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Century Chest transcription 36

Colorado Springs Colo.
August 4th 1901

The Chamber of Commerce of Colorado Springs was organized in 1882. The writer was one of the organizers of the Chamber, and has been identified with it ever since. The past four (4) years has been its President, and is therefore fully versed with its work & accomplishments. Our Chamber to day, is credited as being one of most active and influential in all the country.

No other organization or influence has done as much for the upbuilding of the city as has the Chamber of Commerce.

We have, in this almost twenty (20) years, secured [?] Rail Roads, Smelters & Mills,, and various business acquisitions to our city.

To my mind one of one of the greatest benefits of the Chamber to the community is that not so generally noticeably in any one act, but is in its bold expressions on all public matters. Our body being not politic, and not subject to election at the polls, is free to disclose [?] on all public matters. Thereby after leading our common council, to a certain extent, in Legislation, the securing of water, water rights, the expenditure of public funds &c.

We have just finished a three days celebration of the twenty fifth (25) year of Colorados admission to statehood. Vice President Rosevelt [sic] having been our chief guest, Governor Orman and state officials also having attended. The Chamber of Commerce has had expended the sum of about fifteen thousand ($15,000) dollars in its expenses, are happy to say was a very great success.

I have great faith in the future accomplishments of the Chamber, and believe its work will be carried on for all time - I sincerely hope so. Very Respectfully

D. B. Fairley, Pres.

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