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Century Chest transcription 138

Colo Springs Colo
August 4th, 1901

This is intended for the Decendentors of Helen Gray, known as Helen Grice the name of (her step father). This dockment is placed here by her foster Mother known to her as Auntie Mamma. W. Rachel Fields Renne widow of Larvis N. Renne the orignator of Renne's Duin, Killing Irvine of Datesfield Mass. moved to Colo Springs in 1875 here lies a native of Sturgesburg P.A. Helen Gray was born in Durango Colo. her father was Andrew, and Flourence Gray, her maden name was Hasleet, her people native of Ohio. Helen had no brothers or sisters and her Auntie Mama loved her dearly, may the God of Heven be with her is the prayer of Rachel F. Renne

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