Ten Reasons Why Christian Science Will Be the Religion of Your Day" - Edson M. Cole image transcription

(46) Letter, photographs and documents - History of Medicine in El Paso County for the Past 30 years - Boswell Preston Anderson, M.D. image transcription

(47) Letters, photographs and documents - Women's Relief Corps - Stella Kyle, Ella S.L. Dwinell, and Irene de Toliver image transcription

(48) Letter - "Early Settlers and their Hopes" John Potter; Photographs - John Potter image transcription

(49) Letters, photographs, documents and memorabilia - "National Issues" and family information - Louis R. Ehrich and Leah Lucile Ehrich, daughter image transcription

(50) Letters, photograph and article - "Art in Colorado Springs" - Mary A. Bartow image transcription

(51) Calling Cards, article and flyer - on sickness and healing image
(52) Letter, articles, postage stamps and photograph - Dr. Samuel Le Nord Caldwell, "Colorado Springs as it is Today" image transcription

(53) "Fashions of the Day" - letter, photographs, prints & fabric samples - Phebe Ketcham McAllister (Mrs. Henry McAllister, Jr.) image transcription

(54) Letter to the Head of the Colorado College astronomy department - Professor Frank H. Loud image transcription

(55) Letter, "History and Present Condition of Humane Efforts in the City," photograph and documents - Francis B. Hill, Secretary image transcription

(56) Letter, poems, and sonnets about "Home and Love" and photographs - Arthur J. Kew and Ida Rosalie Fursman image transcription

(57) Letters and documents - Colorado Springs Needle-Work Guild - Josephine Harrison Halliday and Ida Wheaton Riddle image transcription

(58) Letters, documents, catalogs - "Gardens and the Horticulture Art Society of Colorado Springs" - Patti Stuart Jewett and William K. Jewett (photographs) image transcription

(59) Letter- The Ernest Whitney Boy's Club - Sara Coolidge Brooks image transcription

(60) Letters - "To the Rector of Grace Church Colorado Springs, Colo." by A.R. Kieffer and to the great grand children by Lissa Hall Kieffer, Kieffer family photographs image transcription

(61) Photographs and family letters - William Lennox and Anna Belle Lennox image transcription

(62) Letter, articles, documents on "Treatment of Consumption" - Charles Fox Gardiner, M.D., photograph of Gardiner image transcription

(63) Letters on regional railroads by B.H. Bryant (General Superintendent of the Colorado Midland Railroad) image transcription

(64) Letter and photograph - Joseph Fulton Humphrey image transcription

(65) Letter - "To the Head of the Department of Chemistry at Colorado College" - Professor William Strieby image transcription

(66) Letter - "Colorado Springs from a Woman's Standpoint" - Miriam Storrs Washburn image transcription

(67) Newspaper article about Ute Indians - Mrs. Charles Adams image

(68) Letter, articles, photographs - Day and Night Nursery Association of Colorado Springs - Jessie Adella Aiken, Treasurer image transcription

(69) Letter - "Ministers' Life in Colorado Springs" - Benjamin Brewster, Rector of Grace Church image transcription

(70) Letter - "To the Physicians of Colorado Springs in the Year 2000 A.D." - Samuel Edwin Solly, M.D. image transcription

(71) Copies of the "Grace Church Record" image

(72) Letter - "To the Chief Ranger of Court Mt. Cameron, #1654, I.O.F. Colorado Springs, Colo." - William L. Dawson image transcription

(73) Letter and photographs - William Edwin Riddle and Ida Wheaton Riddle image transcription

(74) Letter, documents, photographs - Music in Colorado Springs - Leah L. Ehrich image transcription

(75) Letter, documents, booklets - Reminiscences of early life in Colorado Springs - Irving Howbert image transcription

(76) Letter and photograph - "To the Girls of Colorado College in the Year 2001" - Ella Lorna Graber; Letter with description of how to play basketball - Lillian May Johnson (CC student) image transcription

(77) Journal of Department of Colorado and Wyoming Woman's Relief Corps image

(78) Letter and photograph - "Colorado Springs Real Estate" - Charles P. Bennett image transcription

(79) Manuscript "The Mystery of the Mountains" - Hamlin Garland image transcription

(80) Letter - "To the Boy that receives the Highest Average in Colorado College - Chas. A. Schlotter and Milton W. Truss image

(81) Note, photographs and mother-of-pearl fan - Blanche Seaman Brown Sprague image transcription

(82) Colorado College Catalog (1901) and pamphlet "The Religious Life of Colorado College" image

(83) Note "To whom who it may read it" - Albert Boesel image transcription

(84) Note, documents - Marjorie Marden Soule, 10 years old image transcription

(85) Photographic prints of non-Colorado Indians given by Mrs. Margaret T. Adams image

(86) Photographs - Louis Jeanneret Soutter, First Director of the Department of Art and Design at Colorado College image transcription

(87) Letter, memo - Horace Lunt and John K. Vanatta image transcription

(88) Note, documents and memorabilia - Cynthia Jones Davenport image transcription

(89) "Mountain Sunshine" magazine - Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce image

(90) Colorado Quarto-Centennial Celebration memorabilia image

(91) Letter - Descendants of Henry H. Cooper and Elizabeth Latshaw Cooper image transcription

(92) Note about Ute Indian Chief Ouray - Margaret T. Adams image transcription

(93) Note "My dear descendants" - Fanny Aiken Tucker image transcription

(94) Letter by Hassell children - "A Day in the Life of Children" image transcription

(95) Letter and documents - "Assaying" - E.C. Woodward image transcription

(96) Letter, documents, memorabilia - "Business men of Colorado Springs," family photographs - John G. Shields image transcription

(97) Photograph of the Elizabeth Cass Goddard home image transcription

(98) Note and photograph - Benjamin M. Rastall, President of Class of 1901 image

(99) "Battle Hymn of the Republic" given by Irene Barnes Seldomridge image transcription

(100) Letter and reports "To the Treasurer of Colorado College" - George N. Marden image transcription

(101) "To the City Editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette (if there is one)," photograph - Edward F. McKay image transcription

(102) Photograph addressed "To the City Editor of the Gazette and to the reporters from a reporter" - Louise Agnes Weick image transcription

(103) Copies of the Colorado Springs Gazette, Monday, August 5, 1901, headlining the Century Chest image

(104) 270 printed and handwritten calling cards of people attending the Century Chest Ceremony, August 1901 image

(105) Menus - Antlers Hotel, Alta Vista Hotel and Quarto-Centennial Banquet image

(106) Timetables for regional railroads image

(107) Note - A.F. Woodward family information image transcription

(108) Letter - "Observations of Life in Colorado Springs" - Rev. Arthur N. Taft image transcription

(109) Notes, articles, booklets on ornithology in Colorado, photographs - Charles Edward Howard Aiken image transcription

(110) Photographs - Dr. W. W. Arnold and Bertha Louise Arnold image transcription

(111) Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind brochures and pamphlets image

(112) Letter - "Colorado Springs Young Men's Christian Association" - B.F. Scribner image transcription

(113) Calling cards and photographs - Lulu, Hattie and Ella Duvall image

(114) Note to descendants, and photographs - George Allen Warth image transcription

(115) Letter - "To the Posterity of J.T. Estill" - J.T. Estill, Physician and Surgeon image transcription

(116) Letters - "To Colorado Springs School Children," "To Club Women" Fonetta Flansburg, teacher and club woman image transcription

(117) Note and calling cards - Dexter A. and Emma D. Russell image transcription

(118) Letter and X-Rays - El Paso County Medical Society - Clarence Robert Arnold, Ph.B. M.D. image transcription

(119) Letter (Civil War reference) and photographs - Harriet Peck Farnsworth image transcription

(120) Articles, documents - Woman's Christian Temperance Union image

(121) Letter and documents - First Presbyterian Church - W.H.W. Boyle image transcription

(122) Clippings, pamphlet, photograph - First Baptist Church image

(123) Photograph & booklet - St. John's Baptist Church - W.E. Gladden image

(124) Letter, documents and memorabilia - Epworth League of the Methodist Episcopal Church image transcription

(125) Articles and photograph - W.H.W. Boyle (see #121 above) image

(126) Letter - "Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic, Kit Carson Circle No. 9 - Addie L. Huff image transcription

(127) "Leading English trained Nurse" Lucy A. Codd image transcription

(128) Photograph and calling cards of the George & Cheley families image

(129) Note, calling cards, photographs and articles of the Robert Weems Tansill family image transcription

(130) Letter - President of the YMCA - Warren Woods image transcription

(131) Genealogy and note - DeWitt C. Jencks and Mrs. Sarah Maria Smith Jencks image transcription

(132) Ashby McCreery family letter image transcription

(133) Note, photograph, documents - Society of the Children of the American Revolution (James Noble Society) - Katherine Howard Aiken Griswold image transcription

(134) Letter - Bertha Francis Emery; Note - Charles E. Emery; Photographs of Emery family, Emery studio and residence image transcription

(135) Letters and documents - Tejon Lodge No. 104 A.F. & A.M. of Colorado Springs, Colo. (Masonic Fraternity) - Horace H. Mitchell & Eugene S. Cohen; Cohen family photograph image transcription

(136) Letter and documents - "Order of the Eastern Star" - Eliza Sarah Cohen image transcription

(137) Notes and photographs - Clarence and Louise Calhoun Arnold family image transcription

(138) Note - Helen Gray Grise image transcription

(139) Sample life insurance policy - Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. image

(140) Note - Edwin Joseph Eaton, President of the El Paso County Abstract Co. image transcription

(141) Memorabilia - Myra Alline Levi, 10 years old image transcription

(142) Note - Adam Hill, Charlotte Hill & Ruth B. Coplen of Colorado City image transcription

(143) Notes & memorabilia - Mildred Barlow, Henry Tamm, Erwin E. Hoebel image transcription

(144) Photographs - Mrs. Rosa S. Baker-Graff-Mitchell and Mitchell residence image

(145) Memorabilia - Colorado Springs Post Office - Lo.C. Dana, Postmaster image

(146) Letter, note & photographs - Emma Ingraham Cunningham and Louis Wyborn Cunningham image transcription

(147) Letter - James Wesley Scott, Principal of Garfield School image transcription

(148) John Ludlow Pendery, Attorney - Biography image transcription

(149) Photographs - F.P. Stevens, photographer and two studies image

(150) Photographs of Colorado Springs citizens image

(151) 13 unidentified portrait photographs of Citizens of Colorado Springs. Photo 7 is Charles Emery, very similar to photo 5 in folder 134. image

(152) 7 photographs of homes, views, Curtis Coal Mine, Indians, etc. in Colorado Springs image

(153) Letter - Prof. Jay Shatz, oculist image transcription

(154) 1901 Colorado Springs Telephone Directory and City Directory image

(155) Miscellaneous Colorado Springs publications - Colorado Springs image transcription

(156) Colorado Springs Newspapers August 1901; Sidford F. Hamp's Treasure of Mushroom Rock (Putnam, 1899) inscribed by the author "To any Colorado Springs friends of 2001: I beg leave to make a brief statement regarding the writing of this book..." image

(157) Oversize photographs and periodicals image

(158) Panoramas of Pikes Peak Range and Glen Eyrie image

(159) Wax cylinder recordings "Colorado College Yells & Cheers" and "Loch Lomond" image, sound files, and transcription

(160) Photographs of downtown Colorado Springs buildings, schools, churches, transportation, and business establishments by photographer F. P. Stevens image

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