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Century Chest transcription 146

Monday August 5th 1901

To the descendants of Louis Wyborn and Emma Ingraham Cunningham:

In the Morning Gazette, which I have just read while Mrs. Cunningham was preparing breakfast and Master Wyborn, our eight year old boy and only living child was preparing for that meal, I observe that the Century Chest is to be finally sealed this evening and that the last messages received must be in by noon today. I had thought to write in connection with Mrs. Cunningham, as Carefully preparred [sic] an article on our respective families as the data in our possession waved permit, but a pressure of Court business here and at Cripple Creek every since the announcement of the "Century Chest" plan has prevented the carrying out of this intuition. Truth, however, compells [sic] the admission that the tendancy [sic] on my part to procrastinate in a measure accounts for my failure. I trust that our descendants to whom these presents may come shall have so far over-come this failing as to be unable to understand the excuse or forgive the offense.

In the time at my disposal I can only jot down a few fragmentary facts, trusting that my wife who is diligently writing at my elbow may pen those overlooked by me.

The Judicial District over which in Connection with Judge Will. [?] P. Suds, I preside consists of the following Counties, El Paso, Teller, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Kit Carson, Duglass [sic] & Elbert - 7 in all.

The two first counties now furnish practically all the business, as an examination of the dockets will disclose. One term a year is all that is provided for each of the other five counties and the business at each term requires but a few days (not to exceed a week). One hundred years will find probably, El Paso and Teller Counties in separated districts-if indeed the glory of the former has not departed. If is conceded by the lawyers from out side the district who came here that at this date the work in this (the 4th) Judicial District exceeds that of any other except Arapahoe County and that district has at this date five Judges. As the business now accumulates court might & practically is constantly in session in one of the counties of this district and usually in two. This takes me from home a great dial, a fact that provokes considerable complaint from your maternal ancestor. This is the first day of my summer vacation. The first day of rest since I entered upon my official duties in January last, and many cases, through the kindness of the Cripple Creek Attorneys were stricken from the trial calendar in order that I might bare a vacation of thirty days.

In the article on the "Buck and Bor" prepared by Mrs. Hall & Brooks will doubtless be found certain facts concerning my self, as I furnished at this request some data.

We are residing on Lat 21, Black 104 Colorado City, Colorado - the original flat in the same house where we begun our married life and where our two children were born- a picture of the house Mrs. C. informs me will be inclosed with this. We own in all, here, eleven 30 foot lots- 5 facing south (17 to 21 inclusive) on Monroe Avenue and 6 facing north on Jackson Avenue & beginning at 1st street on the east. Being fractions these lots facing north are difficult to describe accurately. The line between Colorado Springs and Colo City passes through our property, but our home is in the latter town. I trust that the good sense of our citizens may long before this shall see the light obliterate this line by consolidating the two municipalities & in this correction & manner abolish the saloons that have disgraced this town & debauched the inhabitants since its organization.

I ask that my descendants spend no time over my bones or biography, but by application to the duties of your own time do what you may to advance the family name & the [Whole?] of your country.

With this is inclosed the last National Democratic platform. I attended the convention & witnessed its adaption & for the 3rd time witnessed the nomination of William Jennings Bryan. While holding views far more radical than those announced in this platform, being a populist, yet I most heartily concur with the sentiments therein. With the gravest concern for my country's welfare I am hopefully yours

Louis Wyborn Cunningham.

Letter 2

Aug. 5, 1901

Photographs of Louis Wyborn Cunningham

County Judge of El Paso County 1898-1900. Elected in that year District Judge of the 4 (fourth) District. Unless removed or resigned in future - the first Judge in the new court house now in construction in South Park Colo. Springs.

An Indianian by birth. Born Aug 14 1863 Emma Ingraham his wife, born Leavenworth Kansas, November 6, 1864 of Maine parentage who has pride in a direct descent from two old New England families. "Ingrahams" of Rockland Maine, Seamen, Authors and Soldiers and "Powers" on her mothers side, of Deer Isle Maine. From this later came Powers the Sculptor.

Records of each family will descend to the son, the third in this photo.

Wyborn Ingraham Cunningham

Born in Colo. City Apr. 3rd 1893 the sole living child of his parents.

Pall, Slender, nervous- his life all before him. Yet before this shall be read he as well as we, will be dust.

This home, the picture here enclosed will be further described by his father.

Now living in Colo. City are my parents O.F. and Elmira Powers Ingraham.

My only sister, Edna I. Brown and her children Florence, Edward Clay, and Emily.

My oldest brother, Henry Francis Ingraham.
My youngest brother, Milton Powers Ingraham.

Wyborn I. Cunningham
8 Years old
Colorado City

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