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Century Chest Resealing Ceremony
April 20, 2001

On Friday April 20, 2001, citizens of Colorado Springs gathered to place
letters, photographs, brochures, booklets, CD’s, videos, a DVD, a telephone
book and miscellaneous other items and documents in the Century Chest.

The resealing ceremony included a welcome by Colorado College President
Kathryn Mohrman followed by remarks by local historian Mary Jane Rust. A
group of youngsters from the Colorado College Children’s Center sang
America the Beautiful”. They might just be around in 2101!

The contents of the 2001 Chest were placed in acid free envelopes and archival
boxes. Approximately 125 individuals, families, clubs, organizations, businesses,
military installations and groups representing a wide range of the Colorado
Springs population contributed to the Century Chest.

The 100 year old lead lined steel chest was refilled and hot rivets were placed
in the same holes that had been used before. Gentlemen from the Rock Ledge
Ranch Historic Site
, who had opened the Chest almost four months before,
sealed the Chest at the end of the ceremony. The new plaque on the side
instructs the Citizens of Colorado Springs to open the Century Chest after
midnight on December 31, 2100.

Ginny Kiefer
April 2001

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